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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 23

Ottawa, Canada
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Wednesday, June 15, 1938
Page 23
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15, "1938 - Budge and Moody Favored to Win Singles Title ; ; Seeded Tirst in . Draw for -Y-" U Championship Games At Wimbledon, 'A y .. LONDON, June 15. UP) Z. Donald Budge of California, ill-1 England and United State chant' pion, and - Mrs: Helen .Wills Moody, noV in . the, midst of a comeback attempt, were officially favbred to win . the Wimbledon singles", championships when the British Lawn jennis Association seeded them first in today's draw: Other single stars were seeded In thil order: - .. . Women Alice Marble, former United .States champion; Mile. J. Jedriejowska of Poland, last year's runner-up; Fra Svcn Sperling, of Denmark; Mme. Rene Malhieu, of France; Kay Stammers, of England; Mrs. Sarah Palfrey Fabyan, of the United States, and Margaret Scriven, of Knglsnd. Men H. W. Austin, England; Roderich. Menses, Czechoslovakia; Henner Henkel, Germany; Ferenc Puncac. Yugoslavia; DimitriMitic, "Yugoslavia ; Ladislaus H e c h t , Czechoslovakia, and Klio Sin Kel. China. Surprise Beedlnga. " The surprise of tlie seedlngs came in the-; womcjs's division where both Helen Jacobs, former British 'and United States champion, and Anita liiana, of China. 1S37 U ill lea amies Went unranked. .. titlehoider, It still was uncertalni h6wever, whether Miss Jacobs would be able to play. : Suffering, from an Injured, nerve in her right arm, she waa forced to withdraw from last week's Wightman Cup matches. For men's doubles. Budge and Gena Mako were rated at the top followed by Hecht and Meniel: Puncee and Mitac. and Henkel nd Georges Von Metaxa. Mme. Mathieu and Adelaide (Billy) Yorke, of England, headed the-women's doubles field with Miss Marble and Mrs. Fabyan No. Z: Evelyn Doorman and Joan In- gtatn. jil No, 3 : and Mrs. Bobbie Heine Miller and Margaret Morphew, of South Africa, No. 4. In mixed doubles. Budge and Miss Marble were placed at No. 1; Henkel and Mrs. Fabyan. No. 2; Mako and Miss Jedrreiowska. No. S; Mitic and Mme. Mathicu, No. 4; Christian Boussus, of rrance, and Nancy .Wynne, of Australia, No. 5y Jean Borotra, of France, and Mr ! Moody. No. ft; John Olliff,' of England, and Mrs. Miller, No. V. and Jacques Brugnon, of Frsnc. and Thelma Coyne, of Australia, No. B. Title Play Monday. day. The best match at the first round of men'ssingles will send Puncee against the veteran Brugnon. ' Budge will play K. C. Gn-dar Dower. 7 Theearth's near neighbor; the moon; is a quarter, of a million miles away. - -: -. " :' CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Aula for Sale. . 1936 PLYMOUTH . COUPE . $585 1932 PONTIAC " COUPE . $360 1 -1937 DE LUXE SEDAN . '$89Q v OTTAWA MOTOR SALES LDIITED .' USED CAR LOTS IS Locations jy - Y ; 7 Bank Sireei -J71 Bank at Somerset. . t-371 Catherine East of Bank.. 3-412 Reljef Fraud Caw . Termed ' Extraordinary ' :MairtrBt . . Strike ' dismissed William Boyce, SJ, of 1018 Glaet-atone avenue, on what he termed a "most extraordinary" relief fraud ease.-' Boyc wst- charmed with reviving 248.08 in relief allowances trow the city by false pretence by failing, to ; report earnings. ' . "'"" In hia defence, Bcryce stated he worked on and off for a barber and reported the earnings. Then the barber waa tick in hospital and "he took another report to the relief office of his earnings, gigriedJ by himself. The clerk refused to take it, he said, since It waa not signed by the - employer, nd he was given full relief. The employer still was in hospital the next two weeks so he did not make a report of ' the earnings since he could not get It signed. "If that's true. It shows an extraordinary state of affairs In the relief department, the magistrate said. It was condition which should not exist, and the clerk should not have acted as she did. The magistrate told Boyce he had a moral obligation to the taxpayers of Uvs city--and tie should not have taken the full relief -allowance, "- - " t U.S. Delays Reduction Wheat Planting Plans . 