The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 18, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 18, 1952
Page 2
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»A«« TWO Combat Poses Tough Problem for Military BLTTHEVTLLE fARK.) COURIER NCTft By RUSSKM, I1HI.VKS WASHINGTON (vlV-Military exports stild todny it wilt take thorn a long time to determine liov." many American have been under (ire in Korea. They will soon start paying $15 to tens o' thousands of veterans for every month in which they spent six days within range of enemy guns. But thfi Job of sorting out-and deciding claims will involve? a moun- DEFERRED Sudan Ignored, Egypt Accepts Briton's Papers CAIRO. K'tvjjt HV-An rtevntirm ^Forei^n O'fu-e spoki'Srnnn snirl last 'ni^ht the K:;yptl;m Muvermnenl hits p.cceptrci new rredentlnls Iroin British A rnb:!ss::rlor sir HMph ttlei'eil- snn r'h:?}) do :int mention 7-:^viit'. ! > c)Mm to the disputed Sudan. T!-? r:-cf''-n.tii!s. M'lnert bv O ;roi] K /'b^h n. V.TIT iuldir ?rrl f.'inniy to "Kiv:; Ahmed Fuad II." The Egyptian £-\irc-^'U Mmf'fry trroivcd tVem and forv.iinled thrin ycrlcr- dny to [he Ret-rucv CiviirH which nets for 1'ie infant son of exilnrt e.N-Kint; Farouk. Til-? FrypMnn ParMnmrnt pro- c'aimed Fnrouk "Kim: of Egypt ard Ihe Ruttan" after <1l™r<UnK nn anrcement last year with Urltain for joint Atmlo-Pt-pyiiiin rnli' of the rich Upper Nile ret'ion: Britain —in actual routro] of the Sudan never recognized the title. Ne\v credentinl.s \\ere necdetl because both Britain and Eirypt hud come under new .sovereigns after the death last winter of King Ocorec VI ntitl the recent nlxllcfi- tion of Farouk. Broadcast Is Omitted TOKYO UP, — The North Korean Communist radio in Pyongyang returned to (he air tonight after missing Its usunt morning broadcast. It gave no reason for being olf the sir. Kypdo News Agency said. tnln of |M|)cr work find a [on;; time laa. experts in both Connies:-; :md Poni.igon say. ConprefiS approved this .special combat pay shoi-tly before adjourn- m£ in early July. The payment l.s retroactive 10 the start of the Korea" iranip.ilgii for ( qualifying. Cost Is Ivslhualrii Pentagon olficml.s estimate It will con between iw million and 300 i million <fo]|;srs. J The mer.Miic applies chiefly to Jnf>uil.' VUJJ3I) t>l the Army ami Aln-J lines:. Sen, Moody (D-\]jch). the spoil or, .^nid the niiiin purpose Is to cive Imirrlotis duty pay to men In tile foxhoh'S, [hus ptiltintf them on equal foofmt, in (his reypc.rt with filers, submariners mill paratroop- cr.s, Clitics snid the hill \vmild dls- cri.ntn;itc nRain^t iiKtny combat \vicranK unable to meet its n-qnire- nients. NV/bofJj 1 knws yet. liou- mruiy j .scrvlceinnn and ex-.-erviccnici] are I t-llrible. To qualify, thny nu:r>L ha\'e ; | ^peill any .~ix clays in tine ninnth j • nndei- roiulitlnn^ subjecting them to 1 [ eiifinv lire. | 'ihor-e now serving In Korea will ; net their July (layman* us iwrt a! | thr-ir AlJ[iu>t checks. Peniai-'on of] lldnls said. In each cn'ic. the coin- innntlln; otricer will have to certify that the individual was aitneh- ed tor the reqr-reri ntnc to n unit j designated as having been within | j enemy ran^c. j 1'rolilenj Is Involved The problems became more involved, the experts sny, when Ihe.y start rcvlcwhii! the ionu Ii'-t5 or i men who have gone through Ko-1 renn combat in the j They must c.hcrk eai h elalm against records shov/inw the momh- hy-month location of nil units, then verify whether the Individual wns attached to It lor the combat, per- lorl. Some experts say that n number of veterans who have seen bitter i action might be ineligible. They .sny ! it l.s possible some Infiinlry nnilsi mlKht have been pulled Irom tlie] line, badly chewed up. without | servinfi tin; required t*lx rliiys dur- inK n hot month's campaign. FATHERS 900,000 DEFENSE WORKERS 330,000 NATIONAL GUARD OR RESERVISTS 330,000 STUDENTS 200,000 MAY DRAFT DADS—Selective •Service Director Maj. - Gen Lewis J3. Hcrshoy predicts ti pos- sil)lo (IL-Mfi of fathers when nncl i( drnft demands exceed the supply of 18 l /..