The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 22, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 22, 1952
Page 2
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PAGE TWO (ARK.) COTJ11TER HE IVI ATTOTTBT •> IVM Kefauver Encouraged by Crime Laws But Wants Congress to Act Further By WARREN" ROGKRS JR. WASHINGTON Wi—Sen. Kefauver (D-Tenn) said today he is encouraged by enforcement of the liiws his crime committee helped enact, but wants Congress to «P- more of its recomr.ienda- who prove lions. In a statement Kefauver. was chairman of the Senate Crime Investigating Committee during most of its life, said he has re- biiylng stamps. Kefauver snld that, in response j inquiries from him and other former members of the committee, the Justice Department reported: 1. Special "rackets" grand juries, recommended by the committee, were called in G6 of the 91 federal Judicial districts, of ttiesc, •J9 concluded Ihelr sessions and 17 are still active. 2. These grand juries have re- turned at least 250 Indictments, charging offenses against the income lax, lltjuor, narcotics, filot machine and gamblers stamp tax laws. 3. As of July 1, some 335 cases arising under the Rambling tax law were processed. Under the act prohibiting interstate shipment of slot machines, 635 manufactvirers registered. 82 Indictments were returned and 40 persons were convicted. Monroney Says It's 'Incredible' Ike Could Support McCarthy celvcd "encouraging reports" from the Justice and Treasury Departments. These also show, Kefauver added, that additional legislation urged by the committee should be passed by Congress. He said he Intends to work for passage of these at the next session, beginning In January. The recommendations would require racketeers to keep records and produce a statement showing their net financial worth. They would also prohibit deduction ol illegal gambling losses from in-1 McCarthy. • :my of the human loyalties of come tax returns, | gen. A, S, Mike Monroney of | friend for a friend," Monroney To Seek Commission j Oklahoma Issued this statement at- said. By JACK BKUi WASHINGTON Ml — The chairman of the Democratic Speakers Buieau called "incredible" today n IlewibHcan counterpart's assertion that Gen, [Wight D, Eisenhower will support Sen, Joseph R. exposed, Its principals shall be for' ever descrviny of the maledictions of nil honest men," "Either Sen. Mundt hasn't read this scurrilous attack on Gen. El- senhower's friend and sponsor or he fails lo Rrant to his candidate Texos St/7/ Hot 4s Missouri Valley Cools By The Associated Press Cool air from Canada tumbled temperatures 10 to 20 degrees early Friday in the Missouri Valley region, but for most of Texas it was the same story — no relief from Ihe hcnt and drought. The mercury Headed for the 100- degree mark again in parts of Texas for the 21st consecutive cl:iy. Five norc heat deaths were reported in rexa.s yesterday. The long drought "s burning out crop.s and pastures. Scattered thundorshowers occurred from New England south-'A'est- ward over the Middle AthmtLc states. Sho'vers also were reported in the Ohio Rivflr VnlSey, Northern New Mexico and portions of Colorado. Skies were generally lair elsewhere. Lost Occupation Soldier /s Found in Burma MANDALAY, Burma yp>—A 30- year-old Japanese soldier, described Scene of Libel Suit to Shift Four Witnesses To Be Examined In Wheeling, W. Va. WASHINGTON W) — Pre-trial testimony .In the two million dollar lihcl-slanrier suit brought by Sen. McCarthy (R-Wis> against Sen, Benton (D-Conn* shifts tomorrow o Wheeling, W.Va. There, lawyers for the battling irnators have .scheduled an exnin- nation of /our prospective witness's. McCarthy accuses Benton of de- fimlng him with false charges of raud, perjury and deceit In a move o have the Wisconsin lawmaker expelled /mm the Senate. Benton has declared he will base his largely ( on efforts to prove that- his accusations, voiced against McCarthy before a Senate rules subcommittee, are well- ; founded. Tomorrow's