The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 2, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 2, 1931
Page 6
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ULVTHKVILLK. f.AKK.) COUIUIW NKWS SUITE! TITLE CTEELE > III Line For Grunt Cr*wn /Brauchev Predicts Trans- i;.,j.fer of Mat Cro\vn; Re- "'::"vival lo Wane. Soon. "*";'. EDITOR'S NOTE: This Is llic • Li&t 'of a scrips rf six afliclfs on '..the mcdmi wrestling revival, and _-•,11 discuses tl:s probable fullirr - «f Iht mat p;imr ns it K foc-in-; \, Bundled today. ; BV WILLIAM BllAVCIIKK " . NEA Service Sport? Killlor '.y- NEW YORK.—WrcsthiiK com?? rand goes. Revivals even gnatr;- .\th'an the current upturn have h-en j seen in the past. And each c '.ends with a no'.e of disgust. .': .Wrestling prosiierl'.y wll 1 !:i:ii \ •.just so long. Eventually the wrest- | Jers.slny themsElves by their '• cleverness. When things reach thr ;stage of being "too good"—such M: the Go'.ch-HackciiEe'rmlut i;>3lrt> -'••In Chicago '20 years agD. a match That grossed a gate of SUt.O'JV '.'.wrestling Jails into a swill decline. ,'"'•".''Tills year is nothing to get ex..- cited about." Jnck Guilty, who _ books a set of pachyderms onl o( -New York and who stages ihe blc •; shows here, told me the other day. ;~ "It will pass. Wrestling always has been on in-and-out sport. Tiieie revivals come in cycles of cve:y live .or six years. Then com™ the lean seasons. It has been that way as .long as I can remember, and I . -have been promoting for -10 years." .i r The fan never kno-.vs when lie 1= • • seeing n square wrestling match. .'•Tfce same condition recently cam" into boxing. Most of the lights not . only have been "in the bug" dur- ;'ing the last few years but have been -'.poor exhibitions in (he bargain. -Wrestling, even if most of the .; '(matches arc • alleged hippodrome, $»S;sped the renunciation of box- Vtog by appealing with slashing dra- i-rM, with big bodies spinning thru .; !thc :alr in onslaughts crude and vfjerce enough to understand, -'•"jhere Is bound to be hip|>odro:n- : ,"ing while the wrestling world Is divided among so few men. Jack Cur- : ley heads one league of rjrapp .Paul Bowser and Billy Sandoiv the chieftains of another set of ^champions. Too ninny men nr : ' working for the same employer t 1 ' ^iriake any of the matches wttlilr ;._ the league, dq-or-die struggles '• These men are 'maneuvered about as so many elephants building an ' ancient temple to some Egyptlni .;. deity. "; Day after day naw, Ihe res 1 ..of matches' in tlie principal : '-.are being prlukd. Th? \rrc5tUn°r .fan;-after seeing a few of these. : kirns what It fs all about. He reads i that Londo; has Just thrown f&- -• harias in Si. Louis. Well, well, and 'just a week or two ago he saw Lon- .'"jlos throw Zahartas in Cleveland. "Repetition of stunts within each of .the big leagues soon palls upon the paying clientele. Even trie tr.cst avid action loses its charm wl:en tinged by the suspicion that it ta been rehearsed. Years ago when Paul Bowser, the big shot, of New England wrestling, .was getting his start in Boston, he SEVENTEEN 1ST Tl'KSIJAY, -IliNK '>, BRUSHING UP SPORTS Laufer Veteran Bad Man Opposes Local Light heavy Tonight Dummy McKinncy, denial bar- 1 In ihe temi-windup Kid I'rltch- r'ci'-lo youthful !l«ht lu-nvvwclqlil nrd, Sleele. Mo. youth who has icpcs. will stand beuiwn Bin boy t>ren Iw-ilnf! over a period of 5.-v- Blnnchnril. lanky lilylhcville boy. oral year.i at infrcqiiaiu Intervals. ind .'