The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 20, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 20, 1952
Page 7
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PAGB TEN BLYTHEVILLE (AKK.) COURIER NEWS U.S. Urges Britain To Join Aid to Iran, Prevent 'Red Coup' WASHINGTON (/P) — The United States reportedly has urged Britain to Join In an Augio-Americim emergency aid program lor strategic Irnn to avert a possible Communist coup. Secretary of State Aeheson !s reported to have made this plea in a memorandum to British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden within the past 10 days. Acheson Is said to have stressed the nccrt for quick Joint action to keep Iran's vast oil resources from falling by default into Russian hands. American diplomats who disclosed this to a reporter today Indicated the Hellish are decidedly cool to Acheson's idea, but apparently have not flatly rejected It, Token Grant Readied Acheson told Eden, they said, the United States is prepared to give ,\n Immediate "taken" grant of around five to 10 million dollars to Iran if Britain simultaneously wmilrt: 1. Buy (he two million tons of refined oil and oil products now stored in huge tanks aiong the Persian Gulf. This would bring the Iranian government alrout 35 to -10 million dollars, at present world market r/iioes. 2, Declare Britain's willingness to n'uMc by international arbitration of its long-standing dispute with Iran over nationalization of the I'-i billion dollar Anglo-Jrtmiun OH Co. Under presstire trom Washington, American and British dlplojnnls are urgently exiilorins possible solutions to (he British-Iranian argument. The oil dispute has blocked the flow of petroleum to the West for 14 months and has choked off (.he Iranian government's mnln source of revenue. Undercut Feared Britain's coolness to the American Idea, officials said, stems from a belief that to buy any oil would undercut Britain's legal argument that the oil already belongs to the British. The British Cabinet is scheduled to meet In London today v,-ith Prime Minister Churchill to consider a reply to an invitation from Iranian Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh to resume oil negotia- Acheson't suggestion apparently was Intended to guide the llritish in drawing up an answer. American officials bellevo that Mossadegh's regime, nnlionnlist as It Is. represents the West's only hope of averting chaos. Further, they believe an emergency aid program Is essential to stabilize conditions, pay civil servants and lessen the. threat of a Communist-led upheaval. Such an aid program, they reason, would also prove to Mossadegh that Britain and the United States Intend to support hi.s government and may persuade him to make concessions on his side. Behind the American attitude Is 3 [car that Iran's oil would relieve a shortage now immfjcrtnfi the buildup of the Soviet wnr machine. Any Hussion takeover of Iran also would put the nus.sians astride Hie Mld- caslcrn corridor with particular threat to Turkey, Pakistan and India, and would seriously jeopardize Western defense plans. 'Ding Dong Daddy' Sued For Divorce I.OS ANGELES W>)_Francis H. Van Wie. known as the "Dinn Dong Daddy of the n Line," who turned up with n new wife lust week, has been sued for divorce by a previous spouse. The nc-tirm boosts tho 60-year-oltl former streetcar conductor's marital adventure.? to on apparent l(i. The suit, filed by -Mrs. Martha Vnn Wlc. 67, of Long Bench, came to light yesterday, she said they were married in Yunm, Ariz , ii) February, 195J, and separated the following June. Van Wlc's newest bride is the former Mrs. Amelia Pritchnrd,-73. whom he mai-rlecl recently in Las' Vegas. Nov. Silo locked him out when she learned of his history During Van \Vie's bigamy trial he satrt he reckoned Ills marriage total at 1-1. "BUMP" 'ROAD WORKS' "CHILDBED '' DIP" "UNeVEN ROAD" "BOUGH ROACT "LEVEL CROSSING GUARDED BV GATES" « ^VkHCfttQUS HILL? "NARROW CLEARANCE" J / I2"6i« "ROAD NARROWS" "NARROW BRIDGE" "STOP ShONAL AHEAD" "LOW CLEARANCE" WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 20, 1353 iney cio»i l understand the language. , Tenant Farmers Son Sparkman Sees Victory, More Prosperity HABTSELLE, Ala. M'l—A tenant fanner's son returned home as a Democratic vice presidential nominee today Jubilantly forecasting victory in November and four more years of prosperity tor the nation, Sen. John Sparkman came back «• triumph to the small North Alabama coinmuiilty where he was born 52 I'oni-s ago in a house made of logs. It was the third and next. ta liust day in n .scries of "welcome j homo" celebrations that started In ' Huntsville Monday. Sparkman Journeyed here from nearby Albnrtvillc, his wife's homo (own. where he sought to slop asldc- nnel focus attention on Mr.s. Sparkman and (heir attractive daughter, Mrs. Tazcwell Shepard. But in n brief speech, he toltl the sun-scorched Allicitville crowd that the Drmorr.-itie party K'rll win the Presidential election "if we can go to the people of America and present the facts as they exist," He promised Just such a campaign, both for Himself ami for Gov. Acllai Stevenson.'the presidential nominee—a campaign free of "double tfllk." Earlier, he stood on tho bed of n truck at neighboring Arab. Ala., and confidently spoke of victory on Nov. 4 and of a South united one more behind the Democratic par ty. And the flection of Gov. Steven son, he said, will bring a "contiriu atlon of that good day we have see come to all of the country an particularly this part of the coun try." In Albertvilte. the vice presiden tia! candidate wore a cotton boU i the buttonhole of his ti.