The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 23, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 23, 1952
Page 8
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Big Three Reject Russian Charges On Trade Actions BBSUN (ff>-Ttie United States, G««4t BrHnta and France today Jointly rejected Soviet charges that they were Uklng measure to reduce trade between East and West Germany, The charges were made by Soviet General of the Army Vasslly Chulkov In a letter dated July 30. U. 8. High Commissioner Waller /. Donnelley said In his reply, delivered here today, "I cannot understand or accept" the nilcealions that Western authorities are responsible for reducing the flow of trade between West and East Germany. The Russians had accused the three Western powers of breaking the 1949 agreement that ended the Soviet blockade of Berlin. General Culkov — Soviet commander In East Germany—blamed i decline in trade between zones of the divided nation on Western restrictions. Agremenls Pointed Out In his reply, Donnelly pointed to ths ejxstence of Ihe two currently operative trade agrecemnta between the West and East Germany and declared: "If there Is a genuine desire on the part of the Soviet occupation authorities to maintain conditions conducive to the pzoper functioning of these agreements, there Is every reason to be confident that the implementation thereof will bo salis- fuctory to both East and Wesl Germany." Donnelly Bald, however, that "past and present evidence demon- struts that the Interference of the Soviet occupation authorities with communications and traffic to and from Berlin had the inevitable effect of thwarting the development of healthy trade between West and East Germany." He said "I am sure that it U not necessary to list for you the long and well-known record of harassment of Berlin by the Soviet oc- cupnfion authorities." Donnelly added: "Apart from the measures alluded to above the Soviel occupation authorities have within the last six months Instituted a scries of drasllc measures designed to seal oil Germany from Weftt Germany, as BgnlnKl which emphatic protests have been made on several occasions." Donnelly questioned the sincerity if the Russians. BJ>YTHEV1LL1 (ARK.) OOVMMl Bishop Case In Recess by Grand Jury BOCK m — The Qrftnd Ji*7 Investigating the Tiick Bishop ca« reconvened for o 1-day session yesterday, and then receded indefinitely without handing down a report. The Jury was called tack Into session by Pulnskl County Prosecutor Tom Downle and two o( his deputies, James N. Dowcll Jr., and John W. Bailey. Three Negro employes of a Little nock Grarty Manning Hotel also testified. No reason was given by Jury Foremnn J. j. Schmelzer for the indefinite recess. The jury was empaneled to hear evidence on a charge by Dlshop, a condemned killer, that he bought his freedom from a life sentence In Arkansas penitentiary for J1.500. Russian Congress May Work To Replace 'Dead, Purged' WASHINGTON (/P>— Prims Minister Stalin's motive in calling a termal Communist party Congress In Moscow Oct. 5 may be to replace •0 fc«r Communist, leaden who have died or been purged. The Voice of America, official Volco. "fiecn In retrospect it was State Department radio, hinted of- great significance," said Die ' , that this may be Stalin's motive In - summoning Communist bosses to- with Hitler. That bid "paved "he gether for Ihe first time in 13 way for negotlallon which lert lo years. It-was Iho first thing ap- the Nazi-Soviet pnct " proxlmatlng any official comment from the State Department on this move br Stalin. A broadcast commenllng on Moscow's announcement sntd of •ha 138 full Central Committee members: "At least M hnve (In Ihe past U years) died or been purged. ' Another 34 have nol been nien- Uowd In the Soviet press in (he last few yearn. "This Indicates Ihe high mortality r»te—political is well as Ht«ral—attached lo membership In th» Central