Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 11, 1897 · Page 20
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 20

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 11, 1897
Page 20
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DAILY PHABOS SATURDAY. PEG. 11. 1897._ B»J. T. LOBTHAIS. JOHN W. BAKSES. Lonthain * Barn**. TO1TOK8 AKD PROPRIETORS. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION - Daily per week, 10 oenw; per month 40 cents; per year itrlct)7 la «iWane«>> J<-50 The Weekly Pharos and the Saturday Ph*ro«, the two forming the Semi-Weekly •^Itlon. $L26 a year, strictly la advance. Kntered »t the Logangport, Ind..pOBtoffice ag IBCODC claw mall matter, IB provided by law. PRESIDENT MCKINLEY has already pardoned thirteen dank wreckers. He is a very tender-hearted man. tariff bill was under consideration tbat "the adoptl 'B of a revenue bill which should "fall in this purpose, which should create an additional deficiency in the immediate future,. , which would require a further issue i of bonds to meet current expendf- j lures, would certainly be fatal to the i future success of any political party i responsible for such legislation." ] The Dingley tariff law has thus far 'lacked nine million dollars per month of providing revenue enough to meet expenditures A bond issue seems Inevitable. THE spoilsmen are making bitter attacks on the civil service law. Tne congressmen must make some kind of a showing in their Interest or a good many of them will be Ibft at home next year. PEESIEENT MC&INLEY ins'.st.s that he la still a bimetalllst and tbat be has hopes of inducing other nations to help us get rid of the single gold standard. The Wolcott commission Is still negotiating with foreign nations for the restoration of silver coinage. THE monetary commission, an auxiliary to Banker Gage, is sending out circulars urging boards of trade, bankers, bond-holders and others to bring a pressure ^.to bear on congress in favor of currency reform. The pressure is on, but there will be no legislation on the currency question. The gold conspirators have not yet captured the senate. SENATOR TELLER is outspoken in hli opoosition to Banker Gage' s currency reform scheme. In an inter- Tlew he said: "I am opposed to the scheme of letiring greenbacks and treasury notes, because it Is a plan to exchange a non-interest-bearing debt for an Interest-bearing debt. It would, moreover, result in a great contraction of the currency. "I am opposed to rglving to the national banks any further power, aod I hope to see the day when they will not be allowed to issue a dollar ol paper money. Mr. Gage's scheme would make the country depend upon the national banks for all money, except gold and silver." SENATOR ALDRICH, of Rhode Island, said in a speech delivered in the senate last May while the Dingley THE truth is that the expenditures of this government have become so enormously great that congress finds It almost impossible to enact a tariff law that will provide sufficient revenues to meet the growing expenses. The McKlnley tariff did not dolt. The Wilson law did not do It. It might have provided encugh if the provision for taxing incomes had not been declared unconstitutional. The Dingley tariff will not provide enough revenue. The higher the tariff is made the smaller the revenues. If the tariff Is lowered then the poor pauper Industries suffer. It looks as though the government will be forced to tax incomes and increase the internal revenue taxes. The people will never consent to any more bond Issues in time of peace. In the past four years the bonded indebtedness has been increased 8262,000,000 to maintain the gold standard and provide for deficiencies In the revenues. Another bond issue is imminent in case congress does not provide for raising more revenue, JUDGE MCOABE In a brief address before the conference of Democrats at Indianapolis this week, spoke Impressively and with an earnestness that bespoke deep-seated convictions: "Great as was the contest for independence in the revolutionary war," he said, "when a handful of down- trodden American colonies were aghtlng against the tory oppressor for the, freedom of their country, I hold that the contest made last fall was far greater, of far more moment and of wider-reaching consequences even than the great revolutionary conflict, because It involved, not only the freedom and independence of a country, a people and a party, but the welfare of humanity the world over. There were those who left us last fall. Toward them I am in favor of showing the greatest moderation and If they choose to come back with us I am la favor of receiving them gladly. But they must not expect to come back Into the Democratic party to dictate its policy or w command its forces. I believe in receiving them Into tbe ranks and letting them express their regret ?or past misconduct, though caused by mifjudgments, by obediently following the commanders the party selects." Sn|K.-.»i.-uo_!>, "u,. No Hail. Spring-field, Ills., Dec. 11.—The penitentiary will not dose around ex-Banker Charles VT. Spalding for some timtf at least, although he will remain in the Cook county jail awhile longer. The supreme court yesterday granted, the motion of his attorneys for a super- sedeas, but denied their application to release Spalcling on bail. In consequence he will continue an inmate of the county jail until the supreme court finally decides his case. Expelling An'irchlut* fn>«l Germany. Berlin, Dec. II.