The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on July 2, 1942 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 4

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 2, 1942
Page 4
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Mite "i I l ;- V . ' UJii.::!:.;;; t, . - ; r -i List Six Killed i i Missing IHR.C.A.F. The Royal Canadian Air Fore in ita 309th casualty lift of the war Wednesday reported six men filled bar active service overseas and even men missing after oversea air .operations. '. - , . One man previously reported miaitng overseas was listed as now lor official ', purposes y 'presumed dead,' and -one man as dangerously . injured on active overseas service. ! Casualties In Canada, reported Wednesday, r included two . men killed on active service, one prev-. tously reported missing and now reported killed on active service, and two seriously ill. ! - ' . One -Canadian serving overseas In the Royal Air Force was listed as miming after air operations. ; Following is the latest list of casualties with official numbers and! next' of kin: ; '-" ' - j Overseas ,. i .j . -Killed active service: Morrison, Lloyd George, PO., J34, C. L. Morrison (father), 27 Queen street, St. Thomas, Ont. . ' Eubank, Frederick Henry. Sgt, R84123. William Eubank (father), HagersvUle. Ont. - .. Macdonald, Charles George, Sgt, " R76973, Mrs. G. A. Macdonald (mother), 11138 86th Ave., Edmonton. ' j J, Morley. George "' Allen, Sgt 82323, A. E. Morley (father), 56 Riverside Drive, Kapuskasing, Opt Stewart, Donald 'Ross, Sgt, R7801B. D. H. Stewart (father), 643 Carleton Ave, Westmount, Que. Germain,' George Harvey, Fit Sgt. R7831S, J.- A. Germain (father), 116 Prospect Ave, Newmarket Ont '.-I-: ' Kissing after air eperailens: " Flynn, Francis Larry, PO, J7341, F. B. Flynn (father), VaUlcan, B.C. Lamb, . Thomas , Fraser', PO, J7422. G. J. Lamb (father), 18 Lansdowne Ave, Sault Ste. Marie, -Onr.. . - ; ; ; - : . - Clarson, ' Hugh' Allan, Sgt, R77218, H. L. Clarson (father), 6022 Durocher Ave, Outremont Mbnt- real. Que. .. ;,..,." ' -. . Crossing, John ' Keithi S, R95085. Mrs. J. K. Crossing (wife), -17 Colony Apts, Winnipeg. Evans. Geoffrey Charles, Sgt R71697. L. C. Evans (father), 12 : Belvedere Apts, King St,' Kingston. Ont " ; Francoeur, William Cecil, . Sgt, R77217. W. J. Francoeur. (father, 6113 Hutchison St, Montreal. Lord, David Frank, Sgt, Rfl2 183, Mrs. D. F. Lord (wife), 1723 Stephen St, Vancouver. , , ' Frevtatsly reaorted atlasina. ew for eiftelal pvrpeeea presoaa- ed dead; ..-- v .. Baker," Walter Merrill, Sgt, ; R32699, Mrs. W. M. Baker (wife), 710 Champagneur St, MontreaL Danrereosly injared en . active ' service; t ; ' "l j " ' Calder.. Robert , George, 'Sgt, RJ2755, G. H. Calder (father), 226 Matheson St, S, Kenora, Ont , Canada : : ', ' -' ' Killed m acthra service: V Frigerlo, Francis Charles, Sgt. Blodd8r;Ueoin3ss:and idney Yronble BiJin Healflhlor ihousonds Ttm KliU Um Ma auk yo I I Saa ami ttea klaoaWr iinnl aa4 kM-mrr ImU. Aa4 taa naaea for UiM ta that . waaa aar kidaara aaa MaaaWr alow ton ' ta tbatr vara arta aci4 aa4 albar naim graaaaDr aaraaiaMta ta yoar arataat ana traaaamlT aaaaa ffha. aatttn ap aichta. Xrasaiass oalaa aa4 laat mt aaartr. m asma. n in na. rnaai ' Hla KMiMy Ramov Adeis Waawav and aara taa. will to aarprtate and dalichtad ta an ba eoxklT and aaatly thr aaa taliaaa hackacha. gattliic up alrbu, aaraua saaaacaa aad otaar ludnav aad Mad-aar oauatoa at