The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 19, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 19, 1952
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XLVIII—NO. 125 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS —^ __<5!^^ ^ Blytheville Courier Blytheville Daily News Mississippi valley Leader Blyllicville Herald BLYTHEVILU;, ARKANSAS, T - - --- ___ _ ___ __ __ _ __• * •"--'' iLiui-j, x\jniw\i\DM.O, i UI'ikHJAl, AUCil U.S. Steps Up Plan Stevenson '£ose77a//c Date; To Post Food, Price Ike Plans to Woo Female Vote Ceilings In Stores Some Aides s°y * WASHINGTON AP -T * C <>Uld *™ WASHINGTON (AP) -The government stepped up ">° Uld MCOn plans today to post dollars and cents food price ceilings on Victory Mttrqin the walls of more than half of the nation's 500,000 o-m™.,, J stores, by Oct. 1. on meat displayed. The Office of Price Stabilization said orders will go out shortly to Its 54 district offices lo set the pricing chads ready for posting Each poster is expected to show Individual grocers have been figuring (heir own ceilings using The action will be store. return to ( 'Under the uniform community pricin program used in World Wai- Price Stabilizer Ellis Arna this has proved to be the most effective means of food price coii- trol. He said the program will have two big advantages: t. It will let consumers know at a glance the ceiling prices on many basic foods they buy. 2. It will relieve grocers of the necessity of calculating in< ceilings on the items that i posted. Trial Test Made OPS said the decision to expand the community pricing program from coast to coast is based on results from trial tests In three areas started last January. The agency said these tesV, have been a success In the marketing areas surrounding Jacksonville, Fla • Fargo, N. D., and Fresno, Calif'. Officials said both consumer and trade groups in those areas have asked that the program be continued. The lists to be posted will be selected from about lo per • cent ' of the approximately 5,0[}Q items sold by grocers. The OPS district offices will pick the items from the best-selling foods in their communities and their importance to the family budget. Fruils anil Vent-tables Exempted Fresh, frozen and canned fruits and vegetables will not be included. These items, making up an estimated 20 per cent of a family's food costs, were exempled by Congress July 1. Meals, which accounl for Ihe remaining 40 per cent of food items, also will nol be included at this time. Meats are subject to dollars and cents ceilings but butchers only have to label the selling price determine area and new plan OPS wholesale apply the costs in will an vide the charts each month for posting. They will be amended on the basis of changes each week. The charts will differ from store to stove depending on the volume of business done by each grocer. Weather Arkansas forecasl: Partly cloudy this afternoon, tonight and Wcd- LlTTI,E CHANGE ne«fay; widely scattered thunder, showers; mostly in northeast por lion; not much change in tcnicnr- alures. Missouri forecast: Pair to partly cloudy and a little warmer tonight and Wednesday; low tonight 65-70 fo Thank Gathings -"•*tr*>-->->iLiuii Iiaa UUU11 hned up by the civic clubs of Bly- HievHle that will be highlighted by 0 personal appeariyice and speech "I'l-""".! ivn;t: *tiiu tpeccn >y the congressman at Walker park (oRiorro« r night. A barbecue at which Congressman Gainings will be guest of hon- on- or is scheduled for 6 p.m. tomorrow at Walker Park. This will he fol lowed by open air program at th V m a e V/nlker Park grand stand at whic Congressman Gathings and other celebrities will speak. Both 'the barbecue and the following program will be open to the public but a $1 per plate fee will be northeast to 75 southwest,; Cherry Invited Dick White, publicity -chairman for the event, said there have been erroneous reports that the barbecue would be a stas affair. The barbecue like the grandstand program M open to the public with men women and children invited. Mr. White also announced that Chancellor Francis Cherry of Jones- taro. Democratic gubernatorial candidate. has been Invited to attend both the barbecue and .the appreciation program, and that he lias indicated that he would attend If j possible. .