The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 21, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 21, 1952
Page 6
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THURSDAY, ATTST7ST M, Grand Jury to Resume Probe Of 'Bishop Furlough Case' WTTU5 ROCK MH — Th« Pulaskl County Grand Jury will resume KB investigation Frldny Into charges by killer Twck Bishop that h« purchased his freedom from nn Arkansas penitentiary for »1,500. Prosecutor Tom Downle said yesterday thnt he was recalling Ihe jury to hear additional evidence In the case, which It had requested wheo It recessed Aug. 8. The jury was not scheduled to reconvene until Aug. 28. Bishop, n trigger - happy gunman who has killed six people. Is to die before n Utah firing squad Aug. 27 for the slaying of two mine bunkhouse mates near Ophir, Utah. The men were shot down while Bishop was a fugitive from the Arkansas prison, where he was serving a life sentence for killing Jour men at Sprlngdnle, Ark., in 1043. Bishop told Utah authorities Hint he purchased a 00-day extension to a 10-day holiday furlough he- received from the prison farm last Christmas. He sold he paid the 41,500 in s l,ii(lo Rock hold room meeting last December. Meanwhile, Gov. M c. M a t h pledged his co-operation to the Jury but added that he Is leaving the slate Aug. 22 and will not be back until Sept. 3, In n letter to Joseph O. Srhniell- zer, foreman of the Jury, the governor snid: "I will give you any other in| formation or assistance in helping the Grand Jury to find out all the facts In this case. I am willing to continue to co-operate with the Grand Jury nnd with Ihe prosecuting attorney In order that the rciil facts in this oas« may Ixs made I will known." ' »n<l b« m«d« avattabl* to ye*," »»W h« would b* willing to He said that "any Information j nppea-r before th* Jury a* aoy- thnt you (Schmcltzer) may desire pertaining to my campaign records Tuck Bishop Ponders Fate In Death Cell POINT- OK-THK - MOUNTAIN, Ul, Mi—Tuck Bishop. Alias Carl Anrirr?rm, sits in his death tnvf cell hr.rc pondering his fate, a drnth spnf.encfi scheduled R wpfk from today. A (bird nf tVifl way arrow: th^ country, an Arkansns Grand Jury will mrpt Frirlny in LltMc TlorK In rontinuc Its probe of a. report Hi at Bishop paid $1,500 for a Ofl-riny fnrlonah from the Arkan.^n.s prison year. No one lins hitilfd whrthor ttia ArkflHSft.s Ornnd Jury action mi^ht makr any rlmncir in TJish- np's date with dnath hnro. He wru ronvidcrt June 11 nf kilUiiR twr> miners nl Onhlr, April 5], Wardrn Narcell Ornhnm f.'M Bishop hfts been in death row since June 28, when he was (rans- Orrcd bore. Hn hn* rorr-lvcd no visitors in recrnt week*, Grnhnm n dried. The warden said he has nol been notified officially ^onrrrn- inj* Bishop's fichcd tiled clent.h sentence next Wrdnosilfly. nut, he added. "I expect word In the next day or two." time. Princess Is 22 Today in Great Britain BALMORAL, Scotland op>—Princess Margaret, IB 22 today — and like many other British little sister, .she's spending her birthday quietly with the family. The petite princess, one of the gayc-st leaders o( l/>ndon'A smart pel until the death nf her father. King George VI. earlier this year, rtonned tweeds and sensible low- heeled Bhoc. c to picnic on the Grouse Moors near here. Queen Elizabeth IT. the Duke of Edinburgh nnrl Queen Mather Ellz- fibeth were to he there, together with rrienrifi of the roynl family. A suiiill family birthday party was to be held tonight in Balmoral CnAlEc hut no official celebrations were planned. Rattlesnakes on Move, Irrigation Is Blamed Man Strips to Raw In Front of Amattur REGINA, Canada w - Rattle- Women Artists in West snakes are on the increase In Sas- BELMONT, Calif. V?) — Tw« Belmont ladies, both amateur artists, were quietly painting a clump of trees yesterday when an ancient car pulled up and a man popped out. He quickly stripped to the rtw and struck a model's pos* In front of their easels. "We did our b«t to ignor* him." the two women later told police. They continued to paint. K« continued to mug. The women—strictly landscape painters—packed up and left. fcatch**an and naturalists blame Alberta's expanding irrigation works. Fred Bard, director of the provincial museum, says be believes that Irrigation in Alberta is flood- Ing land where the rattlers used to make their home. To find drier living quarters, the snakes have moved east into Saskatchewan. J. j. Deck, whose hobby Is catching rattlers, reports that the rattlesnakes are generally following