The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 22, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 22, 1952
Page 10
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/r PAGE TEN BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COUHIE* HEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION PaII7 rate pet line pci consecutive Insertion: Minimum charge Me 1 (line per line .,... lie ? times JUT line per day He 3 times per line F*'* day 3c 6 times per lint 1 I><T day .,..! "c 12 Umr,s PIT line [>cr day Sr Month i-rr Uric- 90c Onnnl fire tivrracp wotdb lo the- linf. A<1 ordered for ihrpr or s1< iJnirs ami llopjirrt Tiofdri* e*i»lratEnn will he charpc-rt for lln> number of ti^-.L'S i ?ir ; ad appeared and adjustments of tiiil ] made. ! All rtaMfilfrt .irirrrllsFn* rnv* nth- | miltffl by persons rcsMinjt; nuT-M.- «f j thr cUv mint Itr irrompintftl T>\ raOi. ! Kates itiAy tin easily be rntnrtutcil from I the Piirtvc t.thle. AdvcrtE^ne Ardf-rcrJ for Ift'-rnUr In- ferttnni trfcr tli* <ino lime T^hlc. No respnmttvlity tu 1 tikcn fin ni'Tf om- inc«iiTt : ft liwrti<«n uf any clarified flit. All aits arc resi iii't<-<! to tlirtr p;or>*'i cl.issinr.if Inn, stvlr -inrt ivpe. The Courier News rrsnvrs the ripjht lo eitll or rejt-rf any ad. For Scr/e, Misc. fired barley, «ny nmoiim. Not Backed. 52 bn. James W/ Pcry, Stoole, Mo., ph, 17F2. - 822 i)lt 9,22 SU^lnljf nsrri corrugated Ralvfml/ctl tin roollnn, Ktiough lor medium size barn. I'll. 36L2. 8,21 ck 25 Thonmi;lii>rpf1 Polnnd f;hlrm Pl^s. PajuiK nirnlsliPd, Quills iSS, mute $20. Write KuLjcne Cnhtc, JJlytlirvLlle, Ark. 1'honc 8515. g 22 |ik 29 43" attic fan. wltufow fnn. o( JrM], fi32 B. 8 22 pk 29 No '.v 1 1 reproof 6fl f cs , 1 rn possl kjl e to pUK tlir lock. \Vl. 225 Ibs. Frpl^llt paid price iio- Al&o !nr«cr Bl7^s. J']j . 4097, milk. rh. 2.131. for Rent Wcf\y fiun. nn! , pvt. rimf»irp. Vrw •cfrlficrftior ni!li!!,"s ino w. Ky. a 22 pk ?» 3 rm. im(uriv npt. rlo** tn Kii''tj'i'V .Cliool. Fh f'655, S22 pk 23 H Tin. imlurn. npt., p.vt b'»rh fl<i*<'»- nntlc hot W.MIV tKT.trr. Ph, i 1 :'^ 1 ! s 20 (* n 20 USED~COMBINES If you tieetl a good used self- pniiicllcd combine . . . see us t'irsl. Choose from Miisscy- H:iiTis, liiLcniational Harves- r, .lolni Dcci'D and Case. 61 IMPLEMENT CO. N. Hiway Gl Phone 2M2 7 19 If OiTir fifrnlshM up^'nlrs npt. vrUH J Btovp A: ]>rlv!itr li;.tli. hot wr-.'rr, On** J unftin\lsliC(J iir^t^frf Jitn. Out- ; fct.ilrs ppt [iirnl-li^f-. Will ron', nny or p|i 10 one pnny. 719 Wr^t A^h P<Th C:t2.V 820 i>fc 27 Modern 3 bedroom home lorntfrt 3!* N*. 13th St. npnt JG5.IK>, Cflll 2-1fi5 H R 13 If 3 imfurniMiccl np^rtti\rnt^. 112 K Cliprry. 3'lt r>t ",11 - 5 room rhonc 35T N' 7Ih B 9 r>k 23 4 room Imfurnlsheti npt. with private batti. rhonc 8845. R 7 c\ It Modern 2 room lur. npt rti. 25^5 or 4553 3 14 cK U Modern apt- 3 rooms nnd Imri. nrw- ly clccoratwl, rcood fiirnliiiTC. RJI* rrjiiip* ment. Ph. 3X73. F. BIninn. 