News Herald from Perkasie, Pennsylvania on November 13, 1947 · 6
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News Herald from Perkasie, Pennsylvania · 6

Perkasie, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 13, 1947
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CENTRAL NEWSr-HERALD, 1 ri-CASIE, PA.; NOV. 13, 1917 Sell-Perk, Wave Win; Both Teams Home This Week TWIN TOWN SPORTS By JIM HACKETT final reports filtering in, the game situation becomes rather tious. On these reports which say "spotty" evidently we in V are in one of the better spots. There is little doubt that V not what it had been in this locality but on the other hand V than last year without a doubt. . . . From gun club reports Vr which anyone can purchase to stock land of his choice V dollar. . . . Not too long ago the cottontails cost fifty cents, one to the question, 'how smart is that buck investment?' Vocal farmers insist on posting lancL, for which we find no Tie gun clubs make little or no efforff to work out a feasible Jith the land owners. . . . iThis column does not know what p nor do we profess to know. Admittedly we have not taken Jo attend the gunning club meetings and one can truthfully J batting his mout' off, knocking but no effort' to which we n. Not being three or four guys, this column can't be every-L So reservedly we say, it would be wise if sportsmen did at-Imake arrangements with local farmers, who in the past have leir lands to city hunters on the first day but close it to the -a, and that little feat is prevalent. nting stories, tinged with joviality are being screened at the hangouts, the football games, the groghouses locally. One which, k to all of us at one time or another, took place with FORREST X, the S-ille baker, EDITOR JOHN, and this writer donning fe df goat, instead of hunter. . . . John spied a bunny crouched in d, so open in fact that the verdant picture was not mterup- least 75 yards by a tree on a bush higher than one's ankle. ,t to shoot the rabbit sitting, he called Yeakel and the other 0 see the raDDIt. . . . Also mere was a maner 01 a. yuuiig d never had a piece of game shot over or in front of him. ht John was an .excellent opportunity to baptize the dog. . . . minutes of jibber blabber and plotting the course to be ae rabbit, the cottontail got up. Contrary to the human Tunny bucKety DucKetyea u in me oppwue oiretuun. mKt I the hightailing huncner was still wneenng wun one inmg (he dog is not gunshy. MY FREDERICK, in company with his bossman, SIGGY I. reports a kill of six rabbits on this past Saturday afternoon Vours after the rains subsided. . . . Also the group saw the eer they have seen, "So help me, in my life", as they put it. ing from veteran deer hunters is something, for Hie deer was in the KELLERS CHURCH section Uame protector CE' MUMBAUER admonished nimrods for exploding firearms to buildings this hunting season and warned that perhaps borough would follow the pattern of the neighboring Sellers-' I) by closing the municipality to hunting. ... In a quick Couldn't it fee wise to punish unsafe 'hunters, men who persist V into homes, washes, and across streets? It is up to the mselves. . . . But the most flagrant violation heard of this the Third Ward, Perkasie, where' a local man knocked down ind the mortally wounded quarry fell smack on Main Street, lvhere there are at least ten houses within tne nunarea yara iwH ISO vard desienation by law. We all suffer which should not have been shot. ... i 1 t. : C nn 4llA1v nllPl. i finvivifl morsel wnicn is siaimiiiK u-nre ...