The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 18, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 18, 1952
Page 6
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FAGS MX TH« BLTTHEVn.LJ! COURIER KKWS THK COURIER NKWS CO. H. W. HAINES. Publisher JtARRT A. HAINHB, A.visUnt PubK'txr A. A. FRETOICKSON. Editor PAUI, D. HUMAN, Admitting ManBjff Hole Nations! AdrcrtiMng jvprfwnlatlfrii: Wallac* Witntfr Co., New Vofk. Cliicaeo, DetroH, Atlanta, Memplm. Filtered us second class milter «l Ihr pwst- cfftce nt Biythcvillc, .Arkansas, under act of Con- gms, October 9, 1917. Mcmbtr ol The Associated Prew SUBSCRIPTION RATFJ!: Br carrier id th« clt* of Rlylh^rilff or any suburban town whore earner iemce U mnin- '.&mfd. 2f>c per wet't. By mail, within a rartiu? of liG milf* 15.00 per yesr. $2.r>0 for six months $1.25 for three months: bv -"ill outside E-o mile lone, *12.50 p«r je»r payable in advance. Meditations Is any arming you n/riicferl? I* 1 ! him pray, IB any merry? Irl him f\nf psalm*.—.fames 5:13, * * * The saints ^-iH aid if men will call: For the blue sky bends over all.—Coleridge. Barbs It's rose fever time nnd your nose knows what organ is bchig pto.yexf ujx>n the wait. * *• * This glimmer tn;ty sec mure folks gufn; over Niagara Falls In a barrel—the perfect Irainlug for riding in tutors. * > * You'll agree to (he f hough t tlml a two-ilollwr bHi- is bad luck—the first time you pass one lor a dollar. t * * A NVw V'ork in;in a^krrf a pnl(<:rnmi (n sdnnt him, Noi every husbanii iM-lieves wliat his wife feHx him. * * * Every «me (he ouffook for new cars get bflt- fpr, the look out tor pedestrians grows more important. Here's to Voters Who Weigh All the Evidence The Tnmian bnnlslide which com- pletnJy biii-icrl Dcwcy i» 19-18 nlso covered to Ihe chin the country's top poll- slers, Die fellows whn find out what evpryone is going to do hefore he does it. Some of llioni lofit a lot oC husinoss as a result oC iinvinK pipk-f<l Dcwey UK a shoo-ih. Bui Ihov luifl conipjiny, and with so niKiiy people having been so wrong it was a case of forgive and forget. Since the jxill-UkinK business <<c»- pencls, for ila very existonce, on being right a good bit of the time, the pollsters have admitted their mistakes, overhauled their methods, and are all set to have another go at it this fall. Some of the principal pollsters, notably Gallup and Ropor, have Admitted one of tlu'ir big errors was not continuing to .vimple voting sentiment rig-ht up to the time of election. As a result (hey badly misjudged which way people would go who made up their minds at the last minute (a lot more went for Triimnn than was expected), and they didn't lake into proper account (hat a lot of people would change Iheir mindset the last minute. As it liirni'd out, some Ihinirs came up on the national scene at the. last minute which changed a lot of people's minrls. To take care of that possibility tins year the pull takers » rr . understood to lie extending their proliing right up to voting time. Which i.= nil very g.iod nml in the heal .scientific, tradition. However, there remains with UK a hopeful if ill-defined feeling thai the American people will somehow forever rfofcal nHcmpts to pep Ihrm down to i he last decimal point. Those voters who in 19 IS refused to m;:ki' up Iheir minds until the last speech had neon made, the last nows- |j;i|K>r read, the- \ n ^\ f :ic i oxnminrd. will always dodge becoming somebody's reliable sUlislic. Here's to them. Douglas' Voice Should Bring Mid-East into Fold England's Sir Olnf Caroc. whose opinion should carry some wf%ht, fnvf 11m \Vostern World's big trouble in its difficult rlcjiliiigs with-lho Mid.ile Kasl today if (hat we don't have a man with "Ihe touch of vision to stir n response in Hie minds of (he Moslems." faroe is one of the world's outstanding specialists on I IIP Middle" Kast, for yen's, a fortnrn secretary ,,f |I, P f,, vmor British empire of India, and one of (ha chief creators of the new state of Pakistan. C»ro« matiilj' poiwt* wil that ih« West has given the Jfirldla East much in tho last 36 years—aid to some countries in emerging from medieval dom- inalion, helping (|, em ^el started on tho road to nationhood and independence, providing somo with vrci ^ irrigation works and highways, making some of their rulers rich from nil royalties. Americans can add to that our Point Koiir aid on a pretty impressive scale. What else du they want? Why all the present soothing and unrest? Why do many of these countries still actively dislike Westerners? Game's answer is thai, we are giving them everything but ideas anrl leadership. His idea of leadership is (hat Ihn West should speak with n firm anil single voice, instead of with many voices often vacillating snd in disagreement. This, he says, is necessary to give the peoples of l.he Middle ICast assurance that the West will stand by them and support them in event of a showdown with Russia. As for furnishing them i'leas, Garoe deplores the illiteracy a I'd Ihe great misery of the great majority of l.he Middle East people, but he offers no plan of remedy. America lias a man who does offer remedies, and probably more than any other person in this country, lias gotten next to those people on a personal, friendly basis. Tile man is Justice William O. Douglas, of the United States Supreme Court. He has traveler! widely and recently in the Middle Kasl.. He knows thousands of everyday people there from having lived in their tents, eaten with them, hunted with them, talked with them for hours on.end about their life and their problems. As to what the West has not given Ihe Middle Kant, Douglas is direct and specific. He says we must champion land reforms, lack of which is keeping millions in subjection and poverty. We must champion things like minimum wage laws, which will assure, a minimum living standard to people who ara virtually ilestilute. In short, says Douglas, we must offer sincere friendship bucked by specifio proposals to raise the standard of living. He believes this is our one great hope lo help n people whn badly need help and nt the same time to get ourselves somo insurance against thesa strategically vital countries succumbing to the threat of communism. It might well be that Douglas is the. man of the W.est with "th« touch of vision" lo talk"lhB right language for us in Uie Middle "Rast. cotmnm Views of Others Hate Fills the Vacuum Tlirrr is irony in Ihe fact IhrU this country's Point Pour assistance hrnrfqunYtnrfi near Tehran was Ihn .scene of nti cvnpry mob rtfimonsirMion In Iran's jjnvafHiig Jirrtp-Amrricfi campaign, In Iran the United Stairs is survey me (Via mournful coimequrwrj; of havin? rncourngod na- Mona]i,*in In a country loo backward l,o survive, economically rxrrpt nx a. satellite in the European column) syMrm. By rnrouracinn iiaHrmnlism In Iran Lhl. 1 ? ro»n- Iry helped undermine the Rrittsh position thorp, British withdrawal from Iran left nn rronomir vacuum Hint w;>-s hound lo result eventually in a political vacuum. The rommum"',-: arr quirk: (o rxplnil .-mrh V.TT- unrns. Hurt Dinl. IP oxarrly what Ihry have rtrmp in Iron. R elatedly this rontitry is rmnlnc around to the prunl ot view of the British who are more experienced In thrso mailers. Thf effect of ill is r ha nee in policy, however. 