The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 18, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 18, 1952
Page 5
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>AT, AW5UST 18, l»s» More BVD Bargains Ahead- More bargains »re ahead (or shoppers of this trade area as an- House Group Probes Alleged Fraud Closed after 7 Years other Blylheyille value Day approaches. Four samples of the ma ,,y bargains to be available at stores here Wednesday are shown above In Picture No. 1 are regular 89-cent nylon }, Me wh | eh wil! be on snle Wcdwalay for U7 cents a pair. A bargain for the whole tnmllv will be tills 1948 Pontiac (Picture No. 2) which has teen priced at $995 , or Wednesday's value day. Replacement for oUl-fashioned or woni . .. »J B. L. LIVINGSTONE •: WASHINGTON 01—House invas- I'tEgators, it was learned today, are digging into a case of alleged fraud marked, "closed prosecuted. Activities at a number of past ot- I JIT".'* """ " "°° c "' ""''Ben II-UHU ficials of the department have teen I that lay in the Justice Department under scrufinjl/.to connection with about seven years and then was! the case, which-is expected to be- without being come the subject of public hearings Jewish Organization 'Regrets I Vicious Blasts at Sen. Nixon' DENVER </P(—A Los Angeles Jewish organization denounced as utterly undounded today what it termed vicious "insinuations of anti-Semitism' directed against Sen. Richard M. Nixon of California,'the GOP vice presidential nom- toee. Seeking to counteract such at::*, Ni"6n m^.tls public i\ state- The California senator is basing j his operations here at the campaign | headquarters of Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, the Republican presiden- \ tial candidate. . Literature "Flooded Out" fc Eisenhower himself spoke out 10 P'days ago against appeals to bigotry , and prejudice in political cam- J paigns. He did so after a Minnesota. J GOP leaders told him that state U had been flooded with anti-Jewish J literature attacking both the geii- l eral'and President Truman. ,^n t , B uesi,s In SL statement of his own today, Mrs. Sellier had and Sen. John J. Sparkman of Alabama. Woman Walks Ledge in Hunt Massing Cot , i-r Is -. v liiiniutlau hotJ curly today, , climbed out onto a two-foot ledge nine stories up. The woman, identified . Jean Sellier, refused to enter a room where two policemen tried to coax her. But she edged her way along the ledge and climbed into 'an unoccupied room. She was taken to Bellevue Hospital for observation. on Capitol Hill soon. The unexplained lack of prosecution in the case Is one of several similar matters being studied by a House judiciary subcommittee investigating the Justice Department. Committee sources said the case first reached the department in 1S44 and about a year ago was marked "closed" without cither cii-il or criminal prosecution being initi- Caudle Was In Chares At the time the case was turned over to the department, the oif/cial in charge of the Criminal Division was Assistant Atty. c;en. T. Lamar Candle, who entered the department under Atty, Gen. (now supreme Court Justice) Tom Clark. Caudle was tired by President Truman last year from his job Ps rhk-f ot t! IC department.'.-, TY-i Dl- v-^a -- -' .. The House committee Investiga- nvesga tors did not identify the case-other than to say it related to a business Mrs.jflrm-Md said only that JuslS j Nixon said those who would "stir up race hatred and bigotry are violat- j Ing every concept of Americanism " [ lie added: "They are just as un-American J and anti-American as tlse Commu- ij nists, the Nazis and the Fascists. ,'The spreading of bigotry and dissension among our . pcnpje Js a j threat to American liberties." The Los Ansetes statement was •j • I man o( the Jewish Community Re' ; latlons Committee, The cat ivas found u-andering in weel:, a hallway of the hotel. Other guests told police walked on ledge earlier and retrieved wandering cat. that the the Boy Is Accused Of'Fisf'SSayinq PARKERSBUKC3, W. Va. Iff 1 ) — State police said lliey would charge 17-year-old hoy will) murder to- futher lo death in a (1st fight. According to police, Richard ( Speaking out "with candor' and' ' I ' h " m ' Json . brawled with hts father ! frankness." Pacht said: • WHbur Okey Thompson, 48. Anthor- lartWlariV^icte^s.'Thcre'lrB many I f™' S t!i ™. ceci wite thought her if us who support the senator 'tor I r" n ' age ? aa"Bl'tei- was spending "line vice presidency. There