Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 28, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 28, 1895
Page 2
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ROBBERS SHOT. THE TIE HAS COME It Has Been Kt'trlcctetl Far Too Lontf. SUNKEN SHIPS. The Spring is the Time .For You to Look Out For Yourself. Symptom** at 'Ilii.s Season Yon Must Heed to KCCJI Wei). Mobt serious are those diseases af- fectine tbe liver and kidneys. -The rery thought of them fiend n tbril 1 of horror through the body. When the kidneys cannot work deu,th mu^t re- gult. Tbe symptoms pointing to weak or diseased kidneys are, headache, pain or weakness! in the back, bloating, changes in the water, tired feeling, los« of appetite, gas in the atoiuach, indigestion, dyspepsia., dimness of ylsion, oharigeH in the skin, sleeplessness and nervousness. Here Is a most remarkable cure of liver and kidney disease. Mrs. C. R. Joyner, who resides at 10 Chapel street, Westfield, Mass., itates: "I-was troubled with severe kidney trouble and indigestion, that guveiuea nervoud, trembling feel- Ing, and 1 could uot sleep very well. I used to wear plasters to relieve that miserable weakness in my kidneys. My liver was also in a bad condition. Early in the spring I w*,s feeling so inlnerahJetliat I deoided to try Dr. ,- Greene's Nervurft blood aad nerve remedy. Up to this time I ha^e taken two bottles, and it has done all'for rue that 1 represent, and no on« -who ttfen and knows me, will doubt a word of what I say, I have lived In this town thirty years. Now my health and strength are reatored, as I do not have one pain about me. I can eat anything I Wish, atd atu not bothered with the Has In the stomach. I don't even wear a plaster now, and don't have that tired feeling In goinR up stairs, and to express myself, can almost ikip up and down, and ain very thankful, for few can say it who have past their seventy years. I think I came near Brlghts dij- ease. Seine people will not take one thing lonj,' enough to give it a trial, and do not know whether it will help them or not. Now 1 (eel first-rate, and I give Dr, Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy all the praise, and I reoointiieod the Nervnra to all." sins, c. R. JOYXER. This great world renowned preparation, Dr. a-reene's Nervura blood and nerve reined?, goes directly to the weakened or disease'! organs . and cure- th<un. Its curative ao tlon on the liver and kidneys is qui'k V - and certain. It makes strong nerves and pnro. rich blood, which is just wbat yon noed. Now in the spring, is tbe vei j best time to Uke it because liver and kid- 'ney disease, as well as nearly all other affections, are more easily and quickly cured now than a.t any other •easou. The liver and kidneys are always inactive in tho spring, after tbe long cold winter, and to keep •.'perfvptly well everybody should use Dr. Urecut-V Xervura blooil and nerve remriJy us » soring remedy. It i> riot a pntont medicine, but tbe prescription of the most suecess- ' ful living specialist iu curing Her. vous anil chronic dlsoart-s, Dr. Greeny, of 3;"i West Mth street, 2few • lo'rk Cicy. , Hv hns the largest prac tice in the -\vi.>rl<\ ai.d this grand Medical discovery i* the result of his vast experience. Tbe great, reputation of Dr. iTreene is a,-guarantee - that bis medk-ino will cure, and tlie '• fact Mint lie c-m bo consumed by anjone, at auy tiuR\ tree of charge, '•.personally or by letter, gives »bso- • lute assurance of the betieficial action of this wonderful medicine. Vuurtulln Line JExcur«'On». .- On April 2 and SO, 16'95, home •eekor's excursion tickets will be ; on *ftle a.5 very cheap rates • ':to virious polnta In the South and Southwest. For rates, limit stopover prl"i)ges, etc., apply to J. C. EDG^WOKTH, Agt., ";'; Logansport. led. American Gunboats That Went Down Forever. Urlcf Kcvlnvr of Naval LosuM Durlne C lciry — F:imoun Men - of - War Tlmt Unvi) .