The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on May 29, 1929 · Page 1
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 1

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Wednesday, May 29, 1929
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I. milSport J M AY VOL. XLIVj No. 144. CONTAINING ALL THE CABLES RECEIVED UP TO 4-30s i LATE NEWS ON PAGE 20 TODAY.. PRICE TWO CENTS. - A Church and Stores Smashed lore mmm MmM: lilliiiAilll &mmmnmmm mmmmmm ' City 111 li LLLulluN CAMPAIGN IS 'ALMOST OVER All Three. Partieg Art Con fident of the, ,f ; Result LABOR AND LIBERAL ATTACK BALDWIN i i ii. f , Bj The. Y. Champion ul fleers Hamkleten. Cfeaadiaa Press ataS-CarraepondeaU. LONDON. May 29. With the eloM of Premier Baldwin' speech which it beina? broad cast from Manchester, tonight. the general election will be all over but the .voting by such of the 28,000,000 men and women who go to the polls tomorrow. Only seven candidate have been returned by ' acclimation, - and la Rugbr, Warwickshire, election for malities will have to start all orer again as a result of the death of tp Labor candidate. Henrjr Tales. '...:- Many Candidates. -' Is the ether SOT beats, however. rival candidal are awaiting the reavlt et this complicated and mystifying election. ' All three parties, K (oea' with out saying, hav all along express ed suprsms eoaSdenc la the result. . Boiled down, the grounds for their optimism amount te th lathe Conservatives see no sign of Isndslide la any pdrt of the conn- ptry. sad allowing for the reaction against Aa expiring ministry which Is encountered at nearly every elee tloh. they are eonBdent the Prime Minister's statement made early hs the campaign that he would secure a majority of It aver the other bpurtles will be JustiSsd. f urns veauMeM.. . , The Liberals profess to he con vinced the Conservatives will lea 100 seats, moat . at which will go Liberal. :r-r : . ; : . Labor hope, a expressed b to- day'a Daily Herald, are "a act gain of 110 aeeta, which would mean a Labor goveramenL. . Formidable Concluded cm Bag Bt. Qua, S. (Assistants Named TdW.JeW.Loivrie New Liquor Shop Fred Pritcoaxd and Joseph L&treille To Join Staff of Government West End fitOrts.:, u-v ' ''.v.""' , The appointment of W. J. W. tewrle, 7-401 Itlverdale aveaae, as managsr of the new lienor store to he opened shortly at ll Wet-llngton street,, which was reported prcluslvely In .Tuesday' Five O'clock Joaraal. was officially eon firmed today from the etfleee of the Liquor Control Board of Ontario at Toronto. . , Mr. Lowrle et praeeat Is assistant kun..M .1 11...UM. .1.. m ats hcank street , . . Appolntmente are slee announced Of th aaslsteata la th aew store. Ifed Pritchard. 111 Hamilton venue, hes been ' chosen es first assistant, and Jossph Letretlle. ST Sterling avenue, aa the second es-Atitaat ... t-.. ., .-' 1 . Mr; pritchard Is employed1 la the asaeasmast department of tho City Hall, where he has beea engaged (or two seasons. Previous te that he wee for three years a teller on the Pft of tho Ontario Oorerament Barings Off lee here, r .r.w -. Mr. Latrellle le na agent In the employ of the, Hetropolitaa Life Insurance Company, Ottawa district, and he wa also etnpleyed at oae time oh th pey staff of, the E. B. Eddy Company, Limited. . Both Mr. Pritchard and Mr. Let retlio will go Into the Queen street Unor store on Jnae t for training, and It is llhely that the new store may be opened up tot business the beginning of the week following 20 YEARS A SAILOR." . S2ASICS EVERY TRIP ! :'' MEMPHIS. May. 1, Be- '." . tag