Commitlee." Th« Central Committee is the top-rank organization of Comnut- elected at each party con. It in turn elects the 12-mnn Polllbuiro -which nclually runs Rus- B(a. The Voice broadcast, a special commentary by analyst Harry Tleiscbmmo, was beamed lo Russia and Iron Curtain countries and was featured In nearly all foreign broadcasts Thursday. fci commenting on Ihe Russian plan to abolish the Politburo, it *ald "one thing can be safely predicted" even when Ihls happens: "The Soviet Union will remain a dictatorship, run by Joseph Btalln." Moscow h«s announced that a "presidium" will be organized to replace llio Polllburo. Top diplomat* believe whoevor gels tho Job of chairman of this group will be ta line to succeed Stalin as prime minuter. The Yoica broadcast made no mention of this. Some American experts believe the whole congress meeting has been called by Slalln •o he can give this Job to Ocorgi Malenkov, fal-cheeked Politburo member. Malenkov, a 60-year-old parly wheelhorse, la scheduled to give tho main address before Ihe 1,200 lower-echelon Communists who will allend Ihe congress sessions. The highlight of the last congress meeting In 1033 was a speech by Stalin which accused the Wesl of trying to foment a war between "This statement turned out to be Nazi Germany and Soviel Russia. , an obvious bid for - • Most of Notion's Cool Mines Due To Stay Closed WILKES-BARRE. Pa. r/Pl—With negotiations for a new contract for the United Mine Workers of America scheduled to resume here on Tuesday, most of the nation's mines will remain shut clown next week in compliance with John U Lewis' order for a five day "memorial" holiday to honor the victims of mine disasterB. Lewis further darkened the coal production picture yesterday when It was disclosed In Washington' Hint the UMW chief formally notified the federal mediation service that ft dispute exists In the anthracite Industry. A provision of the Tatt- Hartlcy law requires such notification within 30 days of a strike call. The current contract expires at the end of the month and Ihe UAIVV* policy over Ihe years has been "No contract, no work." Catastrophe Toll Rises In 1st 6 Months of Year NEW YORK lilt— About 000 lives were lost In Hie nallon In Ihe first six months of this year In catastrophes — occldcnta killing five or more persons, Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. statisticians report. This was a 25 per cent Increase above the toll In the same period of 1951. Tornadoes were the most Important item, accounting for 22D deaths In srntes. Mississippi valley However, aviation was safer in the first half or this year In spite of two crashes at Elklbeth, N.J.. which took 63 lives and one near Los Angeles which claimed 29 lives. In Ihe 1951 period there were seven crashes ivilh a death toll of 153. Polo is the oldest grime Involvin" Moscow May Put U.S. Embassy In New 10-Story Building Soon housed In a new 10-story huildimj a mile and a half from the Kremlin headqunrlers of the Soviel sovi-:i- ment. Embassy sources snirt last nis:ht i that negotiations for the new lite j were well advanced. Russian an-! thoriiios. they added, were being' helpful and courteous. t The pi'etcnt emba.isy lniil-!in» is on Moiiavaya Street, ricras.i Burner I Square from the Kremlin. The 'Ic.iio expires Boc. 31. however, ami i EOMC'I officials tolrt the emlhissv sky Street, n linlf mile from U. S Ambassador George F. Kennan's residence. When finished the building will consist of a 10-story center section with Iwo wings of seven stories each. The embassy has been offered Ihe center and one wing which would give (t office space and 35 .ijinrlmenls to be used «•; living qu.iitcrs for embassy personnel. n, for whici, em- a by Law, £cck to Husband; LOS ANC1ELES ffi -- M rs Virginia Le Tournean. 28. blonde divorcee, whose romance with Jimmy Slwrwin. 