The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on July 27, 1942 · Page 18
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 18

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, July 27, 1942
Page 18
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JOURNAL PHONES 2-5321 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL' MONDAY, JULY 27, 1942. Start the Week Right-Use JOURNAL WANT ADS-Just TEL 2-5321 A Well Written Ad At A Small Cost Will Bring You QUICK RESULTS " - " ANNOUNCEMENTS SIXTHS. FOOT IT At the Ottawa Civic Hoa- CtaL en Saturday. July 33. 1S43. to r. and Mrs. G. t. Tootll, a daughter Both wall. (Toronto evening papart FORTIKR At Ottawa OWe Hospital, an Sunday. July St. 1343. to Mr. and . Mrs. Frederick i. rortier (nee Martona Bishop), a ton. 1AKT At tha Royal Victoria Hospital. Montreal, on Saturday. July 29, 1M3. ta (Muriel Wilson), wUa of Law- -rence Hart, of Ottawa, a oaugntar, ORBS To Mr. and Mrs. R. Borden Hobbs. 11 Howlck Placo.' at tha Ottawa Civic Hospital, on Saturday, July 3S. 16H3. a son, Robert Borden. Bout wcu. BELXT At Grace Hospital, on Saturday. Jury U. 1S43. to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Edward Kelly Im LucUlc Degtnatal tha gift of a son. aaVKENNA At St. Michael's Hospital. - Toronto, on Saturday. July 33, 1843, to Flight Lieutenant Gerald A. Me-Kenna and Mrs. McKenna. a son. TOLLER At tha Ottawa Civic Hos pital, on Friday. July M, IMS. to LMut. ana Mrs. w. n. oiier a daughter. ENGAGEMENTS. Bo LAND CLARK Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Boland. of Klllaloe, Ont.. announce tha engagement of their daughter. Maureen Lenore. to John Edgar, aon of Mr. and Mrs. John S. . Clark, of Smooth Rock rails. Ont. Marriage to take place Wadnasday, August It. at Klllaloe. OnL MA ULLAGES. RABBIS-M AXWtLL At 1(0 Patterson Ave, Ottawa, on Saturday, July la, 1343, by tha Rev. J. H. Osternout, B A. B.D.. Oorla 1 XlUabeth Anna, only daughter of Mrs. A. W. Maxwell and the late Mr. Maxwell, to John Harris. B-Sc of Arvtda. Qua., only aon of Mr. and Mrs. William Harris, of Fort William. OnL YMAN-SIGLRR On Saturday, July IS. 1M1. at tha home of her parents. 343 Daly Ave, Adelene. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I. Siller, to Lieut B. Hj man. son of the late Mr. and Mrs. &. Hyman. ' alar DON ALD-DL'XLO1 On Saturdar. July IS, at 4J0 pjn. In SL Jamas United Church, by Rev. Richmond Craig. Clara Evelyn, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dugald Dunlop. of Perth, to Fred Elmer, youngest aon of Mr. and Mrs. William Mac Donald, f OtUwa. BIcNABB-BBTAN On Saturday. July as. 1343. at St. Bartholomew's Anglican Church, by Venerable Archdeacon Neften. Kathleen Patricia, youngest daughter of Mrs. Bryan and the late Mr. J. F. Bryan, of OtUwa. to SgL Pilot Donald Hume McNabb, H C.AT. son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald McNabb. of Winnipeg. Manitoba. w CBALLOBAN-McLBAM On Saturday. July as. 142. Marguerite Elizabeth (Bessie), daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. McLean, to William Earl. son of Mr. and Mrs. William H. OUalloran. SRETELSON-JACqCKg At Tampa. Florida. July 23. 194a, Katherine Claudia Jacques, of Chicago. Ill, only child of the late Mr. and Mrs. Claud E. Jacques, of OtUwa. to Lieutenant Joseph F. Shevrlaon. Army Air Corps. MacDUl Field, PVortda, aon of the late Samuel . Shevelson, of Chicago, and Mrs. Garrett New kirk, of Mew York. gl ITU-DUNCAN On Saturday. July as. 1343. at SL Gtlee - Presbyterian Church, by Rev. Dr. J. G. Inkster, ununa. dt , . in. . v. aiiwivi. A Kaon Hill, youngest daughter . of Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Duncan, of OtUwa. to LAC. Everett Manley Smith. B-C-AT, of Rockchffe. only aon of Mrs. Kathryn Smith, of Leamington. Ont. gTEELR-CAMPBKLL On Saturday. July as. 1342, at Stewarton United Church, by Rev. F. B. MUHken, Catherine Dorothy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Campbell, of A rn prior, to Edward Borden, son of