The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 21, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 21, 1952
Page 5
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AUGUST 21, 1988 Who Will Succeed Stalin? Clue Soon May Be Disclosed . . - — .—.. ,n i —- a. OMILU clue Pointing to Russia's next ruler may emerge from the full dress meeting S. Missco Scout Council to Meet > . A meeting of the South Mississippi County District Council of the Boy Scouts has been slated,for 7:30 p.m. today in the Joiner Drive-In Cafe at Joiner, Bill Clnre, district field scout executive said today. Among plans to be discussed are » South Missco merit badge show and a fall camporee. Mr. Claire said attendance at the meeting would be composed of scouters and interested citizens. The final meeting In a series of courser for Cub S-;outers also Is to be held here in Biythcville tonight. Mr. Claire said. Certificates of course exnerience Mill be presented tonight to approximately 25. he said. The meeting will start at 7:15 p.m. in the Jaycee Clubhouse. TRUMAN the in Moscow o'ct. 5. *" " J -""<>' 40 ° And American diplomats will not be surprised if faugh, 50-year-old Oeorgi Malenkov steps tip as Josef Stalin's personal choice as next Russian Prime Minister. In fact, some suspect Stalin's aim in staging the whole affair may be to give a formal, open hint as to who tlie next boss should be This may be Stalin's way. they believc, of lessening the possibility of a bloody struggle lor power a-|th"' " 1C . Communist high command after he dies. Stalin's heir apparent will be the man who Is chosen to be chairman of the new Praesidlum, lo be organized at the meeting to replace the Politburo. Politburo Hn, Mo chairman The 12-man Politburo, now the top governing body, has no chair- I man or chief executive But <t Presidium under the Russian setup generally does have one Anyone piekeii for this job would | automatically be proclaimed pub. hcly as the most important communist in Russia next to Stalin It is entirely possible Hint Stalin h.rns.elf will be designated chairman of the new Praesidium. But if so. why lor Ihe first time sine- ID'S is he not to give the main address to the congress. Ihe report of the Central Committee? (ART»V Commodity AMStock Markets- N«w Y«rk C«Hon Oct Dec Mar May Open High Lo»" Close . 3830 ^872 3825 3869 . 3832 3865 1826 3863 . 3815 3854 3814 3854 . 3797 3831 3786 3837 N«w Orleans Cotton Open High Low Close Oct Dec Mar May , 3835 . 3828 , 3820 , 3801 3872 3862 3852 3835 3834 3828 3819 3800 .3868 3861 3851 3831 Soybeans Sep Jan Mar 323 3 1 '311 "1 3l2ii 3l2'i 311 ^4 318 309 30S (Continued from Page 1) China Premier Meets Stalin he gave the country false Information about a grain shortage. Truman said he hadn't read the article nnd didn't intend to. He said he almost never reads the Post because it always is wrong. Asked how he knows, whether he got a briefing on -such things the Pro si-1 ^ ..inr.iu^ u cvi- dent said all he needs to do is look ?„ , " le er<»>«at!ssimo '» keeping in closest louoh with the current Chinese-Soviet lalks here Diplomats regarded the visit at winch lop aides of both leaders were present, as more t h a n a MOSCOW w _ Red China's Premier Chou En-lai conferred at the Kremlin last night with Prime Minister Stnlin - making It evi- at the table of contents and he knows. "Washington Mess" Another line of questioning centered on an exchange of correspondence between Gov. Stevenson and a Portland newspaper editor which referred to "the mess in Washington." Truman said he . had no comment because he knew nothing of any mess. A reporter noted Stevenson has said something "to the effect that he wants to bring a refresh- ening of what's gone on for 20 year's." It was then that Truman epoke the courtesy call and predicted would be the first of a series of such.talks while Chou is here as the chief of a delegation seeking stronger, ties between Russia and Dr. Schumacher Dies in Germany BONN, Germany W> —The strongest foe of West C7erman ro of infusing new 'blood into ..... D1 .u llst:at ioe 0 , WPS , „ Democratic party v.'hilq declaring \ armament and alignment with t h~ P there will be no'turning, back on | West. Socialist chte? Dr Kurt Schu what the nartv imc: Hnno fm- in ,,. t .-,-. , , ivuri bcnu years. »—^"^"^"^^•^•••MB NEW Air CondiHoned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 THURSDAY "HIGH LONESOME" John Barrymore, Jr. FRIDAY t / STATION WEST All Star Cast SATURDAY 'BORDER TOWN GUNFIGHTER" Wild Bill Elliotf AIR COXU1TIONED BY REFRIGERATION THURSDAY <S FRIDAY 2 Fenlures 2 R«el Comedy and Cartoon New York Stocks A T and T '. . . . .. ......... Amer Tobocr » ......... Anaconda Copper Beth ateel . ..... ".'.....'. Chry^'^r C-en Flcrtric ____ ' ....... Oen Motors •".'