•Hyuturlpiiilj- WisuypciirMl from View. Since the Itist great storm swept across the Atlantic it has become rea- Bonahlv certain tliat more than one vessel has" been swallowed up in tho waves. In .some instances the fate of the lost vessels has been k-araed from the wreckngo seen by passing ships; but it has happened, many times since men fh-.st began tu go down into tho deep in .ships, that an apparently stout stanch vessel has set sail guyly from port only to vanish as completely as if her voyacre had been outside of the solar system. Even the American navy has suffered such losses, that arc to-day and perhaps always will be an unsolved mystery. Tin; Gi-Kt important loss of this kind, says the Uoston Advertiser, was the eighteen-gun man-of-war Saratoga, one of" the few .ships that composed the American navy 110 years ago. The loss of tho Saratoga was in itself a story that might well attract the notice of a writer of fiction, as it occurred at the close of what promised to be a signally successful cruise. The Saratoga sailed from Philadelphia early in the autumn of 17SO, and in October captured three vessels bound from Jamaica to New York. Returning toward Philadelphia with her priy.es the Saratoga sighted the British man-of-war Intrepid, and being clearly out-matched escaped by putting off to the east. Her prizes were recaptured by the British, and she herself disappeared utterly from human ken. Just about twenty years later the United States frigate Insurgent, carrying thirty-six guns, sailed from the Chesapeake Capes under orders to cruise between longitudes sixty-six degrees and sixty-eight degrees west and to go no farther south than thirty degrees north. Tt ; s probably within that very tvattt of the ocean that the Saratoga was lost, and it was regarded as significant by some of the old salts of the American navy at the bc-ginning of the present century that the Insurgent, too, sailed oft into the list of ships whose faith no man knows. For all one can say to the contrary the Insurgent and the Saratoga lie side by side off the Chesapeake Cupes. In tho same year, the only year in which two of the American men-of.war mysteriously disappeared, thefourteen- gun brig Pickering was ordered to Guadeloupe to cruise along the coast there. In September, 1SOO, a heavy gale swept the ocean, and it was generally believed at tho time that the Insurgent and the .Pickering went down at about the same time and in practically the same storm. The Pickering wns not a very seaworthy vessel when equipped with grins, and there is little question that she foundered during a gale, although there is of course no certainty as to her fate. When in 1S05 the United States decided to send ten gunboats to help in tho war against Tripoli one of these vessels, known as "Gunboat No. 7," met with a mishap after leaving port and was forced to put back again. Perhaps if Lieut. James Lawrence, who commanded "Gunboat No. C."_ had been assigned to tho unlucky "No. 7," which Lieut. Ogclvio commanded, American naval history might have been different. As it was "No. C" arrived safely, and Lawrence lived to defeat the Peacock and to fight the Shannon; but Lieut. Ogclvio's gunboat wont forth again after repairs and sailed into the mysterious waters of the unknown, and another "missing" ship was entered on the navy's rolls. The most famous of all the missing ships of the American navy was the •\Vnsp. In its brief history it had a. brilliant record, having within a period of five months taken fifteen vessels, valued at more than two hundred thousand dollars. Its prowess as a terror of the seas was so remarkable that its name hnd grown to be a menace to British merchantmen. Late in the year 1S14, loss thau six months after she had left the Portsmouth navy yard for her career of victory, the "U'asp disappeared completely. Perhaps some damage received in an encounter with the enemy had weakened the sloop's timbers so that she fell an easy prey to wind and water; but, whatever happened, she left no trace. The last American mau-of-wai- to vanish was the brig Epervier, which sailed from Decatur's fleet to the United States