921 ck tf irnfisin. S room npt, SOI N, Frnnk- lln. Dnth, Elcn. watrr bent or. S IB pX 23 4 rm. nnfiiru. apt. 310 Lilly, fire nft- cr 6 o'clock. (J 21 pX 2S Small Apartments, furnish- oH. $8 up par wock. Hcdrooms ' &\ up single. 114 West Ash **Ph. 2833. 8-1 ck tf Services H^vc your oil stovrs nnd furnacr ctpan nnd ready for winter. Cnll llnt ry Myers 6345. , 8,12 pX OJ Save Money When You fiuy — Soil — Tnuie Used Furniture GUN 1IAKRIRON & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 \V. Ash ' Ph. 255 TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. 11) W. Walmit Phonj 3:r,I Plenty of Parking Space Lucian Giiines Furniture Co. Trade your old furniture for now. I will also buy your old furnihire. Piirnicrs tonns V-> (inwii, balance in Die full. Formerly Arnold & Gaines. Pit. G357 .1U7 ck tf KEPK1GEKATION REPAIR SKRV1CE Tor quick, expert Ft;rvlce on nlr con- C.itlonlnt; refrlsenvMon nn<] oppllnncca ! . . . call 693<i or Cfi(J4. BnOFP nEFIUGKRATroN CO — 8 '* lt Imundry In 'my 'homo, I'll. 0147. T!15 i>k 0;i5 II cviWo (1. rotrluciinor. Also oil neater, rn Rood condition. Ph 3725 a;i6 [in 23 8 ft. FriifktnLre cloilhtp <hity incftt cnsp v.'llh plAllerfi, pcnlo rrst te wrnnpiiv: hopni.s. svifl no. i 20 cubic (I. FrlRldfilru rcncti-ln rc- frJ^rrntor. Sflia.99. Il^ttlr QrecV Escrow cxorrlRfir—MnXc us nn ortrr. Adnins Appltnncc Co. B.21 ck 2B Guarantee:! plnno tunliis Rnd repair. Call 2071 clay. 2053 nlght-l. 5.'28 tf i . Watch, and Jewelry Repair l-Dny service on Jewelry— 3 dfty.-i on •Witches nnd clocks. Gunrnntcecl work don. i) by expert repairmen Lowest "PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second __ 10;3CX tf Moving & Hauling Closrcl Van trucks Snfe— Dpncnrtnblc Experienced help w w Heckhnm *11fi K. Second. Phone SS2S. 7,£? pX 9i9 Refrigeration Expert EervEce on commercial and a!r ccuidltlon refrlgeratlnn Ph 2r.l38 If nn answer 3559 Day or Nl'<ht Service Stnbhs nefctsetatlon Serrlco 8 : 13 pi 37 20 MINUTE PHOTOSTATIO SEItV- IOE O'STEEK'B STUDIO, lib w MAIN 124 ck If r. P.. Alley— tt lr conditioning rofrls- crntlcn service Ph 2«S 103 E. Mls- «c,itrl. Hlstncvllle. Ark 7:9 tf Plans-Estimates repMr,'"" m ^"" f ' M "' "•"-.-x'ellr.B or F.l! A OR <; i I.OAN3 NO OBI "(; \T1ON rhoi^' 2HGfl Frank Wagner Builders Supply Co. LIQIIIDATINO MY UBF.RTY CASi[ OROCFRT IN ni.YTIlKVIliT.R. AHK,. AND HAVE TUB KOLLOWINn riXTDRKS FOR H.M.E: 2—5 Ion Chrysh-r Air Cnndltlmi Units •1 — Dop.KtnicnU/o^i Ntitlontvl Cash Rcyl^tfir.-? 3—Ohr-rk-nut -Stnnds, Msn Cotnolct^ ift Mailer]) Mnrlv Fnrtory - nnllt StiHvos anil rtonilolit-i With Cnnopy L!-:htcil Wail Kholvns 2—Addlnu Mi^litnri S Krrrrsmi rnilni; Fins 3—8 It. Two l>rcfc SHf-SpirLcp Prtlry Boxes l—fl')tlf)' Frirdrlrh \Vnlte Tn Rox 1—6'xR' Vrurtrtbln Wnlk Tn HOT 1—12 (t ini*;«!mr»n DoDbln Dxity Soiv- t- Mnrkpt Display cn,T& I—If) Ft. Seeder Fish ,t Poultry Display HOT I— Slc.ikninkpr Onhr fit"nk Mrrblnc 1—Milts Corn Coin E!CC, Chanso XJnkpr •J—ToJpilo Mrirkrt Sr;ile.i 1—Toledo rv>odcho|ipnr 1 —in ft, Vlklnn Srir-Hervlee Mnrket 1—10 (t. Vlklncr St-rvlrc Market Dls- plny c~n*c 1-nioDo Mm! Pllccr 1 — Mnnev Rjifp 1— fl' TyT.T Kro7*-n Food Flox 1 — All AmrrlMii I'owrr Saw 1—ncdfincr 1'rn.lnr*- Srr\lr 7—Snnroc Klrr. Wnler Foimtnlna 1~,10 ft. All Moln.1 Produrf Rack Mi>st nf ibis rqnlvirnont only 3 ymrfl old. rnn lie sr^u 1n opnntlon nt I.lh- rrty Cn*li Rnprr MnrkAt. 