-.. laughs has to do with a portion of the town constabulary and nan.. . . It seems jiu. i r, uurtsoji i u " ,, huntimr in the vicinity of the Catch Basin but with little h4W Hrr tthe car with them, the tw luckless and 1 . - ... i Jn..A..n Yta aanrtunrhea that Mom Trfi a .iwuii in niari ucwuitnR " . - d. . . . Just as tlwy ere starting to eat the sandwiches a hopping across the field. Heckler and Glassmyer forgot the h w Whpn thev returned from their fruitless search even fry-; the dog was full of happiness and sandwiches he had food. STEELERS SURPRISE 5QUDERTQN 14-0 ON SECOND HALF SPURT , Indians Dominate First Half Play. Consolidates Deliver In Final Periods For Convincing Win. Fargo, Hosgood Score Old Probabilities and the Farmer's Almanac predicted clear weather for Saturday afternoon. In spite of this the authorities called off the Souderton-Sell-Perk High School football game and transferred it to the Twin Town field on Monday night. It rained sentimental tears all over the Consolidated bailiwick after the fracas for the Blue and Gray emerged triumphant for the first time this year 14-0. ; Coach Hen Gutekunst's Steelers were like the old oaken bucket in the first half as the Indians ran and pranced to a convincing 9-2 margin in the first down depart ment. But the former Mule Mauler instilled a fighting spirit into his boys at half time and they plugged the leaks with repellant putty that withstood the Indian thrusts and went on to squirt to victory. It was a erreat nicrht for the win thirsty kids, players, fans, and well-wishers for to rise from a sure defeat in one short fifteen minute intermission bespeaks spirit which is capable of any ac-1 extra point on a running play to complishment. With the win goesjmake the final 14-0. the Old brown Jug and lor tne: nell-l'erk souderton fourth consecutive year the prized possession rests in the trophy case at the Two-Town school. In the third period an obvious break gave the Blue and Gray their opening opportunity. Souder-ton was in possession of the ball on their own forty, fourth and in kick formation when the centei sailed the pigskin majestically over Joe Day's head. The Indian kicker dashed for the ball with two Sell-Perk men in pursuit, Dick Fusco and Jack Wuerstle playing the part of the hound in a hound ana hare escapade, uay scooped V BOWLING (0) H Shoemaker, tman. ''K'1: 0. Simmons, fj,f. .(.; dump scores: .I'M. 1 ntai, 1 .11. (4)H. Orhart, 4'!!l; I.. Hm; M. KuU, 5fiO; O. b'.'. ilniv irnros: Gin, Total, l'.7f. (2) 41. Buck, 4n,l; F. A. Aklerfer, ic. 10. Game scores: r.Y7, (. 1B04. (2) V. Ruth, ::.'!8 :!86; 11. S.holl, 45:!; Game m-otps: f.i!i, 1571. .1.! W.I :'. i I II) H. Spnnninger. I'M: V: N. Heritey, IW; r.. 4M. Grille -citres: 50(1, lotal, !")'" (T) II. Sice. :' rN :i:h: K. Imvih, ::k2; it- i nmn t(.i....' .: roti.'i. i5i. Rnnerl. 474: H. Souder, 465; G. Ijirlirk. 431: L. Horn, 511; C. Kauffiman. 512. Game scores: 702, 807, 782. Total, 2:1. Owls (1) K. Weidemoyer. 45.1; H. Shelly (2), 321; T JMarioey tz l)2!i; F. Hinkle (2), 276; B. Warn. .,!.. 47.1- II. Reiff. 519; M. Penny' uacker. 481. Game scores: 800, 815 Hi Total. 2440. Parrot 2)-hA- Dunlap, 549; J. Taylor, 507; Pete Zeigler, ow 'Zimmerman (1). 108: K. Weide mover (2). 328; T. H. Weidemoyer (2), :mi; T. Wisler (2), 272; Kos enberirer (2). 'K8. (lame scores 805, 84(7, 9117. Total, 2519. league Standing" W. Rubins 18 SjiaiTows 15 I'nrmts 15 Orioles 11 13 Eagles 11 I fWI, 11 in Vultures 8 16 Hawks 7 High game single Orioles 938. High Kmf triple Parrots i664. High game mngie (individual) K. Pointsette 226 O. Kellv 226 IHigh gme triple (individual) K. Pointsette 584 K. Ilerk 579 (HATMELD MAJORS ni-S 1.KACIE Iti4ins i ontinuel to A n,l 1. Market suffertsl a vere x ubnek in the Hatfield Major lenvue this week when the poieni n . .. . A I 4.1 tt,th li.lf .umii hni,r f.,r to the Main Hotel. None ol me Keglprs could move unm uw nnd game and tnen nunereu ilh a 579 triple on thiee itl kimhI game. I hi him second in the high in- I triple. corem (0) Dptweiler, 419; h, 6:i2; Mterx. 