The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 18, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, August 18, 1952
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VOL. XLV1II—NO. 124 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ~~ r , ^^ TT W^ —• jii.^I.jut vuuner Blytheville Daily News Mississippi Valley Leader Blytheville Herald 39 Believed Dead; Probe Of Debris Made inese, Kremlin Leaders Meet 'Stronger Ties Sought;' Last Talk PrecededWarby6M onths •MOSCOW (AP) -Chinese Prominr Ch,,,, K ,,.l ni ,„,, AUGUST 18, 1052 — Army engineers and biilldoMcl tlioir nist pnrliiership F.n»-- flood drowned 39 pei'sons land's southwest rcsi Thus far nine bodies have bcr-n recovered from among Ihe rp.hi-i washed boulders and house wr»cl--- ESC along a 15-mile stretch of (lie Devon coast. Still ini'sinc and presumed dead were 30 mor and vacationers. treaty. Chinese Ch;ujgcln,i!£ rail'v'av inrt the military base at Port Arthur , i'his was provided for in the 1950 [ rails', to take place not later than I the end of 11152. ..,.., ,,.,... 'Hie Premier, who is also Red villagers f China's foreign minister, flew to .-„ : Moscow yesterday from Peipin^ The British Press Association had; with n bi s delegation lhat included said earier that the known d-ad • his deputy premier, Chen Yum, had reached 22 with 12 others miss-: and a sizuble group of military in?. Later information caused a revision of the figures. i experts The nature rwc ivi (>r W5 ,, ther when the Japanese ;• conclude! or by the end whichever was earlier • It is thought here that a Chme'-'e request for ihe return of ihe |, a « e i nnd railway will bring a svmpa- Ihetic Soviet response. the top-level dls- waler which poured over the ban'."; of the Lyn River at the tioirrilt of See picture on 1'ase 3. the flood early Saturday morning Tlie army engineers vei'f raci-i-r ngainst newly Ihreatenim; K'-UPS j.,' on attempt to put the Lyn tack into Its course. More rains might spreid the waters over a still larger area ' Threatening gules nnd more rain First estimates put iho propertv damage in the whole flooded area 'at over seven million pounds tal-' most 20 minion dolHrs, i ,. , , - ,^.1.11.1^ iJu.^tctira little holiday resort which turner! Into a boulder-strewn shambles when cloudbursts Friday ohamjed the placid Httle Lyn into a torrent boiling through the nniin street 55)5 Million Damage Seen The flood damage horn ..i Military Questions Hisli It was evident, however that military questions would rank high amoiiB those taken up since Chou brcusht along the deputy chief of i erpms's general staff, su Yui; Ins Air Force commander Lyu Ya-!o\v; Deputy Navy Commander i-o Slum Chu, and Deputy Coin- mantter of Artillery Tsu Chuan. Judging by.oihers in the party, soimht also in the talks. Economic specialists with Chou included Min- rster of Heavy Industry Wan Hao-, Deputy Minister of Communications Wangr Chcnr;, ;Deputy Minister of Machine Building Wang Trio- ban and economic expert l,i Fu- fihune;. Political Siilc Reviewed On the political side were the |liead of the Asian department of Ministry, Inside Today's Courier News • • . Miller barely misses second straight shut-out for Cardinals . . . sports . . . 