1 WASHINGTON, June IS. Reports of rust damage and crop deteriesatioa Jtv the Unlted-Stalai. Winter wheat belt caused Federal officials today to hold in abeyance a drastic reduction in the 13 wheat planting program. 7 Althoughthe June. 1 estimate of the Federal ; Crop -Reporting j American Aeri- cultural Administreuon onicuut said the July estimate might lower the amount considerably. The June estimate was 1,020,000,000 bushels. -. s ' ' . Under a bill passed by Congress this week, the 13 acreage, allotment could not be less than 55,000,000 acres. About 79,000,000 were plsnted for this year's crop. One high A.A.A. official' aald that if "the July" report forecast a crop of 800,000,000 bushels or less -a development he considered unlikely the national acreage allotment probably would bejaised above 55,000,000 acres, 'Y lergymB--Rr - From His zz uay rasi . MEMPHIS, Tenn June 16.. UPSBev. Israel Harding No, former Dean of St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral here, returned home today and was greeted at the railroad station by a score or more of his followers. . 7 "MH. wonderful to be back", said the clergyman who, .four months ago went to a Baltimore hospital to recover from- the ef fects of a 32-day last ne unoer- ily". , ..Y"' Mr. Noe appeared In the best of health.. He Joined Mrs. Noe and went directly to the Cathedral Deanery to await an audience with Bishop James M. Maxon, of Tennessee. - The bishop removed him from the Cathedral post last Winter, terming his program of "absolute abstinence"- a "vagary". Buhop Maxon said at the time a place would be round lor Mr, noe n the dlucs,e wlnn lie jeluiiMd to his 'normal self. Oppose Ratification C Of St Lawrence Treaty ' ALBANY, N.Y., June 15. A resolution expressing opposition to ratification of the " proposed St Lawrence ship canal treaty with Canada pending a survey of its effect -on United States Interests was put before- the New - York State constitutional convention to-dsy. Introduced by Democratic Delegate .-, Anthony Canney, the resolution was sent to the rules committee and a Republican delegate urged that it "be kept there". Does Slot Want . 7"" More Commissions ' - TORONTO, June 15. CF Opposition to f any further extension of the irresponsible system of commission administration" was expressed today by Hon. H. C. Nixon, Ontario Provincial Secretary, commenting on the penal commission's report. ; The commission recommended administration by an independent commission, - " . .. Mr. Nixon said administration ofboth prisons and penitentiaries by the Department df Justice would be a "different matter", but commission admmistraUon. COMMnTKD row. triau . ArresteoV'June i after an auto mobile 4 which had been stolen InJ Pttaw, was recovered" in HulU three Ottawa men were committed to stand trial by Magistrate Strike on an automobile theft charge. They - were: Louis L-irambolse. 31; Lueien Cauthier 21 ana Tnomaa Iiefayette, 27. The charge- was-laid., x by Detective bauve. : : , .: Magistrate Strike suspended sentence on Roy Chamberlain, 1, of 170 Isabella street, who pleaded guilty to stealing a lof of breed from bakery waew; Hi m ar rested by Constable Goodwin Tues day night, 1 TAXES 1938 To avoid the penalty for non-payment, all Income arid ness Taxes, Do Tsxes, and the First Instalment of Property Taxes must be paid on or before " JUNEi 18th, 1938 A diseutsB? vt I'.t.--lIt be-ailowed1 off tli Second Inaial-ment of the Properly Titrrt It the wlvjle year u paid by June lath, 103. '-' r. C. L. ANDKRSOJf City Cnllectnr, Traruoortation BMg, 4 Rldeau Street, Ottawa. OnU : OVER THE NET cxosk btetiucr fcXTiut ' Alt pmtrtfv rocrtpttnon Thr xfw Otuwa liiitric open tennis champion ihpuid hv their ntrl (iSrt not )mir than tomorrow mi tcrftoon aud mailed to ih tvemorary ' 'TLrj' ti-rMnntt of h?toceil-'AaKclalih m P.O.'Bo 4J, Ottawa. 4aditionat ,rtlt-ituitlpn eru.