to boar the treaty made with the Dey of Algiers. July 13, 1S13, the fipervier was last seen near tho strait of Gibraltar. Since that time she, too. has joined tho Hoot of the missing. Where the vessels of that fleet lie oud what bc-ct'.uie of tho crews aro matters that may never be known uutii tho judgment day; but perhaps chance rony yt't throw some light on the question.'I:i the meantime tho theme is one that rany well invite tho nltcntion of tho hna;riiuiiive novelist. —Svmpathy is that within us enables us to look at our neighbors our other self-—Young Men's Era. 1 Warning to | Expectant El Many !:itcrnal remedies arc twin, skillfully I. BnQilRMblyiuivortlji'O.profo.-sliicios.liortcn $3 JfiLrtbor, r.osM-n I'lUut oC Clillil-blrth, 0 3r etc.. and wllii ii">»ilcr/i:f incotui-iinicu forfuii-ja *£lutt mtii-<tru,iti(m. Common sense should , ' €? tench nnv vriM'.i:'.n that u preparation adapted WforJIUS-STUlIALlMSOKDEKS-virlllnol.'i CJ prepare tho *.v>ti>in for Clilld-blrth: on Ihc J Scontnirv, iiiterKat rrmeAita !U UiH umomayj ,lm(wril1icrllic. Wo oaraosity SOT JJKWAXE , oC nil such; ihf.v cnnnot, at this critical. 'period,do nnr possiMo pood, and their u« J may prove fatal. It Is only by pomlsumi E3-' t> TEUNAt. tri>.iiiitt i iit whllt> mriMif/, thus relax-.! line and sofii'nlnt: -ill ihc parts, thai the honr 4 l of Child-birth l;iro!>Dod of tw terror: and no j rvniudr 0" o.irth doe* lbl> bnt"MOTH-i KK'S FRIEND." For further lolorma- • UOD address • ' ,Tii« BradRcld BrcnUtor Co., itlut*, G«. ] Six Desperate Men Attempt a Hold- Up in Kentucky, Railway Men Re-idy for Them, and as a Result Two Bandits Ari Dead and One Cap'.ured. v ..--.-..-.- ..—->, Kv.. March -J7.—One of thVmost daring and at the same time most unsuccessful attempts at tram robbery occurred at S:.'!0 o'clock a. ro. Wednesday, in the southern portion of Kentucky" near Greenwood, when six men undertook to rob the south-bound train, No. 3, Queen andCrescri-.t. which left Cincinnati at S o'clocK Tuesday night. Une Killed OiirrlEl"'- One of the six was killed outright, another died at 4 o'clock Wednesday morning, a third giving the name of Miller now lies here severely wounded and the other three have not been heard The train was delayed not more than ten minutes and reached Chattanooga at S o'clock a. m. Wednesday on time. -\Y«ro Forewiirnect. The reason for this summary disposal of a body'of train robbers is found in the fact that some tidings of their purpose had been given to the express authorities and Mr. T. R. Griffin, who serves as a superintendent of police on the Southern road, had with him two trusty assistants. The train had just reached the south end of tunnel No. 0, which is 1 mile north of Greenwood, when the robbers signaled it to stop. Got Load Inntond of Gold. They had scarcely disclosed their purpose when Mr. Griffin and his assistants on the train began offensive operations and in ten minutes three of the robbers had bitten the dust,\ the other three had flown and the train was speeding on its way. > Not a single injury was suffered by anyone on the train. The treasure in care of the Adams Express company's Diessenger was entirely safe. AdiiroH Exprens Mosiienecr Hniipy. CixcmxATi, March 27.—General Manager Barrett, of the Adams Express company, says he looks upon the defeat of the train robbers at Greenwood as an important event. The express company has adopted the plan of a secret service to protect its property against robbers. This is the first result of the new method. While it is costly, it is infinitely moi-e effective than any amount of lynx-eyed detective business employed to arrest and punish robbers. Prevention, he thinks, in this matter, is better than cure. Superintendent Barrett says the robbers could have had no knowledge of the amount of money carried bv" Tuesday night's train, that they made their attack as a pure venture. He declines to say what would have been their reward if they had been successful. NEW MAN FOR REICHSTAG. Bin-oil Von Bu«H«or«nliers Chosen President to Succeed Liivotzow. Bi-:i:t,iN-, March 27.