The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 17, 1952
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, APRIL 17, 1951 Stalin Can Wait- Money Rolls In for Legions Abroad As Stalin Waits for Conquest Time (Editor's note: The black markThn money pours In under the legislators. Parliament must pay and a subsidized press—these are among the weapons of communism, Here is an important nnd revealing story on the cold war, giving a new insight into the way Moscow impetus of rigid parly discipline. But the operation* nf a Communist parly are highly expensive, particularly in the key areas of Europe. No matter how exten- operates. The information was! sive the resources of the party gathered by William L. Ryan, AP | domestically, Moscow must kick foreign news analyst, in a two-! in. month tour of Europe. Yhifi article Is the third of a series of four.) There Vs a .striking example of (his. In an address lo the French National Assembly in November, 1!)1R, Jules Moch, then interior minister, %n,ve, this explanation; : "The French Communist party for distributing Communist orders and Communist propaganda sent out undfr the name of .larrjues Duclos, who is a parliamentary .secretary. Ten or 12 hags of maiJ a day go out from the Assembly under the Communist franking privilege. (Tomorrow: What the Wesl can do) By WILLIAM L. RYAN AP Foreign News Analyst PARTS (.-TV-Stalin waifs for (he time of conquest to ripen, and the I amj j t51 various brnnrhe.s have the money rolls In for his legions | Rr(lfll advantage of having ac- abroad. I counts at one single institution. It takes money—much money—to j Thp Banque Commercial Pour feed Stalinism. [l/Furopc du Nord. A peculiarity Where does the money come from? Even the salaries of Communist members of parliament are tapped to swell the party coffers. From Communist journalists and professionals come regular remittances—the member's income less of this bank, which Is a Freivrh limited company, is that its capital Is divided into 100,000 shares. 97,000 of which 'belong to iwo Soviet governmental banks, the National Bftnk and the Foreign Trade Rank. The remaining .1.000 .shaves nre distributed am one; various French a living- allowance on the scale of j and foreign communist leaders. A skilled worker. j "This French facndo, therefore, From constant subsrnption Is hiding a purely Soviet reality." drives on behalf of the Communist press come the francs and lire and marks of working people persuaded that their lot can be bettered. But from Moscow comes tlie .bulk of operating revenue. Comin- forni couriers scurry about Europe with remittances parties according doled out to to their needs and importance. Some parties, in Scandinavia for Instance, yet virtually nothing. Others, particularly in France and Italy, nre libernlly aided so long as Moscow sees re- culLs forthcoming. A Soviet diplomat, Immune from customs regulations, transports gold to be used to buy francs or lire or marks on the black market. The black marketeer in Paris or Rome or Frankfurt who sidles up to the visitor to offer local money for American dollars may be indirectly in the employ of the Cominform. The Cora Inform assiduously gathers American dollars for its own ends. Every possible source is tapped, even to raids on the treasuries of the unions which are dominated «nd controlled by the Communists. Police Find Body Of Girl Starved By Her Parents 'Phantom Gunman' Tells Thrill He Gets Shooting at Women ..OS ANGELES wv-Los Angeles') "phantom eunmnn," the shoot-and- nin sniprr who h»- killed nne worn- ; an anri wounded, fmir. cave shri'- i if Ps rtrjMitics this explanation for his act!,: "VV]ir>n r ."hoot at ivoinrn I K?t rxritrd Find RPI a ihiill out of it," MiM-t:inMPri rnilroarj s\vitrhman. \v^ nirr.ted ypMrrday afirr n phol in the nicht narrowly niiv^rl a unman in UK Lov N'irto* dismrt, Mumbling find nervous. Thorns?, father of iwn children, told rtepu- Uns thv, story: Eisht months K^O he bontrnl n "22 rifle which hi? k**pt iinrirr thr hrn- ?cnt nf his cnr, His drprcrialions bejjan one nii-hi when has wifp anri rhildn>n worr vi.'iun? ivr mother and hp felt, "at loo?e ends." The hank is still operating. French government sources say \ the total accounts of Communifr j organizations ore overdrawn by 15J Ruttrr. were accuspd of million francs (54.600,000). In one | the death by "gradual starvation BRIDGNORTH, England tfF) Police have charged a mother and father with manslaughter after finding Ihfiir 38-year-old dfuiphtp dead in her empty room, her "J7 pound body clothed In R piere of sacking,. Doctors said examination of the i stomach of thf drad woman. Winifred riuLtcr. showod .the had eaien oniy hits of p^per. rioth, charrfd \vnotl and potato peelings for a long time, The parents, Mr ,ind Mrs. Henry SNAILS' PACE REDS-Mcm- bers nf an anti-Communist underground group in East Germany's Communist FDCiB trade union advorate passive resistance to