.Mf-conndencc in the Irnther will miTt tin- veteran Joe Snlu. islihy r.ickul. a I the Armory to-. i\r^nnhi.s IMiiwelaht. Unless Sala "'''- ' 1 Is wnlkins; r.u his lu-els by now, (he Net tlml Ulanchnrd will jump Memnhis velr-ran slinuld win over Into the spollisht over nlslit If he. the Missouri Ijoy. Prllclinvil won beats tlie veteran [I cause of Coueland's pcur condition niul incxpu:'i™ce. Sain is not likely , M - Chjppel 18) three and one. easy problem. limit placed on KcKlimcy but technical knockout over Sam Cone- l.lw local piiBllist will overcome his i land here last week, mainly net jinx if he disuose'; of tli? icmtjh Misslssinnl nnhlcr. ^rcKin- uey, whose reputation far laklng 'em is nncntostlcmcil but who has never been credited with a punch. knocked out Bhinchnrd about liiree monlhs ago niul (he lanky une Is anxious to remove lha( smear from ills record. McKinncy will lie remembered hy Icral rlr'j ivnrmr. as the "bud man." who pave Stanley McHae, Lusora kncekoul .arllst, such nn iincom- J. L. Guard, Last Year's Winner. Eliminated at Star! o( Handicap Golf Sovc-istr?!! of 43 matches in the round nf Ihe annual spring li:nulici\p toinnamciU of (he Jlly- thcvillc- country rlulj have been All malchi':: of (he initial round lire to' fc.? played by Sundiiy June 7(li. J. L. Guard, last, yeav's handicap tourney winner, was defeated by .rolln Waterman in the opening rcuiul. seven lip and nve to KO. I3oth Inid handicap ratings of eight ub. Clifford CnvlU. on? ol tile iiiK slurs of the club, was ell- tijil by Kernard Gooch, one up. Cavilt liad a handicap ratlnj of two .strokes and Gooch four.' The elimination of John I.eiiti. who has been playing us the rank- inn m-mber of the Ul.vth.?vlllc eari i:i interclub tourneys, by-E. A. Lyncli was probably the outstanding result of the mutches al- itiicly finished. Both Lcnll and *'ere ijlven handicap ratings of two stroki-w. Lynch won, (luxe up and two to no. Eighteen holes ol match play arc reiinired for each round of the tournament. The player with the -5.I- handicap rntlni; is allowed Ihe difference in strokes between '•'•< nx'iiiT null tlml of his opponent. Member. 1 ! of what is generally recognized as the first night of i;olf.?rs have handicap ratings of two slinkm each with Ihe rat- hiij extending up to ten strokes for other players. Results of Ihe matches completed follow: Sum Norris (7) dclcahd Dr. Carl Nles HO), c'yit and seven. H. T. Culp 121 defeated Dr. L. D. Mussev 110), six and five. H. F. Klrslmcr (4) defeated J. L. Van Aiisdnlc IS), six and llvs. Marsh Cnlluway (5) defeated L. rorlab\> evening here lust summer. Lambert may breeze through to McUne finalls- eked out n decision over the Mississippi dcnf unite. Dili Dynamite Stanley was plainly perturbed when Mcklnney kepi mils Ilnm "' m 3 "I 1 h' 0 '" "'» cnnvnss and iticq wading in for more action. When MriClivney's optimism discourages a puncher like McRnc Ihe effect e-f h!s uiulaiintcd courage upon young Blanclmrd is nt least very much a matter of conjecture. They nre scheduled for eight rounds or !e.-vs. O. b. Lintzcnich (4) defeated n. L. Bannister 14) six nnd five. R. N. Ware. Jr. t<l> detenled C. M. Buck (5), two nnd one. J. A. Waterman (8( defeated ,1. L. Ciiinrcl (8). seven and five, five. Krnrst Hoe <4> defeated Chas Lemons (7) six and five. G. G. Ilubbard (10) defeated Curtis J. Little (10), two nnd one John Snyder (9) defeated U. S four Branson (G). one up. Jeff Roland O) defeated J. J Daly <10). sis nnd lour. E. L. Elktns (10) defaulted to J. .'\. I.?ech (10). . James Driver <3) defaulted to more or less unknown i c. R. Babcrxik (G). Clayton stumbled ' thrul Bernard Gooch 14) defeated to provo Eneh Six rounds is U 1 .? thr? seml-vvlndiip. Tom Dye Sraton. a I.iixorau seal- ins; so:newhrrc around HO ixiunds, ^'111 face Nolan l.atubcrl, glove slinging local bay. Seatcn is reputed lo l:^ a puncher \vhllc Lnm- liert can linrdly be iilacrd in that cfilai$ory. ITowever If Seaton is easily upset by u flurry of "loves. win. They are down for •ounds. Arnold Clayton and Young Stevens of Steelc, Mo., welters, nre to| mei-i in . smellier four rounder, i Eclh nre amounts. LEGS; OTHER JE IE Sun Shines !n St. Louis While Rams Knop Contenders Inside. The chn>vi)i:o:i a:id pace-sett ins Curriinab of tin- National league won the mily same played ill the majors yesterday. Cold '.veathei 1 cai.vd poslpontim-iv. of the only otho: 1 National league same and two American league sanies w;: 1 '.' ralnsd out. The Cincinnati lied 1 ! \vr-rc I'nc victims ol