The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 18, 1952 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 18, 1952
Page 4
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HAGS FOUR BLYTHBVTLLg (ARK.) COURIER NEW* Pat Mullins, Socwly Editor ^*7>r"' i T5Tx •S&S&frJt I ^*%W PhoM 4461 Bible Class Meets at Church Kappa Sigma Fraternity Has Dinner And Dancing For Rushees Here Mrs. Belle Wood. Mrs A C. Hnlev, j Informal dinner UTIK rfM-vod at the Inn before sliest.*; EBthered Bits of News | f\ __ _ .. i,. naii-v.: Dinner and dum-liiR provided Ihe Mrs. Elsie Fisk and Mrs. .loe Scrucaf ' <'i"<'ri»'i">ie«< for a rush parly eiv- »'ere hostesses Friday at, (he Fn-.-.t - m b v Kappa Siema Fraternity Methodist Chiirch for « monthly members here Satin-day nleht. meeting of the Ladies Bible class. "Blest Be Tile Tie" was Ihe fionp to open the meeting, '.vhirh uas follower! by the devotional, by Miss Sue Osmenf, who reviewed "The Weavers," and led In tna.vcr. In a business session, Mrs, \v. f Denfon presided and reports u-erp gh'en by officers. A nnrmnatinc committee was appointed, which included Mrs. J. o. Riirlbury. Mrs. A E. Hunlley. and Mrs, R. H, Arensmeier. Mrs. Dcnion led the rlo'lnc.: Maj . and Mrs. c. M. cicrald of P™ yer - ! Mountain Home, Malm, and Mrs The 26 were served refreshments! .lohn J, Mitchell of Nashville are in a social hour. Guests it',r]ud»d ! visaing Mr. and Mrs. Phil Hobhi- Mrs, Emma Bumpy nt Kcysnllp.! son. They raine especially to be ] Va., ivhn is visiting her son, P. F. i ivith Airs. Francis J. McCarthy, who' Cootey and family, and Mrs. Sclma : is a at Walls Hospital. Lower y of Ravenden. Ark, ivho Isi Mr. and Mrs,, o. H, Oc[,onK left the guest of her daughter, Mrs. ,lanr ! vcstcrday for Jnrk.sonvillc Fla in Miller. Mrs Burney Is a former i viul Pfc. Hill M. DrLonc, who is n'ilY Ketchmr, of member of the class and iras pre- \ '.ntluhc Marine Air Wins at Naval j others aitc-nrtinR were R Al M> ln 'i° n ', h " C ' , t 1 ln " of niyDirvllle. nnd Marv i.n'iv- s--iEK,=]ir< H c™,. ^'UM-r^nd S M,, !l r,d- M "> Nn " "< "»"»•*"">• '><>"" 1 row Cook, left Saturday for Hollym>d. Fla.. whnre Miss Consc and Miss Kaslcy will join (he far-uli.y. sented with a gift. Booker Family Has Reunion and me|. rushec* at the Russell Phillips home. A dance was Riven al- thi; North Star Supper club which was fnlJnuwl by a swimming party al the R. I!. Oce, home. Local riishfes and dales were nitzzy Orafton. Dixie Pays Killian, Buzzy Wunderlk'h. .Jeunetle Henderson. Wili Whltn'T, ,/erry? Rush- Inc. Ralph Wnhl. Betsy Bell. Albert Falrfield. Millie Ann nradley. Woody Townsenrt. Rosemary Mona- ehan, Tom Walls, .lean Hheltmi. Charles Booker, ncfja Shippcn, Bo Travis, and Sandra But.lcr. Out-of-town rii-slices nnd rlalrs wore Jim Turner of Forrest City. Charles Rosco of Helena. Bner Laser ol rarrffl City. Charlie Rorrells of Hughes. Oorze Saia of tfnrlc. Pilil Snederor of Fort .Smllh. .lerry Van Zandt of Van Bnien. SUP Da. vidflnn of mvtlicvillc. Fiob Horncr of I Helc-na a/id Klnjce Nicholson of Bly- • theyllte. Hill Grrbcr nf Memphis. ' M' MONDAY. AUGUST 18, course, is to get > child interested in earning money 'Jor K certain thlni;, whether it Is two weeks at camp, a gun, or any other objective' .Aiiotlic-r encouragement is to toll ehlld that whatever he earns strictly or. hts own hjs pnrr.nts will match. That helps tf the