years la the Vslted I Siatea Navy, ItO.Oee mllee of ' ' aa travel,' sad eeesiek evory ' j voyage is the ususual assert. enee of Jsmee Bargar.'of Mem- j ' paw, Bargar visltad virtually vary eouatry en the ilobe aad ' ' euCend all the torture of eea- f ! sickuaaa. He haa bean around - the world three times and haa :' travailed Ml the eevea ease, t Bargar is more than six feet tail aad weighs IPS pouads.. .' '" MOTiCM. trr. P. L. Kssbilt, lot' Besk Street, left on gaurday for Wash-rngton Vnlversity, St. Los is. Mie ooari, to take up advanead peat graduate work In Eitracttoe and X-ray. Hrwlll be away from hie rl?t fct fr."-'V ...r-...-t. J Friendly Rivals t r. ) .. a. While waiting at Old Orchard, ror nrae ivs naswirs wian one anotiter uscn. ivp, seis ta rtgnti noger wuuasne or tna Asnerscaa viaan Oreea Flash. Jean AanoUat of tho French 'plan Yellow Bird. Bene LrfVvra sf Yellow Hlrd. aad Lewis A. Yancey ot Orasw Flash. Below, tho Yellow Bird being washed ont of tho mad oa th beach. The Yellow Bird started this anorasng, bat wad forced to return to her hose. - Tho Oreen Flash will try to fly to Home ana toe xeuow Kara se rarte. INTO THE CAUSE ninmlnating Ou Not Re- on Tor series or BlastAr- -'v" GAS0LINI LEAK - . .MAY. BE CAUSE T. C Askwith,' Deputy Chief Engineer, was atill at a loss lat -thht afternoon to explain the sewer explosions, pending a thorough, investigation.. ' ' Mr, Aakwlth asid his latorma- tton was that ovary .sewer manhole in tho arse of the main sswsrt, from FrauTt and Wavarlay streets, along by the canal, by Somerset street east, through. Baetvlow and right to tho outlet In New Edinburgh.' was blown off. -Ho waa not -dwaro. of, the full extant of 'the ' Informed of tho-oplolon of Col, b. R. Street that- leahasw of aaeo- llne Into the sewera had ' eauaed the blasts, Mr. Askwlth said 'this waa Doss ibis. Carsful check ' waa always mada when gas tank trucks . uoaciaoca on rag a,- (Jos. I. - Power Project For The Chats Fall Co. ecUiApproyal Cost Estimated Bj Propos er at 3oo,OOOTor Big . Proposed Hydro-Electric Scheme 1 .i ll I -. ; . . ' . la the, House of Commons this morning aa order-luroousoil waa tabled approving plan of the Chats Falls Power Company for a hydroelectric .newe devaloneneat oa the Ottawa River. ..The oompany has Its head ate in .Montreal; aad the nature aad anient of the proposed works ar .the neoooaera et the scheme at aa setlmated cost Doctor Net (iii!tyOf;Ma I i 7 After Death In Tonsils Operation Regina Physician, ':,Dr. J. iaye ttjecjea cocaine . Ceaaeiea Prass y Mrset Wire. v KBOINA,gaakA May l-i Zhr. f. C. Alack. Begin phy, " slf las. ' charged . with '. men- slaughter is eMaeetioa with;' ' the death of, Clara- geldler,. It, who died while underpo- tng aa operation for . raasoral 1 f teneil In a city hospital . last January l,era deelared "not , gailty". by a King' '. Latest- News Spcrtns an3 Karfiets': Qzzz - Tcday In Atlantlo Flights Me fur good flying wreaths ewer . .; .,' , Prize Fighter .' . Aid Candidate Br Tnea. T- Chample, . rress atan Gerrssns . LONDON. May !. Tha Canada Club wilt hold dinner oa election .nightjwtth rw..Inld Armour. graduate of the TJnirerslty of Toronto end aomlasted a prealdent ot Ue London Medical Society, as chairman. No formal speeches will be heard, hut the company t Will listen te election results. y v ,'-,e-. ,e.'V- -:e,. t .