The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1952 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 17, 1952
Page 14
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/ PAGE FOURTEEN BLYTHEVIU.R (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, APRIL 17, 1952 ||5f CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION per lint lor coniecuUTi- Dillf r»* Imcrilon: Minimum eh are* 1 time per line 9 Units per hn» per day 3 times per line ppr da* < llm« per line per day 1J tlm«« pert lins per day Month per line Walton. Disabled rptrran dio at home. Reason able S31S. ulr* ra- ros Ph, For moving uncj Loral hnnllnf?. cull 6928, \V. W. BecXhani, 117 Hose. 329 pX 429 N'ecri your radio rrpalrrcl? Call Red CuriMnn laundered rind R! retched, rs, J E. Lnwrrnce. Ph 6250 , 32i pit 425 &Qc Ad ord*r«ri foe thr*e or sli unv*» and •Kipped before fiplrMLon will be chare* • d for the number ot t linos th« ad »ppi*red and Adjustment of bill made A!) c)»Miried irtTeriislng ropy «ub- mil I id by periun* residing outside nt tht city rmiat be accompanied by rush ft *us m»y easily b» computed Irom lb« nbo*0 treble Ad?«rll«lng ordfrod for irreEul.-vt in- «»nlotis uVe tha one time l»ble No responsibility wltl be iftkrn for nore Ihan on« Inrorrect Insertion of any cUisllted sd All *da are reitrtclcd to their prop-c eI»Mlflc»tlon. »iy]a fttid type. The Courier Kews rr?*rr8A the fight to edit or r«jec* RHT «.d. Notice 31 M IN UTR PHOTOSTAT] C SrR V - IC1. O'STKKN'S BTulHO-m V, UAIN 12 4 ck tf Watch and Jewelry Repair l-D«y atnift on jewplry — 3 riayw or rttchps »nrt r locks Ou»rnntrert wur> one bj *ip*rt repair in en Lnwti' "PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second For pnlnUnR and ry When I unit Hoy tnll/r Ln alioeirock or 2835. it;, cnll fl*r- .;i Wv spcc- im pii. r/ifi.s 3.26 pk -i 'in CARD OF THAN'KS We are most grateful to our many Mentis and neighbors for thflr lho»st"f< 1 l lir!:;s - kindness /ind sympa- ihr shown us In the death of my only brother, Colbert Edward Casiman, who lost his Hie during a tornnclo. March | II Rt our home In Cooter. Mo, We nlso | want to thank those who helped hi any' way to comfort our prux-ius, Mr. and Mrs. Burl Castmnn. who were hospitalized lor several days riiif to Injuries received durlns the tornado. Your kindness shall forever he remembered. Mrs. Victor Mallnry A- family 4'H pk IB Spring is RUG CLEANING TIME fful. ihnrouah il on Hlythr lll** C,\WI> OF THANKS We wish to rxprcs-f nvir fittirfre thanks to our innny Irlrnds ann neiRhhnrs for ihclr thonpht fulness, klnrtnesq nnri Rymttnthy shown us rtur- ln<! the triielc dp.ith of our helovrU ton and brother. Colbert Etlu'ftrrl Cnst- mnn, who lost his Hfr 'hirLnn; n tornado ^tn^ch 21, ftt our home In Cootrr. Mo, Tour many nets o( kindness rtnr- Insc our hnviT-i of hcrravrin<mL will ftl- A-ays be a k^ns^c In our hearts. The Burl Castman family 4 IT pk IB Apartment 3 apartments for n •nt. 112 E. Cherry. 