\fr. White also reported l.hat advance ticket sales for the barbecue were going "fairly well" with a total 3ln already reported. However, additional tickets are expected to hi!;h i be sold nt the burbecne. 1952 TWKLVR PACKS — " j"",,n. Aim icrt- KH evens on s r,tr to be more readily accessible ported to have 'Appreciation Day' For Congressman Set for Tomorrow Blytheville and Mississippi County will say "thank you" totnon-oiv 10 Congressman E. C. <Took) Oalh- Inqs when the city observes "Took cxilnings Appreciation Day." A bi£ celebration in honor of the n- i." ...m ^.i^-imower R First District congressman lias been '" Bnt . to New York lo address the 1! —' - American Legion Convention next Monday. 2. Sen. DENVER «1 _ P] ans nre being drafted for a concerted effort to ivoo the women'i voie for Gen Dwighl D. Eisenhower. Some of his aides feel it could meaii the margin of victory for (he GOP presidential nominee Mrs. Hoy P. PHcst of Utah, assistant national OOP chairman and head o f tiie party's Women's Division, is leading (he movement. This (nil, pleasant woman has been at Eisenhower's Denver headquarters nearly a week conferring with the general's (op advisers. Today, another H lenders of Ihe party's women joined her tor a round of conferences and a luncheon discussion with Eisenhower. Republican strategists are not forgetting the large part women played in nia.'iy sections in Eiscn- hower's drive ..for the nomination. Mrs. Priest is working to repeat (hat success on a larger scale Meanwhile, there were these other developments; 1. A member of the top-level Eisenhower team revealed that Eisenhower heaciuuariers wiii be moved to New York City's Hotel Commodore next Sunday for the duration of the campaign. The reason: to be more readily accessible to parly leaders In Washington and m the morn populous "Eastern states. A skeleton headquarters will remain in Denver. The move will be simultaneous with Eisenhower's Inside Today's Courier News . . Sporls . . . i>ag e 5. . , Society . . . rage 2. . . Markets . . . Page 12. . . Senseless vandalism at iv school here . . . cilllorlals . Page 4, Richard M. Nixon of California, file Republican candidate for vice president, returned lo Washington and will base his own campaign there. 3. Eisenhower formally accepted an invitation lo speaks al Ihe annual convention of the American Federation of Labor in New York Cuy the week of Sept. H The ixajt date will be picked later. 4., An associate, asking not lo be named, said Eisenhower will make .in informal appearance at a Labor Day picnic. He .said It probably response to questions tha't a Connecticut, affair was "just one of three under consideration." , . 5. An Aug. 20 appearance (s be- Scc EISENHOWER on Pajrc 12 School Building At Half Moon Will Be Sold Malcolm R. Griffin, president of the Dell School Ifcnrd, said today that a school building and lot at Half Moon will be EOld to public auction Aug. 30 because the Half Moon school has now completed Wednesday near 90 northeast to up per 90s southwest. Minimum this morning 72. Maximum yesterday—83. Sunset today—G:44. Sunrise tomorrow —5:24 , Precipitation 24 hours to 7 a.m.