31h Ar Mnln.- R. n. nnl'rv/.irvnrptinro. Ark. rhonc Mm fiifii or 2!>34 P. O. Ho* 256 R 22 cV: 3fi IS THE TIME TO BUY! '51 FORD . $1645 A he.iuly of a late model c;ir! This Custom Club Coupe Is critiiiijicii v.Elh both radio and ticatcr. Sec it lodny! '48 INT'NAL..$345 This I (i-Toii Inlrriiatinnnl Call S: Chassis Is a m\ K hty B'lixl liny for just S3 IS. Buy yonr Um-k now and .snve. '50 STUDE . . . $1295 '46 DODGE $345 3 lutr niojlc'l far ynu Blioulil si',-: l!i:,fl S(M[]r(j:ikLT Cuinmandcr X-iloor vrllli ortr- drlve :unl liralcr. !.il<e a poucl doal nn a |U- Ton C.'liassls & fall? Take a fl-w m[nilIos {» see this 1910 '48 PL'MOUTH $895 '49 CHEV $845 Aii exrcilrnt vjihiu for S8f>5, tills sj)t-rJ;il <lrlu,\R Zttlonr Sn- lias liolh mifllo aur] heeler. Drive ft tnniorrnM\ If you're limiting for n Sed^ii Drlivrry, Ihen come tlnwn to Phillips Motor Co. nnd see this htle model. '47 NASH 5645 X3 FORD A "CnO" ^-ilonr Srilan, I Ills 1317 Nash K a fine liny ill SGI5. f.nts of extras, too. Sec It today. $695 A !j-Trm Stake Truck for Just SC03: Today — and every day —you'll he happier with the trade you make here! 300 Broadway Phone 4453 For Sale, Real Estate Modern ;! budroom house & »l 905 I'ccsiu Ave. J lard- wood floors, floor furnace, 50 K>\1. elcc. hot water heater. Extra large lot. Tliis house is in good condition. $1800 cash will handle and assumption of loan balance at $52,50 per month. Possession July 28t!i, owner leaving town. Mr. G.I. — 1 have a '1 rm. bouse & bath, screened in back porch, 30 yal. hot water beater. Close in on Vine St. Price $5250. Closing cost about ?lu'0. See or call JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. 2nd Phono <11H Residence Phone 259G Insurance Call 4553 For Complete \ Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection Gl.ENCOL HOTEL BUILDINO 124 W. Ash St. 4'8 ck tf Notice Carpentry nnr. painting worX C D Kennny, Ph. 8327. 7|30 pX 8.30 Fishermen! V/e h»vo porkmclls ^ntl ahrlnxp. Luttrell's Mkt. 600 Chick Private Rooms Nice, comfprtuhle bedroom, front ntrance. Adj. hath, hot wrttcr Ph. S3B. '- K jo Dk 23 Hedrooin. Indies' only Inrinlre at BOinh apt. HH S. 6th S p.m. 8.22 (Ik W Bedrooru convi-nlcnt to hath. 611 W Miilti. rli. r .C!2S.' R20ck02!) Lnrge, com for table front hedrontn Conveniently located. I'll. 25I-J. , ' - 8 1 pk 9 2 Help Wanted STOCK FARM FOR SALE EM , or , Pncctl „„,„, ,„,„ mni , „ not OoO flCrOS—'100 aCl'CR hot- "perlcnced don'l apply. Ph. ^2M after t«:- 230 rolling pasture! 0 -":"': 8 : al _ P JL1 8 JfaW-house fully moclevii-aj lf™S, l .'i dPl ' p 'S;:S rt S? n ^ l i lrral ,.