The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 18, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 18, 1952
Page 3
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M.M {Mississippi Democrats Battle m 3-Way Split For Party Supremacy irtes Bjr KEITH FULLER , JACKSON, Miss, m ~ Misslsslp- l Pis divergent Democrats, In a three- i '•'ay split for Oov. Adlal Stevenson, -Dwighfc Eisenhower and a possible thlrd party group, battle today for | Oct. . I Dec./. Mar , I May . BOct 3-305 1 Dec . ..;... M99 f Mar 3900 I Kay , .. 3882 I ~ | Soybeans t Jan supremacy In the State Democratic Contention. The convention was to open at 11 a.m., Eastern Standard Time, to decide its political role In the 1952 presdential campaign. Mississippi, with 96 per cent of its voters on the state Democratic party rolls, has groups supporting Stevenson and Eisenhower and a faction that prefers a third party Southerner to either major party candidate. The Stevenson forces, headed by Qov. Hugh White and Mississippi's congressional delegation, won a right In the Resolutions Committee last night. Clause Is Omitted A resolution offered by Stevenson backers was adopted by an 11-5 vote after Eisenhower members brought about the omission of a clause ap- dorsing the Illinois governor. The resolution, as revised called simply for the electors of the State Democratic Convention to be p!ed;>„ , cd to Stevenson and Sen John Open High Low Close sparknion pf Alabama without a Commodity And Stock Markets— New York Cotton Open High Low Close . 3908 3918 38S7 3887 . 3897 3911 38B5 3885 . 38M. 3912 3877 3877 . 3880 3394 3367 3870 fNtw Orleans Cotton 3017 3911 3913 3891 3838 3882 3866 i ' ' V 'tlnyaum 3892 i state party endorsement. | 3839 I The resolution was subject, to re- ) 3.18V. 3.10VS 3.19 3.10 3.12 3.11 3.09VS f New York Stocks A T and T ,..., Amer Tobacco ...., Anaconda Copper '. Beth Steel : Chrysler ,,., Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Warrl .... . N Y Central Int Harvester ..; J C Penney Republic Steel 41 Radio Socony Vacuum SUtdebaker Standard of K J Texas Corp 38B2 vision, rejeclion or adoption todav. 3863 A resolution oj the pro-Eisenhower forces was defeated by an 11-5 margin. It sought to put the Stevon- son-Sparkman ticket, on the ballot with the statement that the Mississippi Democratic party did not recommend them to the voters of the state. Ordinal Backed Slevenson The original Stevenson resolution offered by State Rep. Ed White contained an endorsement clause that read. "Therefore, believing the best 154 1-8 Interests of Mississippi requires it 56 3-8 | ihis convention Irrevocably pledges 45 1-4 i 'Is electors to vote for Go'v. Adlal 50 1-2 j Stevenson of Illinois for President TO 5-8 j and for Sen. John J. Sparkman of 62 5-81 Alabama for vice president" 5!) 3-4 Former U. Gnv. Sam Lumpkln 45 5-8 i head of the Mississippi Dcmocrate- \9 j for - Eisenhower movement and 33 1-4 i chairman of the Resolutions Com- 67 5-8 j »nlttee, named tlie commitlcemen 41 I "If you go on to the floor of the 25 1-21 convention tomornv and railroad 3T 1-8 that Stevenson endorsement through, you'll split the Democratic party of this state so that it will Rites Wednesday F«rMrs. Wright, Former Resident Service* will be conducted at 3 p.m. Wednesday at Randall-Mitchell Funeral Home In Paragould /or Mrs. William Wright, 73, o! Blytheville and St. Louis, who died this morning in St. Louis. A resident of Blytheville for 20 years, Mrs. Wright moved to St Louis two years ago to make her home with her eon, Warren Wright. She returned there 10 days ago after an extended visit here with her niece. Mrs. Gage Clark, and other relatives, and suffered a stroke shortly after her arrival. Survivors in addition to her son and her niece Include two sisters, Mrs. John Clippies and Mrs Jack Early, both of Marmaduke. and a brother, Tom Poster of Alabama. The Rev. E. C. Brown, pastor of the First Baptist. Church here of which Mrs. Wright was a member will officiate. Burial will be in a Para^ouM cemetery. / Mrs. Clark and Mr. and Mrs Ben 1 T. Mays will attend Ihe services In' Paragould. ' Rites Conducted For Frank Hyde Five Convicts Go to Oklahoma Trooper Arrests Suspiciously Dressed Group Neor Conway SOK.VE OF FATAL HR1TISH FLOOD—Water from a swollen