The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on October 18, 1974 · Page 11
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 11

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, October 18, 1974
Page 11
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Friday, October 18, 1974 Land swap lolled, purchase favored The Ottawa Journal r: 1 Socialist (rfof Palme meets Tory Robert Stanf leld WhatMr.Palme thinks Sweden can off er us ; (By The a)- Canada and v Sweden should exchange in--. ; formation on the operations of big multi-national corpora-.; ttons, Swedish Prime Minister Olaf Palme said here Thursday. i -- Mr, Palme told a news con-' ferenee shortly after his ar-. rival here for a 4V4-day of-ficial visit to Canada that the ; two countries should co- 1 operate in amassing infbrma- . ., tion on the ownership, control and operations of big compa-, nles. ' . Such an exchange Is one of ' many areas in which Canada and Sweden can develop closer ties, Mr Palme said, v While the . two countries have affinity in their ap- said he did not think Sweden is "very desirable, necessarily" as a model for Canada to follow in foreign policy. - - "In many fields of foreign policy there is a close affinity between our view and the Ca-, nadian view," he said. "But it is really tfye Canadian government that will decide the policy of Canada." Mr. Palme was commenting on statements from an of-' fleial in Prime Minister. Pierre Thideau's office that; Canada may pattern, its future foreign policy : more along the activist, outspoken line taken by the socialist government in Sweden. . .;: : .Wide tato Mr. Palme said he hoped in an afternoon of talks with Mr. Trudeau today to . discuss a broad range of subjects in- Vietnam - and the - military : take-over in Chile and of ' being right-wing for its criti-. clsm of the. Soviet invasions of Czechoslovakia . and Hun-, gary and of me banishing of Soviet writer Alexander Solz-henitsyn. . - : - He said countries must try to" apply the kind of morality they seek at home to their relations with other countries.. '"You cannot have one morality for, your own' population and another in your interna- . tional affairs,' he said. -Mr. Palme said it was ,"mere coincidence'' that his visit will take him to Manitoba and British Columbia, provinces run by New Democratic . . Party governments. Canadian . officials selected ... the stopping points because both provinces contain relatively large Swedish-Canadian populations. . ;i : . Mufiials TORONTO (CP)-flacant mutual funds tuDnllad bv The Canadian Mutual Fund Association Thuraday. Thaw nra thm nat muI valua nar fchara practlca aa contofnad In tha protpactua PT ino rug. n-na aaiaa cnarva, A Pund. uhlavi NAVM. fund I occordanc with Rl pricing or unq iNRvrj) lairwicutawo s. Acrofund , - .M AOF Japan iM AGP SpacM IJ3 uxnp Al..:dn All-Cdn Dlv 4.97 AllCdn N en J.BO All-Cdn Rv O 3.74 All-Cdn Van AH-Cdn 4000 1.34 A mar Qrwth 3.5a Canada Cum Ml Canada Gwth 4.11 Cdn Oat Eoy . C.R .5 Cdn lac Oth 4.1 Cdn, Truttaad 4.34 eluding tne question oi mum-yconooax and i.s , . i conagax Intl a.19 national corporations. . ..-, ycanaax img 10.00 He said lie, hopes Canada and Sweden can have more . Eaton cwttn 11.1t exhanges in the technical, scientific and industrial fields. He said he is also interested about Canadian approaches to, environmental problems as well a labor and industrial policies. Canada and Sweden have co operated in providing-'peace- keepktg for the United tiinrai . Mhd io tacldine Other ytnvattrt Mtg 4.IS international problems and there is a place for extending that ice-operative action." - ' -Mr. Palme said he has been unfairly accused of mounting a soap box to launch verbal '.attacks against tht United States and other countries. SiT hough officially neutral, (Swedish foreign policy is IDased on' the view that "if you want to influence public opinion in the world to some I little extent you have no other 'alternative;" I "Soap boxes have a long L tradition in democratic soci- Adanae Andrea ... Assoc Inv ' Baaubran yCamp Gth .94 4.22 4.75 .1.10 4.30 nCdn Studdtr t.n Cn S Afr.Od 447 Capital om t.44 ycoilaetlva 4.16 xComp Cap ' 3.40 Dailorl Cdn 5.99 Daskrd Hvm nvoaslrd Intl 5.21 Dtalartf OM 4.47 Eaton Owth ' 4.57 Eaton' Incomt 4 JO Eaton Intl 4.3t Aaton Lavar 1.51 Eaton Vantur 2 22 Eaton Vlklng 4J3 OIS Comp 7.15 nOIS Incoma iM Grwth Eaultv Ajm Gn Entprlst .75 Gdn Nth AV 2.71 Gdn Rat Egy M Gdn Sac Inc 9.54 Gdn WI4 Eoty J.S5 vlnvastra Gth 9.30 Nn. yinvastre tnti 4.07 yinvvsira miH a.j ylnvastrt Mut r.57 ylnvastrt Rat 431 Mutual Acum 4 93 Mutuol Inc 4.04 vNot Rat Oth 3.47 Pld Rasourct Prat Rav Am i. Prat Rav Cdn 5. Prat Rav Rat 4.97 Pravast Mut 4.20 vPravldnt Mu 5.13 yProvldnt'Stk 4.15 PrudantH Gth 4J9 Roytund Ino 4.97 Roylund Ltd 5.2t Say Inv Am ' 5.64 sav Inv Cdn 5.42 