The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 26, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, August 26, 1952
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT LE (AKK.) COURIER NEWS High-Spirited Chicks Close 1st Week of Training Today The Chicks today wound up thc'ir woek of pro-season footbiilf training but already (here are two obvious improvements over lust year's siniacl. They arc: »————•—— .— (1> A derided and noticeable I . _ , • ^£^r^2T*\We\nberg is West Starter in All-American Prep Tilt ftltilude, there Is more husll spirit about the camp. The Chiek.s yesterday ran throui,'h their second day of "head-knocking" scrimmage and despite Hie fart H is only the \\eek of conditioning drills, there was a mid- reason air prevailinK. Except for a brief period when Cosch Russ Mosley clayed one pla.ver lo the xhosvers early it was nolhiiiR hnt hurtle as the tribe ran thronpli Its hour-long scrimmage period. The accent wis on b!ot'l:inR and tackling as Ihe Chirks went Ihrouch their drills and In these two pha-es the Tribe looked Rood eon.sklerlne the tart the season Is only one \vrni; old. While yesterday's smnnnnsc was at full-time naee, [he drills were primarily on blocking and tackling under same conditions. After the head-knockinc session, the Chicks snent a half-hour blocking drill on the dummies. The Chicks' rosier was back lo 25 yesterday after climbing lo 2R for B day or two. However, some of the boys that reported earlier were "n" team candidates and probably will not return until Sent. 1 when the B team begins Us drills. Hays Tleitorts The Chicks were bolstered by tile return of anrithcr leUcrman yc.sler- day. Benny Hays, n senior fullback, reported for practice, yesterday and Immediately stepped Into the fullback slot alonK with sophomore Kenneth Fisher, who so far has been one of the brightest nrosperts of a good crop of newcomers. Thc cron of newcomers, tn fact, has been the center of much of the conversation of the rail birds during the first week of training, Besides Fisher, there are four other Panoose graduates llehtinsr for positions on Hie squad and right now they ore making things a little tougher than some of last year's squadmen had anticipated. Another scpbunlore backftclrt can- dtdrvte who hns been a standout In practice sessolns the past few days Is Danny Edfrmon. who Paps' WR halfback of. last year. Edfnnon Is nlternaltng with letlerman Donald Gentry at right halfback, and barring unforeseen developments, he uliould aee quite a bit of service with the chlck.1 this fall. 7n the line, sophomore* Danny Cobb. Don Worrell and John Fong lire glylng thc Chicks needed depth at important spots. Cobb Is running behind letterman Leon Privett al cenler. Worrell and Fong arc alternating with lettermen M. L. Crl- ner and Qulncy HorJge at the lacl;- les. and are turning tn fine performances. Better Balanced In spite of the fact they are fewer In number, (be Chicks appear to be n better balanced club than last 5'e*r. They are at least two deep nt ^every position and a( times It Is hard to tell which arc the yetcrnns and which arc the first-year men. Another bright spot In the Chicks' Hue Is at guard where Coach Slan- cll has three likely-looking candidates. Charles Garner, a transplanted blocking back. Is Inking lo his new position as if he had always plaved there, while regular sentinels Billy Michael, Kelly Jones and Billy Miller are turning In yeoman work. With their opening game only Ifi days away, Ihe Chicks porbably Will fleftle down to the serious business of game conditioning during the remaining days of the pre-scastm period. The Chicks are slated to open their season Sept. 11 at North Little Rock. Warren Woliibcrg, Osccota's classy end, lias been Biven a slailinj? assignment for the West tram in f, iciay night's AII-Aim-ncan high school football game nt Memphis' Crump Stadium. '"~~ —-+ Starling