-rr)iiiK lh -parnaintnt may be wvurcO trtua A. W. X)bjtrats ) With Jo, O Hara, dtfendinf title nonwr now a reident nf M-mtrwrt co romnUtton ahnuld D in 4v tvltK-nr lor tit former Oiuwa 1 club iuf'i crown. Don McDfarniid, smooth atiok in( Hdau plaver iim of Iha (avor-Itet, nn rfMi O'Hara, Jardina S2y, Art McKnicht. Bn VitVcnuve. Dr. Harrla CmwaoU" and Whri tighl In (he rnnniitf. A new titiaholdcr also will Ukely b dacUrad in tna ladiaa' ainjica ciau, SUCTION "C 'fLAT. df Swrtlon, "C" Ware completed tuahi wnn vtr rmiowina reuiu: O S.E.CC. (Bd def. CN R. " JUy arfc Act. Otttwa -L . . ' - ' v " ' HOW THEt PIRPOatSilRD:. Jtmmle Kyd accounted for Ottawa'i nty win ftnatnat Siver Park . t the apectf ktns of tita Ottawa South courts merited a virfor tD marattvon battle with Un 8tirllir . . , the acores werr -3.1J-U , . Mt?lbourn lseaflom' and Bftna Caron turned back Tod lAllamm-e and .Allan Butwrworth In tb men' double 7-8, ?-n, and lU ti WaU and C Capbert tmtpUyed Dot Hammond and HarotfJ Kntjht in the mued 6-i. i-6, $-4. Cecil powers ran up V point for Btirgha asaintt C.N H. df eating D Murray A-3 , , Rulh Thebarje and hitty Carr. waU known on huiau Badminton emirti, l&a ahowed tennts abiu tty. Ukmi into camp Miws M. Latly and F. Uowartb of C.N .ft. 4, -S. - ROCKCurrs championships. : Play in th' Kocklfff Tennia Club champtooshlpa ha reached the aaml- final rcir.rt In vti. stnti , (pi-f. enil--fiuai arc drawn for today. One Of tha- outatandluc iCfrntsU tt Uic tour nament waa tha defeat of Ml Doona, ComtanUaa by Mr. OladAton Murray tn the lauliaa' afcNiet qiif ter-ftnaj. Tn jouthfuj badminton star met defeat In scorea ol -4, 5-7. VS. K. 14. Arch dale and . M. Jackfcn alao several well turned Ttctoriea In trie gina'lrx. turn-tnit back their opponent! tn mracaet matchea. , rptiowing- arr tha ouartar-ttiuU rotmd rcsulu and today s draw: - : Ladle.' ftAsWt. Quarter-Kin It. , B3tty Cartfir def. Mn, J, A. Lm -l, i2; Mra. O. Murray dI. Do'one Comtantfne -T, 7-; Betty Hooper def. Alia Garard 8-3; Mtf. Jeanne francta def, Anna Comtaotlne -U Meft'e atnclea uarter-Fljkali. Dr. J. H. Buriaai def. A A. V. Wat-ter field i-i, J T. Simmona def. 0 S. Rid out -3. 7-5; N, M Arch da la dei Z. deSelllert -. -J. -7: J, M. Jackaon def. qd. Ldr A. rexrier -. default, Ladlea DouMta QaArter-riiuiL Mr. A. D, Watm and Mn. A. I. Crerar def. Mr. S. HoUtwb and Mia H. Lambert 4-1. 6-3. Mum M. Burpne and Mr. J M. Jack- on del. Dr. it Haisht and tAn, J. A. Mutwa B. Cater and D ranntln def. Mlaset C. Moor and A. Gerard -a, Hooper va. Mia A. Conatanttnc and 4. auyoai ny oaiauil . - Mea'a Dannies Quarter-Fbut N.J M ArchdaK and W. . Dextr ott. iv. u, turrt and X. I. Hooper 4-3, Dr. H. Burieas and Commander H. A. L-ana dei. ft. lnlub and H. reaver -0, V. U Rardlcy-Wtlmnt and - W. H. Mnadre def. 4. M. Jackaon and W, H. Raikei. (). 1-0, J J.' . Sifnmons nrf E. tBrWr aW . P. Jansen and i9d, .Lor. A. rrf4cr e-J. 1-1. . - HlMl ixaklts tasrur-riaau. Mr A. D. Wtm m B Hooper al. Mls B. KooDer nl.t. desliir S-. -s, .. -.- .............. Mm t, Tnuirti snd N. M. Archl.i oi. Xfr. and Mn, J. F. fcimmoos ss, S-3. , Mrs. A-..Omrsr and V. L. Kardley-Wilmol df. Ulu B. Carter and A- J. Crrr S-l. 6-1. Min'D. ConAOtmloe snfl W.'W. Measures W. Mrs. N. M. Arcndslv aitd w. c. vejewr. e-a, a-s. . .' OSAW fOB TODAY. tie Ladles' siasws ami-riasl. 8iy Hoaper . Mrs. J. Francis. IH I sli' llniln SnU-PtRsl. Mrt. Gladstone Murray vs. Stty .Js Udiei' DaasiM sml-ruul. Sill rartar -and 'ConwUntlm Mrs. FratiCH and Miss Hooper- OTTAWA aTtUNO SINOLtS. . The Ottawa Sprint slnetas tnurns mnl wtu eomiaucd laity with tha following evanta drawn, t'ompemora must raport'at tha hour drawn..othar-wla thay will ba In danfar si default .ea Ladlas- SInsUs. phvtlla Wright vs. Norma Llpaatt; rat Lipaett vs. M. Bartrand; Bath bat-arson vs. Kllan Ftnlayaon: Starsarat Wrlht va. Clara Parsons. I.SS-.UHIlat' stasia- roroen Tabor vs. Isabel McGltfla. .e Mra-s aincKS. Jim Kyrt vs. W. a. Simpson; Harold KnlSht vs. C. Maxjnnes. . ... .. las Man's ' Stasias, ,. Jack "Watts vs. W. Fraamsn: Pat Avlwln vs. A. frmonrl to ftnthl; A. Buttanrorth vs. A. Aodartan; 7. 4smjs s. B, Landarsui. ' - TsU. AVIV DA. ": " The fnllowlns averils'ara rardad ior today tt Tal Avtv Tanols Club: - S a Maa's Smsln. I. A boson va. A. Moslon: K. KofC. man vs. M. Epstein. . . .' JS Msb's Stasias.-. ' 8. falter vs. I. Kirffman: 3.. r,nm. Watt vs. B. Stain . :. Te Ladlas Stasias. - ' V. Brodls vs. E. Kata: A. rloMy vs. w. uavia; n. stoanou vs. M- aloa-BB. ' . . . .