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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Of tH Umwrcity hCcuntrylLife King AfldresMi students 1 llcOill Aftar Keceiv tea pejree. nim fnm bp unit Win. MONTREAL, May Tke bower and influence ef tko sale werstty a public Ms at to country, the- epportunttlee of the university mduU la (harlot la that Ufa and ta guiding II along be act ta wt ohannsls, sad a general survey of Canada's po-ittoa la rsie-tioa to other countries, ten tared add Ma of tha Bt. Hoe. W.

L. Maeksn-ala King, prima I I ter of Canada, la the TPrssaar Klaa, Gill Ualrersity bare today. 1 Tha occaaloa was tea wiwrnni on tks Prima Minister ef tha honorary degree Doctor of Lewe. -Tha Prima Iflalatar had aiach la aay aa tha laportaaco of laeeitsa and troth la education, tor leader ship the sew xnyji "Tha exnanslon ef aar commer cial and political Borises," ke aaid. "tha.

extenstoa -af our obligations bayoad tha community and ka nation ta tha haa cre- atad a situation which IU require a corrsspoBdlBf enargestsBi- our conception Of pa bile set-rice, and tha dliplaeamaat of selScb alma by aa alUmata Idaal af hamaa wd-fere will embrace tha world. For tha greater part of ear history aa a people we hers baaa eagaged la aa eSert ta sseertlhe elalme ef our A Uma IU some, aay even now hara arrived, whoa we ahall accept tha doctrine that tha eehleveeneBt ef aalleaal BSlty la maaaa aad aot aa and a means whereby tka aatloa salted wlthla Itaalt may be batter able to perform a aulas service la h-, unity." Dealing with the respoasa of edocatloa bad geverBmeBts tha demuads ot tadaatry aad eom-aerce. the Prime Minister aatd that the ataady ezpaaaloB ef applied aclanca ia the Canadian aal varsities trap aa Indication of tha raapoaaa ea education te the le-aiataat demaads for tight aad lead lag ta thla period et rapid ahaaga and world competition. Cusceamcad, ReeeenV "Governments, ha sals, aara aaaamed aa Important ahara of the aaw responsibility. Bo far aa tha Dominion Oovemmsnt la coaceraed, tha Dseartmeat et Mi nee.

Agriculture, end Marina aad Flatteries hare their ewgr laborer toriee for experimental raaaarch, and daring the laat aaaaloa the Lemlnlon Parllnment rated a large sum of meaeT for the eoeatracttoB and euulpaant ef I a bora torts for Industrial aad SrlestlSe raaaarch at Ottawa; which will continue ea a More Impaaaalre' acala tha week -which la now being dose 'the Kalional Raaaarch It enoersnt from thla one limstretloB of eo-operatloa belwsen-tbe ttaw aad me vaireraity ret ni atudama with a actam fls training will have a rapM'y aipn'nt portunity for Baitoaal -aarwice. la tna Paid et led trial, ewaaereh. The ataS of the technical and pre fnaatonal aide ef -the Civil enr la ataadlly lacraaiinn, an 1 am hattny 4e any that tka prohiaqt et malting the aoTeraawnt aorvice at tractive te men oc tat-haical and erofMlenal train'" ta now ciin the nttnatiaa of a royal anniiniMlna wnira la presided' ever the. Chancellor ef tela aity." CeaUaaed frean Page were being loedad ar dhtchnrgad, ta guard aratnat Hack an ecear ranee. Ha balieved that there might fcare been a leakage from eome big paa aiorage, aa the extant ef tka ciploaloaa Indicated a eoaalderable amount et expioelv matter bad and late tle wawara.

A fnll i ataman would be hwaad later, Mr. Aakwllh aaid. Colonaf O. 'lt. STraal.

'Oanarnl Manaaar ot the Ottawa llactrle and taa rmpany, Had a atate- mant te The Journal thia afternoon In connection with tha aawar blaata. He deciarad he had baaa all aver the arena elected and had eaaa the broken siiine and. damage ennaed ia property. Kot IHaamiaatiaa eai! Thare wag'aboolutely Bo trice ef iiiuminanng gae ia 1M artectad dlrtrlcl. Col.

Street eaia. Ia hi opinion the blaata wee due te leak' are Into the mala eewerg of gae oiina. how thin catered -the aaw era or bow became Ignited, the company ouwtai waa unwilling to guaee. Ke anaaaatad a elgaretu butt would et art trouble et thin aatnre ander eac oendltwae Ottawa Caa Company bad ba lutaly ne troable erlth malaa rtiinr the lime of tha aiplaalona, Co), treat declared, the gaa gaaget bowing thaa there waa aothlng wrong with the comeenr'i usnlr. Ke recaliad that la the month et March the eomaaay bed bo leaa thaa I eompniuta ot gaa teenage, and Inveetlitatwn revaalad that la every rate the trouble waa due te eeureri and not to gaa maina.

Wlwt fluting tvilla ea draaea or rufttaa on curt" If yen do hot have tiniin n. uta a'hea'ad curllnt-iron. i- carelul.aot te get It ton Rot. at -4 i a WifeOflledbcrJ lira. A.

T. Zmbuiy Had Wide Circld of friend -Hnrlat arver Teoorered from ea oparatloa which abe pjaderweat ta KlntoB. ketpltal at the Ntw Tear, Mm. HeaUr Mary Ba- bnry. Ue ot Df.

A. Brnbary, M.P. (or HaaUnge-Peterbore. died apartmaat here early this moralag. Mra.

Bmbnry waa 41 yenrn old. Her dent ill be mourn ad by a wide circle at trlaade (he bed made daring bar frequent rleita to Ottawa ntaee her hue band waa elected, to repreeeat HI epa (Utkcacy. Mm. Embury -waa formerly Mice Heater Mary Jarmaa. daoghtar ef Maaietmla aad Mm.

-Jarmaa, ot Hutiaca where (ha waa bora 41 raari nco. About 21 ream ago (he mamad pr. Alex. T. Kmoury, wha a ra at land aa- the tnwa af Baa- croft.