aimaty aldlaa tha ktdnara and alailiir ta fijut aad cteaa, awt axeaa aa at ra alaar aar kMarr at Uam vtav Horn down la t&alr work of fil tartar aad avrurtne. ttm ataad. And Vhaa thia haaBaaa ana acid, and athar aelaaa ha a tas-awacy ta accaaralaU la taa i'ia, staklnt ywm Sari aMar. warawt aad aaSrr fraoi ataaa achaa. aalna aad trwobla. Bat by rtat-Bio halwtnc tha kldnan and aiaddar to Mr-laravtaatr work aaara Manually Utouaaada OC awa aad wvnra la Canada aad ttaraocnaat th rlh UaplTO ha to dlaaaoarad jograaa ralirf aad saw aaaray. i yauimu yaara aaa a aManttfle twranla nOad Cinai wsa auda aTailaaia ta tha aaa- . . . I - 11V, THE VORi" 7 It U-LtTI .GLASSES ... - O d M Is uick tor this unusual ottering. Modern, stylish, A K as -York,- alaaaoa. eomplat with Ithodrum ,in- V t v " " kak mouaum and TORIC stock lonaaa for TAB OS ITEAB VISION, only SS.U. , It-DAT TMZm TKIAL t . Oaai'laM yaararU ' ky lS-day Mot. at aar no, that this la taa kill karaaia roa aovr aaC If not aorfaetly aaliaflad aftor UWday trial, aMaoy ro-toadad. Olaaaas troond an aroocTrpttoa ol hciand Oa- cBsnrr ' tr desiud NO BXTKA CBtABGB ' xmm tAnsnxo cvitombxs RiTHOLZ OPTICAL CO. I GET THAT . 1VEW ROOF bimrt.arark. r OV BLAST 1 ail cma of rouAaa FAFMENTS Lcnrey & O'Ccnncr I KicaaMad Bd. O W ruaao S-l - This Skunk Wore Tin Hat ' Maybe it was going calling on relatives afflicted with "B. O.", maybe it was Just putting on the dog for Army Week, or realized It was its own worst ' enemy and was afraid of tts . scent but that skunk Hull police found the other morn-. ing was wandering around with a tin can over its head. Constable Emile Labelle who shot the animal at the corner of Wright and Creekside streets hopes the tin hats don't come in vogue with all skunks because they're harder to ', shoot with hats on. It seems that the direction from which you can shoot a skunk -most . effectively, and with the least reprisal from the skunk, is by facing it and shooting head on. But when they have tin cans draped over their heads, -the constable says, you have to guess where the head is, and you miss the first shot R105181, F.'G. Frigerio (father), 83 Beach view Crescent Toronto, Sgt Frigerio was killed June 29 in a crash near Bowden, Alta,). Hopklnson, Jack Nettleton, Sgt, R-AT. 1216335, W. Hopklnson (father), 7 Hedley Crescent Mew-ton Hill, Wakefield, Yorkshire, Eng.. - j Previously reported an losing, new reported killed on active service: i . ..- Oquendo, William Caesar, LAC, R123792, Mrs: Benito Oquendo (mother), 1397 Madison Ave, ftew York, N.Y. : I (LAC Oquendo was killed In a crash near Brockville late last month.) - ' i ; Sertowly Ul: ! 1 Harrison, Harvey William, AC2, Rl 42823, Mrs. Harvey Harrison (mother), 1384 King St, W, Toronto. : Garland, Dooglaa Halg Arm oar, AC K111417, Mrs. D. H. A. Gar-laad (wife), (3 Balsam St, Ot-Uwa. Canadians In the Royal Air Force: j --'-,',,, Overseas ' 1 Mlsatwg after air eperationa: .' Traqualr, William Lyall Ed-mond, Sgt RAJ.97873AC T. W. Traquair (brother), No. 3 Bombing and Gunnery School, MacDonaTd, Man. ; . Mrs. Henry Robillard Dies Suddenly ' Mrs. RobUlard, wife ot Dr. Henry J. '.Robillard. well-known Detroit physician, , died suddenly on Wednesday at 1 their Summer camp near Bouchette in the Gatl-neau. For many years Mrs. Robillard had spent her Summers, in company with her husband, ai Bouchette, and news of her 'death will bring regret both in Ottawa and the district , Dr. Robillard is a brother of Dr. Jack Robillard. of the Metropolitan ' Life- Insurance Company, Ottawa, and also of Dr. M. J. RobUlard. 