Mrs. May ' Steele and the laU John Steele, of Aylmer. Que. DEATHS. BARCLAY At Haley Station. Saturday. Jury as. l4a. Esthsr Irene Pierce, beloved wife of William Barclay, in her 4Sth year. Funeral from the late residence at Haley Station. Tuesday afternoon at U.00 o'clock to SL Jamas Church. Carle ton Place, for service at a JO. Interment In Pine Grove cemetery. BRULE At his residence. M Russell Ave, on Sunday. July a, 1S43. Thomas J. Brule, beloved husband of Ethehna Geuthler, In his 73rd year. Funeral Wednesday from the residence, eg Russell Ave, at 1.13 a m, for requiem high mass at Sacred Heart Church at SJO ajn. Interment in Notre Dame cemetery. CAIpELMAN At a local hospital, on Bunday. July 34. 1341. Helen Alexandra Taylor, beloved wife of Ernest W. Casselman. of 1S1 Nepean St, In her SMh year. Resting at Hulse and Play lair Ltd, S McLeod St, until o'clock, this evening. Funeral aervtce and Interment al Calgary. A1U. CIB BON I At a local hospital. Sundsy. July IS. 142, Sarah Gibbons, in her S3nd year. Resting at Whelan Funeral Home. SIS Cooper St, till Tuesday. July ZS, at US aon,- for mass at St. Bngld's Church at North Onslow, at t JS. Interment i In the parish cemetery. (Continued on Next Column I CLASSIFIED RATES eejeauauna UM'saae et aa as aseat iss and S wares per tine tor each a hh, ! 1 1 aieei is. it as ana wars. . Bex aauaeers esuat R , ' .' I ' CASH WITH OlOEl Ta secure lease rates cask auvt gooaaipaay year order. ' Csent OonaeeaUve tossrtlena j Lutes Weres One Two Three Fear Ftvs 2 Dp to is BcrastTa Je .ss JS 1.M 2 11 to it ' A , M L30 I.f LM 4 It to 23 . ( 1.2 3.12 3 SS 33 te 3S . 1 l.M 3. OS 3.SS 3.3S ' 5 33 SB 34 M l.M 3.43 3.13 3.33 ' CHARGED BATES It yee reter te epen a sassll soreanl with ua far rlssainsd sdvsruslng se VaU siadlr extend this semes te yea. la srbiea event the following raise spplyi 33 eeau per count line per Inarrtlea eltk 30 dlseeaat sllewsd If aald wttbla ana wesk after first lassrUan. svBSCaurnoN sates By Bull la British pesaaaaions via a Canadian port wr te 'any otnt In Canada neepung towns srnred by Jearnsl earners, tor sue rear. 3AA0-. sm saonths, s3.e; three asonths. SIAB: shorter terms, te sents s month. Ta Australia. 3S ssnu s aaanui er II 1 M a year Te lereign eeuntrles the rate la 31.33 a month ee 313.33 a year. Ta Hailed Stales. IS cents a moo Hi ee 17.M a fear, air Bis 11 rstss en application. MXMBEX OF THE CANADIAN PRESS THE CANADIAN PRESS ts excJuslrers entitled ss the ass for pool Italian at all news despatches credited te It er te Tba associated Pi ass la tola paper and alas the local sears published therein. ANNOUNCEMENTS it tutus THcunniTwrm majuuaoeb and death notices card op THANK and ANNIVERSARY MAg 3L33 - assuenl Insertion. IN aUMORIAN JttrnCEB-gl.33 par verse atauer. Matter over s count hnss as veil ss eerss ssstter 30e per count Una, cask with order When shargsd. 31-33 per Inoernon aa la I eoent ones. Ms Iter ever S count Unas- ss veil aa verse ana Iter SOe per esunt una. lees 30 if said within sns week of Orst mean Ion. iThis discount spouss te amounts ta lissaa et SL33J ad tassrtion lnelades both Kvemng sna Morning Joumsla. PECLtL BIAOIKOS-1 Una 23a net pet Insert ton; S Hnss S3 act per Insertion Contract rate aa request. . CONVENIENT TELEPHONE REPLY SERVICE Readers una eeot tusS M convenient te bring In or mil their replies te Joamsl Want Ad Bos addresses nay telephone their replies te Tne Journal Want Ad Depart-BFtsnt. 