1= (o tffinstrr to thr United States imirh t>( (tip hftfrrH ihf Irnninn iuition;\listJ> held (ormrrly fur the British alone, — Oklahoma City OMrthomnn SO THEY SAY 'They Went Thatowoy 1 ' ^ MONDAY, AUGUST 18, 1991 Peter Edson's Washington Column Listing of 200 Export Violators Is Top-Heayy with U. S. Firms WASHINGTON —(NEA1— For illegally trying lo ship strategic nearly 400 exporting firms have had Iheir trading licenses suspended dnrine the last four years. Some suspensions for minor vio- Jations have been for only a few months. Others are to rim for the duration of the present emergency. 7M criminal oases Involving n o m e of the worst offenders, pi«-on sentences of up to a year and Pettr E<lK» ' lne ' i "' u " tn mposed. The current lisl o( exporters on he suspended list maintained by he Office of International Trade n Department of Commerce con- ains nearly 200 firm names. Over hree-foiirths of them are American exporters. Most hav« offices n New York, bill a few ope: -nit of New Orleans. San Francisco Of the others. 12 are Swiss, eight SrllLsh, five Dutch, four Belgian, 'our Italian, two each from Tangier and Trieste, one each in I.ich- ensloin. Union of South Africa Sineaumo. Hong Kong nnd Denmark. II IK notable that nil these are trans-shippinsr countries having so-called free ports nnd bonded warehouses. These are the principal leaks thai have had tn be lo keep materials from flowinz to Soviet bloc countries roniih false bills of lading, rtum- i' traders or forged custom papers. As far as the American e.vporl- nit companies under suspension are concerned, one of ihc more niiizinc ancles is many of , 1hem are run by foreign business- j men and naturalized Americans. them have been subjected lo Communist or Nazi persecution. Must rum ply \Vjlh All ReRiila lions Knowing first hand what tbe i spread of totalitarianism means, j they nevertheless cannot resist the temptation for profit by tradintr wilh what should be (heir wor:;t enemy. The great majority of established American business firms, particularly the manufacturers, bend over backwards To comply wilh every re»i)lnlion and to make sure that their products to Belgium, for later delivery to Hungary. Seized Exports Small Par! Of Trade A. Glvatowsky nnd his Import companies in Brussels. Belgium, and Vaduz, I.ichtenstein, denied export privileges for a yenr for concealing his intention to re-export a U. s. tractor nnd bulldozer from Belgium to Czechoslovakia. Satis. A. G.. -of Zurich. Switzerland, and N. V. Van Uden's Transport Bureau of Rotterdam, Hol- j land, barred from nil U. S. ex- j ports for falsely ordering an $118,I 1)00 boring mill for an Italian firm. ! then frying to divert the delivery j to Hungary, j In the past, year th« United and entorcinc U. S. export controls indicate the nature and tbe variety of products handled in this illegal trade: Anna nnd William S. Krasnow of Chelsea, Mnss., denied export privl.'eees for three months for j trans-shipping 1DOO tons of Canatli- i an wool ratts lo Poland through I the United states without proper license. Dnnfe Cortl of Prato. Jinly. denied all II. s. export privileges for tlie duration of the emergency for I submitting a fats-e. application for | license lo import 100.000 bales, of 1 U. S. coltnu. valued at SIS.500,000. ! Widcrkchr, Swiss 1m: porter, denied U, S. export privilege for diverting- a shipment of 30 Ions of cylinder nit to Hungary. David Zetland. New York ex- j porter, denied all export license j privileges for manipulatinE trans- • imss valued at 412,000 from Belgium to Switzerland. I A. K. R.itwr Chemical Co. of i New York, denied all export priv- [ ileses for planning lo export a i'lnrce shipment of aluminum oxide Erskine Johnson IN HOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD -INEA1-. Mae West and her agent, Murray Peil, art working on a hush-hush deal for the cnme-on-up charmer to star m a telefilm .series to be made ill Hollywood. Two writers okayed by Mae have already turned out the first scripts—and this time Mae