The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 25, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 25, 1952
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VOL. XLV1II-NO. 130 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS B,, ihevll|e C01|1 THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OT KORTHEAST ARKANSAS i M r» . „„.-- r ., nrnTrrT *-*-* » » V-T By! lev e San J v Mississippi Valley Leadw ' —^~ ^SAND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI BJymevme Daily Nevv» BIvthevlllR Tr»r»M r>r xrnnV,,,... ^ _ . . . .. . • ACE with 1 above) and Alma Koonce, (right) with, their new spun-gloss rod and reel sets won at the children's Fishing Rodeo at Walker Park Lake Saturday. Mayor Dan Blodgett presents Alma with her set. The City and American Legion acted as co-sponsors for the local event, sponsored nationally by Rodeo for Negro Chil- tive of Game and Fish Commission lectures group. (Courier News Photos) _ BI/n'HEVJLLE, ARKANSAS, MONDAY^ AUGUST 25, 1952 to People' Truman Tells Legion. SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS venlion In Madison Square Garden. "In our country, the people have an opportunity to determine their own destiny by deciding the vital issues at the ballot box," the President said. "I ask the Legion to help America choose wisely by seems Ihat all the facts nre put before the people in free and fair debate." Gov. Thomas E. Dewey of New Don- York, welcoming (lie legion, , ie egon, praised it for its efforts in behalf of universal military training. The President Truman's message said In part: "This is my last message to you from the While House, in less than five months (he duties of the presidency will be behind me. As a citizen and Legionnaire, however, I shall still be working for the purpose I have striven for as President— an Ameriea at peace within flself, secure in the world. serving as a guide and bulwark for all men and nations who cherish freedom and decency. "Despite passing reverses and discouragements, we have been making real headway on this course in recent years." Yet much remains to be done. I know that , •• Eisenhower to Visit Little Rock Sept. 3; It Is Definite Now KITTLE ROCK (AP) _ The Arkansas Republic Cbm- mittee, with an eye on a sweeping state victory for Gen 7i" ™ D ' Kise " how ' er in November, announced "today that the GOP presidential nominee definitely would speak heie oept- ti. as in the past-will play an in . dispensable p.ut i,, our C f forls lo "lU'lp People Choose Wisely" "In our country, the people'liave an opportunity lo determine their own desliny by decliiiiiB the vital issues at the ballol box. J asi- the Legion to help America choose wisely by seeing Ihat all the facts are put beiore the people in fret and fair debate. Ami through Hie campaign let u> remember thai the things tha make us a nation are far more numerous and infinitely more precious (hail the things that separate us into parties." Dewey told the delegates — ex pccted lo reach a total of 30.000 before Ihe convention ends Thursday—that the Legion should con tinue its drive to enact U. M T if the nation is lo keep strong "If Ihe United States had followed the advice of the t American Legion," Dewey said, "we would not have been caught naked a Pearl Harbor." "Legion Has Fought" The New York governor declared the legion had fought sub'" nntior Eisenhower Soys- Soviet Plan of Conquest Is U.S.' Greatest Peril , The general's Denver headquar- jt ters said yesterday that Little Rock S^was one of six cities to be visited Von a proposed tour of Hie South. 5 The Republican Committee met J here today to map plans for the ^ intensive presidential campaign. f. Osro Cobb. state GOP chairman 5 from Little Rock, said Eisenhower's I visit would be the first time in at. : least 40 years that a candidate of Manila Trio Held On Check Charge Two Men and Woman In Counfy Jail As Forgery Suspects Three Manila residents, mclurtino a man and his wife, are being held i In the Mississippi County jail here i today for Craighead authorities on suspicion of forgery. * The three, H. c, Harrcll, his wife -'Ruby Harrell, and Stanley Miles' • were arrested In Manila last iveek by Manila City Marshal Lee Ba!;o r on u-arrants charging them with forging checks in Moncttc Deputy Sheriff Chanes Short said that