Oat. where they kad redded ever aloce thalr murriege. Vleca Dr. Embury erne returned te Parliament tour yearn ago. Mm.

Em nary ana racMea wita par aaaoaaa here during eeecloa. at the Mao-Kenale Apartmcata, She wai prominent la (octal and political cireiea aad waa loved by all with whom (ha came la contact During the rt aeeclea aba had beca coaBaad bar bed, having beea brohgbt direct ta Ottawa from the King- aton uaaarat jiecpitai, he wag a member af the Anglican Church and waa prominent la church aad municipal again la her home town. ealaea her huehanaV Mra. Km bury la (nrvlrad by one Imbury, In Toronto, twe daugh-J em. mice ooratny at noma, ana Mice Muriel, la Toronto.

Alee aur- rlving are ker mother, Mra. Beaaie Jarmaa. Toronto, two hrotheru. Dr. Prank Jarmaa, Toronto, and hi eery Jarmaa.t Vanooavar, aad two aia-ura.

the Mlaeca La lee and Plor eacd Jnrman. bath of Toronto. The funaru wUl be held oa rn fey afteraeoa at three o'clock, aad will take piece at. Bancroft, where Interment will be nude. Several.Hoiisc$: CoaUaujad feaaa Pnfe Owe.

gethar and niched them lata ibe (treat cut ot the danger (one. The dde et the atom la now falling out-warda and te la immediate danger ot eoljetxtag. Taa Hoewe Rocked. Above tha (tore them are Ave apertmeata which were all occu pied at taa time. The owner of the corner Mock ta a.

Cohen, who waa la hie koaaa at tka time. ear-rag aertea at esploaioaa aad anting the aoaee rock aa if there wag aa enrthooake. kc racked oat ta uncertain thn eeace end found that all tka malnc kad blowa out. Ftadtag we (Ida ef tka keaea fatllag outwnrda he warned the ether people la the apartmeeta to clear' eat ac eulekly at aoeelbla. Other people la tka -block- were: J.

Owen, L. Jebaatoa, T. Trealer aad H. Irvine Anerea, at Moatrenl. One mdy la taa remleea of the at ore.

Mm. George Kuata, of lot omeraat (tree cast, waa badly eat about tne aeac aad lace by atuing glana. mm lunary mm ecu. Poeelbly the wont ease af kara te a waa that ef Mm. Aaaa Haydea, 17 Tempietoa evenue, waa waa nerleualy burned whvu ker etotbea caught are aa the raaall at tka enploekra ta the hence, -Aa elderly lady ef about 71 yea re.

aha waa ta the keuee at Ike I time when there waa a temne ea plealea which neat artldee ef tuni- Utt flying alt over the piece. the ruahed out Into the garden her clolkaa Ignited but waa (uocece-tul In exilngulahlnt tk tinmen but not before (be bed beea badly burned, She vac takea te hospital In one of tha many amhulaacec, oa tta.aeene. (niacin nawur. ttereadind thoughout varlonc eecuona et the city nlmultaaeoaaiy the eewnge gaa aapleeioa caueed eonjltt arable havoc aad ewettemeat ta the vicinity at McDonald. 'avarice end Prank al recta.

jtr.pereatiy the expiociea ia taw mlo.uc town dtetrlet wee due ta a coetlnuatloa af the aame aewage Hue which eeaaect erttb- Beacr Hill. It l( uncertain whether tha exploaloa originated la the daadyl Hill dutrlcl or nearer uc central aree. MaBbolea-' af PfcDobeld -end Weveriey, McDonald and Prank nnd Prank una- Cartler ntreata blowa ckywarda with eoa- aidembla violence. Peeement about the meaholeu waa broken la alta and come plecen worn- thrown a long dleunce. In tbfa area, how ever, pa ana wat eerlonaly hart nor were aoueca acdiy deatngea.

DeafeaiBaT Iteaoct. At. 'Wnrerlay and McDonald ntreetg where the PMla (ewer Joina with a trunk, the aasloaloa wee particularly deafening and enaaeo. mnci tear, aeneciniiy amona the woman tolk. Fletcher Bradley, corner rect- dent, bed jant moved ef la eta ear wnea tne top et tea manhole burled lute the air.

leeee phot up mora thaa tea feet aad the top ei tne man note narrowly atoned breaking the atreet llckt. nrcmea ware la the vicinity al- oet Immediately, realdenla kerng warn in ineir appreciation -at the duk-k manner tn which they had raaponaea te taa elarma were taraed la rapidly aad trei aimoat avery eeraer la the aetgh- ar eaciia reeiaeaia. are by Clean. y. Wnlllpreord, who rcildec at 741 Kfng 1 avenue, behind Mra.

Haydea bouea. alarmed to nd en tecVing cut of tka window to- aee hire, haydea'g beuee rocking about aa It them had beea an Be Immediately got hie wile la the car end drove with all haate to Oagoode Street School ta warn the oalldrea to keen out of the dietrict. Mm. Anna waa taken to friende at tOI ti-adaraca avenue, wkere Dr. g.

M. Kaaie, it Laurler avenue eact, Waa called. He rendered gret aid and then Ordered re moval pt Mm. iiayden to haapital. The ambulance ef Hrady- aad HarrU waa called and Mra.

Harden wan taken ta Water Street HotpiteL Rev. Pather Plnneaaa Of kt. Joaaph a Roman CaUolle Chur. i waa (lo called end ercownn -d Mra. Kaydaa to tne kntini, KM le the 1 Mt.

The hoiiee of cenutin Fleck- of OttnWn lire at 311 Henderson avenue, we I'c toundntlca. r.aec ta tiie -'rlrt, bd -rrw aerene frfirat I in the -e a 1 I be ore tka bxploalena. buc went ou Into the After a (erio of exploetoaa ana nam key peace (b It trernv ita foundation. tt Alarmi aa. Parav Strethoena Perk where a.

