The Preston News from Preston, Kansas on April 20, 1923 · 2
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The Preston News from Preston, Kansas · 2

Preston, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 20, 1923
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PRESTON NEWS, PRESTON, KANSAS ' ' '""" ""'' M Misfortune dog. the foot.tep. of him CXfc. V:jfe. LV mr m i in mi w mi iw rrTiiiin m innHtimp win aivr von incise buii ucuuiibi ou uat hhuuwiiiw im i n a t an Mmavatirmn i in i, & va, l j x. v.'- -s' n i i! By JOHN DICKINSON SHERMAN If'' V Jcff . l M II U OKD CARNARVON Is f T if VI ' 5f7 Upaline fiocew the newest and most beaulitul metnoa oi inienoi aecorauou. .-j i aeaa. uora Carnarvon & ty, W9. 1rj I 11 If llftfl '.3 Si Ml .ri ,ook.for L'OSS and Circle Printed in Red on Every Package cf Genuine Alabastme Instead of Ka I somine or Wall Paper Because only genuine Alabastine will give you those soft delicate, attisic Alabastine colors, which add so much to the beauty of youi home. Good decorators use Alabastine. Nearly all stores selling paints carry it in stock Ask your dealer or decorator to show you samples and explain the Alabastine icess the newest and most beauutul metnoa oi inienoi aecorauou. The Alabastine Company Grand Rapids, Mich. Powerful Steam Engine. The most powerful high-pressure steam engine In the world was built for the Ciirgo-Kleet Iron company of England, and develops 2.r,(MH) horsepower at 140 revolutions a minute, with- steam at 190 pounds. A Moment of Diffidence. "When you made your first public speech did you have stage fright?" "No," replied Senator Sorghum. "Hut I had it the first time I talked to the man who was putting up my campaign fund." Washington Star. Be sure oS good bread; use The knowledge of how to make bread gives a girl confidence in mastering other baking and cooking. Send for free booklet "The Art of Baking Bread Northwestern Yeast Co. 1730 North Ashland Av. Chicago, 111. A Great Relief. Mrs. Simnis I thought I'd come over and tell you that your Harold has been fighting with my Hobby, ami settle It if I could. Mrs. Sharp I have no time to enter into a discussion about children's quarrels. I hope I urn above such things. Mrs. Sitnms I'm, delighted to hear it. I'll send Harold home on a stretcher in an hour or so. Hostou Transcript. Really Happened. Green bands are generally taken on at the department stores during the holiday rush and doubtless it was one of those who made the following break : Customer I'm looking for a copy of "Heyond the Desert" (by Alfred Noyes). Flustered-Looking Clerk I don't think we have It. (Turns to regular clerk) Have we "The Hee on the Desert"? Hoston Transcript."" WImcIb Is the Sim 2? a Cent The sun is the largest but you can hold the cent so close to your eye that you'll lose sight of the sun. Don't let a cheap price or a big can baking powder make you lose sight of quality. The Economy BMIMIS POWDER ffsAKiNa powrroi Is the quality leav-ener f or real economy in the kitchen, alwaysuseCalumet, one trial will convince you. The sale of Calumet is over 150 greater than that of any other baking powder. Mot . fMXJM V COHTCNTStl a BEST BY TEST DOES HOUSEWORK1 LIKE IT WAS PLAY Mrs. Little Declares Tanlac Restored Full Strength After Overcoming Indigestion. "Since taking Tanlac my troubles have left me, and I never tire of telling about It," declares Mrs. Johanna Little, 3032 N. 17th St., Kansas City, Mo. "My food often caused me much dis tress from gas, sourness and heartburn, and I scarcely ever wanted to eat. Headaches, biliousness and pains la my back kept me In hot water, and I hardly ever got any restful sleep. My nerves were excited and I was so run down It was all I could do to look after my housework. "I searched the city for the right medicine, and consider It fortunate that I found Tanlac. Indigestion, slef plessness and nervousness never bother me now, I can do my houses-work like it was play, and am strong and happy. Tanlac is simply grand." Tanlac is for sale by all good druggists. Over 35 million bottles sold. Advertisement. By JOHN DICKINSON SHERMAN OKD CARNARVON Is I uncovered the tomb of I Tnr-Anlth-Anipn Phnrnnh of Egypt 3,273 years ago. What killed Lord Carnarvon was It the curse of Tut-Ankh-Amen on him who should disturb his sleep? Egypt very generally believes In a curse of the Pharaohs that wreaks dire vengeance upon those who disturb their last sleep. So all Egypt is now saying what corresponds to the Amer ican, "I told you so." And all Egypt does not hesitate to speculate In public whether this vengeance will be satis fied by the death of Lord Carnarvon or will be wreaked upon others. Modern medical science says that Lord Carnarvon died of nneumonia. following blood-poisoning caused by the bite of an Insect during the excavation of Tut-Ankh-Amen's tomb. And noted physicians summoned to Cairo did all that modern medical science knows to save his life. Res piration was artificially maintained as long as possible and his heart action was stimulated. But modern medical science could not save him. Tut-Ankh-Amen, Pharaoh of Egypt, 1358-50 B. C, master of the ancient world, caused his royal tomb to be cut Into the living rock of the cliff of the Valley of the Kings, near Luxor. He caused chambers to be filled with golden, Jewel-studded funerary furniture; with preserved food; with hla personal apparel and ornaments; with his portrait mannikln for the trylng-on of clothing; with everything necessary for the use of his mummy when It should be laid away in the royal sarcophagus. After