17, was frmtrau-d by the! low. Is soive Kirk to her hu<hancl. I B'.it he says it's news to him. I Mrs. Le Tourneau s.iici i lcr ' va | n efforts to see the romantic juvenile convinced her she'd have to wiit frr Mm until he was 21, "and It's s l Y-l'to do that." "What's the use?" she asked "I'll never see Jimmy again. He ou?ht to go In the air force, RS he planned My husband is a good man. I'll po i back la him and our son and try I Blonde Would Go 'It's News to Him' to make a good lile." "Thai's news to me." her husband. Armand. a Bui-bank Calif oiiHlneer said, "I h.ive no plan.! for a reconciliation." S. S. Halm, the divorcee's attorney, said he is going to ask that her pica ,•: guilty to a charge of coiiiTibutlng to the delinquency of a minor be changed lo Innocent by reason of insanity. "She did whnt she did because she was mndly in love." H.ihn told a newsman. "And when you're madly in love you're insane." EISENHOWER (.Continued from Page 1) McCarthy as the nominee. "I Have Toll] You" "Actually. I have told you people many, many times," (he general replied, "that I nm never going to mention u proper name In this campaign. If you cannot tnke what I have Just said and apply it to the facts. I do not see what I can do about it." At Iron River. WLs., McCarthy commented, "So far as I'm concerned, I will support the Elsen- hower-Nixon ticket regardless of the amount of support they give me." "I don't ask or expect nny other Republican necessarily to approve of everything I do." McCarthy added. "I Intend to do what I think Is right and the onlv people to whom T shall anwser arc the people of Wisconsin." As for the "support" lie said McCarthy nnd all other OOP nominees for Congress will get from him, Elsenhower reiterated that siicli support ivotild not mean lie sees eye-to-eye on the Issues with the candidate. It would mean, ho added, Hint as B firm believer In parly responsibility he feels the presldentiiil nominee must support nil Republican nominees In n move to capture control of Congress from the Democrats. Again (here was an attempt to find out whether Elsenhower, under the circumstances, would give blanket endorsement to McCarthy. The general was asked whether he Intends to support McCarthy who. us the reporter put It. In effect accused Marshall of beliiK a traitor. Two-Part)- Sjslrm Eisenhower replied: "This Is a two-parly system, and you have got to have single party authority In Washington. You have got to talk to people— maybe you are going to have to reason with them— and lead them Into other lines of thinking." But Eisenhower said there was "nolhinz of disloyalty in Gen. Marshall'.! smil." And he made l( . | plain that McCarthy's accusation against Marshall riled him. The news conference started out ouletly enough, with Eisenhower relaxed.:- behind his desk. But lie walked out In front of it and paced no 'and down when McCarthy and Marshall were mentioned. Elsenhower said he had not r-hanscd hh mind one Iota about the need for routing any Communists out of government, ijut he still believes, he snld, It can be done without damaiHnq the reputations of innocent people. GAMBLING" (Continued from Page 1) 189 registrations. New Jersey listed 70. Slates which led In tax on belling: Louisiana paid in $840.000; Illinois $821,000: Indiana $-110.000; Ohio S3D5.000: ami West Virginia, which registered only 4D4 gamblers paid ! $273.000. New York's gamblers paid only abmit $0.000, New Jersey's about S2.500. Pennsylvania, which registered 5'26 gamblers, paid in $53.400. j RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. KUI'OHTKIM.Y 'M Y S T E H Y WITNESS' — Eyes downcast, Patricia Wnrd enters grand Jury room in New York to testify in vice probe of cafe society circles. She Is reportedly the "mystery witness" who pointed the finger at Minot F. (Mickey) Jelke, heir to multi-million dollar margarine fortune who was charged with compulsory prostitution last week as a city-wide crackdown on S500- n-'iifc'lit call girls reached a peak (AP Wlrcnlmlo) Pretty G/Ws Picket DA in New York Case NEW YORK (/!