—The reichstag Wednesday elected Karon von Buel- ]5crcnberg, first vice president of the reichstag and recently acting president, to be president of that body in succession to llcrr von Lovetzow, who resigned Saturday as a result of a 11 refusal ol the roich.stag to permit him to congratulate Prince Bismarck in the name of the house ou his birthday. The vote stood 301 for ;md 1S3 n/i-aiiisl the election. The black ballot?, east u\imb«r<ld 10.', The new president of the reichstag in accepting- the presidency took occasion to praise the services of his predecessor in of- The newly elected president and vice presidents of the reichstng have decided not to apply for the customary audierice with the emperor for fear of still further straining the situation. They will merely leave their cards at the palace in the hands of Court .Master lloapeschc. - LOXPOX. M arch 27.—A dispatch to the Star says that cholera has. broken out nmon"-'' the Japanese troops at Port " Arthur. Thirty-eight cases wc'-e reported in one day. hON-nox, March 27.—A Central News dispatch from Hong Kong says that the "overnracnt denies the reports of the existence of a plague in the vicinity of that city. >'<> i in Kansas. ..-"ismsOTOX. March 27.—Tho alleged CNistcr.ce of pleuro-pneumonia in Kansas" as claimed by some of the officials oVthat stale, has boen thoroughly disproved by the agricultural department, and Dr. Salmon, chief of the bureau of animal industry, authorised the statement Wednesday morning tha tat no time had there been auy foundation for such assertion. r.ritunnia J?p:Us Allsa. Kid-:, March 27.—In the race sailed Wednesday the Britannia beat the Ailsa by b minutes 35 seconds. The course was triangular and had to be ^uled over three times in order to complete the total distance of 30 miles. Fatally Wounded. WABASH. Ind.. March 27.—At'Not- tingham, southeast of this city, Joseph and Alexander Grim were shooting rats with an old revolver when Joseph was fatally wounded. y Kicked. SOMERSET. Ind., March. 27.—-Benjamin Shaw, aged S4, of this place, was fatally kicked by a colt while trying to break it. ESCAXABA, Mich.," March, 27.—Early Wednesday morning fire destroyed, Peterson A Johnson's saloon- Terrible Itching " I h*d whit the doctors pronounced to be my limbs pained me a good deal and were swollen. I became all broken out with pimples. This cnused me to scratch, and the eruptions turned into ona solid sore.' The disease spread all _ over my body. JJh«r.F. T."Cr«t<7~ At length, my attention was called to Hood's SarsaFariJln, and I concluded to give it R trial. This was in April, and I continued faithfully with it until Christmas. At the same time I took the medicine, I ate anything that suited my appetite. I am Now Cured and have no signs of the disease except a little inflamed color where tha sores gnth- Hood's *ffr Cures ered. My affliction is healed; I feel like .myselt again." F. T. CRAIG, Halfway, Va. Hood's Pills do not purse, pain or gripe, but act promptly, easily and efficiently. 25c. ^ J!D , 11)., March 27.—Commander in Chief Liiwler. of the G._ A. R., has issued a general order urging the proper observance of Memorial day by veterans, school children aud citizens generally. The restoration of 10.000 suspended members is also -urged. Ainurlcnn IlooknmkiT Shor, PAULS March 27.—In an encounter ia a railway station here Wednesday a.n American bookmaker mimed Wendel Eeed was shot by an Englishman named O'Brien. It was the outcome of a dispute over some money. Morn llK?tliru;iUoi>s Jlandi-U In. MADRID, March 27.— Resignations of officials continue to be banded in. Among those who have resigned are the presidents of the commercial treaties committee and the Cuba tariff reform committee. More TrnopH lor Cuba. PARIS, March 37.