the Keds with stickers bearing drawings of snails, and ! raptioned with slos;ms mging a slow-down to a snail's pare. Captions read, above, "With as much meal as.n snnil has, Ulbricht feeds his proletarians," and hetow: "A snail on,each wall gives Grotewnhl a hard time." "I remember (he first time I pulled the trigger." he said. "I way driving past this Ifttto coffre >tand on Atlantic. I saw this girl sitting there . . . i stopped nhout SOD y^rds au-ay and xent Into an alley wilh the rifle, "She had the cup to her face, I aimed at it. I wanted r.o knock rhp cup out of her hand. But I hit her in the head." Thomas attributed the shootings to an unnatural urge, hut said he had "no rhyme or reason for choosing victims." Deputies said the coffe£ stand victim was Mrs. Nina Marie Bice, 25, mother of three. They said Thomas also implicated himself in four other shootings last /all. He was arrested after deputies I noticed htm hoverlne rlo, c r as they I Investigated the firing of & .22 bullet into the home of Mrs. Joan Hiles, 22, his neighbor. The shut crashed through a window while she watched television and missed her by less than three feet, He was • booked on suspicion of murder, attempted murder and fe- ! lonlou.s assault. Senators to Check TV WASHINGTON <*1 — ««iuto« working on election law reforms called i public hearing today to explore the part played In political campaigns by radio >nd t»l«- Tlslon. month, August. 1948, the total overdrawn was fiB millions, without so much as a wince from thp hank. In addition, large sums come from countries of K a stern Europe, either through transfer lo the Banque Commercials F'our L' Europe du Nnrcl or through the transport of gold under diplomatic cover. Moreover, the Communist party spends millions on its press in the cities and the provinces. Again are some 20 Communisi dallies, 83 woeklics and 26 maga'/.inp. 1 ;. The and neglect," Spring Weather Moves in on U.S. rightist newspaper I/Aurote lias By The Assariiiird Press PleaRant spring weather was the outlook for most of the nation today. Fair veatlmr was icported In all Army Wins Tank Gamble, Collins Says of Model WASHINGTON tTV-TIv tank the Army gambled on has provnd it can climb better than a man without slipping, run under water. i break most, city .speed limits, slop on a dime—and packs a terrific with France as the example: Thrrrl .sections cxcrpt, in the Western | wollr)11)l " - Plains, where thrre wi-re litiht show- j Cicn. J. Lawton Collins 5,1 ys the ers, TempernliiLTs were mild and j M-47 medium tank, now bpmg mass headed [or marks similar to yes- .. ..... „ ........................... ,._ estimatnri (he Red bnllwelher pa-l Jorday— in the 60? and 70s. They per — L'Humnnilp,. needs more than 30 million francs H month Tor printing and editing. Aurore, says L'Humanite runs on a deficit of mill tons monthly, and Ihn Communist Ce Solr loses even more, Tons of tl tern lure for the party out ol under Ihe frank inn produced, is "more than a match 1 ' for Us Soviet counterparts. French Communist 1 died In 187fi.- htghnr iti the South and Smith- f The Army dpmon?traierl the M-47 west, with a top of 91 at Yuma. | to newsmen at Aberdeen Proving Arl?x)na. j Grounds in nearby Maryland yes- I tcrday. There are. no longer any pure- j ' blooded Tasmania n natives. 'Rie | The Micmac 1ndinn<; of Nova last survivor in this British Com- | Scotia number about 3.400, approx- nionweftllh Island near Australia,! imatrly the same as their estimat- population in the early 1600's- rOU« COtOt SCMEMfS AM ftcofctm youR srytfs AMD OtfAi/rr fttftkytm When yoi cboost H«rmony !!••$• Color Coordiooted HOMO FvrmsJuaf i Yott h<m a w^« chow* , . , 17 HM- MONY HOUSf Cdor "FomiJiM- induct* mony d iff went i^iod« «f or* color. Thw^ you or* certain to And your favorite ool- on in on« or mo*« KAAMONY HOUSI Color famiU**. Colors /»«/ not *mofc/i". . . Any tftodt In a HARMONY HOUSE Color iuMv blend together perfectly. WANT A HO THIS BIG COMBINATION OFFER STA THERE ARE A LIMITED NUMBER KENTUCKY'S FAVO^RJTE STRAIGHT BOURBON becouie f'l'i ~veiy ounce a Man's whisky! EARLY TIMES DISTIUSRY COMPANY • lowKvifh I, JCMtucfcy ... to select right ' -j$ Fabric, Color, and Quality of Slipcovers, Draperie* Curtains, Bedspreads, Upholjtery In S«r» Or(^*' O*<» you con »•• and *Toucfc T«|I" tha Kna quality of S«OFI catalog matortaL &«« actuaE caloi» dtiigni and hixtum of our caV alog m*rchandFi«. Th«w n»w MmpU booki ar* pocVocf wrtn gtn«iovi Mmpl« twalch**. You COM plan your dtcofalion ichonii rigM on nS« ipot. Ev.n yout »ollpop«r prakltmi b«»m< «oty ... i ifj wollpopor colori "hormanlxo". $•• fSo i**w waltpop*, wmpl« book ot yew Soon Oroor Offic* torfoy. FOR EVERY HOME FURNISHING NEED... F0« EVERY OECORATINO PROBLEM. COM! TO HJfi E. Main — Phone 8131 Hours: 9 to 5 — Sat., 9-6 . HURRY BE HAD AT THIS PRIC GET THIS GREAT WASHDAY COMBINATION IT rNCLUDKi * G. E. 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