Mrs. Harrell has been Idmti- 1 uulccs l ">s year. Republican gulfed by Monette business men who | bcrn atorial candidate Jeff Speck, cashed bogus checks w ' 10 Polled more than 50,000 votes either of the major parties ha'd made an address in Arkansas. They Enjny Chicken "They have come down to enjo our fried chicken 'and hospitality after the election but when the chips are down they have been busy in other sections of the country Cobb said. Cobb added that "Gen. flisenhow- er's invasion ol the South Is an enormous contribution to the two party government in this section. I anticipate that his southern reception will exceed his fondest anticipations and that he will make other visits to the southern states before the campaign is over. Cobb said "sentiment In this state for the general is so favorable that our task is primarily one of "complete organization and getting out every possible vote." Verne Tindall of Stuttgart, Eisenhower's Arkansas campaign manager, said last night that today's meeting of the state committee would chart plans to "get workers in every precinct tor the Republican party and Eisenhower." He added that every county would have a campaign director. Cobb has said that one of the purposes of today's meeting would be to decide on any additional GOP candidates for state office. Party officials say the GOP will put up a stiff fight for several state offices this year. Republican gu- the American Legion—in thc'Ititiire cashed bogus checks, as the that gave them the checks. one '<.n umiu umll OU.WJ V 1 Gov. McMath in 1950, - *- *.'iv*...... -- - - --- ...i., .,, JJUU. \V1II He stated that efforts to connect ' : "- r:l1 » llca d 'he slate of slate candi- the three with recent for ' ' North Mississippi Conntv have failed. in ' ' Ill; Miles was H far! Lee Reynolds of Conway was i nominated by the party's slate con i, , , s sae con- "•''' * i(m ™V general nominee, Cottonseed Meal Price Is Fixed At $80 Bulk Ton WASHINGTON IJP> — The Office of Price Stabilization today set cottonseed meal processor's ceiling price at $80 a bulk ton for cottonseed meal for East Arkansas, Alabama and Tennessee. OPS said the order covers 41 per cent protein, Job, mill. The ceilings are being established to place all processors on the same bask in their producing areas an OPS spokesman said. The regulation fixes processor dollars-ano'-cents ceilings for all cottonseed feed products, including colton seed cake, flakes, meal, sized cake, pellets, cubes, hulls, hull bran ind cottonseed feed. Young Anglers Hook Prizes In City's First Fishing Rodeo Thhty-thrce young Blytheville fishermen and tlsherwomen were awarded thirly-three prizes ranging from casting rods and wrist watches o tastb.ll suits and bracelets Saturday at the conclusion of the city's first annual irichinn r>~,4~,, *- liy s a.m. with the necessary equipment first annual Fishing Rodeo, stored ti^alke? Pa^e^ ™°es ^^ and^an^^e sat on as Mayor Dan Biodgett and Legion Commander A. S. ITodd) Harrison walked onstage to call out the names of prize-winners. Assisted by Police Chief Cecil Graves general chairman of the event, nnd to enter the contest. The equipment, —a pole and line, a serious air and looks of determination. The hooks went into the water at 9:30, and when they came oul at 11:10 am. there were reactions all the ivay fro,,, proud possession of an eight-ounce bream to exciting: ',,.•„..,, i „,,","' " J narrations about the "big one that i <ls '° 22 bovs nmi " got away." I The youngslcrs went about. ev- > Victor erything they did in a big way. and General Calls for Clear Warning to Russians in our history." the "We must tell the Soviets with :old finality that never shall we "est content until the (j,|,,| , IU|d aggressive communism has re- :cded wllliln its own borders." Eisenhower's remarks were contained in Ihe written text ol a speech prepared lor delivery to the American Legion National Convention. Only WNYC. New York City nwiiicinai mdio stalion: made Plans (o 'broadcast the speech at Madison Square Oardcn. The general, a legionnaire, flew i New York from Denver last night, and the New York speech was designed to step up his campaign as the Republican candidate for the presidency. Killed As "Non-Political" The speech was billed as non- Political, but It contained several passages that appeared to