thin? he •?] Is working for costs so much that he figures lie never Mill be able to earn it, all. Of, getting the children working Is of no real value to them unless they are held to some sort of. standards. The oiher,day I heard a little l>oy bragging that he had been paid by « neighbor lo mow the neighbor's lawn, .nd that very aftwnocm man who paid him for the fob we^ out himself nnd did tt over'" That boy didn't learn of value. All lie got out o perience was the feeling -that had pulled a 'fast one-coUecti for a Job done EO poorly that had to be done a^ahi. So whether they are working to you or for a neighbor, see' to that the Job passes Jnspeclion be fore H is called done. • Beheading was regarded .at „ honorable form of execution by th Rontaiw. Suffocating "Hot Flashes" stopped or strikingly relieved in 63-80%" of coses in doctors' tests! ; KKUN10N III'I,)) -fVuly innmbers of l!ie famitr of the late Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lutes caihcred yesterday at Ihe home of Mr. and Mrs. Charley LuH><; and family for a barbecue and picnic. Out-of-town guests were Mrs. Bhnche Shelby of Bust Prairie, Mo., Mr. and Mrs. Ralnh Rhoads of Wichita. Kan, Mr. and Mrs. neretle Lines and family of Detroit, and Mrs. I), K. Bonduranl of Port Worth. Tex. Olhcrs shown are Mr. and M,s. Harry Lutes and family. Mr. and Mrs, Clyde Lutes anrl family, Mr. and Mrs, Jim Henry Lutes and family. Mr and Mrs. Walter Lut-s and Inmil.v, Ml , and Mr? phl!|p Applebaiim. alt of Blytheville. and Mrs. Molly Manuel of Johnston city. Tenn Mrs, Eddie Zminw- mon of Las Cruces, N.M. was the only member of the family not present. Gentry of nlyi.heville Lamb nf Ha.vli, .lirnmv and Cn-pMy of Book Appeal, Not Television, Reason, 1 Encourage Child — the Reduction in Reading Public 'On Summer Job' HYou'll Help Him' and Mre. J. \v. Booker of Clear Lake. Mrs. Allon Thorn and children, Bobby nnd Nancs' of Eau Claire. WIs.. and Mr. nnd'Mrs. Tommy Bfiilon of Franklin Pnrk. ill. The protip honored Mrs. W. W. Booker with a snrprlso birthday supper Thursday night. K you are poins ^brjatinp or CM- noting, tiikfl the procfliition lo Mcp j hrr parent*, Mr am) Mrs into the middle of the bout, ftnrt a swain. and Port Worth, Tex., fall market. Ooanh and Mrs. Plnnnn (Nil?) nynum of Arkansas Tech. nussell- villo. are vlsilinc Mr. and Mr.',. W. n. Tommcj' and other Blythcvillc friends. Mrs, Kiln Sue, Knnx of Dvnrs- hure. Tenn.. is the (tuest of Mr! and Mrs. Clarence Gean anrl family. Mrs. WHI.-ud P.-'rry and son. 'Ray of CnUman. Ala., are ihe i;nest,s of Eligha , seat and keep it. H you cannot swim, wear ashore. a llfepreservcr or stay Tops For Half-Sizers By Sue Burnett Mr. and Mrs. Onc nounce ihe birth of Nelson an- son at Walls Hospilal. Saturday. He has been named Steve Aubrey. Mrs. Nelson Robblns of O^cfinla, nuck Alrxnndpr [ re fid In R lf.=s because rpadinc bonks of Oscicoln. Snin H.imt»(?r of Sleole ' wasn't,, madn \'oi'y attrartiv* to t>if*m and Polly Chlsrn o! nlythevllle. Among some peoples, Brnhmlm of Malabar, onn llkp the and only , one member of a family is permitted to marry. tloned In Memphis, are here to be with their father and Mrs. McLean. \tr. and Mrs. Robert Lipscom'b nnd daughter. l,inda l^in, have returned home after a l,\rn \ccek's vacation. They were the enests o[ Mr. and Mrs. Earl Stabler in Hollywood. wlipn^hry wrrp in schon), t wish