-j Tu ,_ r\\J T- a trace. j I^wo Qld-Timers Meet Baruch's Birthday The Blytheville Junior Chamber of Commerce fathered the "Took Oatlilngs Apnrccialion Day" idea and invited all other civic clubs of Ihe city to lake part. l precipltati °" slnce •"">• This Dale Last Year Minimum this mroniim— 63. Maximum yeslerdi'.y— 03. Precipitation January i to Ihi date— 30.76. Ihe ... -------- ...... ,, w , v Lumpieici consolidation with the Dell school •The land used fr the school was ori»mal!y donated by A J Little" Mr. Griffin said, "and when land donated for public school ceases to be used for that purpose, (hct. the title reverts to the original owner " Mr. Oriffin said a satisfactory arrangement had been worked out with Mr. Little, and that both the building and lot were to be sold at auction. Tiie stucco building, with remodeling, is suitable for a residence, he said. Tiie Half Moon school was ron "*"" 1 "'"" "^ Dc " «*' Labor Day Talk May Prove Time For Troman Exit President Would Help in Campaign At 'Later Date' WASHINGTON «1 _ President Truman may drop out of the presidential campaign f or a whilc nf(or he and Gov. Adlai E. Stevenson of I linois share Labor Day's political stage. Stevenson's strategy board Is re- postponed at a bpi-ingficld, 111., meeting last weekend any final decision on. how much campaigning the President should do. Members said it was the feeling that any appearances by Truman— other than his Labor Day speech m Milwaukee alter Stevenson has talked in Detroit the same day- ought to be delayed until there are more developments in the campaign. Unless the plans are changed Truman's activities then would be limited largely (o speeches in industrial centers of the East Plowing Contest Officials Won't Let Both Speak SPRINGFIELD, 111. Wi-Adlal E. Stevenson's dale to make a. major larm speech nt Minnesota's National Plowing Contest was railed off today after conlest officials declined to permit him to speak the same day as Dwishl U. Eisenhower. Wilson W. Wyalt. the governor's campaign manager in Springfield. Issued a pie-d.-uvn statement siw- inff conlest officials had reversed their position in bavrln" a Sept 6 speed, by the Democratic "prc'sl- dential nominee. He also charged nicy backed down on a subsequent decision to make (he whole arramiement conditional on Eisenhower's approval Stevenson's office had announced last nlBbi that the governor would majie hks farm speech at the con- Jest In Kasson.-Mhin., at 3 p „, dial Hay—just four hours after Eisenhower's scheduled appearance Ike Accepted Kirliir Eisenhower had accepted (he in- vilation two days earlier. Bui Ihe contest executive roni- iiirtieli decider! alter a four-hour meeting early today to invite the. governor to speak Sept. 5-with Eisenhower r.ppcariijjf as scheduled the following day. Wyalt telegraphed the committee that neither Stevenson nor John Sparkman, the democratic vice presidential nominee, could appear Sept. 5 because of prior commit- Wyatt said Ihe governor was Invited to speak on Aug. lo by Philip S. Dull Jr., chairman of the public relations committee for the event He said Duff informed Ihe governor that Robert Hurrlc of Rochester, Minn., the program committee chairman, welcomed him for either day of the event—Sept. 5 or G. Duff Telephoned Wyalt added that he telephoned Duff last night when he, was in formed of press reports that ac- SINGLE COPIES PIVK CKNTS Unofficial Results Reversed in Three Contests ['Grand Jury To Be Called In One Case Hy The Associated Tress The iinofCiciai results of this summer's Democratic primaries were reversed yesterday in races involving a Blulo senator, a county judge ami a county clerk. . • It was announced thai one grand jury would be called in connection with reported iltcijal voting In Iho rnn-ofi primary and a petition seek- FIRST BLYTIIKVII.™ HAI.F.