Sov lev.Ratr97 qunnaa AC Tau-ua ' yUnltd Ac Rt 3.91 vunltad yunltttf yUnltad ' yUnltad yumtad Horl Sac van ivDasIrd Soa 2.99 yDomln Comp 5.26 xurayrvs inc . xOrayrut Intl tM cnToroo inv ' nExacutv Con 1.76 nExtcutlv Int 1.45 XFld Trana 14.79 Gdn Grwth 6S7 nttarvr Oth 3.41 irausTnafl cq 4.IU Industrl Gth 13.05 Intl Gth ,4.53 Intl incoma " 3.55 Kay Canada 4.47 xKay Cut K- 3.77 MV but 9-1 14.11 Dtaltrd Qua, 3.10 Intl En 1.96 xKay Cut S-4 2.33 xKay Pol 2.14 Lax Rsrch 10.06 xMonhatn 3 23: Marlboro , . : 3J3i Nstrusco v 12.11) NW Equity Xtt NW Canodlon 4.17 NW Gwth 3M xOna wm- St 11.2 xoppannmr 4.68 qnPacIf Cmo 5.68 ynPaclfle Dv J.99 ynPrclflc US 7.60 nPanslon Mu 5.4? PEP . . J.02 P H N Fund 1.81 VP H N Cdn $.97 yP H N Bnd 106 yPHN Poold 23jr nvPHN RRSP 9.14 vPrlndpl Gth 3.16 yPrlnclol Van 1.76 xPutnont Gth 7.45 nscuddar NA iM xTach ,- 4.80 Tampl Gth 6.1 J nTlvad' Invat S.M yTrom Con A 4.M yirant can t 9.10 5.28 vTms Can Sn univasr .12 Wait G nlvarttl (ov J4nXanadu Fm) 135 fety," he said. . I Mr. Palme said it was mere coincidence" that his ; visit will take him to western . provinces governed by the so- clalist New Democratic :, Party. ' -i , - He said Sweden has been accused of being left-wing for ' - ! its criticism of U.S. actions in Yo Can Sav . ' ' Evtry Day at -IDA.hrutUtort" BABY SCOn .. DIAPERS v . Ult 1.99 ilOt Be ure to dine with yourAAf ,' friends, before i - v ' - otjafter the : ; . football game, , ' : " ' '.J tvi ajl the Sampan ' i ' i' "; V ofcouree. v . ?-':';?? ::V.y -v : Rejecting a proposal to ; swap land parcels witn the Ottawa separate' school ' board, planning board Tlntrs-day voted to buy the land and make about half of It avail- ' able for housing. ;- ' " . A " The city first became - aware that the school board' was trying to sell to a devel-'. oper land it owned on Brook-. field Road when an applka-,. tion to change the zoning was . handed to city halL; . ;r ;. , .; 'i The application requested tile zoning be changed from 1 -public use to residential use. ; " Area residents objected on' : the grounds that tecreationaT'l facilities in the community ' , are already overtaxed, r ' -A first proposal called for " the city to trade a small park on Kaladar for a larger parcel on Brookfield on which could have been built a larger - park. " v; The' former Kaladar Park A would men be sold by the school board for development , into house lots. - -. '. After viewing land prices in the area, the board rejected the land swap proposal, de c elded to maintain the Kaladar . Park and purchase the property the school board has for : sale. -?';'''.;..." v-k: Although the price tag for ' the land is about $330,000, the . city will sell off about 18 lots J to recover an oux ,uw. mo resulting cost of the park to the city is about $30,000 an acre. . Ccncda Immigrction Centre WE'RE MOVING From: 1 87 BAY STREET, OTTAWA To: 25 1 LAURIER AVENUE WEST, OTTAWA On: OCTOBER 21st, 1974 GENERAL ENQUIRIES TELEPHONE 995-81 31 ' Canada Immigration Centre DEPARTMENT OP MANPOWER AND IMMIGRATION fl nn - ssss: i " - r r i m. ....... . . . . UVIVJKJ. VOU UU 'AJ 0g u v:l--:'.-,.'r"r-' V-'-.. " 0 n 9JUL: ;;The new Datacom500 and Daterom600 v are two of the latest additions to te Computer Cbmmumctions Group's Rowing list of services. Additional special applications ; can be preprogrammed, increasing its flexibility. In designing me new Datacom 500 and Datacom 600, electronic -circmlhaslargely: replaced me- . chahical rjarts, to increase reliability and reduce maintenance. Datacom 500 and Datacom 600 , are just two of the many services offered by the Computer Communications Group. You can look on us as a single supplier for all your computer communications requirements. Or you can select those services needed torenhance your existing operation. Across Canada or across town ... if your company moves information . ;. we have a better way to do it. For more information, just dial Operator and ask for Zenith 33000. There is fio long distance charge. The Datacom 500 terminal is a comjct self-ccmtaihe and quiet unit that aUows office personnel to send and receive messages from a remote computer. It i ideally suited for consumer-finance aTHcaticis and such transr. actions as journal entries, payment ' inquiries and fde updating. : ' 1 Group . . m for The Datacom 600 is a buffered keybielepter.; : : : rhis general purpose unit is use- fid in a wide' variety of applications v suchas acxountmginfdrr cessihg, order entry and invoicing, . ; and inventory control. : br-- : V Bell Canada In association with Alberta Government Telephones , B.C.Tel Manitoba Telephone System' Maritime Tel &Tel ' NBTel . Newfoundland Telephone Co. Ltd. , Saskatchewan Telecommunications - & 1 -.- M mi it Opa Man, to Prl. ta t Sot. t fa l i DVDLIG

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