The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on September 19, 1932 · Page 7
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 7

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, September 19, 1932
Page 7
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V MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 1932. THE OTTAWA EVENING JOTON AE AS Oil BARN SCENE OF FIRE atroyad. Aa seen at ton of wster were pound hue the buildinc dark heavy cloud of amok m pouring out tnd could be seta (or mllas around. ' - Within a abort space of lima al most J.0O peopla had eangregatod around Rorkellit Park: At times flamea that high Into tha air. while aparki flaw In all directions aa Meal framework fell Willi a elsUering Many Street Cars, Mostly . Old Stock, Are Pestroy-ed at Rockcliffe. f , . The north tactloa ol the Rockcliffe street car btrn, together with laria amount el rolling stock of Ottawa Electric Railway Company,, wss destroyed in a spectacular bias which kept firemen . from tlx city statlord busy for an hour and half yastsr-day afternoon. Tha total dsmsge Is estimated at approximately $30,000 althoufh difficulty was experienced In pladnf an estimate) on tha street cart destroyed owing to the depredation la recent years. - 7"-' " Lost In the bier were six of. tha Utett type street can (tha 100) valued it fl&Mt each 'Whan new; one, large green car of the) same value. tlx pilot can, several el tha old type open passenger cars, and other o soleta rolling stock. . Da wege Abeat III,. An official of Ottawa Elacuie Rail. war Comoahv estimated tha demise to tha rolling stock at PO.OOO to W.-0W while loss to the building was given at $7,000. Tha entire Ices it covered by Insurance. Th fire, which was one of Ihe most spectacular seen In Ottawa for torn time past, was first noticed by a passerby who turned in an alarm four ttotlon. .j-j to tha alarm ImJrft .crS.5 V a m.Z7 r .-i.,; HoH la again tttrred at ane of those ancv and fin Stationa tl!" 'r,whkh Within aa hour there waa nothing left el the northerly section of tha barn but smoldering ruins. . It wet largely due to the efficient work ol firemen that the centre portion el the building was saved. In this building were tlx "MO" cart, ten Jiggers' and outer rolling atocc -A brick wall extending from the floor to the wroden roof also proved a great asset In keeping the flames back although' 1he fire on the roof spread to the centre sect) on and was quickly quelled by .lute of fire- Firemen wen kept on guard in this section to keep the flames from getting a hold and their efforts being successful In preventing e much more serious lire with considerably greater loss. At US the return was rung. . Firemen wen present from stations 2. 1, 4. S, and I while approximately &. feet of hose waa used. . No cause could be found for the outbreak aa ne) one has been in the horns for tome time peat. - .. . Chief B tackier stated that when ha reached the fire, H had good hold and all firemen could do waa to prevent the flamea from a pleading to the other sections. Ha had no doubt that toe fin started inside the building near the front door. Man Dies in Fight With Bear; Shock Fatal toJHis Wife Woman Sees Battle to - Death When Animal, Enraged by Gunshot "" Wound, Attacks Farmer Ctaodlea frets by Direct Wire. EMERSON, Mao. Sept 1I.-H! -abdomen torn opea by the paw of an eraragseVand wounded beer, Tanaaks Kawulia, -yrsr-old farmer of Oar-den ton, was Instantly killed over the week-end and later hst wife died of shock after witnessing the battle to deetb. The bear, a huge, shaggy, black on, wandered Into Kawulia 'a .barn yard with the cattle aa they returned from pasture. Kawulia and hit ton attempted to drive it off but succeeded only In chasing U up a tree. An attempt to kill It with shot gun brought the animal to the ground, slightly wounded la the head and eves end the two. men closed la 1 V IU1MM1 ,w JOO WIU1 RRmSi They mUiudatd the extent of lit Injuries, however, for the beer fought back viciously. .With one wild slash of lit huge pew. the animal inflicted a wound on the older man frost which he died bwtantly. From short distance away. .Mrs. Kawulia watched her husband end son in their desperate fight. The shock was too much for her and the died a short unto after her husband. The younger man chased the bear with a pitchfork as It limped away after killing hit father, but It escaped Into a swamp, where It waa found several noun