the Cardinals in 12 in- iiins.:. G lo 5. A single by Adam: pushed Wlkon acres 1 ; v.'iih ti'.c win- nin;/ run. Hallahan was the win- nine pitcher although Kaufman pitched almost nine innings ?. n d P.licm finished the game, Bcnton n^ the losing liurler. Ci:ik iiondrid:. Cincinnati first Ginsn, bought from Brooklyn, hit .safely in five times at bat. Louisiana Track Meet Plan for 1932 Ready BATON ROUGE. La. lUP> — Plans for an A!l-f.onL>ifln;i Collegiate Tract Meet in 1932 are nearly complete. Uuss Cohen, director cf athletic; at Louisiana Siale Uni| vcr.sity. announced. According to present plans the meet will be ,a two-day attain with preliminaries on Friday. April 29, and finals Saturday. April 30. Tulane. L. S. U.. Loyola. Cente- nniy. Louisiana Normal, Louisiana Tech. and So>.i!h\vcstern Louisiana institute will all be represented. llead Courier News want nds. Red Sox To Play Indians four rounds with Lambert here last week. The show Is scheduled to open at (i o'clock. Clifford Cnviit (21, one up. B. A. Lynch m dcfented J. enti (2), three and two. Junior Flight- Leo Lintxenlcli won by default oin Roberl Baxter. orlefeS to throw anybody in the bouse. Sometimes a woman would 'come up out of the nudieuce to do battle with him. The • action was spirited and all that, the lady glv- -ing the gentleman nil he csnld do :to master her. but after the customers learned that Cora Livingston, the wrcstierette, was Mrs. PaTil . Bowser, enthusiasm for the skit •lost much of lls savor. Recently Bowser was manager of Birmingham ' Wreck; Pebskllc. j . . ! Most golfcrr. know thai to hit a The Barons, us itsiml ended on successful golf shot it Is nccjssary top again yesterday. The Crackers to bring the club into the ball from also won but the Birmingham ag- j the inside. To accomplish this, the gregatien continues to lead the Southern by several laps. The Chattanooga Lookouts were the victims of the naraub! attack. The Barons cot 10 hits and used ! Don George and had a finger in i thcm n! m:clal moments to cou-.i! j jiVnKlo the. till of many fat houses Ironi 1 * 11 8 !0 ~ viclo; '5'- Walkup was no', 11 Of US coast to coast. His friend BSIly San-' sccrc<! l:non un:il ll!c n!l111 ' v;hon i-TO dow, manager of Strnngler Lewls| tllt! L -t> 1:mlts U 0 '- a l ra!r of run?. JTIB ' has been a power in wrestling" for' ^ r ° ore , Baron ccnlw(i;lder. hit a 11 0_£Oil years. ' It has been said before in th?s» .articles that changes are due in the The Crackers roused from their • baiting slump to pound out 1C hits | championships of the big leagues, toff two Nashville hitrlerr. and trl- Kay Slcele j s beinp groomed for the iinuph. 13 to 1. Buddy llearn seat- | crown in Jack Curley's oiganizs- jlcrert the Vols' nine hits. Shirley.; tlon. Joe Eavoldi Is expected J [o win 'Hcatn and I..imo!l? oi tli^ the title in the Bowser-Slindow I cl ' s crashed out homers. The cram? elreiiit. [was played imdcr the acl lights, Will these two men meet? Well ' i not -just now. ' I : That would be a "world series" i STANDINGS | between the two lea7U;s an-t ill < would be stascd only if a gate of at-least 1 $100,000 could be assured '- The-time Is not yet ripe lor such »n'enterprise. CUX&10 THE BOW- Southern I.ra W. DID YOU KNOW THAT— ' Churchill Downs must hold an "-V'ecial charm for Twenty Grand . . . as a two-year-old to Grand set a mile record here at } :36 . . . and this rear set a new Derby .mark for Ac mile nnd a quarter, 2:01 4-5 . the fastest time on record for the Derby distance is 2:00, macfe by Whlskbroom II at Belmont ... but trainers and followers of thoroughbreds generally do. not credit the Whiskbroom mark ... It was made in 1913 when the horse was years old and carrying 13D pounds . . . Sarazcn, however 1 holds an edge on Twenty Grand . . . carrying 124 pounds •in the. International Special a "" tprila in the fall of 1924, rac- liig against Eplnard, Mad Play Princess Doreen and others Oaraien ran the mile nnd Birmingham 34 Memphis 24 Little Rock 22 Chattanooga 23 Nev,- Orleans 22 Atlnnta 21 Nashville 19 26 Mobile 13. 