44H; Vargo Radios (2). 219; t.onlein. tv, W4. (ianie srorei: ,'.:. Total, 2 42. (.1) Nuiiny. Mil; ifl; H. Lewis Sr., 47:!; A. s6; '.eihart, 496; I'etrie. oe ncorrft: 926, 8.VI. 781. lii. y (0) Alex, 507; Got tel. kwell, 413; I". Henner 1 1 1, iiwlicek (2), 281: r;. rn- Weidenioyer, 4.0. (.nine 1, 794. 7.Vi. Total, 2339. (3) Kelly, IH4; llen- 0! SrhiiKter (2), III"; J70; llerk, 579; (iraver. funs (XI. MOT. . 844, 876. Total, 262i I W. Kramer, 381; K. V D. IM; t Sterner 1 llorrell, 602- W. . V7m-: 7B.1, 779. apse The a nre : . . . , ... t' v. . r, , i Main noiei i n, VV.irfner 618: Shinier. 496: llurd ..II Srhrauirer. 687. Game K'i !fi. 8B2. Total. 2680. A snd L (I) Hergey, 57 1: Solli lav. 4'.4: Mo II. 626: Croutname f,47: Antrlejmover. 534. Cme seines: 862, 972. 844. Total, 2678, l S. GAIT.E Temierature (I) W. GodihBll 517; J. Puchta, 527; P. KreU, 4K) K. Treffinger, 42; r . Weeks, M II. Searhrist. !W7. Game scores Hi? 7tfi R 15. Total. 247.1. Vacuum (2) W. Iviweiler. 477 K. Melxler. 499: H. Kt. 531 AlifT. 444: N. Fox. MO. Game wntes: 784, 841, 856. Total, 2181 Ptfutire (2) P. Henner, 555 It Uel'ord. 559: II. Alderfer, 406 It. SheMv. 472; D. Worm an. 416 uroies: M6. . 768. Total Hfdraulif (1)-J. Partlour, 482 G. HendrfM. 429: W. lAUInwin again bounding loose. Jack Wuerstle fell on the ball at the 1 yaixi line. On the first play Erir rargo went over. A pass play irom Jim Hosgood to Ed Schoch tallied the extra point to make the count 7-0. In the fourth period Coach Hen sent caustic words in "You were given a touchdown, -now go out and earn one for yourself." Taking him at his word, the Steelers did just that. With the ball on the Kouderton 40 after a kicking duel between Jim Hosgood and Joe Day, the Twin Towners started to move. Hosgood and Fargo alternated carrying the ball with a surprising end around play to Jack Wuerstle netting eighteen yards, making it first and ten on the Red skin 8. Hosgood faded to pass and then decided to run. When he reached the five yard line three Souderton defenders confronted him. Unswervingly, Hosgood leap ed through the ozone and the 'Skins parted as Jim jumped into pay dirt. Eric Fargo scored the Sports Calendar N -v FOOTBALL Box-Mont Scholastic Conference Friday's (Results , Ambler 38, Upper Moreland 0 Hatboro 18, Jenkintown 12 Quakertown 13, Doylestown .12 . Monday's games Sell-Perk 14, Souderton 0 Springfield 7, Lansdale 0 This iW eek's Ga mes i ' (Friday Ambler at Sell-Perk Standing of Teams wit pts Ambler 7 0 0 14 Springfield 6 1 0 12 Quakertown -5 2 10 Lansdale 4 ,3 0 8 Jenkintown 3 4 0 6 Hatboro 2 3 2 6 Sell-Perk 1 4 2 4 Dovlestown 2 5 0 4 Souderton ,1 4 -i 3 Upper Moreland .... 1 5 1 3 Big (Six Conference ' Sunday's IResults Lansdale 7, Dovlestown 0 Souderton 12, Perkiomen 0 Monday's Result Sell-Perk 14, Quakertown 13 Standing of Teams w . 