The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 19, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 19, 1952
Page 10
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PAGE TEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION ! per line per toiut-cuti for Safe, Misc. |] HOLDS ANY GUN TILL RKPTF.M- DKIt IS. l\iv tmjaiu-it.or hlsirt time jmy- jjir'Jil* thru, trliouftc rjorn v*1ijfs |Dtf 24 '. - . , 33,Ml W F 22 Autonibtlr K!Me~72 72/1S \V. F [?rlt<X(t I>nni]i Ciilji-CD 4fl C 64.95 W F "MnLU-Chofcp" Gun 13C MONTOOMEHV WARD 12c R If) rk Si MATKmAM?, miiy i Insertion: Minimum 1 time per Hue 2 times per line fiet daj . 3 tlmrj prr line per day . 12 times per line per day .'.,.','.... 3r ' I'J.UMniNC, NEEDS REDUCEn. Tnko Month per line , . 90r ! sdvMitnqe o/ these Jtharply-tMii prlrea fount five an-rige ward* t" the tin?- ; »> wf ninny dollars on modern, u-ork- llojipcrt before expiration «i1l he ' No money ilnw-n. Up lo 3 yfjus to pay chare t'd for the 1111111 her <if lirm s ihf In union n is n* low RK 15 monthly on »*J acpear^d antl " -•- -' ' ' niade. «f ''HI , DM tri' I WooiJ , milled KV Tietsons rfsi' t>i«* cllv nmsi be- -nTnni Rales ni.iv l>t> easily for thf ahot-p t.ihlc. Adrmfsiru nrdf-rrd for irii-Rii ifTtfoni f^kr the one- Mmc tnhlf. No rrst>n>iOl>1IH V bf taken for ni'trr tha/i r>nc fncorrfrr Imc/il^n i>f any tmpiilrd iium f PPR M«T; frfl jet Wn Thick T(ir> In- r WARD in, 1^17 i2, : 10'J Off, , 0/f, All :.t1s arr t.".l . . . , classifies I Inn. stvlp inrt tvpp, Th* l foiirlpr Vfvvi rt-spcvci I Lie rt-sht 10 or rfjcct *ny art. to (tflr p/'ip'T ] plrk thp !r>rk. \Vt. 2 175, A1v Inrsjd /poftmcnf /or Ren* 3 ro->m and b*rii dsi Klfftrir W*" hfr»f*?r clrc'.rtc fiiovc-. Plinni* 3137 ntchts , e s Trailer Park. South pnLd k9 19 itJk. Ph. 2.131. B 19 pk 25 Cntauinl nliimUmin moi. . L Mwy fit. ;ik 21 Flrp Mnr] tiur.ilnr' pioof Biifps. All Jx:s. VR\ili doors, FrelRtH pnld Hhnnp i r '^7. 7,33 ( itt /, VI2 ter heater furnlshrd. P>j. t" J ,7R fl U |)K ?fi Dn(tirntsli(*ri apart rnf-nt \VM1 :^>-^t- «d. Phone 2RI2. a H (k 2'1 a rooms fitrnl-itird, pTlv>'.tr> R tlrt hfilh. i'. hi or k T<roRo ^to^lptn 3 hrtlrc^nx home I W. 13lh St. Kent lfi.S.00. Cfll) 3 \mfurnl Cherry. 5 roon\ It Phono 3S7G (i 9 pk 23 4 room unfurnished npi. wllh private bath, Plione S845. 8 7 rk If Modrrn 2 room Uir. apt I'h 2595 or 43fl5. 3.14 rk t[ USED COMBINES If yen nnotl a gond used self- propRllrnl combine . . . see us first. Choose from Masse.v- s '-' ) p " ' , Harris, Jnleninlional llarve's- lor, Jolin Deere and Case. 61 IMPLEMENT CO. N. Iliway til I'hone yi-12 7!1!) If Modern npt. 3 roonis nnrl I^th, r\f".v- ]y decotftted. coor) furniture, p;ts pf]ii)])- ninnt. Ph. 3373. F. Simon, 'J2I ck tf Unfurn. 5 room apt. £11 N. Frnnk- Iln. BiUh. E]pc, water hrrttec. 