are many ' awav frnm hnm " of in who oppose him. Accusation "Deplored" "Whatever our political differences, however, upon this one fact : we have no difference. We resent and deplore this accusation. "Democrats nnd Republicans alike, we want it placed squarely on public record that any charees of anti-Semitism against Ken Niton are utterly and totally unfounded. We make this statement after the most assiduous Inquiry." On a broader basis, Pacht said there Is. no Justification for anv bigotry charges aeainst Elsenhov«r .. u . u vtiiji uliH Department officials were My" involved. neariujs Prepared The investigating committee headed by R(! p. c ,, e|f ( l _ c ? e • meanwhile,,is prepay ». new scr ies of pHblio hearings to start n«"t It will be the committee's her home is girl made Thompson. Police Cpl. H. E. Martin said young Thompson v/ould be charged with murder. Hof, So Birthday j'Cake' Is Watermelon | OKLAHOMA CITY /.PI — j vv;is fl g.vp of surprise when It ; time to blow oul the candles at j Mrs. Betty Hainm's birthday party. i It was so hot no one felt, like James p. McGranery hewn a shakcup of the department follow! o S ,L , °" 5tfr of J ' Howard Mc- orath, McGranery-s predecessor. Two former top Justice Depart before the commmeelforme? ! £ep!; • ity Atty, CaCn Ppvtnn T-'n*.^) > * . y * L . v n-'*i "orOj and firmer AssLsiant Atty. Gpn HPF Anti-Trust Dlvlsioii! ° heacic<! lhe 011In y. l!Sf ^i ttorS " y they wsnt to qiie-stion them about their 8,-tlvitirs n-inng and after their employment as government attorneys. '""- m Man Is Sayed As Tide Recedes Female Animal Shot in Dallas Zoo by out ice cube trays (Picture No. 3) will be available for »i.i» here Wed nesday. in Picture Wo. 4 is a bargain table with all item; at Jl. (Courier News I'liotos) ins on u priced Grand Jury to Get Findings Today in Society Vice Probe , NEW YORK '?, — Fimiinn; in DALLAS Tex. OP, _ vi , femll i e ; cafe society vice probe v.-lifch has vicuna m the Dallas Zoo is dead "' " fifth victim in recent years of' B a grand Jurj-r Dist. Atty. Bert .,. "- ---•"•- J*.«4A in (( to km"™ a PP arent !y shoots just! Vi was killed Saturday n i ° h t Pieces of the .22-caliber bullet v'ere found in her }iver. Ray Hubbard, president of the Park Board, offered a $250 reward for the vandal responsible In the past, one llama, one zebra and two deer have been shot, all by a .22 A Vicuna is allied to the ]!ama and alpaca families. Cattle to Invade Guadalcanal WELLINGTON, New Zealand (fl A new invasion is being readied for Guadalcanal, where v. s. Ma- ..:-.~.ii-d pt-h 1.1 v,\,;;j v,\-.r i. his v.-"i r-n vc-rrl j;^;,.---a r .vcj Lava viui c-u:j .to [.ii.-t a hccf-rabing program on the Island. The Japs and the Americans ate almost all of Guadalcanal's cattle Ihe new invaders will include three bulls and -10 Hereford heifers. The British government Guadalcanal Is a British protectorate—Is ancing the program. snared a young heir and a wealthy dress manufacturer will be pro sented today to Assistant Roberts said last night that the Brand Jury would with the separate- vice charges against Mmot P. Jelke, socially registered heir to an oleomargarine fortune and Samuel H. Chapman a dress manufacturer. Roberts said nesses would be Husband Loses 'Sterility Suit' FRONT ROYAL. Va. W _ A 26- year-old electrician who said !••> didn't want his wile to stop havin'^ childi-cn has lost his 5.25,000 suit against a surgeon who operated to ~-'-?, her sterile. " seven-member .itiry decided against James E. Williams after an hour's deliberation Saturday In this Blue Ridge mountain town. Williams argued that-Dr. Lyle .), HansbroHjh, 42. wrongfully operated on his 23-year-old wife. Williams petitioned for $25.000 on the — For 10 uours Brig. John R O ,, trapped chest deep in mucl on ^ beach here, watched Ihe iide .slow '" creep toward him. Whan the water was oulv a y , away, the tide began t o /,». Ross, who sank in the mud after falling off the sea wall ypsterd-iv eventually was rescued bv a Tire brigade which arrived with ropes and wooden p!ar)ks. the a number of wit— be called. Dul he r.-mnd t m'y one - Pat Thompson, described as a young model who was questioned for eight hours yes- lenlay and then kept overnight at the prosecutor's office in the rn^ tody o,, policeman, sj^ Chapman, 56, former husband of noted dress designer Ceil chap, man, was freer! In S5.000 bail yesterday after he pleaded innocent to R charge of procurlnij prostitutes v.';lN-.;-l n [-.