- J.eS Man's Beaklss. "H. Davis ami Middleman vs. Hyman srd Sadavs. V. Gould attd J. Coptan vs. Llaff and A. Salr. . P. FaflaY and M. Shaaftar vs. Pollack and ft. Csrlofskv. , . - M. Epstein and Moslon vs. D. Csplan SM CarnblaH. . .- SJ6 Ladlaa' boualti. -re Miasms Lewis aiul Hart. Misses ft. CerlofKkv and D. ftrrtppeiv vs. misses Lmvia ana num. Misses J, Monson and V. Monsofl vs. Misses Pass and T. Carlof sky. fUDKAO -- TOi SiNVr. 'The follosring malchea Sra drawn for today la the Jlideeil Club Class 'B ' Tourney; (.isMen's Stasles. H. Barratta vs. P. Shannon; O. Mae-fatlana vs J. S, Johnslon; N. B. Steers vs. J. Chapdeislna; T.. Boynton vs. J. Calcurt. Ladies. Singles." FTarenca Beer vs. Mary Javlll, -S.Je Ml Donates. . Iwllle Coupal and A. Wrtgia va. Jasn Marlasn and C. MrLschhn. Marreiia Parsdls and i Howlett vs. B. Dumas and Thomsoo. ' . . S.JC MSB'S 'Doubtee. ' T. It Gnfrtth and J. K. Ferruanq. vs. . Chapdetalna and E, deSetlfrre. T. Boynlon and Thomson vs. . Villa-neuva and C. O'Connor, . ... ';, . - .,.."' S.3S Mlxsat Doubles. -' "Mrs. c. C- Walker and V. dh'ore vs. Miw it Annerson ana - nr.snn.-TO.--. . ; Mls M. Chsmbem and F. Zanders vs. Miss M. Jclle and E. Rarr-tte. i Dr. and Mrs E. Nealla vs. Mrs. . B. Staam and 0'Concu.r, . ,. Insurgent Warplanes Sink French Freighter : . VALENCIA, June 15. Ths rrench freighter Gauloir-sank in Valencia harbor today alW being bomned try InsurfTOt warplftnes, Vaiet.cla's port suffered two heevy bomtrmr: at 10.30- a.m, and 12 30 p.m." There-- were no canit.'es ahosrd the a SW-ton ship from Marseilles. Estimates of casus Ities elsewhere were .not Immediately available. , - ' TLIE OTTAWA JOtTRXAtl 23 profit-Taking f s Cuts Wheat Price t O'Ciaek EdWs aarvlr. V ' WTNNIPEO, June r-JS-'- Proflt-takfni, expected in view! of Winnipeg wheat advances up to 23" cents in 17 days, ; cut . prices down at the close today. Broad trading disappeared shortly, after prices advanced more than a cent earlier with tight offerings re sulting in final valuta 1 5-8 to 1 1-8 cents lower. July 1.0, October .So 3-4 to T-J and Dfcember .84 3-g cents.; . '. ''''i Orale ttuatatioas. -' " " " " "' " .Ops' High i Vow Close-Wheat . ' July : i.wy,'.-.i.wn tm wot. i. aa swu- ao4 ai- Dae .. .... SSJ4 SJ . eaa S4la Oats ..- July ... ... v 4S SSVfc 44t - 4's Oct. ,, .i;. Tl. .Mrti TI's 37 D; 7." "7.7 Barlsy-. July .. Oct. ;,-Dac. ... ... Flax- A Jtlly i.. Oct. .. .. Hya -July . ',y Oct. ., 't M'a : SOs ,7 1.43 .. tJaJiS-- ' . -Js i'uYi'i'.ii' I4S M'a Si. as- M M'a Cash Prices. Wheat No. t Jlor . Sl.lT; No. i Kor.. II IS; Ho. t Not.. SLOT; No. 4 Nor., 9: No. wheat, t4 J-4; No, wheat. S S-4: tead, SS 'J.4; No. t Cimn, S1U J-4; No. 1 Gsrntt. II 00 J-iV No. 1 durum. 14 S-4:-No. 4 SSaclaL Mi Ko. t apacial, 11 s-4; No, s special, S7 S-4-, Uack, Si lt; avreanlnss. So. No. t C.W.. mn, I Trarl. U l-; i,o: 1 leed. as Us. 3 laad. M -Sr track.' 46 I -S. Barter No S C.W. J; No. 4. C.W. 31; No. t C.W- ; No. S C.W. tS: uack. M 1-a. Flax No. 1 C.W, 1J-'1: No. C.W . lje l-t; No, 3 C.W. It M, Ne. 4 C.W., Sl.U; track. II U 1-X Bja No. I C.W. 34 1-J. -- Chlrkra fatnres tatljsjlssa. CHICAGO; Juna' IS ur 'in tha most actlv .grain .tiade witnessed in eight (ituttviu,, , u ur hum urtws urscr man the recant average;" wheat rose cents today.- Iater, however. seltinaT to realise profits mora than wined nut this gam. . Big reductions In Winter crop estimates were a feature. N. C. Murray reported the present outlook as being for about 730.000.000 to 790.006,000 bush. s. axxinsi an estimate ox suawo,ooo is "last weak of May. At tha cloaa. Chlr sen srhMt rt,,n ware unchanged to i cent lower com. pared with veterdavTs nnl.h, July So. to SO's, September SI to SUV; Cora un-chanced to ' down, July 97s to S7V; Seplembar til, to &'.- and osts (, cant pT. crans Close. -Wheat - ' Htim Low Clnse July. sk-nt. SJ stis MU Site . mi Dec. :.. Com July ... S7, ' '- ! ST Ml, Sept. ... uec. . t . - all, Mt 17 ' " - S4 so, " (4'i as 'i M, 41 sua S7J oats- July ... s Kept. ... Jn's Dec. .. Tl . Soy bean Jf", XI'., ss - ,- S4t .' 