The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 26, 1952 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 26, 1952
Page 4
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Pat Muttins, Society Editor Phone 4461 June Buchanan Complimented by Billie Rodgers Miss Billie Jane Rodgers was hostess at a party given la-st night at the Rustic Inn for Miss June Marie Buchanan, whose wedding to Benjamin Johnson will be solemnized Friday. Guests Included Miss Buchanan's close friends since they all attended junior hteh school together. For place cards. Miss Rogers used a miniature picture album with "Our Gang" written on the front, with the date and name at the bottom. Each album Included a picture of each person there. At each place, a pipe stem figure represented that person, Miss Buchanan's "facsimile" was wearing a vet] while mothers were holding the hand of a child, teachers were carrying o book, or something significant about their Job. They v/erc served barbecue sandwiches. Iced drinks, and trench fried potatoes, reminiscent of the many times the "gang" had eru.n lunch there, while in high school. For the occassion, the hcnorec wore a two piece dress in toast linen and was given a white carnation corsage. She was presented a gift in lingerie by the hostess. Before You Choose A Baby-Sitter, Better Know Her Full Background Baptist YWA Has Social Members of the Young Women's Association of the First Baptist Church met last night nt the home of MJss Maxlne Hill for a social meeting. Quest* were Miss Joyncllc Pear•on of Houston, Miss., and Miss Adeline Lee, who Invited the group to a chill supper before their next meeting. During tha evening, party games »e«r ployed ind MM. Roy Head won a content prl». Ml» Hill served pl«-a-l«-mode nt *h« close of the meeting. Supper Party Held for GA's K»f Blackard, w&s hostess last night to members of the rntcrmed- tetfl Otrl'i Auxiliary of tho First BaptJet Church for a hamburger •upper and bunking party. AJttr the glrla were served sup- pcr, thoy played party games and watched television. They were scrv- «d breakfast this morning by t h e noctes*. This hahy siller lies on a bniinet for a small girl before they jo (Mil walking. Tlio sillKr'.v mother lives nearby anil Li on hind to By KDIUR VA\ DOJIE Wrlllon for NKA Scrvico HARTKOHI1, Conn. <J.F:A>--The person who employs R billjy-sitter has certain very definite responsibilities toward tho slyer, the sitter's parents find her own children. She should know, fiix4 of all, what kind of home the sitter cranes from, who her parents are. how old sho Is .her general stat. of health', and whnt previous experience she has had or families she lias worked .for. If the girl Is new nt babyslttini*. tho employer should ask nbout her general reputation ami disposition. No child who hn.5 ever shoivji nuy inclination toward meanness or cruelty should be hired as a linby- sitter. Ociicrally speaking, sitfers of 15 and 16, high school or college students aro preferred. If ymmiter children are employed, there should bo Bomo other responsible person within reach—n neighbor or their own parcnta. The sitter should be told what time she Is to arrive, and what time you will return home, if you cannot, get there nt that time, trie- phono her. She should be (aim home or Invited to spend il;i> ninni. in which case her own mother must be notified. You, must, toll (lie sitter whom you are uolng nnd glvo her ephono number plus neat numbers i " ' - _____ "uiiun.1-. .