„ other IIOLIHOS, 2 barns—3nrge: tnchnlclnn - rcRistircci nuws. practical poultry house, all olhor out-! "1^7' collUcV M^ U GliM 1 L?S'. lc pfK- IniiUliiiKS to maintain opera-h° u I10A ' lhil1 Uon. lUiikiinjrs in cxccllcnl FRIDAY, ATTCTST 22, 1 WE HAVE IP , • HAIRY VETCH • TOXATHENE • TRAILERS Jack Robinson implement Co. Blytherill*, Arkansas — Ph«n« 2371 SAUCY SAUCER PILOT—Sky-riding flying-saucer-driver gels a quick look al Enu Claire, Wis., Union High School which leaves him goggle-eyed. Seems so many Enrlhlings have been .spotting saucer- men that the boys who ride crockery through the clouds'have become bolder and bolder until now they're brave enough to swoop down and be "pictured" by a gag-loving pholographer. For Rent 3 rm. Turn- house with bath. I-ocated fit 322 N. 6th. Phone 4336. B 20 p}; 23 House. 3 rms, and bath. 121 E. Reap St. Apply 623 S, Lnke St., rrar. 4 roo ir imfnrn. duplex. C!ns floor ntl hot water heater coniiec- licyi for tfas or electric cooktnp. Newly decor&tetl. Day ph. 2612. night 2368 8:10 ck 25 five Dollars Buys Schoot CENTRALTA, III. (jpj — Five dollars at an auction bought a t\vo- fiiory brick school at Smithton, ^11., though it was built in 1888 for $4,OCO, Catch was that the buyer, Belmont Valentine, had only 45 days to remove the school. 4 roojt aud bath, 2016 Vine. 418 Mnin, 320f> nq. fpet Jn ri.iln building Reasonable rent Cnll -Jai2. ,3 room house. Modern' ronvetitcnccB. t[nlei. locatlcti (.. C, Thompson. <i2] N F.AHfchn. ph. 2154. »; tf tt. Ark. n,2i ck 23 Price War Trims Barbers In South Illinois Town NOBLE, 111. (fl»)—This Southern Illinois town's two bnrbcr shops gat into a .short-HvciJ price war and bolJi barbers suffered a trimming. Prices at the shops, separated only by R building, went from 75- cent hair cuts to free ones. Such n rush developed that Barber Elmer Craven closed his shop nt noon one day nnd Bnrbcr Joe Smith locked , his door but let customers in one ! nt a time. condition. All nuclei- fcnco. On gravel road I mile from blacktop. Priced to .sell. Cates-Wiggs Co. Realtors Phone 2751 or <12RS 8120 ck 2n _ _ I nftrr S p m. Elfrtrlc Rnnfie. 4 00 N. 5tli. For p.ilc hy owner, my homr ut ll^in W. A-'h On larpc lot, "0 x lf>n\ NVu- rrvof nti<i paint, floor • nntl plnstrrrrt w.ilK rrroiUH- rrdon<- 9 rooms 2 Hill hTtlis Cms hmt'. kltrhrn hjis iiuv'rni f;i hi nets nntl hrcnkfast bnr. ronn*-c- : it'nni (nr nutonmtlc wnshcr. Drnnr^ In- Wanterf to Buy We wilt pny CASH lor ymir nltl Ko- daks, cam cms nrnl Itn^cs fur parts O'STEEN-S STUDIO. 115 West Main 12 4 cfc If Wonted Mnn to work In cotton tin office FKperlence liolpflll Rejily [o Ur>* Xfi c^ Courier News. B7 ck tf Tom's Cnfe 410 \V Ash. With trtol for ft wrfk- S*Mlng hfcnuse of bud lienlth rbonc nf- 1 3 B is pk 23 c ^11 Wllpnn St. A IT Elmer Croft 8,18 pK 2S irnnrrtv. S rooni? anrl o Frnnk Mrrrltr. 11^3 8! 13 pk 9,1 -'•'cird. This nln. \ m duplrx Will K I. T. Moorp nt 23S6. islly c-oi fnrnltiin erlert C.ill Twin CSiilitp.-;. cfxfp nnrl rtrlvc-ln r.isti Md pott Iftrms. Oscooln. ArV nirmc f2 or ?5>3. 