will chuck, her Diamond 1.11 costumes for modern glad rags. There's a big network battle brewing— ABC versus NBC—over tho "Tom Corbett, Space Cadet" show. There may be legal union r hear, over NBC's efforts lo grab ths Cadets. Betty Furncss nixed thai video show offer which would have had her doing an Irene Dunlie-t y p e introduction spot to a dramatic offering, "Prom nov.' on." she's telling H, "I'm going to sell myself." One.lime movie queen Marion! Nixon's reaction to her old films on TV: "Every Urn-? I hear (here's one on the air t lock my children in their rooms." Tbe Sid Caesar-Imo«ene Coca blK-screen movie at Pox has been shelved until next summer Producer Max Liebman will share production credit. . .Final count of TV noses, watching the Chicago pomieal conventions: 50.930,000. Mother anil Sister Aim Todd. the «l<Jer sister in '•The Trouble With'>alher" films is getllng taller ai^i taller, via high heels, to compensate for the sudden growth of "little" sister Sheila James. . ."Mother" June Collier is chuckling over a five yenr old who stopped her on a New York street corner with a puzzled look and said: "Say. you look like a mommy on television!" Hollywood labeled Ten D u n a "too exotic" to p] S y American 8-irls. So now she's playing Dan Duryea's typically U. s. flip secretary in "The Affairs of China Smith" telefilms. . .Fibber McGee ana Molly have decided to pass up video for at least another year. They return to radio only Eyebrows are Rotag up writer Leslie Charteris' unna ment that he'll direct David en in "The Saint" series. Oayl» Gittennan, once a Chicago poHc* reporter, will produce. Lew Ayies' anmiilies nr* mg him on velvet «nd h« doting care whether he «ver aclt «g»in. He's one of Hollywood's wealthiest men. . .Comio Irwin Corey vow» he overheard two Hollywood «*- pcutives sny it: "I^t's tak* i 10- minute hrenk for work." . . .wag who saw Charles Couurn looktns pale the other day commented* "The earthquaSre must h»v« dfe. lodged his monocle." were intended for ultimate de- addition, export of another million dollar's worth of supplies was stopped while still In the paperwork stage. This is admittedly » small haul, considering that the total yolume of U. S. exports in 1951 was about *15 bill'Dn. The amount of contraband intended for shipment behind the iron Curtain and actually trade. How much got through thai wasn't caught, there is no way of knowing. But U. S. officials believe it isn't much. To stop even the trickle that was ciuighl cost a preat deal more than the value of the goods themselves. Every u. S. customs official is on the lookout for such shipments. And It takes nearly I ington. in U. s. ports, in Europe I and throughout tbe, of the I world to plan the policy and r "• | lice the paper work lo not the job done. It costs at. least $5 million I anri maybe double. South Immediately led another spade, but West was careful to win the trick and lead a second trump Declarer next lee! several rounds of trumps and hopefully finessed dummy's queen of clubs.' This play cost, him the extra trick, since now he never made the ace of clubs. Sontn made only his seven trumps and dummy's ace o( hearts South could have made bis contract by a different line of play The correct line of play is to win the first Irick with the a.ce of hearls and ruff a Heart at once. Declarer continue by taking the ace of clubs and ruffing a club Dummy is entered with the Jack of diamonds for another club ruff dropping East's king. Now South enters dummy with Nol-in-lhe-script dialog from the set of "Moulin Rouge": John Huston to Zsa Zsa Gabor nfter a scene: "That was fi ne darling. Just fine. But you keep lel> (insr your voice drop at the end ol a sentence. Every time you do it J shall have to give you a beautv mark on your face. Put on with a pistol!" Argentina finally lifled Its ban on 20th Century-Pox movies in. vokeci before the war when 'car. men Miranda .starred in "Down Argentine Way." The dov. of peace settled over the feud when Ihe studio sent Rory Calhoun and Gene Ticrney to the land of the gauchos for "Way ot » Gauche."