35 ts. JUIV .. oct. Dec. . . Rye July . . Sept a. SJi, IS U MS, .V1 uec. Julv ... la . s Ml Sept- ... SSI g S7 S SJ Oct. ... S 76 1 74 , S70 Dee, ... til S 4 - g.5T - - Bellies Juiv Caab,.whail N..'g hard esu No. 1 white, ggs4 to Sv'i: oats. SS7 1ISS eoen J no r VI . H baans. No. s reUow, S7ti to SS'i; barley, lead, to U com Napanee Woman Leaves ; $2,000 in Her Bed ; NAPANEE. mC jiine TT An antiquated - tin " box containing more than $2,000 was found under the mattress in the bedroom of a modest, five-room dwelling occupied here forrjiofE than 34- year s-tjyTOSa Frances Hurst, said to be about S2,who died a few days ago. it was disclosed today, About two Weeks ago, neighbors failed to notice the aged woman around. They entered the house and found her In a seml-conscioux condition. - Removed to Kingston GoneraPBospltal, she died nine days laterr Search of the house by Miss Hurst's., landlady and distant relative disclosed the money tinder the mattress. - STOLE THREE fjrTS. Hubert Homie, JO, ho died address," pleaded uilty before Mag-isUate Strike to a charge of stealing tlrree mcrTit'tuits, woriH 47.10, from a RMeau street store. . He was remanded until Saturday for sentence. - Detective Ernest Sa-bounn said the suits were taken at various times during the month of May.- : REST YOUR EYES by tiavtng your glasses reproduced In tinted lens. , Quality Accuracy sulUbimy- - 0. L DER0UIN 37 Metcalfe St. t-47 OTTAWA has learned to .oif ..... .. 'llG SISTER" ttufti Evan, wttitwrn. Reroin of "Blf Swtatr" u torinifiaf ro?panc into thou aindi ol homsc In title, dty. Miilioni ra iUttmlnf aagsTly to-.thUI mriliine Rmno day-lime program. Tuna In MUm CBO 1130 a.m. KELVINATOR Commercial Kefrigeratiea and Air CondiUenbig for Stores, Apartments, Houses. Hotels, Private Homes, Etc . TtJ,TES Of aimrsT Icycs Supply co. ltd. Albert sad Kent Set. - z-mi McMullen-Perkinj Ltd. far Perfect Hach'ns Vork ' Of All Krnsts . . rtesas I.M3I 431 Laarlct Ave. W. 1! I Peony Show ; Here on Friday ;;; Ottawa Horticultural' - Society Plan Annual Event. No flower grows to finer or more generous "profusKyi In. Ottawa and district than ilia peony, and this year . the climatic and general eonditiona have been particularly favorable lor It. Because of these factors the "Ottawa Horti-cultural Society -Peony Show to be held on Friday evening In' the Horticultural Hall, - Exhibition iGrounds, 'promises to-Ae one of the finest sishu-to b -mtfif this season, like all the society's shows it will be open tree to the public. ... ... . 7:. ',: .. -' There have been in recent years some wonderful new varieties of peonies developed and some of the very finest wiu be on display at Fridays show, both in the competitive and. decorative entries. While the principal display at-the show will be peonies tbere will two classes for roses, one open to all and one open to amateurs. - - The Judging will be completed by eight o'clock ;and from that time until 14 o'clock the public will be frefto-enioy the--wealth of bes'ity. . Consider R.C. Church " InTTanTor Keunlol WINCHESTER, England, June Wz-ricn Rt Rev. Arthur Kar-ney, suffragan bishop of Southampton, today told the Winchester - diocesan reference - thai "any -plan for which omitted the Roman Catho He church Was ridiculous. ; "t - recognize the . church , of Rome, "although I do not agree with Its methods, as the greatest missionary church and I have Said over and over that any plan of re-unlon which leaves out . that magnificent church is quite absurd," Dr. Karney said. . . "I think we are much more likely to get the church of. Rome to pay attention If we get together ourselves.".' 7 . - . Referring to the need of union between the Anglican and the free- cnurchea," RtT Rev. ."Hwra Palmer, assistant bishop . of Gloucester. . said "Let everyone "whoTs'awlgT 50 yeuis of sge malt' up their Jmuid that we must have re-unlon in England within their own lifetime if they, live to an ordinary age."" . .. . : - . Farr Sails for U.S. In an Angry Mood LONDON. June 15.' Tommy rarr. the British heavyweight. growling like an angry dog, -left for the Value States tooey wnn nPetln8rV3doT by Xl-Worl4Wide Selection, British Board br Boxing "Control tor his failure to go through with a contract to tleht Max bchmej. ing here, rarr faced the loss of his British Empire title for