-ojurnc If your destination Is a play or concert. See that your doctor's telephone number is written down where she ran see It easily, even in. a panic, and the number also of some other close relative. We hope she won't need it, but let It be there If she does. It's nice but not necessary to leave your U-eii-agc sitter a little snack of somethtns, or tell her what sho may have out of the ice-box. She will appreciate It. This Is hospitality to a quest—it L. not part of Her pay, nnrt she should be paid promptly at the end of the uvft- nlnij. Don't ask her to wait until tho next lime. It Isn't fair, ft you can't afford, to pay a sitter, don't have one. The sitter will take It for granted that she can use the radio or television; caution her against turning them up too loud. Tell her whether or not she can bring a girlfriend, but nsk her not to entertain boys or a crowd of young folks. Your home is no place for her to have a party. Never engage a sitter who has a eoki or any other illness. You'd do better staying home than to expose your children to sickness. If your children are ill. be sure to consult, tho sitlrr'.i mother before asking ,1)1. girl !o come, A teen-ager who I ; hnsn't. had ircnsles or mumps may Book Corhpleted By Methodists Members of (he Women's Society of Christian Service met last, night at the church for Ihe last class session at their book, "The Family, A Christian Concern." To begin the business meetlntr. Mrs. Iverson Morris led prayer, and Mrs. Cecil Lusk. president, presided over the session. An executive hoard meeting ts to be held tonight at the home of Mrs. Joe St.lckllng for the quarterly report. It was announced. "O God Our Help" was suns by the croup, before Mrs. Billy Kine, director of the study, gave the last chapter of thes tudy. using scripture taken from the hook of Psalms. Mrs. C. T. Chamlin served ice cream and cake during the 15-minute rest period, and the book WAS completed. Mrs. J. W. Woolem dismissed the group with prayer. Business Meet Held by WMU A monthly business session was conducted yesterday at Calvary Haptlft Church by members of the women's Missionary Society, which Included all-day circles. After they were ted In slnulm, "All Hall 7'he Power," Mrs A D Priest, vice president, nrcslded over the business session. Reports were* (riven by officers and chairmen of Circles One. Two. Five and Six- Mrs. Tom' Smalley gave the community missions renort. and Mrs Elrle Oalnes gave the Young People's report. The community mission program for next month was discussed and decided upon, and plans were marie fnr the organizing of a new Sunbeam Band to meet on Monday. Mrs. Agnes Eoyd gave a devotional before the group planned n season of prayer program which Is to be held the Mondav In Sentembcr. The meeting was closed with prayer. Bits of News 7 Baptist Circles Meet In Homes Members of seven Circles of the woman's Missionary Union of tho First Baptist Church met at the homes of members yesterday for lesson study ond social meetings. Mrs. J. w. Rayrter was hostess to nine members of circle One at her home when Mrs. Wlllfnm Berryman was the teacher of the lesson. Open- Ing and dismissal prayers were led by Mrs. I. L. Btirllson nnd Mrs Leslie Moore. Six members of circle Two gathered at the homo of Mrs. C. s. Lemon ftr a lesson taught by the hostess. Mrs. Dob Blaylock led lh( , m from u Children. For A Lady In Waiting 8742 By Sue Burnett A smartly styled outfit for the mother-to-be that. looks during Ihe waiting period. The loose JacKet is :,oftiy pleated: skirt is cleverly planmed for needed adjustment. Pattern No. 8742 is a sew-rite perforated pattern in fiws 12 14 jj 18. 20; 40, -12, Size 14. skirt, ri y'ards of 39-inch; Jacket. 3H yards. For this pattern, fend 30c In COIN'S, your name, address size desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett. Courier News 375 Quincy St.. Chicago 6. 111. Ready for you now—Basic FASHION for '52. Fall nnd Winter This new Issue is filled with ideas for smart, practical sewing for a new season; gift pattern printed inside the book, Kc. Tnm opening prayer nntl Mrs .Tnckson dismissed. Three iniests met with n mom . hers of Circle Three at Iho home of Mrs. C. B KdrK To opm Mir meeting. Mrs. Hoyt. mmii, led .prayer and Mrs. C. i.. EV.UIS tnucht tne lesson. I-isnii..tnl prayer was offered by the hostess. Circle Four ni.mhrrs mcl ,.t thr home of Mrs. T. W. Joffrlrs with nine Enttirrmp fnr liir li-.