later and killed by-John Kachuk, a neighbor. Almost blinded by gunshot, the bear had gone only about 4M yards from the barnyard. ( TtUM-ATLAMTIC MAIL. . Correapondtace par . "Levittban" via New York will close at . pat. Mondar. asptesnber I. Correspondence per . "Aqul tenia via Mew York will cloas at Lis pa. Tuesday. September 110. Oorrsspondenot per . "Duchess at Athotr vis Montreal will doss at 0 p m . Tnuredey, eeptemoer n. borreaponaenoe per . -nurops vis New York will close st I ts a. ITKUj. aoptembor M. The lames bay Inn at Moooonee has been formally opened by the Ontario Government. See German Arms Move Illegal Act United'- Kingdom Gives Views on the Demands for Equality. Associated Press Cable. LONDON, Sept. Il-The United Kingdom responded today to Germany's demand tor arms equality by proposing new International convention to wipe out inequalities, but Insisted that Germany bad no legal right to sack readjustment outside the world dlaarmsment conference. It was further proposed in tn of-fidtl statement ultimately to replace the military restrictions of the Versailles Treety with the new conven tion, which else would Include the limits tlone on armaments Imposed by existing trestles. The statement waa Inspired by the German aide memoirs, which was cent to Franoo on August 30. and which threatened wnhdnwtl from the disarmament conference unless Germany's demands wen considered. Since then. Germany has informed Rt. Hon. Arthur Henderson, president ' of the conference, that she could not participate la Ihe next meeting of the conference unless It wet established that Germany would be included In any solution thst may be found. The un timeliness of the German threat to withdraw wss regretted by the Government, but it waa conceded then was s mors need for resdjuat- ment. Thus, in effect. Great Brits in offered the- German Government renewed tasurtnet of British effort. if Germany will reconsider and remain within the conference. The sis tc ment. In recognising the monl need for readjustment, held that the German arms limitation contained In the Versailles Treaty was "intended to be and announced to be Ihe precursor of general limitation by others." Serious Wtmktg. PARIS, Sept. II. The newspsper, Petit Periston, said today the British memorandum on Germany's demand for arms equality issued tt London yesterday "contains t serious warning lor the Berlin chiefs. It added (hat the British note "condemns the words and gesture of Berlin mora severely than the French note" sent In reply to the German demand last week. Pertinsx. noted political writer. called it "one of the beat written and most closely knit diplomatic docu- news we ever read. ' Important Cabinet Meeting is Called British Ministers to Give Final Study to Legislation on Trade Pacts. - ranadtan Fma Cabla. ' LONDON. Sept. 11-Phma Minuter Ramaay MacDonald has summoned a matting -of Iht Cabinet for September 28 whan tha minittara will commtnet final consideration of legialation arising from tha Imperial Economic Conference at Ottawa. .Important work In connection with tha Laagua of Nation aaaambly and tha disarmament ronferenco bureau at Geneva this week makes an earlier Cabinet meeting impossible. Parliament nasrembta on October 18 instead of October 27 aa originally planned. In the meantime, it it understood, the Government la communicating with the government of Ihe Dominions in an effort to arrange for simultaneous publication of the sections of the various trade agree ments entered Into at Ottawa, including the schedule containing' the new references on Imports by the Dominions from the United Kingdom. No date for the publication has yet been set. Premier Bennett Visits ' .Archbishop of Quebec QUEBEC Sept. 18 -Premier ft. E, Bennett paid his official respects taj Mgr. J. M- Rodrigue Vilkmuvu. Archbishop of Qubtc. during a flying visit here Saturday. Mr. Bennett came here to bid bon voyage to two ' BritUh cabinet members. Lord Hail sham. MjnttlcrJoa. Wap, aiwi Sir Philips. I Cunl i ffe-Lister. Secretmry of State for the Colonies, who left for home aboard the Empress of Bnta"itv aft?.