News Herald from Perkasie, Pennsylvania on January 29, 1948 · 15
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News Herald from Perkasie, Pennsylvania · 15

Perkasie, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1948
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S-B Runners Gleam;, Blue And Gray Gals Lead BB Loo , . 1 ' TWIMTHWM tX X By JIM HACKETT '" ; Frwn all indications the storms have not subsided. With": these frigid blasts comes the problems to the birds. In the past we have asked for a few favors to our feathered friends , To those of you who have contributed to their welfare, and to them we reprint a verse, in . no way original, but as a small measure of thanks. , , ".vYou" who.have plenty of good things to eat, and the conforts of home here below, give heed to the need of our small feathered friends, and scatter some food on the snow; they have no assurance of three squares a day; or steam .' heated houses J ike we, and 111 wager, for crumbs that you' throw out . each day, they'll thank you with chirpings of glee. .r v It had to happen, if you knew the guysj When Russell "Ziggy" Shelly pulled out for Florida, he left behind a token of his esteem to : the football jlsyers who performed for the Sell-Perk-Greenjackets. , ", . Ziggy' knew the Big Six Football Conference banquet was slated for Tuesday Feb. 3,nd the guiding father of preenjackets ' fortunes for years, bought' a 'ticket-at $2.25 per for .every player, the Waterboys, doctors, and incidental men connected with the group.' v'. As a rejoinder, what will happen to the Jackets when meitthe ilk of Ziggy no longer care? But that's. a "foolish question querjf for they will(be interested as long as they can motivate. . Members of thePerkasie Rotary Club voted'a committee oh Thursday , night the power to in- .. vestigate the establishing of an Ed Hubbert, -r, Memorial Trophy -These men, George Jfetherington, ROscoe "Ittoyer, and Lloyd Hoagejr1, were not only empowered verbally, but they were loaded with the , graciousness. ad goodness, of men innately , interested in our;-com-mnnif.v. vet who never ou'hlicR their worthiness. DetAila on the nro- ject must be. worked out but from a horde of sportsmen in the Sell- Terk area goes a "well done." " ., .- . . , . v-v ,' . v When Trainer. Tadley of 'the Philadelphia Athletics showed the .major league Baseball pieture, 1M48 edition, at tne rlartreil-uroutnamei Legion home oh Wednesday, he left more than .visual education.' He dropped instructive "hints to the youth on hanqas well as some food for thought for us older ones. , . : Tadley told the boys the ball players' life was one of comfort, clenliness, and respect. With a base pay of $5000, plus many benefits for the boy who makes tne major1 grade." He urged the boysts take this into consideration when concentrating 'on one sport ,vl ; The traihef said .the reason many'pltchers come up with' chipped elbows today", is because of the rotating wrist motion neces- ' sary to throw a curve,. With, this in mind, he admonished young boys who were aspiring to be chuckers, to lay off the crooked stuff, develop a blazing fat "ball, and keep his legs in shape. ' The aseball scenes; . will readily teach the fancy dips and forks. . ; ,' Tadley Baid it was a challenge to th'e American Legion baseball program to develop sport for all the kids, not only for the eighteen who make the varsity grade. , .'