1'a^e 7, . . . Arkansas Nnv.s Hrie/s Pa»e 10. . . . Society . . . P.i^e j. . . . Markets . . . I'aee 3. TEN PAGES _SINGI£_CO_PIES FIVE CENTS " " Stevenson Outlines Tactics; isenhower to 'Woo' South Ike Planning Flying Tour Through Dixie D/'.'XVL-K CAP) _ Gen. tJwiKht 0. Eis "iiij: n flying trjutitioiiiilly J)o mo eri) | i, KotiHi, reportedly is convitirot tip <•;:,! KWJ'JK- fi ( , mp Soiilliorn states lo !!io Rcpiitiliciu, col- imut in (lie Novcniljei' Truman, Tafi Expect to Be t Manila. •'ircmn.t" 0 ho.! C c«rhr mC ""' ^^^ *"" ''""' l ' 1 ^' "™" 1 ""™"' ' 20 years. Planted April !l, the above coiio, "ai."! n'od^'!*'" 1 ' , chief ot the * r»r car was estimated at more liian two j Chen Chla-kan- the million pounds over Jj 1 /, inlliion i Soviet and ET t dollars. Twenty houses nnd 20 ho-! merit. Hstii Yi-hsin and" the mm tels had disappeared. At,least «.is!ry' s political secretary sin other houses were damaged ' 1 Cheh - ••e'.ii.iarj, ami v<.nf > ".n e r,| SMlC « OH "'S ' Oi ™ io M °- TnC Chll!ese «° l n "'" ». .vent loolinsr. Mrjre than 2.500 vil- i pet reception bv ' - Janets'iiud* h6I)dayefs''ijad' been, at ' " evacuated from the ghost villii^e to inland ballrooms nnd halls hastily converted Into refugee centers. Five vacationists, including three Boy Scouts, were listed among the dead and nine vacationists among those missim; nnd presumed dead. Survivors from Lynmonth (javc a graphic description of the terror that suddenly burst on them in the night. Suprano "Flooded Out" Comedian Al Rale, appearing at the local music hall, told how 'the audience hurried out as the noise nt the ftnnct drowned a soprano's voice. "I saw a chain of women walking hand in hand towards their as er hotel," Bate said. "Then the sidewalk disappeared, nnd the cirl on the end of the chain was swept out to sea." At one hotel. Phyllis IJij*n S the manager, ihephereded the"sc'nred -.iK-uin" the high. importance the Tu i n government attaches to the conference. Replying to Ihe official welcome Chou paid tribute to the "brotherly and unselfish aid" which China is receiving from the Soviet Union and said he had come lo strengthen co-operation belwcen lhe two coun- Iries even further. Chou's last conference In Moscow, in January, I960, preceded the Korean War by six months, "nru.idrr" I'ad Sorr^ltl It appeared certain • the new talks will aim at expanding collab- ntlon within the scope of the 1S50 Soviet-Chinese Friendship nnd Found io Plane Near Pi< • Search Party Finds Texas Group's Craft; Losr Last Wednesday PIOGOTT, Art:. W'—Tlie bodies of three Houston, Tc; prrrmns were found todav in the v O f J Ifeht plane, m i i V, c 1n clay on a flight from St. I uls to Houston. Stale Trooper Joe SoiJpif; the pffoPiifafar aa3%rs Thrasher nil of Homon" A search parly found the plane- Cessna 170— about 31-10 (eastern standard lime), a mile and a half southwest of this northeast Arkan- irl Mikic reported. Crashed in Orchard Searchers found the wreckage in an orchard not more than i from a farmers hous. Parto u plane were strewn over a 20Q vard i area. " j The plane was first slahted from 1 the air by an air-sea rescue unit lo- j at Maiden, Mo. Syphoon Winds Stop By UII.UAM c. BAIINAim e The center of the storm, with, winds up to SO miles an hour was expected to pass slightly sou "in of Sooul nt 111 