- attending the Imperial Conference In Otta wa. Following his interview with the British ministers and the Archoishup Mr. Bennett returned to Ottawa, LEARNS FLYING QUICKLY. KITCHENER. Ont., Sept. ll.Bob Schmidt, 16, is a solo air pilot today. He soloed for tha first time after three) and one-half hours' instruction. ' See Our Line CHESTERFIELDS in Ui-iirU'llt llllIT n r 11 sesajj and I were desnstched. When firemen reached the bams, the lire had secured s good hold end flamea were shooting through the roof while thick black clouds of smoke were carried by northerly wind ever Rideeu Hall grounds. Firemen found considerable difficulty la that there were no hydrants nearby and lines of hose had to be laid from Rideeu Gete et the ear-ner of Sussex street tnd from Msnle Lane to the scene of the tire, distance of more thaa a ausrter of a mile. a . The north section of the barn was biasing furiously when firemen reached ihe scene end Chief B Leek Ms- and hit men concentrated their efforts on saving the other two portions of the barn which contained street cart of a more valuable nature. . ' Tackling the' Are with three tins of hose, Bremen aeon had It under control end prevented M aprstt'lng at the interior of the centre portion, although a section of the roof waa do- Clean It Before You Fire It! Dirt ImiJ Your FURNACE Is aa as later agahsst beef. Ms ve times an eaVctlv at ssaeav res! 8 have ye" VACUUM CLEANED by at aew.'aasl start fee i wna a larv- F. W. Argue 234 Bank St. Q.6800 ( New Process ) I i COKE I Risk aa heat rakes. .. m ta price. . M eta sr. a a e. a a si M m fntmftmwm vevae wiiimj. 'V Thereturhly ssxlsfscter7v . J Try Ton This Fall (;v 5:Onfy$?2.50 ' I . ' THE.'.' '' :. I OTTAWA CAS CO. J Tksstre 07ercigs "Moire t 1vT.rM mnv VaV eTMeVVU At Imperial Theatre F02TY YEARS . Tthtn One Lucky Day She ! U)d KeDogg! AuBtUH Ear ia mat newt for sulferert from constipation. Read kin. Xtsv dig'i voluntary letter t "Tor abavt forty yeera I kad beta preying for a lattiag remedy for constipation and its attending evils. To make ft short, I ate nothing bat All-Bum and a tittle broth. Since that Usee (sboot tea years ago) I have not taken any medicine. Have beta well and entirely free from eonsti potion." Mrs. I. H. Kswtis (sddreet tmst).. - CenstlpaUoti k canasi! trr lark of two thinga tn tha diet! -Buuv to esrereiae tha fnteetlnea. Thamia B to tana tha inesetlnal tract, tabora- tnry tests show Aix-Bsam famlshee botk ALL-BtAjt alte furnisbse traa for tkabtood. . -Tha "buTk ta Atx-Btut H Brack Hke that ia lettuce. Withia tha body, ft fca-ess a soft mass, which geoUT claar ant tha wastes. . , . bat K arack pleaeenter ta anJo AUrEut thaa to risk taking plilt and drmga ee ottsa kartafair - Twa teMesyeeerfola dafly wffl tmn. If yaa bava intestinal trnuhle not reliered this tray, tee your come somewhat famous. It at a father and son drama, with Mr. Holt in the role of a college athletic metructor who florins ia physical echievement. Courses k hie watch-word, and when his ana esnfaasaa he can't take the punish- assnt astted out to him an the gridiron, be has the boy branded at a quitter and expelled from the college. How the youth learns that It sometimes lakes more courage to be a quitter than a hero and that there It mental puiustuasnt greater then any physical pain, and how the coach that the understand ins and sympathy of a father Is more power, ful then the bard discipline of I stern coach ia depicted fat the story tn which are blended drama, comedy. rwnenue end college football thrills. Richard Cromwell plays the part of tha eon and be gives one of the best performances of hit brief career. The s (tractive Joan Marsh provides the heart interest and the plot is helped along by tome aplen- qid work on tne pert of Joan Wayne, Robert Aiden. Iddie Clayton. Natalie Moor heed. Waller Catlett end Sid- aty Bracy. "Doctor X" Feature . ' At Centre Theatre Spine chillkg best dootrluts Doe- tar. X," tuper-thriller screened at the Centre Theatre Saturday. Judg ing by first day patronage tt It going at paca.tne ineetre lor tne osisnce of the week. It was relii that several persona found the picture too much for their nenot and pretty nurses with smelling salts were called mte action. Doctor X" actually dost make rsnkanetein teem tame trstndly at I lit as The producer to have gone the limit in presenting Mood-curn'ling mystery, but for- tunettly there ht a streak of comedy anjected which relieves the Isntlnn ead helps one regain pos session at nst or ner nerves. Considerably enhanced by being presented ell m ssehnicolor, "Doctor X 1 unfolds tha weird mytsery at to the identity of the -moon-killer. six .murders having ooturied near Doctor A s actxttmy of trarch whew the moon wss shining brightly. How 'Doctor X" attempts ta discover