8J18 pk 'J5 3 room fJirn. nut., prlvnte bith. tln>- trlc Ftove rntl IccbOK. ]608 Ash Ph_W08. « la pk 21 Small Apartments, furnished. ?8 up per week. Bedrooms ?4 up single. 114 West Ash Ph. 2S33. S-.l ck tf Scry/jces Hare your oil btovcs and furnnres c(eon und reorty tor winter, CR]1 Hnr- ry Myers 634ti. 8 12 pk a 12 - ' EXPERT REFRIGERATION REPAIR SERVICE Tor quick, expert service on ulr con- Oltlonlng refrigeration nnri app]lnnccR . . . call 693G or 60C4- ' BROFF nSFUIGEHATION CO Save Jlone.v When You . Hny — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN IIAHKISOX & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 \V. Ash Ph. i'fl.52 K-2 rV II TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. )!J w. Wnlmil Pluinr 3:111] Plenty of Parking Space Lucian Gaines Furniliire Co. Trade your old furniture for new. 1 will also buy your (ARK.) COURIER NEWS '51 FORD $1645 '46 INT'NAL A beauty of a In if mr>Hel ThJs (*u,^tf>m flub Cfiupt is equipped wllh both rnilln and heater. _See ii t/nlay 1 . $345 This !!i-T,,n Intfrnatlona! <ab * Chassis Is a mJshly sond liny for just $345. Kuy lour truck now aim sa ( . e . '49 FORD $1095 '47 FORD llM evrrrlhlng: nn-rilrive. niillii, healer. Thl« CllBlom Fordor Is a H-onilerful car for •orneone. Only $395 A 2-Ton Cal> * Chassis Trurk bargaln-prlrctl at S395. fom« lo 300 Broadway in nij-the- vill« for the l»-sl d,al. '48 PL'MOUTH $895 '49 CHEV,' $845 An excellent value fur $814.' this sjiechiE ilclute i-iloor Sedan lias Imlh rsulin anil Jieal- «r. I>rlve J( tomorrow. '47 FORD A nlri>J(iol;Ii] ? yrrt- TrjfJor Sedan. At I'hllllpK you'll a|. ways gn a good riea'l . . , and » good deal more. If you're lool^ln); t,, r 'a. Sr- Ja« Itclivrrr. thru mine ifowii to I'hilli,is Motor Co. and se« this lale model. $695 '48 FORD $695 'V !j-Ton S(;ike Truck for Just !S!15! Torlay — and every rla.f —you'll br liopplrr wilh Ihe trade you make here! 300 Broadway Phort. 4453 TUESBAT, AUGUST 19, BUY IT HERE! Trailers, Combines, Grain Beds Mayrath Bean Loader Jock Robinson Implement Co. Bl}-(heville, Arkansas — Phone 2371 EDSON Cmitlnued from Page 4 • who we're eolno: In he for now." N'o One Will Kver Knnw This will lie the first year ilia! South Carolina hits a really secret j inessential election. Formerly. •iC|«irate ballots were printed by Duplex-—I rooms anci l)oth sjrtcs, ninrieni plant, car iiuil, Shown by ap- poinlmciit only. GKO. il. I,].;'].;, RKAI.TOK Toleplionc (;!)