tributary, the aftermath of a disastrous flash flood, pours down a hillside into l.yu- inouth, England, hardest hit of the resort towns alon* the British southwest const. Furniture ar.ri battered carte, deposited there by the raging floods wi-,:ch marie UK: town's main s,trect a torrential, lit- nrar one ol tile resort lloMs. Authorities feared Dial the dcnth toll In Lynmouth might reiich ,10 persons, with ff bodies already covcrtd. (AP VViiciihoto) re- _, •• Sea u s steel .; | So Pac | Livestock 37 18 54 S-8 58 1-2 39 7-8 82 1-4 5 j Scout Know How Takes Boy, 13, Home: III .yd j Through 7 Days in High Sierra Services for Frank Hyde of East St. Louis. 111., a former Blythe resident, were conducted at 2 today in (he Cobb Funeral Home 1 Chapel here. Pallbearers were Vernon Bo, u . Roy Holt. Sherlock Holmes. Robert i 8 Mr^Hvde'^S'^ "^V^ Hy<le -1 SONORA > Cnlif - "™ - Thirteen-1 it was warm and I slept nil nl-ht " number ofvear? "nd » V?f " ' .'"M^'H *"?• Bradhe ">' "*"S The dark-paired l.d'Lk he ,„',' Jh.™i i ,^ relatives, to!d a hair-raisins; story of how he i scared only ^- "-— -•-•-• --• ••throughout the Blyiheville area.; survived seven days alone in t Survivors include his wife, Mrs,! tii-rh sierra Busing Boy Scout kno Maiidie Hyde of Ea«t St. Louis a i how. Sr R M' ^M ' E £ St , St L ° UiS ' a i The '"'^ I'Vhwood. Calif .'youth siste,, Mrs. Bertha CorJe-.v of Bly-: talked into a fishing camp Sat'ir- d.iv. a week after he vanished on n fishing trip. Doctors here said his physical condition was perfect, e.v- cei>t for sore feet and bruises. Brent was lo join his father. Wcu- zcl Bradberry, a Los Angeles store executive, today. The father was enroute here from a search for the bov in another section of the mountains. Brent said he used his knowledge (Continued from Page 1) th " , . theville and of Tlptonvill a brother, Jim . Term. Hyde } Jacob Gaskill Dies of Illness Services for Jacob Prank Gaskill. 60. of 40 and 8 community will be conducted Wednesday in Muncie. Slif( winds buffeted Seoul but the -- ... ... first niahl. wh»n "I slo '™' s main force moved about S5 the ! saw some v.-ntf tracks and later a , '"lies south of the city, ow- ] couple of lean wolves." i Power of the storm decreased as Young Bnulberry said he'd cntrn i " ! ItlFf -<'tt overland. Tlie Air Force only some pine nuts, inicy leavrs } weather expert said It may pick up wild peppers nnd some dried nprl- i ii°«'cr when It hits the Sea" of Japan cot.s he found. He also found t»-o| J " lri «"""•'">- '- -• ^airs of trousers at an abandoned ramp to reinforce Ills own punts — , Ark. fa-rive t-scaiwd Oklahoma convlcls, who were captured near her* yesterday tiler eluding police near Ada. okla.. were . .. to Oklahoma officials turner! over today. Raymond Rains, assistant den at Granite. Okla., came here today fo return the prisoner to the Oklahoma Slate Reformatory ' State Trooper Bob Wnrd picked up the convicts yesterday because lie "thought, live men dressed alike looked suspicious." The men said tliey were members pf a prison band playing at a rodeo In Adn. Ward quoted one of the men as saying "we got » little drunk and decided to lake off." Ward identified the men as: Hlcharri Leroy Clmrch( 21. San Martin. Calif., serving 20 years for car theft and robbery; Wlnford Oardin. 26. Edmond. Okl»., 50 years for innnslnngMer: John Paul Kerr •10. Jo])llii. Mo.. 15 years for armed robbery; Robert Ozio Knnpp. 22. •llilsa. Okln.. 20 years for'a-mcd robbery: and Llntiy nyrd Crew, 20, Harmony. Okla., four yearn lor armed robbery and sodomy. In tropical and tub-tropical forests, trees nhow both growth and death 12 month » year. All Hands Colled To Battle Grass Fire in California MT. HAMILTON, Calif. «V-A!1 available crews were rushed east ol here today to battle an uncontrolled grass fire which had already blackened nearly 5,000 acres and destroyed several buildings at an Isolated religious retreat. • The Callforna Division of forestry said high winds hurled jparka 300 and 400 yards ahead o! lh» flames and fanned the blaM out of conlrol. Twenty youth authority camp Inmates Joined 100 men already on the firellnes be/ore dawn. Four state firemen we re burned, two seriously, when the crackling flames trapped end destroyed their tank truck. The main building and live