The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 25, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 25, 1952
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLTTHEVTLLK (ARK,) COCTIBW Carpenters Expected To Strike; Bus Talk Held By The Associated frcai Some 220 members of the Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America (APL) were not expected to report for worl: today at Hot Springs In connection with a wage dispute. And in Texnrkana, 49 members of a striking bus drivers union met this morning to discuss an ulllmaliim Issued by the Texarkana Bus Co. thfs weekend order- Ing them to return to work by Tuesday or be replaced. In the Hot Springs dispute, J. C. Mason, business agent for the APL union, saUi members would not report for work today because the city's contractors association had denied a 15-cenl hourly wage boost request. Increase Approved Mason said the Increase had been approved by the Construction Industry Stabilization Commission of the Wage Stabilization Hoard. He said the union decided to take today's action when the requested increase was not Included in Friday's paychecks. II. T. Hlgglns, president of the Hot Spring/; Rontritctors Association, said his group was nollflcd of the request hul "it has mil been granted and I have no Indication ...that It will be granted." The union business agent said the WSB authorized the proposed wage hike retroactive to July 9, 1052. But, he said, the union 'had asked that the Increase state last Wednesday nnd It hod not demanded retroactive pay. Mason said the wage Increase would raise tho Journeymen millwrights' pay to $2.40 hourly and journeymen carpenters would receive $2.15. Bus Strike At Ctlnmx The 2-wcek-old Texarkana bus strike reached a climax this weekend. Bus company officials told the 49 striking members of Hie Amalgamated Street, Electric Railway and Motor Coach Em- ployes Union (AFL} to "return to work Tuesday morning or be re- plated." C. E. Smith, president of (lie union, said the men would meet this morning to discuss the situation. A company - union meeting with a federal mediator is Kched- uled for this afternoon. Ned Stewart, company attorney, said the firm is not offering n wage increase and that the workers are "requested to return to work under the same contract terms which expired July 30." He sold the company would "undertake to resume bus operations Tuesday mooning cither with our own employes or Ilielr replacements." He added that the firm was unable to offer a wage Increase because of "financial conditions." The bus firm previously offered a 5-cent hourly wage hike, bul withdrew it last week when the 48 striking drivers and one mechanic refused to return to work. Carrier Pigeon Home in a Box WITH 1ST COEPS, Korea (AV- An Army carrier pigeon returned recently to the 1st Corps signal battalion—In a box. The pigeon, named Joe, WHS miss. Ing for 10 days after n training lllght. Soldiers at a forward division found him sitting on the ground. lost and bewildered. They boxed him up and sent him back by truck. Ike Dictates 1st Draft of Talk To Legionnaires NEW YORK C/iy-Dwlglit U El- senhower dictated the first draft of (he speech he prepared for today's American Legion convention speech during a plane trip iron: Denver to Clullup, H. M., on Aug. 10. He fleT to Gallup that day to attend thi- Hist annual Indian Ceremonial. On the way from Denver, he sot In the front scat ol the plane and dictated to a stenographer for over nn hour. On the return trip, he went over the draft ntlci revised It. Subsequently lie worked It over npain—several times. Eisenhower aides said Die Legion address was written almost entirely by Elsenhower—with very little of the usunl help from professional speech writers. Ofd Locomotives To Furnish Steel NEW YORK M>)—The New York Central Ruilroad plans to scrap 300 olitdaled steam locomotives containing enough steel to make 15000 light tanks. The rallrond snld yesterday the locomotives, now In sterile at various points, would provltlc scrap for 50,0110 tons of finished steel. The locomotives ore being retired in favor of diesel engines. DIEllrvG DADDY-Wo lomj wuh ms mouu; tor 5'J days may win this husband and father S22.100. Sealed Inside an ll-by-7-ioot room in Hri B l,ton. En e l,iml. Irish-Arncrlcon hypnotist L k w'fcr is cheered on by his wife Audrey and baby daughter Michelle -is ho bciiins his 20th day on a diet ol soda water and clgarcts I o expects to drink 120 bottles of soda nnd smoke 3500 cij-are s du INK hs stay in the room which is furnished with.a bed, two choirs a radio and le Wafer hopes to .beat the previous fast- record of 58 days set by Germany's Willie Schmidt. Russia Said to Have Set Up Plan for German Air Army Humphrey Bogarts Have Daughter HOLLYWOOD MI _ The Humphrey HogarU have a nc«- daughter. The actor's wife, Lauren Bncnll Rave birth to a girl weighing six pounds, five ounces Saturday. She was named Leslie after BoBm-l' friend, the Into actor Leslie Howard The Bogarts have n son. Stcphan It. Tree of Heaven Making Valiant Try to Get There LINCOLN. III. On — A tree ol heaven Is making a valiant • try to get lliore. Sprouting