only eight years of rule he died. The sacred college of embalmers was busy over his mummy for 70 days. His mummy was placed In the sarcophagus, which stood 1n a separate chamber, elaborately decorated and Inscribed. About the sar cophagus were built case after case, magnificently decorated, until the chamber would hold no more. The connections between the several chambers were then walled up and sealed. The passage to the chambers was filled. A wall was built across Its outer end and sealed. The stairway of twenty steps In the living rock to the outer world was filled. A wall was built at the top step and sealed. This wall was covered with desert sand and hidden from the eve of man. And the mummy of Tut-Ankh-Amen, Pharoah of Egypt, was left to lie In peace and safety through the ages until the shade of Tut-Ankh-Amen should return to assume mortal shape for the remainder of his long journey through the next world to the final state of bliss. George Edward Stunhope Molyneux Herbert, fifth earl of Carnarvon, a nobleman of the British empire, A. D. 1923, caused that hidden and sealed outer entrance to be broken through. He excavated the stairway. He entered through the second sealed wall. He forced his way through the passage and Into the outer chamber. He stopped not at the sealed wall of masonry Into the chamber containing the royal catafalque. He laid alien hands on that catafalque. He even opened the doors of the outer case. And then he stopped because of reverence for the dead Pharaoh? Not at all. He stopped because he could not get farther into the catafalque without destroying It. To take the catafalque carefully apart It would be necessary to demolish a wall of the chamber. And that wall was covered with decorations and hieroglyphs which must be photographed and studied. All of which would take much time and there would be cooler weather for the work in the fall! The ordinary, everyday American will naturally say, "Why pick on Carnarvon? Carter, the American, is the man Tut should get after." Certainly Howard Carter Is the man most responsible for the opening of the tomb. Howard Carter was riding a good American "hunch." He believed he was "wise" to the approximate location of tht hidden tomb of Tut-Ankh-Amen, His enthusiasm kept Carnarvon "bucked up," as the Englishman put It. And Carter's "hunch" was "the goods." Twice he dug In front of the large and elaborate tomb of Rameses VI, an unimportant king of the XX dynasty, which all the tourists visit. And twice he missed It by a few yards only. The third time, last fall, he hit the exact spot. Then he cabled Carnarvon, who hastened to Luxor. It was Curter who supervised the excavation. It was Carter who cut through the walls to the catafalque chamber with his own hands. Why Carter's persistence in his hunt for Tut-Ankh-Amen's tomb? Every Egyptologist was keen to find this particular tomb, which was believed to be the last of Importance in the Valley of the Kings. For Tut-Ankh-Amen was the son-in-law and successor of Akh-n-nton, the famous "Heretic King" of the XVIII dynasty (1587-1378 H. C). This "Heretic King" renounced polytheism as conducted by the priests of Anion, declared for "one god," refused to make war, abandoned his capital at Thebes, built a new capital city not far away at Tel-el-Amarna, wrote hymns to Aton, his new "god of love" and "comforter of them that weep" and Instructed his court artists to quit conventional Egyptian art and to picture things as they appeared to the eye. In short, he was an all-around reformer who established an Egyptian Utopia. Carter found his rifled tomb In 1907. His city is now being excavated. Tut-Ankh-Amen at first called himself Tut-Ankh-Aton and accepted the god of his father-in-law. Then he abandoned the new capital, went back to Thebes, restored the Amon priests with added privileges and changed his name to Tut-Ankh-Amen. Truth to tell, the Egyptologists were keen to find his tomb largely In the hope of getting data about Akh-n-aton, who Is believed to be the first man In history to declare a "one-god" religion. Does Tut-Ankh-Amen's tomb contain this much-des!red data? Nobo-iy knows. The contents have been examined only snom cdxz&t xu&- In part. The hieroglyphics on tha walls have not been read. The catafalque has not been opened. There may be other chambers. Incidentally the archaeological value of the objects examined to date Is estimated at $15,000,000. Lord Carnarvon thought the total might run to $00,000,000. It Is the greatest archaeological "find" in all the years of Egyptian exploration. True It Is that the ancient Pharaohs did lots of "cursing." They posted many a curse on stone and tablet In public building and temple. These curses, however, were mainly directed against those who should fall to carry out the Phnraoh's will in respect to those buildings and temples. As to their tombs, the Pharaohs relied upou the care with which they were hidden and the skill with which entrance was blocked rather than upon curses upon possible disturbers of their last sleep. The use of poison In ancient Egypt was an old story, but there seems to be no record of the poisoning of funerary furniture. Nevertheless, superstitious Egyptians express fear for the safety of the Immediate family of the dead man his widow; his son, Lord Portchester, who succeeds him his countess is an American woman, formerly Miss Catherine T. Wendell of New York; his daughter, Lady Evelyn Herbert. They also think it quite within the possibili ties that all who participated In the opening of the catafalque chamber