hearing will deal with Den ton's charge that McCarthy committed perjury when ho under oath that he told a Another committee -suggestion [ ter was for creation of n permanent crime commission. Kcfnuvcr siild he would propose (his npnin nl the January session of Congress. Figures in the Bureau ot Internal Revenue, - meanwhile, showed something pretty drastic apparently going on among the milion'B gambling fraternity. Ken. Karl Mundt of South Dakota said on a radio program last Kiscnhowcr in the wake of the crime committee Investigation last year, Congress passed a law requiring I gamblers to pay a 550 occupation tax every year, plus a 10 per cent excise tax. Many gamblers were wnry of the law since, In effect, it registered them In a profession outlawed in most states. Nevertheless, before the end of fiscal 1952 last June 30, a total of 22,401 gamblers had registered. Since July \ slnrl of the new fiscal year and time for gelling new stamps, only 3,950 gambling occupation stamps were bought, the bureau reported today. Officials doubted there wns a collapse in the trode but were not sure whether, on the strength of a District Court ruling that tiie tax Is unconstitutional, gamblers had decided the Supreme Court will overthrow the law and had held off dorse and campaign actively" for McCarthy If the latter is renom- inated by Wisconsin Republicans and i( ho asks for Elsenhower's help. Mundt. is co-uhairmnn of tlie Republican campaign Speakers Bit- "H Is Incredible" "It la Incredible that Gen. ELson- 'will "en* ' lowor c:m otnbrnce McCarthy, the On the also said radio program, Mundt thnl Eisenhower, the GOP pi'fsirlcntin! nominee, will also campaign for Sen. Jumes P. fCein of Missouri, Sen. William K. Jenncr of Imltnrm and Sen. John W. Bricker of Ohio, Republicans who have not shored Elsenhow- er's foreign policy vle\vs. "Inpossihlc"—Miwroney Monroney snlcl ho finds kl Impossible lo believe that Elsenhow- er would nppear oil the same pint- form with McCarthy because of tlie lather's attack ort Gen. George C, Marshall, who helped Eisenhower attain his Jive-star general's rank. The Oklahoma senator noted thut In a Scnnte speech McCiii'thy had accused Marshall of pnrtlcl- "a conspiracy of Infniniy IhnL when it Is finally author of this attack upon a great American. Gen. Kivr-iilniwer knows better than anyone else of Gen t;ruai s'• i*v ift; ami pu-, I triotism to his country." Monroney said "inert: .silence on Gen. Elsenhower's purt will nol absolve him front responsibility for Sen. MundL's remarks." Mundt, a member of the Republican Senatorial Campaign Com- mlttee. said he assumed McCarthy will be rcnomlnatcd and when he is Eisenhower. If invited, will so Into Wisconsin and give him his "active support. 1 ' "Gen. Eisenhower has said he Is not going to dipe\is:> his philosophies in terms of personalities," Mil mil Pftld. "He is a Republican n ml. the people of every state are going lo nominate their own choice n a they .should under the American doctrine and he will support the us the last straggler of remnants of (he occupation arm; i u'as discovered living with an agod | Burmese couple near here. S Police brought the man to H hospital after he hnO licen severely knifed by villagers during a quarrel ovor a lottery prize. He saEd IT did the couple's farming, fishing weaving, wood-chopping and other odd Jobs, 'Jolly Roger' Is Hauled Down for Young Pirates PITTSFIELD, Mass. In'i — No more will (he little "pirate" band sail the Housatonic River after booty. Their Jolly roeer was hauled down ton-,. h v landlubbers — with police. And blame It nil on Informers. .13 "informers" were residents of Wahcomah Street, who wondered where their vegetables were disappearing . to. Police posted a guard on the gardens and this is what he saw lost night: Five youngsters, the oldest about 12, sailed down the river In a Vote to 'Blue Byes' on Photo Sends Blonde Back to Jail made rait. They beached the craft, loaded it with vegetables and then put out on the water again. Bible Translation Done SYDNEY, Australia r/!