The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 26, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 26, 1952
Page 5
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TUESDAY AUGUST 26, 1052 B-29 MistakenlylholT By U.S. Jet in Search Of Radio-Guided 'Drone' BLTOIEVTLLE (AUK.) COimiER NEWS EOLIN AIR FORCE BASE. Pla. W'i—A rocket, fired by mistake by flu automatically controlled jet fighter sent a BIT bomber spinning In flames into the Gulf of Mexico yesterday. All ciglu crewmen on the bomber may have been killed. One crewman Mho parachuted into the water with his life Jacket was caught in the 15-foot waves churned up by a sudden rainstorm, and may have been washed under. An all-night search of the debris- littered waters by ships and planes failed to bring any rescues. The crash scene was about, 50 miles south of Panama clt.v. The rocket was fired by the pilot of an F86d, the Air Force's newest tilt-weather tighter, which Is undergoing operational suitability tests at the air proving ground. Drove Was Following The Air Force said the pilot. Col. Arthur R. Debolt. 39, of Columbus. O., apparently mistook the B17 | "mother" plane for a radio-control- n.v KEITH FULLKR lied drone. The drone was following JACKSON. Miss. W — Light vol- j about n mile ant! a half behind, in? was predicted totliy as Mis-t Col. Debolt, a World War II vet- sii.sippi.ins marked two ballots, I eran recalled to active duty, was one for the first Democratic pri- • overcome with grief at the tragic niary anrl one a stale-wide referendum on county-option liquor repeal. ' Secrclary of Slate Hcbcr Ladner estimated slightly more than half of (he 107.774 who 'voted in the 1951 torrid governor race would go to the polls opening at 1 a.m.. Central Standard Time, today in cities .and 8 a.m. in rural areas. All voting stops at G p.m. Light Vole Seen In Mississippi Two Ballots Marked, One for Demo Primary And a Liquor Bill error. He was unable to explain how it happened. He saw the hit plainly on his radar screen and figured it was scored on the drone. "The first i knev; it was z mistake I heard a voice on the radio from one of the other planes accompanying us saying. 'Watch for Voters will name Democratic nominees to congressional posts but nomination is tantamount to election in this predominantly Democratic Btatc. The main interest centered on (he liquor referendum and a tight congressional race between Rap. Jtilui Rankin and Rep. Thomas Abernethy. Other contests include naming a U. S. senator and three other congressmen. Two unopposed representatives. Jamie Whitten of the 2nd District and Frank Smith of the third, were declared party nominees. Rankin and Abernetby became opponents for re-election when the 1052 State Legislature combined their districts to wipe out one district lost in the last) census. The campaign developed into one of the livliest in Mississippi history. Abernethy made age one of the i principle issues of the campaign. The 49-year-old attorney has spent the past 10 years in Congress. Rankin Is 70. He has spent 32 years in the House and is one of the state's most colorful and contro- ' versial figures. The liquor referendum asks voters: Do' you favor permitting counties to decide for themselves If they are to have legal liquor? ; Mississippi has wet spots where package arid bar liquor flow freely. The state also collects a 10 per cent "black market" tax on illegally sold liquor. chutes. He got the wrong plane. Debolt told military interviewers "I just can't believe I hit tile wrong plane. I don't know liow it happened." Another Bn "mother plane escaped being hit and guided drone back to the base. Members of the Plying Fortress crew were not identified pending notification of next of kin. The Air Force has been testing the C50-mile-an-hour F36d for sev- News of Men •s In the Service wounded June 19 wlille serving a* a (ruck driver with (he 578th Engineer Coirjbat Battalion. Pvt. James L. Lancaster, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Lancaster of Rt.. 1. Kennett. Mo., Is currently Paul E. Griggfi. fireman, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Griggs of HI. 3. Osccola, is serving aboard the ballcship USS Wisconsin in Atlantic waters. ..... „..., William M. Hall, electrician's on security duty with the 1st Cav- mate '"email, USN, son of Mr. and alry Division in Japan, Mrs. J. M. Hall of Leachville, is '\ currently serving aboard the escort- destroyer USS '1331111011,, which is opeiolins with Escort - Destroyer Pvt. J. E. Byrum. husband of Mrs. Jcanette Byrimi of Roseland, is now - •• ~.,~~.