refer directly, to some of Ihe charges' the. Republicans nre making ijjainst the Truman adminislra- ion. Eisenhower's aides said lie had leen working on Hie speech for more llian two weeks. They said he diclalcd the original draft. Ihcn re- il several times, without , wou much help from any professional speech-writer. On several occasions, Elsenhow- er has deviated from the texts of lis speeches, changing them or addlns extemporaneous remarks. While he emphasized today the danger (o the United States posed oy'.the Sjo'Vfct menace, he said he '' lno Russians are - gjjj "We SIIII Have Time" "We still have lime," he'said and he outlined a program de- ned to present counter-measures o Ihe Soviet movement. They enailed: 1. Creating a security force "with such offensive impact that the massive potential of their blows will Inside Today's Courier News ... Truman | 0 establish a library, f^e a rcst 11|)On lf!tvlng »Jute House . . . markets . Tiiec 5. . . . Osceola News .. .society . . . Page J. • . . Sports . . . l>a,;e 7. . __. — _. ...._.. fi\jntt \-, in i eve .aunt the Kremlin with nightmares ' Scc of punishment to be visited on Rus- sla should it violate the peace " 2. "Greater co-operative unity with every nation itl the free world that is prepared lo stand with us work with us. build W lth us, for the security of all of us." 3 A warning to Russia that the Unltett Stales will "never recognize Ihe slightest permanence in Russia's position In Eastern Europe ami Asia." Eisenhower said the American government should notify Russia Ihat "never shall we rfcs i 3l m oul . Jld lo every .man and woman of those shackled lands who seek refuge with us, who keeps burning among his own people the flame of freedom, who is dedicated to the liberation ot his fellows." He said these three steps are 'immediate in their urgency." The speech was entirely devoted o an examination of the threat to the United States, how it came ibout, ami the methods used by the Russians. In that framework, Elsenhower found the opportunity to touch on some points that have been political arguments for the Republicans. Pear Causes Wasic He spoke of corruption in government \vith the words: "Let us bend ourselves to end corruption in public office, at every level of (Tovcrnninni Tn u-nr ici '"" '" Gov. Stevenson Returns to Job Of Campaign ing Aides Watch Cfosefy For Reaction to Stand On Oil Lands Issue SPRINGFIELD. 111. (fl _ Gov Ad al btcvenson returned (o his cam- rl 'e Democrafic presldentfat nominee braved (he polfuS *""£ of Texas and other stales with I Iceland riches by announcing „« sided with President Trun an In Ins velo of a bill t o give the statw qult-ctalm title to the tidelands 3 But, in his statement Saturdav Stevenson added that since thefe « he solution should be " 1 lhC ' ntere?ts °< nI « ove ™"-H and Robinson, chairman ze committee, they of bogus checks in Monette. Weather v.-ill be opposed by a Republic iri cantjidate in November. Speck, who will oppose Francis , ancs Cherry in the November elections, .. a ' y ° P ™ hi at Par- ar. as ouw on Labor Day. He said he ! felt it was a good "opening city for an underdog." Cherry, who defeated Incumbent Gnv. Sid McMath in the 'Margaret' in Oslo After Missing Train nc;i D OSLO. if tlierc was just a little'too'much noise and re-arranging of poles to i make for fishing at 'lUs best, then i The Winners . . . Ray Stillwell. 8-year-old Irs. Victor Still- Bloodmobile to Visit Manila Tomorrow The Red Cro, s Bloodmobile, which will make its first Mississippi iounty stop at a location oilier than Blytheville tomorrow will be lo cated at the First Methodist Church In Manila, Mrs. Julia liaralson executive secretary of the Red Cross said here today. ' ' "Any donors who have signed up* ___^ and will be unable to make their , )lcdgcs should notify the Blood- Haralson said. "With our schedule crowded we are asking all donors to report as promptly as possible. The Bloodmobile will be in Manila from o son of Mr „ „ well of 112 West. Manila and Bloodmobile v« , '"" "o'" s "' sona iisning was Norway i,r, _ Marg!lrct ,, uUe a job for most of [he yo \, n Truman arrived in Oslo alter lhc ters— and It. built up quite an ap' midnight hour this morning by ati- l lctilc - Ttle cit >' °' Blytheville and tomobilc, after missing ih e 'i ra i n Uutl Cason Post 24 of the American from Stockholm. j Legion, She will be a guest tonight at a I ^T dinner party given for her by Am- I lhv> }" - bas.Mtlur Charles Ulrich Bav ratnr parcd do lhc honors 'or those she uill tour Oslo and will ' niv , who di[itrt " catcl1 the1r <<inner."