The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 17, 1952
Page 11
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THURSDAY, APRIL 17, 1052 BLYTHRVn.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Combination Dessert Is Treat 'fcRANGE-MARSHMAI.LOW CUPS are a cay dessert guaranteed lo satisfy that "hungrj -Tor-sweets" springtime feeling. ; By GiVY.VOR MADOOX NEA Food and Markets Kditor Looking for a gay dessert to satisfy the family's springtime appetite? Try this colorful combination arid serve on plates garnished with a sprig of green leaves. Broiled Orange-Marslunallow Cups (Makes 8 servings) large naval oranges, VI nmrshmallows (about 16 inanhmallows). 1 cup walnuts, coarsely chopped. <A teaspoon finely grated orange rind, 2/3 cup grated inoiM. coconut. With a sharp knife, cut oranges in half crosswise. Cut around edge to sep&rat* sections from rind; then cut along membranes to -separate aeetioni »nd place them in a bowl. With si pair of scissors, tut rnaxsKmallows Into eighths. Add marshmallows, watmiLs and orange rind to orange sections; stir until thoroiiehly mixed. Pile imo orange •hells; •prlnklo tops with coconut. Place In shallow pan and broil three inchas from source of heat for about one minute, or until coconut- IB to»at*d. erve Immediately. i cottage cheese and baked potatoes I for a spring luncheon main dish. Cheese-Stuffed 1'otatcu'S Supreme Four (4 servings) large baking potatoes, a , cups creamed cottage cheese, 4 ta- ble-spcons minced onion, 1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley. 3 tablespoons melted butter or margarine. salt to taste. V, teaspoon pepper. paprika, mushroom sauce. Bake potatoe.s in moderately hot oven 1375 degrees p.) about 1 to l'-i hours or until done. Out In half lengthwise. Scoop out Insides (reserving shells) and mash. Add remaining Ingredients. Beat until light and fluffy. Pill potato shells with mixture. Dot with extra butter, and sprinkle with paprika. BitKe in moderately hot oven [375 degrees P.) nobul 15 to 20 minutes imt.ll lightly browned on top said thoroughly heated. Serve lopped with mushroom sauce. Mushroom Sauce: Mix one can condensed cream of mushroom soup with half as much milk. Heat, stirring occasionally, nnd serve over Ytm'll like this combination of | the cottage cheese sniffed potatoes. Veal Roasf Gives Chance to Inject Variety into Your Spring Menus Eggs Lead List Of Plentiful Food Oranges in Abundant Group for April— Are Economical Buyi EBBS are big news today They lend the Department of Agriculture's list of. food lo be In plentiful supply during April. So. to eat (o use In bnklns and puddings or to roor brlRlitly (or Easier. y 0 ,ni | lnve nil the egcs you want R( more reasonable orices. Ornnces will be abundant too So serve them freely, as Juice .sliced rut up In fruit cun or In dPlicalely favored fruit rniddines. Other plentiful* for volir April budget mras Inch.rte broilers and frvers. Frozen fish, roliaae rbeese and peanut butler are also protein Aoril" °" """ ab "" danl Blcic '" Here's III" official national list for plentiful foods In April. Grapefruit (East and Midwest! Fresh Oranges. Proce-ised Orange nnd Grapefruit Products, Domestic DMes anrt Prunes. E°Ss. Bvoiers and Fryers. Frozen Pish, r-ottase Clicese and Nonfat Drv »'ilk. Almonds. Pecans. Peanut n,,,ttrr r.ard. Ra!ad Oils and Vegetable Shortening. To use Ihojp efo s rWtoloml.v 7.«lv Jiakeil Kr.» s (I servings) One-third cup salad dressing or mayonnaise, 'i teaspoon salt >4 teaspoon pepper, '.t, teaspoon pa)1 . rikn. '•; teaspoon Worcestershire sauce, 'i cup milk. 1 cur) fralfd shorp cheese. 8 eegs. Combine salntl dressing and seasoning. Gradually add milk stirrin" after each addition until smooth" Add cheese and cook over low heat until c'lpese Is melted, about 5 minutes. Pour 2 tablespoons or the sauce into each of 4 individual Kreased baking Break 2 e°gs into each dish and top will] rerun Inlng sauce. Place In pan of hot water. Bake In a moderate oven t350 degreen P.> until eggs are desired consistency. 12 to 15 minutes. Cre-'mv T^ee SlaiT IS servings) One egg. 3 tablespoons sugar S tablespoons cream or evaporated milk, 3 tablespoons vinegar I small hcnd cabbage (about 1 quart shredded). Beat egir nnd sugar. Adrt cream Add vinegar and blend, stir Into finely cut cabbage. Note: N o s ,! t is needed in this salad. Green pepper and shredded carrot mav be added. One teaspoon celery seed may be added. Wl»h a new reason It's wise to Inject variety Into menus. Perhaps 'e overlooked serving R veal lately.