8 21 ('K 2^ Salesman Wanted Would like to lirnr frnrn man with C'tr \vhri «'otlltl like tn Rtep Into n business of his o\vn In Central Mlasls- LIIIH Coutlly No cuiilla! nee^e<l Cor- w1n weekly Wrltp Tim- AKH-210-2I6A, Mninphla. Isrli's Dept. 8.22 pX 2-T Britain Gets German Assets in Singapore SINGAPORE (.•?)—The Singapore BOVfriimcnt liiis rralizccl SI,100.000 from the sale at Cicnntin nssel.s In the colony, claims oi;»jnst Gcrmnn nssels lUnins; Ihe period of rcait izallon only totalled S26.^00. The proceeds arc being sent to Britain in accordance with agreements nmle between the Allied | powers at PnlMlnm whereby claims • in the colonies will revert to Brit! ain as reparations. EASIEST BIN OF AS.L TO ERECT! •Stop in soon, while we still have famous •SIOUX- Steel grain bins! DISTRIBUTOR ^ Biyrheville Soybean Corp. 1SOO West Main—Blytheville Phones 6856 & 6857 . 5 24 rr v, \ i ii B* 5 ^ S™ ff"^ A E ff*\ P" I^ REPAIRED Any Make or Model Set 1 DAY SERVICE FPxEE PICKUP & DELIVERY SERVICE 24 HOURS A DAY Day Phone: 2642 Night: 8858 No Extra Charge For Night Calls :D CALLIHAN RADIO SERVICE "OS. 1st Jilythcville Duplox — 4 I'onnis ,1111! liath.i both sides, modern hratitiK j I'lanl. car port. Shown liy ap- • liointtnonl only. C;KO. ^r. LKE. KFAT.TOR Tcloplioiie (50IH 120 \V. .Vain Stri-iit S l!l ck 2(i REAL ESTATE Farms—City 'Properly LOANS INSURANCE If interested In Unylny or selling tec Noble Gill Agency ildjr. l 1 }^. fisos 9 30 c); II MnK : Srhool iiiilldlnR nnd lot st • .\\iz W. 1:>.v> 10 ft.rci- Tlip scnnol t>,v ! r,~<ci\r\ tlic rlclit to reject niiy or 'M.-K Nt R flrlfdn, president srln ; bo.ircl, ph. Hell 2274 S 16 ck For Rent or Lease FOR RENT OR LEASE i Ruilrlinj? located 501-503: , \Yost Main Street, now occit-: pied l>y Libovty Cash Stove, will lie for rent Sept. 1st. For information see ; G. G. HUBBARD! llubbartl Furniture Co. ^5 ck 0,5] Stay Within The Law! Kvcry lAir-nblfllng citltcn sluid- dcrs nt the prnspert of hpinj nrrrstcd for sprrtlini; But, you'll ncvrr be sure unless ymi K\O\V you're s|icpOonictrr is accurate. IVc Rive 1 day scrvirr on speed- omrtrr rrpair for all makes nt cars and trucks. . T. I'. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler-Plymouth Uraler 121 R. Main Phone i!2Z - PLANTERS EXPERT SPRAY PAINTING Hoofs • Houses « Farm liuilclings Experienced! Reasonable! Call or Write Fpr Free Estimates Phone 215W ROYAL WEAVER s i eele Mo. SHUT *ur»i «r«ucro»Ai ma . c*j AN* IUCTKK WflDlMO . OIN «!?AI!> . UACKiMOH- W8 - MARDWARI . MACHIM «IPAr» BLYTHEVIUE, ARKANSAS PHONES: Day 3142; Night 6153 FOR SALE Concrete culverts, l'.i ineh to 48 inch, plain or rre.nforcert. Also Concrete fUiitriing Ulnrks rheap- ;r than liunbor Cot tiarns, chirk» rn houses, ptimp hnu«es, len.tnt liouscs, tool shtils. \Te deliver. Call us for (ret estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. For Your Convenience WE FINANCE AUTO AND TRUCK REPAIRS Blytheville Motor Co. Kirst & Walnut Phone -1122 We've Taken the Doubt Out of Used Car & Truck Buying 195« CHEVROLET Powerglidc deluxe 2-door Sedan. It » a beautiful car ... and you will save, on this one. 1917 CHEVROLET 5-Passenger Coupe. Here's $7Ar a real buy for you at Ihis low price . I 3 J i 9 .' 