--.."r ..' : Seymour Hicks, noted stag ; comedlani aad Jimmy Wilde . have bees assisting Col. Grant " Morden, Canadian, ia his Ight . for reflection a Conaervntlve ' ' member for Brentford ; and Cblewiek. Elected by a ma- . jority of nearly ,00 in 1114. . Ool. Morden I oppoeed thm 1 time ' by Captain Btaveneos. :.i . Liberal, aad Dr. Stella Char-chill. Labor, who haa a mad. leal practice in thla great area- ; ' tor the London , middle and - working-classes. ' - ' ,'i ,. ... . , ,. a ,xe ", ,t ' Weather Cute Interest. Th return of Uo not weather has again cut down '- lataraat In indoor political -. meetings, aad together with ' tho election Itself la Incidental-,' . - ly making for a leaa theatrical. ... season in London, . j, U Tha Admiralty has Issued orders' enabling workers in the dockyards aad aaval establishments to. go to the polling hoothe oa Thursday. : . -V '' '' 'if'"'' :,..'." ' John Driakwater. ' '''-:"' . Lack of .Issuea . has not re. ' , f duead the number of speeches, . .-. and among the notable apeak-. , era for the Labor party, la the . 'poet ' and playwright, ; John . ' DrlakwaUr: v, ,.. ; ,:,;.. LDTDBEROHS ARE ' : STILL IW SECLUSION v N1W TOBXrMay Sl'Cdl'onel Charlee A- Lindbergh . and his bride,' .the i former " Anno Morrow, today; eoattaned -In the- seclusion which awallowed tbem up half an hear attar thetr surprise sstrrlece. The L coupJ disappeared, when they drove out of -the estate of Ue arid' father, Ambassador Dwtght W. Morrow, at .tnglewood, N.J shortly after the ceremony. Monday afternoon, and have net beea located since. ','- i l" 0; Black, Wis! AltegefJ To instead or Aorocaine. Beach .v Court- Jury her ' lass- . ', night. ',pf ' ' ti- M . .' . r- It was alleged - that , Dr. , - Black had inieeted eeealae In- 1 ' etead of hovocalae let th ' -.girl's tonsil, thaa causing her '. ;.sath. Tha defene claimed . that no fetal mistake had , beea made end that the gh-1 , had died from sovoealne poisoning, the nauat doe hav - lag proved fatal .In her see. 0a Pce 23. Ready for Start ; 5 - 1 -ft' 11 ;-'V th Atlaatkt, Mowdly eowipatitore LLOYD GEORGE WINS THE HEARTS OFAYELSH FOLK Libersl Leader! Makes Great Impression Upon ' j Own People. ' -r '' MULTITUDE PROUD OF WELSH LADDIE '.-i -MaMMM-.. ' 'i By . BNOwlKn, ' ' at Th Jsei net's Leneen Keen " - . BMraaa. (OspyrlaM.) ... , LLANDUDNO,! Wane, Mar 29.-It ha been often stid that no great poet has been nurtured far from the . Uavid Uoyd Oeorge ia poet, and bat a few honra ago . j - heard Mr. Lloyd George and th ocean together, for' that nn weary able vvmr en u action herd lait avemng, and I waa there quite ' elota to this.. en of tha centra figure of the world, and amid surround ings of lingular eharm , and beautr.- w , : , This Llasdsdno. at ons ot whoss Welch tune I am writing, la a tittle town of Northern Wain. For beaaty It can hardly be awrpaseed. aestllag amid, towering mountains, blue skies a bora, an ocean chanting at Its treat, and the greet gath ering- last evening -was enriched with, STsry aid et sentiment.- - ) i",; ;Tnfees 'OatlMr;;' a , Tha. hour waa.t-lO.'juit as ths sun was. preparing to dlsorb. The thousands ; gathered ' '. there , were massed la the. loyallsat ajnphitha-atre in, the .world, deep and broad and eloping upwarda, girt about with mouatalao that ssemed proud of . the multitudes' at ueir : feet. Mighty tree whispering In the ten- tie hrees stood seattnsl around the mountain base, while soft hank of elands' looted overhead.' ' ' - J A 'thousand 'gulls circled 'above the; ansae. -VThe,, people. lacad the sssss; Mr. Lloyd Oeorge with hie back to that mlghtr orgaa, . just tar ssongh' away to '"provide 'low aad omlaou accost pan intent to tha eedeneee of thla nmasmg oration, with votes so varied and so-powerful,'' with a mind that seems to think to music.