—The police have expelled a number of anarchists and have made many house searches in this city, Frankfort, Mayence and_Munich- D CLAN'S OPERA BOTJSB. WM. DOLAS, MAJSAOIR. Monday, Dec. 13tb., 18'*7. WELL! WELL! WELL! Here we are again -the Famous Original Irish Comedians, MURRRY &SMACK In a Ne-w Play, The Funniest Yet. Finnigan's Courtship, A perfect Typhoon of Merriment. Ware?, Oceans, Billows of ma. Murry & Mack in Hew Specialties. The moet expensive fare comtdy organization e er teen un tour. ihe Company-Chas. Murray, Olie Mack.Joe w Spears. Cfcaj Morgan. 41 La Rue. Andrew Bode. Krank Waiters. Oscar Hall. Mae Truro- bull Fanny TrumbuO. Da:sy cook. Oracle Cutiiminjre. Stelb. Deane. Bessie Varse, Dolly Delroy Lola Mairifse, Virgie *Vare. Lillmn Gale, Joe Ma Okie, Management Jce W.S^ears. Prices—25c, 35c, oOc and 75c. Seats on sale at Johoston'8 drug store. T,u«tsj»it Jury Probably Complete. Chicago, Dec. 11.—The last man of the Luetgert jury was secured yesterday, and although he may be dismissed by peremptory challenge today, the chances are that the jury is complete. THE ONLY ONE. The Pyramid Pile Cure the OnlyJPIle Cure Recommended by Physicians as Being Perfectly Safe. No Oplnm, Cocaine, Narcotic or Other Poison In it. The Pyramid Pile Cure is probably the only Pile Cure extensively recommended by physicians, because it is so safe, so prompt la the relief afforded and, so far as known the only positive cure for piles, except a surgical operation. In one year the Pyramid Pile Cure has become the best known, the safest and the most extensively sold of any pile cure before the public. • Address the Pyramid Co., Marshall, Mich, (formerly Albion, Mich.), for book on cause and cure of piles, and also hundreds • of testimonials from all parts of tbe United States; fall sized package, 50c. If suffering from any form of piles, ask your druggist for a package of Pyramid Pile Cure and try it toni?ht. Bel>el Gen. Rivera Bet Fret. Havana, Dec. 11.—General Rivera, the insurgent leader who tvas captured in March last in the province of Pinar del Rio by the Spanish troops under General Hernandez de Velasco, and who was recently pardoned by royal decree, has been released from the Cabanas fortress, where he had been imprisoned for several months, and sailed by the steamer Colon for Cadiz, his home. ABBREVIATED TELEGRAMS. FItzsimmons denies that he will again enter the ring. The United States cruissr Marbleheaii has arrived at Port au Prince. • The latest record-breaking on the Union Pacific railway is seventy-eight miles an hour. Charles Fleischmann, the Ohio yeast millionaire, died at Avondale, a Cincinnati suburb, of paralysis. All but one of the saw mills at Mania- tee, Mich., have closed down. Buckley & Douglass will run all winter. A Merrill, Wis., sash and door company recently exported 10,000 doors to London and has orders for 16,000 more. The Mississippi river has reached tbe low mark of 1S64. The gauge at St. Louis stood at zero at 7 a. m. yesterday. Herman Bush, who lives near Utlca, Mich., recently lost 300 chickens with chicken cholera and fifty turkeys in a similar manner. Governor Black, of New York, has pardoned Albert H. Smith, who, by forgeries, defrauded the firm of Mills, Robeson & Smith of $300,000. Official figures show that the total receipts of the Michigan state fair this year were- $19.175.29 and total expenses $19,105.30, leaving a balance of only $66.99. Attorney General McKenna has instructed ex-Governor Hoadley to prepare at nee a motion asking for 3. sixty day's postponement in the Kansas Pacific sale. ... MEN AND WOMEN SEE OUR FELT SLIPPERS. Walker & Raucli 42O BROADWAY. Gome and ©ee ? Great Reduction in Price of all our Millinery Goods. BPRY'S Broadway & Pearl St, Use Logan Milling Co.'s Flours Patent and Automatic. These Flours aie the Purest and of Highest grade on tke. Market A Bargain An opportunity to buy a Swell Bag at 50 per cent under regular price. We, this day bought the entire Sample Line of Bags, the finest to the very cheapest, from M.^ H. Lingenfelser, Traveling Representative for the Hartman Trunk and Bag Co., Racine, Wis, The line, one of a kind only, represents every grade from the German Alligator, English frame, gold plate, trimmings, full leather lined, also full solid leather Dress Suit. Cases, very swell, some as low asys cents to $10.00. A Very Acceptable Christmas Gift. A Remembrance for a Life Time. WILLEY'S PUZZLE PRIZE At the Cash Shoe Store, Beginning now and ending January 31,1897, TEN PRIZES. Read the conditions, and send your solutions at once. Mrs. A. residing in the Eastern! of Logansport, and M rs. JB. living on the Westside ot the same city, started for Willey 6 Cash Shoe Store, on the northeaster of Third and Market streets. Instead of the way being straight as usual they find the street, tencjrf m the most unexpected places, as shown in the picture. These ladies, h.wever, being determined to purchase their shoes at the Ca h Shoe Store, succeed in teaching the store by a'roundabout way without crossing a fence, and by separate romtes. ^f youwill trace out with apencil, either on this digram or on others which may be obtained at our "store, the routes traveled by these ladies, andleave the same at our store with your name and address plainly written on the margin, you have a chance to win one ofthes. very desirable prizes: First Prize-One Po,v ir^ S>,n«__r».1 1 m> P r,f *,w ™V in the store. Second Prize—One Pair Ladies' tine Shoes—choice of any pair : Prize- Fifth 'Prize—One Pair Quids' Shoes—choice'cf anything in the store. This contest is open at our store will be entitled to the first prize; the 3d, to the seoond prize, and so on, until all have been takeH. Third store, received ALL ROADS WILL STORE FIYE OTHER TO the next five per*™ ^o p^Sal*. . I cordially iimte yon to call on ms, at Third and Market streets, Logansport, Indian*. Oto U ..„ ,. u&UK&l

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