lineups fur the fourth nnmittl yame which brings to- nether the nation's lii^h school players, were announced in Memphis last iilalit, Me] Hny, BlyiliBvillc's jiuss throwing hack, is nlsu n member of the West tcani bin did nol draw » K'nrling bciili. Weinbery, considered one of Ihr. offen.sii/e emjs lo come- out of Ai-kiiusM.s- in a number nl years, Vi'ill [rum with Larry Grissnm, H liJTj-prnimlej from llaton HOUKO. l«i.. at thc Hanks on Coach Hill GJas.sford'.s West sttuad. Anil WciiilHTK will he thc sinall- player on the West's .starlinx eleven. At ns-poumls hr- i» a nild- KL'L beside Ihe other beefy linemen picked by Olnssford. At tackles aiassiord will start Darrell Dolph, 2-10. of Muiniaro, Neb., mid Gih Marino, 212. ot I.os Angeles. At guiircU Olasslord has chosen Arnic Pueller, 209. of Mromcitori, Wash., and iMonte Ilendrickx. a:!2. of Duncan, Okla. I.ran FJettricli, 230, of New Orleans, will start al center. To Use Spread Glassford plans to use- the Iricky sprciul formation offense and to run it he has picked another Ar- kan.stui, Hobby Benson, DeOucen'B 170-pound wizard. Pied Miller, 18-1 of Oconomowoc,' Wis., and Emerson Wilson. 130. of Kansas City, Kan.s., will start at the linllbncks Constable Hurls Vols to Viclory Nashville Tops Pebs 1-0; Chattanooga Nips Chicks 8-5 By MKKCKH liAU.HY Associated I'rrss Sports Wrlti'r Young Jim Constable, Nashville's prize rookie, made the Jump from Class B to Double A ball without breaking hh stride, and his arrival seemed to put new pep In the Vols. The 18-year-old southpa>v won his fifth straight Southern Association game against no defeats when Nashville cdReil Little Rock. 1-0, last night. His first two victories also were shutouts. Since Constable made Ills first start Aug. 10, the Vols have won M of 19 gnme.s. In the 1!) previous Raises, the Vols won onlv seven. The youngster, property of tiie New York Giants, allowed only two scratch single. 1 ! In the seven innings: he pitched last nlglit. Chaltauoo&a .stretched its league lead to three full games with an 8-5 victory over Mcinpli(s. Atlanta ami New Orleans are tied for secnml. Each dropped its enme by identical three-run margins. The Memphis loss, coupled with Mobile's 5-2 defeat of Atlanta, dropped the Chicks to fifth place TUESDAY, AUGUST 26, 19SJ New York Cleveland Eoslon Philadelphia Chicago Washington St. Louis Detroit KIBITZER—Tto.scmary Brook slit-k.s her nose into an open-air curd game ;it Yonlcers, N. Y., Haeoiv.iy. 'flic horsemen are left to right, Jack Friendly, Leo VaJnais, John Taylor und Mark Lombard]. Bill FIc-rninK drives the pacing mare. (NKA) and moved Mobile back Into the first division. Wade Browning scattered eight hits In winning his I4th for the Bears. One of them was a homer by Dick Sinovic. Birmingham dlr one Inning—the s the Pels, 6-3. Turnstiles Click at Shibe Park When Shantz Works PHILADELPHIA Shams buiil - but he's the little , And the pint-sized southpaw Is set for more inaintemince work tonight when he shoots for mound win No. 23. The maintenance work Shani/. performs—while pitching from what loofc; like a deep knc' bc:id—is oiling the turnstiles So well has the 5-foot-5 dandy of (lie curve ball oiled them this guy Isn't the house thai Bobby who keeps it in repair, this year even that many tried. I Canny-Henning .......... <-, in .11 tn L in imr iiiiii iJUUr..S " *••** -j tuvjv- u vuuiljy t fj Iti iT m _J f^ ^* \ f^ t* dfm with George Stcphemon, 201, of ° r lllE cllr «- ""•« oiled them this! S ' MI- •^CtlUlCU San Diego, at fullback. ye:ir lnnl 'he park ma!iai;ement K I f+ , . Alabama's Red Drew has chos- l )lc;is "»tly anticipates they'll 'make fV Q L O/7l6 ^T nn H u-nitriifir iHniHi,< r ii.> n ,,i. r,...!more (ban a hnlf-miiiir»i ,.*>,,,,i,, ^•^•**x*,jfc en a weighty starting lineup his Kast squad also. Nick Gcr- manos, 195, of Montgomery, Ala., and Harold Hrooks, 200. of Mnnls- lee, Mich., will be at the flanks; for ! morc tion.s Jerry Griffin. 