An bar of people were raetiaar aad Children Playing about In the (mac, alarm reigned wkeg a man carry, lag aa Infant came running nlong the 4rlve warning everybody to clear out aa aulcklr na noealble. Several older people ta Ike park at tha time aaeleted la carrylag the enuorea irom immediate danger in Murter eveaue aeii, 'e atamdl Hill AaervV' Xecldanta at Sandy Hill partlca-hrly nre up ta armn ecalaat the dty for failure to heed many rep- reeeatauona made lev city Hall ta ancertala the eanaa. of leaking gaa 1a New Aid. n. H.

MncDoaeld elated today there waa a petltloa ta circulation la 9t. George's ward which already had S0 aemee oa It aaking the. city At leaet twa reara aee aa-Afd. A EeaeleV-af AlaVeeu-Ward, araed the Beard Of Control ta Invaatieate ess pui a nop poeatpie to eeeap-Ing aewer gaa vklck was forcing P. Dew(.

ill Oonikura ave nue, eome iiae ago teak tha mate ter aa with faciala at Citv Hall and waa referred to Plumbing la vector b. vangniry, woo, ar. Dowd ntatad. aaid taa city could da aothlng. Another aaa toldJ The joaraat ho aad beea complaining ef cower gaa eacaplng la at.

uaorge-g wara ror elx yearn, 1 RmA lieu Tka axploeloag were aartleSlarty oao aiona niaeaa Mirer zrom Ottawa Beet, The big mala newer that followu the Rldeaa lUver waa bard hit. Thn covering ta many-nlaccc wai complculy blowa at aad the collar at tne newer, which la embedded la cement aad was tora from Ita euv eui cmr vi na neoneii bayoad the laolatlon HoaolUl. ot oatt Iron aad wetghlsg over lot pounda, waa hurled lata the air a aiatance of SO feet. One theory advanced ta explala the aaaloaloa wan that It waa naaa- une ana sot newer gaa which caueed the OJtploalon. The city baa found that gaaollne hac teeped lata civic malaa before.

It la believed that the gaaollne came from ner- Vlce atatlOBa ar earaaea nan haa fallowed orcvlcce or tractarea ia the earth until a la eome way got lato the 'eewern. Officials of tha Ottawa Electric aad Can Company were Inclined ta think It mlnht be gaaollne aad aot aewer gaa. Aaneuaawa aianchcil. Tka ambulaaca et Oanthler A SL Patrick atreet. waa badly aaaabed while an ita wa to Tempietoa avenue ta take Mm.

Mnydea ta boeplUl. A Uxt, belonging to Chateau Tail, Metcalfe (tract, and-, drlvea by WillUa Short, oelUded with tka ambalaaee aad drove It Into laraa noat. Coulderable damage done ta tae amaaiaaea, waiea has ta return nnd another wan celled. The col-llclon occurred nt thn Intersection af Nnlnoa aad Ocgooda etrecta. gwecia pa geetraw.

With tha eneenUea at a tew broken gratee aad damage doae ta Slaa wiadowa af Irvtng Bodaoff'a (tore, IS Montreal Xoad, Beetriew waa not much aSected by tha ex- lotion. The (bock could be fell, owevcr. and the naaadn ef the ei- plocloB la Ottawa could be eie-UlncUy heard. Mayor O. H.

A. Cok nns aaa meaaeera at tae BiaetTiew Council were all aa head te render ueaiutaace la case waa aeeded. and the Baatvlew fro department was held ta readiness. Talk ef Salt. Mont of the aeoole who Buffered property loecei todsy, particularly Iheee la New Edlnbareh.

were la- eilBOd to feel they bed drat class caeea tor daaaga Setleag ngalost Ike corporation. The rector at St. Martin's Church waa nnable (e estimate damage to the ckurch, but It woflld at leaet be SI.OOO? The bufldlne Ileal waa eld aad af Httle value, fko poalaatg were a complete joac I'll aay kad a narrow declared Mra. Baaa Blackler, Sir Hcnaereoa avenue, who waa -tae centra af throng af aelgnbere, te whom aha waa reletlsg her expert- Mm. Blackler wan ta her kitekea at the rear ef bar howte wkes the ant expioaloa aojarracV "I cuneoce yea ma ant at tke house very ke reverter oeked ker.

i "Ne. I dldn'L" aha nailed. "I lust walked slowly ta tha front door aad down tko (tape, aad kad Just get ta tke bottom (top whoa the second expioaloa occurred, and look what happened," aha otoeed. aotntinn to tae Bouse aeniaa aer. Nothing alee could have aa com pletely wrecked a aomp aa the Blackler honta.

If Mm. -Mlack lea ked remained la the kitekea after tka Srst eapleelea she weald' very likely have Met aer me. as taa kitekea at aa attar wrack, aad taa entire keaea gutted smoke aa tka raped at taa Blast, a Tka kitekea Is ta sort af annex nt the peer, and bas a aeor above. Tha eecaadl Soar collaneed from the blast aad all that la left af the kitchen a a tumbles mess at weoa aad piaster, la whMk aaa be wrecked furniture aaa a pea niove. Parte of the bedding la the np-stnim rooma ware blowa eat at the window and strew the tawag around tha house.

'aay "Plsocaa Oat. In two ar three at the kausea affected by the eapleelea telephones warn put ant af commission, tbccc phonea were connected with the Bideua exchaage. The aaa shot xip out or tne manbola at the corner of Temple- tea aveaae aad Mcholae street, fat fully forty feet, aeeerdlng to a spectator, aad moment later there wee rear et another ex-plosiea that wrecked the rear ot the home of Mm. Aaaa Haydea. ST Tempietoa avenue, Mm.

Haydea' wae beating a cap-pet on thn line la aer yard, whea the blast etrsck ker "aad carried ker for several yards, acorcklng ker lathiee and bsdlv Inlurtna ker. She lives With ker aiece. Miss At O'NOU. ccmdltcea Ssrlees. Ta the came adrbberbood the expioaloa forced sac aut af the manhole at the foot at the Incline leading ap Henderson aveana to Somerset street, the torse at the blast ranslne Inlnrlee te Mlsn Lily PetUplece, a be wae keeping benee tor br uncle.

