Daily News from New York, New York on August 21, 1977 · 242
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Daily News from New York, New York · 242

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 21, 1977
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DAILYeNEVVS " r , TJ I'll IPf "HPT XX? V. ;) August 21-27 I fiw-JT-r: VfN t-r&?K tr-hi v si-...-;-. 1 . iict ? VM-f tJV- Su,lyon JackJonel Ptr O'Toola (I.) and Anthony Qulnn TODAY MORNING 6:30 5 Rev. Cleophus Robinson. 7:00 2 Way Out Games. 5 Wonder Window; Don Mueller. 7 Faith for Today. 8 Turning Point. 11 Christopher Coseup. 68 James Wade. Religion. 7:15 1 1 Davey and Goliath. 7:30 2 Far Out Space Nuts. 3 Arthur and Company. 4 Library Lions. 5 Yogi Bear Cartoons. . 7 This Is the Life. 8 Worship for Shuts-ins. 9 The Christophers. 1 1 Oral Roberts and You. 8:00 2 Mario and the Magic Movie Machine. 4 4-H in the City. 5 WONDERAMA; Bob McAllister, host. Arthur Ashe, others. 7 Davey and Goliath. 8 Religious Program. 9 Agape. Religion. 1 1 Chan and the Chan Clan. 13 SESAME STREET. 68 Jimmy Swaggart. Religion. 8:30 3 My Neighbor's Religion. 4 Maryknoll World. 7 Come Along With; "Sitting Bull." 8 Insight. Religion. 9 Day of Discovery. 1 1 Funky Phantom Cartoons. 68 Leroy Jenkins. Religion. 8:45 4 Your Sunday Best 9:00 2 Channel 2 the People. 3 Villa Alegre. 4 TV Sunday School.. ' 7 Christopher Closeup. 8 New Day. 9 Oral Roberts and You. 1 1 Penelope Pitstop Cartoons. 13,25 Mister Rogers. 63 Jesus Is the Answer. 9:15 4 The Jewish Scene. 9:30 2 Way to Go; Ormond Drake. 3 Up Front. 4 Kidswortd; Children's series. 7 ACCENT ON; Bob Lape. tiost. "The Seventh Day Adventlsts" (R). 8 Cartoon Carnival. 9 You Are Why We re Here. 11 Josie and the Pussycats. 13 Carrascolendas. 68 Rev. T. Jones. Religion. . 10:00 2 MARSHALL EFRON'S SUN DAY SCHOOL; The story of Jonah, the conversion of Saul (R). 3 Barrio. 4 HERE AND NOW; Joe Mich aels, host. 7 Insight. Religion. 9 SUNDAY MASS; Rev. James L. Tahaney. 11 Dastardly and Muttley. 13 Big Blue Marble. 25 Electric Company. 68 The Story. 10:30 3 Best of This Morning. 4 SUNDAY; Marclarose. host. Stephanie Mills, Arnold Newman, Eric Segal (R). 7 Junior Almost Anything Goes; Soupy Saies, host Point of View. Discussion. 9 11 Wacky Races Cartoons. 1 3 Studio See. Children's series. 25 Rebop. Children's series. 68 The Back Yard. 11:00 2 CAMERA THREE; "Mozart Under a Microscope" (R). 5 Flintstones Cartoon. 7,8 Adventures of Gilligan. 9 Rex Humbard. Religion. 1 1 Superman; George Reeves. 13 ELECTRIC COMPANY. 25 Once Upon a Classic. 41 Encuentro. 47 Vision From Asia. 68 Wall Street Perspective. 11:30 2, 3 FACE THE NATION. 4 FIRST ESTATE: RELIGION IN REVIEW; Russell Barber, host. Segments include ' Christian Coptic Pope," "Ethical Wills" and "Flowers With Care " (R). 