out of the chimney at the home of Mrs. Minnie House-r last spring. It has attained tho height of Iwo leet. Mrs Ifouscr says il probably slartec 'rom n seed left by a bird. TOTAL GASH PRICE 2 YEAR Written Guarantee COMPLETE WiTH 9 ATTACHMENTS Rebuilt With CAPITOL Parts "A Tool For Every Gleaning Use" WRSTt FOR ree HOME DEMONSTRAT5ON NEXT WEEK 1426 UNION AVE. MEMPHIS, TENN. Without obltgollon, I wan] a FREt Homo DcmonKrollon of yoor Tutly guoro ccd REEUIU IIECTROLUX NEXT WEEK. -PHONE No._ ..STATE H R.f.O. Addrcil. PIcaiB Send Spocilic Dircitlor.i 1 AT) j 'Wa C0vcf ihe Hid-Souih" BERLIN (tfi— informed sources .aid Monday Ihc Russians have es- abllshed the framework for a lull air army in East Germany. U. S. Til-men said they have Information hat the nucleus, including 700 jet Igllters. lias ocen sn oignntol that t could l )c expanded quickly into i tonsil MfOitin!; [orce. The unit, which operates . from the Oiler to the Elbe Rivers from 18 first class niinortK. is lusted by the nusslcins as the 21th Air Army. It Includes transports, but as yet has not been assigned heavy bombers. The Informants snld tlie Russians now Imvc here between 400 nml 500 MIG-iSs of the type operating hi Korea. Upwards of VOO twin jets also fly rlnlly over Ihe Soviet zone, nlong with more than i.oco more conventional type fighters such as YAKs and PO-2s. The 18 operational air flc-Ms arc slrateeionlly placed to cover every strip nt territory facini; the wes't nloiif tlie Baltic Koacoasl. Trusted German guards have been ipod fnr sentry duty, hilt the Russians have not given the East German "People's Police" any authority to cn- BttBC In air actlvilics. The People's Police are restricted to their expanding nuny and "Sea, Police." t'ROl'OSfil) CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO 11 BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the State of Arkansas and liy the Senate a majority ot All the Members Elected to E'ach House Aj'reelng Thereto: That the following is hereby proposed as an amendment to the Con- Uitutimi of the State of Arkansas, and upon being submitted to the (•lectors of the state for approval or rejection at tlie next general election for Representatives nnd Senators. If n majority of the electors voting thereon in such election adopt sucli amendment, the same shall become a part of the Constitution of the state of Arkansas lo wit: SECTION 1. That me Constitution of the State ot Arkansas be amended modifying Section 19 of Vacationer Dies On 33d Wedding Anniversary Wreck Is Fotol To Indiana Woman; Three Others Killed By The Associated j>rrss A 53-year-old Indiana vacationer was Injured fatally In Arkansas tins week-end on her 33rd wedding anniversary, Mrs. Ralph Stonhaiier of Cromwell, ItKl. died at a Dewllt hospital Sunday /rom Injuries suffered In an automobile accident Saturday. Her husband said they were "taking their first vacation in 20 years Details of the wreck, which occurred on Highway 30 six miles north of Dcwllt, were unavailable. Three other persons died on Arkansas highways this week-end. Coroner George Mathis said two people were killed near Stephens Sunday when a truck went out of control, sidcswlped two parked cars one of which overturned and crushed the victims. The Ouachit.i coroner sold 3- ycar-old Christine Haygood, Negro, of Ciunden was killed Instantly and Stanley Reynolds, about 30, died in a Camdea Hospital from injuries suffered In the accident. Mathis said Turner Slough, 40, of Hcai-Uen, Ark., was killed Instantly Saturday when he lost control of his truck on a country highway, seven miles north of Lonoke Sunday. Jackson said the Infant was riding In a car with his parents. Mr and Mrs. Thomas Wall of near Lonoke. when the vehicle and another car collided in a cloud of dust. , The wec-k-end traffic fatalities j brought Arkansas' violent death toll ' to 21 for the week ending Sunday midnight. Article 7 and Section 3 of Amendment No. 2-1 of said Constitution so as to provide for the election of a County Clerk in all of the said counties ot the State, as follows: "Tile provisions for the election of a County Clerk upon a population basis are hereby abolished and there may he elected a County Clerk in like manner as a Circuit Clerk and in such cases, the County Clerk may be ex nfriclo Clerk of the Probate Court o! such county until otherwise provided by the Genera! Assembly." This Amendment shall be in full force and effect upon and after Its adoption. . APPROVED March 20. 1351. Secretary of Slate C. G HALL W If 52 ance 95 AND YOUR OLD TIRE 6.70-1S The lire Jhat Comes On New Cars B.E Goodrich Silvertown LIST PRICE SAVE ON THESE SIZES TOO: $18.75 «.«.)5..... -$ll.<» $15.75 *-'»-'S 4M.« $18.45 7.60-15 -&36tf3~ $79 ys ».00-IS 4J9v3J $21.95 *-«->5 430.