p.n, (3 a ,„ F <- >r , Counter-attacking, sup- Ported by a l/,:!5-round ;,iorinr- artlllcry barrage won i hill out Post on lhe East-Central Front Sun- qay. It was the third time the hill of the Puklnn riv, h ,d changed hinds m fotii di>s of bit tet hand to-hand fighting /he Chinese fust ciplned the Ir 1llSt}g1,u,-dlv u ^ t •non It bacC eirK Sunu \ but b , ICIIL noon th" 1 r< s LU lied the po i j Hoi, . lK . lm . iho U. S. Eighth Army said 13 Reds were killed before u. N. troops tell back. effort on the part of Ihe Chinese in retake Bunker Hill on the Wc;;t- •rr, Front from the u. S. Marines. niug the ridse lasl Tuesday. The GOP n o in i n o o. It Wn 'nrni'd, i.-i arruiiRlnr. tor a swift "iir by plane wlii.-,, will lake him Into perhaps a dozen major cities m_ut le.-^l seven Southern states Ihe. Dixie campaign, tour _ lm . l_>rci'er>ntcd for a Republican prcs- !„','",, i'" 1 " 11 ""' 15 — is scheduled tentatively lo siarl Sept. 2 lhe rtny nflcr Labor Day. Eisenhower Us nl'nnnlncr tn M,. ;m,th from New York a! ,d ° JC , Iwo or 2<:. days in a whirlwind in vasion of Demoeraiic stron.irlioldi I io decision to ramnaiRii in Ihe .Soulh was mrule after the general conferred here a week aao with an ei'sht-slate delegation or Dixie suppurlcrs. They reportedly convinced him ii' Hi'jiiiblifnns have a chance lo ciai'k lhe Solid South for the first imo since 1028, when Herbert Hoover did It without personally canipaiBiiint; there. Mseiihowcr's projected Southern SWIIIK by plane will he a departure frojii (In- tradJlloinil ".hisllc-s campalsninis by train. However of, Eisenhower aides planning ll,e ome trip say privately it j s uk c i v the Beneral will speak in: Kichmonrt, Va. : Atlanta C BmninBliiun, Ala.; Miam'i : Typhoon renter ]|i I.. Korea (if,— The center miles an hum—hit Korea's West | J'"-: """as, Ft. \Vorth"and' Hous- Coast today at Kunsan. SO miles '""• Tex.: and Memphis Tcmi .j'Ksssi ^i^rs-f ,,^5'^w^M ecsa^e in — J " v 11 "" ; "iu u. ?,. :Marmes. ICOvards: Ihe Lealherncclts broke up seven ts of the i dcs l'<-'«te Hed charges after win- •JAn ..^^^ •!• M i*_ jTp.111 There was no report ol damage lit the ship-wreck ing storm iiovivht torrential rains to all of •ruth KonM. Four to five Inches cf rani W ™ C . , (lretllctctl lor lhc battlc- Ihe Democratic vice presidential nominee, Sen. John J. Sparkman And lhe tentative plans for visiting three Texas ctlies underscore the Bl.sohliowor camp's optimism uboui carrying his native slate. Sper-clxvi in several of the smilh- A U. S. Air Force weather e.xncrt said winds of SO to CD miles an liour would vJnp hiyh expo.srd „]««., „„ See WAR on l'a;c 3 f- •> * d--1 —<-i'*'t-i (.lieu nit; he it reci to guests through an upstairs \vinrtowUnn mmi™ H iV onto the roof. There, while the ! yn I p u °" • a'e o? L K " * , '° r ' hC roared past beneath them and the j P, ™ nnr , „ Rus f a!1 Industrial hotel shuddered from boulders U,™?"^ ^ ^^^ CQUip crashing against ils walls thr-v ? e Sov i et techni- v.i,is. m-> | cnl p , d Thcy wl! , ljkclv Beei _ ^^ _ WOM !• j lvuu .s,nn nn( ] Tlle "arcll party found women's i Mutual Aid .Pact, the formal basis clolhln s scattered over the area and ; of the Ivvn noimtrim;' r.v^,-^.,.i „.