. That fitted in nicely with the ttmvtersation among post members prior to the- showing. , The 'committee members urged Perkasie and Sellersville Post to start comprehensive program. . ; . Perkasie Post ' 2uld handle Silverdaie, Blooming Glen, Dublin, Hagersviile, Hilltow'n; ajid the borough. Sellersville Post wuld encompass The Tylersport, ' Almont, West Rockhill, and oorough territory. . A grownup former ball player would be assigned to jeach ball club after teaching the funda mentals of position enmasse, finally the organization- of a league fori the kids. ... Idealistic? . j. xes, but possible! The development of such a, sponsorship, lies with the organizations. ,. , : ' . , ' . . ' ' . "- ' . ,i Minor meanderings: Saw Johyi Beck, the guy 'who belongs to the nnA' CniiaravtllA fnrA mmnaniM. nnRino- -hi children an a huire tobaggon,. Ha'iiiien assumed the' "pose of '' koflywoooTewaimrmn-. and started tf rnd way-JMaybe-he-is going to u those shots this summer. W keep cool. : . . Next Monday 'the guys at the TwinTown school will go unier the tutelage of Chet Dawson, the new history teacher..' While rparticalating at Bacfcnell, the former . Bison was a pugilist, basketball player, end on the football team and found time in between to serve his country. . ; . Johnny Meyers Is reported in line for the head coaching job at Clarion State Teachers College should he . become so inclined.1 Ted William offer? this choice bit of news on the Bux-Mont scene. '. , i Have you heard of the fracas that almost led to a . ript when Ambler High school played Quakertown'at the Panther floor. No iluubt vou haven't for the league fathers would blush with shame and wsnt it hush huh as to the near riotous stage. An obstreperous coach can certainly incite things. . . . Hoopmen in the Southern pro '. league ore singing the praises of Ken Spiker, the shadowy pointmaker - who scored more that 500 noints' in the Big Nine last year. Spiker is a property of the Baltimore Ballets. Phoenonienal to see a boy in the BBAA after-having seen him in the Big Nine, but it is all possible, " .,-,':,:.''.' -- " ,. . .. On Friday night this writer had an experience which is not only worlh while repeating, but should' or could be held but to other schools as an examplary manner to treat offices for basketball games. Some schools are complaining of the nine dollars paid to .two officials. But at the East Greenville-Pennsburg game on r naay nignt. oarney jwjui, the director of athletics upped the ante to ten dollars. The money part is relatively unimportant when the sportsmanship that existed is revealed. . ,. . Vnen Pennsburg and the Greies meet, one might liken the result and feeling to e rattlesnake-mongoose duel. On Friday night four toys were disqualified for having five personal fouls, one boy was disqualified for extracurricular fisticuffs, and three other boys had four fouls, hovering 6n the brink of ejection.' C . . Yet the same warm friendliness from both coaches, both school officials was pre-; -alanl after the game. This game had duel meaning for the East ' Greenville board was using their new $230,000 annex for the first time yet there were onljUeats for half the crowd. The $300 gate of the Soudcrton-Sclt-Perk ganvs almt reached, but the authorities stop-. . psd selling ticket because of th4 congestion. : That does not yet reveal the treatment afforded both officials.. . ' . - ; . . . .. " . " prior to-the gaine Barney Roth and supervising P-icipt ushered this official through the building on conducted tour, proudly, ' and rightly so for their school carries the foresight that aR educators muHt Krap In record time. Baby statistics are alarming Pr.or t.. the game conches Warfen Gulden land Dave Pritchard of Ue Green Tres cluh and Oilf Brey of the Burgers -rambled with a friendliness that mml'e you know you were" welcome. What is far more important, after .. .1. k. warm sDortsmen. So Were the school ine game un-y .. r ' authorifx It evolves to this, if all chool athletic directors would take . ,i ,.. .nnrimM. th kids would learn more than p'.ay- irg Sum the boys Were rasping each other with tht trad.tional, - -Kwitchyerlx'iyakin'', "tiwnnyerouis , ana me uU. ., . v .