Tailing to pay. Asked what would the board took this acUon. Farr said: "That would be too bad for them and for me. "My last two visits home cost me over 6,000 30,000) and I have liatl fciiuUtual woirlw. "When a farmer finds soil that will not bear any crops he goes somewhere else, Thats r'.t I am doing." Farr salt) he probably would meet Jimmy Adamick first Youth Sentenced To Reformatory Term One year definite and two months1, indefinite in the Ontario Reformatory was the aenlenoe imposed by Magistrate Strike on Frank Bo.isio. 20, of 107 Nicholas street, whopleadcd guilty to a charge of breaking apd entering the home of Frank Barry, 5 Waller street, on June 1, and stealing a wallet containing $17.70. -: Bossio had been on remand for sentence. The magistrate remarked Bossio. had been given . sus pended sentence a year ago whar ne waa uenore ine cwri. .- Jean-Marie Roy, !3, also of 107 Nicholas street, was ctwtrged with Bossio but tha charge against him' was withdrawn last week. , DISLOCATES BHOLLDER. i While twiramln In the Otlawe rive'r at the. toot of Oregon street on Tuesday everrrrtsi-Hormas Joly, 58, of 1 1? Queen street, dislocated his right shoulder. He was taken to Ottawa Clvie Hospital in Lsn-dreville'a ambulance. HENDAYK, . June 15,MPy A surprise insurgent offensive in southern Spain today imiierilled Government defencesbetween-two widely-separated fronts. IIfguitryfekce' T1CHT UCX -v FAB FEKCS Cctte of All Ki Isr Oray 79 Georre St. 167.7 1. 1 riiTf-Tv - ' Any:-inacrnraciea in Uirra programs are the result of last-; minute ehancMby Jie brosulciasUng'compaolM about which The Journal baa not been Informed. :.. ..., .'. , .- 1 .,..j- - All timet mcrtlioned arsx WEDNESDAY, June 15; CBO OTTAWA v iM$ KfjucycMfj .. . fnVDick Trrv. -; ""V IsV-BMCkwcwHs KrilHHfovmr'.-fl.2- Tu Gtoom CtMtMiri, .4 Tha Kir Adventure H Jmuny . Allen..' . ... . ," l , 6 00 Musical Interlude. 6 IS C artdin Prt ncvea. l,XrKin.w Winf.- - .-I. ?,0a Drum; tlrsimati ni.4il. Wihim Mixont tfrtor. . KivjU Mkt pimt. .4Ciit4oc-T fi'UJwrt Tl.ompan tOO On Man's rcilnty t N BC" ) . I.W-AiiT.ul' CndUn Aw , Ihorti AoclirUona Dr. Chrtffm Camtrtl, Dcpjiritntnt Mtnf ad R.iwnitets. tte.k?r. 9 00 The Rd Lrt;r. n.ytry jfltaim. ..'yOflooiUEht Pard. .". M,fiO Svmphor.iT Strmfrs, dlrr(d by Alfred :WiinKttiinTMnsi.' 10.3OMtnttrt Ja.mbofvr. U W The Crttun Prvst new. " il.Jft, oil wild tnimili nd Cir eu Itic by J(ck jlojtr. UJD i-uil RomaiMiL. OrchMtra. - CKACMONTRf At On KilVTtM 7 00 Chnvrnnt,ltei), :. T MtisicaJ Humt. . llll'lf Wfli.l1 till r.-..a..l a 8 do i Chanwrn-txp, am. t 3(tB.n Bcrnie tc1 All the Lads eU0Crji lttufttt) l Humor uMcrue L- .Srs! I'Mrniitt.i 10.00 Our M09ilrjU 1'i.niiU.-; iv isr nrws. ... ' 10.J0 Llovd Hunl-ls-v 11 0ftAlr6 Alio, le Krf4r - 11.10 PiancKots'tie. .m iiia tTnt UaiIev r.J Orchtr 11 H Benny Xjmtimn mi Orcnertxi i3(KWR Nwva and Orriff.tif 12 Buticy jtor tnd Orchetr. - ; WEAF-NBS SYSTEM ts KlloeMes) T. 00 Amos a AnCiy. 7.1s "Lncle Ells s Radio Station x-z-ra with fyt . BarreuJ n')is.i.uiiiwfn ann tvnere. 7JO See tha World wtih Elh Brrsn Owen aotide ''It's . KVsrs Ta me. Lo-ramj Kemoer and Corcpany svltn Norseman uuartet. w one Man's ramljr dramatic . sxescn. ' 30 Tommv Dorsev. Ilia - Tromhrtnl ana ins urcneatra svltlt. B0ythe ..Wlltiil Jack -Umuisjuj.. S.l Ts-n Hall Tontirht starftni' Fred Allen wlUi Portland lions, Peter Van Sleeden's orchestra. M-OS-Kay Xyaer's Musical K1S.W and . .. EtKobttl and fiulty Masoo. .vocal. WIS. SHORTWAVE- PBOGBAMS WEDNESDAY, June 15, . Y : BSRI.1N. VIS The Merry Widow-, s4iaa. v,w, s.s ra ii.ii snss. 1 ' ' ' LOMDOX. ' ."'" :-1.IS -Mlleltane. of MelosV". CKT. is.s a. mes.i dsn, ui . 1 1 ' , rn. , , 4J j .a., a. sa ' ; . - snec.l iB. JI4 au, SJ1 mi. BUOAPgST. Htxr.Aitr. - S S Hants run Folklore loess. BATS. . . S2.S aa. SIS SMS. KtrfDHOVEN, MTHKKLANUS. I. IS-freer. sS for the Wester Mr as. uplini. PCV. 11J bs, SJS rae. aim?., SJS" ArennS Italy with artiste"; t.llt Music 2RO. Sl.l m.. S.S1 mec-i iHr, Mj m, stl iswi:; iqv. 2s .11 nv. n .ss mes. '' ' '. CARACAS. "- '" . Tha Cnntlnentati, oreUestrav VVJBC, ll.I SB. H BUS. ' PAIUS. MJa-aeroSdlass. TPAt, 1iM as, 1I.TJ LOrfDOrf. " " "M.a Who Make the (hoars-. list. JS.a m.. nJS mas.: OSD. i US sa., II. Is mer.; Oil . 