>> — The British ninl Forcisn Bible Society will soon publish a translation of the complete Bible by a group of comparatively uneducated Solomon Islnnd unlives. Tlie translation. Into Ulcsashi, a language spokpn by thousands of natives who live, oti islands Kiirro'indirus the Marovo Lafoon m the Western Solomons, hns Ijcen made by three Seventh Day Adventlst nallvn teachers and an Australian Adventtst missionary. Wheeling 'audience In a speech on Feb. 9, 1050. that he a list of 205 persons "known to the secretary of state Dean Achcson as being members of the Communist party and who nevertheless are slill working and shaping policy in Ihc Stale Department." Beaton's lav,'yers called fmir news and ratlin men to the Wheeling hearing in an announced effort to show that McCarthy did make that statement in the 1050 speech. LOS ANGELES VT>— A reveal- Ing photo, a lipstick Imprint on the back, and a note to "blue eyes" have sent Mrs. Virginia LeTourneau, 28, back to jail. Mrs. LeTourneati, the ulond divorcee who admitted talcing a boy 11 years her junior on a 10,000 mile trip, tried to get a juvenile hall Jailer to take the picture and the note to the boy, Jimmy Slier- win, 17. The photo was o( Mrs. LeTourneau in a sundress. Written OH the back of It was. "I love you. So sweet." A lipstick imprint was nearby. The note read: "Darling, hold mor* out. I love you, Jimmy, every day. Don't let anyone tell you different . . . Lite without you Is terrible. I love you, blut eyes." Superior Judge William B. Nee- Icy took one look at the photo and note and ordered Mrs. LeTourneau back to jail. She had been at liberty on $1,000 bail pending a probation hearing after she pleaded guilty to contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Juvenile authorities had Indicated they would release Jimmy if he and the blond mother of n 12-year-old son agreed not to see each other again. Now they weren't so sure. In black team, as the team support . Mundt noted that (he Republican party is composed of varying opinions, adding that ELsenhov/er may agree views. "Certainly some of McCarthy's finds himself In agreement (hat he is a Republican like the rest of us and If McCarthy wins ttic nomination J .n Wisconsin, as seems Indicated, why certainly he will bo a part of the team/' Muudt said. Tiie South Dakota senator said Eisenhower's policy will be to support all parly nominees. Brooms Used To Beat Heat DALLAS (/Pj — Quick - wilted housewives wielding brooms beat the drought yesterday—temporarily, at least , A utility comptrny crew drilled into n water main and water rushed into a boulevard. But did nil of the precious water go to waste? Not on your life. Neighborhood housewives grabbed Little Rock Sets National Safety Record LITTLE ROCK W) — A nalio! rerord for consecutive days with- ort a traffic fatality was established by this capital city yesterday. At midnight last niuht, Liltle Hock completed KO diu'S without a traffic death, passing the old record for cities of more than 100.000 pjpi'lniioil of 3M days set in 1848 by Hartford, Conn. Jumpy police answered seven accident calls la<;t night as the deadline for the record neiired. But outg- one involved an Injury—19-year- oltl Jerry V. Conatse "fell off :ris motor scooter and suffered a minor Iffi injury. Capt, L. V. Withersnoon. head of the Llltlc Rock Traffic Bureau, said n muit; responsible altilude on the part of teen-a?e drivers deserved much of Ihe credit for the record. Missouri State Fair Operates Again Despite Storm Damage SEDAL1A liT) — There still was some wreckage visible, but the Missouri State Fair was operating at almost full blast today in a remarkable comeback from Thursday's tornado damage. In fact, members of the Cetlin- Wilson Carnival staff had 10 per cent of the midway concessions back in business for Thursday night's crowd of 21,119 persons. Today's program v:as moving alonsi as scheduled. .The only exception was the