4; 16 pk 30 3 room furnished npnTtmenl. rlrctrlc kitchen, hot wntcr. Call 22B9 or 286B. 4;ifi ck 3 rm. Iiirn. apt-'. 3 Close !n. Ph. BR18. - "nfiiTii. . -*|15 pt 2-3 room npts, month. Wnler fun with hith. S2S Til. 3?Bfl. 4115 P> •Furnished Rn •ouple. Ph. 867S ' t'c apt. N!cp for 1 or At 1512 W. Ash. 15 pk 5 rm- unf. spt., bath, hot w rarden, 801 K. Frnnklln. ph. 4684. . pk 22 3 rm. unfur. apt. Ph. 23SO or 6083. 4;3 ck 3 room A: 4 room npts. lor rent- Ctil C12. C. Abraham. B ck t Wotlem 2 room Cur »pt Ph. 75D5 o 4M3. JIM ck Modern ftp*.. 3 roornH »nd bath, new If d«cor«tsd. good furniture. g«a rqulp fcunt. Ph. J37J. F- Simon. 9^21 ci \ Small Apartments, furnish' ed. $8 up per week. Bedroom |4 up single. 114 West Ash Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck Unfur. apt., p7t. Ph. 3^49 or 2787. hath. 100 Ctir 4|n pk 3 room furnished Rpi. for .Auto Supplies and Services Don't endanger your family wit KUlty llres—BUY LBK TIRKS. CHAP WAX SCRVIOE STATION Main And DlfHIon Phone 2563 L2[13 ck LAWNMOWERS Wo chnrpen and repnlr nil Blowers. Also new ft. li*ptl power r ers. All kLnds mower purts. Also pou er mowers for rent. Westbrook Machine Shop Across from Kroger Store Curtains Ituinrferert Rcajonahlf H 325 pk 4 ihts *p<*ctal- nnd delivery sirvlr*. 37 yenr iri flelrt. FTP-- pick vlco— )usl Citll 4118, KI.YTHKVIU.K LAUNDRY Cl.KANKRS 4 16 rh, TRF.KV1SION HKPAIR All mnkcii A: models, nt rrniwinrt •Ires. Day Amusement Co. Ph 4470. K1shwR7 fil North , chine 81 It ahnm, unr mnk« or 2 h!ock* wes t.. by nrw rnorlrk wnshlntz of Dixie Pit; Rchoo] llrrhrrt -T 1 pk 517 Come to 300 Broadway for Good 1949 CMC $895 An exlr.i cle;m Vi-'tnv, Pickup, tins G.MC hits nearly new tires. Cattle rack, loo. (!o»rt healer. 'Only $S<>5. 1947 Ford $645 This Ford I'irkup runs perfect! \Vilh new piiinl, K«(><1 I ires :in<l healer, it's a wonderful buy for someone! 1940 Chev. $195 An older nimlel '/2-Ton, Pickup tliat runs like a 2-year old! Very K""'l tires, too. A real Iniv at 1949 Mercury $1295 Look at this: Radio, heater, overdrive, turn- indicators, windshield waslicrs, seat covers. 2- iloor Sedan. 1951 Ford $1595 What a ear! Only 12,000 miles! lirilliant Carnival Ked Tudor Sedan. Heater, seat covers. Powerful V-S engine! 1940 Chev. $195 You'll j;el lots of service for $105! Master deluxe 2-door Sedan with radio and healer. A GOOD Car. For Sale, Misc. 27 hrntl of gerse for ««!<• Sc oils. Stcfto. Mo., ph. 25IU. pr-O TP'_'CKS--(.ftST LONGC4 300 Broadway Phone 4453 D. &P.I, No. 15 .ckrd. 10 tons, (Inllntrd, ir ruled, Grrmln.itIon 84 to B6 J>T cent Saved from an ncit* produrlnt; !I7 bMcs, Price JIM ton. J R, OATHINCJS. l,n \orit. Ark 3 19 pk 4;i!