--.nn tnilKhl by M rSp C. W. Aim. It Mrs E. F, Blomcyor offered nppiiin'cl prayer nnd Mrs Ted Kin? save tho i closing pra.vrr. Members of circle rivr- met at i church with hostess Mrs. M. w. j Lewis, nnd ro-hostr-ps r Mr... nrvri-rU' Svvanner. Eleven were whriii Mrs. K. D, Marr Icri prayer to open 1 the meeting, Mrs. If. H TVonVs taught Ihe lrs«rn nnd Mrs Claude Rolanrl dismissed. The cicht members of Circlr si\ who met in ilic home of M, s . i-: B. Wocrison. bad one for thr lesson tmipht by Mrs. Mrmwii Walls. Prayers were Ird by Mr... N. F, Marshall anrl Mrs R r Maxwell. Ten member, of Cirrlr ,«. ivn r>,,-( at the home of Mrs. j. r\ o--,'-. iv; Mrs. J. W. Poi-llock nponert" the mectinc with prayer, and Mrs. Alvin H.-irdy Ird tflr rinsing p!-:<vrr. Lesson was taupht by Mrs. Sli.l- bo-iirno Jlr.wrr. In social period* hold follow-in;; the program., refreshments served by thr- hostess nnn'f coax n sitter to come and care for your children on a school iiiiihl unless you have a bed or cot whrrr.. she may go to bed at her rcsular. iiour. Even this is not recommended. Teenagers are sound slrrper.s nrid not, too apt to wnkcn if a baby cries or an accident occurs. Don'l expect too much of the baby siil.r. II you want her to wash di'lies or do housework, she should 1'r- plven extra money for It. T.arh your children to respect Ilic sitter and do what she tells them l_n. She may make mistakes— if shr dors, tell her so privately, not in front of the children. For them, she must represent' your authority. which Is not open lo question. ~T /" • [ 11 I WO Ll 1X165 Meet With Members M'T,. r. O. Thomas was hostess vrr.ind.iv lo members of Circle One of Women's Society of Trinity Baptist Church, nnd Mrs. H II. Burnett was hostess to Circle i Two. K'.L-ht mrmbrrs attended the nicotine: of circle One. Mrs .Arab Sperk opened the meeting with a pr.m-r. nnri Mrs, Kathcrine Camp- hr>il WHS thr teacher of the lesson. A b!jsi:i..-s session was conducted hv Mrs. Elnora Swafford. Mrs. H. Robinson led the devotional and Ihe meeting was closed I wifh a prayer by the hostess. I Mrs. Burnett, who wns hostess to The FLOWER SHOP Gloncoo Hotel Building — BSythcvill* Mis. Baker Wilson George Muir, Jr. riin.o.s for every occasion. Coming Events Tursrlnr Alpha Delta Chapter of Bet? Sigma Phi has 7:30 p.m. dessert- canasta al the Rustic Inn with Mrs. Charles- Abbott hostess. Wednesday Semi-Canasta Club meets in the home of Mrs. Roy Moore. Miss Betty Black entertains members of CIB. Dogwood Home Demonstration Club has 2:30 p.m. meeting at the club house. Thursday Mrs. Jim Smart is hostess to members ol Kihitacr Club. Mrs. Cl.o Wren is hostess to members of the -Thursdav Rook Club. Blytheville Duplicate Bridge League plays wreMv night game. Frltlrtj Stitch and Chatter has 7:30 nm. meeting at the home of Mrs. Wesley Thomas nt the Co-hostess Is Mrs. Huby Crawford. Blylhevlllc Hospital Dismissed : Mrs. W. P. Polk. Cooler Harvey Flowers. City U'alls Hospital Dismissed: Mrs. Earl Walters. City Sgt. and Mrs. Herbert Holmes of Memphis are spending two week's furlough with hts parents, Mr. and Mrs. B, L. Holmes, and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs, Alvln Pritcharrt had as their week end guests Lt. and Mrs. Grayson Flowers and Sgt, and Mrs. Herbert Holmes, all of Memphis. Louis O. Nash, who suffered a heart attack several weeks ago, is able to be out. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Logan will return today after spending several j days tn Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. lulus Davis and children, Kebagail and Hlckl, of Sikeston. Mo., drove here yesterday to be with his father. R. E. Davis, who returned today from the Baptist Hospital In Memphis. The condition of Mr. Davis, who has been ill for several weeks, is reported improved. Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Lunsford and family and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Calvin and family returned last night from Hardy, where they stayed a week. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Lunsford and • family relumed to Memphis vest, r- I day after a week here with her mother. Mrs. j. E. Lunsford. and Mrs. John Moore. Miss Mfnnle Johnson returned home today after spending two j weeks with Mr. and Mrs. Damon I McLeod. Miss Johnson had be.™ t here especially for the wedding of ; Miss Ann McLeod to Dale Winston j Morton. ! Mr. and Mrs. Homer Connell and Mr. and Mrs. Norman Coble attended the toll games in St. Louis over the week end. Darlene Felnberg arrived home Saturday from Burr Oaks Camp in Mukwanago. Wis. She was met !n Memphis by her mother. Mrs. Sidney Platt. and brother. Maurice Mrs. Lur.y McAdam.s returned home Sunday after spending a week with her daughter, Mrs. Tom Miller, and Mr. Miller in Memphis Dr. and Mrs. B. F. Scott and In- j fant son. John Christopher, are now , at home on Bonnie Street in Mem' phis. Mrs. D. A. Chapln of Willow Springs. Mo., returned to her home yesterday after spending several days here n-lth Mrs. Mary Henley. Miss DoUle Hlett of Little Rock Is visiting her sister. Mrs. C. A. Hunton. and Mi. Hunton and will remain until Friday. I.. E. Stover of Duluth. Minn., arrived yesterday to be the guest of Benjamin Johnson. He is to participate in the wedding of Mr. Johnson, to Miss June Marie Buchanan Friday, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Pigg. Miss Evelyn Jean Pigg of Osceola. and Mrs. George Roland Green have return- I ed from « vacation trip to Biloxi New Orleans and Shrevenort. In Shreveport. they were- the guests of T. \v. White and family. Plastic furniture upholstery now comes with dull, rich surfaces that really resemble textiles, but they're still completely washable with a soapy cloth. To safeguard galvanized steel garbage can covers from being misplaced by the refuse collectors, attach a rope to each cover's handle and fasten the rope's other end to a nearby tree or post. TUESDAY, AUGUST X, 19« Fabrics Take Top Rating in Back To School Wardrobe members of Circle Two. also save the devotional. Mrs C. G Lovell ottered prayer before minutes were rend and roll call taken. Seven members were present tor the business session conducted by Mrs. Burt Ross, and the lesson taught by JIM. Joyce Crocker. Mrs. E. C. Parks dismissed with prayer. The hostesses served refreshments at the close of Ihe meeting. Box Office Opens 7:00 Show Starts 7:15 p.m. Admission !lc & ;U)c Ar All Times TUES.-.VED.-THURS; PAL NIGHTS 2 Admit led Kor The Price of 1 DOUBLE FEATURE —PLUS— "NEXT TIME WE LOVE" with Margaret Sullnvan and James Slevvarl ALSO CARTOON eisv L r,r, f r' r ''!" 1K °,-l e f. nl| ' U rulll , find llf <- simpler .,,,! c..,er if lhe% p-uk . v-ir.lrobe of nvlnn -rl "sluons like (lieu frimlv u,( Remind. I ,,rts (left) in Uin p' 1 -re all spun him,?; . ,, iV" was . ab .'."""We re i lant ml h,,hh.ei .hi V\orn «ith Ilicm is i in Ion mil nrlnn M h ..nii-rl.. ? mans - r A "."P"." nylon appears again (ci-nler) in this livo-picrc pbid a rowl mi/hl u P ih" , U ' lpr " S , pl 5 a(s ( ° lcml fllll " CM - °» «-e train K0in s back to school, flr°v., Vh? „ ,' h ' S '"".'I"?" costume (njht) in orlon-iml-wool. The tailored (op has balwing n """"*•- l ° D tioikeLs increase the slim-ii.! ? effect of the wrap-around skirt. ' VF\ \Vo " U ^, A , S , sf'ctlv Practical lines. Boiled down, i same fabrics that eliminate fuss VFVV WBif ?..i.V Jl? r , . ' means: what fabrics will aid me and ironing in the lingerie, pajamas .-rfh,! ii , j.' ne mtcr -, m fas * er wardrobe upkeep and, at and robes, blou'c^ and evenine rics ?or r±n Se B1 rls d ! 