3-3321. Regular Sox Replv forms elll be completed and pieced In toe sexes reuBirve. Bos replies Bulled in the city reautre a 3a stamp; if lied trees outside tae any a 3e stamp la aaraia iry. H OUT-OF-TOWN READERS . . SheuM rrpre dirsrt to sex aumbrr ada Care The Journal ss swD as those ohleh gise a lull address. Wh-re ike address Is assreDr a telephone number et local street S33HS3 The Journal nu guolr lsfvara tae rtpiy aa le the adtsttlstr aa reguest, ANNOUNCEMENTS DEATHS. Continued from Preceding Column.) GUILRBAULT At a local Aospltsl. on Sunday. July M. IS43. Jean -Baptists Cullbeault. buaband of tha lata Julie Blond in. In his aath yoar. Resting at tha parlors of Horses Rsetne and LandrevUle Co.. Ltd., 441 Rldesu Bl. Pursers! on Wednesday, July St. at T 40 a.m.. to tha Basilica for requiem high masa at o'clock. Intarmsnt at Notre Duw cemetery. BUMS At the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Tsce Wsde. Russell. Ont, on Sunday, July St, U42, Mary HUL widow of John Hume, in her ath year. Funeral from the above address on Tuesday, the atth Instant, at 1.30 p.m., for service In trie United Church, Russell, at two o'clock. Interment In the United . Church cemetery. KUSKK At a local hospital, on Friday, July 34. 142. Ernest H. Kuske. beloved husband of Anna Shlpctark. aged S3 years. Funeral from his late residence. 171 Crtchlon St, on Tuesday. July as, at a. IS p.m, to SL Lucas Church for service st 2.20 p.m. In terment at neeenwooa cemetery. LAMY At a local hosptUL on Saturday. July as. 1S43. Michael Lamy, beloved husband of Elizabeth Polska. In hie TSth year. Funeral service at ine pariors ox ueorge n. Rogers Ltd, ITS Elgin St, on Tuesday, July M, at 11 a.m. POOLE At his late residence, ntxrov Harbor, Ont, on Sunday, July 34, 14, Henry Poole, beloved husband of iva Biackwe.i, in nia estn year, Funeral on Tuesday, at 2 pjn. FRIT CHARD At Alcove, Que, on Sun day. JUiy je, i2, KiixaDetn Kennedy, widow of John Prttchard. In her nth year. Funeral from bar late residence on Tuesday, July 2. at t pjn. Interment at Alcove cemetery. ROBINSON Suddenly, aa the result of sn accident, at Winnipeg. Manitoba, Baturoay. July as, lu. oauit Hobin-. aon. beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert (Bert) Robinson, 24 Clemow Ave, in hat land year. - Funeral vauce later. -t- S HARPS At a local hospiUl. Monday. July 27, IMS, Jamea WUbert Sharpe. late division freight agent of C.N It, beloved husband of Ethel Warming- ton, of 14 Lakevtew Terrace, m his STth year. Beating at Hulse and Pteyfalr Ltd, 31S McLeod St, where ei vice will be neld In tne ens pel on Tuesday, the 3sth Instant, at t pjn. Interment In Hamilton on Wednesday. CAKD OF THANKS. BKNBOW We desire to impress our . since rest thanks and appreciation for the acts of kindness, manages of sympathy and beautiful floral offerings received from our many friends and neighbors In our recent aad bereavement In the loss of a beloved wife and mother. Mrs. Thomas F. Ben bow. Special thanks to the Haul Rebecca Lodge, No. 40. I.O.OJ", Ionics Lodge No, iM. AT. and A M, Westboro Lodge No. sag. I.O.OJ. Employes of Butterfield Co, and the Apcra. SUfL Husband and family. BROWN We wish to thank lttends for their kind expressions of sym- lng itny ana ror oeauuxui uorai on ergs In our recent bereavement In sing a dear wife and mother. AunTl. Bnwm rainlel Hrn w ' and family. A seek let a" "la Hi sill se gladly fartusbed witnoat esll-gstloa st The Journal OSlea, St Queen strsst, or the Clssstlied Want ad Oept, XM Bparks street, se Bulled call suss suus at l mi. IN MEMOBJAJkf. MANDIA In losing menwi j of a dear son and brother, josepn Manaia, wno passed away July XI, Its. Today recalls aad memories Of our dear aon gone to rest. And the enea who think of him today Are the ones who loved him beat. Mother, Slaters and brothers. rLOKISTS. PBOULX Specializing floral designa. cut flowers ve nideau. ss Bank. CEMETERY MEMORIALS OUR MTH YEAR Robert Brewa Son. 17 Sparks. a-732 ARTISTIC CEMETERY WORK Call Jones and Stevens. 277 Rldeeu. 2-757g FUNERAL DIRECTORS FRED N. GARRETT Dignified, de penaaoie. economical. rririll ambulance. 2-4772. BURNET SON 33S Somerset. Private Parlors. Ambulance. 