Pod Klcholsoa. at ltf Heedoro a avenue, while Mm. Mcb" nn wis eway. The glaaa In tke ceom of tbie house waa (bat tered, and while furniture wee lned areuad a bt, the damace to -e heuae sltuhL kites J.tte- p. ce ws ru the Cine Hoa- piial where was round to Bedly birn-t aed cut by Sy1 glsaa.

I-r e.3ni.iloa wag reported te Pe TII3 OTTAWA JOURNAL I jlDelegat 1 i Dp, Jobs -'Patrick of the hate Snanea Boaaeid, well known hsabrranaa, and Mra. Hon- elOt acta grandson of tap Jamce Bmi5eld. MJ-P of 1 rlUa, who In a peara old. aradaated la anedMan Queen's University, Before attending narvwrslty he waa a pupil ot Sc. Joeeph'a (.

Scbool aad tha Llaspsr Oollriata, Dr. BobJmM, arbe la a caaala of Dr. i. P. Boaeld, aoaer.

cat street. wlQ Jola the gtaf of tike una tioepiini, Threaten Reaction On Stock Market SelllBir PreMure Checked By Demand ror Bails aadUUIUleg. Dy Stanley kr. Preaocir, Aaaorlated Preaa naaaclal Editor. NE Wt TORKV May 3.

waakaaaa af tke tana implemcBt shares threatened ta bring about another sharp reaction tn tha stock aarktt today, but tha selling prec- fenre -wae cheeked hy aa nu(unlly brisk demsad for the Tails and pubiici utuiuee, -eeveral of -which reached aaw high ground Tradlnc was anlr aademtel henry ia volume Indicating that speculators were showing little disposition to extend commitments over tha holiday, aartlealarlr la view of the possibility of adverse developments la the credit altua-tloa or the Parle reparations con ference. r- Call money renewed UBchanced at alx percent, nnd held cteady at that rata throughout tka moralag with a fairly liberal supply ot taade unliable despite the holiday cur rency decaaada af betweea 000,000 aad S7i.000.000. Give 449 Degrees At Convocation Premier Kixur BeceiTet Honorary Doctor of Laws rrom MoQilL' wsmus insa varscc wire. MONTREAL. May- SS.o'PaaT hundred nnd forty-nine decrees, la- eluding rear honorary degrees, were eenrerrea ay mcoui unt-remlty at the-.

eo avocation cere- many kcid here The honorary degreea of doctor ot laws were grsnteo ta mob. W. L. Mnckensis the convocation spaaher; Chief Justice B. A.

E. Oreeashleldst Thayer. at Johns Hopkins. University, nnd 8. O.

Blaylock. general maanger of the CoBcolldaieel Mtalag aad ScasU-tBg Oempnay. af Trail. B.C. Wants lo Retain Judge r.Iignault XL Cahan Bringi Up PuDject or cindge'i com-palwry Retirement, Tka House at Comae as this- moralag gave third reading to bill amending- tka Snprema Court Act.

Thla bill provldse that a Judge, aa resignation ar retirement. may aaaa aia- juaameai in a case te any other. Judge wha will be sitting at tha time Judgment Is ta- cenaa (uonaervatlvs, st-Lawreace-et. George) aaid he andemteed tha leelalatlea wan algaed prlmarly for the purpose of onviauBg aay euueaiiy -1 waiea might arise on the retirement ot Mr. Justice Mlgueult, at the Sunremn Court at Canade, at the aaa at 71 reara, -1 eonsldnrad It a greet atsfortuae that Judge Mlg- nnuit snouia no regains ta retire under the He wee perfectly espenie of nerteraias Bis duties la an efficient meaner, aad- the only reason for but retirement was tae statute which makss it incumbent apoa a ladae to retire at 71.

Thare wae caether point however, which he. wlched ta stress, Mr. Cskan Mated. It appeared to baa ccrloaa breach ef contract to compel the retirement af a judge of 7S aa a pension which waa lees thaa ubs selary, when euck Judge aaa aeea appointed tor lire. BILLINGS' CASE "WXAaL COME UP Obs crtmlnaj rase aad nine non-Jury civil cases are ea the roll af the Spring Acclcea ta be held bare commencing June 4.

according ta lists available this mornrng whea entry of eases closed. It waa an nounced that His Hoaor Jadge Daly will Breeide at this court. The only criminal ease a the ahnrgn taken by the Township ef Oloaoeeter against H. reddish BUtlr-jre; ferat- tcreraaaip aim: iresurer. aad arises out ot the alleged failure ot tha ex-entclel to nooennt for SB, 010.

being tha smoant af the li? tax rail af the towasain. pxiGBt OLD OWWRD, Me, Nay IP. a Treee.AuaaH4o S'irhte' of the avmirmiaawe errea least aad Tel. Kw lord were cVftirttely psaisaiaccl tor tfxtay arter taaa-eC aeteaapen cwoeci peer cjiaoasesv PHlfSl PAtMtk. Mgr.

Louis victor Thlbeudlsr. cam at Ventlllv. died at Nloolet last Bight, It waa reponeu sere toasy. els wee 7 age. eMamebL 'n-- a es Report GreateictiT A Divuions AMualMeetlajr of deneral Ootmcu' or WBoysenan HeleM or Pro- SOBCi Ul VIM, 'i i rf.

All tko executive mcmbem. aa well as tUncU members were aresest this soorntng at the aa- aual mectlns taa Oeaeml Cobb- sll af ae Wsetara Blvidoa af -tbe Women's Missionary Society af tke Preebyterlaa Church. Tb see-sloBS that opsnai yeeterday aftar-aooa onUaucd this aorulps IS. Si. Aadraw's Preabytertas Caurck aad wars fentared by the prsssnte-Uoa of reports, all jeteallag the lawraasiBC activity and (ucoeas of the various braaekea ot tko work.