— A dispatch from Madrid to the Journal les Debuts says the Spanish government has decided to send additional reinforcements of 0,000 men to Cuba. THEfMAKrOSTS. Grain, I'rovuloim, Etc. CHICAOO. Maroli 27. FLOUH—Quiet but firm. Prices ranged us follows: Winter — Patents, $iWX8ifl5; straltflus $3.35.i2.50: clears, Ki.I52B.30; seconds SI 003^.00: low (trades, il.M3l.83. Spring — Patents, $3.00^*50; stralKlits. $ilO.'a)i7o: baiters' $l.85®2.33; low trades. il.75Ql.30; Bed Dour, Sl.65rcl.r5; Rye, 82.8032. M. WHKAT—SironROr an* liifrher. Cash, 53Ji<3 5-13ic; May. MjB&SSJsc: J ul y. SUW&SOKc. •Cons—Moderately tietlvo and firm. No. and No. 2 Yellow, 45?*«.r3e: No. ,1. 4ac, and No. 3 Yellow. .153-KMc; Miiy. 40 % C240 K°\ July. 4B»»-ia47o; Seiiterobor, •IC^'iJ.ITMc. OATS—Hls&or, wllh fair trading. No. 3 29^0; May, 291>i@'-!>?ic: July, SS'COiOJfo. i-imiilr") hlchor. No. 3. 29)t®2!>?io; No. S-Wbite, sSc 'NO 2 28029KC; No. 2 Wane, 82032140. KYB-Markot dulic firm. No. 2 In store, MB- samplo.lots, 54tf®iw!4c: outside choice; No 3 about -170510; May delivery. r,4c. BAittKV — Demand llplit: "ado slow and feellns heavy. No. -t, S0u,52c; Xo. 3, 5I@5.|o tor fair 10 choice, and No. 2. asgirHWc. bcreeii- incs »tSli'.OtKf»l-7.SO per ton. JIESS POKK-Trail!iiK <™s quito active an 1 prices lower. Quotations ranced at $12.1)3 l-'UTJi for cash regular: S12, SOS'2. Si r.)f Maroli; $l2.30(ai2,K^ for May, and SI2.OOS.ri 03 t0 L.iui>-Kather quiet and lower. Quotation! ran-od a t.[« 03 ;{0.07 « Cb r cash: ft) 90^0. M '/i f o r Marcu: f7.00tt7.02« for May, and S7.1JS7.U! for seller July. LIVEPOL-KTHT—Per pound: Turkeys. OtfUo; Chickens, 7..'i>8!'ic; Ducl;s, !)@ilc; Oeesc, per dozen, si.boa5.oa 13UTTBI4—Creamery, lOaiOc: dairy, o&lSe: PacUini; Stoci;. "i3"c. LiQuoiis—Whislty quoted steady at Si.20 par gallon for liigUwiaes. NK\V YORK, March 27, FLOrm—State and -.vostorn dull, steady.^- ^ WiiF\T—No, - red very dull, tlrm, Mfc?»c b!'-ber." May, GO 3-16aG09-lGe; July. 009-14:3 Olc; August, Ol<a01 We; September, til!""" 1 '"-"' 'DecemDcr, 03?iai04o. COHN-No. 2, nulot. firm. May. ..._ July,f'IH®51Mct Septembcr,al?iiO3lKc: 2xo. 2, "^OATS-N'O. 2, dull, firmer. May, 33?jc; state, 37«J-)OWc; western, 32&i&40!ic. BMl'-Firm. Extra mess, f7.503S.25; (aml- y p"otiK-CJulet, firm; mess. $13.30:313.75. LAKD—Uull- easy, sieain-rer:(lered, »<.3o. BUTT'-K—Fairly' active: clioice llrro; western dairy. saiSo; do. creamery new l-S=lc; do old.OSHc: do. factory, ,&12c: tlclns,,-10. Imitation creamery, 9&»c: rolls. 7@10c. CHEESE—Fancy firm, unchanged TiCGS-Firin. Western, 12c. Live StocK. ClUCAOO, llarcb 37, HOGS—Moderately active on local and shipping account, and ,'ecllRK weaker. I-ifnt and mixed lots were 10= lower and other crudes declined 5c. Sates ranged _:it,_J3.7US-l 7s for p.lcfchi^HC^-W for mixed, and sJ.ST.i5.25 for heavy pacHiaK and Dipping lots. CATTLE—Market slow, and the reeling was steady for best grades, but other lots went. Quotations ranged at 43.'.'.Vj.S.4S for choice to extra slilpplns Sit-ers: JS.SJ^.s.. for ROOJ to choice Jo.: $i.fi.-).y>:io:or:jiriogowl: H.-O•;!.!:.> for. common to m.:dii:ai do.: 6-l.uo^l.o'J .or Uu-e'-or .' S-.CP-:; -.-'. ~'.<v;; M for Smears: SI.* ©•1,8)"foi'feeders; >l.TJ /rjjj for Cows; .<J2*i r. OJ 'or ireifers: $'.'.00^-1.73 for LJulJs: c-w-^ 5]'.9 for Tc-xas Steers, and S.'-W5J-53 i°r Vc^! Calves SHORT SPECIALS. Sussex county. Del., was visited by a heavy hailstorm. Tho poach trees are ruined. A bill Iras been offered iu the New- York- senate to prohibit the wearing of tijjhts liy \vnineii. A bed of .suliil rook salt has boeu iHs- oovoreil on Joe .lert'erson Isliintl. l.:i..ut a tlepth of t'tvSO feet. 1-Yaak Sutler, an nssayer. ^.iot and fatally woundod his wife at San Kr:m- cisooA'sil.. aud killed himself. A New Orleans grand jury, investi- ^.ilinff the recent riots, lays the bhuuo for the trouWe upon the authorities. The Minnesota lojri.skitiire is consid- jrinsr a bill which, if adopted, will prevent nuns teachiujr in public schools. Secretary Herbert has contracted for the eonstruction of a torpedo boat, of the Holland type at a cost of fjir.0.000. Grace. ie-ye:ir-old daufrhter of William Stanley, of Dixon, 111., was burned to death while playing- with lire in tho woods. A skiff containing- a party of