-....k riv.i. That was lortotten after the bail gaJiie. iney are bu .. If anyone ever asks where the treatment has been the finest, fcast . ' n. nt in th future. . . . Here at our school, . . . , . v :. inmiulg litto th caustic rooting wnicn principal nn . " , i.. u di.l Costa rcforwa Oicir sanity. If he nn" atuoeni ... h- i ' If ha is in high school, he may draw as assignment of officiating an IntmloM gama. If he is in junior high, he lose the privilege of Witnessing the next two games. ' ' ' " Steelers Lead By More Than 30 Yards All V The Way, Yet Fail To Qualify. - West Chester .". -Takes Suburban Mile. Mundell Places 2nd in 50. . In the madcap whirligig of the Inquirer Invitational Track Meet on Friday night, Sellersvilie-Per-kasie's brilliant mile relay team won the first heat in the Suburban Mile tout failed to qualify. The four fastest times were pitted ifi the finals when pre-meet favorite West Chester -cracked the tape to triumph. Queer as the results may seem, the Blue and Gray won going away in ? the opehlng heat that had Springfield and Quakertown of the Bux-tMont league.- The Consolidat-e'rs sped over the board track to negotiate the mile in 3:54.2. Springfield and Quakertown were poor cpmpetitioiL f . .. . ' .. f Coach Earl Druckenmiller has nothing but words of approbation for- his our starters following the meet. In the coach's words, here' it is., "One could not say we would have qualified had the competition been stronger. That is a ponderable. However, I told meet officials prior to the race, we wanted to be pushed. r ; j - "My boys ran a beautiful race. I am mighty proud of the youngsters. You should have seen that Dick Fusco.' He sprung to a thirty yard lead. Tommy Knipe, Jimmy Boyer and Eric Fargo, running in that order, had no trouble main taining the' lead.. Why - at vvo stages- of the waltz, my kids turned to look back, an unforgiveable sin; 'but being inexperienced, that can be overlooked." ' - - Lansdale, Ambler Faster' -. , ;v In the" other heats Lansdale and Ambler were clocked faster in run-ing second and third. The Maroon and Shingletowners were bracketed in the fourth heat Springfield (Del. Co.) won in 3:60.4. Lansdale posted 3:150.5, while Ambler whirled tor a 3:52.4 finish. ,i . :, . In the Anal run. West Chester romped to the trophy in three seconds less than the qualifying heat as they were pressed all the way. Chester failed to qualify when one of their harriers on the second leg was spilled in a jamup. Chester was touted to give the winners. a merry cnase. - Earl Mundell. the Nerro flash from Ambler, continued his ath letic brilliance when he moved to a second Dlace finish in the school- hoy 60 yard dash in spite of a pulled muscle. Black Mseic whizz- ed-to a'truimph in- the seventh heat at a 5.6 clip, making his football exploits which already have been legendary, seem pale. In the second semi Munoeit cracked the tape in 6.5 to tie the meet record. Marcellus Brown of Cardozo was second-. In this race Mundell pulled a muscle. But the race tiad to go as in all indoor mfeets. Immediately after the senu, white the boys were still warm, they took the holes for meoinai. jjrown set a new meet 101 s ill III c record in 6.4. . ' v . (Lansdale's Dick Davis copped the fourth heat in the 60 yard dash -hen 'he was clocked in 6.5, also equalling the meet record. But m the tirst semi-nnai uavis nmsn-ed fourth in a race that went at the same time he had registered earlier. Fleet Paul Scheetz earned the colors of Quakertown for, J. Perrv Brett but Scheetz dropped out in the seventh heat,when Mpn-dell won. , Redding Rufe stars . V. ?, Mercersburg Prep mile . relayers gathered in the Preparatory bchool mile chamnionshio. Redding Rufej who ran with, the arms akimbwj stride last year for Doylestown high school, carried the baton sec ond for the winning aggregation. Mercersburg recorded 3:37.1 an winning but raced w a a:J6jtwhen they qualified in the' af ternoon. ' ADORES IVAN VILL1AMS0N 10 511 FOOTBALLERS . Lansdaie Hawks to Be Honored. Ted Williams Emcee. - On Tuesday niitht the Big Six Football Conference will hold theid first annual banquet at the Perkasie Owls Banquet Hall. Early returns point to a. crowd of more than 200 players, fans and football personalities. , . ' - . , Edgar 'Ted" Williams, Lansdale staff writer for the. Philadelphia Inquirer, will serve as master of ceremonies. Ivan Williamson, head football toach at Lafayette College in Easton, will deliver the principal address of -the evening. . , Tne Lansdale Hawks;. winners of the league championship, will receive the President'sTrophy from loop -prexy Joseph ; K. "Dobbie" Weaver of Lansdale. 