- It's an ideal choice for a spring day. Veal, the same as beef, lamb and cured pork, is roasted in a 300 degrees p.- oven. Through ex- tenstr* rtMirch It has been found that thl« low temperaiurep roduces a Jutcier, more tender ronst, points out Reba Staggs, home economist. Beonu«« veal is a young animal and bai Httle fat, it's suggested you l»y rtrips of bacon over the. top of khe roast before cooking. Then ptace the roast on a rack in a shallow roasting pan and cook without a cover and without, water. A leg roast requires approximately J5 to SO minutes per pound cooking- time. O*rntoh«« ahow oft your roast Franks, Kraut Frankfurters and sauerkraut are an old duet, yor variation, .sea-son th» kraut with brown sugar or caraway seed, a bit of diced raw potato or tart apple. Or at the lasl minute, fold a small amount of chill sauce into the kraut for serving de- fct with hot frankfurters. When yon'ra buying fresh corn I watch out for dry. yellowed, or straw-colored husks; they're »n Indication of age or damage. Beef Shanks Make Good Pot Roasts Individual pot-ro«5t« — you can prepare them by using cross-cut beef alianks made by cutting across the small mealy portion of the beef shank. Cook the cross-cut shanks the same as any other pot-roast, say Reba SURB. meat cookery expert, brown the meal In i small amount of lard or drippings. When thoroughly browned, add from '•; to '& cup of water, rover the utensil tightly and let the meat cook unti It becomes tender, about 1 to 1H hours. Add vegetables, left whole or rut in large pieces, to the cooking utentll tn lime so they will i )f . cooked when the meat Is done. Along with (he old stand-bys-car- rots, onions and potatoes—odd parsnips. Rrussels sprouts and turnips. Cook seraralelv and serve creen beans, pens or Rreen limas with the pol-roasla. For a decided change, serve those braised cross-cut shanks In a vegetable gravy. Add green peas, onion slices and diced carrots to the cooking utensil, when the Oianks are cooked, remove them from Hie pan. then thicken the liquid for your vej;etab!e gravy. Cross-cut shanks may be barl>e- cucd for another templing braised dish. In barbecuing, follow the .samp rookery steps as for a jwt- ronst — brown, then add barbecue sauce, cover and cook until tender. Frank Treat Perhaps you'll wont to center can- Here's > frankfurter treat yonng- ned pear halves with bright red stars will enjoy especially slice the maraschino cherries ai)d circle them franks and add to fluffy scrambled around the roast. Whole cooked - .'- - J """ carrots with a brown sugar glflze make another colorful companion Pot Luck Supper Is Well Liked Everyone loves a pot luck sup- Perl This tasty pot luck supper dish, made of ground beof. kidney beans nnd macaroni Is sure to be a "conversation piece," Pot !,uck Casserole 1 pound ground beef l!j cups uncooked macaroni 3 medium onions 2 8-oz. cans tomato sauce 1 can kidney beans (1 2/3 cups undrained) Salt, pepper 'i teaspoon chill powder 1 cup grated cheese Cook macaroni in boiling salted water; drain and rinse. Brown ground beef and chopped onions In a little hot fat. Add tomato sauce anrt cook gently for 15 minutes Add rest of ingredients (?i teaspoon salt. '.„ teaspoon pepper) and sprinkle the grated cheese on lop. Hake, at 37d degrees P. for 20 minule.s. 6 servings. Cover and cook slowly 30 to 45 minutes longer, or until tcncter, turninij frcnuently. Remove cover for last 5 minutes of cooking. PAGE ELEVEN Mrs. Kovacs' Cabbage Rolls Recommended With cabbage, now look what they do- Mrs. Kovacs' Cabbage Rolls (Yield: about It small roll*) One pound ground beef, or half beef and veal or pork, 1 cup rice, ' I'Klf. 'i cup chopped onion. 