2-1142. McEVOY BROTHERS, dignified funer als. Tel. s-axn. Moderate charges. A. E. VEITCH AND SON 4S1 Parkdale. a-0303. Ambulance Service LOST AND FOUND FINDERS If you nave found any articles or value, reach the owner through the "Lost and Found" ads la The Journal. If you do not Rod your party there, call tn to miss smith. The Journal Classified Department, and she .will go through the "Lost and Found Lnd malnuined for this purpose. FREB SERVICE The Journal main' tains a "Lost and Found" Index for the benefit of Ms advertise is When you advertise a lost article In The Journal you automatically receive tree listing' in this Index, often faciliUting recovery of the article after the ad has expired. No article la tost until a Journal "Lost and Found" ad talis to recover it Phone your loss to Miss Smith at 3-4221 She will help you recover your property. i S voraa aer tar each of the additional una. Figures in sl a., at hetereaa arouse at grouse ngurea. Ot S losat lares words, aiiniaiBia coarse t 1.M 3.3 3. M 3.13 4. M la Orst tn sett loa aad Its fee seek sua- tnaerUoa SB Is 3 eooat Hnss. eseiaatrs st MALE HELP WANTED THB advertisements m Harp Wsnted are subject to Jhe following conditions provided for by Government uroer-tn vouncu : "ADollcatlona will not be aoneldered from persons In the employment of any Arm. corporation or other employer engaged In the production of munitions, war equipment, or aup pitas for the armed foreea unless such employe la not actually employed Hi fetl Huial SmX. mm j iimIImi " TWO KITCHEN truck boys. Apply oieuuan, utuvi vivas jiospiiax. TRUCK DRIVER Also clerk for store. Must be mlliury exempt. Lapointe rian asaraet. y ward Market. DRUG APPRENTICE, real good pay Coulter's Drug Store. lo0 Bank. REPLY FORMS Blank appneetton forms for answering box number advertisements in thia eonimn may be had at The Journal office In replying to emokaysnent advertise tents. sppUeanU are edvteed not to aend original rsfsrsneea. copies are juai aa aatiafaoiory. FEMALE HELP WANTED REFINED GIRL for cooking, housework, I week-end off monthly. Rock clifle, wages 33a. Boa Q-31, Journal. MAIDS. Strathcona Hospital, uniforms auppuea. tail s-eeiu. SALESLADIES refined, capable women, full or Dart time work, ex sea te nee unnecessary, good income. Bon Q-34. journal. RELIABLE WOMAN Housework, aiternoons, plain cooking, rsierence. S adults. 3-3313. EXPERIENCED waltrsassa, also kit- cnen nejp. m Metcaue TEN 03 RAP HER Experienced, good ssiary. Apply vapiuu nrswing u Ltd WIDOWER with four children dealree housekeeper, capable Uklng complete charge, no objections to widow with one child. Write Harold Web-bet. Apple-ton, OnL' REPLY FORMS Blank application forms for answering box number advertisements tn thia column may be had. at The Journal office. In reply Ins to emoloyment advarHea ments applteanU are advised not to send original reiarsnoaa. copies ars lust as satlafactory. . WANTETt MALE FEMALE SOLOISTS, contralto and tenor. United (.nurcn. s-uu panicuiars witn application. Box Q-sa. Journal. FOUR men or women to call est customers; 31.33 per hour paid producers; must be neat and pleasant. Phone number and rsfsrsneea. Box Q-2, Journal TEACHERS WANTED CUMBERLAND TOWNSHIP public school area requires taecner for junior room. Vara, sloe teacher for No. 13 near Carlabad 'Springs. Bute auallncatlona, experience aad salary. . J. McBae. Leonard. DUMDAS COUNTY. South MourrUln public school requires an assistant teacher for Graded 1-4. One auaUAad ta teach borne economics and music preferred. Apply stating salary and qualifications to Gordon Cleland. Sec.-Treaa Winchester, BJL No. J, OnL PERSONALS MADAM A. Patmia-t. peyrhologlst. renaue advice, ase avanc. 3 sssa. VACATION HAIR-DOS Keduced prices thia week. - J-seol. 3-4303. . I WILL not be responsibss for any debts contracted in my name on or after that date. July 27, 1343. . Gee, F Leach. Richmond, OnL MEN, WOMEN OVER 43, FEEL OLD, wottm weaxr want normal pep, vim. vitality! Try stlmulanla, tonics tn Ostrex Tonic Tablets. Introdutorr size ONLY Sac. For Bale at all good orug SPECIAL, tS PIECES FOR ft, beautt- ruuy finished, uamp wean, s per id. Rideau Laundry. -311. TODAY, every wise man If he con siders wnst it costs to replace nis home, should consult his insurance expert, if be cant find one, aak me. Chaa. K. Compter. 102 Bank. 2-4333. 