220, of Atlanta, Ga., and Richard Weiss. 220, Clnrks- clnle, Mis.s.. nt tackles; Foyle Wnuner, 220. of Lexington, N. c., and Ronald Latinnlcn. 220, of n all its scoring m 1 p itlsburgh. Pa., will be at guards iixth—to tmu back! nlld Jil « Mcnse, 212, of Hamilton, O., at center. Drew plans lo start Bart Starr, 170. Montgomery, Ala., at quarter- buck; Dick Shotlo. 180. SprinR- ficlel, O., and Dnlc Boyd, 180. llcmlitigton. W. Va., at halfbacks and Booby McCool, 192, Cleveland Miss., nl fullback. Tiie game is sponsored annually I tomors in by tbe Oklahoma City Club of the! H.liSS ni-cra Little League World Series Starts Today WILHAiMSPORT. Pa. M 1 ) — Six teams began piny tcxl.-w In Ihe classic of small fry baseball — thc Ijlttle I,ei\gne World Series. 'I\vo other eiUiiuits in the competition open tomorrow. San Diego. Calif., opposed [.il'lc Hock. Ark., tn the opener this morning. Later. Whiting, rnrt.. met Nor- wnlk, Conn., representing Ihe division of lust.year's champion. j An evening contest will see Montreal, Out., playing Hackcnsack. N J. than a half-million revolu- 1952. The turnstiles revolved only 450,409 times last season. Shanlx, so far has pitched before an average of 15.240 home fans in 13 appearances for a total of 133,202. Shantz-less home dales of the nlhlellcs bnve onlj- attracted an average of 0,382 paying customers, or a total of 229,748 for 30 games. Heller On Road On Ihe road Bobby lias pitched as many ball (James and his attendance average is even belter- 15,3in Bill Canny, the Kansas bad bov KOt back into the wrestling groove' at Memorial Auditorium last ni°ht but^ found things running against Canny did battle with Johnny Kenning In one of the double main event bouts on the American Legio's wrestling program last night but his was declared no contest when Henning was injured in the third fall. With the rounds stamlliip at one each. Canny and Helming started slugging away and Henninp very — no vcrv game for a total of nearly had Canny pinned when Bill , a o pnne wen Bill •W0.717. With someone else on the " netl him loose and then threw mound. Jimmy Dykes, charges hnve played to -135.7«I rourt cus- 30 appearances for a per game 1 . Wigwam Wisemen of America, I The best crowd 'Shaiuz ' has wilh all proceeds to go to the i pitched before was Ihe capacity club's benefit athletic, fund. j house ot 35,073 which watched him j rack up win No. 20 against the Red i Sox here. His best road date was a Memorial Day appearance at Yankee Stadium. For Ihe doubleheader. 30,0115 showed up. Thus thc feathenveiKht feature attraction of the Mnckmen may easily, make the difference in whether the club ends up in the red or black this year. At least. Shanlz Is (ho most mag-' 'c- < nolle peiRonalily the A's have Urzetta Picked As Favorite in CanadianOpen VANCOUVER, !J. C. , . . . lending Champion Walter Me Elroy -—.d _ ^er ,,c ville. N. c. Semi-finals Pa., auri Mooi'fc- - the compel iti .511 will be played tomorrow nipht and Thursday, with finals scheduled for Friday afternoon. One defeat in thc contest brings elimination. But Ncwsoni won only 13 arid lost 15. Shnnt?,. who hns suffered only four setbacks, couldn't lose Raffensberger, Shantz Majors, ERA Leaders NEW YORK (.-!>, — Ijefty Ken RaffcusbcietT ot tile Cincinnati Rods, who turned in a sis-hit .shutout, against the N>w York Giants l;us[ nighl, has taken over as the National League's earned run leader. Averages compiled by The As- League, still has B chance lo over- sociated Press through yesterday's Make Sh;\nu. Golf ToiniuuueiU is the sliiRRcr from East Rochester. N. V., Sammy Urzo'.ta. McElroy drew a bye In yesterday's opening round. So did Billy Camp- ney of Vancouver, thc 1950 champ. Umibls increased that Mawhin- ne.v would be able to drag himself to Ihe lin,i tee tor his scheduled --. „. vllt . luur match wilh George Andrews of Vic- j teams