the murderer by having the bloodstreams ' of alt tuanected assistants react m long glass tubes right before tbttr eyes tt a novelty at tha flan that certainly came proving too much for the . aeturday sud leant. - The currant It the revelation that the crunet were committed by aa trek Send on the staff waa bed Invented synthetic flesh. ' Lionel A twill plays Doctor X with dsrlrnrtkn. revealing a meal try sf the character while ait diction Is oxrellont. Lee Trscey aa i prising reporter etsigncd to the story, provides much of the comedy, while ta the fadeout scene ha and the doctor's as lighter, fey Wrsjr, plight tneir sreen, . AKoassher we feel that will get the gisslsst nsotioa ptcture thrtn or their uvea In --Doctor A. tt It skilfully directed, the skunrt weu cnossn sno ins story, trnlas not plsusible, ta the uHnasts In thrdla. Balance of the bill presenu Ruth Ettina the "hiuta" smaer. a Ted Husinc slants ea snort fUm. a Paul- Terry-Toon eartoea tonstdy, and I Neniuaa'a travelogue film. Lbre Me Tonight" M : AtthaRKOCaplto: Msutica Clieeelier i amloue imnnl rum sun. ne cocrunues to mske sing- sag pictures and to mske them successfully. Bis Is test Is "Leva tat Tonight." which opened on Saturday he-tore larpa and apprecistive sudsmces et HK.U Capttol theatre. The story it preeented la the comic opera style; a be) ef romantic f rath. with ausnerous smusing situations. wttty assl sophisticated knee snd eev-ersl snsrklmg melodies. The flench aiaermg stsr e ISrtsssa tailor whoss asset anportant custsener la the V-com St Gilbert da Terete. When tha pmnileaa scion of the French nobility fails to pay his Wilt, tha tailor atsssnils ea the nobis man's chaise. Cases at aa onienrraaslna eaaftioa the antpsgrece Vfamte kitrudutsa bis tailor at the Berna Courts una ead a it invited to renuna tn the chateea et ea knntti gusst. The sttuettoa arises from the eswamet ef aa irvery nruten entsjnoner emeu a group , of fossiUted eld neblee ef Beta sewtt tnd under turn false pre. waesa be eharmt the entire house hold, serticste the lovely IMansi Tfor I ss a eereat er ase rn aneb- big. Hi net babit-forntlr. Recrpee an tha rid and-giasa eew-Wsre. At aO a raw re. Msda y AaUogg ta ' Undon, Ontarss. The test si a) Cheveller ehetat It el-wort hi evidence end Jeenrrte Mc- Deneil has neve, appeared a bteatlftiL Chortb Ru(. Mvrn Ley. C. Aiheev PmHh end Ciersn tMUevwartb heed the svpaw 'ng i town r" !pe H (Vied sj atieved to be lh ftov acoha, by lb Iteyal A in? MftVl -Mm UOtt ttliislmdls spoon At taaa silver m Jiieavtj sffl plate ti . ocssl II i if txsstn JtMm,- LL' M ' row tt 111 ' I . I ' 'U spoon Jl VS. Tsa , '.. i t,,,t1tjl HI ' I , fl II iTekea Jl ' . V, ' y "'j ; :. Tokens are found: CROSSE a: BIACXWELL'S ' jars, cans and botdes With cernbiiwiient ef ihtaw er mora pi ecu Or silver, only ten) TOKENS era raquirad en etch t -V" . W want to wa e milUoa mtw vat e( Crottw ft ' BlssJrwaJr protjuct la tfafj latxt ix week. W want to giy pretax (rKBUdnr baa-gain Cf tul tMlsgfassJvMWsBtV. ... , . , So ttacnirig TOKENS m (U jars, can aatl V lrttswe(Creawft Blaring . "tttf food prottuta.,TlM TOKEN tunbeaily ' maofd wills tha tnget. Ttare TOKENS sutd ten . vtsts tajcure s ailrat gpoon. For threa TOKENS nd g icaall aum of iiaorsrw- yoo can get toy odier piece of sslveinar or ottlerv giora bare. . . . , . '. Every Piece Quaranteed : fBi say past a of tobltiiata nsditoM la titsl acW b ptatsti wkk para tstvar, atael at p9 : Jvtw I J. II I - a m m t"uar....i-.lLiiwin u ... --m ? fT :"iTTi 'Biggest Silverware Hargain of all time Her b tbsi chance of a lifetime to get beautiful silver. wara Cor next to nothing. The dainty " Friendship " pattetu k aa open Mock patters and iexcluefv to . Crates ft Black well. Every piece tt guaranteed by ; the tnakert, Simeon L. and George H. Roger. Why not get your first spoon right away ? A complete silver service for six. 32 piece in all, can be obtained tot 32 TOKENS and fJM). Airyone ending 3 TOKENS and S2.00 will get an ariti-tarnish cheat TtJued anywhere at 5 J0O. la cae you do not need silverware, the Croxe ft . BladcweU list of pretnium include many valuahle i artidee each a dectric dock, aiOc ttockiegs, etc Write lor free "SuSrer Token" Beak Book whichghres Cat of trsrsNjvtndi with (pace for keeping TOKENS. CSOSSBBLACXvVEa'S GIFT STUDIOS FLEET STREET, TORONTO . : r I N E ST El I G L t S H QUALITY AT POPULAR1, 1T ' ., . ...

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