-: fnr "l.'j frlcnrn D: . r! nrnphlc r.rt collection rj huntireds of pictures anil statuettes. Jelke, 32, was arrested Friday on a charge of nompulsoi-y prostitution along with two other ner- suns Three young women, described as models and fledgling television actresses, have been helrl as material witness. He is tree on SM.COO ball. Officiate said the Jelke nnd Chapman cases were not connected but that .information obtained- in the Jelke probo led to the arrest of Chapman Saturday ntght. He nnd a beautiful blonde woman companion were taken Into custody at hts apartment. The unidentified woman later was released. Assistant Dist. Atty. Robert R Reynolds said Chapman procured blonde Nancy Hawkins. 23, for prostitution purposes and sent her to a Ritz Tower Hotel suite on June H "to entertain three busi- nessmcn and In return receive the sum of ?500." The Hawkins woman "one of the three held as material 'itnesses in the Jelke case. . I!rounds that Dr. Han.sbrougJi not receive his consent (or operation. Mrs. Williams, mother n( four, testified that she requested the operation because her children coming too rapidly. were coming too ranidlv —' r\r Legion Plans Convention I ' NEW YORK l.fl - The American ' I I J Lesion's headquarter* staff is in j [ j^ Mme. Chiang's 'To Be Afl Right 7 SAN .FRANCISCO W - A skin specialist said 1.0^,5, lt ,, ,.j llrt a question of time" before Mine Ciuang Kai-shek's skin ailment responds to treatment. Dr. Edwin I,. Bruck O f (h e University of California Medical center examined the 51-year-old first ' lady of Nationalist China yesterday. He snirt Ihe inflammation ' may respond in four or five clays -" may lake Uvo or three wenks."' lime. Chiang arrived lale Sat'iir- nay on a plane from Hawaii, where doctors hat! recommended she proceed to San Frairi.sro for treatment of tl le ailment, believed! caused by nerves. 22 Escape Injury In Bus Wreck J---::cocir. IV... .1 i;..', c-.^ij^.t ccrlrr.^ , t.ry yesterday when a Blue Hldore Llno.i bus left the road and smashed Into a power Pole. , Only one passenger, Prank L Bcnefleld, 45, of Washington i-fi- quired hospitalizatlon. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. town to prepare for the U i K «ni/>.:i-1 lion's 34th annual convention .sUrl- ins ne\l, Sundny. If You Own a Car READ THIS: Pack Wheels lorn for Adjust Brakes Thit Week Only Noble Gill Pontiac, Inc. 5fh * Walnut Plione 6S17 The Arkansas Plumbing and Supply Incorporated (Kormerly I,. G. (1'ele the Plunder) Thompson) Is Now Open For Uiisintss AI 109 NORTH 1st ST. and offers o highly qualified plumber for your service! Call Us For All Your Plumbing Needs Shields Edwards, Mgr, Telephone 2731 Days 4468 Nites AIR CONDITION ICO HY KKI^RICKR LAST TIMi;.S 'TOMTK Double Kt-alure MCDONALD CAREY » MEX1S SMITH —ri.r.s— "CAGED" AH Sfnr Casl Also I'opeye Cartoon S: Shorls MONDAY & TUBSDAY "AARON SLICK FROM PUNKIN CREEK" Allan Young, Dinah Shore * Robert Merrill WKD.-THURS. "ON DANGEROUS GROUNDS" Ida I.iipino & Knlicrt [{yan NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Cenler" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sal. & Sim. Phone 5$ i 2 HITS! m i 2 For I'rice of I '^•^(ggffil Humphrey Hogarl Kleanor far her —PLUS— *7T!ifE | j Also 2 Reel Comedy MONDAY 'I DREAM OF JEANIE" Ray Middlelon Muriel Lawrence TUESDAY 'TOUGH GIRL 1 Mona Freeman WKD.-THURS. "HIGH LONESOME" John Earrymore, Jr. Death Cell Set For Nurse Who Poisoned Child MONTGOMERY, Ala. (,Tt—Murderer's row *t Kilby Prison—which few women have ever even seen— has a curtained cell In readiness for one scheduled to die there Sept. 26. Grim, impassive lira. Earle Denntson, a 54-ycnr-old nurse convicted at Wetiimpka Saturday for the poison slaylnjf of Jior 2-year-old niece. Is expected to lie transferred there today. Tlie law requires the Alabama Supreme Court to review her sentence. Because the prison has no facilities for condemned women, Warden C. p. Btiforci picked n special cell and draped it with curtains to insure "privacy." ' Hammer Slaying Inquest Begun CHICAGO W _. An , n( , t , rat , nfo fie killed Aclon after nn unnatural sex act. „ Cox was arrested Saturday In i restaurant after being traced by laundry marks found oil a shirt in Acton's room. The man who registered with Acton used the name Robert Moore. Acton's family In Birmingham, Ala., said lie hud gone to Chicago with a man named Moore whom he had met in the Tusca. loosn, Ala., Veterans Hospital. 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