still unbeaten in the national toria. He has been in the ho.spUal J non-pro baseball tournament meet back iitlnu-in. i m tonight's him from Ihe ring. The fall injured Hctmins: so that he could not return to action nnd Promoter Mike Meroney declared Ihe bout no contest. In the other half of the doubli mam event program, Red Hoberl defeated Count Luigl two out o three falls in a one hour affair Roberts took the first fall bu lost thc second to Lniji. Then a the start of the third round, Rob cits rushed his opponent pinned him after one minute. and Indians Get Oil Dividend CARDSTON, Canada <,p) _ Tn dians of the Blood Reservatioi near here have just received their first dividend from the sail of their oil rights. The initial dividend was S21.000. Several companies now are making tests on the reservation and two oil ivclk are being drilled j I n I 1 1 f" T III* . hour Teams Undefeated wo of the four with a back lulim-nt. .'ini Tom Blair of Jefferson Citv, feature three-snmc c:ird. control of out. , after b, cin s Mon- Two other service team.? also turned in victories. Fl. Dix N ,! eliminated Hitlsfield. Mass '3-0 ami The F«, Leonard Wood Hm.oppen. "^ ^ "' wl, 0 """, TV lay Fi. Myrr. Va.. Colonials in the BrooHvn D< !•• P"<™a the ..ames disclose that the 35-year-old Rp.ffcnsbeianr lias allowed 58 earned runs in M8 innings for a 2.51 mail:, 'ihe veteran Rcillcg hurler has a U-ll record. In t!ie American League. Philadelphia';; Bobby Sliaiiii. wilh JB earned tallies in 229 frames, holds the top spot wilh a 1.81 average. The brilliant southpaw, seeking to capture pitching': triple crown, has won 22 and dropped only four for the fourth-place Athletics. Karl Drews and Robin Roberts, a pair ot Philadelphia righthand- ers, follow close behind Rntfens- berger in the National League. Drews, who boasts five shutouts, has iiermittcd 48 earned runs in 171 inninss, for a 1! 53 stole while Tlie 3'!-year-old New York Y;mkce ruihtlinnder. with 47 rnmea runs in l.l.'l rriimes. Is nm- nentn with a 2.J9 avrr.i!;c. Cleveland's Mike Garcia holds idown llurd phue at -.30. The dur- ] able rlRlily. who shows a 16-8 record, has i:iv<-n up 60 earned nni^ iTo Hitting Form I CINCINNATI f.'Vi — Monte Irvhl. ! since rctiimini; to action last month j has rapped oul etehl hits in 2\ I limes at tar a .:m average. The ':y outfielder, who suffered an e fracture in spring tr.iiniim. a roiljile of safeties off tlu- record shows 7 2jO innings. Allic Reynolds on ERA leader earned runs In 1 -- arly seas- American CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Sizes op to 36 In. Corrugated Melal Culverts Sizes up to 84 In. A. H. WEBB Artomatic Flood Gales Concrete i Melal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Hcsl Prices We Dcliier llldiwa.T 61 al SUtc Line Fhonc Sill Lifers Dump Moose Lodge In BWL Action Tile lea^ne-liMiding American Uni!rti Life Insuranre Company's I .if ITS moved a step nearer 'to vlim-liitm thc Bay Window fioftb.ill Ix-acue's litle yesterday as thry Itoundcd oul a t9-l> triumph ova Ihr Moose t.odee. .1. IV Garrolt «ns on the bill for Ihe Lifers and Euiil I'oe worked 'or Ilie Moofo team. 3. l.utes with lour slt.i]'_:hl This lUlcmoon. fil Implcinrtil riiiiipany was sclu'dulrd lo play Me.ui's in another league same. bciian Aug. 15 and fs expected lo wind up about Kept. l. Olhcr undefeated teams are Ihe Brooke Anny Mrdiral Cetifer of San Antonio. Tex., ami Camp At- tetbury. hid. Camp Aticrbury hail Us toughest i:anif of the touri;:im!:ut Monday niilllt, etl^in? the El I'aso. Tex Alpine Cowboys 7.1;. Tlip Cowboys scored three runs in [lie Ian of the 1 n ninth and had "- • Ft. Orel, Calif., ousted CroVsvilie int Tcnn.. 7-2, and also advanced the fourth round. Tuesday night's schedule: Him central standard): 5:15 p. m._Slr.ton. Tex.. Oile vs. Rlmimgiintn. Ala., Stcelers 'fourth round, loser eliminated}. 8 p. in.