— ! '^ome hanging from trees, j ArkafUas, Texas and Misi.onri ' units of the CAP had heeii search- in.? for the red and silver plane. • Col. L. S. Anderson of Little Rock.! 3 1 Wing Commander, said! r "~'> i..^ iviiiiL.ii ijiisis of the Iwo countries' present close relationship. It is expected an at-1 tempt will be made also to broaden] the pact nnd augment it with additional agreements. The Chinese are almost certain to ask for an increase in their V i. I . ^ / race Negotiators Set "ft™ f\ ws f a I a K~~m I o Kesume I alks i ornorrow h will travel huddled together and saner the' ,^ "Oh God, Our Help jn Aqes • bc-nng inland when she saw a man almost submersed by the Howl' floatim; lowanls her. "I rccoinized him as my falh.jr and ffrahbe^i him bv tile shirt and- iiKiiiaped lo gel him lo dry hind." =,he said. tt — providing for Ru 1950 agreement sia lo return the Weather Acquitted On Arson Count ,' les raeel ' Jc ""' c "' i '" orrow at Panmun- week-Ion? recess Arkansas \Ving Commander, said; the missin:; plane—piloted by OH- ' f™* r* , « r S^rrsiuS^^; bov - Stevenson lte0 iL/rges Larger "' for U.S. St. Louis Aug. 13 for Houston will Mr. and Mrs. w. J. Tlira;her, of Houston, as passengers. Residents See Plane Milde said two Pigqott resit.em.'. reported seeing a li;:ht plane Hying low over Ihe city Thursday morn- insT during an electrical storm. The l\vo residents—Claude Tillow nnd Ronnie Seal—said the plane dipped toward a small lake, then pulled up sharply O n one wins It then disappeared over a hill and no sound cf the engine co'.ila be heard. Pigsotl is in northeast Arfcanjas. The. delegates nre scheduled to »T'Ct at 11 a. m. Tuesday (a p. m .Monday, EST> in the faded conference tent. Thcy probably will pick up rlRlit I where they left off last »iv fruitlessly over prisoner of war exchange, the only issue blockln an armistice for Korea. Since July 3 the truce teams I have met onlv may be put on the Itinerary laler _Present plans cull for an ovcr- mslit stop in Miami, either Kent 2 or 3. ' Plans for Ihe Southern tour came to liBhl after an announcement over the weekend that Elsen- hower will mnkc a major cam- p.uen address en world peace In Philadelphia Sept. 4. II will be carried nutionnlly on television and radio. Arthur E. Pummel field, chairman ot lhe R;.|,,,b|i f:an Naij ona | ; Committee and Elsenhower's cam- i Paiccn manager, also announced thr.t the Rcneral will make a farm policy speech at the National plrnv- i"K Contest at Kaifion Minn Ike, Stevenson Find Linle to Say About Each Oflier WASlllNCiTOM m _ p r « idp!ll IVunian and Son. Rohert A Tail— Iwo men who aren't rmmiiKt—mnv become major (argcts in the prcsi- dentnil canipalRii. Oen. I)wi E h( D. Eisenhower the Uepublican candidate, and Gov Adlai B. stevoiison of Illinois his Democratic opponent: thus tnv haven't found anylJiin K cs|,ecinlly cillting lo say aboiil each olher Hut Kiscnhovver's followers have Had plenty to say n u o ,u Trumnn and Ins record, n, f !lc( t |, cy a ,. e uusily enaagftt in efforts to hail" tinman's policies around stcvciT- son's polilical neck. And the Stevenson people may >e nwailinc only .some official .stoii hat Taft will play n n active, part In Eisenhower's cnnipaign to let t'o a blast at the Ohio senator and his WHIR of. lhe Republican party the Truman said even before Chicago conventions that lhe Republican nominee would have to carry alone Hie wei K ht of what he in TI --.