193 Nicholas street He is a former Ottawa resident i . I The body of Mrs;. Robillard was brought to Ottawa this morning and is at the Brady and Harris Funeral Residence. 173 Llsgar street ' 'Funeral .arrangements have not yet -been completed. V thrmt it 4 rat nana. buIb H my b4 kidx.y a4 Ma44 irwbMfl ta tMa thrat ataipla vara; 1. Ha ta kl4n taatara aoaai aeida. vhkA but aoiaaaoaa and Irrltatinf. s. Ta aalllata ktmtina; ab4 satartlni at la arlnarT wiawi, ao4 la dor tmiatlaa. I. tha kidaan alaaa out waatoa wbtch atar tnoa aidtae aatara la atiaiulatlna traaat ol aaaray aad a awra reatal id MoiMy aVocx Agrwmdnt Tha Tory arat doar at Craan mraaUy aaar MtM ta work aolpiac tha kldnaya roatao scaar aeida. potoona and waatoa. Aad thla alaaaalas. paruyuid actloa la )uat a day or a aay aiaka yoa fort yavntor, atronaor aad aotur thaa la yoara. A prinlad acroa-mta wrappod areand aaaa pack art of Cro-aa tnauroa aa rmandlau rafuod al ail year wioooy anloai yoa ara aampiowly aatlanoA Taa haoo aTorythlna to (ala aad aathiaa to oa nnOrr thla poaiiloa aioiMy aaek aflor. On pwTT.T?.. Cyoara from your drarctat F I - - vl today for only lae.TnaaMsay I I H aaca ador pcoueto yoa. I If J frtaMwwicia M sos-Tnl srrl Cr lilit Cltia II. up LAaoIST OPTICIAN! IN AMERICA Priaetpala af thla flrat awa a iarao eptloai faatary and the Urtaot abaia of faotory. to coaauawif rotail opbca) parlor la Amorlea. Col- at aaaa for mia ay asaaua. 111 Spukg St Steras ta VrUMiaal Cttios . MaaaawaaaaarOLNDKO (Ml. i FOX ; RADIOS : SEE E Jack Satche One of Ottawa's leading sports fans, John Francis Satchell, of 436 Brlerwood avenue, ' Highland Park, died early Thursday morning after a short lUpass. , He was In his 69th year. Mr. Satchell was employed by the Customs and Excise Department until his retirement ia 1940. He was a life long resident of Ottawa. Although not a player himself, Mr.' Satchell was one of tha most widely-known figures In Ottawa athletic circles: His Interest embraced all sports, but he was a particularly keen follower of hockey and regarded for many years as Ottawa's number one fan. His Interest In Ottawa teams dated back to before the turn of the century, and season after season he was a regular attendant at games not only in Ottawa, but in other cities where they played. As a constant fan, Mr. SatchelTs record has been r surpassed by few and It was said of him that he did not miss a hockey game over a period of 40 years. He was a xealous follower of the red, white and black in the days of the famed Silver. Seven and down through the years Ottawa hockey teams rarely if ever played -without Mr. Satchell among the spectators present - j - Not only was he a leading enthusiast but he was a friend and advisor to most of the leading stars In Ottawa -athletic history. He was a keen follower of both lacrosse and football and he continued to follow the progress of Rough Rider teams right up until last Fall. Born in Ottawa, son of tha late Charlie Satchell and his wife, the late Lucy Crack, he received his education lnr Ottawa schools and then was employed for many years with the former Sparks street firm of L. N. Bate. For the past 34 years he was employed in the Custom's Department He married . Nellie Samson in 1910 in The Little Church Around the Corner" In New York City. He was a member of Rockcliffe Lodge, I.O.OJ, and