.','.". Moit»omcrv Ward .... ' N Y Central ......... \\[ Tnt H^rvrster .......... . J C Penney Republic steel .".'. ..... Rsdio . . . ,.".,.','..'.' Soconv Vacuum ..... " Studebaker ........ ' Standard of N J ..... Texas Corp ...... .f~... . . Sears ...... n S Steel ____ '.'.'.'.'.'."'.'.' So Pac ............ '.'.'.'.'.' Cosf-of-Lmng Hits New Record High Again in US Over Million Auto Workers Get 3-Cent Hourly Wage Hike WASHINGTON, IT—The cost of living as measured by the government readied a new record today bringing a three cent hourly pay hike to more than one million 'auto workers. The newest consumer's price index reflecting the cost of food, clothing, shelter and other consumer Hems ns of July 15. moved to 190.8 per cent of the 1035-1339 average. It wss 1.2 points higher than the June index and S per cent higher than the level of January, 1051 when price and wage controls took effect. Steady Climb Continue* The increase continued a steads' five months' climb in the cost of lu'in ? for moderate income city families. The liui-eaii of Labor st.iti.stics „, ,_„ <BLSl, an arm of Ihe Labor De- 19 1-81 l™rtment. publishes a cost of living! 31 l-8'' ndex ' e -i c h month. ; 67 1-2 BLS said "a sharp rise" in food An -.^ prices was primarily responsible for the higher overall living costs. Miscellaneous goods nnd services, including higher automobile insurance rates and medical care, advanced three-tenths of one ' per 322310- . 154 3-4 56 3-4 44 1-2 . 50 1-2 T> 7-8 63 59 3-4 64 7- —^'^^^^•••^ TrailofReyno Bank Robber At 'Dead End' per and today officers have reach«J a dead end so far" In their in- vest.9i.tlon of Ihe $17,414 bank robbery at. Re>no. Ark. officer""''' FQ ' 1 ' SUUe and county saw Ihe black-masked bandit leave tlic Farmer* and Merchants Bank yesterday after taking the money and locking two bank officials and a customer in the vault. They don't know whether he left in a oar * a 20 robbery \vbs repotted. Asked If he thought There might he a connection between the robberies of the Reyno bank and the Bank of Augusta, bnth In Northeast Arkansas. Harper said there was no similarity in the jobs Two robbers took about £G,000 from (he Augusta bank on July 28 and still are at large. Livestock 26 1-2 31 37 1-2 78 5-8 55 1-4 57 1-2 31 5-8 84 NATIONAL STOCKYARDS III '*-<USDA> - Hogs 7.500; slow':' barroivs and gilts 100 Ibs up 35 to 50 lower than Wednesday's average; lighter weights 25 lo 75 lower with some light pigs oil more- sows steady to 25 lower- choice 190 : 230 Ibs. unsorted (or grade mostly, 22.00-15; several loads to butchers mostly shippers and choice nos. 1 and 2 200-225 Ibs 32.25; 240-270 Ibs 21.00-85: few to 22.00; 280-300 Ibs 20.25-7&: 170-180 Ibs 20.50-21.50.- 150-170 Ibs 190020.75; 1SO-UO Ibs 16.50-18.50; sows 400 Ibs down 17.50-18.25: mostly, l&oo down;. heivfer sows 155017.25;' boars 11.50-15.00. Cattle 3.000: calves 800: small supply of cattle encountering limited early demand with general undertone iveak on steers, heifers and cows although, scattered sales good steers and heifers S3.00-3U.00; utility and commercial co\vs 'lS.00- 21.00; canners and cutlers 13 0018.00. cent, rent, were up two'-te^hs' of ^ cC'eTAe °"! ^ "!* ?"" '»d advanced IchooMl^Pi e'« , , oo avance one and one half per cent between June 15 and July 15. EISENHOWER (Continued from Page 1) r Vint it-. 1 ic ft iv, ir i «x.fc.i, iiii^tiivitie rtini u. ^V'^ n r c . u .'i. re s ^ »#.",» ™ e suKUi in the prepared plause several times. He disregarded his text, but in his off- he he has outlined version. "The great problem of America today," he said, "is to take that straight road down the middle, the path of progress that will never allow tyranny to tecome the feature of the American government." The general promised that as President he would devote all his efforts to providing i "that does not grow .„ „„„,,, that does not grow away from the GAININGS (Oon Untied from p»g« n Ion, properly «nd ably represents you In the National Congress and or his rotes and labors, retledj the general sentiment of you people whom he represents. "It Is not only my h! R h (irlvilece to work with him in the National Congress, but our personal, as well as our official associations have always been most pleasant and agreeable. I look forward to serving with him In. the future, and when you have problems over here that you feel need attention In Washington, continue to call on 'Took' and me In the future..just as you have in the past, and I can assure vou Dm xnosv wnetner he left tnnt w<1 will work toeethrr and or nn foot-only that he 1 K |vc mi ' best efforts lo look afier r-i«inu(« start before the '' 0 " r ""firs and to serve our state i'bfi rennrijvt and the National intere-Ms "Thank you, ami I , 1m sor rr r was unable to attend this splendid meeting."