Greetings from the) Eastsru W-vialoa at Vke U. a. ware axtead-ed by Mra. W. L.

Moore, prcsldsnt, aad from the Bible Society by Ker. W. P. Orswford. Oa tka platform with tha preeideat were Mies Bessie hlacliuM'hv and ktm.

T. D. McKerroll, vice-presidents, of To ronto; Mrs. 1. anrpa, preeioens ot the Quebec Provincial w.

M. Mm. W. M. Xocheetar, Toronto; Mm.

Home, areaideat Of the Saskatchewan Provincial: Mrs. P. W. Allott, Calgary. preeldCBt of the Alberts Provincial; Mm.

O. W. Ledlngkam, of Venoouver. president of the British Columbia Council. The dcvotlone wem conducted by Hard aad Mrs.

Udlngkami both ef British Colum- ataaaam Hanltoba was announced uc be ing won lbs prlss for tne beet treasure hunt seat la by tha Council. Miss 'Gray, tka CO LT, secretary aade the asuouncement that Mellta. was taa succssslul group, while Saskatoon nnd Gelt, Ontario, receive a levoreoie tlOB. A msmbsnhlp ef tf.STS fdrls was enrolled tka National Girls' Work Board, according to tkelr eraaldant. Mra.

D. T. McKerroll, who epoke brtetly oa their work. At preccBt ta Canada thereara S.S7S grouse all taactloalBS erlth success. Those WBO reponeo sna were: Miss ascaurcny wrs-laatlon, touching oa tt tatarnatloa-nlly.

slso; Mrs. Jaaoa Logic oa uAnu n.liiera: Mrs. T. PMadlaV OB v. woman'a Anvrllsries aad CaasdUa Girls la TrelBlng by Miss M.

Gray: Mlssioa nanus, rs. W. DiU. Tea Mies Mnc! aarehy laid the coun-1 that thera were at suxlllariea, showing ell mcmbem present its auxiliaries. lAtal Increase of S4.

The lacreaee la glvlngs was 11.004. The total number or noma nwperu, aejo. las ta Mra. Logle'n rapon, waa S.001. Their eontrlbutloee were aad SOS became active members.

Mrs. Pladley statsd that there are aaw 141 Toaas Woman's AuxtlUrlee with 11 asao-ciate The fatal maaber- shlp was S.OIS." New pappusa te the TSlua at aw-trlbuted. 'Ia tha Caaadiaa Girls In Training Separtaeat. there era bow SIX (iris' organlaatlona atSll-ated with tha W.M.S-.a gais ever tha prevtoae year -ea aroepe. The aeanerakla totals 1.7 It girls.

outasmberlBS 'fl l7report "by 101 members. -w-nk. 1 The meeting this afuraooa was closed wkh a pllgrlmasa to the Peace Tower SB ethea -aotaU et iatsrest. WOMAKCLaUMS ALTITUDX BZCOBD LOS ANGELES, May A aaw altitude record for woasea pllott waa claimed today by Miss Marvel Croeaoa, of Las Angelas, who appar ently reached a height ot a.vs feet la a Sight here yseterdey. Ofdctsl recognition of tha teat awaiu the checking af tka altimeter by tka Bureea ot Standards at Washington.

THOUSANDS flUTPlR IN.THE HEAT WAYB KBW TORK. K. Y.t Mny SS- Heat of mld-eummer Intensity which descended upon tha Baat yea-Urdsy broflght erlth general discomfort, Broutrattoaa aad deaths from drowning and Ia New Tork City tha temperature aad humidity both reached SS degreea and thousands ef rendenta aoasttt relief at tke nearby beaches. It wss tke second warmest day of tha year, tha thermometer aa April saving reecea ss aegraem SUNDAY SXLLINO JIAY QTVs 11,000 Over S1.000 la Baas will ke col- acted by the slty it aU tboaa pet ta appear is relies Court, ekarged wltk iBaday selllag ars convicted aad par their lass. Already SS1S, Ineluslvs af costs, ass bees psld lata court by those who have either appeared Is Police Court at paid their Snee In ndveace.

Aaothor petch af easee at Sunday celling were disposed ef by hfaelstrate Hooewali today." Sk shop-keepers pcylng IIS aad It casta Thoee whe aleaded. lallty 1 aad paid warei Nellie, sis; jer Bett street: Napoleon LeBwae, Sf 4 at. Patrick Jake Ifandia. SIS Dal koasle strset; Ouster Llpmen, T1S Somereet (treett Jeeepk Hssae, tl qtjeea etreet, Peur Sakell, SS Beak, street; Tealel files. 11S Beak street: Wilfred errle, HI Qusen street.

West: Doaat Laason, 0 Ottawa street: Abraham Malhnm, 1014 Bank street; Toronto Prult Stores, 411 i etreeti Stefaaa Omslano, 10S Somereet street; Alfred Dt Pmnco, 1104 Somerset street: John Cledemenoa 10S Sank street: Joseph Beak, 770 Somerset atreet: Enmead 1110 Bek Street; Ch-'-tos -r Jsnea, 117 Bank, etrsrt; Venatlaa 700 atreet! Christopher -ateulekoe. It Queen street. West: Reoel Veeheav StT Wel-llnptoa street; Freak Smith, 1J04 Bank street: Joceph Outtsdswrla, IT1 Ds'hensle ctreet: Devld Glttie-msn. I Queen street. Wat: 1 B11 Ellis, SS0 wclllngtoa ctreet; Max Nedolny, lot 7 Ssnk street 1 V1'1 BT HOCRB AOt.1 LOd ANGELES.

Calif- May SI. J. Pahy piloted hla I Loekkeed-Veca moaepTsae pest the iweuty-eeventh hour of kls Bight nt T.t'.O today, la kin nt-teapt to se a aew sola eadnrsncu record. The bl) by Mar-Ua Jeosea, Is ,1, i i ftesaer Baldwin -GiyesIWOT 'Vote ta'Accordance With Tour Sayi May "Vete ta acaoraeaca wua year aammIma waa tha last wrfrd of co nac Lance, waa the Inst word at edvlce Premier Baldwin gave 'to the eleetora ef tha great Industrial County of Lancashire today oa tka are of tae siritisa -Premier Baldwta aaid that tke cotton Industry, which oantrsa largely tB.