7, 8 Animals. Animals. Animals. 11 Movie; "The Naughty Nineties, Abbott and Costelio. 13 Zoom. Children s series. 68 Jewish-American Program. AFTERNOON 12:00 2 NEWSMAKERS. 3 Face the State. 4 THE HEALTH FIELD; Frank and Pamela Field, hosts. "K!d-. ney and Bladder Stones'' (R;. 5 Movie; "Neath Brooklyn Bndce," Bo vary Boys. 7, 8 ISSUES AND ANSWERS. 9 Rooert Schuller. Religion. 13 BlacK Perspective on the News. 41 Domingo a Domingo. 68 German Program. 12:30 2 PUBLIC HEARING; Rep. Bonla-mln Rosenthal (D-N.Y.), Rep. Ronald Sarasln (R-Conn.). 3 Call It Macaroni. 4 MEET THE PRESS; Sens. Strom Thurmond (R-S.C.) and Jesse Helms (R-N.C). 7 LIKE IT IS; Gil Noble, host. Interview with Betty Shabazz, wife of the late Malcolm X (R). 13 Realidades. 1:00 2.3 EXHIBITION PRO FOOTBALL; BENGALS-LIONS. 4 Journey to Adventure. 5 Movie; "Force of Arms," Wiiliam Holden, Nancy Olson. Young lieutenant finds and falls in love with a WAC in Italy during WW II Connecticut .Seen. Movie; "The Mad Doctor of Market Street" Lionel Atwiil. Shipwreck victims on a Pacific is'aod are menaced by a rrad scientist. 11 EXHIBITION PRO FOOTBALL; GIANTS-CHARGERS (Taped) FIRING LINE WITH WILLIAM F. 13 BUCKLEY; "What Have We Learned From the Failure of British Socialism?" Maragret Thatcher. 47 Greek Show. 68 Poiish Program. 1:30 4 ISSUES IN THE JEWISH EX PERIENCE; "Judaism and Christianity." Franklin H Llttelt. 7 DIRECTIONS; "Angels of Serrs Center. Focuses on how men tally retarded adults can lead useful lives (R;. 8 Eighth Day. 2:00 4 MAGNIFICAT MARY'S SONG OF LIBERATION; Biography of Mary, mother of Jesus, and her reflection in music and art over thecentunes (P). 7 NEWS CONFERENCE. 8 Movie; "The Family Jewels," Jerry Lewis. 9 BASEBALL; METS-REDS. 13 GRAND PRIX TENNIS: SUMMER TOUR; Live coverage of the semi-final rourd of play of the Canadian Open from York University In Toronto. 47 Aver. Hoy, Manana. 68 World of Pentacost 2:30 7 Movie Documen'ary; "The Gold en Breed " Follows the top 26 surfers of wofd as they ride giant waves, race motorcycles and skydive. 67 Ponenggio Itl'ano. 68 Vartey Chapel Show. 3.C0 NORTH AMERICAN LEAGUE SOCCER PLAYOFF GAME; Teams to be amounted. Movie; "Flight Rom Ashtya," Yul Brvnrer. S;r of m .::arv atr-ssa ! 4 rescue oaera; ons n WW i I 68 Haosy Hunters. 3 30 Movie: "Ve N-ght Wa'ker," Rob-e-t Taylor. Ba-cara Stanwyck. A weaithv w;dow, whose b-G husband died in an explocn. sets out to solve the mystery behind it 11 21 Play Bridge W-h the E'cpets. 68 Ray Ve ez. He: g on. 4:00 2,3 WESTCHESTER CCLF CLASSIC; Livs coverage of the final round of play f'om Wastchester Country Cub. Rye, NY. 7 THE RACERS; "Long Beaeh Motorcycle Grand Pflx." 21 Washington Weak in Review. 