(; I 1^0 \V. j\l;iiii Street For Rent or Lease Modern 3 bcdrouin house & bath JH !)05 Peran Ave. lliirfl- wotxl floors, floor furnace, 50 »fal. elec. lint water heater. Extra large lot. This house is iri_jrood condition. $1800 cash will handle ami assumption of lo:ni balance at $52.50 per month. Possession July 28th, owner leaving town. FOR RENT" OR LEASE •.' ,-.iil«lijiK located 501-503 8:1!) ck 2Bp\'cst Alain Street, now occupied by Liberty Cash Stoi-c Mr. G.I. — 1 ^sundry In my lioma. Ph. fiM7_ ^ Tjis pk o;is OunTRnlced piano tnnlnB tint! repair. CnH 2071 Any, 2059 nlphta. s;26 tf *-"• L >viu fii-iu uuy your i\ii- Q I 1 Jvive | old ftirnitnre Farmers terms I house & 'bath, 'scree i i,!. ,w,.,, h a | nncc j n (he fall " ' Arnold & Clnines. i.,0 „ I " Watch and •, Jewelry Repair : l-D»y scrrlco on Jr»',!ry-.1 rtn r ., on KMrhrs »n,l clock.,. Oiiiirnntwrt wor* done by expert repairmen. Lowest "PAT O'BRYANT Sfain & Second io;:icfc ti Jlovinjt & Haulinir Closfd Van trucks. Site—Dnprnriatilp IjpfMcnced help. w. W. Brrthnm, 4lli . . J>. 5f>fOn<1. Ptione 802J1. 7 9 pk fl 9 Refrigeniliori t air Dav or Nlfhl Sfrvlrp Btabbs RcfrlqrraUon Soivlre ___ _ _ 3 13 pk 27 20 MINUTE MtOTOSTATIO "sFRV*- ICTE. 0-STEEN-S STUDIO, 1IJ W. MAIM ________ __ _ t( M]llonl,i ? ~r<-fr"lT:"- ?~'* m E Ml '>-_ 7 9 tf __ _ r n. Allry-alr Plans-Estimates Tm rep j Irs. Frank Wogner Builders Supjily Co. Ph. G357 '1117 ck if Pprfcct roiirtlllnn. Ph.^![>fJ7 a'lS [>k *20 II 'ciihlc ft. rorrKrerptor. Al-n oil hcnler. In Rood rojiilltlon. Ph. n?.a. fl'lft pk 21 for Safe ntor. Vp^v B 15 pit 21 Tom's C^ffr ^in W. Ash. wilh Hbl lor week. SHllne- lif-cftiise of tjnr) tic-tlm honc M02. S tfi pk 'Jl Cnll 5572 utter" 5 A fn«r porch, 30 gal. hot „„,„ •hcalev. Close in on Vine St. 1'rice J5250. Closing cost about JHiO. See or cxl) JOHNNY MARR Rcnltor .:£l~.. il8 So. 2nd •_--- f'lione .(111 Residence Phone 25i)fi 72.1 If 120 ncrp.v 2 eooil ln. t la m |. an ;„„,( lo ., i'll lovntril. tcnnd n>» 12(1 »tr,-.v 2 coo.l omrR. h^rn. ^1) ". 4175 per ttftr. -8; 13 pk 20 80 ncn-s. blnck tftnil. IIPRF tovvti 1 KOOd . . J260 i tl - Irnllor In good condition. Come to Mfltn n*rhpr Shon. S'lS p* 2J [Owl .1 room hmuKi. i room jioHsp barn' H J 2H crorcry «lorp bvilldliic. llxturri __ Jt'oV's 0 ™./,"™ !i'rlc l p*'l > » n' """"'" " n<1 Coniplplc scl of prnrtlrallv new Ktorp 77 nrre/:, TLPAT rrni^mbrli 42 arr*, •ICIM 1 '" 1 *' C ' 1CR '' '° r 1 '" lr * '""'? r '' n '"' h'"r k '"" rt ' l "'" llr ' ? '""" l<»«i. 2 Rood Konlurky Fr.hlf ,P,rt. Spc or ml] H. , w « »<T«i. « oood hoiur., onr moti- ^_ S j^^_ph-_«.W. _ 8;i6 pk 2.1 J^",'*" """l "irl ««« hr»t. »; rnllr Six room rmu, f jn wilwn St."A • « ]»r 1;( :"hTr'n»!' iVnrpd? jor,'"'-' 1 - 1 "* 1 """^' harpn1,n. , foaa „„„„. nitlk row will ^ fi?Sfi_ ft 1R pk 2] for Safe, Rcnf Fstofe and lot Atirtton Thp prh r^.fprt n , prrsltlf Half nlay, oard will illrlilt. Rho hflr« *-vprnl Koorl stock fnrnK VPIT rra'oiir<h!