Ls sees hire, had beea knocked out and that the only way tor complete recoverywaa tor all te pull tocjetaars eUrtlpg afresh la a aetermmea axon to eoaqaar taa world's markets. rWa vkole. world! Rlo'ntreat Youth In Chicago enamScaaaBwaapBssP. --j. Wilfrid Carnfnl Carrie Off Light Weight Honors in Boxing.

x- csasdssa Prea by Dlrset May 0. WOWS CarafaL spidery youth from Montreal, carried eff Ue lightweight prise la tha Chicago Stadium's Internatloaal amateur boxing tournament Inet night. Ha waa the only Cnnedlan to take home a Caruful won the llgkt-welght crown by out-ctabolnr Joe Portak. of CleveUnd. la a fast three-rounder, using kls superior raack to overcome the Ohio southpaw.

Meieorgs Metaiaaos, Of Toronto, fly-weight chaapioB of the Dominion, reached tka flaal bat was beatea by Parla Apke, Pronaee, H. aatloaal Junior champion, la three bitterly fought rounds. Mnthleeoa lacked nothing la courage aad aggrsastoa. bat lost to a mora experienced foeman. Ottatra Boy Will; Attend Jaiaiboree Diatrlct Scouts To Be Pre- -A.

a ee as Oni 7 JjflWMHOriaU fr; fts-triirHny. rj (' Caaedlea Press by Dcreot Ware. TORONTO, (Map St. Tha aaaee sf tka boy scauU ftoa Ontario who win sttcpd fko Istaraatioaal Jamboree ot Scouting, te be bold. la Arrowe Park, Birkenhead, Kng- Und.

July SI tar Aagast IS. were announced today by (he Provincial Council tor Oatarlor Boy Scouts' Aseoclatloa. Through the-psraoaal pSorte af Hla BxseUsncy Vleoeunt WlUUs- doa, as Chief Scout tor Csanda. the seedlag af SS Oatarle seeuia to the lamboree, with all expeaaee wan made possible, aaa tnrougn local enterprise tha tncreeee ef On-tarte'a dslegatloa- ta at, leaaL SO baa baaa CXeoted. a It le axpeeted mere Uea IIS of tka SS.000 boy scoaU present at tka lamboree.

which will be onened by Sir Robert JSadsn-Powall. will ke from -Canada. The others will eome from all parts of the world. There wtll be 44 on Caaada's "of- Sclal aaoU." OS from pranaoea outside of Oatarta. sodas te Kas-' lead wltk all axpeaaes pa1 tram tke Vlseeaat Wlllingdoa Puud, The names at taa oatarta tlagsnt taelads: i i- King's Scout t.

Hodder Stovel. of Boatk King's Scout Alex. Stewart esd first Class Scout Gaylea R. Uaaeaa. of Port WUIiam; Ptrst Class Scout Seward Tt.

Cutua, af Irocjaola Pnlla; Pint Class Scout Char lee O. BaU. af Bad-bury; King's Scout Jamas T. Prea-tlee, pf Perth; Ktng'a Scout Gordon t. wane, aaa First wises seoei Marrya Rugglee.

ef Ottawa; Pint Class Scout McrryB Rut- glee wko will go to England wltk the Ontario aconi aoattngeat a bob of Mr. Bad Charles Rug- glee, of RoekcllSe pgrk. Mr. Rug- glen a ntewara aa Hlg Excellency tha Governor-General. Mervrn ts a atember at the Ptrst Ottawa, Troop af Boy Scouts aad a pupil at, Llagar CollegUte.

VOTE OP CTfATRMAN DECIDE3 TEZATY 'Oa the carting vote of Ac ckalr-maa, William DuS, Liberal, Aa-tlronrsh-Guyweoro, the murine nnd debar lee corealttee ef -the House of Commena. eerlr this afteraeoa approved dha' Oaaeda-Uaited States sock-eye eaimoa aenarae treaty. The was Blgaed at Wesblngton ea March ST Inst. Whsn tha dlvlsloB was -caned. IS aeabem at tha committee voted sgniae tke peat aad is la favor.

Wltk tka vets a tls. as ckalraan, voted lor the treaty, NATION'S SZ2VIC2 TO EX ONeTUNI 16 Katleaal tteaheginng tor the MMtaaM recovery af Blag. George from hla prolonged end serious Illness will follow similar lines to that decided apoa la the Old Country. A proclsmatlon Is being nreparea by taa ennndua Govern- meat, and tka aeoele-of Caaada will be lavited to join la tkelr eer-vtcee ea Boaday Juap If, ta tknako giving ia Aimignty uee ror tae restoration to health af His Meleety. The Ooverameat coneldered.

different torms of ealebTatlea that might be catered apaa. among these being the holding af a nee on Parliament Hill It decided, however, to follow the nla a adonted ta Brltala. King George will ettend service la Westminster Abbey, sad bes ssk- ed tbst his people nnlte with him la their own churchr sen lees, la ex- Breosioas of. Uiankscivtna. i Hon.

Pernnnd Rlnfret. secretary of state, as preparing bhe proclama- tjos to ths people ei ceaeaa athlkts? Bmjrsnx ALMONTE, May SS (Speclen-i A well kaewa local athlete. Mortis MeCebe. engered painful Injuries te bis tece nnd shoulders recently when, nsslstlne In Sghllng a Sre at the Orange hall, be tnrned: the screw on the sxtisxuisher wrong way. The ehemlcal-eprayed kls face got Gerinanlelnaihatcs May Sutton Bendy Ilia Helen Wills I Only American ln' the snn- Asaectstcd Press table.