3-3042. . P.S, HUNDREDS OP PLACES are under insured now. FILMS DEVELOPED, PRINTED 33C ctuber atuaio, 103 stank. FOB PILES aee the Thuna Herbalist. rnoc DONNA BEAUTY SALON 131 Bank. 3-aa34. Free feathercut and 30 discount on all permaaenta. IT'S IMPORTANT Every sufferer ot nneumatie nine or Meuntit should try Dixon's Remedy, sold only by Geo. R. Munro, Druggist. 437 afacLaren. 2-4M3 3-142. 30c bottle. MANIPULATIVE TREATMENTS - Baths, massage. Dig 3-3742. BUGS. FUBNTTUBB FUMIGATED Government licensed pestroy, 3-1040. S-271A BB-TONB, OBBAT TONIC, nourishing. stimuiatuig. recommenojea bow Druggist. 2-2212. BAUMIEKA FOOT BALM relieves burning, perspiring feet, 4oc bottln. Otuwa agent. Denman Drug Store, 3-9123. ... COFFEE Freshest In OtUwa: Roasted daily. Browne s, 3-3333 VACUUM CLEANERS REPAIRED AO makes, free I estimates, guaranteed -3233. a DIAMOND WINDOW CLEANINO CO. a-iasa. zse Albert, near Bank. FOUNTAIN PEN SETS Large selee- aoaa. instrurnenu) lul. 39 sparka NEW PARAMOUNT STUDIO open Tues, Wed., Fri, till pjn. Wed-dirMrs Individual portraits, lot Sparks ARTICLES FOR SALE BEFBIOEBATOR, ICE, BAHNET. SU waa ava. nniw enamel, perfect condition, Robertson, Ping le at TUley, SS Sparks. , ELECTRIC IRONER Smlplex, aUnd mooei, 32SJ0, a bargain, other cabinet models at big reductions. Come In and aee them. Beatty Factory Branch. 14 Rldaau. - (Continued on Next Column 1 DONALD DUCK Snapping; Out ARTICLES FOR SALE (Continued from Preceding Column ! I ITS BUYf Hetntaman mahogany upright piano, tine tone, first class eon- aiuon, urine umited, 11s paras. MUSIC CABINET, fumed aak, Orme Limited, iff Sparka. CONNOR WASHER, SIS Rebuilt snd guaranteed by Lindsay's. IM Sparks. BIRD'S-EYE MAPLE DBB3SBB Mar shall's Warehouse. 38 Catherine SL RANGE, ELECTRIC, reconditioned and guaranteed. Charles Ogllvy Lim lied Trade-In Store. TS York. . . TWIN BABT PRAM Good condition. Phone 3-3331. TARPAULINS Used,' IS x larger. Reasonable.. 3-1330. It UNDERWOOD typewriter, good Condi tion. AnotV Box P-leat Journal SIX large mahogany office chain.' asarsnau s, see Catherine at. MOTOR TUNE-UP on your car will Increase mileage. -Canadian Tire tarp, ave ataaa. 2-xsui. USED LUMBER J, A. Cronler, ST Lett. lea. s uvsf. USED PIANO, cabinet grand, sacrifice, US. Colonial Furniture. Bank SL 3 PCSk DINING SUITE, I tone gum-wood, walnut highboys, S drawers, and dresser. wslaut hand carved dining chairs, old china Including - sn aieroy aeewan set, starry ng Usb tsa sets, brie a brae, ruby and apple green wine glasses. TsL 3-SS42. USED FURNITURE Ptanoa. excellent tone, good condition, 349: aad SAe- S-veoa rebuilt chaaterfleld. ' wide range of covers, SeV', electric washer, excellent condition, (53. Cecil I tsrh ad CO, 713 Somerset w. NEW BUGS MADB from pour old carpets, reversible, durable, lovely colors Orient Bug Cleaners. 1103 Bank PINE CLAPBOARD, SM - Brantuna. roofing, sash. Sadiravky. 3-lJJO. LnrEB-OtON CAPSULES. JS-13fl sVonorny Drug. . a-42se. V, A. HABB rents pumps, air aom-preeaora. holata, tractors, bulloaera txperienoed operators. a-SJBL Ottewa. CITY DUN BRIE amdueSB ouiia eettar Buildings for less an-veetifste our concrete brick and blocks, snd aave. 4 River Read. 3-S373 HUBERT STOVE WORKS, ISI Ptnbey CoaL wood aad eleetrie siavaa. TYPEWRITERS Underwood portable and ataadarda. Bargains, rebuilt ma. chines. Underwood. Elliott. Fisher Umited. 303 Queen. S-SsOL STOVES. LARGE STOCK Of eoai. wood, electric and cotuse stoves Hubert's. 131 Ptnbey St MILITARY BOOTS Air Force eutw. dresses, rebuilt shoes. , Canadian Shoe. Bl York - PLUMBINO, HEATING SUPPLIES Reasonable price. -Palmer, 'MS Booth. 3-4441 . WE HAVB NOW tn our employ aa expert Circular Saw Filer, bend as your ssws Work guaranteed, independent Coal -Lumber Co Ltd. BORDERLESS RUGS, felt I 4 30. Slew's. 41 York. Ill HOT WATEB TANKS, reoondltioned. tested. Plumbing aad Glaas Supply. BEDBUG KILLEaL guaranteed. 33 JO gallon. Odor lees, stainlaaa. 