•) - Two pretty girls picketed the Manhattan district attorney's office yesterday to protest that the current cafe so- ciely vice probe is "unfair to legitimate models." A number of alleged call-girls held as material witnesses In the investigation have described themselves 'as models. But yesterday 18-year-old blonde Christine Christy and 23- year-old brunette Ardcn Murray who described themselves as professional models, carried sisns rending: "There Are 5.000 Legitimate Models in New York City; Don't Believe Sensational Nesivpapcr Headlines." and "Unfair to legitimate Models: We Object lo Misleading Newspaper Headlines." As Ihe girls picketed, a grand Jury mulled over Ihe case and put off any action on Indictment* until next week. BAKERSFIELD (Continued from Page I) saw no hysteria.'I heard no scream*. "People streamed from Ihe sidewalks and from stores and olher buildings and raced lo Ihe center of the street. There they slopped and looked around them aud wailed. Bricks were falling and broken! glass was spraying from shattered ' store windows. "A few seconds later, when the temblor had stopped and the rumbling was an. echo, I saw injured people stagger into the street. By (lien the dust had begun to rise. It was a great pall of "ray dusl — in itself, a tcrryfing thing. Tills . hnd been n bright, sunns- day. and this tlust rose and blotted oul the sun and sky." Hoyoftck Back in U.S.! Ho lor* Light BOSTON (*)— Ther» via no romantic light apparent yesterday in the eyes of Frank Hayostek in his arrival here by plane from a "too- well -chaperoned" visit with blue- eyed Ureda O'Sulliyan of Dingle, Ireland, whom he met by tossing a tjottled note Into the Atlantic. "I may visit Breda again In two or three years," Hayostek catd. "and I may continue to write to her, but wo certainly made no marriage plans." The 28-year-old Johntown, Pa., arc welder said he could eay nothing about a romance. "There Just wasn't any," he added. Hayostek left, Ireland Thursday alter his first visit with Breda with whom he had been corresponding six years since the Irish lass found a bottle with Frank's name and address in it on the Dlnglo ehore. Obituaries James E. Meador Dies; Rites Held Services for James Elberl Ivfeador of Cash, a former Dell resident were conducted at 2:30 p.m.'yesterday in the Cash Baptist Church. Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Opal Meador; five sons, W. H. Mca- <lor of Joncsboro and Eugene Mea- rtor, Leon ivfeador, Bvankie Meador and Lyrnan Meador, all of Cash; three daughters, Mrs. Maxine Hayes of Jonesboro. Miss Barbara Ann i Meador and Miss Sharon Meador of n .. .. , Dierks Shortage Dixie Downs' ... t4 . r Tl Opponents Set "WWlS $175,000 To Fight Again " ' " By The As»ocla(«d Press WEST MEMPHIS — Opponents of horse racing In Crlllen- den County last night talked of reorganizing their ranks as race track supporters moved to get another public vote on the controversy, E. W. Bigger of Marion, Ark., former treasurer of the defunct Anti-Race Track League, said, "If the promoters go so far as to call for another election, the League will be reorganized." Be Careful on Holiday LITTLE ROCK—The 3-day Labor Day week end will be no holiday from taxes, but deaih can be avoided, Carroll Owens, chairman of the Arkansas Highway Users Conference, said today- He predicted 312.000 Arkansas motorists will drive 3D million miles over the long week end. burn up 2.6 million gallons of gasoline and pay $221 million in state and federal gasoline taxes The ever-present watchword is —drive carefully! West Memphian Dies WEST MEMPHIS—Paul Bernhard, 58. business manager of this city and assistant to Hie mayor in 1947 and 1048, died here Sast night after a 2-year illness. Promised Land Church To Conduct Revival The Rev. E. H. Hall, pastor of Dell Methodist Church, will prcnch at a revival at Promised Land Methodist