41 Knockout 68 Jack Bi'by s Talent Show. 4:30 7 Movie Documentary; "To Find a Rainbow." Adventure d'ama about a Utah famity and the togetherness they share in the Teton Mountains of Wyorrwng. 9 GREATEST SPORTS LEGENDS; -Dick Water 21 Wall Street Week. 68 Jerry Falwetl. Re'igion. 5:00 4 LAST OF THE WILD; 'Balanca of Life" (R). 5 M ssion: Impossible. 9 Ara s Sports World 1 1 MOVIE; THE FLOWER DRUM SONG," Nancy Kwan, Mlyoshl Umekl. No great songs, but ls-tenaote score and good choreography (1 962). 21 Once Upon a Classic. 31 PtccacHy Circus. 41 S'smp-e en Domingo. 47 Yo Soy el Gaiio. 5:30 4 POSITIVELY BLACK; Gustav Henlnburg, Carol Jenkins, hosts. "Health Fair" (R). 9 Celebrity Bowling. 21 Gupp"es to Grourjers. 68 Rev. Eoest Angiey. Religion. EVENING 6:00 2 News, Sports. Weafrer. 3 News Spots. Weather. 5 MOVIE; "BLUE HAWAII." Ehrls Presley, Joan Blackman. Agreeable Presiey vehicle has him as a returning sc.dier wok;rg withatounst agency (1961). 7 News. Spots, Weather. 9 Movie; The Ravine." Dav;d McCallum. Passable WW II drama. 21 Consumer Survival K t 47 ShowTi-re. 6.15 1 3 French Ctief : Jufta Child. 6:30 2. 3 News Morton Dean. 4 News. Spots. Weaker. 21 Long ls'aid 'Ward. 63 Jacobs B'Otre's. 6:50 13 EVENING AT POPS: Tony Ben nett lR). 7.00 2. 3 60 MiNUTES: Mike Wallace, I Dan Rather, McrSey Safer, reporters. j 4 WALT DISNEY SHOW; "Th Horse With the Flying Tail.' Award-w nmrg story of Nadiai. an American cow pony tfat became an mte'naaonai jumping champion (R). 7, 8 Hardy Boys S'ystenes. 21 Natural Zoo Ptog'anh,!. 31 Kups Show: Former U.S. Attorney Genet ai Eawara Lev;. 47 Ja Ja J' J' Jo Jo. 68 Yugoslav Sports 7:30 21 Anyone for Tennysor? 8:00 2 RHO0A; Valerie Harper, Jul Kavner. A case of mistaken identity sends Rhoda off to tal on a Cha-ge o saiictmg (R). Peter OToole, at T.E. Lawrence, and Anthony Ouinn, as the Arab warrior Auda Abu Tayi, head the cast of the Oscar-winning movie, "Lawrence of Arabia," airing on ABC tonight from 8 to midnight. Also starring are Alec Guinness, Omar Sharif, Jack Hawkins, Anther; Q jayle and Claude Rains. The 1 962 movie was directed by David Lean. Singer Jack Jones appears in a dramatic role in "Shark," a segment of NBCs "Police W?man" Tuesday at 9 p.m. Sue Lyon stars in "Smash-Up on Interstate 5," which airs on ABCs Tuesday night at 9. 3 Uncersea Wot d of Jacaues Const eau. 4 MYSTERY MOVIE: McMILLAN; Rock Hudson, Jed Allan. The muroer of a poouiar te evision news ancho-man leads to Mac s dentist IRi 5 LAWRENCE WELK SHOW. 7,8 MOVIE; "LAWRENCE OF ARABIA." Peter OTocle, Oms Sharif, Aiec Guinness. Jack Hawkins, Anthony Quay e. Clauoe Rains. Ejxc Vm specta-c e aea'i-ig w"h a o-asi you"g 3H.si ot-cer wo comes to D a an a most godl'te njie in uniting the 'e-ia-ng Arab tribes into an elective ' gr-tg 'o-ce aca nst Te Tltks cr -g WW 11962) 9 Vwe: A T i-e to Love arJ a T e to D e " John Gav Dra atxut a German sco' s eve a'- ! fa-' d Jing WW II I 11 Pro Par Cari-e Jo-es ! 