> Incntlon. Th 4201. 4 12 pk 19 I Corlle snwmlll. 4M. O.3. nolllRon, 2 unws. , ph. 330f> Quirk f-Alf 4 3 pk 21 nrl 2)st St. COSTINGS ill wood nt aU tlmrs Roufh 43 pk 21 FOR nrc. lsc your own rollon I.JO cnch In lnl» o[ 50 or ch. than 30 IMMEDIATE DELIVERY HUGH W. AI.LEN OAcrnln, Ark. Ph. 4«S & «t SAT.K rhnpiiorfi ! II.M) DomcAtto ranhlts. rr>-nra. clrp-wed. p«dx p to rnok. Also bree<ILnff KtocX Ph Im Rolrson, 2064 3 10 ell 4 M row John Dccra rlnntcr with mark- 4 row John Dncre rotary hoi» ftnrt olin Drcre disc hftrrow Hfilc H<-ert M. BimUHe. Th 4101. 317 el t! TomRto pliints 15c (loz., pepper lnnls 20c do^. 604 Ash St. Ph. 4616 41 pk II SaTe Money When You Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GLIN HARRISON A SON FURNITURE CO. 517 W. Ash Ph. 2552 8-2 ck tt TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. 112 W W*L7iut rhone 33B3 Plenty of Parking Space TELEVISION RCA VICTOR En per l In stall/it! on service. Day Amnsoment Co. Ph 4470. Ittphway 51 North rk 4? Tomato Plants. * varieties. Col Fr.imp plants: ].Sr do/ . 51 00 hundrer W p Sharp, lone Onk Road. V, ml. 1 HLwrvj- \Vr-^t, 4'4 pk 5 Good fioyncnn Bcrtl. Funk's Ilybr1:l 'prl Corn. Soylican Inoculation. Ixerl Frrllllyf-r. N*>a- «nri irscd lings FARMERS 5OYHFAN CORP Broadway. Blytheville. I'h. 8191 3,20 CX 421) Seed soyboiins, Dortchsoy o. 2. Only I year from breeder's stock. Subject to erlification. Only n limilocl upply. Ph. 2M2. f.1 Impln- icnt Co. 3|3l ck If DON'T FAIL! Realize More Farmers Are Going FERGUSON Jack Robinson Implement Co. HlytheviUe, Arkans»« — Phone 2371 T Rrrfi farm 1 miles n.otlh-wff.t r>J onesl)oro Modern residence, noo<) MiUrlLmtft. On Jiiflll roulfr. school *•!•;•( tlicitv Two artificial hikes. IrlCKl ftiuck'larui Call 6132, Blyihe- 4 11 pk ia Glrl'3 conip!f-i Go Wanted btcyclf. 21 to Buy '. Uscrt __„. Are you BA Untied with your present Job? :?e .\fr. Gibbon, Hot*l Noble, 1:30 jj in,, Saturday only. Ph. -1 16 pX 1 before WANTED: in 13. wheat ilnno. Call 3274, HMl; a Jn. 4 15 n i Must be free ; rlecl couples el 'A Ti I o r \Vc pfty top prtcrs hf^n f-pllts, shelled rnrn, t ml hurley Get our price rr- yrm tit-11 FARMERS SOVRKAN CORP Broadway. Dlythcvllle. Ph. 8191 3 20 ck ^ 20 old Wi will VAJ CASH for your Kodak:! 1 - ca»eni< and lens<* for parts O'STEEN'S BTTJDIO. 115 WB3T Main ia;4 ck \1 M I N N O W S — Roaclic. eiinc.s lOc up. Ph. nite day, Ofllji). .'i28 R. Main St. G. C.'Hawks. -I|17 |)k 5|17 ne TRR fitacje seed hpaiis. Plant HIGHEST PRICES PAID For tin, wire and all kinds of scrap metal. Blytheville Iron & Metal Co. N. Bdway & Moullric Drive Phono 89G2 4U5 ck 1C C. PromlRo Or Phnnfi WYMK i) Land Fiinn lf.25 Rlythevlllfl -1 17 pfc 1 VI XI nfr vrRrt 1 1/1 FTP Com 1 M-(oot moftl 1 3/4 TIT romp 1 8-foot \\i\\ K 1 rncM hlorkr? 