of All Saints' Church, Westboro. Besides his widow he is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Mel Duff, ' of Montreal, and Mrs. Franklin Mills, of Toronto. Funeral arrangements have not been completed. French Publicist L. Daudet Dies 1 VICHY. July 1. VP) Leon Daudet, French publicist and outstanding anti-Semite whose wife's money founded the French Royalist party. Action Francalse, 33 J ears ago, died today at the age of 73 at his estate, Saint, Remy de Provence. Of the original five founders ot Action Franeaise, his death leaves only Charles Ma urns and Maurice Pujo. The last three, until Daudet's death, had been directing Action Francalse. in. the unoccupied zone under the elogan, Trance and France alone". Daudet served in the Chamber of Deputies from Paris from 1919 to 1924. - Daudet first married . Jeanne Hugo, granddaughter of Victor Hugo. . They were divorced. His second wife was his cousin. Mademoiselle Martha . -PamplUe" Allard, who put up the money for founding "Action FrancalM". E. W. HovIeit : Dies in 7 1st Year A resident of Ottawa for tha past four years, Xrnest William Hewlett died at a local hospital on Wednesday following a long Illness. He was in his 71st year. . Mr. Howlett, who was the father of Dr. La lie E. Howlett of the National Research Council, was born in London, Eng. He was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Edward Howlett and was educated in London. He married the late Gertrude M. Whyman there in 1893 and they cam to Canada In 1912. They took up residence in Victoria, B. C, where Mr. Howlett was engaged as a bookbinder for many years. Mrs. Howlett died in 1938 and Mr. Howlett retired during the following year and came to Ottawa where he resided since. ' ' He was an Anglican and a member of the Victoria Lodge of the Sons ot England. Surviving are his son, Dr. Leslie Howlett of .Ottawa; a sister, Mrs. Ethel Cairns,' ot Liverpool, England, and a brother, Stanley, of London, England. The body is resting at Hulse and Playtalr Limited. 313 McLeod street, where service will be held In the chapel on Friday at 11 ajn. Interment will be' in Beech wood cemetery. MBS. V. 8FAECIALE. Largely attended by relatives and friends, the funeral of Mrs. Vestian Spaeciale, - 486 Preston street was held Wednesday (morning. Rev. M. Carriere, O.S.M., chanted requiem high mass at St Anthony's Church and Rev. S. Cheli, assisted by Rev. H. M. Paradis, . officiated at service at the graveside. - Interment , was In Beechwood cemetery. Mrs. Spaeciale died Monday afternoon following a short illness, and was in her B2nd year. Left to mourn are, her husband, to whom she was married 40 years ago; two sons by a former marriage, Paul Dfrbene, of Ottawa, and Joseph Dabene, of IJaly; and one daughter, Mrs. D. De marls, of Ottawa. . ' Among 'the many floral and spiritual tributes received - by the family was one from McLaughlin Brothers.' . Dies at 63 THE OTTAWA Son bf Former Offava Minister ; Killed in Action i . - . li ' ; ' Sgt ' Pilot George Macdonald, on ot the late Flight .Lieut Rev. George Macdonald, former, minister , ot Southmiaster United Church, has been killed In action overseas, ' according to word received by hls .euicle, W. Rosa Macdonald, MJ. for Brantford city. .The 20-year-old airman, whose mother, Mrs. Mary Macdonald, resides In Edmonton, recently was mentioned in despatches for bringing his aircraft back to its base after his gunner and observer