3-3720. SILVER , FOX SCARFS Mrs. Alaa Buna. R. No. L Carleton Place. USED RUGS BOUGHT, SOLD, ex chanxed Universal But Cschanga, HAT TOOLS, stable equipment, stanch lone. ate. McCoy Service, 32 Clarence. Phone 4-0134. Bewehwwsel Mschlnery LtfL MACHINERY, used, baiting, pipe, structural steel, wipers, valves, rails, pulleys, dryer canvas,. U Beech-wood, 4-V37. PAINTS U.1S m GALLON. GOOD QUALITY paints, varnishes. nsuiwas, au ccuors eneiiac, sums. at ugerrnaa S CO. Ltd. BUILDING MATERIALS. SHINGLES, LATH. Hardwood and Softwood Flooring. Ten Test. Wall-boards. Roofing and Building Paper. M. Zagermaa It Ce, Ltd, lUyview M, ZAGERJrLAN A CX. LTD. ' - Bawlew Road. . . -8204. ' ' S-S2D5. MACHINERT AND SUPPLIES, saw nuu, piianuia miu. nsacniBe enop, hlsfbimHh shnM tlM. m.111 CAMP EQUIPMENT Beds, mattressea. bianxeu, boom chain and wrapping NEW AND VIED CABLE winches. noana. steam pumps, new and used alsi' f lo viuIm. RAILS, BEAMS, channels, angles, re- t,..uHf roue, inssia, pipe, varvoa BELTING, new, used, rubber, aratlter. ' yuiwji, sen sieei ana cast Iron, collars, hangers, shafting, babbitt (Continued on Next Column.) Journa 3 e ' Want ef It! sW S B at aaaV W I , ra II, ear- esas X aW S a B SWaW W V g aT 1 ' S 1 SaV B S asisSssssW-ssw M ARTICLES FOR SALE (Continued from Preceding Column.) MIMEOGRAPHS, TYPEWRITERS-All makes, rental and repairs; adding macnines. 4. M tfiu. 11s tj"Conn S-T7S1. LUMBER OF ALL KINDS Sash and doors, mlllwork. shingles, free estl mates. Gi-enon Lumber, MtM, SPEED-O-PRINT stencil duplicator Fowls Bros, SSS Laurter West. GARDEN TOP SOIL, lawn, loem fining. Quality guaranteed. 3-3J63. BUILD INO MATERIAL AB kind lumber, hardwood Hoofing, shingles sU boards Baker Bros, 33 Booth i-un V ALL TYPE! of ased and new furniture and stoves- Bargain prices Raid's Trade-la ature, 333 Bank. POTTER'S BOLD RAPS cneck At all Drug Stoves. FANS, SELL OR RENT Terms minion Auction Ce, 340 Bank RADIO RADIO REPAIR SERVICE General Radio Bales. 371 Bank. 4' AUTO RADIO SALES-SERVICE Radio supply, 334 Uagar. 3-0333. WELSH the radio doctor. Ottawa's best radio aervloa. e-4334. . RADIO REPAIR WORK, guaranteed Free estimates S4T Rideau. 3-3243. LIVE STOCK POULTRY BABBED ROCKS and White Lenprns, , baby erncka, 3 and weeks old. Pullets 30 cts.. mixed 11 cts. 'Im mediate delivery, uoddaro. 13 nun nia Heights. DOGS V PET STOCK WANTED FOR BREEDING ' purposes. ugusn BuiMog stua. box tg-sg, Journal. WANTED TO BUY WANTED, SINGER DROPHEAD Sew ing sascnines. Bedroom furniture. Kronick. 3-3730. MOTORCYCLE WANTED, light or medium size. Must be low nriced. Bute price and condition to Box 4-oa. Journal. WILL PAT CASH for used piano In good condition. Hetntxman preferred. write box w-is, otuwa Journal. RANOETTES, STOVES, HEATERS and eleetrie stoves 3-404. FURNITURE. ANYTHING YOU HAVE to sell. J. Allen. 4-4114. WRECKING MATERIAL JUNK all kinds. M. Palmer sk Son. S-ZS34. CAMERAS, equipment, boogrit, sold. exchanged, uoum a. x-zaee. u Bank. BIGGS BUT GOLD, diamonds, in Sparks. Room 301. 1-4S3S. CAMERAS. EN LARGER 3, rahotographlc eoument bought for cash Fotoabop, WB BUT ANYTHING What have your Dominion Auction Co, -0121 HOUSEHOLD. AND OFFICE furniture. InunedUUQr. Hlgbsst prices. Miller's. 3-417S. BUJ. BUYS GOLD, silver, diamonds, eta. Store entrance 181 Sparks. DIAMONDS, HIGHEST PRICES PAID for diamonds. 1771 Bank. 1-SSoa ROOMS TO LET I LARGE UNFURNISHED room, suit 3. privileges, S-7304W. P4 ralrmonL SMALL BEDkOOM, central. 32 Mec- uu-en, Apt. 1. FURNISHED BOOM In Glebe. Genlle- rnan preferred. 4-333S. - ROOMS AND BOARD BOOM-BOARD Women employed CM. Central. Box Q-104, Journal. APARTMENTS WANTED APARTMENT, FURNISHED, Olebe preferred, oet. - 1. a-ouis. niot Officer Kerr. . SUMMER RESORTS COMBERMERE VILLAGE, furnUhsd cottage, cabins, near water, meals. Kathrya Farmer, Combermere. FOB SALE Cotuse on lake, fifty miles Otuwa. S3M. quick sale. 103 Kenaaton Ave, Town of Mount Royal, Qua. . SPEND A QUIET VACATION Swim ming, ooating. trout tuning at Old Homestead Barbecue, three minutes from Ksxabaxua stetion in Gstlneau HlHs. Cabins, home cooking. Moderate rates. Reservations required. HOUSES FOR SALE CAMBRIDGE STREET, to close estate. three-door row, hot air heat. Revenue 31.440 per yesr. STJOO. Particulars. Frank AuH. 3-1747. STONE (CAPE COD) New. good socauon, saiuu caan. . uunpton. (Continued on Next Column.) Ad HOUSES FOR SALE (Continued from Preceding Column.) ORRIN AVE. New 3-bedroom. house, Early occupancy. 