17 9 i . RVRO f/ KT Fl «* ilin « 2-dr. Sedan. Sui- S^AP $1 Mf 110 -. . u- livan-Nelson will give you the hest trade ____ 1917 FORD V-8 Tudor Sedan. Motor Over- SfiJT hauled. A real fine deal al tins price ........ 0*13 1939 DODGE 4-cloor Sedan. It's n nice clean $ car. Runs ^ood, good paint. Now just Most of these cars have radios, heaters and seat covers. Clean — ready lo go! 1950 CHEVROLET ft-T. Pickup Truck. Come to the big used car lot on Walmit Street .... 1919 CHEVROLET J/ 2 -T. Pickup Truck. You'll SOOC make a better trade at Sullivan-Nelson ...... 0"p 1919-fOHl) V-8 </ 2 - Ton Pickup Truck. . We in- S vife you to take a drive in this clean truck. .. 1 9« FORD V-8 Vt-Ton Pickup Truck. One of the hottest values you'll find! Only ......... 19.16 CHEVROLET l'/ 2 -Ton.MV» Truck with S Kood rubber. The motor runs like new ' 1912 CHEVROLET IAVB Truck with a good HAA motor and goo<l tires. A real farm truck ..... 199 1942 FORD V-8 1-Ton Truck with insulated body. Ideal for hauling labor EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN R«*emker, >•«„ 5 495 a eoo d deal «t SULLIVAN -NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "Th. Ri E UsM Car L«t *R Walnut Street" 301 Walnut p ho ne 4578 FOR SALE NEW BRICK HOME = Located 504 E. Hardin. This home has 2 bedrooms, I'/i tile baths, knotty pine den, large livin^ room dining room, attractive Geneva kitchen, brec/.ewav' n (ached garage and storeroom. Equipped with [•>!•'- idaire air conditioner, central Lennox heating svs- teni, steel combinal inn storm sash and screens. Lot 1»0 x 185, on paved street. Open for inspection. Seen irom 2. lu 5 p.m. weekdays'by appointment. SEE OR CALL JOHNNY MARR Office Phone Const. Phone R es . Phone 8341 2596 the Peach Crop Is Short! It's Now Half Gathered We now have Freestone Peaches Wholesale or Retail BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET Mam Street Blylheville Money-Makers $ Ifl50 GMC 1-Ton Pickup wifh a big bed. At Horner-Wilson it's pricerf at only 19-11 FORD I'/j-Ton MVIi Truck wifh sfake 5 body— a real buy at this price 1950 STUDEBAKER 41 -Too I'ickup— an un- $QOC usually clean, cily truck. Now only .......... 053 in 19 INTERNATIONAL li/ ? -Ton I/WB Truck SCftC 333 with slake bed. Has good tires, too. Now just 1918 MACK 2-Ton LWB Truck—good tires, new paint. Look twice al this price 1916 FORD '/ 2 -Ton Pickup—for the buy of your life come NOW to Horner-Wilson . $ 495 $ 495 1949 CHEVROLET Hfrc'j a Rood - looking '49 Chcvrnlrl Flcclllne 2-door Sedan — the deluxe model. Radio, hratcr. At Horner-Wllson It's priced at jasl $1195 1919 PONTIAC A hcanty of a lale model «r —tliis 19»9 Ponliac Chleflaln Is clean as n whistle, nark grctn -l-donr. Radio, healer, all accessories. $1295 HORNER-WlLSON EAST MAIN Rocket Oldsmobile — GMC Trucks Phone 2058 Used Car Lot — Phnne 6151

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