^. i-v I^JIL, Ul ^JIEIL called "Isolationist" .sentiment his parly. Tail w:is labbed as "isolationist" during Ihe primary ciunpingn by Uov. Sherman Adams of New Hampshire, now head of Eisenhower's personal stuff. Conference I'lsjienlcd The Republican nominee is expected lo confer with Taft within Ihc next few weeks on how much the Ohio senator will he asked to do in the general election ciun- liaittii. The Columbus Dispatch reported Saturday that Taft definitely will lake an nclivc part In the Eisenhower campaign. It quoted him in a telephone interview from Canada on saying he cxpccls to confer in wt;:-.hiii!jlon about Kept. 3 will, He- publican National Chairman Arthur Snmmertield on H speakinp .schedule. Kiscnlioiver Camp Spill The Eisenhower camp apparently is split on Ihe extent to which it ,,,,| ,,,„,, ought to employ Taffs talents, if Nivon nf Cnn. lirxf 1-r.u.r. .. _ l^JXOH Ol Demos Gear Drive io TV Time Tables SPRIN'GFIKLD, 11!. ( A py —O'ov. Adlni Stevenson and us nine-member strategy iJOiml have sketched in hroad outline thcs-p I act I'M for the IJornonvilii: presidential year Major spc-akin..? ( 0>lrs by st son. travel,,,.. (, y , rilin ntld Plane. K earcd for lhe most part to " television time table. . A Country-wide speaking barrage o.v a team of 100 Democratic Scna- ™* M £? t ^3*££ IB .* m ™'* The technique of the 1952 campaign, said Ken. Mlfce Monroney of Oklahoma, will j, mk •'„,<, ,' h n QIIC.S for (hat of Stevenson and AJjibiimfl's Sen. John Sparkman. It said he Democratic nominees for Pmsidcnt and vice president had public records "marked bv a humane outlook and strong independ- ciinc of thought." In 1948 a year after'it was or- rfilni VI, ADA "Prosed President Truman's nomination it P iiSBCd instead for the nomination ot Elsenhower or Supreme Court Justice William o, Doiwlns. Later, ticket largely on Ule strength™ ' ,": h19 .; 8 , "omocratic platform, which it hailed as "liberal." I'fiUform Said "Liberal" io£!"U ADA simila *' described tha 105J Democratic platform as "liberal nnd forward looking." It criticized ihc Republican ticket and Platform, saying these "In no way con lorn, to the rcouJrcincnis of the world situation today." The ADA'S Rcl:on rlrcw a statement, through'the Republican National Con, in It tec, from Sen Boiu-kc B. Hickerilooper of Iowa' who said it "now completes the captive picture in which the Democratic presidential nominee flnni hlnwolf. " ' "On his back." said Hickenlooper. "lie has the ; label Ti-uman ml on each ankle "a bail "isnd chum—on lhe right foot the CIO and lhe left, the ADA." Hicltcnlooncr called the AD.4 a "Socialist organization" and said Eisenhower and his vice presidential running male. Sen. Richard California, "are to be congratulated for having been singled am for denunciation by the A DA,'' Hickenlooper said Ihe ADA ."hoived itself "lacking in principle" wnen it endorsed Sparkman. com- nit.iitiiHr SparkinanVi "record on PAntlOAH. KV. r,v,—vice Prcd- i <; "i' 1 r ' Bllts ls wc " known." Hick- rirnt Albi'n Hartley j.url b-f ni-ht i''" l ' cr sai<1 tllp ADA ' S complaint had had made DO speaking an-i ? K: " 1!st Ni X"n is "lhat he had polntmrnts as ycl, for I hi' nemo- °'" :1 " communism." cra'ic canipaii;n nnd didn't know AHA "Aware of Itccord" Sec POLITICS on l- !lfe 3 Earkley Awaits Campaign Role a weet:. ArI;,iT,s.