cabins of Shanti-Ashrama. an isolat. ed retreat for members of lilt Hindu fallh, burned last night ^h«n firelines gave way. Brothers Die In Shack Fire CLINTON, la. (*>) _ Two young brothers, sleeping in a play shack when it caught fire, died at * din- ton hosplinl yesterday from burns they received in the Saturday morn- nig bla&e. They were Qary Morgan, 11, »nd Dennis, 14. sons of Mr. and Mra Norval Morgan. The blaze started when i )l;ht«d candle was dropped Into some straw. uns— worn throiiirh at the wnt from slid- j n!)oon ine over rocks and underbrush. I " a »'»The area In which ho was mrain:; m '^ ll Ls on the northwest fringe of Yosemite national park. _. NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. HI m If, — (USDA)—Hogs 11,000, fairly p active; weights under 225 Ibs jLsteady to weak with Friday's, av- perage; heavier weights steady to higher: sows 25 higher: bulk hchoice. 190-330 -lbs|*unsorted"'-for If grade 22.75-23.00, latter paid rather E freely by shippers and butchers | mostly for choice numbers 1 and |i 22.25; 280-300 Ibs 21.00-50; 170-180 Jibs 21.50-22.25; 150-170.Ibs 22.00-21.$ 50; 120-140 Ibs 17.75-19.55, sows 1400 Ibs down 17.15-18.25; heavier I sows 15.15-17.25; stags 13.50-15.50; | boars 11.50-15.00. Cattle «.000. calves 1,000; open- j ing strong to 50 higher on steers, | heifers and cows; bulls mostly. SO | higher; vealers steady; several |« loads and lots good and choice steers 31.00-33.00; small lots.high choice to prime 33.25-34.00; high choice and prime, heifers 34.00; utility and commercial cows 18.0021.00; canners and cutters 13.00'11.50. POLITICS (Continued from Page 1) ., et all. Some of the general's back- ! j ers have been urging him (o ignore the Taft wing in campaigning. H Others say he needs the Ohioan's J help, particularly in the Midwest. i Republicans have, been harping \\ on the conlention that Stevenson Is a "captive" of the Truman administration. Hen. Styles Bridges o f New Hampshire and Rep. Joseph Martin of Massachusetts ., provided some new ammunition j along Ihis line over the week enri. The two GOP congressional leaders charged the Democrats with about every conceivable polJlica! |[ crime in a 13.000-word campaign jj document. They said the Republi- { cans were doing their best to save V- the country. Typical <juo!<?s from the report: "The administration had no answer lo favoritism and corruption in government except to promise an executive cleanup that ended hi a complete farce." "When the 82nd Congress ad- lourned, our servicemen were still lighting In Korea and they were 'ipld back from victory by Ihe Jemocrat administration. . . . Having plunged us into war in Korea. Democrats do not know how to get us out." "The 82nd Congress, under Democrat conlrol, continued down the !i deadly path .of high government spending and high taxation—the road to national destruction." Bridges and Martin said the Korean Wsr could have been avoided If the United States had not withdrawn Us troops from the peninsula in 1947—a subject which brought controversy between John Foster Dulles and Democratic Sen. Paul Douglas ol Illinois over the week end. Dulles, former Stale Department Adviser nnd one of the drafters of the foreign policy plank In Ihe Re- VMS LARGEST SELLER AT IDC StJoseph ASPIRIN SURE-BUY 100 TABltlS. WC j '"" 1 *««"'«; toward Hokftaldo n "'"lh=rnmost Island of Japan. Before sweeping Inland, the tv- wrecked one ship ear Okl- A second ship is two davs ^ l "o after radioing it was in lr °ul)le. Amerirans iued an oil drum raft yesterday to rescue 40 of 43 passengers and crew aboard the Japanese motor vessel Tokushln Maru. The ship broke Up on rocks near the 1s- , two sisters. Miss Mable Oaskilt of Anderson. Ind., and Mrs. O. L. Owens of Hollywood, Calif. Burial will be in Muncie. Cobb Funeral Home is in charge. Negro Deaths sometime., mini, when all of caught, (n a heav i sudden T was Greek Salons Hove Row Fl 'om Boise h« will Ilv lo Kansas Roxey Gillis Hill _ , Retired Minister Dies Roxey Gluts Hill died suddenly at ler home at 1609 Hermon'here at 2 ».m. today. Funeral ,arrangements were In- :omplele today pending arrival of i -elatives. Survivors include a broth- ' er. Robert Gillis, and a son Joe Oilhs. w. F. Cobb Funeral Home is in charge. 