with aJI my hoar I I'd tirvp.r poconn- tciTd a "cood book" nnttl at'nr I'd rprPivfrl my'fiiploma. As a r^siilt o( hrinc forcrcl tn accept liirraturp in I>rc i RrtibPd oo-iasre dtirine OIP \ipnnl flthooline, I hare nri ^vrcsion in Rlinkesprarn. Dirkcns. Tharkcrny and almost pvpry other nitttmr who wrote classics, Onr rale !,<; some f hi HE to boast viboiji arid I hope pfdjrafnr me a manuscript.. Reading is a hiahly personal thins. Each hook, particularly a rre.H bonfc. is a voyage for the reader. !f he's ready' for Ihe book, it's one of the most excilinc experiences of his life. I don't think it's possible for any person or croup of persons to prescribe books, li Summer vscadon Is the ideal tlnie for teachins school-age children fo take on some of the responsibilities of family living. . Parents who let (heir school-a°e children rio nothing but play for the three vacation months are missing a 5oori bet. Dunnjr those three months wlien Mom has the sole care and izuid- ance. of Ihe children, Is the time (o set (hem started assuming a little' responsibility, A boy can (ate over the care of • Are you going thLnuph change of life" . . sulTer- Inj the "1101 Hashes." nervous tension, irritability, weakness and other tvpes of functionally-caused'dis- tress of this difficult time? Then -. , , here's hope for you! «in tests by doctors. I*ydia Pinkham's Compound and Tablets gave relief from such distress ... In fi.3 nnd AQ'-,. (respectively! of th? cases tested. Complete or strit:\nij relief! Surely you know 1 hat l.ydia Plnknam's is rcirntificarty modern in action.' Surely you know what It has done for others! But rlo ycu fcnrr* whaVlt ft'ill do for uoy? No* if yoij haven't experienced the re,H<>! or tension, "tlasl'.es ' an<t irrL- labiiily tt en often brings i\', such ili[i«B! • RpforR Rnofhe.r day h!\ = Jia.wd, try l,yit!a Plnkliarn 1 * . . . the Veseubte/ Coimmunti, or i\«w, iinjjrfit'fd Tablets with n<idcri iron . . . nnd discover how much fa«<-r vour "chanfie, of llle" mas- hcf stir(erli\g u mt tiu -- cllonal «utr ra „/ m «n. ..... (Lnd plnktiarn's too! tt coiituuia no t-ninp drugs! I,'Hi in /'iriV/iom nraon fJerovp AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION nioriicinn. and pyperr. thflt. they will : thf> yard—for pay. A girl can'Wart . down aeiecably with cross-section of students. Some of our educators : cerneri about children's fa . learning some of the skills that, will serve rest, of her life. And f/ the childr hompmakins j *icr all the! ! are old i is Ihe former Miss Alice Fayr. Tern- i Flrl nnrf Or. and Mrs. E. H. Loest pie. ' • | of Miami Beach. They also slopped Mr. and MfB. O. T. Omrie anri i s f VM '»J rt».vs In Natchez. Miss., nnrl and iVIfB. .O. T. Oracle and sons. Wheeler and Tommy, have returned from a week In Alabama. Tennessee, and Mississippi, where they visited Mis. Oracle's sister, Mrs. Scble.v WfiKlhnm, (met family, at noonrvilte, Miss., Mr. Grai-ie's New Orleans. Miss VirEinl.i Browne ha* returned from New York City, where she has been studyinc " tnterinr design al Parson's Pcstgn School Miss Anne Allhricht, of Little Rock was the week curl Eiiesl of Russell • : . »•.•*•! >i ntiuiit \,uLii.pi CM ,-1 iiisi inflTioti vmnji^n nre oici . fic,m» nut, some wa.v of teach- | W ith comir. books One wise educa- I pno >'?h. they can be encouraged to me kids lo rrad fluently without- '. 