-*s forecast: Parflv Murray, Negro, was found iot B'.iilty nt his preliminary hear- . f!ou,ly : inr: in Municipal Court Saturday on i forfeit Speeding BnnrJs « charrte ot arson. I „ Johmon Jr~ and Albrrl in wan cHarrr-d with setting fire (Terrell each forfeited $ i bo, d in ^.'^ ™'' 1crsh0!n(; « ™ South j Municipal Conn this morni ^ on SPRINGFIELD. III. ,/ri — G.iv A<ll,-.'l E. Sfvenson urged today that' every available facility he u.^ed to '•nroliriMiP mmc /Miicrir-.ins to rc:-is- 'rr and vote in the November c'ec- Unn. The Democratic prc.'iclcntlal lioiniuce .-.aid in a statcmrriL an PS- tnr.nlr-d 25 million voters arc un- , each session, they cal'ied rcwn-day recess. The coninnmisls are 'iir'i 11,000 Rnl prisoner., inu all 20,000 Chines i ''and;, b returned. The u. N. offers only to return 8:i.CCO cap;ivc'i, Inclitdin" -too , major aflrircss | IniiialiRDolis. He wilt travel by air in fillln" all of those ciiifauenionls. Alonf! . j ~"- *-«M*»m. uii:in?>, j\inn" At I about Sept. 15 he piohably will set a vvlu:.tle-stop BVVJIIJI another 1 out by train ra • .liriiiiid i;>c country. On Wcdiuvday he will fly | O Boi.-:r. WnJin, iur a c.-uilpaijrri con- lo tro-n-n i. o HI ,. o ca :ba Sn- i;isi:Nni>wr:it on ]>;, Br ,1 by the general In by I'at Ansboury. Louisville labor; Democratic^ pa y,' „ b U to the | leader, that Sen. Thomas R. Un-! South a hioad-r understanding o^ derwood I.exim.10,1 Democrat, i the vital relation.!, ,, bc^en"the withdraw Iron, the race lo allow >. civil rJiflits pros-ram and the beJt the substitution of Bnrkley. The interests of our nation." proposal v.a.s made in a tclcarnm to j T)ie Alllcl Undrrwood, who withdraw. Hartley snid he was sll'trl,,* uj hi^ annniniccd Intomion nl rcliniH !r«;n puhijc file in Jnmiary. this charges of speeding.' " ci'S mostly in eiii.i portion; no Im- pcr;,int te'.npcr.ittire rhpr.-r, _ .Ifosonri forcr : , K(: P., r ,; y \. lni|( , y s.'.-iteu'd ili,ii7iier.-:niiiv m; : s : iv m jouthea-.t this afternoon ;uid 'c-',l portions tonisht: Tuesda-.- f.->i r to partly cloudy, fhohtly warmer fa«t portion Tuctiiay: low tnnii>h' 65-75- high Tuesday 8:i-!)0 nori!ie:t.-t to around KO southwest. \finiinuni thi.s morniir. --';=, Maximum yesterday--:)!). Minimum Sunday niornino—73 Maxiaium Saturday--ICO. Sunset tooay—6:43. Sunrife tomorrow- 5:23 Prccipiiation J8 hours to 7 a.m.— trace. Total precipitation since j- —27.03. Mean temperature 'midway tv.ccn Jilijh a,;d Inu —87. Normal mean tempcratJire.s August—50 2. This nal't La<-( year Mir.inv.ini thi f tnoi nmr --rjfl Maximum yert(rd:.y - ^2. Precipitation January i to this date 30.76. / York Vice Case Continues Despite Crias of 'Wiich Hunt' I < o: : inioninry on rei>- .vrivnent vvlien more i* of fjic nation's fjo- i* dorm,u:t.". bo t-si or --•--••••. .->.^ i in: i ,::,r, ; - ™ —• • J. ^ • » -w T I • X V< I I STlTsS \J? OflCI lG .-^:,:;;\S\r'S; ; Awards for Fishing Rodeos r Red China, < *-* hem!, NKW YORK, '.f—Amid charges ! body :t if pushm? a "ivilcli hunt," the > nzKcratrd " ' ''M "H- a nTT C f"' r ' CrnC ° t0rtay bfl ' ' "° " icl lhc P r nscculoi-s ....l 1.)