5 P'a»;'"'»". the same time, keep me looking S gowns that college girls put 8 ric.s lor campus wear is not a hi;?h neatly-dressed? •• - fashion interest at all. it's along The answer, of course, lies in the ye//, [Children Can Be Saved from Your Errors If You're Honest Above All A mother whose own marriage : . anie errors. ended in divorce, now wise enough i And remember tlii to realiw it might have been sav-1 don't love us for ou ed, asi« what she can tell her j pretense of It. They love us their campus-bound trunks orlon-and-wool combinations. j- Just as the girls have taken toV nylon net in evening gowns because it won't wrinkle or tear and doesn't need delicate care, so do they like tha permanently pleated skirts in orlon- ar.d-\vool combinations, the simple, crush - resistant orion - and - wool dresses, the separates (backbone of any college girl's wardrobe) in soft Our children all-spun nylon that's washable and perfection or therefore extremely practical. An important part ol the college lor about - to - be- ! tha human beings we are and give girl's attitude toward fabric is her married daugh-jus respect for our honesty, our! increased desire to look neat and lo keep her courage, our ability to see ourselves] wel1 groomed. Gone are the sloppy, from making the same mistakes. First of all, tell honestly a.s we really are. So if you want to help daughter make a success of .... own marriage be honest with her. Ruth Millctl mis takes you made in your own marriage. That, if you had It to do over asain you would try harder, antl put up wi:h more in order t«, . . . ^ hold the marriage together through P0 - r , la . J ." ^ , Ui marria '' trying times. I plte the fa ' lure ° f your own. It takes courage for a parent to make that kind of adrajwion to a grown child but it is one way a child of divorce can be helped to avoid the mistakes made in his parents' marriage. Don't fenr that your daughter will have !r-s respect for you because of your frankness. Young people admire honesty. Let her know most marriage failures aren't the fault of Just one partner. If you can help her to see that, you will have taught her some important truths about marriage de- !f your furniture surfaces are i and nicks use a varnish stick. It! looks like a stick of scaling wax ] and is applied slightly warm to the cuts which it fills in. Allow the <vax ! to harden, when the surface is polished the cuts will disappear. , clothes, the look of shapeless hulk! vour the dro °P>' ar >k!e socks, the scuffed her' snoes In replacing them, college girls are choosing neat, trim lines, fabrics with warmth but no bulk, and a new look of feminity combined with practicality in-all fashions. . j Few of them really, think their par- j ents are perfect no matter how ; hard the parents try to make them i think so. | -So parent.- really lose no respect by confc.-smg their own mistakes j and iryini! 10 help their children I see life clearly and avoid those KINDERGARTEN Children Ages 4 antl 5 Enroll Now For Classes Beginning Sept. S Classes, 8:30 - 11:30 a.m. Daily Monday Thru Friday Mrs. J. G. Trieschman Phone 2381 607 Walnut Ruao Courier News Classified Ads S 14 Ooit jour prcllic. I hit anil tucker to keep pace with that whirlwind schedule. Vc rccommcni! light weight rayon and acetate flannel with its bib of fp.irVHng white pear) buttons, doubled collar, one of removable crisp pique. Slashed pockets in sioV of fkirt with gcnlly flared fkirt gives you * "mu«t" Oiat never musjcs. Siic*7-15 FEINBERG'S AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY Wrintntir ALAN L«MAY D;r«c1rd b, AILAN OWAH * IEPVBUC PRODUCTION Bwuhlic Pirlur«t Caraotatia Novelty Reel and Cartoon RITZ GUESTS Atr. and Mrs. J. C. Walters Mr. antl Mrs. Lloyd Stickman and family Mr- and Mrs. Murray Smart and fami.v Mr. and Mrs. Earl Walters Open ,':IXl p.m. Show Starts al Dusk. J S'ltms Every Night TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY Dollar Nights — Bring A Car Full For A Dollar Into ~~ ,_^.. THE WILD BLUE YONDER Rear the Hell-Riders of the B-29s! » itpimic .ICTU«I Cartoon & Comedy

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