'XI so the Doylestown Vets, kingpins- in the Shaugnessey playoffs, will receive a plaque symbolic of thejiward,,- i i - jacoiv&fteiiy, uu-akiu, is cnaiN man of the committee arranging the affair. Others serving on the committee are:' . Douglas Stoudt, n-A uiii. m..iAa D...Mr.i.: cn.. derton; Douglas Axenroth, Doylestown; Oliver H. Shelly, Quaker-town, and Eugene Larlick, Sellersville. Any fan interested in attend ing the banquet can contact one of the - above mentioned to secure ducats. A few seats remain. : - Ivan "Ivy" Williamson ', Head football coach at Lafayette College will' speak it "the Big Six Football Conference first annual banquet on Tuesday night at the .-Owl's,-. Banquet Hall,- Perkasie. More than 200 are slated to attend the; affair Vhen the Lansdale Hawks-,' ' league champions,; and Doylestown Vets,- playoff tjtlists. will be honored. Ted Williams 'Lansdale sportcaster, will serve at master of ceremonies. The Kramei Marimba duet of Perkasie wit! play during the dinner. .. PERKASIE W Wfi T IN CH. . Thirty Five Boys To . ;' ' Make Trip. 3 Coaches v To Go. . , On (Monday night the athletic council of the Sellersville-Perkasie high schools met in regular session. ' Supervising principal Dr. Lewis N. ISnyder presided. After deliberation for more than an hour,, it was decided' that the Directors' . authorization of the football team to go to a training camp, would be-taken up actively. On August 26 the Blue and Gray moleskinncrs, will entrain for a VMCA camp near Downingtown. The camp 'is modern in every de tail and equipped with all the physical properties conducive to a wholesome training grind. Early estijjiates place the cost for the trip at 16(H). This may be scaled down. Thirty five players, two managers, and thr coaches would make the trip. Head cnarh Hen Gutekunst, assistants Hugh Niles and Chet Dawson would head the football contingent. ' Following the decision, the coun cil explained their stand to repre-sentntivea of the Rooters Club,, the Soll-I'erk sport organization.' It is hoped funds will be raised from the community to defray lheex- penses after the first third is paid by the boys themselves. B.QWLING OWlJj' LEAGl K . I'arrul. (0) A. Dunlap, 4P1: W. IM,oiig, 4):i: E.'iihercpr, 521; P. Zciglr, 427; T. H. Woiilemoyer, fi.i. O.-imp .cores: 7 tit, SH)2, 770. Ttal, 2121. rir (.1) It. f (XH-rl, 4S3;- J. Millpr, oil; W. Hunslrker, fml ; H. Snider. 1SI?; 1.. 1-ai -lick, 512; L. Hnrn, r(i-.1; rfisme Pror':, 8;, 1 K Onne scores! 911, 864, 919. Total, 2694. . Owl (Ot T. Markley. 4!1 ; V, FWampole; 475; F. Hinkle, 404; If. Shcllv, 4U; B. . Weideinoyer, .JWl; 1). Uoiff, 517. Cam scores: 818, 787, 7S6. Total, 23 1 1 . Hawka (1) H. Kramer, 4fi:i; W. 11. Miller, 448: J. Shelly, 4!ll; W. Kra.iwr (2), 284: L. Stonier (1). 132; II. Miller. 501: O. Hilmcr 1K KJ8; J. PoitkII XI). 2!6. (?' n-orcs: 788. 7!7, 781. Total. 'i'M'h 8 parrnn (J W. Vtoely. 4'";: U I im Si- . L. lf!Hr, 1 " ' ; 1!. ;..i;-.,''. . ' ': T. )'i-i.- .-. .. - Associated Clubs May fake Lansdale EPL Ball Although' Jake Shelly has with drawn from the baseball picture in the semi-pro rj"t l ent! League, from all Indicatinoa a group of Lansdale sportsmen will snap tin the vacant franchise. Thia would save Lansdale's basrball picture. The Ascoriatcd Cluba of the bor ough are inteiestcd in puc-hsinn the "vacated franchise" for Shelly baa not yet given his withdrawn! to the league. His aposlaiy will tievpr boconi a reality hiuild,hi9 fellow-cjtiiena grab this opportunity. One club nietnlier- aaid, "Shelly linn plHred a reasons'ilo ni!ie fin nil h.j equipment, iiirhiit-i"(t i'." 