- ; i ' - There wee 'a rude tibia set up far the newspaper men, every paper la ; London saeaUng te be represented, bat th great' eight waa th maisatie natural howl all denee- - Veaereor aat raaw mu Cos. . i , i i ' ' HE GIRO LYNCHED - , BY EOUTHSSU MOB ' ALAMO Tens.. May 1. A snob of about It nun: early today entered the Crockett county fait her, removed Joe Besley. 1! -year-old aearo, accused of attacking tha wit of a iaatlc ot the Peace, end haageeV him oa a tree, four miles from town. ' v Ths negro waa taken from 'the JaR about four e'eleek this morn-lag and hie body wee found short ly arterwaros. on tne tree wita the tMMty wms cardboard en which waa written: "Let this hasg here aaUl 4 m. Tkuraday."- .-...i Free Farmer Who Shot at Airship Merton Hankini Drank 80ms Win and Than Fired Bnokahoi. - VBWTO.N, N. 1H May HO A jury has acquitted Merton Hanhlna. a farmer, of as. aanlt with fount to hill Ueet.-CommaaKlcr H. V. Wiley aad the crew of dl men of the navy dirigible Loe Angelee. Hankies admitted oa the witness stand that ha drank a great quantity ot wins on May 0, when the mood overtook him to am a couple of loads of backshet at the airship aa It soared I.50O feet above his neld. Tho dirijribl aad crew FRIENDLY RACE OVER ATLANTIC ENDS ABRUPTLY "Yellow Bird" Porced ' Return After 20 Minutes. To GREEN FLASH FAILS TO EVEN TAKE OFF OLD ORCHARD, Maine, stay 90. After receiving weather advices which r Indicate kettsnamd ran-weather for teeaorrow, the dyere de rided to abandon n aecond attempt today. Pilot Roger Q. WUHama, at tho Oreea Flash, said an early Mart loaanriear would permit a rail nay of asyllgnt nytag. , , ' , assarlatsd Pram by Direct Wive.' OLD OBCHABD, Me., May 29. A. friendly aeroplane race eerosu ths Atlsntio was bestin en this aandy. beach today, bat tended, at least for tha. moment and past'bly Jo the day,, almost before it, got itnrteeu si- t ' The Anferlesa moaoplaae "Oreea Fkuh" did, not evsp- get of the heath, on wheel dropping Into soft sand on the take-off ad whirling the ship In p wracking ground loop thati spilled gasoline and secssil Uted thorough ' Invest igatlou . for possible damage due to strata. , ", Metajrae in BO Mmates.', . The rreaeh monoplane "Yellow Bird"! got Into the air, hat a seam la one of the wing tanks opened and It returned attar a 10-mlnuto struggle to gain altitude. How soon the 'planes could be prepared tor a second attempt wan not 'Immediately known, but It was gener ally Mt that the take-off had bee delayed at least tor several hours and many tolt that In order to get a full day ot daylight tying at the beginning of the light, tha asso-cisted flyers would postpone their asxt sian nnui tomorrow..; Bpoke. ' . Th Amerleaa 'slane wee mah1 aad by Roger Q. Williams and Lewis A. Tsncey, the rrench one by Bene Lafevre, Jasa Assolpat snd Armeao LottL ' The Green Plash was found to have brohea a spoks in the- left wheel and to have loooeaed other epokes. Williams, ths pilot, immediately ordered It to ha replaced by a wheel from another Bellanea monoplane now on, the beach. - 1 : i. flew Bhurt Matnncs. " Lieutenant L. M. Melka, pilot Of ins coast nuara -eiann wnicn ac- eompanied the Tellow Bird, said tha French flvere beaaa to lose what little altitad they had taln-ed after th take-ot upon reaching Portland lighUhlp, Ive mile seyoua cape - Biireoetn '- and doten mllee from Old Orchard.' He said he thought the Tellow Bird touched the water several time and H waa "then that he wlreleeaed a cell to Cosst ' gusrd veseela for assietaaee'. Hs