-W. C. Darby deft) of clear Lake Road looks on as Velma Ooff, right, B i m ,er nt the K. D. Hughes Gin on South Broadway, weighs h> M r. Darby's 380-lb. b:Ue, the first to be Stacd in BiythcviHe tnh year. The bate wus B im,cd this morning. Ihe cotton was of Ihe D, P & ,, m , ctj , whlch „,„, B county., fim bate Friday at Manila. (Courier News l-l, 0 |,,| Chinese Said on Trip ~ a ^WASHINGTON (/TV-Some American diplomat, vlcw thc top . lcvD , Sen. James E. Murray of Montana said after n White Hoi;-,-f f .... visit yesterday that Truman tenla foM " cd ° Press reports that actively had accepted anTvSn £&# ^>! ™>> .*? °OP to speak at (he dedication of Hungry Horse_ Dam in Montana early on Tatrft 1Z presidential nominee, had the door" for a speech by Slcven- le same day. Wyatt added: . -'- Duff . . . told me thai during Ihe middle of yesterday after- See STEVEVSO.V on I'ajrc 12 Highway. NEW MANAGER—p. o. Kceble has been named manager of Wade's Five and Ten Store at 100 West Main here. Mr. Kecble is a veteran of nine years experience with McClclIan Five and Ten stores, a national chain, lie manager! the organization's Ilold- cnvillc. Okla., store prior lo coming here A native of Alabama Mr. Kecble is married and thc father of a five-year-old son He and his family are making their home at 326 Walker. They arc members of (he Calvert City Ky Methodist church. WM-.^ffr^fe* &**M CQ/itemplateci The Chamber of OoouoaJ-fe today mailed merchanW'lifei' questionnaires in com,43r<in»&Uh a fUrvcy to determinef&«>n.-ibii- ^-ly of continuing Bl*b>ym c Value 'Days throughoutVHr winter months. vfe If done, Viiluc Day? would be held once a month from November through March The possibil- lly of conducting Value Di>s n»\t summer on a biweekly 'busts also will be determined by Ihfc survey, C. of C. Manager Worth D. Holder said, It also was announced today that Slim Rhodes and his Western band will perform during tomorrow's Value Day promotion. The band will perform at various points on Main Street from 2 until 5;30 p.m. •Drawing for the Jloo BVD prizes will be held in the 100 block on .M.iin street at 5:3(1 p.m. tomorrov/. After their BVD performance Rhodes' band will go to Walker Park where they will bcaln playing nt 6:,30 p.m. for the "Took Gathings Appreciation Day" program. Grenade Factory ombed by 11 Works Was Given 'Advance Notice' It Would Be Hit woj-iers-in Northwest Korea The f !>,< lory ''was only 3 miles south of the fv'inchurif.n border. PK ' East headquarters In Tokyo said TO sprawling works was oile of (In- 73 military larpets thc U M Command has given advance notice H will attack. e Chinese are dissatisfied'wiln Rus- 1 1. More financial aid to supplement the TOO-mJllion-dollar loan Moscow promised In February 1950. 2. BIgfier anrt faster shipments of Rllssian-niiide military supplies for hav<l-pre:;sc'd Chinese Communist Ij-oops in Korea. 3. Removal of Russian troops from Port Arthur nnd return lo Red China of the Changchun Railway as promised by the end ol this- year, The State Department has. cautiously labeled the Chinese-Soviet rconfcnafco as "routine" and said •$ipitt-ittce!.imw by partner nations 'J*r£ >tQ_.-lK expectrd. *f*""~ * H'fny Keel; War Help But experts on Russiun and Chinese affairs here ftc-l the purpose of tlic limldle is aimed .-it fimlltifr ! ways to continue the Korean War I rather than at any policy change which might mean pence in tiie Far East. ing to impound ballot boxes for alleged Iraiidulnnt voting- was filed m another race. Most of the reversals were affected by County Democratic Committees, hut one involved a grand jury. Ucsults Llslc-il Here arc. the results of yesterday's action concerning the Aug 12 voting: (1) chlsm" Reed of Paris \\i s mimed the fifth district senatorial nominee by the Logan County Democratic Committee. The group threw out two contested boxr% from (he AUK. 12 primary which Have Sam Pord. a Scranton farmer, H 24-vote district wide lead. Reed bad charged that Ihe total