33.000, H. C. Bran HOUSES TO LET A NEW live room dwelling, situated nsar tha Catholic Church, with beau- . tiiul grounds and garage, with soft tiara water, electric ugnts. im-mediate possession. Apply W. A SomexvlHe, KemptvUle. HOUSES WANTED HOUSE WANTED Young couple, re-'fined, for Oct. 1, permsnent tenant. Apply Bos Q-32. Journal Office. BOUSES, APTS, wanted tor October . K. B Sherwood. S-ssss WANTED TO PURCHASE, small House Rockcllffe or vicinity. 3-3748 PROPERTY FOR SALE 4 LOTS, S3 s ISS EACH Broadway Ave, Westboro. near Nepean High School. Tel. 2-3100 daytime. BUSINESS CHANCES FOR SALE Grocery: stock clean, and rrssn; doing gooa nusinsss; aiso nx tures. Apply to L, J. Campbell, asr leton Place. - a Money Loans Wsnted MONEY TO LOAN, Improved city realty, n. auil al7si. INSURANCE A. H. FITZSIMMONS, 187 Sparks, In surance. Real EaUta, Property Management. TRUCKINGSTORAGE CAPITAL STORAGE CO. Driveway Fireproof warehouses. Insured transportation - 3-4374 OTTAWA'S OLDEST and most reliable crating . house, local and long distance removals. Fournier Van and Storage. S-TTT7. . ' TAXI SERVICES GIBSON'S TAXI Day and night service. Battery, vulcanizing. 2-2463 AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE CLEANUP SALE of 30 used cars and trucks. Laval Motor Sales, 71 LavaL null. 1333 FORD roadster, $125. TcL 4-0648. Wnx, PAT CASH for used cars. Budget .Motors, ui Launer w. 13 PACKARD t-PASS. SEDAN, ex-eellent throughout. Mitchell. 2-4471 M HUDSON COACH, excellent condition. Good tires. Bargain." 4-OSOl. 23 DODGE SEDAN Tires Uke new. trunk- only S24S. Percy camera. Automobiles. 361 King Edward. 1333 CHEVROLET DE LUXE COTJPK equipped with heater, defroster small mileage, good tires. 280 Rideau. -144b. 1333 CHEVROLET COACH, tires m ,3223. Excellent condition. 4-8373. PERSONAL. SERVICE - May we your automobile McLeod Bros. ACCESSORIES REPAIRS S. A S. AUTO PARTS -New and used auto and truck Darts. Trucks bought for wrecking Cor. Wellington and Preston a-3700. USED ACTOMOBILB PABTS-Spratt auto supplies. 12 uismoeriain x-3203 BAKER BROS. BUT used cars and trucks for wrecking. New and used auto parts, batteries, accessories, etc i stores, call 3-7383. FOOT SPECIALISTS KNAPP-All foot troubles 101 Booth Bldg.. 163 Sparks 1-2740 LADELPHA Rheumatism. Ingrowing naua. arenas, etc. luu saetcaiie. z-msi. U ML MacMAHON - All foot troubles 184 sparks. 3-1S82 . FUEL FOR SALE DBT MILLWOOD By the cord, low price, coal. 2-2400. SLABWOOD. hardwood, reasonable Softwood. II cord. 31 -SO 1-6963 P. W. ARGUE Order your Winter coal now . 3-3777. PINE SLABS, MJ4: hardwood slabs S3 00 S-6441. DECORATORS FIRST CLASS PAPER HANGING ana painting, reasonable prices Mc Callan Bros.. 1-4313. If you will not be occupying your cottage for the whole ol the Summer months, you can find reliable tenants, for it through The Journal Classified Columns. The money obtained will help you keep ahead of your expanding war budget. . . Phone Miss Brown for quick renting results. s Phone. MEDICAL DB HATTRE Surgery , women, urinary orgsns, blood. isi stewert -itvt CHIROPRACTORS YATES 14 Metcalfe Radionics X-ray ultra short wsva '.1-M7S. BUSINESS CA&DS ANTMAL. CLINIC. BRUCB KENNEDY, V.S. - Blue Cross HospiUl. Arlington. 3 5462. AUTO RADIATORS. IMPERIAL RADIATOR, 114 BOOTH New address. Repairs, cleaning S-3087. AUTO SPRINGS. WHELAN'S SPRING REPAIRS General Iron work. 374 Nepean. 2-9273 AUTO TOPS. AUTO TOPS: UPHOLSTERING Comber Auto Top. 381 Queen 3-1543. AUTO WELDING. BLOCKS ELECTRIC WELDED Guaranteed latest equipment Pennock's Gsrsgs. 