the direction of the South Saskatchewan River. He says h« has killed f>0 rattlers in less than an hour near the river. BLAZING ALONG—Whizzing high over the Bavarian Alps, the "Skyblazcrs," famous Air Force precision-flying team' of Republic F-84 Thundcrjets, make a spectacular slphl in their diamond formation. Having amazed 10,000,000. spectators during their three years in Europe, they will be seen for the first time In the U. S, at Ihe International Aviation Exposition in Detroit. ' Read Courier News Classified Ads Visiting Around Arkansas §Y JOI MARSH Minnesota Farm Woman Hopes Gen. Eisenhower Likes Chicken Dinner KASSOIf - DODGE CENTER,] Minn. (JP)—Mrs. Henry Snow hopes' Gen. Eisenhower will like her chicken dinner*. But Ihe friendly fnrm- wlfe Isn't likely to have an attack of nerves over (ho prospect of entertaining the Republican cnndl- date for President during the National Plowing Contest Sept, 6. "I don't know what they expect," «atd Mrs, Snow as she treated a group of visitors—among the first of many—to nppJe.n from the Snow orchard. "I'm just going to fix dinner like I do for tl\e menfolks. And I hope they like It." The Snow farm In South-Central Minnesota is n neat and pleasant layowt, but no gentleman farmer's thowplace. It felt the gtnrc -of national publicity suddenly this week when Elsenhower accepted' nn invitation to address the plowing contest. Upwards of 100,000 visitors src expected both for the contest and to hear the GOP candidate mnke his first major form address of the campaign. Local sponsors of the affair—BS tamest as they are unruffled—want the outside world to get a few points strnlaht.• In the first plnca, It's not Just a plowine contest.. The, mrtin billing Ifi "National Soil Conservation Dny," M ml farmers are mnn: concerned with Roll conservation thnn In who plows the strnlghlrst furrow fastest. Second, there's a good deal of local and understandable concern about which of the tliroe tiny towns almost equidistant from the Snow farm gets its mime into the national headlines, If the show Is described by outsiders as "near Kasson/' the folks in Dodge Cent or and MfmtorviHc aren't going to like it. And vice versa. The three towns together don't total 3,000 persons, and this point they're suie of: You won't he nb!e to see the towns for the visitor A on the big week. end. Is tho Elsenhower visit prilng to influence any votes in the Snow fnmtly? * Henry Snow, ft tanned and wiry dirt farmer, every bit as calm as j lite wife, says with n laugh: "J»H5b say we're independents." Three implicated In Black Rock Safe Robbery WALNUT RIDGE. Ark. Ul — Three men hfivo been implicated in the theft of S65,0(K) from n Blnck [lock (Ark.) auto company last Monriny, snys sheriff D. 8. Foley. The sheriff snld last night that nne of the txvo men held in El Reno, Okln.. Is suspected of having knowledge of the robbery, anrl that another suspect Is believed to be in Chicago. He declined to nnme the suspects. No charges have been ftlcd In the robbery In which thieves removed Ihn firm's 300 potmrt safe from the building. Two Arkflnsans were arrester! in El Reno yesterday by Oklahoma stntc police. The men attracted attention becruise their car was riddled with bullet holes. Japan G/vcs Diplomatic | Man Surrenders *o Fish immunity to UN Officials On Buccaneer Trail FEP.NANDINA BEACH, Fla. TOKYO rAV-Japan has accorded j Man and fish changed places in a ! diplomatic privileges and Immunt- recent incident along Florida's Bite- ties to United Nations represents- i cancer Trail, A giant stiver king tarpon hoiked by W. J. Richards, Jacksonville, fan- tailed up out of the water and landed squarely in another fisherman's small boat. The other man — whose name Richards didn't get — surrendered the dry boat to the fish and promptly took to the ocean. Rich- arris pot the fish—an 85-pounder. t-vcs ando ffcials in Japan "on the business of the United Nations." Apparently the agreement applies to U. N. representatives and officials and not to U. N. soldiers, since a separate agreement covering U. N. troops Is being worked out. The Japanese Diet has approved the diplomatic agreement, which remains In effect for live years. NOTICE Your best investment on today's market is a well- built, well-located home. Johnny Marr Realtor & Builder 1J2 So. 2nd Phone 4111 from PIKE TREE! to Kraft tiper in South Arkansas! Down around Camd«n »nd Crossett, Arkansas where they make kraft paper, folks have a sayln; lhat paper is a substitute (or everything but there's no substitute