The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 21, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 21, 1952
Page 11
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If AL IOYLI COLUMN- Every Boy Has Chance To Be President, But He Should Be Prepared «*W.Mo!n L* E ,W ?ORK (*>-Every American spojr ha, a chance to grow up to' be ^president of the U. 6. j^ And many a dating mother would I5"« to help her offspring get the fJ°Jf' I "But how?" she «sks herself, de- r»P«lringly. "How can I rear my gboy to be president?" | she knows how to train him lo jDecome a doctor or a mechanic. But {What every mother ought to know Mhe doesn't know-how to train him I" the white House. j And If she sets out unguided she |Can wasie a lot of time and effort, ;6hf might, for example, go to the ^trouble of getting him born in » i os tcabm. when this Is no longer poly necessary. As a matter of the average voter today h jjdownrkht suspicious of a candidate S»-ho was horn in a log cabin. He a "iks that is currying the whole ?1 " 1 -!iiK too far. „ What a iiiic mother can do, how- tever. is to try as much as possible ^to make Junior an alt-America boy jjwho appeals to all sections of the ^country, she might arrange to have I Smm born in the rural area of a bl" i .'nrm state such as Illinois, spend! |hls boyhood in California, and be»!n' E]his career in New York. J Educated in South He should be educated In the ush, say at the- University of grvorth Carolina, and then tnke a law ijdegree from Harvard University. Ms ^vacations should be spent working |»( different Jobs in different states j—on a ranch In Michigan, aboard a Ishrimp boat off Louisiana. j Early In life she should teach pumor how to lalk with his mouth (full of pebbles, how to fish, how to (play some musical Inslrument The ibest one is the tuba, aj every man jsecretly would like to be able to ,blow a tuba. Junior also ought to always have a dog as a pet. to show his love ol animals, and made lo marry a sjirl who likes cats. A wise mother will s<?e that Junior does fairly well in school, but not too well. The voters are uneasy about a candidate who is top intelligent, and contemptuous of one who is too dumb. The careful mother will also be •ware of "The Doctrine of Prophet-i» Ic Remarks." This li the theory that all presidents, even «s boys, foresaw the gr»ve problems of the future. Where te PirlcT As fhe biggest problem likely to face most Americans in the next generation Is where to park their motor car. the thoughtful mother could well have Junior as a lisping lad of fli-e, look at a traffic Jam and repeat after her: "Some day I am going to strike a real blow at all this." This will make a wonderful anecdote for his campaign biography. Now all the mother must do before launching Junior Into politics is to have him enlist for three years as an army private, then finance him in a small but successful business that makes a motiest profit and aives Us employes nine weeks vaaction a year and a bonus at Christmas. How can Junior escape the presidency now? Everybody will love him —f^hermen, farmers, laborers, can- italists. war veterans, cat fanciers ring collectors, hobbyists. Easterners Westerners, Northerners, Southerners. No. there is one thing more. Junior will have to learn how to cook. It's manly today. And no housewife is likelv to vote lo send a man to the White House that wouldn't know his way around the kitchen. READS OVER BOTH SHOULDERS-Eddy, In Frankfurt. Germany, has the answer for people who rton'l buy their own newspapers and subsequently have to strain their necks lo read someone else's. Eddy demonslralcs his way on' a park fence. Yep— he's a circus performer. Phone 4591 High Position No Worry OSHAWA, Canadd f/fj — Leslie Loncks. an employee of (he public utilities commission .had the task of painting the city's 79 metal lamp posts, using a none-ioo-stc-ady 20- foot ladder. He said the heiaht didn't bother him; only the thought! that he miirht spill paint on some ! husky pedestrian. | OJ5? GetTep.lim with Iron, Calcium, Vitamin B, Use of Cotton Placed ct-28, Bales Each Day WASHINGTON <.