<. prlcps. Ha^p Rrnl E^fnr* Aspnor REAl7TSTATE Farms—Citv Proncrly LOAN'S will be far rent Sept. 1st. For inrurniiiliun see ; G. G. HUBBARD! Hubbard Funiiture Co. i 8;5 ck 9'5 i Help Wanted MECHANIC, man with experience on General Motors cars. Permanent job, best wages. Apply to Verncr Wil- ms, at Hornor-Wilson Mot-! or f'»- S.I.I ck It' Female Help Wanted i» o s, bras nnrt frlrdlc, I ?" ARIS "' "KM™..' .. Mpmphl. T.nn. fl;n j«ly lo ll^f In Horn, „„! VclpVnre- for on* child nooir.. bo;,,,! an d Ll»r>- References rcqulrtd. Ph. 67« Lost & Fount/ While Spit/. Answers to! name Zep. I'hone 4110. lie-' ' 8[19 pk 22! wartl - Insurance Call 4553 For Coni|)lete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection OI.BSCOE HOTFr. BUII.DI.VO 124 W A«h St. i,B ct U Notice 1 elevision & Radios REPAIRED Any Make or Model Set 1 DAY SERVICE FREE PICKUP & DELIVERY SERVICE 24 HOURS A DAY Day Phone: 2642 Night: 8858 Xo Kxlra Charge For \iflil Calls FRED CALLIHAN RADIO SERVICE 51 « S. 1st BlylheTill* !Noble Gilt I 0!f>m:oe Bkig. i For Rent Carpentry nnr. r»lntlns work c D ^r."" y :Z!L *"'•_ ~' 3 ° P k ">'30 i!ul;np. Ltiltrcll'j Mkl' fi'w' Chlr*' a 1 rk 91 infurn. I hot * »'e mnnoy ou a nrw water u (it Wards—Xo money on KHA terms. * r!c)H pump [o do ihe joh 3*1 raym-nt* «re as low «s |5 PI) fiRfiX', sh "' !n<v ' Wr " •'« Sy«l«-m wllh i; HP ! 30 ck If ; Well pis!InilT>"» 'fTvjlJm i!> ' M D€PP Monljioniery Ward \V. .Main Blythoville [ » 13 ck 2I> S-_> llnlds any xim till So|.loiii' • !'cr 15. I':\y b.,l.inrff or Mnrt llji^r r^ynn'nts f?inr, \\r^!i-!»n 1 tPlrt H.-::~-:r' S-i RS <' IV f n AvittunMlVRlIIc «22R!i SJJ.ns W F l>r],,sr Fiin.o nun SCTRS ph. 2fil?, nlcht K .9 anrt baih (x^r^trri fly. Phone P753 or t- H |A » »q ffft In i>,\ rent Call 4-5!> ! ; -iOfi W. Main : * Private Rooms Form Loans Wanted BMroom. 1 art IP* only Inquire nt ouih apt. :D4 S 6th «ft*r S p ni ft M ptt 21 T.«fM. rnmrortfthle front hprftoom on7f nlrjitly locMcd, I'fi, 2.iH 83 pit 92 Ml"niAr, I.IMC INKUKANCE I'O ''I Nrw Vein mid «Wr to make i, lo»i.< 01 rrlinntice JO ir old> wi '" vnr term «t » loxr r»ip ot mud «ncl not rhunse your prr^cnv tlftle payment with no appraunl ttt. R1MP5 t^ind Co. RlrthCTlllp. Ark . B. Hlale* Wonfcd to will p. ma KI> (he two jtnrtlwi. Wlim an iniiivl- (lii»l sliuw ( .|I UH, al Hie jiolls. he risked f«r tho Iwllot of Ihe parly }io Intcjicicd (o vote for. In 1948 Oils meant' Imlicallns; rlKht out In public v;iictlier ihe vole \vonlil be for (he Democratic. Republican or States'.Rights Dixie- cral) party. It gave watchers a sure check on how people were voting. This year tliat check-up won't MACHINE WORKS tHCET MITAl » H O l> •r«UCTV,Al 5UU . o*. A ti IUCWK WCIDINO » CIN »f»A/.l . HACKMHTH •«« . MA.DWA.I . «»CMlVi iwiV BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS PHONES: Day3142; Night 6153" 2 8% to 40% Reductions On AH Paints! Air Base Reactivation Forces Us To Move! Drive out lo the Air Base and take ailvanliire u r Ihes* Irt- menrtnus , nv i,, s , on paints. We're having lo move and rant lo tlrerease our n'Wnl stork now. You'll And Trenkle Paints to he equal In lii.liiiE. non-fndhiK "ml durnhilil.v lo an.r nationally .rlvcrllscd brand on the market. Come out to<larl TRENKLE PAINTS Co, INC iJl.vtheville Air Jiase Plinne 3S53 Never A Dull Moment! DANCING NIGHTLY! 