1r , r of mv acnuaintanre u-hosp llfe-! scl ollt im ° the neighborhood and destrii.vins their ability to take, time h!ls ,, cen , prM m <\*\r,, rhil-> llne "'' * f( ™' n ai(i iobs for them- pleasure in Ihe books which, are ! dien in (he riirpction of li| )rar ,, [ • celvf ' s ' prescribed rr.irling. ! shelves thinks comic bnoic«-rot the : The <' a5 '"l «'»V to encourage of The sari truth is thai few of us j objectionable rmr.* „> , , : ~" ^ - M • 13 • H ptasents (^WASHINCTON STORY" VfiN J8HNSOFPATRICIA NEAl MS mm slsler. Mrs. M. V. Moore, and fnmilv , „..,,. - - nl Clillmnn. Ala. " ! P 1 " 1 '!'^. Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. Phil- rtr. and Mrs. Kdu-ard Walfnn nnrl rhiWrrn. Mr. and Mr*. EHCPTIP I Wn|*nn nnrt son. havr rohirnrrt from Cntnrtcn, Tenn., u-here ihpy o|j;tnn . Mr- Nolhinc litte a well tailored cl.iMlc 'or ernrm anri -j-farabilify. ,ind this . TV'S inolliei nier dauchl^r of Mr, and Mrs. o. J. viii , VJ ,. u ,, t . 0 Daniel, pl'ins (o jofn her hushi'iid, Mr 'aiid MrV Jack Miil •" j Airmnn Wixon. who is slallonrd nt lll'elr "dSlcr.^Mrs " WmLn '^F 'i = 5S'" Zonl> - Rnth »«rndrrt se.hool here .oyner. and Ai r m ,,n ,oyner ,,U j "Hi^-^^^^alion ,,ve Seaman Apprentice Billv Malhenv i *& 1 \™l,^£\$'*™' f ^V^V^fi M- ^"H.»-.^ -,=^; months. . Tom Rnney of I.illle Rock is the house of E. H. ,lr. Mrs. Paid Knicht of Selm-l'. Tonn.. Is Ihr of her sislev Mrs. Riir^ell Phillips, arid family] and Michael Alexanrlrr. the Phillips' qrnnrlchlld. will arrive lodny from Mpjnphis. Mrs. F. K. B|;,i-k. Mlw Belly Black. Mrs. W. n. Tanner, and Mrs. Mahan nell have Bone to New Orleans to spend several days. Mr. and Mrs. C. f.. Criucer ,lt are visitinc Iheir son. O, E. Crinaor! 1U. and Mrs. Critjcipr, in Favettp- ville. " ' Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Zachrry and elulrtren were ealleri to De- Qnren .n^irnUiy because ol the ser- is illness and death of Mr. 7,arh- Oha Airman Harry A. Hmlcr/s relurned lo Ihe Stales In .lac-ksonville, Fla,. Saturday after six months ovnseas average scholars can. In later life. h\iilrt any enthusiasm for dipping into anything wo \vere once forced to plow throilch a.5 3 part, of "rr- ; lim-ed rearilns." Maybe the li'ouhle • '.vith learning "appreciation of lit-! eratnre" is that mopi, r>[ us are cx- jiesod to it first when .we're loo bend If. M>" own rrc-ollrrUnn of Shakc^pears 'and I'll probably never venture to find out how wron^ ! and even odder ways of n=ine. words i which I \va.s forced to memori?.?.! Dickens was .-omeihine L cranunccl the night, before an English exami- j nation. ; There remains forever, for me, \ ones, of course—can nchlnll.v he '.vay-siat.ions toward DIB: enjnyme.nt. of reading. j "Comic bnoks are books- of a i sort," she s»id. "and if you can get a yomiasier interested in any! sort of bonks, it's a siarl-. You't I shove, them into enjoyment of read- : inn, but if yon show them a path I they arp interested in. ,lhe.y discover! Pfrliaps oiif? of the reasons the American public Is so interested in! "new hooks" as compared lo ones! months or years is that they have . no "i-p<j:iiiTd reading" emotion j about them. Tt seems a shams that • the he-si, of reading is under a rlouci of "classical stuff and is tempting j to so few. The bes 1 \vay fo Jni|>roi-e publish- duly on (.he Island of Malta. He is ^ Lincoln. nel Bntlcr. Boswll. Herman Melville. Chaucer. Whitman