-year-oids avnilnblc cnrti year This year's rmcci is put at 010,000 men by the Defense Department The Army state? Hint droll quotas will near Ihe 54,000- a-month mark by October Now-^fhart above shows current dtofcrreti Rrcmps. with fathers far outnumbering any others. Strike Is Called At Goodrich Co. Walkout Ordered But Contract' Negotiations Go On AKRON. O. MV-Thc CIO United] Workers struck (he B. p. ooodrlcli ' Go. tndny but continued contract rRollatlons will) the Sinn. The walkout—ordered by the im- i Ion last nl|>ht~was first, felt. In i Akron, where 13.000 of thi> 30 000' Involved are employed. Three other! plants were struck quickly I Affected by the strike orrtpr were I nine or thn company's 30 plants—j those engaged In processing tliei rubber. Gotxli-lrti ulso tins chemical anrt nrcratt (slants covered by oth- i er unions. Break Conies at 1 a.m. Negotiations, broken o!f at 1 a m at Cincinnati, arc scheduled In re-! sume later today. They have been ' golnij on lor 10 weeks. j Goodrich haj offered hourly pay Increases, the same as? were granted earlier by Oondycar i Tire & Rubber Co.. U. S. Rubber I Co.. tteneral Tire & Rubber Co. and | Sl'hr-rlljipr Rubber Co. i The union says the average Goodrich njw now Is nhoiu si.(in ,i>] hour Fringe. Issues Disputnl j In dispute are fringe Issues In the ' Goodrich JMCI. Aftor falling to | reach nitrecmrnt on those, ihe tin- I ion called out its members. j The union said the fringe issues iu-olvc holiday pay. grievance pro- ' ccdia-c, reporlitii! for work, vucn- { linns aivl other imtters. A union; publlciitlnn head chimed the com-i pany had offered the 10-rent hike ' only "if we ai/rce to the imnossible ' ro»trnet terms dictated by the : corn]iany." i Tower Man Saves Train from Robber* BOMBAY, India lA'i ~ An alert signal lower man saved the frontier mall tniiti from being attacked by bandits Sunday. MONDAY, AUGUST 18, I 9 g| station, IS milea from Baroda, a short, llmo before the train was due. The signalman sent the train past the station on Its trip from Bombay to Amritsar, The enraued bandits attacked the homes of railway workers and in- stallon matter. They robbed women of Jewelry, took household possessions and made their escape. But the signalman escaped the bandits' wrath. Hejpoucd 60_baiid!ts near I tola I juredjlBhl employes, including the Island of Spitsberg Alining did not begin on Norway's Explorer Comdr. Donald B MM- Millan, reports the National G«w raphlc Society, claims that a friend left his pants on the Ice off sib eria in 1881 and they were found at Cape Farewell, Greenland, in 1834, indicating the drift o! polar Budget Little Texas Girl Is Back Home After Police Give Her Ride DALLAS, Tex. IIP) _ MtUe Ev.l Lois Phillips, 8, was back home In Odessa. Tex., today after a ride homo with police. Also back in Odessa was Mrs. Helen Corine Woods. 20, who along with her husband. Geoi-ge Vcrnon Woods, 27. was charged with kid- naping Eva Lois. The girl was missing from home for four days. Eva Lofs is the daughter of c. H. Phillips, who lives in a trailer camp next door to the Woods. PJillllps and Eva Lois and two other children live alone. The husband Is estranged trom the children's mother. Mrs. Woods, who has no children, lolri officers she wanted nil the Phillips children. "I told my husband, that I was BOi'ng to tako Eva Lois. He said It was all right it 1 dirt. He said he would meet rne in Anti-Corruption Bill Is Planned WASHINGTON Wl — Sen. Monroney (D-OklaS. co-nnthor of the Congressional Reorganization Acl of 1!M6, plans to push nnothcr reorganization measure next year an "anti-corruption" bill. The measure, which he offered unsuccessfully last session, would set up a blue ribbon civil service syslcm In the Internal Revenue Bureau and "reward administrators for getting njor.p u'ith fexver instead of more employes," he said today. Because of the Influx of money and equipment into oil-rich Satidl Arabia, this primitive nnmnth'c country k mnkhie i\ lump of centuries of technical progress ill a few years. ' CHURCH CALL. KOREA- Beside a sandbaaged chapel. Chaplain Ijcstcr M. U'ooLscy, ot New Boston, Ohio, calls infantrymen of the 35th Regiment to prayer with his brass "church bell." He wears combat boots and helmet because his outdoor "church" is right bchi'nd the front line bunkers. Ho is peacetime minister of the New Boston ' Dallas In a week. I haven't heard from him plnce then." And Eva Lois salrl it was nil right with her. loo. "I've beeti having R rjond lime," shn told