hunters was swani'pcd on the Mississippi river, near Dubuque. la. during- a jj-ale Monday night, and Henry Beyhl. ag-etl 24, was drowned. W. A. Scott, of Cleveland., 0., was thrown from a biifffry Monday at Gainesville. Ga-. and so badly hurt about the head that he died from cou- eussion of the brain. The ice is rapidly breaking 1 up in tha bay at Washburu. \Vis,. and the prospects now are that navig-ation will open at that port not later than April .1. the earliest for fifteen years. The trial at Lincoln. Xcb., of Nathan T. Gadd for embezzling- over SS.pOO of g-overninent money while a clerk in tha Broken How land office came to a sudden end Tuesday. Gadd pleaded g-uilty. diaries Carlton, who was to have, been hang-ed at Fremont, Nob., Tuesday for murdering 1 August Gothman. was reprieved at the last moment and his sentence commuted to imprisonment for life. Frank -Sparks, the late assistant treasurer of the Cincinnati post office, was convicted of embe/.zlement in tho United States court and was,sentenced to serve two years in the penitentiary aud to pay $100 fine. WHOLESALE FRAUD. Kvlclrnco Proving Tlmt Whlnky Trunt Director Workod It tor All It W»» Worth. CHICAGO, March 37.—The full report of the experts appointed to investigate the nuances of the whisky trust was made public Wednesday afternoon. Ju addition to the item showing that the directors had sold themselves htock which, valued at par, shows a net loss in the difference between the par value and the price actually paid of nearly $2,000,000, the figures indicate 'that wholesale speculation in the stock was indulged in with the money of the stockholders, besides several other transactions which to say the least were of a questionable nature. l.iig salaries under the guise of compensation for other purposes were paid themselves by the crowd then in control and the item of statistics, which amounted, it is said, to about 2000.000, is begun. The report covers a period to March 31, 1SU2. ^ i Stock IJroknrit Full. XHW YOUK. March 27.—II. Duncan Wood & Co. have announced their failure on the stock exchange. Mr. Wood has been a member since December ^3, ] S74. Toi-.oxTo"'March 27. - A dispatch from Ottawa says that Sir Charles Jl. TUDDCI- has withdrawn from the dominion cabinet on account of the action of his colleagues on the Manitoba scjiool question. J-isliop Tcnvler Nominate* Allison. Dur.uQUK. la., March 27.-Bishop Fowler delivered his'lccture on -Lincoln" here, and created much enthusiasm by greeting Senator Allison, who presided, as the next president of the United States. Secures 11 Youthful llrldc. XKOMIO Mo., March 27.—William Sweeney, a 76-year-old resident of Fairland, I.Y, reputed to be ; worth SOO,000. was married to Miss /e.-Ki ^^r, a 10-year- Mo. " SPECULATORS, INVESTORS MAD! •Write us nK(l i tiara mall Will Briny you Free a Pamphlet •Containing Full Imformatten as to liow to Operate S.'tce^ff'My in Wall Street, Thousands who Have acted upon Its suggestions have m.ide Splcmlld Gains From Modest Incest-mails! Stocks, Bonds, Grain. Provisions m.d Cotion bought ant! solu lor cash • r on a margin ol .5 to o uld girl from Southwest Uty, Mliicru' Strike Kxtrnrtins. Hw>*i-:i.s. March 27.— The miners' striku at Liege i* extending rapidly. The government has called out the militia reserves as a precaution against violence. __ _ •Ilishop Jn-li.n.il'i' -MoUi'T Dead. ST. l-',\i;.L, Minn.. March 27.— Mrs. Julia Ireland, aged S7 years, mother of Archbishop Ireland, died at, her home ' ' in this city mornin 2 o'clock .rursii EiCJivoxn, Me.. March 27.— "Burglar*, in nn attempt to rob the post oluoe here, started a fire which resulted in the Obstruction of six slon.-s. the \^ est- ern Tnion Telegraph office and the postullice. Thci.urg!ai>^-cured Sfi:.0 in stamps- and g'.'OO in ai^h. — Ti-e C""e Verde islands nave a com b;nod arev. abuut equal to '.bat of Ehod* " CO MM J?SI01I :-l 6 r EE GENT. pur dally 3Ia Ret T.ettnr contains fulUeyiorts. Sivppr hy n Cyclone. Of appro'.»:!»n to tli- "pinnacle ot Host?