1 ''"." .'W the ch.b ti-'i- Last flight Sellersville Legion continued to breath oh the nrcka of the pare suiting Per-kasio Legion. The 'S-ville boys t smnthered the t. S. Gauge 54-37. In the other game Jay Gee won their fourth game when Blooming Glen faltered 42-35. : On Monday night in a rough and tumble ball game the ' Perkasie .Legion tasted defeat for the first tune tn the Sell-l'erk CHL. Sellers- ville Moose tumbled the Vets from the ranks of the unbeaten after overcoming a three Dolnt halffime ae.nrrt. At times the game took on me atmosphere of a wrestling matrh as the' contestants leered. sneered, and snorted at each other in uie best traditions of the grunt and groaners. If there waa mv bad blood existent between the two teams, it must have flowed on Monday and. if it didn't the league may flow when the deluge is released for sport cannot survive under such extremes. In the other fray the Perkie Owls finally won another ball Rame, this time at the expense of the equally luckless U. S. Gauge five. Jim llowen threw off hi wraps and led the scoring parade lor tne nrt time this year. Jumpin Jim dunked in eight ftcldere and added five for eleven singleton! for a total of 2.1. Oa Kilmer bent In five double deckers and a tone charity toss for eleven cwwteri and the scoring lead for the losers. Without counting the extra-curricular activities, Os Underkofflrr. and Ernie Seip pared the point making, who led In the facial contortions will never be determined. Each lad deposited la points as hi fontribuljpn toward the virtorimia march. , Koey Gravej and Clay Stover racked 9 counter apiece in the losing exhibition. The erores: 4 i L Sports Calendar ; JJIGMNE CONFERENCE , Tost pet. ' 0 ' 1.000 3- . .667 3 : .625 . 3 .571 4 ' .556 6 .444 5. .375 V 5 - ' .375 7- .000 , - , ... - won Quakertovm . . . ... 6 Coopersburg . . . . : 6 North Wales ...... 6 Lansdale ........ 4 Sellersville ....... 5 Perkiomerf .... 1. . 4 Schwenksville . . . . 3 Souderton . ; . . . : .'. 3 Whitnain 0 1 : ; . . Saturday's Game :. -Schwenksville at Sell-Perk y S-P gym 7:30 P. M. "bux-mont "con FERENCK iFriday's cames Sell-Perk at Quakertown , ' " Tuesday's gamed Hatboro at SellPerk ' ... . S-P gym 7:00 P. M. . , League (standings , : -W. GOAGH Springfield, . C, .,. Lansdale Souderton . Doylestown ..... Ambler .. Upper Moreland Jenkintown . . ... . Quakertown .... Hatboro .'. SellrPerlf ...... ;. 8 7. 6 6 6 5 4 . 3 f- ,0 L. .-J 2 3 2 3 i 4 t 5 6 8 9 SELL-PERK CBL , , ' : League Standings 1; ::,- - , w . Perkasie Legion , SelL Legion . . , . , Jay-Gee-.'....,. S Moose . . . . '.. . .. owi . .,. ' Blooming Glen . U. S. Gauge . . . , -Next Week's Games MONDAY, KKB. 3 Hloomlng Gln Va. tiftiiirQ 11. ... 4 .... 5 .... 2 .. 1 ivrkasle Leitlon vs 8611. wiJAr. S-P Loses Two Games SeJIersvIlle'Perkasie's basketball team droDned two more rames Jni . - ' . . . . .. I If ...... . T.T-Tl l iiui!ui u.i iij " i Jar Gee va. Gaur. nasi week, mis runs the time and t.rki. i ui.,n v. nui. oray streak to nine. Last lmirsday Ambler, upset . the Consolidaters 49-43. Then on, Tuesday, night Lansdale - turned the tide '51-38. Surprising as it may seem, the Twin Townera enjoyed leads in both frays. ., .. - iuesday night Sell-iauk was en joying a 28-23 halfrrmft lead : to have the-4Iaroon machine crawl all. ever them In the last eight minutes. Bob Crouthainel, who confines moat of his scoring to the first half, led the losers with sixteen points. But Captain Ruffo of the winners, who could be tabbed "Little Swish" for his breathtaking set shots that never touch the ring, paced the Marv Angstadt mentor- ed crew with nineteen markets on nine double deckers and a singleton., : -. - - Springfield won twice to continue in the lead. On Friday they turned back the challenge of Futiy Eisenharfj Souderton Redskins 43-33 then edged Ambler 39-38 in a thriller Tuesday. Souderton- lost Legion i STOUT LEADS SELL-PERK 10 EASI WIti . :' .. I. I Great Shooting & , ! Superb Guarding Rockets SP Tp Top. - Coaji Ethel Stout's girls basket; ball team took over .first place, m the Bux-Mont gals flag chase Tuesday night at Lansdale., The Maroon flt the sting pf the eagle-eyed shooting and close- guarding put forth by the Blue andGray girls.