1 Hohnrl Fllrnr Lucian Gaines FurniUtro Co. r l'rade your old furniture for now. I will also Iniy your old furniture. Farmers terms 1 •<> down, balance in Hie fall. Pormnrly Arnold & Gaine.s, Ph. 6857. ' 4117 ck tf rnt 3 Icc-Krifip ncks 1 S^5 walk-In cooler 1 safe 1 IQSO model 1 1/7 ton GMC IrncV Cnntnct MMvIn Halsril ni Un\.*r>\\ Ar. Vhlte Furniture Co , nr Phone GOtlS. 3'22 tf BTFCIAI. PAINT RA1.K ftO Rnllopp. assnrlrd Spring rolot^;. IIJH* ^'.ptitdrn Colors for IPSll trr tTiinuc'd. .liitnlor rint pnlnt. SI nrs .Iflr "p^-r . qunrt. S2 p«T ^iillnii tonp «•= prr.srnl supply U^ts MARFIN TRKNKLF. UJC.. Air Bi%f. trlo- hnne 38M. BlyUiPvllle, Atk. 4 5 rk .15 SF.FD BRANS~l>r>rtrh No en^blp. ncll. ph- hn.shM. US. 2,f>2. 327 97" . FllnnV. pk 427 DIRT FOR SALE rlienns. Tied Tnc Dortcri'oy . pine TaE Ocnen flv; j M J Osliornr, ph. 3B56 Rlrrli Pt new- 2 bedroor hunKvoO'l floor;;, [llenly closets. Prlee S~i.MQ On. Ci •I IS [>k 22 ^V Nn. 2— PIONEER SEED CORN AT Jack Robinson implement Co. • For So/e, Real f state Modern .Vroom hon^p and hRth North rtth st . 1 blor* rrmn r^nt U'ard Rrbool Tnrce feiirrd In oat Tfurt. onrrloor stornce fl.ino 'oinig mar- 4 15 pit 13 Ambitious veiling man who wants to learn General Mol- )rs automotive parts. Kxpcri- once will help but not nficos- -y. Apply in person at llor- i(ii--Wilson Motor Co., H17 K. Main St. 17 ck 24 BEST BUYS IN TOWN! ? 995 795 Insurance Call ^553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 12* TV Ash 51 GLMNCOK MOTEL BUILDING V8 c* He/p Wanted, Male For Rent 2 rm. imf. house. Ph. 6213. 4 16 pk 23 Furnlshfrt 2 bedroom holism, bath, electric Xltrhc-n. 112 N. Fifth [>h. 2154. 4,15 pV. 18 1 Six-room hoi 1 Three-room •h. 2-591, Dell. :sc 2305 Cnrolyn St. apt. 2301 Carolyn St. IS ck 21 .1 room furnished apart men t. Hoi rater furnished, private bath. 404 K. Xivls. Ph, 34H;i. -1 M P^ 21 Concreie Black BiilUllng. fclllt^ble tor uiflgo or Btore n.ntl adjoining 5 room iou=e with hath Located in curro on Highway fil. nmith Altle of Holland. Mo. Call 4404 or write Paul Byrum Tmplc- Wanted: 3 or 4 trimmers, work In a vlllp. Ark. Contact C. L. A<lkl 361, Jonesboro. Ark. perienced tree Job Wanted Truck drlyhiij or common Inhor hut not on rar/n. 516 Lake St.. W. D. mck- 2I1S- ^ 15 pX 22 Female Help Wanted 19SI CHKVHOI.KT Slylemastcr «l-l)(K>r Seilan. Fresh air heater, plastic seal covers. A beautiful car driven only 12,000 miles, it's priced right at Sullivan-Nelson. IfllS CHKVKOLKT Kleetline 2-door Sedan.'KC radio, healer, defroster, seat covers, while tires 19IS FOUl) V-8 5-P:issengcr Coupe. Radio, spot light, seat covers, heater and def. Only. .. I!1H) OLHS.MOIill.l'M-door Sedan. Molor in A-l 5 cond, tires like new, (food radio. Good cheap car Hllfl CHKVROLKT '/j-Ton Pickup Truck. A dandy truck at Sullivan-Nelson it's ^fiC$^t priced at only 03« 1!)IS) FORD V-S !