- vistt to the residence of Crown 273 ° f thCm ' as a mattcr of lncl - r edib,e members of the pisces ^l"-^^^^ Two hours o, solid fishing wa., n^'witn"^ tlor nc'e'b, cl' b^Thc a.m. to 4 p.m. for Leachville donors." Chairman lor the u.uuuiuuunc visit to Manila Is Mrs. W. R. Brown T^N*' 10 LCMt ' v ' lic cl ' a i™an is Forty-five women who will a: rod for r( , given by Be Fishing, me., wnfch sponS r. S visit. : Bloodmobile , ., spon r. tl.Pishing Rodeos on a nationwide co-sponsors of the Rodeo i '' h *? «"»'«"<!i>Uy foreseen "'" ° ! mt and were scale. Other prizes donated b" ! See FISHING on Page 5 | is ISO pints. The Qloodmobile will '" Osccola from 10 a.m. until WARMER Tuesday: slightly uarmor tom-bt Missouri forecast: Partly c i ou[iv tonight and Tuesday with rcntter-d showers or thunrlrrHiovvers most'lv in the north portion: little chan^ in temperature: lo-.v tnnighf 55-65. high Tuesday in the ROs, Minimum this morning—6! Maximum yesterday—87. Minimum Sunday mornlnc—6» Maximum Saturday 83. B'jr.:."! today—6:3n| Kuns-i.=f tomorrow—5:23. I'recipitntion 48 hours to I a tn— none, Tctal p.vcitJitaiion since Januirv 1 1—27 60. ' Moan tcmnrr^lure 'midway t^p:n hir:h and )ou - )—74. Normal mean temperature August—B0.2. This Dale Lssi Year Minimum This mntnin'; . i^g . . U.S. Bombers Deliver One-Tv/o Blow at Communist Supplies SEOUL. Korea I/PJ — u. S. bombers delivered a one-two blow a Communist supplies last night. Fly inc through stormy weather they hit a 40-a'rc supply area in Northwest Korea nnd pounded bchlnd- the-front storage depots. A rain storm swirlinq over Korea bo<;t,erl dov.n troops on Hie 155- mile cro'.i:;d front, north Chinese ilry : ;ii-iii:: l).,.rp puns made a thriiit at ntmki-r Hill on the Western Front DO- ! but a U. S. Eighth Army staff o f- [ ficcr said (he Chinese were beaten hack in a torrid 15-mlnute fight There were only patrol clashes intl lieht enemy probes elsewhere. 17 Missco Men Classified 4-F Leave for Re-Examinations - , „„..„ „.„,„»„ m J WCnty ; SCV , C " Mi5 " lssi »P 1 County| Mcchan. Manila: David Whitney begun the day by boasting of Ihtir III J. y claMI ' lcd 4 - F 'i the: Key. George KIwood Davis Lux- ahilities at fclf-siistenance, given a , WCre , fmt lo Litllc n ° rk lhls i ora ' Orba Junior Canus. Etowah- iMsnl- nr,,i Hurt /^-^ n . -. . morninK lor re-rxarnfnatlnn ^nrl Alfrprl .tuning r«i^-i. t.-_j-. .' curtailed hv "" y . «• ,K u B «athcr bu Avid Appetites So they ate ... and eat they did. Some son hot dogs. SCO bottles of pop and 5.50 ci;ps of ice cream fell victim to the hardy band who had begun the day by boasting of their ' abilities at fclf-siistenance. given a ,'„,„....,, hook and line. OranRcs annearcd I """"'P* Ior rc-cxamin .sanr-eared. and IMrr K n, I poMlbIe "-classilicatlon. clerk of the : and disappeared, and later ba?s of i I popcorn made their debut only to be ' M ' M Rosa Saliha it re- j consumed equally as fast j Mississippi County Alfred Junior Clark, Kelser; con Enrique, Osccola. Negroes— DavW Gadls. J. •>• UJL - - ..„•",,.• ^-.fitiii -juiiiuc (jacns i, Drait Board. |B. Richardson. Jed W. Jones Dan- K men but 1 lei Lee Yonne. Roosevelt Bordcn transferred to olher j Roy Black. Blytheville; Henry John ' 1 ^on. Sikcston, Mo ; - • ' - Car, Truck Overturn; One Driver Held No one was Injured but one mm ™l," r /,1 St f d '." t ;''° «*"•"<«> traffic snce « a legislative stalemate hflks some bo in I''' "he fi( 'a h ,y Cd "- Spirkman Supports Him He tinned fj-om this problem today to concentrate on plans for • his visit lo New York cit™ and ' New Jersey in mU . veek J ld *£,* Labor Day speech in Detroit tiext Monday formally launching his drive for the presidency. He will nl? 5S w° Al " Cri ^» ^B'on Con! lition Wednesday In the first of , . Walter Reuther. nresU dent of the CIO United Automobile Workers, about the DaH-rft urteerr^ which is being, sponsored joinii> by the CIO mid AFL. ; Stevenson Is Irked Also, It developed over the week end that Slevenson is Irked by reports on possible c/ibinet appointments if he is elected in November. One of