71 T ^i^\TT',, E> r meH , HamSey ' " Tb " re »•»*""»"benrt-ln the river! Flld »y ""S Saturday 71, retired Methodist, minister and nnd T miutaee.ff (o hani; onto n bia •' •'" Je " 1 '" Denver. Sumlnv ] grandfather of Perry and Harold I—'• " -- J " •- be publican platform,wrote Douglas criticizing a speech the latter made before the Democratic convention Douglas had said Eisenhower, Dulles and others concurred in the troop .withdrawal. Asserting that he was ncfing under orders Jrom President Truman in presenting a withdrawal resolution iff the United Nations. Dulles said that If Republicans were attacked for mistakes made when they were acting under the orders of Democratic presidents, this would destroy the bipartisan foreign policy. ...... ,. JtlI: „„„ „„,. mvwll mll Dixon of pell, died last week at his; I cot nut. sopoinir wet, but found an home in Kingsport. Tcnn. Funeral and burial services were conducted there. Last Man Puffed Safely from Cave old. rotten redwood. tree, scoopec out a nice bed and crawled in Sfeel Man Wounded In Hunting Accident will eral will travel by pkuie lo New York, where the : j;i?xt day lie will ; address the American Legion's rm- jtionnl onvention. Eisenhower has said Ihut speech will he non- polilicul. , Marshal Alexander Papagos!' I charped that last September's clec-j lions ivc;rn "dishonest and corrupt."! for the COURIER NEWS n Osceola, call BILLY BEALE, 567 '-M i Alfred Kev of Steele. Mo. a LICQ-ATHERY. France iifi — rtt ! brothers nf Mrs. Bill Van Winkle of' Sudan. Andre Mairey was pulled safely to i Blytheville. suffered a gunshot the surface today from the cave wound in his left lei; in a deer which claimed the life of French i hunting accident enar Livermore Explorer Marcel Loubcns. | Calif.. Saturday it was learned here • today. j According [o- information received The Blue Nile River flows down from Ethiopia's Luke Tana carrying millions of tons of silt for (he rich .flood plains of Egypt and the . The heroic doctor was the iast of four explorers who had spent anx- sen anxious days and nights 1,153 feet below ground. Mairey had gone down last Thursday In a vain attempt to save Loudens* life after he fell 120 leet to (he rocks below. STOP COID...BEFOBE IT ENTERS YOUR HOME! ' by Mrs. Van Winkle, Mr. Key's nan I accidently discharged as he laid II. i down. Ke was not seriously wound- ' ed, Mrs. Van Winkle said. Yes, cold IB stopped 6e/or« it gets inside when a Lnnoi Fenma-flo Heating System ii guarding your comfort! bum air duTusera in the floor put « curtain of warm dean air ov«r cold windows and walls. DrafU can't start' Floors tUy warm. No other heating system can match IxmnoT Penma-flo for true indoor comfort. Ideal for »ny type of home ... old or new. CITY ELECTRIC CO. 109S. FifthSt. Phone 8181 NEED SOME W S-!S"JSi? FINANCE COMFAH OF BLYTHEVILLE 324 W «" 2091 I' 1 it took a of money to Ho because subslunlml sum- of on equipment and installations which Your wafer system serves you by securing water, by storlne water, by testing and pnrifying water to make i( safe for use a"d by delivering water into your home or place nf business. These things it Is ahle money h;ive been expended perform these functions. Fortunately, most of us benefit by expenditures made over a per.od of years, including periods when prices were much lower than they are now. Yet in lerm.s nf ]!MI) prices, when most commodities cost about half whal they do now, water works facilities cost real money, A two-billion gallon reservoir, big enouph to provide a 200- day supply for a city of I0u,(100, cost 52,500,000 Icn years ago. The pumping station required to mov« this water through the city's mains cost 5100,000 to build and equip. An eievated storage tank of 125,flflO- K allon capacity, of the type you'll see serving small towns and villages, cost «18,000. A filtration plant for a city the size of Louisville, Kentucky cost $1,850,000. Whether financed by private capital or a municipal authority, a water works has always represented a major investment, ranging from $50 to ?100 per person served. Regardless nf prevailing prices, U has always taken a lot of money (o bring you safe, usable water. lytheville Water Co. "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity" li

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