had been shot He was well known in the Capital and bad a number of relatives here, Including an aunt, Mrs. Annie Touzel, 106 Harmer avenue, and two uncles, Thomas Boland, of Killaloe, and Stewart Bo land, of Cache Bay. His 16-year-old brother - John is living with their mother in Edmonton. A sister, Mrs. Richard Hurlburt, Uvea in Halifax., . The late Flight Lieut Rev. George Macdonald was minister of Calvin Presbyterian Church In Ottawa for some time prior to church union, and after that church amalgamated with Ottawa South Methodist . Church to ; form ; the present Southmlnster United, he remained In the pulpit there for some time. ; Rev. Mr. Macdonald later was called to Fergus and then went to Edmonton. He Joined the Chaplain Service following the outbreak of the war and died not long afterwards following a sudden illness. He was a .veteran of the rirst Great War. ; CHILD KILLED. ' ST.'COEUR.DE MARIE. Que, July 1. Raymonde Larouche, two, died today in' this village near Chicoutiml following an accident . . . i '? . . ! .1 ! .L I i J .'t- 4V a-C i - . .n -o, . ' ;l ) rr y, . v. '. : ; i; ; I i: '!; Mr.. - ; ', T. THE INTERNATIOtlAL NICKEL JOURNAL The Journal's Cross-Word. Puzzle ACROSS , .Thln: ; , .7. Masculine ' name .Disavow 10. Misty spot i;Talk'f 8. Snow . vehicle f . Feminine . name in sky lL Cubic m'ter 11. Fashions 3T. 13. Tidal flood 13. Swedish 38. 38. 13. Retinue k coin 14, Respiert' dency .1 , IS. Wtlrd 16. Sullen . ' 13-. Unable te 40. 41 Af 17. God of earth see 20. Shelter 21. Waterway ;z 31. Lump ot coal 24. Part of Creek,, temple IS. Rock, 23. Melody' 79. Cuckoos 22. rruit 30. Fruit peel 33. Century : Plant ' I 33.T4ourUhe4 34. Metal 36. Permit 37. Gasps 39. Act of ac knowledeihi; 49. KUDOUl . 46. Desire f 7. BUlgS cheerfully 48. Wise men 49. Sweet sotatoea ; 50. Harbor . 'DOWN ' .' 3. Head cook 3. Restore to health- ; ' 3. Seaweed . ,4. Conditions 6. Wander Solution o this para will BUND MAN DROWNS. . MONTREAL,! July 1. .Two persons one of them, blind-were drowned in separate; Dominion Day accidents near here today. The blind victim was Charles Demon tigny, 30. 'yy tyf yyy ' I ' ! ' V !- 53" ""T !; hi I- I J. 1 I 3 AIRiC 23. Harass V 23. Youth . -27. A Witch. : 31. Platforms 32. Capers;. 33. Tavern Y- Pillars t Y; : 't Thong of - i leather :; '- ':! Trusts silkworm . '.' 1. OK.l. - .':' '! KN l ay's Aarwar ..-3 spearean1 " ; t ' -tr rarari ..charactei ter : 44. Bird's abode be) published tomorrow. . BOY ELECTROCUTED, . "' MONCTON, N3 iuly lJ-Blily Howard, six, was electrocuted today, when he touched a broken wire near railway . tracks , Two men who . attempted; a rescue suffered burns and shock. L i r V. i I' j ' h 1 i , ; iir HM . . i' . i wmmy i' i1 i " ""an"j "... i) i ; UUI 't i .-h-i. 1-: t ' i 1.11' JamevSchearf.:73; Dies Suddenly I -X i LThe death of James Schea who-lived for many years on the Pmcotf-hlghway, occurred sud djjy at his home on Tuesday. He wk in his 74th year; ' X,i':::f ' jl ! .-Mr. ''Schearf .' was born in,". Ol j tawa and' was ' educated in the Capital.' iHe took up the bjrlckU maker's trade at kn early age. ami &r many! years Worked-' at the O'Reilly yard on the Prescott highway.',:-': .!r 't . He was an Anglican, His riage to the late 'Alice Scan tie berry " toot place j in OtUwB iri 1896. J Her death occurred In J933, Left to mourn, j are three sons Kenneth, and Stuart, of Ottawa! and Bert, with the timeron Hlgh-J, landers overseas; a daughter, Mrs. A. Dubien, ' of j Ottawa; three brothers,' Daniel, jot Carlington; Lyle, of Eastview and John of Ot-: tawa; one sister Mrs. V. Schearf, of Toronto. hv.M- ' - :.