ARlS, May rrsd Trtodia- baa. Gcrmaa teaali star, olimlSat- sd Mrs. 'may, suttog awa.mmu-foYnln vetema, la tko second round et the sromea'sslnglse la the Trench championships (corse were 7-. S-L1 Mrs. iBuudys defect left Miss Holes Wills, the defending xhnmpton, -the only Assart-eaa la the running tor (ho Miss Wills -reached tha fourth round today by defeating Miss Rata "BllUef speoqtL pf jwatb, Africa, S-l.

s-S. Helen's stroking was- maea-ioo wlnninn bar Srst service aad mak ing tka game oae-ell. lost five straight semes, aone et which want. to deuce. No Move To Settle Reh'gious Strife Say Pope Km Not Appro- ed Plan Per Settlement Mtjxican tone.

deeoclated Press Cable. I VATICAN CITY. May Tbl CBtourexe the Pope eonjidcm lt axtraaely unlikely that Hla Holl-aese has approved a pUa at -ctioa with regard to a settlement ot tha religious controversy ta Mexico. It he haa. It was said la Vatlcaa Suerters, ke has kept kls aw counsel aboat It.

Tke presumption here was that his silence could ke Interpreted as indicating that ds-velopments had aot reached A beaa- News bora at reports la ashing top that Vatlcaa approval aad beea given a projected plan at eettlemeat excited soma interest, but were dlscouuted. Vatlcaa attaches considered Moaelgaor Ruls- Florae, Archbishop of Mlcboacaa. reported lest la WaeklBStoB, as ths. -likeliest source at aaws regarding moves (or settleaeat. TUBXXY AND OEMCl! BEACH ABKaugM EHT AMOORAi AaU Minor.

'May 10. After lengthy aad thorny Bego-tlattoBSTegnTdlas exchanged copula lis na aad aroperty claims. Turk- ns ana ureea Hisenme renertad taday to have reached a setisfastery. aettlemsaL- Signature evaakw waa axnecua wiuiia week. TkO eettlemeat epcBS tks way for a pact ot friendship betweea tka aacleat aaemles, Tnr-vw mat Oraaoe.

Premier Vealse- loe, of Greece, was expected to ar-' rive at Aagora -so, avaiuv sack a P0UB ARRESTED IN COTTAQS THEPTB TataMve Jeaeak P. Dalpa aeeotV sd te Hull this aeralag Mrs. Baaa rrasuaaauK. af laa lies. wno L(il no the.

foarthi. to be arraigBod ta court pa chart) at kaviag eroa-r aa in tor summer Oatasajs- at-jinw Sea Lake aad stalea soode to the uueek ckf ICS. Tka as amor cottage gaens neve iea gains tor tne ass nve mm ana etir eonntablca kave beea cent aa to Baa use from tlae ta tlaa ta iaveatUate. Tha attoroev-cenerai Baeiiy sani Detective Palps, who recovered part af tha stoW goods aad aede lour arras is. isess snwws en: ea Mra.

Isidore St. Jean, aad Mr. aad Mrs. Ras Pi ante alt af Laa das Has. Asaoae tae snany nnamer oov- tagea brekea Into during tke 1a lav eocene ware xaoee es ijocu Bethaaa, Edeaard Ckaller.

Louvtg- ny da Montigny, norass beta eaa Msyor Artkqr' Bllla. The four will be arralfnsd ta Hnll Police Court far prellBlnary hearing aa. June CONTINUE DEMAND yORANPORMATIQN Deep He tka anxiety to get tks aaaaloa af Parllaaeat cloeed as culcklr aa aocslhla. Inauinea coa- uaae wits regera to eppoiutaaaa ta tka OoveraaeBt Notice at three aew ma nines appear aa today's order, peper af ue Mouse oi iommone. M.

J. Garland. U.P ABew Blver. In asking wha la the total aamber of aereoBs la each deaartmeat wno are SlUag positions that have beea exempted tram the speraUaa at tke OrU Service Act, both as lull-time ar pert-time employee-. Mr.

Oar land else wanta to kaow hat are, the as mac and salaries of elerke ar other ployes la aay dspartmeat who kava beea taken aa aa laborers, ar is other exempted capacities, bat wha are bales atilised la occupations uai are aot so exempiee. A (other laeairy from Mr. Oar- land la aa to tka aaaee aad snlar- an at omclala at taa OoveraaeBt service wko eajoy tke rank af aep- aty minister aaa waa may boc oa actually la ckarge af a department. W. B.

ConaervaUvw Hsstlsgs South. Is asking if tka position ot assistant commissioner at peteate Is vacant, if so, wkep will It be Sited aad win tka (tend ing at seniority be- recognised la connection therewith, IDEAL VACATION TRIPS. The Caaadiaa Nstlonel-Steaas-Shlpa operate a fortnightly awrrtce betweea Moatrssl. Bermuda aad tha West Indies, with, tkelr new palatial Twla Screw. Steamers "Lady Rodney" nnd "Lady Sonars, carrylag aaly Srst-lass passe egera.

Par tha Summer very low round trip rates are la elect. A delightful tour from Montreal to Bermuda of 0.000 miles, eaa be bad far $10.00 raters, or a twenty-four dsy tour to tha West ladies tor tltO.OO return. Including menu nnd berth on the Steemcr. Passengers ksve the ptivuege af atopv over tt desired. The Steeaera bare Inxnrtooe aceomaedetioa; state-roe ma Stte wltk twla beds, all aab-slds rooma, leeagee.

smoking sad other pahlio rooms. Arrsaga ta epead your Vacetloa ia Bermuda or the West Indies, with Its ejualnt old-world homes nnd customs. Splendid hotels, gulf, drlvea, etc. Toa will eajop every minuted i -ror further inforaetlon. literature, ealllnra end apply ta City Ticket Oniee, CenedleS Netloaal Sail wars.

It Sparse Ottawa, '-4 WEDNESDAY, HA 29, J023, Expresses a4Iarm es Bishop. Makes No Befer enoe -Proposed Oonrt k-iln Caaadiaa Pram by' Mreot Wire. TOROKTOi-klay PS The world tl la oa the verge of a aaw era ef; spsriinni eevwiopacnt, aeiq ue nev. Caaea A. P.