these reports was that the governor's associates had approached Sen. Estes Kefauver of Tennessee about the office of attorney general. Stevenson issued a statement "Neither I nor any authorized associate of mine has made commitments to anybody on any position whatsoever. ... I do not ntcnd lo enter into such discussions unlil after the election; and no associate of mine Is authorized to do so on my behalf." • Stevenson disclosed he had weighed lhc possibility of losing :lectoral votes in making public his position on the tidelands tight <fter urging from Texas' Gov •Ulen Shivers. Shivers said following the an- lounccrnent lhal he did not feel he could personally support Stevenson n November—although he would be guided by whatever the Democrats ol Texas decided they wanted o do. "Won't Lose Texas" Sparkman .said that ho supported ...-o ....i-oteu "i w.o separate traffic opiimtian .said that ho supported accidents on Highway 61 yesterday; Stevenson's stand and h.- did not and this morning. y believe the fight over this issue Grady Hrewer, 44, of Blythcvillr '""''' '' " "~~ " is In Ihe county jail h cr e today fac-'i „- - ins," a charge of reckless driving after' Novcml)cr the car l,c H -as driving overturned.' near New Liberty this morning ; State Trooper Tom Smalley said that Brewer's car overturned' In a soybean field after It left the hieli- way. Brewer escaped uninjured. as saying that. Brewer was alnne In he car al the time of Ihe accident However. Hreu-nr c ^.- _. _ " other mfu would mean the Democrats would lose Texas to the Republicans in ' Stevenson took note of Shivers- stand by issuing a statement say- See STEVENSON on l'a-e 5 Driver Forfeits $720 Drunk was in the car llh .him" i ----- me car vMlh him. , '" Trooper Smalley said H1 " fov/cilcd n bond " f Munid P aI Co " rt t!»s rnorninR on a char of driving while under the influence of liquor. In _ oilier action. XV. P. McCar.n «pf"S.K nd " apkis Mlfh -| Wyott Lists Campaign Trooper femalir-y said that Cre-A.J fx P ens " "S ?355 fa I ed to see a dolour sign a short aistance from a bridge that Is be- An account of campaign expenses n ' and bomhTd"Hc'd""i ! i 1 r»% > ' > "'"'"' " * ™'' ar »thl,, g -othcr than eating _ with nram and Won ar v iiam aiw won'an in Norlli- The ; boards and 10 failed to report. cast Korea Saturdav. _, —' •* "%-iiuint: u. j v i *« » 0 Johnson. Wilson; Willie J. Johnson, r I ;„;, - IKriser *-" nlc The county's next rail will be for i ( - «..n^t nidi IS Ing repaired. In time to slow his truck. Property damage was small the officer said. B" OPS to Hold Price Tuesday date—30.91. 1 tu CoiumMiiist S'.mrv'v rn K.:>:: 's Dii ,. The Navy said its operation* artillery (ell off lo 968 His compared with 4.111' ,it-r, "i Coimmi- Oame and Fish Commission. -v -,.„, uul; oomnvi- Duriri s 'he 30-mlnute showing,, 30 more i nist night fighter was sighted but ! "''"Hicretl conferences on "what did i Thursday did not attack. i you get?" and "I think he's got the! On £:••>( i n-s4>i !• „ 1^1,1 ii__ ., first prize cinched" ivcrs kent low I to be re-examined On Saturday night, the Air Force reported. Sunerforts raided Supung rail yard near Iho Manchurlan bor- of enough so as not to disturb those listening lo the lecture by a mem- l)fr ^ol the rnmml^lon stair p Pr in ', ; rM on ihe ^xreen. Bv,,,l „„ Hf iman X : John — Arthur Junior Klrby iBtythcillle; Jose Kcamilla. Browns- jvltic, Tex.; Pttlro Gonzalcs. Mission, j Tex.: Eugene Brewer. Winthrop Harbor. III.: Lawrence Eborun Johnson, Milan. Tenn.: Lloyd Charles Black. Clinton. Ark. NV. !i rof>5 Fr^nklr Iff Byrd. Mpm- nhis; !,,nr.ip i.r-p wiafall. Blvthe- llie OPS «ill conduct a "busi- ni-ssman's price clinic" here tomor- s"al'lH CC ° r(lirl!! -'° °"' ce of Pr ' l ' e Worth D Holder, manager of Die Chamber of Commerce, said a rcn- rcscnlative «m be on hand at Hie Chamber office beginning at 2 p.m, August 26. The representative will be at the office until 5 p.m. ,,,, rt mt , rchimtj , vutli nncs-linns i^mlmsr Ml(0 r .,. u . totalinj; 5355 was filed with Secretary of State c. 0. Hall in Little liork today by William H. Wyatt of Blylhevillc. unsuccessful candidate for state senator from Mlssissinol County. LITTLS LIZ- .. ' " »^'M t it e-t> r Modem science hos found wbil.MeforalmoslC excepl sleep

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