-irk ijlu suit as n symbol, he called it. of hi own career, ft was a mortgaged bale of cot ton. Sparkman recalled, that gav him money to enter college, stud law and thus get Into politics. Sparkman forecast at a barbecm In Albcrtville last night that in South would "show It still stand fast, for w-hat the Democratic pa ty stands for." Industrial Deaths Drop ROME M>i—Newly released stat istios disclose that {2,084 Italia, workers died in 1951 in Iiidtistrla accidents compared to 2,114 death in 1950. However, there were 553. 013 recorded industrial accidents ir 1051, an increase of 48,023 over ttv previous year. •• you to your children ? Men havo died to leave you these 4 symbols of freedom: wish"'* Bib '*~ 6 >~ nl ' )o1 of >' our ng'" to worship as you (Fir* Amendment, V. S. ConjHiuttcr.1 A door key— your right to lock your door anainsl ilfecal government force and prying. (Fourth Amendment, V. S, CanstiltuianJ A pencil-freedom to speak or write wli.-U you think" ...whether you agree with the government or not. (First Amendment, U. S. Constilutim) 'And a frea boMot-your right to choose the people who' represent you in govcmrucut-your protection against government tyranny. .. — ' _ •> (Article I, U. S. CarutihiHonfj HALF tlie world is frying to destroy these symbols —and what they stand for. Even in this country, there nre people who' attack our freedoms, by trying to give tho govern, _mcm W orc and more control over American life. • "MEET CORLISS AKfflKIf-Sun "The. government should take over the doctors," they say, "mid run the railroads, nml the electrio companies." Hut wlmt they nimn is, "Let's have socialized medicine, socialized railroads, socialized electricity." Even though socialism is one thing most Aiuerh iCans don't want! It is wise for us always to question and weigh the forces that iufiurnec our government. It's up to us all whether we'll leave our children freedom .—or socialism. i' ' TSorlalrad electric light and power is rrmTof the. first goals of tne. people who want to push America down the hill 10 soclaliem. They've made he«<],.«y, Hn d nro working for more. Knch step Ihey gain is a serious threat to ever)- business-ami eiH'rj&oriy'i freedom. That's why we feel It's imporlnnt to hriug you this message, days-Alic- 8:15 P.M., Cenlral Time. Ark-Mo Power Co. Osceola News Oontlnu»d from Pag« 7 several guests for & dessert course followed by an afternoon of cards. Mixed arrangements of summer flowers lent a cool atmosphere to the parly. Mrs. J. H. Hook won high score for the afternoon. Church Women Meet The women of the Presbyterian Church met Monday afternoo'n wish Mrs. P. D. Johnson as leader in the absence of the president. Mrs. Allan SeaKroves. Twenty one members were present and Mrs. Ed Simmons reviewed the life of John R. Mott. At the conclusion of the meeting, the hostesses, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Mildred Crostwalt, Miss Blanche Clcere served a dessert course. Comulimenled on Blrtsrlay Mrs. R. c. Bryan complimented her husband Friday night with a slag supper In honor of his birthday. Barbecue ribs and all the trimmings was served. Following the evening meal, the men enjoyed pitch until a late how. 80 Altoid Blrfhday Farly • One of the biggest birthday par- lies Sot Hw trike-sct given this summer, was tho one Tuesday af- lernoon when Mr. and Mrs. Joe Applebaum invited 50 young friends in to help their daughter Lana Jo (celebrate her fifth birthday. The | lawn was turned into a circus ground with balloons filling tho air and concession stands filled with circus drinks and cat*. When ice cream and cake time came, her , mother.presented her with n three- I tiered cake decorated in pastel | shades of sugared roses. Her daddv I presented her with n corsage of baby-feathered carnations. Contests and games filled the afternoon's fun for the children. Read Courier Newa Classified Ads. Dry Eczema Itch Quick, lasting relief—skin toothed and softened wHh Oil-rich' Resinel OINTMENT— 'Conjoins lon'otol Defeated Japanese ] Are Settling Down TOKYO (ff)-A 3J-yesr-o!d JM*. from Okinawa report* that i/u last-ditch troop, from the *„£ qufshed Japanese army had settled down among the Oklnawans »nS made their homes on the island Asao Wataguchi Kid on s recenl visit to Japan that the army .«, vivors wanted him to'inquire abot* war pensions and disposition otn» remains of Japan's war dead stll on tho Island, which haj become t LIKE GOLDEN BROWN FRIED FQOg ' JHAT'S D16EST1BLB TOO" 51 f's Alt \ 406 W. Main Phone 4591 -APPLIANCE SALE ENDS SATURDAY REG. 174.95 M-W REFRIGERATOR Salt price J O 0.0 O Teras ' $S dova Ml-sha 7.4 cu. ft. M-W with 2Mb. capacity rreeier ond chill tray (or defrosting meat. Provides you with 13.8 sq. ft. ^olUheJf area and plenty of loll bolfls spgce. Save now. REG. 119.50 GAS RANGE OO fiQ Jfowoalr //lOO Fermi, J5rfoifn| Survey graves this Range hos oH features of olher models selling lor J30-S50 more. OMded cooktop, buiK-in light, > oven window ond K fl H and tiuy-olid* puH-ou) broi REG. 224.95 M-W REFRIGERATOR [No* only 193.88 T frm ,, S Sdo^ Words 7.1 cu. ft. Model al special savings. Has 35-tS^ capacity full-width freezer with .froster tray. The Food Freshener keeps 9.5 qls. fruit and vegetables gard *l REGULAR 107.93 M-W WASHER" Tera., $5 <J owa 7 / , Q O P"mp $7 aon Save now-A-vane Swirlator washes 8-9 Ibs. rhorovghV? without tangling. Has 2' balloon roll'wringer. Automatic limw tonlrok wajning action from 1 Hs 15 minutM. SM it fci J

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