The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 19, 1952 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 19, 1952
Page 12
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Brannan May Disclose Survey Showing Farm Program Support \V ART-TTWriTV^M IfTft. Co/«>-/ir nri' nf r hv KntJlP fnrrti nroanl-rri Mmm n>iH r>« i . BLYTKEVTTJJ!! (AUK.) COUMW WASHINGTON Wy-Secretary of Agriculture Brannan may make yublic late this week the summar- ised results of n nation-wi(3e survey showing overwhelming farmer In- dorsement of federal farm aid pro- grains. The survey was made a year ago and was subjected to sharp criticism by some farm organizations and Be- publicaiiB. A department committee lias just completed work summnrln- Inu nbout 3,000 reports of the survey submitted by county and stale groups. Controversy Kxprclerl A summitry of the survey, because of the timing of Its prospective re- 2 More Women Held in Vice Case; More Arrests Promised NEW YORK W Two more worn- en, (heir identities a mystery, had roles today in a wideninpr cafe society vice probe which officials say may brliiR more arrests and Involve more "big names." The women — one blondo, the other brunette, nnd both yovmg — were questioned last night at !hc district attorney's oflice In tlin in- Commodity And Stock Markets— N«w York Cotton Open High Low Close Oct. Deo 3830 3888 3881 3868 3632 3892 3382 38C6 3809 3601 31151 3833 3E04 38M 3MO Ntw Orleans Cotton Open High Low Close Oct 3893 3893 3304 3B73 Hec 3800 3850 3850 385',! Mar 3883 3883 3850 3852 May 3863 3865 3830 3831 Soybeans Sen Nov Jan Mnr May 3.20 3,!5'/4 3.18(4-13 3.1114 3.08 3Wi-IO! 3.12?; 3.03-H 3.11=; 3.i2« 3.o<>!; 3.10M 3.07M 3.09-\-10 New York Stocks A T and T AmcT Tobacco ...... .... Anaconda Copper Beth Steel Chrysler Coca-Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward . .' N Y Central J C Penney Int Harvester ...... Republic Steel ..... R:i <iio ................ ;.. Socony Vacuum Studebaker ........ ., Standard of N J ...'." Texas Corp ............. So S Steel 154 1-8 58 3-8 45 1-8 50 3-8 . 79 5-8 . Ill 3-4 G2 7-8 59 1-2 G5 10 67 1-4 !« 5-8 41 25 5-8 40 3-1 37 1-J 54 3-4 57 3-4 3!) 7-8 82 5-8 Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS Jll W-tUSDAVHot-s 10,500; .slow barrows and Bills 35 to 50 lower limn Monday's rwcrasre; sows wmk [o 25 lower; bulk choice 100-230 Ibs unsorled for grade 22.35-60; few loads mostly choice no.?. I and 2 to shippers 22.65; 240-270 Ibs mostly 21.35-22.15; few 22.25' 280-300 Ibs .50.60-31,00; .few 315-350 Ibs 185019.00; 170-180 Ibs 21.00-75- 150-170 Ibs 19.50-21.00; 120-140 Ibs 17.25-18.- Iz; sou's 40 Ibs down 17.50-1800- few 18.2S; heavier sows 15.50-17 00-' boars 11.50-15.00. Cattle 6,000, cnlves MOO; demnnd active on steers and heifers, relatively few steers sold with heifers and mixed butcher yearlings fully steady; good nnd choice aaso-M.oo utility and commercial 21.0(1-2800' cows fully steady; utility , m d commercial 18.00-21.50; canners and cutters 13.00-18.00. With the Courts Cliancery Court: Jamie Ruth V s. Carrol D. Ruth, vcsilgalion which already hus snared u young heir, a wealthy dress manufacturer, a self-styled actnr nnd others. After the two women left the office enrly today accompanied by a patrolman, Assistant Dlst, Ally. Anthony J. Lieblcr declined to disclose their names. He said Uu-y were "new to the case" and that immediate an- uounconient of their identities "mlKht ruin something v/o are working on." Facts .Are Hidden Both women hid their faces be liind iiBivspiipcrs with peep h»!e; cut (o see through. H WUK not known where IhCi were taken. questioning of the two women climaxed a day din-inn which a grand Jury began to examine the separate vice cases against Minot P. Jelkc, 22. heir to :<n oleomargarine fortune, and against Samue. Chapman, 5G, dress manufacturer and rx-husbnnd of noted Cell Chapman. The day also saw (he arrest of n self-styled movie actor, ntchard Short, 39. on charges of living off the earnings of "a prostitute known as-Pat Thompson." Illomlc Held In hall A 23-year-old 1 'oncle named Pnl Thompson had heen questioned over most ot the week end and finally was held in $10.000 bail yesterday ns a material witness. "It! Ihclr arrangement of convenience, In exchange for love and ificcllon from him, she snvc him at least $300 weekly," Hit: prosecutor's office said. LIchler said last week (hat call ;irls involved In the oases had fees ansini! up to $500 n night. Khnrl, nlso known jis Hicli.ird iVnlhice, claimed he had played In he Danny Kaye movie, "The Kid From Brooklyn." Bui the producers of the film said they had no record of him. Bail was