>.1IT before a ci-and jury (was intcrprelin? it as ilic" i.- vice c:::e .irrainsl a wealthy i curini of women it a nnn"invif-d nianiifacturcr and a socialite play-, a woman to party or Introduced ' '' "i cr 1° a friend and "thercatter, any relationship develops." Under this interpretation, bo oiliee 1 pro- hopr lhat in the Interval be- .'liff rlr-.firm both polilical pnr- thp pic.---, ratlin and lelcvnion and If.-ui. r- in rjvery llr-lrl of \i,,rr- |. un lite nill do (heir lilmoM :,, i m - !v.-r:., jipoi, in" penple their indi- v:.-h:rl r.-, ,:nn -ibilitv to rr^is'cr nnd exnrr,-? their preference in the bal- ••Thoir.:h!ful Americans of boUl i>;:r'i".'. I .-mi .v,re. '.vstlt.oilrs to be trulv a :ovrrr,rjimt of all the ,:,-<,- Burglars Take Juke Box Coins >•„,<•* for th.n rhildrnn's Rshin;- n<:d,o, to b. held *„*„>< ,, ..7 are ,,o-.v b-ir. B donaled by b,, f |nr JS firms and individual, Phil'- n.ion and toylord Lewis, chahmcn of lhe pn, c committee' amiou Thr folliraii'i- linns ),:ive ei'.c.i : fi,, n ... ., M"ll HI If --- .- ,„ , iit ^ AOA espressed di^annoint- said he would not : m , m in Kmenhower. li• saidI The ' ral " !):|1; •ippareiilly liirned his by : ba< k on hi'-; own magnificent service." Ijjs ..(^e,,,,,,,,, on (inuieMio policy, it added, "reveal a naive la.-k of niKirr^tnmlm? " "Nor do we like the company ! lie keep:.." the AHA statement said. ! It rle: cribetl Nixon's legislative rcc- j Orel as "brief and nnimpi e,;sive" j and said lii>! "identifleation with j McC:irthyi.;m mrik.'s it impossible i for liberals to support the Republican tickei." ,, 1(1 . ''LI ot Tne accused separately of •uppiyinn hinh - priced call girls to friends and associates are Kaniurt H. Chapman. 56. a baldln? drcfs manufacturer, and Mtnot P. Jelke 22-j-car-old blue - book heir to n mnrcarinc fortune. IScc rcl.ired slory on page 51 Sever:.! others also have been hclrt on vice charccs or as malc- 11 inl witnesses, includinz a bevy o( i. 1: beauteous "models" and television ; bit players described by the probe- :-crutor as pro.-lilutcs. ; As A^i-lant District 'Attorney lor Aivhor-.v J. Liebler. be s an calling ' "'fii:.i l.s witch liun;. said, "I imagine Hint every business man who entertains buyers will be (ruilty of procurimi," "This went on in my qrand father's time," he said, ":,, lt | Ihere was never « hmr, about thai." Jelte, the hand.some. vouni; social rcBisterite nccii'icd of sharing earnings with call inrls vvhn charRed up to S500 a night, said his "friends thin'rc I ani" just a victim of circumsianccs and beina made a Roat of." In another phns-e of the anil- vice campaign. 2(1-year-old Jonn Harris, who cave her address as j St. Louis, appeared on a charge of maintaining a house of pro. slitution. Free in 510,000 bnil her: actions o! every-, case uaa adjourned until tomorrow . before the grand jury attorney, Martin Benjamin a stui!:i:ifr statement say- | becoming a 1 • •• ,'• . , I.I.IL J J( UI [JJfJ ',vho tn"-:e 1he trouble to vote." Legion to Meet Tomorrow Night Dud Cason Posl No. zi of the Anirr.,;;,,, |.e'.': O!1 will hold its we?*' V mr-rtins tomorrow at 8 p m ' in he Uzmn Hut. nnd is .schrdulcd ,o hear a report from ii.i; cominilt'e ivcrSiinij on t) !0 Fhhfn» R 0 '!.