ouiekly countermanded the order when the "plane dumped the fuel and gained altitude. ...... ' j t-'.v-:-'M t, .;---.,( i- Inaease 0a Milk and Crean Effective?Jii Ports of Entry la Vermont Customs District Receive Official Instructions "On 'Tariff Rates..1..V;V' AaBahOVtaaUSsl gftWul wF mHafMiV WsTv ', ST. ALBAXn, Vt May tv Port f entry In the Tecnsowt en tosne district war iaocraeted today by Collector . Barry C. Vhttehm, that lasnansd cmtiea em Canadian milk aad ussasn woe id .Iiiisii effective dan la. The rat on fresh milk I to bo raised frasa B 14 sol S a-d eewaa per gallon, aad that oa I gallea). Isnparealtan of - dairy' piedswta three aw the Fasasunt ds trsrt haa shown a hsrsje CITY DECLINES TO ADMIT BLAME Engineers Probe Sewer Blasts as more Explo- sions Occur. . NO ESTIMATE YET OF DAMAGE DONE S O'clock Edition Service. Engineering Department officials of City Hall this afternoon refused to admit the city's responsibility for the series of ex plosions ; this' morning- which blew off in excess of fu mannoie cover on the sewers in various parts of the eastern section of the city. Engineers In charge of W. T. Bryce, sswar engineer, were sent out immsdiately to check up the damage and to endeavor to And a csuse. Course Is Charted. From earlv Investigation.' It seemsd to the ofdclnls that the ex plosions must bar started about midway between tha main sewer outlet to the Ottawa River and Centre Town, in the neighborhood of Cartlsr. Frank, Wavarlay aad Elgin streets, then taking a course along tha main sewer east on Bom-ersst street over to - Templaton avenue, end down Nelson street to the St. Patrick street brides, across and north along Crelghton strsetl aad MacKay street, to the sewer outlet Into the river. Afternoon a arise. . Early this afternoon there were a series of new amall gas explosions la tha Eaatvlew 'and Clarfcstows area. A manhole cover en the Montreal Read was blown into the air. the force of the blast breaking two plate glase windows to the store of B. BodnoS, at It Montreal Boad, ahd also breaklnc alaaa In the windows of ths apartment upstairs. ',. i It was also reported thst men-holse were blown off on Main street, Kasrvlaw, and oa Catherine street, iarkstown, but that no eamage had been caused, although ine miasms or is neighborhood, bavins heard ot the havoa aana4 by the exploaloni la Ottawa, ware vary nervous sad afraid that ""they eucai aiso no in osngsr. . Terrifying Hoar. . About tea minutes after three tait attarnooa there, waa a sharp explosion ot gaa oa John street, just near the Suaaez street intersection, the centre of the surest cracking and heaving up. somewhat along the lines of the dam age canned in tee arrests ar Lan. don,- Bnglaad, not toag ago. A . man who was nearby whoa this exnloeion occurred said that the roar of tho gae in the eewer anderaeath was terrifying, snd it seemed as If there waa s regular uiotbo raging netow grouna. - The i force of , thla explosion Concluded on Fare BO, Colasan S Paul Bowerman Moved To Zagreb Promotion Por Well Known Offidul Oonialate. i of U S. ' As ennouneementef tntsreet to many la otuwa la th eppolnte meat of Paul Bow i man, of the united BUtea CoamilaU. to tsks over the 'duties of Consul at Za greb, . hi the- - Kingdom of the Bsrbe. Croats aad Slovanss, . - Mr. Bowerstan who - aaate te Ottawa la August, 1117, waa Consul aeelstlsg Irvlag . Llaasll, united atatae tyuaal-oenerel. He will be the eealor o facer at Zagreb, loomed lag Consul. Leslie A. Da vis, .1 ' ! .. , - Mr. and Mrs. Bowermsn, who hsvs mads many trleads la Ottawa during their . stay , . here, will Issvs for. Zagreb la tha course of a few dsys. -. -1-.