/ 2 -Ton Pickup Truck. Here's ? nn excellent buy in a ";oo<l used pickup. Now only 19-17 CHKVKOI.KT '/ 2 -T. Pickup Truck. This $ city-driven trk will give you lots of good service 1950 STl!l>KHAKF,R r,-T Pickup Truck. Driv- ?• en only S,0()0 miles! It's clean as a pin and only 1<)50 GMC S/2-T. Pickup Truck. Come fo the big >QQC used car lot on Walnut St. It's yours for just... 3v V Many More fo Choose From Easy GMAC Payment Plan Remember, you can always get a good deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. "The Big Used Car Lot on Walnut Street" 301 West Walnut Phone 4578 695 Co II Unlurn no use ana Rent. R Shetland pony for your child by the dny. week or month John McDowell, ph. 3106. -l! 3 P^ 5 . 3 new 4-roo hn.s b:\th ntul xltor. p>> 3 m ho i-lty ' ises for rent. •ater. \V. M- li -I 12 Jour room 4; 17 pk 20 For Trade Settled lady experienced as bookkeeper and typist. Short-1 V^^*m^^mi^^*mmH*^amm^^ hand not necessary. Please' was made by reduction of over 7CO,- write giving atre reference 5 ? °°° i[1 1U!!nlier of farms. to a tiew ftt/ , f p } r- ,. ' , " . ' total of only 5.382.030 farms. Redwc- etc., to Box D-b, co Courier | tkm hl n \ nnbei . of fnrnw was News. 4.15 ck tf i — - achieved by combing many smaller famis Into larger units. Average U. S. farm is now 215 acres, ns compared with 114 ten years ago. Nottce Booth Cro.iskno taxi now Is ojicrat- Lntr from phone 9931, 4 ]G pk 23 All maXes rt; modets, at prices Day Amusement Co. Ph, 1170. Highway 6! North 3.21 cX 4'21 A Lesson In Saving Saltsman Wanted Will trade — II. Karmall equipment in good shape for "i",^ bouse, truck or soybeans. Jack Robinson Implement Co. 4117 ck 20 Wonted . lonm nivE $7, .wo on. hntlis on si.sonno. Hpnllv (To. K nnvls. Ph. , hnl- i. In- 4 11 <-V 21 | \\Vll llvliis H-brdronin wlih 2 hAth* k on A«h Strnrt l.nrce lo ' M FA. MuuiM Ins. Co. will select «n 'iftn to sell ibftlr Bilin anil other cRS- mliy InsiiTiince In thp Blythcvllle ter- . 201 S. Till. Co- f NFKD A MAN to sp!l Jiof*pltalLza- :m In (ind nroinu! vlclnlly of Bly- irvlllP whli cnpnhlllUpfi of" brromlnc; iRRpr Jn 60 days. Snlary. ovfrwrlt". Lesions. offlrp. Lead-? furnlshrcl irm. Contact Himh BuJlnrd Mnnapf"- 1J2'-; W. W.IShlnEttOLI. Jon^hnrn „,! call 7231. Joiicshord, betwee: EDSON Lost and Found IMd billfold. In the vlrlnlty ot B1J- thcvllln llf)»pltnl. Hcvvard otrcrcd «t Courier News or Blvlhrvllle HospHnl. \V. K. Kfnnody. Stpelc. NTo. Rt. 1. 4 Ifl p* 19 Continued from i back: "Subject: Sugar Survey team- Refer Vfialm 27 Verne 14." If the Formosa mission Icoked tlifvt one up for riecodins;. they "Wait on the Lord. Be of good courage and He shall strengthen thine henrt. Wait, I say, on trie I/ml." n -\rli I no. orrho.t 'all 2734 kltrlirn s for r hnthfl. $250 reward for finding my diamond rintf. F. G. ^"" Guaranteed Watch Repair niie c^r=. 