11 J m, S.1I ess, 11J sa., I.l net. Hrai.iN. ll.JJ T-rkl'sl Tips far tha Baaiefaa. . ujo, its- ii.ij mes. . tnYo. t aSVstlatf Piasrsaa. ,: V, U.4 . ; 1130 ears. ENGLAND Tha followlns frea'jendes llt ni used: t.Mis 11.73 fnrs. Z.1,S1 nvl- - ' . . mes. rs-i - - GSB J1 inrs, fll.Ji SS ; - " P.M. . "F-mptra Kxehanse. -r' 7. 4S "Milestones of Meiorrev--.-"-- J Tt,a News and AMnciinca.-Henta. j S 44 Greenwich Time Signal. ;. a isi uia to, vioioncauo eiecitai. . .In Ir.lervsl. ',- ,. loar-" Wwid Aflatrs.'' ' ; " - , UM -Men wrw Make tha Bara l(t.5SEnc Tlicatre Orssn. .- . 1U0 BIS Ben. Tha Waws Sad Vn- ' rKilinremenls. 11.49 Croenwlch lime Slsnal. . . JJJ0 "Det-er ? In rurtion." .' . - CERMANY "7 RFRLfNl : ; jwn acs. t's.o m.) ' DIB 1S,JS Kes.-OS.M m l 10 Cell DJO and DJB , IGamaa, anaiiRM). S.M-Crectlne to our Listeners. , S.00 Full steam ahfean! ' s l Sf-nala 1n C msior tiv Mnrert "STTipnsrBerS'elrrwe- Trnd-i .S4S News and conomlc Review In tjerman, 7 Oft tisht rhsmbae rnustc. ' ' 7tSA rearttns. -v .- . t.Sfl The Merry Widow . . S la TikIsv in Germsnv.- ,r "S 10 Hour of-rh'e young Nation. e. H v.. s!". ' " IS News and KcoonmlC PrvleW ha'i.h t l Press Review. . S so Little rolkmuslc. 10.1)0 News In German;- - -' - '-'- . The Merry Widow Psrt n). I . : 11 7iv TeennlcSl Tijis lot the Rsdlofsn. .V r.'ews ll; . KiWush. L...' II tSCioetlrif to our Listeners Coronation Anthem For King and Queen PARIS, Jue 13'.' Ttie .'.'JjnpeT-ial Crown" March",' the Coronation anthem of King. George Vf, will be played In Trance for the first time When His. Majesty and Queen Elinabeth 'arrive on their, state t. visit June 28. .', I The . French Republican Guard rBred-brrjawicswt-the. anthem ' on the day the royal visitors ar-! rli-' In France. : -j ' The British Grenadier Guard! Band alio will play at a number t ceremonies m Conor, ot. me ng and Queen. , . I aires 3 wtvbtsm. , ,"' JAtRa Jane IS. Thlrty- ei((ht studenw were arrested heie i totlsy when a gicnii, lrwvntrstl ( in the streets, sboutirife "Pslestine ! for the Arabs", following a meet-i ing of the Moslem ou1h Associa-' UCi0" i ... ' i A Eastern Daylight SaSne). TONIGHTS '. ...'7:. SELECTIONS s.oe cao ' S.SSWltAr : t OSW-WBAr-. wjz , is.sscBo . wgAr . ... . . One Msa'a nrally ' Tarn Darsay Orrnastra f.TT Tosra Bill Tanlitrt kostea ao Orehestta ;.".' IrossliSnsB strlsiss . stay Kvssr Qrekaslra . Caasallaa Press Maws II.SS WABC Baa ioodjsuia Orenastra WABC BuOar Rsrs Orekeslra 1 1 po Al Jahns and Orchelraw IMS News Reports. H.lo-e"Tha Muslim of AdverlUing'- round tahle dlscusslwi, 1 II in Horace Heidt and Orehertre, 12.30 Usnls Out mystery drama. - ' WIZ-NBC SYSTEM )SS Rlloerclesl l ea Zasv Ares. cotne'dT sHetch reatur-Inc'Jsna and Cxidman Art. arcr .01 im -sr. s,..ns. dramausjlion ?.sn--Fsula Duiand. contralto, ,.- ! .. 1.45 Scitaice oil the Maicn. S.00 RoV Shield Revue, orchestra direction Joae-ph Csiueclue,- vocal. Harriet Parsons, eonirnentauir. s 41 ILan-v Stt-Kmlav hsrttnna. S.W) it Slay Have Uspnened, 4ama- S.SS fcVMiton Pops Orchestra, conduct, ed by Arthur yiediec. 10 30 NJ1C Minstrel Know. 11.00 Mewa Reporter. v --'-' ': 11 ns nru Caiici's Oicii.stia. i .. 11 an l.,,rrv ctinton'r orchestra. .-12.00 William ysnnar's -Orchestra, 12 3(s Lang Thompson's OrcucsUa. "ArVABC-Columbia System (RS KUoevrlJ .. frOft ,fmte Knrru.imeni. - 7.1&-Tlka tO LiVinf ntiJT, dramatimtlfttm 1 4.V narrv Wood pm1 hU Music. I.O(W.Th Cavalcade nl A)ritica. dTB- niallzaltota; Dan Vo Or- 130 Brn RatdW and tit h Lwtt . wltb Iew Lehr. Buddy Oar and Afioea Moorbv-ad. 00 Andre kjastelanrti' . Ofchttr: CtaM Moor, mprifko; Poenia Tavior. commentator, 9 30 Tlie Word Game, Max- Eastman, Bf f . . . 10.00-Oanf Rutm, true crtmc dra- tnaiiT'iis.oniT ay rnsuipi trorn. Lin It uone, jcajrar a. uuan: Frankie STistifia' ori'nennc 5 Kvrnlng Newa RetHtrt. -rrirnt jjaiiev arva nil urrnrccrm. VBnn)- Ooodman t Orchtra. - Ntwve - MHaieeq uuy ana. Ore-he r dy Rosen and hit Orchestra- Gold arid Silver Higherln London LONDON, Juni IS. Bar gold UOs td, up 1 penny.. (Equivalent . Bar silver, lltttd, up V- - MONTREAL,. .Jun...15.