—Ft. Leonard Wood vs. Ft Trucks' 2nd No-Hitter Sinks Yanks as Indians Edge Nats AMERICAN LKAGUK W L Pet. CIS .72 53 .57(5 ... .70 53 .5(iO 1 CS ..C3 65 ..64 52 42 .550 .521 .520 .409 21 .311 29 NATIONAL I.EAGUK W I, Pel. CiB SO 39 .072 Brooklyn New York SI. Louis Philadelphia Chicago Cincinnati Pittsburgh SOUTHERN Chattanooga New Orleans Atlanta Mobile Memphis Nashville Liltlc Rock Birmingham .70 ...72 ...65 ...60 ...51 .. 37 .58:1 10!i .581 10'i 537 10 .480 23 .435 28'j .433 28', . .231 47 Reversal of Decision on Infield Kit Brings Fame to Detroit Fireballer ! By JOf REICHIJ-R | At 1 S|iorts Writer j Virgil Trucks was riding on the clotitls today but if! the double no-hit pitcher of the Detroit Tigers was goinu i around in circles, u-Iio cotiifl blame him? *.< The 33-year-old righthander, suf- %yas low and. late and Rizzuto was ' ferinsf this poorest season in the ' "'"was majors, suddenly finds himself in the pitchers' mythical Hall of Fame, joining Johnny Viindcr Mcer and Allic Reynolds on a spe- - cial pedestal reserved for those ASSOCIATION W L Pet 75 61 .551 73 (15 .529 74 06 09 67 70 61 64 59 who achieve two no-hitters iti the same Benson. Trucks held the New Ymk Yankees hitiess 3'es- t. erday at the Yankee Stadium and wojj, 1-0, hi a safe. John Dreblnyer, official scorer and veteran baseball writer of irie ' Nov.' York Times, called it an error '. Immediately and the "E" was i flashed on the Scoreboard in con- ' terfiekl. Then, after a moment's : reflection, he reversed himself. " Under the Impression that ihe ball had stuck In the u'cbbiiiff of Pes- \ ky's glove, Drebinger changed it to a hit. Still not satisfied, Drebinger telephoned Pesky in the visitors' dugout as the Tigers fame to bat In [ the seventh and the shortstop rcudi- took the blame. .507 .504 .•ISO .4137 .421 s e n s a I i o n a 1.1 thrill - p a c ' e d performance that cut the wo r I d N. ,*'"^ ^S chain p I o n s' '' " American League Virgil Trucks lead to one game over the Cleveland Indians, who defeated Washington. 7-2, The ! tiie. public address svsicm a'nnounce classic came Just three months and; it lo the customers. The crowd "* thrill - pac ' ed j ' ,. T , „„..<„ .,...1 it was my fault. I booted the ball." he explained. "1 bad it iii my glove but it squirted loose just as I reached lo tafce it out." Crnu'd Pleased Drcbinger then reversed himself again, ruled it an error and. had YESTEKDAY'S RESULTS American League Detroit I New York 0 tno-hitlerl Cleveland 7 Washington 2 might) Only games scheduled. 10 days after he handcuffed the Washington Senators without a hit or a run on May 15. The Birmingham fireballer also has pitched n one-hitter, a two bitter, a four-hitter, a fiye-hilter only five victories greeted the announcement \yith a ! roar of approval ami Trucks, visibly affected, worked all the hard- | er in the three remaining innineri./iJ The Brooklyn Dodgers just killed the Cardinals' slim ., . _ . „ .^..mijmj., .51ilu lvdlfm[lE> and two six-hitters. Yet he has chances, sweeping both ends of a to siiow for his day-night St . Louis doubleheader. National League Brooklyn 3-9 St. Louis 1- night) Cincinnati 3 New York 0 Philadelphia nings) Only games scheduled. 6 Chicago 3 > Ulay- I night f 110 in- Southern League Nashville 1 Little Rock o Chattanooga 8 Memphis 5 Mobile 5 Atlanta 2 Birmingham 6 New Orleans 3 TODAY'S GAMES American Lcajruc St. Louis at New York (night) Cain 13-7) vs Sain (9-6) (night) Garcia (16-8) or Feller (9-12) vs Shnntu (22-4) Delroit at Boston (nighl) Houtteman (6-17) vs Hudson (9-9) Chicago at Washington (ni?ht) Pierce (13-8J vs Porterfield UO-!2I .