2 I n for rjnlrte s ' We Set The Standard Of Used Car Value Shop here first and find out liow much ([ualily you can nd for your dollar of used car price. Somehixly must recondition a used car before tl will ^ive lasting satisfaction. YOU won't have to do it if you luiv vour car litre. '51 Slude. Commander, fl Automatic trans. • '40 Slude. Ch. 5-Pas. 1195 'Jfl Stude. Ch. -1-dr.. 11 !I5 MS Pontiac 1-dr. ... 13115 '10 Ford V-8 1-dr. . . 11SI5 '40 Chevrolet 2-dr. .. 11 15 '50 riymouth 1-dr. . 1315 MS Chevrolet 2-dr. . 3(15 Two to choose from '51) Sluile. 'i-T. rkp. . fl!)5 '•l!l Slude. !' ; -T. Pkp. . 895 MS Chev. i-i-T. Pkp. .. TH.S '1C, Chev. ' i-T. Pkp. . 095 '17 Chev. 1 Vi-Tou . . . l>!15 '17 l)odi:c 2-Ton 7i>5 'IS RMC 1 |;-Ton 695 '•17 Chev. 2-T. Stk. . . f>05 '•Ifi !)(!«. 1 'i-T. Slk. . 595 'J9 Stude. 't-T. Pkp. . 895 ' Ifi Ford 2-door 695 Mrtsl of those cars havp a rariin anrt hc.iter. ."Many othrr makes and ntoclrl* available. SPRAY GLAZED GUARANTEED • 2 Big Lots at Railroad & Ash Streets, • CHAMBLIN SALES CO. * Your Friendly Studebakcr Dealer * Railroad & Ash Call RSS8 or <rno1<r. Oor WalnMt. 4 Ifi pV: : FOR SALE n & PI, 15 COTTONSEED MAClllNK DKI.1NTK1) CKKKSAN THKATKD IN NF,\V 100 l.B HA(;S MKKTS A 1.1. HI, UK TAG RKQl'IKKMKNTS I''.X(.'KPT' 1! to 5 PKR CENT BKI.OYV CKH. Ml NATION. Sl^.i.dO prr ton Hlyllio- ville \Viirohouse. CONTACT F. P. JACOBS, JR. JOPCKOI.A — PHONK SL'^.M-1 •1'12 ck 10 3-hc-drnotn Mo nip in Counlty Club , llrlva Aclriinon It's va<-nnl—you'll LlVc Lt. G^vtrt conrtlMon $].orio to Sl.pyi c^ri rill handle, ^ninnce $51.30 prr nionlh See or call JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. 2nd. Phone 4111 Residence Phone !i. r >!V> TRYING TO RET Italy »nd Yn- So-sl^via to ngrpe on -sottlen^pnt of the 'len^-stending TricsU? ciispvitei (Is one of the toughest tnefliatlon son. Call 3262, 3123 or 4'lb 1, j j olK which American. British Bnd Glcncoc Hotel. 11 ck tf| French diplomats have ever tuck- led. Reason is that (he issue Is all Private Rooms . private rntrnnro "^ block Ph 4660 307 N. First, • IT j>lc 2-1 boimri up Ijy inl^nse patriotic emo- tionalisrn. Public .sentiment, with (rndilmnal nalreds and prejudices. won't n!Jo\v anyone in eittier Italy take EI ration a 1 nl^nt TO h fill W _:„*:„_ or YuKfUavia to nth. stenm view of the Mtuntton. WHY $350.00 DOWN rrfrliirrator. rxoMtrnt . I^\? Call 2760 Rtter 7 Terry Atn.t Thou .oti'Hl. Monthly j H'l 00 And «-;2.fiO « TERRY irt A- Rralty Crt, Real ESTATE Farms—City Properly LOANS If lnlrrr«tPd In Buylnjf rvr .*^Hln<r «PB h" <nrn wt 701 Hflrnln PI P:irr j v. i i i .