number of votes exceeded the listed poll tax receipts in the disputed townships. (2) The Carroll County Democratic Committee threw out all but six of the absentee votes cast in the runoff election giving the count clerk's nomination to Burton George with n M-vote margin over Sec ELECTION on I'age 12 izafion Board Meets Prewitr Named Head Of Assessment Group " " '""• The makeup of the 15-mnn rhi- It. was flu- first time the plant at msn Communist delegation hn'arl Nr.ku-on, half way between Sirmljn i •><' by Prcmiei--l-'orei<'n JUinr-'tcr °'n™; l |K Sl ' 1 f 0 » R ' h!1<l , hpcn hit - i Cho " E "- |! ". nPPeWto tlu-rn to w.i be held in Osccola Ail" •>« a Results of thc raid u-ere ,,„( „„-! point to war objectives, with p;I r- in Hlvlbeyille ' Aa? °7 S ' 2 " , a ' S^,^;;^:' ccoiio "" e "" d uJ"^::"'L^;^'^»^ an-; HO! Results of thc raid «-ere not notmccd. The planes dropped tons nf bombs. Tilofs Skirl Typhoon Bill the B29 pilots, skirling the edge of an erratic, typhoon swecnlne across the southern , :m i o r the Ko- W. W. Prewltt- of Osccola was clcetcd chairman of the Mississippi County Equalization Honrcl .When it met In Osceola yesterday to begin eMtminln? awrsimohts, "' '=-'• •—• . Malcolm R, Griffin of Dell waa elected vice chairman. The board nic-l ittfain In Osceola today and was schiMliilcd to convene in Blytheville tomorrow nnd Thursday at the Court House. This year, both farm land and personal property were assessed Tiie board is sending notices of in- crcnsctl assessments to property i- owners and will meet, asain laterd I- to hear requests for equalization ofj •• the assessments. These mcelin^r 5 be held !n Osccoln financial problems. " I Mr. Griffin, Mosi officials seem.-.! to agree ' inrliidc \'f. P. Hale o"f Osceoii' Jess Ctioii and Russian Deputy Prime f'orrcster of Whltton, Prank Bnll „/ r^lr, .. A !I' l .''° i Vi<ihlns ^' wnuW i Etowah. Karl Wi!dy of Lc-.-ichville, - —........ , u DI LUC K.o-1 , trieiulsliip and alliance! ""'<-' Curtis of Manila and Chrij J-ean Peninsula, reported they met I , y cy - si Rnfd Feb. 14, 1950.1 To 'npkliis of Bnructtc. intcTOe anti-aircraft fire. One plane! '!]'' with -' ;c l > -' vri >te agrcrmontsf was attacked by a Rod nl R ht fi»ht- ' <lm]ln " wi "' Port Arthur the or taut Die Air Force said all 1-1 Cn:in K< '"in n.iilway and D-.| rcn planes returned safely, ... The plant reportedly 1.000 anti-tank grenades Huviia lias Control The weather clearing today Ijhoon swept out into thc St>a of Ja- ovrr the! front iiftor the 1y- pan .-ind headrcl for Mokkaldo, Japan's northern mo : .t islaiul. -•^y?77T-^j ,; - " -•"•^"-"•«w ^ *•* It's BVD Shopping Time Again- Mo,. B« Value ^ ta ^ M ^J*^ y _ Triirf railed "I'os.sible" "P NSAN . Korra l^-Ma). CM. I Willinm Harrison, senior U. N Com- j mnnd armistice detc-c -to mid tod-iv 1 Sec WAR nn I'njc 13 I>ro<lm.-ed A!! IhcKc p'ropertira ,i;-o nn>y at '"-' 3.0(10! least partly controlled and "oper- ' nte.l lw the Russians Under the 10=0 urccmoiif. Mo cov prom ise.l to pull .out of fort Arthur "ml n lib; m t ilhiim m i re turn im cb ui(,cliii]i H uf i in ac.l Chin i Am. uc m olfici il Ijii^i t hil 1' Rll I I Is to live u,, [0 t| , t < font ICIILC of Hit- t pi ' " "11 III Mo < 0\ mi 1 ill 111 I' ' r "•• lo ,i <!(. . S r < HIM vi on ,.,,,, ,, | UTTLE LIZ- !/. can't buy love, but it i oping for it ndort; inter- cy willbe m ZT"^^ ^"^rs, W-V-f-j ffQfl- „,. 3motr«w In lure No. S shon-s MmcnV. fall to lw oifcted »t'thc bargain ,' --^ v llS-2^ff.vSSilS^^_. (Wfc-itd at price or tt . Brand-name Hits-,Picture ;;o, A, also will be avail.-We'at ""'^ lop - fl " a!it - v sii l> s to ^ foW at H.38 during the BVD event to• (rocra. Pio- reduced pricw-half j,r.ce for uimotruw'i SA : t or ^. fM utt No 4 da- 1 "°" JA ' (tourkT News rhoi<>>

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