1 teaspoon salt, pepper, 1 medium head cabbage, 1 small can sauerkraut, 1 lOli-ounce can tomato soup. Combine beef, rice, egg. onion nnd seasoning. Soften cabbage.' in boiling water for about 2 minule.s. Then cut off 16 large outer leaver,. Cut out and discard hard center rib of each leal and top leaf with rounded tablespoon of beef mixture. Iloll up lent and tuck in the etlee.i In ninke a compact roll, about 3 inches long. Make .small balls out of remain- inB meat mixture. Spread sauerkraut in large skillet or casserole. Top with cabbage rolls and meat balls. Cover with remaining cabbage chopped fine. Pour tomato Chicken Is Fixed With New Recipe Every new recipe for fried chicken deserves reading. We heard of this one at a luncheon In New York to I introduce a new weather-proof salt. The salt defies dampness and humidity, flowing freely at all times. Harmless moisture-absorbent cnl- clum silicate has been added, rain- proofing each tiny grain of salt: This seems to be the solution to clogging, lumping and sticking of salt. Now back to the chicken fry. Fried Clilcken Dry pieces of frying chicken between towel!. For each pound chicken, mix >A cup flour, "t" teaspoon paprika. ] ,4 teaspoon salt., and H teaspoon pepper; place in paper bag. Drop In chicken, a few pieces at a time, and shake until well coated. Pry chicken In sizzling hot Tat. VI to >A inch deep. In heavy skillet until lightly browned on both sides. A IUHTITUTE roi MEAT eggs. Just before serving fold a bit into the frank-scrambled egg mix- DEAR HOME MAKER: THERE'S PLENTY Of ENERGY AND PEP IN HYPOWER CHILI TO PURCHASERS OF NEW 1952 48 JET-TOWER DISHWASHER WITH HYDRO-ELECTRIC CONTROL soup ml»cd with one cnn of water over tbe cabbage and meat. Cover. Cook slowly over low beat or In a moderate oven 1350 degrees P.) one hour. Drain oft llqul* ••< thicken with 2 tablespoon* flow mixed with 9 tablespoon* butUr. Heat and pour over the eibbaM rolls. Serve hot. To introduce the new 10.5* Youngstown Ktirhen.i 18" Jel-Tower Ilisli- Mislier with Hydro-Electric Control, we are tanking lite above offer to purrliasers who will promisr lo show ami explain it to five friends, uci^h- Iwrs, or refalives. No other inelluxl w»slio* dislif* so ck'un, so fast! In lc.«.i ttmn ten mini)lea, dishes nre washed, flushed and rinsed hygici.ically clc«n, spjur- kling bright! •$7! 00 allowance on *. 17" YOUNGSTOWN KITCHENS 48* ELECTRIC SINK «*»o» prict $429»» Spatial allowance 100°° ^ , Yo« pay wily $329 93 EAST TERMS* '— Mc» 31,1952 Ifl.5? Youngstown Kitchen! Electric Sink, <8" wide. .!ct- Tower Dishwashing, full sink facilities. Food \Vwte Disposer and rinse spray available at exlra coaL Adams Appliance Co v Inc. J. W. Adams, Mgr. 206-208 West Main I'hone 2071 Here's an economical Idea for • really nice Sunday dinner. Your whole family will enjoy s delicious baked hen . ; . a tender bird (h;it's ready In cook — fully dressed. And save at Freeman's. Id. 39 C Save at Freeman's on soap powder! '*> OXYDOLor DUZIge.box25< Save af Freeman's. Soft, absorbent.Charmin TOILET TiSSUE 4 rolls 29i Save ar Freeman's! Krey's PURE WHITE LARD ...... 4 Ibs. 550 Save at Freeman's on this fine flavored BROOKS CATSUP botl.l8< Save at Fretman'i! Famous Adam* ORANGE JUICE 46 oz.!9$ Save at Freeman'i. Confectioner's 4X SUGAR - - - Ib. box Save at Freeman'i. Medium size, bursting with juice GRAPEFRUIT- - 6for25< FREEMAN'S MARKET 2016 Wesf Main ^- Acrojt from th* Max Theater WAttWM WMtt SPECIALOfffft! $1.00 FOB 500 • Large size Burgess Cellulose Sponge (T long, 4'A" wide, 2" thick)-32.6X more absorbent than finest natural spongel Better, easier, faster cleaning-streak-free and lint-freel A $1.00 value for 50c and the end of any-Red Cross Macaroni product wrapper. Very limited offer-mail coupon below today without fail. MAU ONIY i WRAPPER INDm WITH 50c ' MAIL COUPON TODAY! 55 • ID CIOI1 MACMONI niMIUMS f. O. »OX »JW, Chi..,., PIMM ""* n> * '•'*• •!«• Bur*.,, C.I1 u lo.. Spon... Fof M ch •pong, I .ncloi. 50c In coin .nd on. wr.pper .nrt from . R.d Cio~ M.c.rom product (m.c.ronl, ipagh.lll of tlbow m.e,iorri). NAMI ADO*!*). cm_ . J FINA FOAM . . . the Newl;Developed Bubble Bath for Fine Fabrics, Rugi and Upholstery doe* » •pecdy foam cleanini Job. ARKANSAS FAINT * GLASS CO. IM *.. Main Pholw K72 FOR SALE C*««r*l* nlnrlc, U ta*h t* t* . (.'•iierik* Btlldlmt BI*<k> •k««p- •r tha» l*Bk«r (, r WTBI, thlckm b«uw, limp b«uc<, t«»nt Cmll •> f»r (TH OSCEOLA TILE «, CULVERT CO. rh.a« HI HE KNOWS YOUR CAR M 7M WUBt •«•«•• hta b«M • mialm •• T. I. ***i Um C*. TIT •• T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 111 E. Main Fh*M 1|M Foods that are Different at the RAZORBACK Cherry Cobbier Blackberry Hot Biscuits Cobblei D •• B., Baked Beans Barbecue Choice Home Made Vegetable Soup Home Made Hot Rolls "Eat Out More Often" FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Se// That Stuff" Phone 2089 Off ice & Bulk Plant—Promised Land

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