- Parlaying theseStwo. outstanding 12 J characteristics into triumph, the Twin Towners waltzed to the victory witho'.-tany difficulty. Following the pattern set in other wins, Manlvn Detweiler . whanged - in twenty Jwo' points while Janet Raudenbush, Arlene "Magargal. and. Gert Alderfer were ripping the hemp for the other assets in the Sell-Perk total. , t Meanwhile the close ' guarding, under pressure that exemplifies the Stout wins, was in operation.. In the absence of captain Virginia Mayes,. Orehys Kramer, Marilyn Parkerj'Jackson and Moyer handcuffed the IMaroon enough for smooth sailing, which it seems has .been the to date. , Pts. 16 14 '12! . 12 1 -L 1- 2 2' '3 6 4 6 Big Nine Dribbles Several 'contests are scheduled the coming week that promise to be .thrillers. On Thursday, Jan. 2d, the Lansdale Hawks invsde North Wales to engage the Uedskins in a game that always . develops tin) keenest of rivalry. - The saii, Hawks visit Pennsburg on Sunday, February 1 to engage the India')-) in a resumption of another h"t rivalry, while on Monday Februm-y O the. nii,1rau T .L i mvo -1 . iNorth Wales in another all-importi r. i.rni.- n:j..1.: .. aiib ooiiiest. ine ueubKins are inmost invinciole at home, having lost oply one fray when performing before the home fans this reason, and that being a heartbreaking 42-39 loss to ft righting Souderton His Nibs quintet. Fans of thn Big Nine are wondering whether the ' Quakers can. hurdle . this formidable obstacle. Time alone will tell., -. Y-.-- . "A glance at Big Nine statistics shows revealing evidence . why Quakertown is leading the loop race at present They lead in offensive strength, having aveiagiii 67.2 points per game, .followed by Lansdale with a 55.4 average. Sellersville and Coopersburg are in third and fourth position with 50.6 and 49.4 averages respectively i The lineup:. Lansdale r. Barboni, f Vogel, f ..... Cox, f Galizia, f Rittenhouse, I Jenkinson, g -. , Smith, g Covelens, g U. of P. Footballers Play BB 'At Lansdale Tonight - The! Penn grid stars, led . by Chuck Bednarik and Tony Minisi, will invade Lansdale next Thursday night, February -5 to meet the iansaaie nawas in an exniomont uiinaWo-oi- tr basketball , game at the Lansdale Z?er K high Jsehool gymnasium. The con- Totals N test, which will be preceded Jy a "" preliminary game; will begin-at Sell-Perk' S-AS. . . , . Raudenbush, f , The Red and Blue warriors, all Magargal, f -., of whom played on last fall's Penn Alderfer,' f ' , football team, which eD joyed an Slotter, f' . . . 7 undefeated campaign,'1nclude Bed Detweiler, f . narik, the Ail-American ' center; Moyer, g '.'.... Minisi, AU-American halfback; Kramer, g ... George Savitsky, who was an All- Parker, g . . American tackle in 1946: Jerrv Jackson g .N McCarthy, who played baseball ' "; with the Souderton Nibs last sum- . Totals . ,mer; Bob Deuber; Art' Littleton:1 - "V Al Sica- Bob Evans, Carmen Fkl- Sell-Perk: con and Bill Luongo. '. Lansdale .... ;j.IZAAK;:'-7; l I fliility Sraokt 7 , fg fig flt.ptH I , f ft ..,.3 if 1 f t(' y il l i .... 6-3- 6 13' " 't I ... 2 0 0 4 j fit ..:. 1 1 1 fee I , I ..rr 4 3 4 ai 1 4 n 0. 0 0.0 fl , ' jj- i: h . ig jig nt pis & j, ;,w 5,. 16 11 f H 1 .... 4' 2 2 10 P t' lv. .... 0 0 ' 1 0 ftf ,' f ' .... 10 ' 2 4 22 VL1 1 , v '.i.. o.oo o1 w o o ; o o . . . o o o u 14 .' V-20 " 5 45 .'S 14'.8; 14 J' 94o W 8 8 9 J0v-35i 1 1 On Sila i At Ail . Ttbacca, ' Drat mi Cracerr HatSsyier Cigar C:., 7 ? ?'" f""" " vf" "" " """ in 3 ...... i , r -, ...., .', i, , Block Labor Peace Refuse VVaee Boost Already Accepted by 19 Other Railroad Unions! The Brotlierhood of Locomotive Engineers, Brotherhood of locomotive Fire men and Eniinemen and the Switchmen's' Union o( Noith, America, repmentmg 125.000 milrond tmnlnvM. kivii rcftuml to accept the offer of the Railroad of a Union of wage increane of 15X cents an hour. Ill arbitration Ixwid in September, 1947. I'hi ia the same increniw awarded 1.000,000 non-operating employe by an Perkasie Legion Graver , . , Wimmcr Thomas . .', ...... Ilarr Stover N tie . Landis .', tf , 8 2 :i- . 