13 EVENING AT POPS: Itzak I Perma". vioi n vitcso oe-'or ;s Saint-Saens "Rondo Caocco-so" ano Sa'asa'e s 'Gypsy A"s " 21 Age of Unce-.a .nry 31 Upsta rs Dowr-sta -s 47 Los Ciripos O'es y SjS Can cioes 8 30 2 STARLAND VOCAL BAND SHOW; Su-e- r-t-sca -va-e-y semes 11 BASEBALL; YANKEES-RANGERS. 9 00 2 3 MOVIE; "SUPER COtS." Ron Lelbman. Davd Selby. Action-Dacec cr'?ne ara-na devolves a'O-d t0 ycung N,ew York C ty ogee's wno set Out to c ean ud their cr'e-'Jde beat C 974,'. 5 T-.e Hcne. -oo-e 13 MASTERPIECE THEATER: "PoldaK." Te 'eud e,e-Rcss 5z ecw3r :'s to a bazns a3 3-a3tc con:ss' (Part 16;. 9:30 a TJ Vc. e Ctte N3e D a- 3-3 .-ea . c:, - "65 D'Ea 3 sr ?s z-i rc-te-s es Set - R 21 Vv T"ei"3:s" 10:00 5 Ssas S;.:-s .'.aatnt'. 13 "CURTAIN C ALL THE P C L-D ARKS iN PEBSON"; Rcbm Elils. Anghsrad Reea. Se- C aac.es Z'Z :e- d sce-e s mor--3-. pop a se es (Spec: a i 31 B-ck - Co- e;e 10.33 5 SPORTS EXTPA. "3 WODEHOUSE PLAYCL'SE, -A Voice From e Past" v0 jr.-ra" jc rg aisu-a-ice ,n h se errors "i a co'resio-rer'ce sciooi zr z xzo es a soc a Q" 11 DO 2 News. Sd;-:s V,eat-e'. 4 News. Soor Wear. 5 Lvrg Togets'; ' Ma e "pcte-cy" 9 MOVIE; "IN OLD CH'CAGO " Tyrone Pow', Alice Fiy. S'-3', o' 0 Lea-y 'av s "t? wx koed ove t"e at s'ated the 6-; f.-e '-33E;. 4' BOXING. 11 10 ' 3 Moy Pytor t. v g Z z -is n 30 5 DAVID SJSSKlSD SHOW .;-reri- ircuoe Tne ba'e Fars Ato.t 3a-5-sss a-- ' Ge- t" a C'jc.'caies Oj" o voj' "-lof. 11 L 'e o' S y. jacie jieaiD-. 11 45 2 Sse o' me 3c 4 f.'t. e Mrs;-. 1 C 0 St:-a2-D Dav C McCar.JT. RA- e-S 3 bsr-D trs Ge S's ;-t s a Frn-- ce'ey m t" S ' ' ' ' i acie'-j-e 11.50 '3 ATTHETOP, Kerth Jarer, j. 12.00 7 f-?,s Sdos Weae-1 OPEN V.tSD Joel HBntrf. 1250 7 f.'i. e, Anne o -"e es Jea" ete Lac, a -ate css rersnrp ' ; 1 00 9 Ts Aoojt Pctjres 11 SUBURBAN CLOSEUP; Sj&JTban Schoo s: An Overview Ph2 1:20 2 NeAS S3cs Aesfw. 1:30 2 TV o. e Djs ." Deni's Wea.-e- A sac s c t-cx c . e- . s a ceac. ;aT.e :" a nc:y c- a ces?- r g'-v.ay 3 Nes Spots VieeTi-15 t Wo.-e D-c.-erta-, 3-2'. az -e '-eas-e Stc. c" a -v' s sealer 'zi- go z A is- K s-ia 6 anc -e h s a- . j" e-o.-e 3 15 2 iASa-.e-s 3 :33 4 F--s"3"e J j" "e.i. 3.45 2 P-r c-ea--; A 20 2 M;. s ' "a-ra- s - i- '; - G Z ' 2 2 Z".' a 'Z z. " t - " v : " - 2 WCBS 3 V-'fSa 4 V.S'EC 5 Vv'NfvV 7 A'iSC 8 WTN-i 9 WOR 11 vVP.n 1 3 WNf T 2 WLlvV 25 wsrc 3' wC 4i wxr 4 7 wNjJ 68 W'ETB Ouiso--3.r-g p-;-g z-i in Heavy tp (R) Repeat Sar rotirjs oi flv'e are based o" Ns

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