>i which Ihe Lesion i; snonsorine in conjunction with the city In last week's tcRular' 'mectim, i3 E,. Tune ntlrlre.wd th» eroup un pfSroJriim Industry has nlaved In B.ll.ll.irs c.-iifrrd An.old 1 .-, C.lii: oi) C-'-t Main .strm. o'.er tiie ivtOKrud and c.-.capcri with an undetermined amount ol silver, the sheriffs office n-porlrn'l this morninti. nepii!,j- Shrriff charii s .Short snld t.'ir<iu;h A rear window, Ino'ir'onen • a juke box and tool- j «ai in Ihe record pl.i He said lhal -,r> far it fe undc- ''•rrj^ncd >io«- much rnonrv In | Ihe machine but that the amount j is lo believed to have been small. rnis h:ive pi'.ci "'1 in lhe AIIOIISI •.!. ji: I 27 Nc::ro clitldlen' v.liat. money Reservists Leave For Camp Polk as national commander. * mU "nil left Saturday for Cnmp Polk,' l-n., for two weeks training. idlr-y --aid llu- Blythcvillo ain olhcr nnts from Ar- auisiana arid Texas at : for the training period. award- lo b and l ho Aug icdens M'>.vd White and Kr>n-.. ,I«J,n-nn f'-!rch Company. Rothrwk l>mi; Wr,ods Drns, Hays Impkment. .Tack tor CVimi)ruiy. F.:mi.v.:<in-M<'.\V:ile'r5 Chnmblin S;0- .. fir.;iv Mo!o: Phil- liricin;; rinb. Nobic nill I'ontiac Company. HIIII nncl Youne Motor Motor .Sales CompRnv. I-'rrd S. S:)-' iiba Compnny. Goodvcar, N'nrris Print inr;. Adnmn Appliiince. Martin's M"n's Store. Pl.iulers Hardware. V irrxlone. Whilsltt's. fifalKT.-'.. Montanmery-Ward T p' 'Doo ix-an, Ilubbard Hardware' nil7, Theatre. Hubbard i,:id lio'ic' Kd(iic B. Uuio. riorum Dmg, city On,?. .1, o. Priu.ey. Barney's UniR I Bl.ick and While Store, Kirby Drug" ifJrlta Implement. Farmer's Imple- ai;d Storase. nlythcville p r o, Pepsi-Cob Bottling Company, ars s!i|| acceoted according lo the committee, and ,urr-l, ftir dcmntion nf now iiitiirntes lhat ihero v ill he nmpjr. renard' for both rot','--: bof.irc time for lhe events. !};<< rnm- "We appi'Tiatr the dnnntimi vOiii-h have ben, i T , s ,| r . a ,. (1 r>: .-,.,.| '" have more Individuals and firms n.<:ome fntr-if.v|r<l and ronlribni" to l!' C i : , ;i " r ','' : Of "' C rr " 1r:<:; i f Ih'-y nrr /> ),'. onv an aitniial r\frit. as -,\r hope." Mr. li.,bii 1M , n s ln |ecl. Tiip rodeos arc under the hint sponsorship of Ihe City nnd the Amrnran t.r<;(ori. The l f ,.j m .,,. j Fiiini'd .S|ionforshi|, of thr ,oni,-.srs j af'er lie:^rinc n rrojir.^ from Mavor Dan Blodrolt, who did prcllminarv work to set up thr c-ontrsl.s in rnn- junctlon wllll Belter H=hinp Ire a nallnn:.! nrKanizaiion. ' Pollrr Chief Crril Gnr.cs, former O:,nf ! warden Tor Ihis area. t« IMMIOIA! chairniiin o! Ihe local pro"r','im Any donations recrivrrl in e\c.-« of what can br used this yr:n v. ill. tifiod with their names should s'v- i clfy jucli at Ihe time the donation is made, according lo officials The i • ommiltee said It experts lo accept donations throughout the in order to attract more participants Dierks Bonk Has Troubles niKRKK. ,Mk. ..-T-The Bank of D:crks v,as closed Irjdiiy and state had bcc-n b-r)O'r:>. Hi' alFO added lhat an h:ld !:i "n made .ir.rt that ch.lrqos would h<: '' tcri in " lr U S ' Co! "nii'S!o!ier's nt '-"' f '" Hot Sprines shortly after rmm lot ' r ' v - LITTLE »» Telecasts of the political c<w venlions slx^.i!d hove convinced Americons there are jackasses in both parties. ^^1*

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