* - ^^,^^,j^ serving with the 43rd Infantry Di- Squadron ne with the Pacific Fleet, vision In Southern Germany. He is an ammunition bearer In Company H of (he I02nd Regiment. James E. Farmer, formerly or Rt. 1, Joiner, has been promoted to private first class the 23th Infantry Division in the eastern sector of Korea. He is a machine gunner in Company K of the 3Mh Infantry Regiment. Cpl. George T. Blaylock of Rt. 3. Bl.vlheville. recently vcas graduated from the 2nd Engineer Combat Batta!ion|s non-commissioned officers school in Korea. Cpl. Bla^'lock, hoicler of the Purple Heart .is attached to Company as a demolition specialist. Dwisjht P. Schmidt, husband of Mrs. Delia J. Schmidt of Blythc- ville, is serving aboard the amohi- bious force control vessel USS Frybarger in Korean waters. Cpl. R. W. McCbin. son of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. MrClnin of Senath, Mo., has won the Combat Infantry Division in Korea. He is attached to Company H. 27th Infantry Regiment, as a section Leader. PAGE FIVE Mickey Jelke Pleads Innocent In New York Vice Indictment Silent Aly Khan On Way to Paris N 7 EW YORK (if) — Prince Aly Karm wa.s-on his way back to Paris today, keeping to himself his thoughts about a reconciliation with his estranged wife, actress Rita Hayiv/n-th. "I'm still not discussing that." he told newsmen at Idlewild Airport yesterday as he left after a three- week visit in the United States. He spent some time with Miss Hayworth and their daughter. . 7 Airmen Die In B-29 Crash SHREVEPORT, La. OF, — Emergency vehicles waited only a mile away from a crippled B29 crashed and burst into Ilames at nearby Earksdale Air F\jrcc Base, Seven airmen were killed. The pilot notified the control j tower his No. 1 engine was dead and that he v;as making an emergency landing yesterday. Accident vehicles, fire trucks and ambulances were waiting on the runway. But the craft, a refueling plane heavily loaded with gasoline, dropped a mile short of the runway. -- eral months here. Debolt had been out on several training missions willi (he plane previously, and had made several successful passes on the target yesterday morning. An Air Force spokesman said the F8fid operates automatically to the extent that once a target conies within range of Its radar the electronic equipment locks on—to the target and guides the fighter in to the attack. Pilot Controls Mechanism The pilot retains control of the firing mechanism, however, and can refrain from firing his rockets tin- til he has positively identified the target, the spokesman said. A life raft was tossed out to the one survivor spotted a few minutes before the storm struck. Lt. Lt. J. Wickciihciser, pilot of a PBY flying boat out of Corry Field, Pensacola, eaid he flew just above the water and saw the survivor smiling up at him while he bobbed about in his life jacket. "A heavy squall line 30 miles wide came roaring down upon us then," WickenheiFer said. "When it passed we couldn't find him. I don't know if he got the raft." Sergeant First Cla=s Oble Holingsworth, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Ofaie HoIMtigsworth, Sr. f of Kennett. "- MO., is presently attached to the the 43rd Infantry Division stationed In Southern Germany- Pfc. Hollingsworth, who entered the Army in 1948, holds the Bronze Star. Purple Heart, Combat Infantryman's Badge, UN service ribbon, Korean service ribbon with five campaign stars and the Good Conduct Medal, K FvL. Charles E- Taylor, son of Mr. and Mrs. Garnule Gordon of . . Rt. 1, Blytheville, has been award-* Manila Flooded By 10-Inch Rain MANILA (/P)—Ten inches of rain in 15 hours flooded 90 per cent of this capital yesterday and today. As the one to tiuee-foot-deep waters receded, at least eight dead were counted. Six bodies were recovered from flooded Manila streets. Two persons drowned in the provinces. The suciden tropical storm, whipped by heavy winds; injured H others. Three were missing. Swollen river's and streams swept away rows of homes and wooden bridges. Thousands of workers !n the city of one million persons were marooned for hours In waist-high, swirling waters. Numerous cars and buses remained stalled in streets broken up bv the flood. IN JAl'AN — Lowell channon Soothe, son of Mrs. Macie Boothe of Cooler. Mo., and Lloyd Boothe o/ Memphis, is now serving at the Naval base in Atsuei, Japan Ke attended a Navy training school at Millington, Tenn., Naval Air Technical Training Center before going to Japan, where he has been since Mar. 30. ic. William E. Smith, Jr.,' of nnetL Mo., is now serving as an technician as a medical clearing station a few hundred yards behind front lines In the western sector of Korea. Cpl. J. W. Barclay of Caruthersville. Mo., was graduated recently from the Seventh Army's non-commissioned officers academy at Munich, Germany. He is a section leader in the Gth Armored Calvary Regiment. . , , ed the Pur pie Heart wound s received in action in-Korea. He was ^ \ ^ COMMISSIONED — White, son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd A. White of Blytheville, will be graduated tomorrow from the Air Force Observer School at Ellington Air Force Base, Texas, where he has completed 10 months of training. He will receive a commission as second lieutenant and the wings of an Air Force observer. He Is expected to arrive here this week end on furlough, after which he will report to Randolph Air Force Base, Texas, where lie ivill join tile crew of a B-29 Superfortress as a navigator. Iowa to Advertise DES MOINES. Iowa (/P) _ Iowa joins the states propagandizing iheir products, scenery or other virtues next year. Iowa's motor Ji- cense plates for 1953 will carry the words "The Corn State." WAVE BIRTHDAY — Seaman Johnnie L. Cummins, daughter of Mrs. J. L. Cummins -of Osceola. is shown cutting a birthday cake during a party celebrating the 10th anniversary of the WAVES. The party was held at the Naval Base in Philadelphia, Pa., where she is stationed. U.S. Oilman To Inspect frcrn Refinery . TEHRAN. Iran M>) _ American oilman W. Alton Jones left for the South Iran oil center of Abndaii today to inspect the long idle, giant refinery once owned by, the British. Jones, who Is pre-sioent of the Cities Service Company of New York, '.';".