newsmen, "but. I wish it had been during schnol time. But I da wnnt. to get buck home to daddy." ' Before the woman and rhllrl were found here Saturday nlpht, the Klr hnd been the imjcct of a search since Wcdnredny by hundreds of iiolicc nrul volunteers throughout West Texas. Ex-Commic President Is Given Pension GENEVA. Switzerland W'j — The cnuionnl «overniuc;:t nt Geneva has dec-Wed to ainiit [onner Swiss Com- innnlst bow Leon Nicole, (is, a tern- poiilry psiiMtni tif SMO per mnnlh out, of lunds iTscrvcd for relief of the poor. The pension is larger than the average wnrki't's \s-a^(- in C5fMlcva and is meeting with criticism. Nicole- was president of the canton from 10.13 to Ifl.W. Since then he has lost, the support both of the voters and of JiJ.s own party. Today's cnntounl government does not. Include a single Communist, or Communist-sympathizer. CAIRO tit'i — Keyntian Finance MinlEler Abdel Guelil el Emary; said I?M nlKjU the government has ; worked o-it Er-ypfs first balanced j burlf-et since Work! Wnr [r. Slashed ( altowanccs for the royal palace ad! mlliMnilioii accounted for much uf j the sa','ini;s. ] | The Cnhlncl approver! expend!- ' : tures for the 1952-53 fiscal year of i ; ?J',R million Egyptian pounds— about 1 1590 million dollnrc. Ei^hscen per; i ,-ent — 37.liOO.noo pounds about 150 ; million dollars— will go for defense. The New Yurk Stale unenipkiy- menl itisui-aucc" la^v excmpf.s con- rprns with fewer than fnur em- ployes frimi uuinrliitnry co\-r;ra'-:e. Non-profit religious, cilarlliiDle. scU-nlillc, liU-r;nv an doduc.Uiouul gruups also are exempt. Mossadegh b 'Mwch Improved' TEHRAN', Iran I a*, — Premier Mohnnimcd Alosfartcsh. wiio has beeTi runiiMig n high (ever for Ihe past, couple ol days, was reported "much Improved" Monday. An official source said the aped premier had gone to the mountains 1 to get a'.vny from the sweUering i rapitnl niul thnt hi.s ph.vslri.-ui .son. j IJr. Goliim Hoselir Mossurietfh. lin^ j ordered him In ;:a to bed and ice I no nne for the next five days. THETIRETHATGOM SAVE ON THESE SIZES TOOI 455-16 6.40-1 j 7.IO-15 7.60-15 8.00-15 S.JO-li -$24,80- $18.75 $15.75 $18.45 $19.95 -439,35- $21.95 $2J.OJ 6.7O-15 LIST PRICS AND YOUR 010 USE 95 6.00-16 Plus Tax AND YOUR OLD TIRt 9 5 ;-. 6.70-15 A»D YOUR OlD TIRt Your Old Tire May Cover Your Down Payment PENNEY'S AlWAYS FIRST QWAUTY1 YOUR BACK-TO-SCHQOL DOLLARS FARTHER AT PEHNEY'S NOW! Ponney's new grade schoo! cottons figure to be the smartest buys in town! COLORS FRESH AS PAINT BE WISE! BUY NOW! Choose from rack after rack of n-e-w SCHOOL DRESSES Sanforized^ or pre-shnmk for permanent good fit! D-e-e-p hems, beautiful new details . . . fasliion-conscious-ns-ciin-be! Look! Here arc just a few for sizes 7-14! A. Famous Dan River' 8 plaid wilb a grown-up "contour" front belt, while pique trims . 3.98 B. Paper-crisp taffetized chanibray with sheer ruflles, full Uvirly skirl . . . 4.98 C. Cheerful plaid with appliqucd daisies- crisped with the biggcsl, whitest cuffs! . 3.98 Kindergarten sizes, 3-6X plaids 2.98 3-6X solids 3,98 Jr. High (subtccn) si/.cs, 8-14 5,90 fSirrinknpe wilj not cxa'cit 1%. GIRLS' PLAID BLOUSE WITH JEANS 1.98. eqch Boy's Sturdy T1IR 151,0 USE — color- hrighl woven coltnn K> n '.f- Itam will] ;i new "miracle" finish: resists soil, irons easilv, needs no starch. fiRhts wrinkles! Kasl colors. |)ro-.shrnnl<, 7 (o M. THH .IBANS—Sanforized* S (it. denims with a smoolh- workinR side zipper, yoke hack, hriKht orange slitch- inrj. Si'/.cs 7 to I I. * Won't shrink more lhan r.;. [".S-T-R^T-T^C"-H 'YOUR DOLLARS FARTHER! '" PRACTICAL J1MMIE JEANS BLU Penney's jeans are precision-cut over Scientifically graduated patterns to fit his exacf body size. SIZES 6-16 1.49 Sturdy jeans nf husky S- otittre liluc denim; Sanfor- izccl" for Inslinj; fill l)e- (achnhlc suspenders keep 'em neatly in place. Iliin- hle stitched for e v t ra slieiiRih. Zipper fly. Si/.es 1 to 5. * Won't shrink more lhan r;. * Made of long-wearing 8-ounce denim! * Sanforized! Can't shrink out of fit! * Triple orange stitched throughout! * Copper rivets at points of strain! * Bar tacked for greater strength! * Heavy duty rust resistant zippers! BIGGER BOYS' SIZES 29-36 1.79 SHOP NOW! NEW STOCKS! COMPLETE SIZES!

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