-. W- Stem 'Ch B titfis lias acqalr-t! a com, mstndltu: position, wbi -H has occi-slonallr made It j abri bt and sbinlns m»rK for knaves, wao seek tofo'st upon th" co3]munltr spurious compound- ID the En 1 -"* aWn :o r nc ot tl>e arUelft. The*e are mostly lodi bii'ters or .tonics of great Ira- 1 purlrr. aad. of course, devoid of medical effiacy. Bemiieof themand get tb<»ser.ulne SUWrJ.a real ' r?mcdj for ma aria, rheumatism, malaria, rheu} ms.tls.-n. niuner troab!*, dyspepsia. nervoosneM. constipation and MUonsn M. Physicians ol eminence everjwbere commeod ibeereit ln*l«- orant, botb for its reme lal properties and its parity. A wineglass tbrlte a day will soon bring i»gnlarlty to a disordered and en KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort nnd ioiprovenieiit and .-cuds to personal enjoyment vrhen •ightly used. The many, \vlio live l>et- «r than others and enjoy life motv, with ;ess expenditure, 17 niore promptly Adapting the world's best products to she needs of physical being, will attest ,he value to ksalth of the pure liquid •axative principles embraced IB tn* -smedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting ii the form most acceptable and pleas. int to the taste, the refreshing and truly Beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, jisDelling colds, headaches and fevers ind permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and net vfthitho approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kid- ieya, Liver and Bowels, without weaK ^ning them and it is perfectly free from •very objectionable substance. Svrup of Figs is for sale by ah drug,ms iu &0c aud $1 bottles, but it is iran- ifactured by the California Fig Syrup : 0 only, whose name is printed on every •ackage, also the name, Sy.np of Figs ,,,J being well infornied,"yoa wm ui». > any substitute if off*"*"- You will ridel a Bicycle 5 Of course you will ride. All the world will—fashion, pleasure, business — men, women, children. It takes a \vhilo sometimes for the world to recognize its privileges; but when it does it adapts itself promptly. Therefore, you who are in tic world-will ride a bicycle—a M M M COLUMBIA bicycle if you desire the best the world produces; a Hartford, the next best, if anything short of a Columbia vrill content you. Columbias, $100; Hartfords, SSo S6o; for boys and girls, $50. POPE MFG. CO., Hartford, Conn. BoM:on, New Turk, Cblc«8». . San Francisco, Providence, Buffalo. CaUlQRiln—funiprchoinivu, bnnutilul—ut onr •pncv freo. or liv mnil fortwol^ontiitonipB. Tho >o'n t»ll« of nil thffllowCpliinlhiilimild H«rtfortl« L. IV. TIID ,t(,-cnt for COI.VJIIili and IU1ITFOK1I IHrrclc. . IXIHANA. IjnurlgOH C»tli»rtlc». Are you aware that the use of purging teas are injurious — they dilute tbe stomach fluids, impair digestion, do not move the secretions or bile — physicians never use them. The beet cathartic is a good pill— but y*ou must (jet reliable ones, llnehart'a are tbe best— only one for a dose, pleasant In action. Sold by B. F. Ksesling and Keysione drug Etore. Children Cry for pitcher's ir you feel dull and have nc appe- tiilo take Einehari's Liver i'ills, one a doee. Sold by B. F. Keeellng and Keystone drug etore. Children Cry foi P^cher's Castor ia. .V.turt's Signiils. Pale lips, flusned cheeks—saiure'e signal for worms'in cbilcrec—'.bat the moiher may st.e t' De danger and provide tho remedy. The only known and thorough cure IB Rinehari'e Worm Lozenges—they icrnove all kinds of worms'and the worm nest. Pleasant to take, oeed no c^ub&riic and are a safe and certain cure. Sold by B. F. KeesMsg anc Kej'bione drufr store. fhen Babr »»s rict.«« Tben a» «as a ChCo. EJie crtwS lor Casaria, /nen «no oecaiae .Hiss, ste cmng to Oiso**, Enn-ebretson a Swede, was so badly VW^m*""^" 1 "~ ~- . vfeorand i*gntai1ty to a disordered ana en -zz^MmM .If your child is weak and sickly, give Rinehart's Worm Lozenges. Sold by B. F. Keeslicg and Keystone drug store. . Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla.:

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