« ni'T'HT-ipanied by four associates who arrived here with him from the United States on Saturday. Iranian government spokesman had described Jones assistants ns "high caliber experts." Announcing the party's arrival in Iran, the Iranian spokesman said yesterday Jones had come "to discover what assistance can be made to put the Iranian nationalized oil industry into operation" and "to advise Iranians how to continue working and administering the oil industry." NEW YORK </n ~ Minot F (Mickey) Jelke III. heir to oleomargarine millions, has pleaded innocent to an indictment dmpins he forced two pretty models into prostitution nnd accepted money from one. regis- . The 22-year-old socially tered playboy, if convicted on all counts against, him, would fare a possible Ifi to 134 years in prison and a $31.000 fine. Grand Jury action against jolke and three others was token yesterday In the cafe society vice mobc of call girls who reportedly pot tin to <;500 nightly. Officials raid the investigation was continuing. One of (hose accused with Jelke pleaded guilty to a charf-e that he received prostitution earnings. He Is 39-year-old movie bit-part actor Richard Wallncc. also known -s Richard short. Sentencing was set for Sept. 9. Jelke was named on eight counts of procuring, compulsory prostitu- lion and living off prostitution proceeds. He also is charged with illegal possession of a gun. It was specifically charged that he induced 10-ycnr-old Patricia Ward to "live a life of prostitution" and lived "wholly or hi part" on her earnings from Soyi,, 1051, to March, Miss Ward has been held as a material witness in the case, New York newspapers have said she broke the vice case atlcr Jelke jilted her. lie also was charged with forcing 23-year-old Pat Thompson to become a prostitute. The Indictment did not mention his receiving money from her but said that he received $100 from Wallace. The district attorney's office has said Miss Thmopson, also held as a material witness, had paid Wallace WOO a week lor "love ard affection." Indicted with Jelkc on the counts relating to Miss Ward—but not to Miss Thompson—was a 34-year-old Jobless press agent, Ray Russell Da- vionl, who also pleaded innocent. The indictment said Jelke placed Miss Ward In a house of prostitution here about last Feb. 15. The address given for the house was that of red-halretl model Erica Steel 28 &he was named as a co-conspirator of Jelke's and Davloni's. MUs Steel originally was arrested on a charge of being the "madam" for the call girls, but the grand Jury charged her only with illegal pos- Slie pleaded session of narcotics innocent. Jelkc remained free in {50,000 ball, and Miss Steel in $1.000 bail Davioni, unable to raise his US 000 bond, went back to jail. No trial date was set for Jelke and Davionl. Miss steel faces trial Sept. n. Parade Tonight for fvo BUENOS AIRES, Argentina Ifl A giant torchlight parade will march through the heart of Buenos Aires tonight to commemorate the death a month ego of Eva Peron, wife of President Juan Pcron RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. LAST TIMES TODAY "WILD STALLION" with Ben -Johnston and Edgar Buchanan WED.-THURS"CLOSE TO MY HEART' with Ray Milland and Gene Tierney Sewing Machines Various Makes Taken In Trade SPECIAL! Sewing Cabinets 30% OFF Floor samples—good as new! Available In 2, 3 anil •! drawer models. Various styles and finishes. TREADLES 1500 PORTABLES CQ75 69" from from CONSOLES from What values! Here's your chance to buy a fin* used sewing machine at a money-saving price. Every one of these machines has been carefully inspected and adjusted by expert SINGER mechanics and is in top working order! Limited Number—Come Early Get Yours While They Last! SINGER SEWING CENTER BlytheviUe 414 West Main Phone 2782 . IN AUSTRIA — Pfc. Milton Morgan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Morgan of Blythevitle. is currently stationed at Grafenwohr, Austria, where he Is attached to Company A of tile 350th Infantry Regiment as a squad leader. He has teen stationed in Austria for a year. Ait Condifioned By Refrigeration "Yotir Corninunil.v Ccrtlor" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sal. & Sun. I'hone 5S TtlKSDAY 'PVT. DOLAN GOES AWOL" «itli Eddie Albert WKD.-THURS. 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