4-1043. DEVELOPING AND PRINTING. SEND TOUR ROLLS Garlick Films, 37 Sparks, for best resulte. .ENGRAVERS. BOMAC ELECTROTYPE - Engravers. stereotype, pressure mate 113 o later ' S-34Z1. 1 ' CRABTREE GRAVURE LIMITED -Artists, Engravers. Phutogrsphers. ' Blue Prints, Garvure Speciallsta, Photostats. 319 Queen BL 3-1587 OFFICE SUPPLIES. EVANS AND KERT Special 3-qutre boxed note pa per, 50c. 124 -Queen 1-1S2S. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Mosey to Loan. CHE MAXIMUM RATES OF SMALL LOANS COMPANIES ARB REGULATED BY THE SMALL LOANS ACT; 1818, AND THE POPULAR FERM FOR REPAYMENT IS FIFTEEN MONTHS. HERB IS ONE IMPORTANT QUESTION YOU SHOULD ASK YOURSELF BEFORE BORROWING: WHAT KIND OF PERSONAL ATTENTION CAN 1 EXPECT FROM A LOAN COMPANY? THE INDUSTRIAL LOAN FINANCE CORPORATION HAS BEEN DOING BUSINESS ON PEBSONAL MAN-TO-MAN BASIS FOB OVER 1 A DECADE. THE MANAGER WILL ARRANGE A LOAN FOR YOU OF 324.44 TO 1544.88 QUICKLY AND WITHOUT ANY FUSS OR BOTHER: HE WILL TREAT YOUR LOAN IN COMPLETE CONFIDENCE AND HELP YOU ARRANGE YOUR BUDGET. SO THAT REPAYMENT WILL NOT BB A BURDEN. FALK- TO EDGAR DUPLESSIS, MANAGES OF OUR OFFICE AT 43 RIDEAU STREET, TELEPHONE 1-1143. IF INCONVENIENT IO COMB IN, MAKB VOUR INQUIRY OR APPLICATION BY PHONE. INDUSTRIAL LOAN & FINANCE CORPORATION LOANS t 50 .100 WHEN REPAID Cash You Loan Get 8 IS SO - 75 100 IM ISO 108 300 300 Choose 4 S S 10 11 Paymta Paymts Paymta Paymta Paymt til 3 4.44 3.41 2 73 f 1JS 13.11 8 83 4J3 S-ST 4.73 18.70 IS 39 10.24 3.33 7.08 MM 17.85 1385 11.13 8.44 33S3 , 2231 17.04 13M 11J2 39 J8 . 14.71 20 44 14.70 . 14.18 U.32 35.71 17 JO 2227 1851 , 78 78 53 54 4085 33.40 2837 131.11 8828 6325 55 84 4728 . Just corn in, prions, or write us signature - No endorsers Others . ments Include charges at 1 Small Loans Act, 138. HOU SE HO L Corporation ot Canada . .Established Is Canada 1833 Third Floor. Ottawa Eleetrie Ball dint M Sparks SL Phone 3-7318 A R. GRKENAWAY. Manager. ' ' Loans also made In Hull and vicinity. Used Cars For Sal. EXTRA SPECIAL 1932 FORD Sedan $275 Excellent tires.' Good mechanical condition. Very clean. Canada Motor Sales Distributors Packard. Studebaker and White Trucks USED CAR LOT BANK at CATHERINE Tel. 4-7401 . Open Evening- Journal Want Ads Bring Quick Results. . '5 2-5321 PATEMT ATTORNEYS RAMSAY COMPANY Regtstered Pat-' ant Solicitors. 373 Bsnk St Ottawa. Journal Want Ads Brtnf Quick Results. OFFICE SUPPLIES. ACME OFFICE SUPPLIES Royal Typewriters, repairs, office supples. 1-7003 PRINTING. THE DADSON-MERRILL PRESS LTD Printers. 'Lithographers snd Photo Engrsvers. 344 Sparks. .1-4180 Service - guaranteed. MALMBERG- PRESS Job PTintera. guaranteed work g-3843. 161 Arthur. LEGGE PRESS, 144 SPARKS, Holbrook Building (lower floor I 3-1443. PROGRESSIVE PRINTERS. 430 Glsd-stone Ave. 2-8807 MUTUAL PRESS LTD. 234 Laufier. A. S Balfour 1-3027. RE-ROOFING. WE TOP THE TOPS Expert roofing. Barrett Brothers. 1-8034 TILE FLOORING. SPECIALISTS IN TILE FLOORING, tnsul brick siding sppllcstion. rre estimates. McAuliffe Grimes. 159 Echo Drive. 3-1427. WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS. ALL MAKES REPAIRED. 11 month usraniec. Arts - v saner oerrvica. -8807. WELDING. OTTAWA WELDING CO. Hull. 3-2105. Go anywhere, weld anything. Journal Want Ads Bring Quick Results. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Money to Loan. for $3.58 (Total Cost) for $7.10 (Total Cost) IN SOC MONTHLY INSTALMENTS s Monthly Payment Plan IB Paymts ri t .$ t.TS 871 11.47 1537 23 .TV 33 81 mjti to sow k not notified. monthly a Quick 1. Psy-by the autbortxed D F INANCE Used Cars For Sale. Used Car Stocks ARE GETTING , LOW 39 PLYMOUTH SEDAN tits 38 DODGE SEDAN S54J 38 PLYMOUTH SEDAN $445 38 PLYMOUTH COACH 3S5 36 DODGE COACH S39S 37 FORD. SEDAN $345 LEWIS22S58 USED CAB LOT Bsnk at Arlington USED CAR SPECIALS 1939 CHEV. DeL. Sedan $659 $569 $489 1938 DODGE DeL. Sedan 1939 FORD Spec. Coach EASY TERMS CAMPBELL MsfYfYlPQ OTTAWA UlVi V ajrfcJ LIMITED 186 Slater SL 2-9442 By WALT DISNEY. 7N

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