Oewer Jteas- rector ef SL Georga's Church, sneaking nt tke annual arnod ssren vice -of the Aaglieaa diocese af on loronto ta axeiy iTiaiiy vnarca night. Signs of the times pointed aamietakably. to the early approach Kut deciarad. -v Recest- uUersncea of Sir Robert tee, waratfi raaSft1ana aeainat'' the srup-th ot snetsrlalltm. were ot tha tread, Rt.

Rt. ewesnsyr Bishop ot after preliminary i tails et tka opsalng teeaion were a prayer of, thaakfslaess-fer the rectomtlod to 1 bealtk of Hla Majesty Ue King And expressed grstafuaesS taat June'. If ksa beea pet aside aa a day of Baplre-wlde -thanksgiving for recoa-ery af tke Tke Bishop made ao.referenee to the possibility af dlrarca eourts tor, VDurw, ym subject ef aivaros ae remarsea taat tha Council for Social Berries had 1 made a report "viewing with eon-. slderable as flia ins r-ro-. vlnclel Sypod, end as pre all mast ths lacreaee- la -tka, aamber.

of. dlvoress greeted by Senate ol Canada. .7:" w. Race Entries At MoBitcuprkf Thoraelise entrM tor Truirsdsrr Plat raoa. (l.loo.

cuunlna. 1 yaar elds cad up. foeled la Canada, 1 fur--. Ion a Siren Bona 10S: Caaade 110: xHawthora.100; xaVerat 100: Humbat I Side ltrl; True Orb IOC 'Porecast 2nd loe: Solidity 110; Sperue 110: Duabka lue; usoar orss iio; stoee ljaaj lui xaaklhaeel 10S: HUri lot: Lltue ktarals iOS; Stara HIT MUUII. torav.Queca euii-nsauer iiw eacona race, ei.too.

uaiaunx. a yaar oa ana on, nrsx i division, a furlona 107: Highland Captain 107: Mock Tborn lis: iOS; Dunkirk 107; as Carol .107: Benny Ruoln iOT; ona 11A- SMnel IOS: At ot Aaae Snd 107: Olrcue Rider 100; Cam Praa Voyese toy. Also: Malcola -Ilk; Torrance 107: Jose pn ins H. 10S: Olea Club 110: Storm King 111. Third reaa.

al.loo. -i-i -a eear olda and up. second eivistoe. 0 fur- lories rsranrmnpa ei: Marie auaaens xndlOS; HoltyToltr 1U: Keaper 10S: Hsrbortoa 110; Pelxn Burn 107- Aster lis: flooa lue; atec jaaxira lui, aunasxe 107; Hobeew lue Bbuiord lilt sisoi-Wstklnsoa 111: Seratcea Maa lis: Donatta 111: Iaa UeMelll lQO: drome 100. reurus race, si s-yser-eiaa ena ap.

The Caledonan sndlMP," mile and sixteenth Mineralogist, Psrlspidss, 111; Troutlst, 110: kin' Oalett, tie; Attack. IU; Beet Sonnet. aids and up, mils eaa a etxtsaath xlettar, SS; RamonlA 110: PS; Biasing Cinch, 111; Omarasn. 110: aids and up, mils aad a sixteenth-. Coa O'MaU, los: Kuisc Albert, Saelboc, lis.

Sixth race, aijoo.elst elda and u. Pint IMvleJ til; Pea race, sutmtng. S-yearv run invasion, nue soa Sem?" wT:" xcWrmaa. loof "'Vlaln Deeier. 10a: Prankmen.

1M: Rars Vlntase. 00; Oolaaa Lux. 100; Rest run, ion; sarinxsjoa. ins. Seventh race, OljSOO, claiming.

S- pear-olds Bad np. seeeod Division. mue aad a rtrrlnne rtiiMMefiie lose Cora, ipS; Daaleru. 100) xAlue PUs. 10: PenlllfiToi; xDrtaon.

joe; i Sewenee. .03: 114; Owakllng, ue: ana Allan, lue. sApprentUe nllewaaea ctelvoces I Weether. steer, track, aeevy. SIB G07EEN08 i TORONTO," May iStf "-William Muloek, Chief of OntarW.

Waa today swarm la at the i Partiameat Baiialaga, ss acting LleuUnant-Ooventer af tke Prav. lacs during tke abseues W. 0. Rose la Europe. Tne eata wae aaminuteraa by s.

J. Lemaire. Clerk' at tka Privy. COnacU, Ottawa, ta the prsesngc of Hob. Oeo.

8. Henry, netlng Prima Mlnleter: Hon. H. Price, Attorney-tie nerd, aad members at the Cablae. Sir WUliem Uksa duties af administrator-af hs arpvlmra -4a hu IM -i-; i- t' UUtSOPBCRNiT WOODSTOCK, May SS.

HsxOl -Briggs. four-yar-old Burtessvllle girl, died la Woodstock General HoeplUI aa tka result at burns susulned last Bight whea- her Lfather'a car la; which ska wss sit- ling. tooK.nrs, ueorge ccksob, Holbrook geaeral store proprietor, bed kls kaada sdrtoasly burned whea he palled the Kmc eavcieped girl from tka POE SALE Poev Ca-thoptiotilc Vsctretaa, SlhrMly nerd. IS ewlsrtleaa with each pwrchaar. Only SOO earb.

eg wrtta ao Jolur Eapet Piano i.iaj ITT-17S SF ABAS STMBt, FOR i i lBigTaWe, 1 (50.00 1 Rivet Machine $3.00 I Office 23.0Q Elioea i i- $3.00 1 Hooyex S-reep-' "J.liJ si $25.00 1 Shoe Etretthef; $1.00 1 2 Pul Isysv complete 10JM 2 jdiTorti 1 Awning ea4.vH4;4,. 8 Toot Etooltr Chetiiie-inaradnjr -v XIachlne 15.00 3-Day $10.00 BAKER CO. i --An.

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