set nl $25,000 for Short, whom authorities described n n friend of Jclke. (Continued from Pnge 1) Ing planned In New Jersey. State Ben. Mncolm H. Forbes said there Is a strnuB possibility Eisenhower will address u meeting cf Ihe slate's Kisenhower-Hixon Club officers. That is now scheduled lor Forbes' home nt Fur Hills, N. J.. but Forbes sniil It probnljly would be shifted to Atlantic City. An Eisenhower spokesman s^ld iho Porbc.s 1 invltntlon wiis just, one of several still being considered. (i. Elsenhower will not attend Ihe nnnunl convention of Amvets • in Ornnd Rapids, Mich.. l : ,te Ihi;; month but lie is preparing a mes- age to be delivered to Hie vet- emus' organization in his behalf. 7. The general's schedule, today Included mccticirr.s W i(h R group from Louisiana, move magnalc Spyros Kkouras .iiul Jnmes A Campbell, president of the American Fc ..,-ation of Government Employees. Eisenhower also wns slated to make a reconlini; lor the Department of Defense lo be played for nil troops overseas before they cast absentee ballots. A similar recording is being made by Illinois r,ov. Actlai Stevenson, „ . ' -" •"«"«"' M. niiiil, -' - ••• »"J> . Jitu.ll QmviMlMIll petition to set asiilc divorce decree. [ H'-mot-vatic presidential nominee. Holly Development Company vs. O. N. Morse, foreclosure of clinltel mortgage. XOTTC'E In (lie Trolule Conrl of Chkka- - san-ba Ilisirirt of Missiwipiii County, Arkansas. IN T!1K MATTER op THE ESTATE OP J. F GASKlLL. DECEASED N't). ?.1M Last known address ot tkvcrtent: Blythcville'. Arkansas. Date of death: August Hi. 1952. The unricrshned -,vus appointed aaininisu-jilrix of the r-t:>;<> of the auove-iwnifd decedent in the 18th day of A'Mrust. in r !2. All persons h.-uing claims acainst • the estate rx'.iiblt them, chily vrri- i lied, to the Hndevfisned within six j months from (he date of the first,' publication of this notice, or they shall be forever b,irrrri and precluded from any benefit in the estate. This notice first published 10th day of Auivist, 1952. Edna Gashill. A'.iininistnltrix RFD No. 1, Box Xo. 1<>7, BlythcviUc. Arkansas Marcus K-.ratd, 115 N. second St.. Blylheville. Arkansas, attorney for administratrix. Yesterday, Bra. .lumcs Dult of Pennsylvania, a key Eisenhower supporter, comi-mli-cl Slcvcnson had in effect declared Die Truman administration is wrui'kcrt by corruption. Duff pinned his statement on Stfvra.wn'H nvek-end reference to the "mess in Washington" in n letter to Hie (Portland) Oregon Jouvnal. Wyoming Guv. Prank L. Barrett. .*p"k'-smau for a Kroup of !,! Western u';rini\lural leaders who talked two hiiurji with Eiioiihoiver, said inry outlined their problems but ;'..'-.<i"-d nn I'oumiitinents. Harrett ';HI| tin- iirnmil promised to con' -.lier th; LI- viewpoint but declared he \vnulii try to solve their prob- Injo on iiv i, ;ls -i s 0( " W |,al is the be.-t Ihiii-.; for the United Sutes." William c. Doherty. pn\<hlent of l_lie .\:itii!i;;i| Association ot t.etter Lnvrii'i',. AFL, said Elsenhower told li.:n he is firmly behind Ihe GOP platform plank pledging "a more vftu-ient and frequent mail i delivery njivice " [FOR a^^RQVEo* NOTICE Your licst investment on today's market is a well- built, \vcll-localcii home. Johnny Mai-r Realtor & Builder 112 So. 2nd Phone 4111 Subnormal function proved, pain »nd di»com- M reduced in most observed c&wi , MouDiain Valley NVa«*. — deli lease to (tie public and tie nature, may set Up a controversial Urannan Farm Plan as a presidential election campaign target of the Republicans flic summary will first be submitted to a closed meeting Friday of an advisory committee of representatives of non-government organisa- tions, Including farm, education, religious nncl social groups, If this committee Is satisfied with the document. It will probably be made liuWJc. The survey, which Brannan called 'no "family farm policy review' designed, tie said, to find out what farmers thought of present farm programs and to get producer recomjnendntlona for possible Improvements. Own Agencies Blake Survey The survey was conducted by the department's own field agencies Including farmer commlttccmcn who helj) administer the farm nid programs, Officials have stated while withholding reports on the survey, that most farmers approve federal crop controls, price supports and other such programs. The survey drew particularly blt- -ter attacks from President Allan B Kline of the American Farm Bureau Federation. Kline said the department was stepping; out-slde its proper administrative field to organt/.e nnd Inspire "pressure" on Congress for powilble new farm legislation. TRUMAN first. CHINESE (Continued from Pnge 1) tails. The future of Dalren undoubtedly will come up for discussion although Russia made no promises to return thi.s port at. nny soeclfic date. May Seek Falter Txran To back up their belief the Chinese Reds might nsk for a fatter Russian loan, officials pointed out Hint Russia has devalued the ruble since the last credit was announced culling Its vnluc by one-fourth. The I loan wiis to be extended during a five-year period In Installments of 00 million dollars each. Such small sums, these officials reason, can hardly support a nation the she of Chinn which has been involved In n full-fledged war for more than a year. Recurring but unverified reports from Par East Intelligence sources have pictured the Chinese Reds disgruntled with the rate of Russian arms deliveries. Soviet weapons go to China vln the Trans- Siberian Railway nnd by Polish. Russian and other Communist ihlps. (Continued from Page 1) in October. Check fs Indicated However, Truman's stipulation hat he jimsl make (lie date fit into his engagement schedule apparently was nn Indication that II be checked with Stevenson What Ihe Democratic, presidential nominee and Truman have lo say In their Labor Day speeches auout labor issues, particularly about repeal or revision of Ihe rnft-Harlley Act, will be compared closely. While (heir views on labor qucs- llons mny parallel, Stevenson !s expected to depart from the Truman farm program in his next major campaign address. To Drop Ilrannan J'lan Unless Micro Is a hist-mlnute switch, associates said they expect the Illinois governor to scuttle the Hrnnnan Farm Plan. This plan, originated by Secretary of Agriculture Brannan, calls among other things for Bovcrn- mcnt subsidies on perishable farm products. (Continued from Page 1) he thought "an armistice Is possible but I haven't (lie faintest. ir!,.,i when." 33,000 Workers Idle in 9 States At least 33,000 workers In nine states remained on strike today, nnd in New York a CIO union served a strike notice Involving another 32,000 employes at eight Bethlehem Steel Co. shipyards. Also In New York, the United Mine Workers (IND) and management representatives opened negotiations for a new contract for some 75,000 hard coal miners. The miners are expected to ask for a pay boost and an increase in the 30-cent.s-a- lon payment by the mine owners Into the union welfare fund. The current contract expires Sept. 30. At Canton. O.. 12,009 CIO United Steelworkcrs studied a proposed new contract which union leaders predict will end « 30-day strike at the Timken Roller Bearing Co. STEVENSON" (Continued trotn Pane 1) noon he heard indirectly that Blnce Gen. Eisenhower had accepted for Sept. 0, Gov. Stevenson would no longer be welcome on that day. Mr. Duff said lie immediately sought out Mr. Hurrle to check the truth of Ihe rumor. Union find- in',' Mr. Hurrle, Mr. Duff learned Mr. Hut-He «ow look the position: that Gov. Stevenson's invitation for the sixth of September should be withdrawn in the light of Gen. El- ELECTION (Continued from Page » incumbent Tom Howard. Tlie questioned ballots were presented to the County Committee when a recount committee was unable to agree legality of 44 absentee ballots which had attached affidavits but no applications. The ballots v/ere counted illegal. (3) !le made the observation at a! Wy . att snl " Duff arranged for news conta-cnce shortly after U *! ' mernl> °" of the executive commjt- -••• " •• -•'- •••itr-i. (o review the situation after blocking Issue of prisoner exchange. The dc-JcKnlfons called a fourth straight week-long recess. Gen. Nnm II, senior Red delegate, protested then 'afrrc-eil to setting the next mcetlni; for AUK. 27. On chances of the tnlks to suc- cerd. Hnrrlson declared."I've Ihoui'iit the Communists do want an armistice. It Is a matter if [noon ns had been liow much they are n-iUiiij- to pay Gov. Stevenson for it." I Hnrrison said It was possible for :port that the ™. ,„ ^,,,- mittee had decided to invite both Gen. Elsenhower and Gov. Stevenson for the sixth of September, subject !o provisions: "1. Gen. Eisenhower should have the choice of speaking cither in the forenoon us originally scheduled for him, or at 3 in'the nfter- discussed for Reds to accept the If. N. position on prisoners. React Courier News Classified Ads 'That the whole arrangement, including Gov. Stevenson's appearance, should be subject to Gen. Eisenhower's approval.' " Birkscn Aqain Blasts Hlinois Administration WASH'WOTON lil'i—Srn. Dirks-en WASHINGTON f/T>)—Here Is a (R-im again criticised the admin- i happy chapter in the story of the Miration of Gov. Adlai Stevenson' — of