Church beginning snn- lers B'.rlal was In Woodlawn Cemetery. Farmers Union Funeral Home of Jonesboro was In charga. • « • Rites Tomorrow For W. W. Neblett W. W. Neblett of Morgan City. Miss., brother of the late II. E. Neblett of Blytheville and uncle of Mrs. H. o. Partlow of Blytheville, died yesterday in Morgan City. A planter and merchant there Mr. Neblett was 79. Services will be conducted at 4 p.m. tomorrow at the Presbyterian Church in Morgan City ' • • • Mrs. Violet Darby Dies of Illness Services for Mrs. Violet Mae Darby, who died at her home here yesterday aftern »n illness of several years. will be conducted at 2 p m tomorrow In Cobb Funeral Home Chapel bv the Rev. .1. A. Dudash. pastor of the Full Gospel Tabernacle. Burial will be In Dogwood Cemetery. Mrs. Dsrby, who was born near Number Nine and resided here most of her life, was 46. Survivors include a son. Marlon J. Lewis, with the Army at Camp nhoftee: n da'";h(»r. Dorothy Gean Kirk of Blythei-illc: her mother, Mrs. Minnie Lee Richardson of I BMhevllle: a sister. Mrs Rosetta I Hiwnrd of Blvtheville: ami tiio' li'-nther*. w.,i^™u PJI-,, ^ ntl William Sikcs, both of Russellville. port truck near Bentonville. 'Oldest Woman' Dies HAMBURG—Flora Hampton, a Negro woman whose family lists her age as 122, will be buried here tomorrow. She died last Monday. Her family claims she was the oldest woman In the south. !l£r age on Ihe death certificate was given ns 122. and her birthdate as June 2 1830. in Georgia. P«opl« of Town May G.r Banking Strviet Soon Now niERKS, Ark. «., _ state Bank Commissioner Ed r. McKinley sny* that shortages uncovered at the "LP'" 1 " now are estimated He said an Investigative audit of the bank's books probably would be computed tonight and that the total shortages - first estimated at less than $73,000 — would be announced at that time. McKinley also said last night that •it is possible that the people of Dicrks will be provided with banking service Boon." • The institution, only bank 1n this lumber town of some 1,300 persons, has been closed since Monday when Mrs. Opal Simmington was charged with making fake entries. Earlier yesterday, the 43-year-old assistant bank cashier lurned over to FBI agents some $58,000 checks and deposit slips, said M. W. McFarlJn, Little Rock district FBI chief. He said agents also found eight cardboard boxes full of checks, deposit tickets and ledger sheets in an outbuilding at Mrs. Slmmlng- ton's home. Remains of checks and bank records were found in a trash fire near her house, MeFarlln added. Revival Opens Tonight At Church of God A wcek-iong revival is scheduled to open tonight Rt the Church of God. located at the intersection of 20th and West Cherry 'Streets, the Rev. Barrel Froud. pastor, has announced. The revival is to be conducted by the Rev. Al Ragsdale of Alabama City. Ala. Services will be conducted nightly beginning at 1:30, the Rev. Mr. Froud said, and are open to the public. With the Courts Circuit Court: ' Mrs. Mary F. Moore vs. Standard Life and Accident Insurance Company, appealed from Municipal Court. Po//ce Arrest Dead Girl's Uncle SAN FRANCISCO OP}—Police today "arrested John Cnancey Lawrence, 37. wanted on suspicion of slaying his prctly 16-year-old niece, whose nude, tottered body was found near Palm Springs,' calif., last Wednesday. Inspector Germe F. Smifh said Lawrence and his wife, Marjorie. also 37, walked up lo a motorcycle officer and said they were having "some sort of marital difficulty." Lawrence told Ihe officer he had read in newspapers he was wanted 111 connection withe the slaying of Kathryn Knodel, a Redlands, Calif., high school girl, victim of a brutal sex assault. Lawrence and his wife were booked enroute to Redlands for questioning by police. At Riverside, police Chief W. E. Slaughter said he had information that Lawrence, malernal uncle of the girl, left Forrest City, Ark., last Saturday by car. He said he was coming to California. The Redlands high school girl was not seen alive after she was left home alone Tuesday evening. She had been raped. MOX Phone '1K21 — Show Starts Weekdays 7:0(1 — Sat.