<r,_The Cenrus Bureau reported yesterday cotton consumption for the period of June 29 to Aue. 2 ai r cn»:cd 28,558 bales for each working day. This compared wlm an average 32.003 bales for the corresponding period s year sgo, and with 34.103 for the June period thSs year. Consumption of cotton in the Julv period totaled 692594 bales com'- pared with 708,072 in the July per-: nttded «Tter <0—Itjr tirxllts iacklne Iron: plus Cal rlurn. Vluiuln HI Tnou«Aorts now leel i>?vvt Jears y>ui«»rr. Get OHrei Tnnlc.Tibleis TOT>AV TrlM*ll«eosUHUtr Qt3AVliMONI-;Y — r—'"«"• IU SI. 10 i"1i« CTiItr S&f For till] ftlci^r in loree very ugpular. mfic^j'-savtn!! "Kconoc 151 More Comforf Wearing FALSE TEETH Here Is a pleasant wa? to ovtcnme loose plale dfscojnron, FASTEETH nn Improved powdfr. iprlnkled on upper nnct lower plates tiolct-i them tlrruec FO that they fee] more com/ortrtble. No BUmmy. gooey, pasty taste, or feeling It's alkaline (non-acid). Does nqt snur. Cherks "plnte otlrjr" (denture breRthl CJrt FAETEETH todny »t any drug store iod last year and 695,965 for the Jime period this year. Consumption of lint for the 12- month period ending Aug. 2 totaled 3.133,400 bales and of linters 1.3M.- 361 bales. This compared with lo 054,416 and 1,135,627, respectively.! in the corresponding period a year ago. Housework Easy Without Nagging Backache NsccinpbscJcflrhe.Jojaof pepandcneri^ ho.dachc! anddinlnej, may be d "°to s '„"- d'jwn of kEdnry funcllun. Doctor* ear Rood &k' fc," clto " '" "'"* '"r-nrl^t lo s «>d AesJfh. n hen aomeeverjrlBv condition «uch a» lt»» .nd .train. „„,„ lh[s l ral>o ' runl . K ": A .' ml 'J r ions due to cold o 402 W. Main ' C^ Phone 2442 J AUGUST SALE ENDS SATURDAY REG. 1.19 SET CANISTERS 1.00 Set of 4 to store dry foods. White enameled metal, bright with red cherries, r«d covers. Re- siit ruit and chipping. REG. 1.29 PERCOLATOR 1.03 t-«up sit* now at 20% tavlng. Rustproof mirror-finished 22-ga. aluminum. Stay-cool Bakfr- Kt* handle. Snug lid. HEAVY ALUM. FOIL CUT 10% 25-ft. by U-h. re*. Many weu" line porn for broiling, roasting; wrep foods for iforing or looking. Re-u«bt». REO. 1.79 PAD, COVER 1.47 V4-ln. thick cotton pod tlh any Ironing board 15x54-tn. Sonforii.d rnudin cover — olasthC binding for xnootfc fH, SET 4 BOWLS PRICED LOW »-, Heatproof "Jadiie 1 ' glass Bowls you'll IK» daily for mixing, baking, serving, storing. 6, 7, 8 and 9 Inch sizes, REGULAR 1.19 SET 3 PANS Outstanding low pnc» for durable 22-go. afj* minumwarc. Ruif proof, muror-finished. Handy 5 /», 1 and 2-qt. lizes. REG. 1.29 ALUMINUM 1.03 3-qt. French Fryer witfi wire meih basket now at big saving. Strong 22-ga. qualify. Rustproof, mirror-finished; ' REG. 6.98 AUTOMATIC 5.90 Easy to handle. Heart fast, light »hows when Iron reaches heal i«t on fabric dial. Plaitic hart- die. Cord attached. AC WARDS f August Sale 24.95 Best Plastic Seat Covers.... 22.22 1 6.95 Best Fiber Seat Covers 13.-M Reg. 1.89'.Heavyweight Sweatshirt. ..1.67 Reg. 55c T Shirt—combed cotton 42c HURRYr-SALE ENDS SATURDAY BASKETBALL, AND GOAL 4. R«g. 3.49 Sun "44" Basketball — laminated rubber. Official ilie, w». Reg. 1.98 Goal — No. 36 nst_'/i" official rim. 2.39 KIT, PINT VAC. BOTTLE 197 Bottle ke nps |( quM| 2-* hrj., t 00 | 72 hrfc Refl. 2.29 Box-Styl. Ki ' w'tti VS-pt. boftl.. Ideol for fcfnol...|.S| REG. 8.95 COMMANDER 7 . Prlcei lad. «rci. T2-rno. guorantee. An outstanding value ol Ihli «x-^ fra-Iow sole price. Ample power for dependable storli, ordinary driving needs. Fih mosl popular cart. Reg. 1 2.45 Standard Baltery.24-mo. guarantee "-4S REGULAR 49a SPARK PLUG 17 C i O/ tact Guaranteed lo losl ai long and perform as *ell as any original equipment plug made, regardless of price. REG. 69c AUTO MAT SAVER 55 C Protect your car floor mat al point of greatest wear. Easily attached lo accelerator— no holes to drill. Say*. »l8 Sfitr.ionfle red "Jewel 1 reflects /Of fijghl lately. nameled chain gua-d proteth dofhlng. AUGUST BIKE LAY-AWAY SALE Til! Dec. IS Holds bike Reg. 39.95 Hawthorne Standard Bikes 37 83 (No) jhown] Reg. 5 ] .95 "Staled Be om "W e . '.47.88 Reg. 1.85 Air Cushion Biko Tire, 26x2.125".. [.67 Reg. 98c Air Cushion Bike Tube, 26x2.125',.. .67r, PP REG. 2.19 VITALIZED OIL 2-gat. can Prices Incl. Fed. Tai Save — add and change your own oil. Premium groda — faeols many nationally advertised 40c-a-qt. brands. Fights power-robbing sludge, carbon, acids. KEG. 1,49 Five l.qt. cans Vitalized Oil 1.22 T.65 VINYL SEAT COVER 1.47 each low, low priced Vinyl plastic. Slips on in a [iffy—protects car seals (rom wet bathing suils, rood dust, elc. 3 plaids. 98c EXHAUST EXTENSION 76 C Deflects exhaust down — protects carfmish from corrosive gas fumes. Heayfly ^chromed.; fit* al^exbquit pipesj

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