Illinois in replying v<ictr.v/ti<, i™ I Discrepancies Fouad The Hot Spring County Grand Jury said It found discrepancies In' tabulation of votes in one township in the July 29 primary. The Jury said in the Lower Prairie Ballot box it found 81 votes for Incumbent County Judge Grover C. Spurlin nnd 45 for Grady McCowan, Election officials had certified the county at 62 for Spurlin and 06 for McCowan. No indictments have been returned. (4) A spokesman for Sen. Y.M Vlack satd the candidate, reported ly defeated In Ihe run-off, would 'He a contest suit "as BOOH „., possible." Circuit Judge John L. aiedsoe denied a petition filed by Mack yesterday seeking to im- round all the ballot boxes in the 8th District senatorial nominn- .lon race. He claimed that fraudulent votes were cast in the election riving a victory to his opponent. On-ill Cheney of Calico Rock. (5) At f'nyettevllle. Circuit Judge Maupfn Cummlngs said he vould call a grand jury early next month to investigate charges of election irregularities in Madison County. He said he would call attention to "all reported irregularities" in the July 29 primary. Ballot Spot for Ike In Mississippi JACKSON. Miss. (/PI— Mississippi's Democrats-for-Eisenhower meet today to place the GOP nominees on the ballot with an independent slate of electors. The group lost a skirmish yesterday with the forces of Gov. Adlai Stevenson, the Democratic nomi nee. in the State Democratic Con ventlon. In Mississippi, any group may place electors on the ballot by getting a petition signed by 400 qualified voters. Quadruple Amputee Weds Brunette yesterday f o n clergyman's statement that Dirk- 1 sen told "a bhtant lie." I "The facts will spcn.k more elo- j quently than the pulpit.' nirksen said in n statement commenting on a sermon Sunday by the Rev. Richard Paul Ornebel. Prr-r-bytw- lan minister at Sprinsfield, 111. I Dirkscn was nllotert by the clergyman us snTinu the Democratic presidential nominee was "the worst j governor we've had since the turn! of the century.'* j young Army corporal whose loss of both hands and both legs in the Korean fighting touched America's heartstrings: Robert I,. Smith. 22, of Middleburg. Pal. was married last, night in the little chapel at Ft. Lincoln Cemetery to Barbara Borm, a pretty n-ycar-old brunette of Takoma park, Md. Bob and his brideJto-be drove up in his own car, which he drives with skill. Four canaries Inside the little . chapel almost drowned out the voices of the two as they repeated the words of the minister, the Rev. Edgar w. Beckett of the First Methodist Church of HyattsviUe Md. The wedding was a simple affair, with only two others besides the principals present: maid of honor Phillis Anderson of Whealon, and best man Staley Borm of Takoma Park. The Quadruple amputee and his bride met while he was In Waller Reed Army Medical Center. Barbara and a girl friend had gone to the hospital to take magazines to patients. This way, angel, for these School Classics . . ./IfiM/l ~fyn Q<A&> QOVMI bfyiM \ (you saw in Seventeen) Step this way to those halls of learning and have fun while you're about it. Choose classics like those, with an eye to outside interests. Good at making: like Mercury to catch a class-lollapaloozas for lolling-perfcct for just about anything you set your foot to. Friendly Shoes, angel, for girls going places. See them fast. i Fine Shoes Fitted By X-Ray KELLEY'S "Your Friendly Shoe Store" TUMOAT, AUOUtT Truman Orders Lid Off Secrel Deals in 'Charge of Oil Carter WASHINGTON W) _ President Truman h as ordered the lid off a long-secret report on International oil deals amid new charges that a rich and powerful oil-cartel Is siphoning u. S.. foreign aid funds. The report, which may have diplomatic repercussions abroad, promptly became fuel, for a federal grand Jury which will open next month an Investigation of nllegcd price fixing and monopoly practices m the oil Industry. Decision to lift the official secret label from the report, a year after It was written by Federal Trade Commission staff experts, was. an- noiinced yesterday by Sen. John Sparkman of Alabama, the De*« cratic nominee for vice president Sparkman spoke as head of tt Senate small business subcommllt nnd as the man whose public << mand for Ihe Information nresur, ably resulted In the presidential o der. The Alabaman said his subcoi mlttee would make an investigati of its own before passing judgmei on the FTC findings, Sparkman said the 10-cliapter r< port is being printed now by I subcommittee and "probably win available lor distribution by the i of this week." 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