29 P,-t .W4 .522 .512 .509 .-132 .353 JO. ©UErv right elbow must be held the body during the swing. Tomm Armour attributes much of his sue ccs.- to this simple fundamental. Should the elbow wander awa the righl hand is almost rure ' have tco much control, fram the outside nnd culling aero;,; the ball. 1 If the player will concentrate en this particular duty, many of Ihe I; r.d.imenlnls of the ^c'.l s\v:n will automatically follow. The Osceola . Indians and tile Elytheville Retl Sox, semi-pro rivals of Mississippi county, will meet a Osceola Sunday afternoon, John Smith, business manager of the local ciub, announced today. The Ojceola team defeated the 'Hose in the first game ol the season here several iveeks ago. incidentally starling the local off on n f'™ game losing streak which was only broken last Sunday. Reinforcements have strengthen-1 'ed Ihe Hose considerably in the last P. i week mid If the Sox can muster their .full power a goid game U in prospect. Courier News Want Ads Pay. Tiicpdny-Wednesday Thursday 'Sho! Sho! - - We's On I he Screen - - RITZ THEATER Tuesday. Wednesday and . Thursday Javeat NATIONAL Coin A Nation-wide Denionsirdiionof Cotton Styles and fabrics: "Wizard" Sheets 81 x 90 Washington 24 New York 22 Cleveland 20 Chicago 17 Detroit 18 St. Louis 13 Boston \\ League W. L. ... 28 10 16 16 20 21 26 National Lcagrue \V. Et. Louis' 24 New York 24 Chicago 21 Boston I!) Philadelphia 18 BrooiVjn 18 Pittsburgh n Cincinnati 9 25 Golfer's Slice Brings 737 Him Into Law's Toils .600 • .579 COLUMBUS, 0. (UP)--A gi:v.c of .500 COlf caused Jack O. Jmie.- :c> be .447 bound over to the Franklin c.\:n- .4CQ ty grand Jury on a charje of :r,^- .311 passing. .359, Jonc Mvas playing on ,\ b:n; ' course when he knocked ;i b.ill ! into the farm of William !i:r:l. When he attempted to retrieve :!',c bail. Bird allegedly clus;;l him nwny. Later Jorjes was arrested .111 died before a .n:sUce ot ilie ix.i. He waived exAinlnatWi and -.\. held to the jury on $M l»:i.-!. SamTaylprJr kiKi Cases 42 x 36 14* , If you want really good strv. ice 31 an unusually low price, here .ire the sheets and caset to buy. Sizes before hemming. "Silver Moon" Muslin Nainsook Finish iTard 'A fine count, fine yarn mujlin, for many household use).' Bleached and full 36 inches •wide. Also 39 indies wide un- .bleichcd. • Very low price for this quality. • Absolutely Tub-fasti Sheer Printed Cotton Dresses The smartest styles . . . o.-st r:ltcrbls we've ever offcr^U Jt fipjli a low price! Voiles, hwus, h:::istcs. Complete "Nation-Wide" 81x99 SHEETS 87' A popular tize and a firm, sub- ttantul quality that will wear and weir. A bij vilut it thii price. Sheer Dresses Sizes 1 to 6 Sizes 7 to 14 Adorably cool and dainty cotton dresses for summer . . . flower prints and dots . . . short sleeved or sleeveless . . . tiibfast ... at n very small price! Pet. .667 .583 Joy Gloom-Kcgusted World in I.augh Show of thi> Sue Cavol Irene Rich in ALL-STAR CAST Also Comedy and Cartoon, Aiini.—Matinee and Xi;;iu_ 10 niul 35c. .474 .402 .435, .2251 Kead Courier News want Coining — Low "IKON' MAN". Mary Plckford in the most amazing role of her career, itcre is Etnan. modern, uproarious entertainment with the greatest of stars playing a dynamic HUlc- madcap bent on »-;nnlr j her man. Also Comedy and News. Adtn.—Matinee—10 rmd 30c. Night—15 and 40c. • Coming—Lewis Stone in "AI,\VAYS . GOOpRYR". Ayrcs in Coming- — William Powell in "LADIES MAN"'. Cotton Pafamas One and T»o- Piccc Styles 1.98 Altraclive, colorful and practical .. . (Mjarnas to work in, to sleep i:i ami lo play in. Made c< fine lubt'ast cottons. S«mmer Designs in "Avenue" Prints The Same Quality That Sold a Year Ago for 17c Yd. Now Td. A fine count, smooth-finish percale >l a very tubstantial wv- ing. The new pattern; are especially colorful Tub l^sl bid 3$ indict wHck J. C. Penney Co. Inc. DEPARTMENT * STORE 220-222 W Alain St. Hlytheville. Ark.

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