for paper. Seems to me from what I hear that Ihe same goes for pine trees. When you see how fist those pine Ireei grow in Arkansas, you reaiiie how important they are to the kraft paper industry. There's no substitute In tht southern woodlands for pine lre» to make kralt paper. Which reminds me thai there Isn't any good substitute for the legal s»l« of a temperate glass of beer on a hoi day. Arkansas folks just nalumlljr enjoy a cool glass of b«r lold in • clean, well kepi tivem. | Copyright 1QSZ, United States Brewers Foundation, Inc., Arkansa* Diiision, Pyramid Building, L\ttU Rock, Arkansas Drama Olympics Slated In Verona, Itatly VERONA, Italy lir>— fn the second Delphlad. university students from eight nations will present classic dramas at the famed Roman theater here. The Uelphlnn—ad rama Olympics —aims to unite university students and bring them In contact with the great poetical theatrical trends. The first Delphiad was held in Mainz in 1050. It will be held every two years. The activities of the international Delphian Institute are under the sponsorship of the U. N. Kducatttonal Scientific and Cultural Organization and the. govern- meiHs'-oT'thc countries concerned. Arkansas Farmers Say Caterpillar B=2 Tractor and the J. h. Biggs Tree Cutter * Clear Up to Five Acr^s of Land a Day * Cuts Trees Up to Six Inches in Diameter ai a single pass * Does nol loar up soil Hear the "Farm Forum* 1 with Johnny Holmes every Saturday at 12:15 PM on KLRA At A rocont d<?nionst™Uon in IJUlc River County, Ark:!!! 1 -.^ Southwr^i At'K.insfls farmers saw the C'Moinillnr P-2 Tnu-t^r nnd iho J. A. Rici£p Tree Culler dii n fast nnd efficient ioh of clearing land. Scrnir of thoir conmvnls wrror Mr, J. C. Curry, on whose farm (he demonstration was hold: "TTie Tree CuUrr dor-* * mucK cleaner Job lhan any ro(.iry S-TW, .ind rtoc« Ihr job liitr.r." Mr Rnbnd Smith of Winthrop. Arkansas says' "Wc'v- tiMprJ 'rrrt ill. Tn,1 the Tree Culler il Ihe ir!y tnr imrn-<1nte ijiscino ,inrt pMntinc)." Jndrr R. K, Wnlkcr nf I,iu1c Rock County re- "The CuUr hut ir arid the T' lion She tr^trr is in .ill round Mrm trar.tnr." Thr-;-c men nt^rro. and you'It .icrcc after you see it. th.iv DIP .1, A, Kuxs Trrr> Ojitcr can clear your Kind at <i now iiich in m>nomy and at a new low in time nnd In nor. Why nnt cnntarl vis tort.iy. Phone, or send Iho coujxtn hctnw. Mail Coupon For Detaili Contact J. A. RIGGS TRACTOR CO. "CATERPILLAR" SALES AND SEHVfCE FOR ARKANSAS 424 E. Third Little Rock, Ark. Fort Smith McGchc« Camden West Memphis J. A. RIGGS TRACTOR CO Litllo Rock Ark. Farmer Student I would like mori> inform.itinn About the Caterpillar D-2 Tractor. n It.ivc your "Caterpillar" repre- scru.ilwe oxpl.nn liow tile D-2 ran solve my fnrm problems (No oHjcnlion. of course) n Send me literature on Ihe Cat- r>-2 tractor and the Tree Cutler Attachment. OUR ALERT BUYER HAS DONE IT AGAIN! LUCKY PURCHASE SATISFACTION GUARANTEED HUNDREDS OF BETTER MEN'S - BOY 7 S YES, THESE ARE FINER QUALITY SHIRTS Why should you huy short sleeve sport shirts now? you ask. Because there's plenty of hot weather ahead — and because now, GRABER'S hnngs yon this stupendous Special Purchase of truly finer-quality men's and hoy's sport shirts at this ridiculously low price of just 09c. . . . "Why, they are worth that much even if you were just 'going to wear them to putter in the yard or go fishing in! They're iust the thing for hoy's BACK-lo-SCHOOL wear! Stock up now and add up your savings! GRABER'S always saves you money on good-qiinlily merchandise! . COY'S SHIRTS . . . White and Printed Broadcloths! Bright Gingham Plaids! Printed .and Solid Rayons! Solid Color Linens! Solid and Printed Plisscs! Short Sleeves! Sizes 1 to 16! MEN'S SHIRTS... Solid Color Lena-Meshes! Gleaming White Lena-Meshes' Printed Cotton Plisses! Bright and Neat Rayon Prints! Solid Color Cotton Plisses! Short Sleeves! Sizes, S-M-L! SALE! Boy's Boxer Shorts for Back-ta-School Mnlhtrs? Hrre U IhR Answer for early b.irk-ln-scbrwl vroar. Your hoy uHI Invc them'. And look how ynu s»ave. Elastic hoxrr wnisLi In ^olld Indian Hc.ids, Solid Sport Denims, printed Broadcloths. 2 10 fix. 25 SALE! Men's Better Quality Slacks Hurry men - they won't last Inng at this Inwcr- than-lou price! Fin? quality raynns thai hold thflr crcn^e. Continuous hoUy- woori w a f s I b a n d s. Full pleats orpl.iln fronts. Grippe rs nnd nippers. Choice colors. Sizes 28 to 42, 2 44 Plenty of Hot Weather Ahead ... Buy Several and Save!

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