! Fox's "Man on the Tightrope," to be filmed in Europe, Is the «tit- dio's *ig anil-Communist blast for the year. . .Helen Mack, the for. mer film star who becnrn* a radio producer, and hubby Tom Mao- Avuy, TV executive, are denying the separation rumors. It's \fust that Helen's plans to retire and live m New York didn't work out The unhappy charactw v*w Mt* everything in the ada to cw« bin unpopularity has stumbled on t solution. You become »n uninstructed delegaU.—Riehtnond (V».) Timefi-E>ispatch. Ytert I* Blythtvillt vSome towns in Texas have posted notices that persons enticing labor away from cotton fields there will be thrown in Jail. A bumper cotton crop has made labor there so scarce 0 that town loafers must either go * to work or to jail. Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Cri^ger, Jr.. have departed lor a trip which will take them to points in Texas and Mexico. Jack Ridenoiir. who is on detached service with the U. S. Army, » visiting here. " "™"" ' rUmp Beards a rays last club is next leri, and West is permitted tc> ruff with his last trump while South discards another losing spade. At this point. West has nothing but spades in bis hand and he , must therefore lead lo declarer's ! king. South thus loses only one' trump and one spade. If West refuses to o-,iff dummy's last club, he will get two spade, tricks, but not his low trump. South will emer his hand by ruff- ] ing a heart mid will then draw) trumps. West will eventually gel two spade tricks. Let's hope MacArthur didn't misplace his uni/cnn when he went to Chicago las* month in hi* business suit. H« can now pi,f the uniform back on and nobody will care ope way or the o<her. e, «» the Doctor Says— KIUVIN r. .ionDAN, .M. n. Written for NKA Service Mnvbr some American Ins Inert to ronviurp sonirnno of his f.ilrtit. tniakmK flying saurcrsi and been called a riarkpot and is celling rven -••'•,<IMP-, T., i\Ki h>>lris n JcjTal all outoi :-3>:u-r. lo Old lime oratory, with all the rlirnrs unrt »-ild grr.Uirep. ha.-- brrn sunsvn up cnnsidrrably hv th* new style ol suefchmnkin?. — Speech Pro!, l^eo Martin. areui, sh"'f sollinq =ex. We're UilcrpsUrt In good government.—Politician MK. Helen Wrek.v • * * The Irinir on ttir cnkr i,< Dip BrmnViiv run <n[ a play.. -r\if ,-akp Itself 1^ Ihe ernnrl 1 nlir to ihr WoM roast and nark.-Stoge actrr.w Ksih- fiiitic Conic-ll. • • * Tf I'm a Miy. I'm the only jclf-fmancfd spy In hlJinry. .-. Supreme Court Justice William o. DoiiRlat, answering R,,„!,,, rn araeR thai h» Fnt East«rr. kip n t »ov«r tor A distracted mother u-rues that she Is nt her wit's end about her seven-year-old boy who still wets Ihn bed al night. To add lo Ihe difficulty, she has been advised lo give the child a good spaukiug after ench accident, but wonders about Ihis since Ihe boy feels badly enough about it anyway. N'o\v Involuntary urination, or omirosis at night, is by no means a rare problem during childhnori and youth. Since, in maay cases. It appears to be closely tied to nervous mid emotional factors, as will be pointed out later In the column, spnnkinff would ordinarily seem to be about the worst ktnd of treatment. Several methods are help! In srcatinir omiresis. It is iKu.illy well to cut out fluids PS niMf-h as possible after S or 4 o'clo-k in the afternoon. Another sugpeslion which has hron marie is to give s level ten- spoonful of table salt with A little in in ou n cracker a I bedtime, But remember, this is advisable only if recommended by Ihe doctor. Good results are obtained some- limes by owaVenlnp the. youngster m definite periods during t h e nicjit in order to urinate. When control over th« urine during sleep is not obtained by fhe time ft child is ouo-and-a-halt years old. or when bed-\vettinc occurs nfler hemp absent for several years. Ihere is a great deal of emotional distress not only in the youncsler but in Ihe parent. Parents not only resent in* Irnuhle caused by bed.