- . The body is resting at the Tubman Funeral Home, 403 Richmond road at Roosevelt la venue, West boro-, where funeral service was held at 2 pjn. today. , Interment was in Beechwood cemetery. Rev. J.- Z. Lindsay officiated at the service, i:' I ; X- , .' . ; ' -j.' Ml'' " ' . - ' 1 " 1 (! WUt DIPLOMAT BULLED. NEW YORK, Xulr L Gen. Boselaw , , Wienlawa-Dlugosxewski, Polish Ambassador to Italy during the " days preceding the German invasion of Poland in 1939. tell or Jumped to his death from. the roof of a Riverside Drive building today. w , TWO DIE AT CROSSING. LINDSAY. Ont. July 1.-0. J. Yearsley, of Toronto, was . killed and Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Sloan, each 73, pi LltUe Britain, Ont, were seriously Injured today when their car crashed into the engine of a , Lindsay-Midland freight train. ; !fr--.;- I " ''''''' ' N 1 ' WnlfjfM, J mm: . ' i Ml- r ' aataw 1 " V :irr Somebody else man man our own Canadian soldier. 1 I I. IV -- .1 .! i . . I i I ! The hard-Ditteti , determination 'w! railroad tracks through the Rockies and dug ! ies deep into solid, Canadian .rock carries ' ! on. ' 1 . .!.! I .1 IJ l.L , ; Wtien the; country called the speeaing jvehides o kind of war. Todav h Ihe Canadian soldier 1 ( let tip until the job is' done and victory; wdn. j-i.i.ii i, k:. t I ; '! i, .1 j 'f I 'i l. They H never stop, this army I -.t.i, nc nn i j ur uh , ,-l 'J A- HAD TmmsDA JUtY 2, J.A. Rickey, Former Ottafe .Die in B.G IS t 'f: l 1 i ! C I I- t A-'former druggiit ih Ottawa! and widely. known in j . business circles ; "heri. Joseph 'Allisorl Rickey died suddenly on I, Wed"- nesday at hii home in New West minster, .B.C. He wa in His 8th l year, - j :. -Ts. iH-iliv 4 A native pi Long Island the ' Rideau River, he; operated a drufi'j store, on Bank strett for many yearsi Later he. wi s appointed ! Dominion F6od Inspe ctor aed was transferfed to Vanco lyer. He left the Capital about 23 years ago 1 1 . i was; a son i me late eorge, j Rickey 'and nis wiie, Elizabeth Allison,' who residents' ' of Long1 Island cejved '; his were well-known 4Vtai'. rAttimimitw " oo for years.. He . re primary,.; education there tawa and later moved, .to Ot drug j business, s His former; Kate Stewart, him by 20 years, j wife, the predeceaseel : Following : bis ' ap; intment to tor.he'.re mained' in. Ottawa 'or . several years before' going to Vancouver. He later' 'made his home in. New?,' Westminster, and worked in 'that, a ta ! . ' : . a J.1 aIL . af 1 ' irrruory uniu inc time 01 ni til l.''h.: 1 1 lift to ihourn tare. three aans,.! Leo pt New Westminster; t Rfcy.l with the Royal Canadian Artillery overseas; Don! of Chicago, Tit u-;j and two sisters. Mrs. E.. Hadden, ii fcf New Westminster, a! ihd Mrs. W, E.,.AtnsWorth. j of 1?0 ! Powe! avenue, Ottawa. place Vancouver. ; ' 118 SEAME.V KILLED. LONDON, July 1. The Minis try .of War; Transport tonight an tiouriced the deaths' of ! 118 memo the merchant fishing tionat f :!! -' 6Urte3 who'll finish it Wi r " iJ - i. . . J-tl-l ; he swung aboard '. I- n foiiirV irnirJcH , part of a bowerful. (MITED navy ana.. ' . . fleeta thrflugh enemy; ac' I U - I yarkus'dfles.i';-l ui; . '. . . -r i "sj ii ; "s. j'. m 0 li.-.-. I J 1 1 i i i1 -i ! , .r

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