24 HOC/R FOR RESERVATIONS 'PHONE , HOLLAND 3241 or 9411 COMPLETELY AIR CONDITIONED All Popular Brands • of Cigarefs, per carton .... 1 60 HUBERTS CLUB Hubert Utley ond Wert Akin* HIGHWAY 61 HOLLAND, MO. NEW BEAUTY FOR YOUR CAR! Save Now! Special August Prices! Porcefm'nize -- r $13.50 Polish • Cadillac Coral Glaze -- $22.50 SULLIVAN -NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 801 West Walnut — Phone 4578 lie possible, and for the first time since ihe war between the states a voter will be able to .split a ticket without anyone knowing how ha voted. Perhaps the largest gun ever bull' was "IjttlB David." designed bj- (hi U.S. Army to attack the Germai Siegfried line in World War II bu r For Your Comcnipnce Wanted M*» to work in <~ot;on cln of fie* Cxprrirnrf hf-jpiul, Reply to Box X6 ^ Courier News. * 7 ct tt > f WE FINANCE AUTO AND TRUCK REPAIRS Blytheville Motor Co. First & \Yn1nut Phone 4122 FOR SALE NEW BRICK HOME ... SOB E. Harrfin. This home has 2 bedrooms, .% tile halhs, knotty pine den, large living room dining room, aUraclive Geneva kitchen, hrec^wav,' attached garage and storeroom. Equipped with Friit- Hiarre air a.ndilioner, ccnlral f.cniiux healing svs- em, seel comi)inali,m slorm sash and screens. I.ot r ' *'?' "" pavt ' (l slrpe( - ''l' 1 ^" r»r inspection. Seen iroin 2 ID ,, [i. m . weekdays hy aiipoinlnienl. SEE OR CALL JOHNNY MARR Office Phon. Const. Phone -, R e$ . f hone 8341 2596 the Peach Crop Is Short! It's Now Half Gathered We now have Freestone Peaches Wholesale or Retail ' BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET Main Sfreet Bl.vfhcyilJe Money-Makers II'SO GMC 1-Ton Pickup wilh a Ijig bed. At $ Ilnrner- Wilson it's priced at only ....... . 1S-U FORD li/,-Ton IAVB Truck wilh slake ? body — n real buy at this price .............. 1950 STUDEBAKER J ,i-Ton I'ickup—an un- $ usuHlly clean, city truck. Now only .......... 1NTKHNATIONAL l''/ r Ton LWH Truck S slnke h*«l. Has jfoml lire.s, ((m. .\ow jusl lS MACK 2-Ton l,\VB Truck— K ,m,] fi rcs , . new pn in I. l.ouk twice al this price .......... FOHI) Vi-Tnn Pickup— for Ibe buy O f your life come NOW to Hnrner-Wilson . 1949 CHEVROLET Hcrp's • good - looklnft '49 Dirvrnl^l Flirt Hne 2-door Sedan — the rtchix* modrl. Radio, hrater. At Ilorner-Wilson It's priced at jii$l $1195 inifl-PONTIAC A bcauly nt s laic modrl rar — tliis 13<!t i'ontnc Cliicrt.itn ••In rlosn as a whisUn. Karli errcn 4-rtoor. Radio, heater, all accessories, $1295 HORNER-WlLSQN Rocket Oldsmobile — G.MC Trucks Phon* 2058 Used Car I.ot — Phone 6151

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