—jnhn L. McClellan. Olven Silver Service Mississippi county mayors present for the occasion were then Introduced to the gaihprln^. Mi«niirl Congressman Paul C. Jonps of Kennett. present lor the celebration honoring his next-door collraaiie, spoke briefly, praising hk lellmv legislator and emphasizing Ihe mutual Interests and close association of N-H'ieast Arkansas and Soulh- e.1=t Missouri. Blythevills Mayor Dan Blodsett then Introduced Hep. Gathhres mpkhiE the nresent.-itlon of a complete seven-piece slerlinj silver service (riven by Blythcville cnnstil- u^nls of Ihe -Congressman. Hep. Gathlncs thanked the group for the service for himself dnrl in behalf of his a-ife. who was unable it" make the trip. Smlllne hroartlv iwimminir pool "Took" said he would wake tits wife toys' Industrial| when he got home to show her the PAGE FIVE Kiwanions Give ^ for Poo! ot Members of the Blytheviiie Ki- wanls club, at the weekly meeting of the club in. Hotel Noble yesterday, voted a S50 donation to the campaign to raise funds for thj construction of School in Pine Bluff. letli. rem!est C nT'n,™p t i "m '!™ ation «"l'" After expressing his for request of the Pine Blurt's Hearln- j the "Aopreclatlon Dav"'»nrt •-'--• L-onnolly Post of the Anicrtnti I r ' - l - ! -' "'- " gion which Is sponsoring the pro! ect. It was reported at the meeting e meeng that Blythcvillc's Dud Cason Post 1 of the Amcrlran Legion made a similar contribution I campaign. Coach Firman (Nigl Bynum of County residents. Coneressinai Gainings recalled the names of numerous Arkansans who have gained ^«.*m (iiiiLiin ii\ig> uynum of slate's fPreparccl A ' kansa * Tech, nussellville and n. affairs, rcm "-s B. Riche of Me o ave gane fame In various fields of endeavor From government to athletics ami business to movies. "Took" drew name after name to Illustrate the state's rising stature in national! MM »n4 now b«*>n . - lowhig conclusion of tha program, "Took" continued a Jong eveninir of handshaking which kept him on his feet throughout the barbecue-. Ex- prassing his own Kreat appreciation for the honors bestowed upon him, the Congressman later took time out to renew many old acquaintance*. Slim Rhodes' hillbilly hand entertained the crowd prior to the program. The entire program was tape-recorded during last night's ceremonies and Is scheduled to be broadcast over station KLCN here at 5:45 p.m. today. Rep. Gathln"s addressed the Manila Lion's Club .yesterday at 1 p.m., and visited over the county in the afternoon. Arriving here laic In the afternoon, he was the guest of the city and Appreciation Day officials who pointed mil recent improvements here and evidences of local pro(?ie%s lo the Congressman. Hep. Gain- ings has helped in securing legislation Important to Mils area, ami recently wns instrumental in obtaining forthcoming reactivation of the Air Force base here. Roland Bishop served as general AIH-COND1TIONKD RY HEFKIGKHATION a government complacent. gant in the exercise of its power but, strives to be the partner and servant of the people and not, their master." Shakes Many Hands Concluding, he mentioned briefly important lealslntlon vital to this! THURS.-AUG. 21 'Wagons West' Hod Cameron in blazinj; tolor *«trm«n of Bit Appreciation Dar event, ^^i^ by chalrmen „, ^ »n lt*>s selected to carry out the celebration. C h a i r m e n Included* ticket sales, joe Warren; publicity Dick J. White; solicitations, Max Logan; welcome. Dr. Janw* O piwrd; program, Bob Warren; and rood preparation, Elmer Smith Committees were composed of representatives from civic organizations sponsoring the event. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. THURSDAY "ON DANGEROUS GROUNDS" Ida l.iipino & , Robert Ryan FRIDAY 'Whispering Smith vs. Scotland Yard' Richard Carlson & Greta Gynt SATURDAY "GOLDEN STALLION" with Roy Rogers nnd Trigger. (Continued from Page H for a minute and then noticed the water was getting higher. We had to gel g-oing nnd climb the bank He helped me. "We climbed the bank, and honestly, climbed into an old minefield, still full of mines. Bj that time, I was too llred and sick to care. We got through the minefield without stepping on any Now Millions More Can'Own Them -at the Biggest Savings in Years! Th« original, genuine Air Ride tire* »ha» • 8» «n Am»rico"« fin«jt r»w carsl • hav» nevtr been duplicattdl • obwrb th«. rood In $ilenc* ot ony »p»»d! • cuihion all road ihock and vibralionl • run much <oo(»r-los» much longer! improve steering and control of ony car! »iv. »of.t y , mileage beyond pr»viou» flandardi! * 12t UST mice NOW* J W« I9.BO i4.,j <.40/1S 4.70/IJ 7.10/15 7.60/li 1.00/13 1.20/15 53.51 3S.7J 28.30 3090 32.39 . 15.91 H75 11-50 EXCLUSIVE FEATURES Amtrka't Unttt tfguhr fituvr* Tin U.S. 33.05 ,,<).<,,„. AVAILABLE NOWHERE ELSE! Sensational Ntw Sof.Jy Tin by U.5. 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