„ .,„„„ ,„, i;l:i ] efforts as against 15 defeats. Only Art Houtieman, a teammate, has lost more. It ivas not unlil (he Yankees were going to bat in the seventh inninjf that Trucks learned he had a no- ] hitter going. Until then he. along j with everyone else, was under the assumption that he had allowed a lit in the third inning. ; Pesky Bobbin! Tn that inning, Phil Rizzuto chopped a simple grounder to short. Johnny Pesky fielded the ball cleanly and then babbled it in his glove as he tride to pick it out for [he throw to first. After one bad stab, he grabbed it but the toss National League New York at Pittsburgh (ni?ht) Hearn (12-5) vs Dickson (12-17) Boston at Cincinnati (niyht) Spahn (11-14) vs Church (5-7) or Podbielan (1-2) Brooklyn at St. Louis (night) Erskine Ul-5) vs Miller (30) Philadelphia at Chicago Drews Soutliern League Atlanta at Birmingham Chattanooga at-Little Rock Nashville at Memphis Mobile at New Orleans -NOTICE- We want to loan you a Garbcr Power Seeder to sow your Fall cover crop seed, if you buy your seed from us at competitive prices. Yes, \Vc Can Handle Your Government Loan Pancr. For iMirlhcr Information Call A. A. HARDY 705 Clear Lake Ave. vs Casa Grande. Ariz?. Bocin VAN«(s' NEW .'?_ . _ P l ";<:h?scd from Syra- I WHISKY PROOF SOTlllD IN BOND YEUOWS1ONE, INC., lOUlsVRLE, KY. Notice to Farmers: We Now Have 20% Toxaphene Per 100 IBs, . . 10.50 25% DDT Liquid. Gal. 1.85 60% Toxaphene Liquid Gallon 2.50 FEEDERS SUPPLY CO. 513 W. Main Phone 3441 or 4493 3-1 and 0-5, to boost their National League lend to 10'/ 2 games. The New York Giants slipped past the ' Cardinals into second place despite i a 3-0 loss to Cincinnati. ; A five-run ninth inning, climaxed by Roy Campanula's home run with t\vo on after Pee Wee Reese had singled In the tying anil winning runs, finished off the Cards in Ihe nightcap. The Dodgers snapped a 1-1 lirst-game tie in the ; seventh, scoring twice on singles hy George Shuba, Gil Hodges and '. Anrty Pafko and a long foul fly by Campanella. Rookie John 'v Rutherford limited the Redbirds to I two hits, ':> Brooks All but Wreck Cards' Pennant Hopes By The Associated Press The St. Louis Cardinals appeared today to have had it. Their slim pennant hopes had feat against ID victories iust about been shattered by the j iiowerful Brooklyn Dodgers who are leaving no doubt in the stretch (.hat :!iey mean business about that National League pennant this season. The Dodgers trimmed the Cardinals twice yesterday, 3-1, in Ihe afternoon and 9-5 in the evening, to make it three straight from St. Louis in a four-game series ending in St. Louis tonight. The Dodger splurge in St. Louis extends the Brooklyn lead to ten and one-half over the Redbirds and the league champion New York Giants. The big blow came in the ninth inning of the second game yesterday. The cardinals went into the closing frame with a 5-4 lead. Double Slarls Trouble The Cards' rookie bullpen ace, Eddie Yuhas. was slammed for a double by Carl Furillo In the ninth. Al Brazle. who came to his relief, quickly went down to his fourth de- With Duke Snider and Billy Cox* aboard on walks. Pee Wee Reese uncorked a two-run double to put the Dodgers ahead. An our later catcher Roy Campanella fired his 18th homer of the season. ^ohn Rutherford, 26 - year - old righthander, held the Cardinals to two hits in hurling the Dodgers to a 3-1 triumph in the matinee witnessed by 23,894 fans. The second game attracted 32,368 customers. The St. Louis Browns were idle. They take on the Yanks at New York tonight. Pearl Industry Needs Aid TOKYO lil'!- With the help of government subsidies. Japan's pearl industry hopes to reach its prewar level of exports by 1958. Exports now are about 131,200 ounces a year, or one-third of the prewar output. Read Courier News classified Ads. llEiH ton frwuum 1^^^^^ All FIRST UNE PREMIUM QUALITY Suy first lir* at regular priti secogd lire for «nly vi» tlhcr sizes it similar Mvii|sl 2 Year Unconditional Written Guarantee Safety S*,p«r tif.nglK tftc Non-Skid Skid-Gord lt»od ivm tafe. t?!it-M ond. h-hn« Mop*. Comfort XnMRiMtinSS'-.Hi j ' Buy on EASY TERMS • Pay as you ride T. i. Seay Motor Co. 121 East Main Phone 2122

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