Box Office Opens 7:00 Showf Starts 7:15 p.m. Aclmissuin 9c & 30c At All Times Daniel Oefoe. and even Abe . . now en route home to visil his par-; The necessity lo momoii/e ruined ent.s. Mr. and Mrs. W. F.. Hodges.! for me Kea.s.'shellev. Wordsworth for a 10-day leave. i Bvmn ant , a ho ,, „, h dren nre real young, and it can't, be ; done by rrnnmmis adult lilerature do-,vn the their thn>at,s, j Ne'.' York's "El" trains were electrified in IMS and 1803. ve sew- shorter csufcially in lialf M-C-, in i.':? time for the slitlni fijl're Psnern Xo KSR1 i,-, 11 fv-ut c v ,- f . ioratrrt pattrrn in fiz-v HI. ir,»- W---.?.n--~. 221 ..24>r. Sh- Ifi> s ] f horl sleeve?. |i. yards of 39-inrlv 7 -. yard con-.iasl For thi« p.'lirrn. sr,-id :i(V- In COIXS. l.Vir ,:;,;„,,. at!rlrn:.s S17C ,iC- sn-c-d. anrl lim P,\TIT~\ NIJMBFR ft'-Mii-y SI . 6. lil'. Rr-.iriy for !.-n jiou .!!i|.|,. F'.X.Sil- ION fo, -,« rui „,,,., \vmtrr. This HIM issur is wm, 1( |oas lor s:i-nri. pr,v •„ t ] ;r-.. ,,,r : for a new s'>?nn; zin p=ttcrn prmiert instdc the hoo'<. .-:„ rs. B. H. Zarhr. Funeral services will be held lo- ! I11O1 TOM" - i nnnald Rue. Krlwin Wallace. .Hu i Rayrler.'and Tommy Masley sivnt i Ihe week em! in si. I,onis lo at- t tend baseball sanies, j Mr an,-) Mrs. Hcmv Ynnii; and I .'on. Tommy. Icfl today lo visil (heir ' riniiiilitrr. Mrs Jodie f-.,| rs , nrt | family In SprinRftpld. Ore. Mr i Voimc'i bro-hcr. W. A. Younc. anrl f.inulv in !Tnn:in"lon Rrarh. Cnlir ••>llfl Ml.- Vounc-'s hrnther. Rrveans. ,md family in Whith.'r, ''nli' They jilan lo lx- C"ne a nm ACROBATS are built fo take the scuffing and stubbing of the • Extra RvggnJ Leather Upporsf • Longer-wearing Goodyear Wells! • Guaranteed Bonded Sofes/ • Styles lor Boys and Girls! • Sized for foh through Smnllcr-lhan-lacnfl fit . LAST TIMES TONITE 'FANCY PANTS' Bob Hope & Lucille Rail Also ('nvtoon £ Cnmotlv TUES.-WED. DOLLAR NITES! lirinj^ a Carliwil for i ,„ PAT O'BRIEN • RANDOLPH SCOTT '" M *.,'!rOT H Sl.'."?,'F,*^, f :]! T ' ROBEF " "v»H Also Cartoon & Contcdv Cor [- u'.h'!,", 1 .' \ :?i most LAST TliMKS TODAY Double Feature RED SKIES: OF MONTANA LTKHHiCOtOR 2a in** -PLUS- LAST TIMES TONITE Paramount News Cartoon Novelty Reel -Also Metro IVeivs TL T E.S..\VED.- r rHuhs7 PAI, NITES: 2 Knr Price of 1 2 HITS! RITZ GUESTS ALL Iht ATTORNEY'S AT. LAW and their fam«r e - 3 are invited }o the Ritz Sunday or Monday. TUESDAY 8, WEDNESDAY HENRY. FONDA THEBETDBNOF COOPER HJ-flRY f TECHNICOLOR Also Selected 8liorL Subjects . RITZ GUESTS Mr. and Mi's. L. C. Larkin and family Mr. and .Airs, lleber Linrlqdisl and family Jlr. and Mrs. E. H, Brown Mr. nnd Mrs. Rodney Banister Tiff STOIIVOFA M-C-M'i mum -.. Also Cartoon (OS I0f5 4N> SHL1 LFY ; 'JUyJ|_/ X 'Your Friendly Shoe Store NOTICE Vour be?t investment on today's market is a well- huitl, wcll-incated home. Johnny Morr Realtor & Builder 112 So. 2nd Phone 4111 He knows who haa (He cleanest, freshi'sl wash in lown . . . who is satisfied with halfway, old-fashioned me! hods. How do you rnfc? I'" you Know our delivery man? \Ve think you should . . . for lie can help you to a new way of living. Lei him lake washday drudgery out of your house ... lei us show yon (he results of professional laundry service . , . and you'll look forward lo his visits every week! Blytheville Laundry-Cleaners Phone 4418

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