-P Bur gold in London up seven cents to -$35.42 tn Canadian funds; 140s rd in British. The fixed SS Washington price amounted to $3S.38 in Canadian. :r , ,'-'. FREE ATS.PsT's JBIQ With Every Used Radio Sold Give Absolutely FREE New Radio a ' Ethiopian Runs Amok in Rome Wounds Five Persons Wnen Ordered Away', From Monument. ROME, June S.-i-UPh-A negro, believed td be an Ethiopian, who was found praying before a statue ot the Linn of Judah on alRome, monument - today, went. .berserk ' hm .an army captain ordered him away and wounded eve per- rrns with a sword before a mili tiaman shot him, v - - ( t ne negro was taken to a Hospital, where his recovery . was considered .doubtful. The cap tain was reported to be in a seri . ous condition, from numerous cuts, i tie otners wounded wens avil-tims who intervened after tha negro attacked the-eaplain with ; curved- Ellilupiau biaaV which he concealed in his qloihfing. The incident octurred at a trionumtnt . jiear tlie main rairwy station honoring luiians who fell In the twtlle of Dog 11 in the first Ethi-ejiian war. .. . r , -t . Shawinigan Siiarehold.era Approve Capital Cut Montreal; Jun 5. k- ShafehoIdr of Shwinigan Wttf--and Powcc Company at routing her today, voted fipproval ol Bylaw 39 providing tor rrductirtn tit -op- through alimination of Unamortia- ed bond premium, discount and expense In one operation.- The empany allowed on Its bal- 7 ane sheet, at the end ot last year, -&47o,it50" aiiaras of common stock. -with paid up value of tllU 18.447. Among, slssets, , unamortised bond premium, discount and expense waa carried at $4,555,450. Ordinarily this Item would be Isnuidated through annual appropriations. from earnings and In wrltingfit off, the paid up capital is reduced to L$67;862,8. - , i .. Fear Three B.C. Girls Drowned In Inlet POWELL RIVER, B.C, June 14. CP) Hats worn by three) miss-. . lng Doriston, B.C .girls werer1 found floating in, Gervia Inlet at hearby Egwiorit today, ; -armi polrcar- -gave up hope of . rer finding . tlie-daughters of William Ander- : son-aTK ST. The glf's, Miry 1; r-Betty 10,' and Ruth, nine disappeared Saturday. They had left Doriston. a few miles south of here, to row two miles, north to n Egmont .'-,' .. "is"rise., ;'. Joseph Belland, 38, no fixed ad- . dress. Vas ordered to pay a fine of 325 and costs or serve three weeks la jail on a charge of -car-rying an offensive weapon when .. he - appeared before Magistrate . Strike. Belland was arfproached BERK ARK Jl'RT A FEW OF THt MANY OUTSTANDING , BARGAINS:,- ,- 7- . 529 $20 $17 $29 $25 $25 $30 $27 S-toha PH11.CO, - ,, ' Y s-tuaa - rmi.t.o. 1-tnae ...'.... STKHltr WAJUfga, S-tnSe . . .' ; T:WARt,WAVg, -S'tuaa ... . - STSWAkt WAaMB, s.inae .. . aiEWART WAKKEK, S.luhe SS All STIC, ' TOU" W!Ui'tWa,"J,S Ottssva F.lnrlrlc 1. Building kagaagaui by Detective j. J. Somers, ol the R.C.M.P., at Nepean. Point, Friday," and. pulled a hunting knile on ' him.' The detective arrested him,. ;' ::-:.'-"'.:., , ." ,-'. f2srgsasjBsrsBf LARIPS CLEARANCE SALE , During This Sal We WU1 of Charge Beautiful Laitip. -;.;.';'.. ;'-. aoorju, ; '' .- Sobe ...'..-.T.Vi iiium, , a-taba . WK.Ml.VGBOUSg, s-tHha .. $25 525 $27 oimkai, ai.sciaic, et.4ir IS-tnke ,..99 MAStilVf, ' 7 ffe)Q -IS-InSa'" t.O'f isW.' "'4 - T-tVSa i. . .V. . . .V-. ... . T. 1, .. . :.; e3 ... S-tone sSis nisKsAi, ittscrair JJgfJ FIND BETTER ' VAXTJES - ' Phop I-1U1 far Complete LUi lOawmtaiiaM LARGEST, FASTEST SHIPS EjtlUPl&gf: jh St. Lmrrmcf Smt ;.il,.'... i. . Your oeethsas voyage is oaf br JO ' and you nrny the sarsctions of the largess o4 - 7 ; fastest shins plsiog between Canada aad arofs S ';. wtw yo trvl aosdjsn Pscric .', .7,,. . ,i see sscruresstue Su Lawranca .teswa. (-''77.; ,Y. A ac.ious fteetfn choo'se from -' .7 .7' 7. frereiiri, stately Dsweesss sad . , ; ,. . ' -7-aven lowmrrfosk Afasrf ships. . 7 ' :. Y i.Obin. Tonrist snd Thirsf ClsJS.- 'Y'-'''.,-Fretjiienl ssilintt troea Momrasl aad Qo 7 to British and t:osissteal ports. rl- , . Ask shout low cost, sli-expanse fours. . . . ' ,7: Emfirt BMitms CUipa, Oy-Orts, 711'Mll lnlrinstln fraas yonr own travel ssesrt or -. C McOrtl, fieneral Asenf, rsssenaet. Beta, BUawa. .... ... -.' rootle i

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