cancellation of the Grand Circuit harness races because of the muddy track. The tractor rodeo was being staged in the coliseum this morn- Ing Instead of on the track for the same reason. The livestock tenis were up. Debris was cleared from the roads and streets on the fairgrounds. Damaged exhibits were patched up. A transplanted MKsourian, Dr. Forrest C. (Phogl Alien. University of Kansas basketball coach, praised (be spirit of the fair association when he was introduced to the crowd Thursday night as a new member of the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame. Woman Turns Bandit Away DAYTON, O. (IP,— "Give me $60. My wife is desperately III," Ihe arm- Harriman Out Of 'Senate Race' NEW YORK (Jf t ~~ Avercll Harriman has accepted the chairman* J ship of the Democratic Party's New York State Convention here next week find withdrawn as a senatorial possibility. Harriman announced his decision ', yesterday, after Democratic State cd bandit ,aid as he entered Mrs.! chnirnmn Paul E. Fitzpatrick mad. Virginia Mercer s dry cleaning shop | pub|lc a letter asking Harriman t« Elephants Stampeded SINGAPORE f/n — R.A.F, bombings of Communist Jungle hitleonls have sent wilt! elephants stampeding into cultivated areas, the Ma-1 year-old woman defiantly replied, (candidate for U. S, senator from public a letter asking j preside at the convention. .At the convention, on Aug. 28, have sent \viltl elephants stamped-i money as much as you do," the 32-j the Democrats will choose their yesterday. ,"Ga ahead and shoot. I need the bronms and brlsfcW swept water -—--—— tnyan Rnvernment teports. It worked. The bandit fled. New York. from lawns. the street onto parched Longyearbyen. admin istrative capital of Spitsbergen, was named for John M. Longyenr, a Boston- Ian. ON (oleman <£' iu. „ Wonderful Wonderful Drive it Yourself! There's only one way to really feel the thrill of HsntU1n>t nne of live most spectacular performers on the road, i'oinc In today ami drhek\cnrself. Then listen lo our JcM nnd liml out how ainazirifily easy It is to own this wonderful 1952 routine 1 Dollar i««'l>ollai- you carit l>cat a A Great General Motors Value! No car offers you more for your money— In power, performance nnd economy—than the beautiful 1952 Pontiac. Potitiac Is the lowest-priced straight-eight In America. Pontiac Is the lowest-priced cnr with Dual-Range Hydra-Matte Drive*—the transmission that puts more sheer ease into driving than you ever thought possible. And with Tontine's new economy rear axle cutting engine revolutions up to .iO%, this is the thriftiest Pontiuc ever built! Come on In and ftct the figures—they all vuiil uii to one conclusion: You just can't buy more driving pleasure! 'ut>imnain< ana m<i. NOBLE GILL PONTIAC, Inc. 5th & Walnut Blythcville, Ark. AUTOMATIC OIL FLOOR FURNACES LOW DOWN PAYMENT NOW A FAMOUS COLEMAN CAN BE INSTALLED $ in your home for AS LOW AS MONTHS TO PAY EASY FHA TERMS DUAL WALL MODEL flTSINIHE FIOOR- TAKES NO SPACE Heats adjoining rooms at same time. Fils easily beneath wall or partition. No air duels or basement needed— no major alterations. Gives a complete change of warm air 3 to 5 times an hour. A complete, trouble-free furnace—needs no watching or tending. Built with Coleman quality in performance ami low-cost operation. FLAT REGISTER MODEL Lies (lii?li wilh the floor, takes no space. You gel dependable Coleman performance wilb these Colematt exclnsivcs —Low Draft Burner—Streamlined Bottom lo speed air flow—Automatic Fuel Control Valve. Automatic temperature controls available. Gives complete warm air circulation. COME IN AND SEE THESE HEATERS COMfOST COSTS to tune WITH A Cmm. AMERICA'S LfADFR IN KOMf HE ATI NO WIN A COLEMAN FLOOR FURNACE! Nothing to buyl Nothing to do! One 30,000-BTU Oil Floor Furnace big cnmtgh to heal 2 to A room*—five n free to lucky winner! CorUejt on now! Come in today and rcgiiter! ChaS. S. Lemons, Furniture Smart Furniture Moderately Priced

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