are in danger. At the actual opening of the chamber there were present several Americans of note: Howard Carter; Professor Charles Breasted of the University of Chicago; Director Winlock of the Egyptian expedition of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, and Curator Lythgoe. Lord Carnarvon of course was there and Lady Evelyn Herbert. Among the others were Sir William Garstin and Dr. Allan II. Gardiner, British Egyptologist. At the public opening of the chamber three days later others present included the Dowager Sultana Malak of Egypt; Morton Howell, American minister, to Egypt, and his wife; Queen of the Belginns and Prince Leopold ; Viscount and Viscountess Allenby. Some of the more superstitious of the Egyptians assume that the curse will even fall upon all who have received from Lord Carnarvon gifts of objects from the to'mb. This list is said to include Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, fiancee of the Duke of York. Lord Carnarvon was born in 18C8 and succeeded his father In 1890. He was educated at Cambridge and married In 1895 Almina Wonibwell, a Chesterfield and a god-daughter of one of the Rothschilds. He was very rich, owned about 30,000 acres and had a racing stable. He was a collector of books and prints and a noted photographer. Skeleton Shows Cliff Dwellers Were Dwarfs THE WORLD'S GREATEST BAKING POWDER Prescott, Ariz. Scientists who will visit Prescott next summer to attempt to clear the mystery of the ancient cliff dwellings on the Verde river will be asked to give their attention to a skeleton found recently by Morris and Howell Payne, ranchers, lblng a few miles north of this city. Although the skeleton is apparently no larger than that of a child of four or five years, the skull contains a fully developed set of mature teeth. The Payne brothers unearthed the skeleton while excavating, for a road in Granite Dells, a vast granite formation near Prescott. The skeleton has excited lively Interest on account o the size and the maturity of the teeth and skull bones, which, one physician said, showed none of the evidences of immaturity such as would appear on an Infant'? cranium. Prints of the hands of the builders of the well-preserved prehistoric dwelling known as Mv.tezuma's cnstle are still seen in the mudlike mortar holding th stones together, and these prints Indicate that the dwellers were persons with very small hands. The tiny doorways and low ceilings seem to bear out the theory that the people living there wer of small stature. Keeps Off Rust. A few drops of linseed oil applied witlx a cloth to the outside of the gas stove or the inside of the oven will keep the stove from rusting and will make it easier to care for. Thousands Have Kidney Trouble and Never Suspect It Applicants for Insurance Often Rejected. Judging from reports from druggists Vvho are constantly in direct touch with the public, there is one preparation that has been very successful in overcoming these conditions. The mild and healing influence of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root is soon realized. It stands the highest for its remarkable record of success. An examining physician for one of the prominent Life Insurance Companies, in an interview on the subject, made the astonishing statement that one reason why so many applicants for insurance are rejected is because kidney trouble is so common to the American people, and the large majority of those whose applications are declined do not even suspect that they have the disease. Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root is on sale at all drug stores in bottles of two sizes, medium and large. However, if you wish first to test this great preparation send ten cents to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y., for, a sample bottle. When writing be sure and menticr this paper, Advertisement. Famous Puritan Writer. Sir Thomas Browne (1605-1082) was a physician and writer of the Puritan nge, noted for the stateliness and rhythm of his style. Ills leading work: is "Urn Burial." WHY TAKE LAXATIVES? Diocovery by Science Has Replaced Them. Pills and salts give temporary relief from constipation only at the expense of permanent injury, says an eminent medical authority. Science has found a newer, better way a means as simple as Nature itself. In perfect health a natural lubricant keeps the food waste soft and moving. But when constipation exists this natural lubricant is not sufficient. Doctors prescribe Nujol because1 it acts like this natural lubricant and thus secures regular bowel movements by Nature's own method lubrication. As Nujol is not a medicine or laxative, it cannot gripe and, like pure water, It is harmless and pleasant. Nujol is used in leading hospitals. Get a bottle from your druggist today. Advertisement. Ever notice how easy it is for a man to be good natured when every thing Is coming his way? CASTOR I A For Infants and Children In Use For Over 30 Years Always bears the Signature DONT DESPAIR If you are troubled with pains or aches; feel tired; have headache, indigestion, insomnia; painful passage of urine, you will find relief by regularly taking LATHROP'S HAARLEM OIL The world's standard remedy for kidney; liver, bladder and uric acid troubles and National Remedy of Holland since 1696. Three sizes, all druggists. Guaranteed. Look for th nam Gold Medal on ovary bos and accept no Imitation Peppy Baby Chicks of All Breeds 7 eta. to 33 eta; fancy quality. Write CHICKEN LITTLE HATCHERY, Lincoln. Nab,

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