— k , • . . !.i-^ w ;Noble Gill Agency| INSURANCE Glencoe Rldg. rt usrd rrls!d»lri- Furn. Store. ' Cd V.rr S^nntcl pups. , Call 6M5. Mrs. Loflln. I 17 rk A 1? Hnlscll A- i Ph. GSGS • 30 ck It : 3 hoi;.<f.«. 2-bri1roomR. 3-lM-rtrcM^nv«. !oodprt inot'^rn If vnu I". I only pniall rmnunt ct 13 j caib. O. S. Rolllson. p». 3303. <,9 pK 23 wish privnte baih. rh. SSTi j it- to an American diplomat who 4 i s>k 5-1 j was ti-yin-< to work out a solution. "Yon ;\.vjc nir- to take a more reA- ,sonab]p altitude lo«'anl Yn^osln- 45 |V< ^ j via's opposition on Trickle, but ' that's Inrd for me to do. I nhvuv- iTinrmb?r that n.s a boy in Rome, one of our favorite c A] m?s wn.s to t.hroiv rocks nt the Austrian cmliRs- sy o s n cl emcn s t T n t i o n for the return of Trieste to Italy." ... . . -_ - TOf !>a/e Cars & / TUCKS 20 SPECIAL SERVICE For all ".Motorists N'r> mutter wlini kind oT CAT or Irurk >ini mm. T. "I". Scay .Molor Co. r.xii offor you the spccialim! service of s[>rrtloinrl< i r rrp.iir. To i>r j-afe* — to get hrller service from your rar ... be sure your ^peeftorneler Is correct. 1-Dajr Servtrr. T.I.SEAY MOTOR CO. rhryslrr-rivTnouth Dealer 121 E. .M;itn Plionc ^12^ BIR KKOrCTION of U. S. farm tonrfciu-y is, shown by ne\v eturl of 19aO CcriMis of Agriculture. 10-!0 nearly 30 prr cent*of all Amor- irnii fan 11.5 \\pre oprrnteri by l flnls nncl 5hare-rroppprs. .Todav the Iisiire i"= hrlow 20 per rent. Decline ua.= shown in every stare ev cept Arizona, with bips; drops 'In the South. Pi5e in farm ownership by er.itors acconipanted a declJne ITT • tenancy. But the brg difference 1918 GMC 2-Ton long whcclhase truck with 1 2- spcecl axle, n e \v p;iint AND <1 new rc;ir tires! At Hnrner-Wilson $895 lil-15 GMC I'/z-Ton long wheelbase Truck with Rnod motor and tires, jfeaulirul new paint job. Come in and pas-e. $375 IfloO Chevrolet 2-Ton shoi't \vheclhase Truck with perfect tires, molor just overhauled. N c w paint. Now only 9 $1295 • 1951 GMC short wliecl- linse 2-Ton Truck with new (ires, cab lights, signal li^lils . . . now offered nt H real bargain! • SAVE • 1<151 STUDEHAKKR llj-Ton lonjf wheelbase truck with very low niile- ai;e. A tnily fine truck at a nice price! Only O $1295 O IfllO GMC I'/j-Ton long wheelbase Truck with a nr.ictically new motor, now paint and (,'<KH| tires. A real value— O $495 e DODGK 1'/i-Ton l»n<; whctlbiise Truck witli a brand new motor! Has i>oo(l tires, (no. See this truck today' • $775 O 1!)IS Km-il IV;-Ton IOIIR wheelbase Truck with «oo<l rubber, new paint ami ROCK! molor. It's a heckuva fine liuv—• 0 $745 • See Horncr-Wilson's nice pickups R used cara FEEDS Wholesale or Retail FULL-O-PEP. STAF-O-L1FE Moore Bros Store Phone 6SB6 IllwaT 18 West HORNER-WlLSON Kocket Oldsmobile — G.MC Trucks I Phone 20SB Used Car l.ol — Plione 0151 I ON EAST MAIN ST. I

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