\yettu )B hill MV MIKKV* M UM IM4 tb*( IfatK child ones not seem on tbe par with others ol Ihe same ace. When eiuiresis continues heyond the ace at which it should ilis- I appear, it is probably because of j one or more of ihree psychological j conditions in Ihe child! | Tbe fir.s-t is (hat the child has! not yet grown up with reference to conuol of the bladder. The second is that subconsciously the child wishes to remain In or return to Ihe protected, irrcsponsi-' ble slate of infancy rather than to' assume the normal difficulties of: nls age. Way of Gcltinc Even Finally, there may be, , a silb- ronsnou- lofrn'mcm aciiimt the parents m v.-hirh bdl-weltinc be- conu-s a wny ot getting even wilh Ihem because of too much criti- i cism. ! Rprnnlly. an aulbnrily fmttsestod that pareni.-, be given Ihe/tollow- ; ing advice: a child should not he I accused of i-nnrrsis unill he is well i past Hie aue when he could nor: mally be expected to contro! this funclion. j In. other wmds. not all children i rievclnp hlaorier control nt an | equal rme of speed, any more than ; they do other functions. JACOBY ON BRIDGE Mv OSWALD JACOBT Written for NEA Service When South played lodiiy's hand, he found » way to go down three tricks. T.iis may seem strange since. South could always lake seven trumps and two ace.s, but perhaps South found pleasure in losinz one trick more than any- J'll dis.v.ipear yef Tn A nudrile of .-v\<-,it Ernest efers. Ailanis Journal. botlleiipclt It when hr hits s rounle of red lichtf m siicrrtjion^jjiua- "TST * A Q . » 62 » S4 1 + J98S NORTH 18 * 53 » A 10 5 4 * Q J + AQ74 J EAST (D) * 1098 VKQJ38J 2" Pass Pass Pass •f KWS SOUTH » K87 J V7 + A K M 9 3 11 *3 Both jklos »iV|. Soulli West Pass Pass Pass 1 « North 3 » 5 * Poss 2N.T. 4* Pass Opening lead—» I body else \vouiri think possible. W'ost opened the six of hearls. and declarer won in dummy wilh the ace. He then led a spade from his hand in the hope that East held the ace. Unfortunately for declarer. W«*t won with the »c« of »i>ad«. tiKj returnM * trump. t Eleclofoi College flOR/ZONTAl. I York: has 47 electoral votes 4 has 4 t-lecloral votes 8 Rhode Island has 4 votes 12 High priest (Bib.) 13 City in what may be -19th state I-V Prod 15 Female relative (coll.) 16 French statesman 18 Perfumed pads 20 News . Answer to Previous Puzzle a o m m. 0 M A N 7T A. O M T T A S K K 1 \ S R ™ R T B A - E T~ M P-J * S O A C? Z'f. T K. T K O r y A T-4 J_ U c* o T m. o c T K S 21 Rowing ((»} 22 Cry of Bacchanals 24 Without 28 Dry 27 Musical syllable M Ejection M Closer .14 Well-wis)** 35 Got free .18 Brown 37 Small children 33 Show disapproval 40 Weary 41 Lair 42 Wrath 45 Causing reverential (car ti has 12 electoral voles 51 Electrical itom 53 Equal 54 Boy 55 Cooking vessels 56 Vipers ;37 Streets (ab.) VERTICAL 1 Cape 2 Pen name of Charles Lamb 3 has 12 2.1 Climbing 40 Incline* electoral votes plants 41 Horned *%t nea \ i"£ icldin s nminanfc 5 Rlow a horn 25 Kmanalion 42 Upon 6 Entertainer 2fi Enthusiasm 43 Roman 1 Garment edge27 Oils from cmp«ror a Consent whale. blubhcr44 Insect 9 Theater box 28 Corded fabri.-s 46 Cry 10 First king ol 29 War god of 47 Dilch Isiael Grecca a cast!*' |lP«ms 31 Whole « Fini^ ni'.afs away 33 Hurts 50 W^ttrini i 38 Torments place to

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