** $22.95 Tax AND YOUR OLD TIRE 6.70-15 IIST PRICl 16 PIUS AMD YOU* OiD TWI BF Goodrich 417 W. Main Phone 6331 AUCtJST'gB, 1SS8 "orlhe as t northeastern Ww« S " at r /AT< ?i' : ' DOG ", BASES FOR WEST -~ The Western Creec A * S " P i* 0 lm l'° flant nuw bases in Turkey and « « nu.r, on Ncwsmap, they will anchor defenses of Die ?rranc<™ region froniing on Russia. Izmir n as Smyrna, will be the headquarters tor the irope Command. Salonika, main city of iiorth- •ome interim air headquarters for the eastern- acnes. The now bases bracket the Dardanelles IN THE PROBATE COURT OF ClriCKASAWBA IJISTItlCT •MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ARKANSAS In the Matter of George Wayne Ycager, Mary Louise Yeager. Elizabeth Jean Yeager, Minors No. 2,135 WARNING ORDER TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN- Take notice that on the 25th day of August, 1952. a -petition was filed by the State Welfare Department, of Arkansas In the Probate Court of the Chlckasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas to have certain children named George Wayne Yeager, Mary Louise Yeager and Elizabeth Jean Ycn'er declar- pointed their guardian with power to consent to the adoption of said children or lo place Ihem in some suitable institution in the State for the care and guardianship of dependent and delinquent children. Now. unless you appear within 20 days after the date of this notice and show cause against such application, the petition shall be taken as confessed and a decree granted. Dated this 25th day of August 1952. Elizabeth Blythe Parker, Clerk By Elizabeth BlyUie Parker. Probate Clerk Ralph E. Wilson, ally for petitioner. AMENDMENT No. « BE IT RESOLVED by th* HOUI. « Representatives of ttw, sUtT 3 Arkansas and by the Senate <2 the Stale of Arkansas, a MatorlL. of All the Members Elected to Kach House Agreeing Thereto. That the following u nerety oro. posed as an amendment to the r-n stitutlon of the Slate or Ar^^^J and upon being submitted to lh« electors of the Slat« for ap prov ", or rejection at the ne*t genera election for Representatives and Senators, If a majority or the electors voting thereon, at such an dec lion, adopt such amendinenf th« same shall become a part of th. Constitution of the State of Ar Kansas, to-wit: Amendment No, 18 to the Con- L, slitution ol the state of Arkansas-Si adopted by the electors of this state at the General Election held and conducted on the 6th day of N" Dutchmen In the days ol Henry Hudson and other mariners hunted Spitsbergen's whales fur seals Arctic loses w-ilruscs and other inimals almost to extinction SECTION 1. B being most apparent that privately operated factories iidustnes and transportation Si menr"^ " Cccs5ar >' lor tn ? development of a community aiid for tin welfare of its inhabitants, an an nual la* ol not exceeding one per cent ot the assessed valuation of all taxable property within the corporate boundaries thereof ma y Da levied by cities of the first aim' ec- oncl cLoss lor tlie purpose ol m-o- vicime; funds to be uwd for the ac qulsltion ol sites within or without such cities and for the construction of such sites ol buildings and other facilities, for lease or sale for the aforesaid purposes, or for tha amortization of bonds bearing interest at not more than four per cent per annmr_ ^sued for such purposes. SECTION 2. When petitioned by not Jess than ten per cent o! the qualified electors residing therein the City Council or other governyii. ing body ot any sucn cay. shall cRt]9 for an election to be held' not mere than ninety.days thereafter for tha purpose of having the qualified electors vote In the oroposition SECTION 3. The General Assem- Uly shall enact such enabling legislation as shall be required to effectuate the purposes ii^reot. » APPROVED: March 20. 1951. Secretary ol stat» C. G. HALL Read Courier News Classified Ad». i,««, luepnone scientist is measuring the effcclinness of wood preservative used lo treat telephone Dole* The longer he can make a telephone pale l as t ...the more we're able to hold down expenses .°" the le^ 3'ou pay far telephone service. .'"' These telephone psople save money for you RESEARCH IS RESPONSIBLE FOR MANY ECONOMIES THAT KEEP YOUR TELEPHONE SERVICE HIGH !N VALUE, LOW IN COST RESEARCH TEACHES US HOW to do things better and cheaper. Telephone scientists are rinding ways to make equipment last longer and rlo n better job. We're constantly developing smaller, more compact equipment to save materials. All these cost-saving ideas that we work out and put into use mean savings for you — for without them, the price of telephone service would have to be more than it ia today. WE WISH THESE DOLLAR-SAVING PRACTICES cnuld absorb today's increased expenses of furnishing your service. But it simply isn't possible to offset completely tha higher costs of materials, higher taxes and higher payrolls. Tho important thing to remember ia that telephone service has gone up far lose than most things. Your telephone service is »till one of the best buys in your family budget, WE'RE IMPROVING METHODS of f urnis hing service, too. As just one example, constant checking and testing of equipment stops a lot of trouble before it happens . . . saving costly major repairs. All along t.tie line ... in the do- sign, manufacture, repair and use of equipment ... this never-ending rearch for economics keepa your telephone bill smaller tl,an it would otherwise have to be. HIGH IN VALUE . ..LOW IN COST

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