--,-' . . in ' . ii ii ; i . . Traiii Derailment la Caused By Slide rireman Suffen . Broken Leg in OJP.R Accident Near Sodbuy. 5i i ' r " CaaaauHi Press by Wrest Wwe. i IUDBURT. Ont.Me II. Ba- eeunterlng a reek slide sear Bur-wash Button, I mllee south et here, the engine end baggage ear ef the Canadian FacMIe Beiiway train No. IT, wast bound, ware derailed early today. W. L. Cochrane, of MacTleri Oat., (remaa, sunored a broke lea. Ko otker Injuries ere reperud. - The Arsman was given srst sld by Pr, A' A. Alias, wbe waa travelling OS the train. The trala was proceeding through a cut when a heavy glide crashed Into 4he aide. The eaglaa '. aad baggage ear bore the area! of the slids but-- were . prevented tram rolling over by large gunntltlea f roek,- r--. ., . ... More thaa 1 tone of reek are said to have become dislodged aad add serosa tha right ot way during' the alsht. - None et the passoaser eoachea wee derailed, accord tag te tatormatloa. received her,-. . ... WWW HOUSES WRECKED PEOPLE IN TERROR AS BLASTS OCCUR Injured Taken to Hospitals Following Spectacular Series of Blasts in New Edinburgh, Eastview and Sandy HOL ST. MARTIN'S CHURCH DAMAGED; ."" MANY HAVE VERY NARROW ESCAPES Terrific explosiona of sewer ffaa caused serious damage fa Kastview, Sandy Hill and New Edinburgh at , noon today. Houses wrecked, people seriously injured, manhole tope blown sky high, and telephones out of commission were some of the era-sequences of the explosions. The seat of the most serious trouble was Range Road snd Somerset street east, where a building it in danger of eollapte and where main along the streets were blown oat . People Knih Into the Streets. ' People in the vicinity were put in a state of (error, and im. mediately after a aeries of load reports, they rushed frantically-, about getting out of the danger tone. , , , St. Martins Ohnrch Wrecked. St. Martin's Reformed Episcopal Church, in New Edinburgh, small stone structure, waa completely wreaked inside, pew, organ, pulpit, light and everything els being piled up ineid a mass of wreckage. - Tha organ alone was worth nearly $1,000, and a new font recently presented to the church waa destroyed. . (. . ' ! ' " aj ", HaH any ons been la the church List Of Injured; Property Losses " ; . TBB IKJURKD, , ;, . Mrs. Anna Hayden, BT Teawpk. ton aveaae, 'badly harped a boat body , aad face, Tahea to Water Buret Hospital for area tenant. . ; Mrs. Baorg Kaata. BOB Bnssirssl street east, lajarea by nylag gleee ana awnertag rroat oroaea at Aueaded toby Or. i. H. Altord. - Mrs. Ii, Tor oa tow. BIS oanan street aaat, eat ahoat taoe by flying frkMs aad saderlag fram InJ arias te he Baeas.'' !..:" ',..' K . Mian LflUaa Futtaplai.a, Ml Boasereet street east, an Orrlc Mo. PitaJ, eagerlag from aheck. John Mortar. M Belaaa street. driver toy leul Toroatow, bad eats Arthur Leaer. M Morton atreet. bate her In Toroatow storey cats ahoat fare, leg aad arm. Mlaa Dorothy Ktrnoteoa, Over-brook, clerk la glial la eaa gi'nuei. cats on face aad tajarsss a anger. ' PROPBBTf LOMEB.' Bit by Capt, Bam Blarkler, No. B tw atasa, asioinnea , wtmia aad mnter hnehea aad abed T Tampletoa aveaae. ay Mr. Ana Baydaa, BIB Soea event street taat, anew sea ty Leva x area tew to Left brick wall pot eat ef Uae by fore of explo- 7T BUrhbam. aceaatad .he r. t. Oraoa, Bra, amok and water nana hn cellar, gstlaawlshsd be r brhrada. - . a. Martla'a Bosasmad Bnlenoaal Charch, lose to coateats, BaVOOO. .. . . NBW YORK MOXBT. - ' . NEW YORK. May 11. -forelcs oxchaaget, Irm: dsmead rntea (la cents): Great BrIUIn. .4.14 I-1S; rranee. I.0 (.; Italy, 1.11; Bel- Sum, ll.ll; germany. JI.M 1-4; oatraal, llf. , t- '. .,.,,-, The Jam sal standard thsimomsot TORONTO. May II Preesura le lew ovsr the middle western state sad Hudson Bay aad high orer ta southaattera stalee. BX' for a few local showers In Oatarlo the weather has been fair la all provinces, with temperature considerably above normal In east ern Canada, and moderately warm in the west.. ,- ,.. A . WORBCAST.