-Sun. 1:00 Always a Double Feature day al 7:.J5 p.m. Accord:!!? to the Hev. Carl Burton, pa?tor, evening services will begin each night at 7:45. The revival will close after three weeks. YOU* FSIENOLY THEATRE 5=E SATURDAY 'GOLDEN STALLION' with Hoy Ropers nml Trigger SATURDAY OWL SHOW "MEXICAN HAYRIDE" with Bud Abbott and I.on Cosfcllo SUN.-MON.-TUES. "WILD STALLION" with Ben Johnston and EHpar Buchanan AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION I SATURDAY. AUC. 23 "Dead Man's Trail" Johnny Mack Hrovvn Jimmy Kllfcnn Barbara Allen SAT. M1DNITK SHOW "Sins of Madeleine" Hcdy Lamarr Dennis O'Keefe William Lundignn SUNDAY - MONDAY, AUGUST 24 - 25 , Piper LAURIE- Rock TOON THEATRI :ihIYNX BARI-WILLIAMREYNOLDS- SATURDAY DOUBLE FEATURE 'GHOST TOWN RENEGADES' « p i(li f.asli I.arue and Fuzzy St. John "ELEPHANT STAMPEDE" with "Bomba" The Jungle Boy SATURDAY LATE SHOW *!«'« ninnm BASEHftRT-CORTES*-LUNDiGAN Comedy and Daredevil Serial SUNDAY & MONDAY THE WORLD'S GREATEST LOVE STORY! SEE Samson tricked by Delilah! SEE Samson fight a lion bare-handed! Cartoon and Short Ne^ro Deaths Services for Terry Jones 80 of Clear Lake, will be conducted' st 1:30 p.m. Sunday In the St Luk» BapUst Church by Rev. M. Brown Survivors include hla wile, Mar'r ,Jone«, seven sons and four daueh ten. Burial wil be in Clear LafcV Cemetery. Casfcon Funeral Home li in charge, NOTICE Notice is hereby given that th» undersigned has filed with the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control of Ihe Slate of Arkansas for a permit to sell and dispense beer at retail on Ihe premises de- m scribed as: 830 So. Franklin, Ely. ™ thevllte, Mississippi Counly. The undersigned states that he is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicled of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; and lliat the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, or any other state, relative lo the sale-of alcoholic liquors. Application is for permit to be issued for operation beginning on the 23rd clay ,of Aug., 1952, and lo expire on the 3ffth day of June. 1053. Herbert Alire Belts Applicant Subscribed and sworn to before me this 22nd day of August, I9M. Marian P. Blodgclt. Notary Public My Commission expires: Sept. 27, 1952. NOTICE Notice Is hereby given limt the undersigned has filed with Ihe Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control of the SUite of Arkansas for, a permit to sell and dispense beer' at retail on the premises described as: Hiway n, Leachville, Mississippi County. The undersigned states that he Is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime Involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of thte state, or any other state, relative to the sale of alcoholic liquors. Application is for permit to be issued for operation beginning on the 1 day of Scplember, 1952, and to expire on the 30th day of June, 1953. B. C. See* «r Merc. Co. B}' Henry K. Hoyfc, Secy. Applicant Subscribed and sworn to before me this 22 day of August, 1952. Elizabeth Mason, Notary Public My Commission expires: 4-26-54. NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 SATURDAY 'BORDER TOWN GUNRGHTER" Wild Bill Elliott SAT. NITE OWL SHOW "PREHISTORIC WOMEN" Loretta Luez SUNDAY & MONDAY "CARBINE WILLIAMS" with James Stewart and Jean Hagen FOR SALE Concrete «Nerts, IZ inch U tf Inch, plain «r recnlorced. A|M C.ncrete Rmldl., Bl.flt. <,lie»p- ;r thin Umber f.r tanu. ehlck- em h»i», pimp hinsn, (cunt h«»»e«, Uol sht*i. w« teliTer. C»U « («r (re* estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Pk»n« HI Back-To-School fln« workmaiwhlp— Mlt5f«c(lon guarantee*. H-R LTCRS lUMLITY SHOC SH i ->' w M n < H S

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