4 0 . 0", II It 4) 0 6 '1 0 0 fit 6 1 3 6 2 0 0 Totals Moot 11 4 11 2 ellemrll!e llibic .... O. I'ndci'kn ffler . E. .eip .-. P. .nip , , Keeler Kret T ' i 5 S 2 I 0 0 s 7 2 0 0 This ia the aama incmu aerantjtd hv 175jOO0 conductor, trainmen and switch-incnby agreement on November 14, 1947, AgiwmenU have been made with 1.175,000 employee, rrpmnntod by nineteen unkma. But tlieiw three unions, rep-rewnting only 125.000 men, are trying to gat more. They are demanding alao many now working rulm not embraoed in the eetllcment with the conductor and trainmen, t " , , IncioVntally, the Switchmen's Union of North America rtnreatmta only about 7 of all railroad wilrljmen, the other 9 li heing rrpmented by the Brotherhood of Itailroad Trainmen and covered by the ettleipent with that union. Strike Thttat - The lenders of the- three union spread a atrike ballot while nrzoUationa were atiU . in progmu. Thia u nut a aocret vote but M taken by union .lenders end vote are -igned by the employee in tbe'pmaence ol union repmwriUtivp. When dint nnUiition failed, the h-ndrra of Hmwo three lyiiona refuid to jiin th riltoatt in kmtf the National Mrdwtrun iliwrd to attempt to aeltle th dipvit. but the Hoard took Jiirwdlrtion. t the request of the earners and baa been rarneatly attempting tilu November 'Ji,1 1S47. to bnng atwit a Ketllrment. Th Hoard fn Jnnimrv lf, JH-li. ennounood it liintMlily to rerh mediation arltle ment. '1 he UItr pf ttm tmirn retorted the rejnrt r.( tli Mt-flirttnin Hrd to n-ntrit1, 'i li" r-i ii if d. What KoirT The Unions having refused to arbitrate, the Railway Labor Act provides for the appointment of a faot-fipding board by the 'Prmident i Th railroad feel it is du shippers, paaaengera, employe, atockholdera, and th general public to know that throughout theneineRotuttion and in mediation, they have not only exerted every effort to reach a fair.ind reasonable settlement, but they have aleo met every requirement of the Knilway Ijibor Act respecting the negotiation, mediation, and arbitration of labor dupute. , l(oTnunihlnkhlc that these threeunlons. repreawntlng lea lhaa 10 per cent ef railroad employes, and those among the highest paid, can sureewfuUy maintain the threat of a paralyzing atrik against uV Interest of the entire cooelrjr and against 90 per cent of their fellow employe. ....... ' "The threat of a strike cannot Justify grant-Ing more favorable conditions to 125,000 employe lhaa have already keen put in effect for 1. 1 75.000, nor il It alter the opposition oT the railroad to unwarranted wage in-creaaea or in change In working rules whirh are not justified. . A glance It th box ahowa what employes represented by the Engineer and Firemen nuke. They are among the highest paid in the ranka of labor la the tailed Stale, if not the highest. U Compare these'waes with what you make! Her It enfnpriaon of average annual urn-tat of engiowra and firemen for lft9 (pre war) and 1!M7. Alw ahowa It what 1947 rnm would 4iav wn U In If, cent hwiluekw fNWNtnl li.d r'right."". . . . . . (lf)il and Way) , RcMd FaNwnger. Hmd Kreight (Tlnwugh) , Yard awMiUna, ..M,968 ' s.a2 S.147 3,749 mi brm laMlauaan " 0,128 . 6.W9 ' 4.BH4 4.081 " INI twin laaal liw J0,7o7 6.035 .19 ' 4,5:19 MltEMf Road Freight . tlxxwl and Wy) " Ttnad PaangrT . ....... Koad Freiihl (Tlirouih) Yard 1.962 ltaitnwid wagr ormiptifed from Interetat tommaroe Cbmmfealon Statement M -300. rulJ year 1M7 catunaled on baaa of actual figure for Brat tight month. per hour increaar, offered by lit railroad ad rejected by th uamn lendera, had twn in effect thrmitliout th n47, 2,738 2.7.H ii.lK'. 4,683 . 3.4SO 3.1U6 6,268 S.1R5 a.sct 3.6M - BOOM S14 in j iiir nrv i n i t Mt von k, M t iu ' ' . (!.' . i,r.) ! -i. or! -.r-i-n! i u t " Hl v..t:

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