- Ottawa aad Bt. Lawraaee TaTloys Light to moderat asmthnreetsrly wlaaal naaeMy fair aad cantlaaea warm toauor aad xnwrsaar. Tssspsraturas. . iiewsss ,,"...- , Rirnt Dunne it it .... -.Baas.Terf'v.Hlztai Prmoe Bapart eg . . sc - i vl&rV":.;:: 'spsr ,.,i....-..,- . .. -,e 'ee so CmlaTatfT AsMkMtwoa 40 ti :; 4 r-r- ??i'" !! '' maee Albart ..,..s . ei se - vunSpal ZV."S."l ia A' J4-;:- neiuwii.-j... '...'.... Vt --.!. S.ult Toronto Xinaatea Ottawa : tl en treat ouenec Record ant. Forecast of the ffcather aWaWBBs ' . BBS - BBD v;.ay.ta':rl. TO T, 4 4 at. Jona. nji...,,. ye.,,, je , ee HsUfsx ...... vi so.,, as VSnh. -rid.;:.:- j f;,M . Petrol ..i....ti..rn t SO ! at Pew Tork'....iJ.Jt..'2 w es CstiiaiiMsae ...... a- ,-.7a m at th time death would have been certain, in the opinion of Be. C. W. B. Bcaife, the raeter, who was oa the spot a few mlnntea later. ' New Bdlabnrgh, particularly Oreishtoa atreeL fait th w fore ot th zploaloa. Fames were pouring from two manholea at the corner at Crelghton street snd St. Pntrleh street brldg a lew minutes attar a reporter visited th locality. Another' manhole waa blown iae the air with a loud explosion at the corner et Crelghton and BUee- -trie etreata, , .... Workmea, eatlag ' their dlaaer aearby. ..staled It aenaaed Ilk a small (cannon - belag discharged -aad they saw tho grating shoot Into . isv air. - - - - . - rarther down CTefthtoa, ta the-aalghborhood of St. Martin's Church, th aarth had beea haavd up on boulevards by th tore of -tho eaploeloss. Window were that- , tered In- many bona aioag th street. -.,..-.) . Mrs. A. 01 was standing at her front door, at d Cretghton etreety whan th manhole at the corner of -. Thomas and Crelghton streets blew ap. i She waa sprayed with drlnr -glass from a broken window of . tha church Just opposite her, but aot Injured. Her hallway was covered with alaaa when a reporter called. ' -".-'..-,.".,, . B. C. flpsrrow, n former ea re-inker of St. Martin's Church, waa sitUng on his verandah, il Sussex street, when h heard the explos ion, . -it emd right nnaer my -house aad th next thing I saw wss th charch falling." hs said. v A fruit store at the corner of Somerset street east and Chanel . street was ruined whaa s gaa mala in treat oi the etors Blew out wita . terrlne velocity. Wlndowa in th shoe were blown . la aad the occupants of the shop escaped ia sa amaslag manner. The store la occupied by I Torostow, who save a vivid daaerintlon of th explosion to a Journal reporter. Bunding in the at ore with several ' customers thsy were terribly s lares- , ad whan glass came showeriag into -the premises with terrible force. nr.' Toronlow . Immediatehr re alised that something , serious was wrong, got his customers lo-, - Ceaelnded aa rage S, Oca. & at naoa today i aglet sd SB degrata. "toMrvfrmt RAtsco Alof o APwHVndf - House UtVA.i'oR - ' - MtUi,; f 1 Moaeten'' at ' .!." Chtooutunl -......... to " '"' 1 ' 1 I ' I .'Assaanment.Ada.em nga la. i.-4.(t: i-l s ti,.5-r

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