1 t Lansdale 7 1 1 Souderton 7 2 0 oylestown 3 4 2 Quakertown 3 6 1 PeTkiomen 6 a l Sell-Perk 1 7 1 Sell-Perk Hoop Loop Meets Monday Night . Monday evening the Sell-Perk Community Basketball League will hold their final meeting prior to the league opening in the Hartiell-J Crouthamel Post IHome, rerkasie. At this time the controversial subjects as to seven or eight. teams, the team makeup, nights of play, etc. will be decided. Loop prexy William H. Hunsick-er will preside. He emphatically states that all those interested in nlaving..not already signed to one team, report to the meeting or contact a team manager prior to Mon day. Fusco LE . . Rosenberger J. Smith LT White Boyer LG Kerr Moyer C Shisler Spoerl RG Young Keed Kl Wenhold Wuerstle RK Lederach Fargo QB Day S. Smith LHB .. Hildebrand Schoch RHB ... Broadhead Hosgood KB Yeakel Sell-Perk 0 0 7 714 Souderton 0 0 0 0 (U Sell-Perk scoring touchdowns, Targo. Hosgood; point after touch down, ocnoch, pass; argo, line the ball up in the end zone but as i buck. Referee, Stewart; umpire. he came forward Fusco rammed M acorn be r; headlinesman, R. him-with vicious tackle, the ball Schulze. MORE ID'S FOR AMBLER Ambler continued to blaze the trail in Bux-Mont Conference play with a 380 victory over Upper Moreland. Again it was the amaz ing legging or tan Mundell, one of the greatest runners to ever tread on a Bux-Mont gridiron, that led the parade. Mundell scored five times from the field, converted one extra point, to set two records. His thirty one points in a game eclipsed"' the former mark held jointly by himself and Dick Al bright of Lansdale. It also shot his season s total to l3o witn no end in sight. The Most Terrible of all the ler- rific Trojans ran for 285 yards on Friday night and in his tenure at the Shingletown school had rolled to 1565 yards. These choice bits of statistical knowledge flows from the fluent pen of Ted Williams, a staunch Trojan admirer. Jn other games . uuaxenown eased out Doylestown 13-12 to im prove an already impressive record. This marks the third time this vear that the Panthers have won via an extra point Porky McNair, their talented toeman, has been the marrin of victory thnce. Jenkintown was ouweored oy Hatboro 18-12 in a free scoring game as most observers predicted. jenximown siagea a i t ponu sumu in the final oeriod but belatedly. On Monday in a Dostooned con test Lansdale Maroon was bested 7-0 bv SDnnsrfield in the game or the week. The Spartans are suffer- inr interna trouble and this coupled with the spirited improvement exhibted by Kenny I'oust's boys, did little to aid them in a dogfight. Local Grouse Hunters Bag 12 Ruffed Wingers A group of local hunters jour neyed to the Pocono mountains last week in quest of the elusive and lightning-like ruffed grouse. The gang bagged 12 birds. rorest lands on the Oak Creek Hunting Club property were scour ed in the game jaunt, those mak ing the trip were: Dr. Kermit Ulack, 4)r. W. W. Uonney, Kev. Elmer Mill. Claude Renner. Ed 'Ren. ner, James Brownlow, Art Stauff- er. Flovd Heckman. Lloyd Ixwery. Arthur Lawrence, Clifford Kenner, Karl Strouse, Howard Stear, Wal ter Wimmer and Richard Fred erick, all of Perkasie; Robert Hooley, North Wales; M. H. Shu-man. Dr. R. M. Johnson and warren TCile, Berwick. The three "Bs", Bonney, Black and Brownlow downed a brace of birds apiece. Only fifteen of the group took to the woods. pts 15 14 8 7 7 This Week's -Games . Friday, Nov. 14 His Souderton at Lansdale Saturday, Nov. 15 Perkiomen at Sell-iPerk, Sunday, Nov. ,16 Quakertown at Doylestown GREEN JACKETS 0EVV1ND HURR1GANE Bobby Gehman Runs 24 Yards In Rrst Wave Win. Jim Shelly Blocks Two Kicks. . Clarence Parks Dons Hero Robe ' v Vl American Legion L TO ADDRESS ROOTERS WED. Sell-Perk's Rooters' Club will hold their monthly meeting at the Owl's Banquet Hall on Wednesday evening. Robert V. tvans, president of the Mitchell and Ness Sporting Goods Co., Philadelphia, will be the euest sneaker. Lloyd Hoagey has secured Evans- for the occasion. Evans is a graduate of Lebanon Hieh School, after which he en tered and graduated from Ursinus College, . njoiiegeviue. wnne a schoolboy and college student, he was an outstanding football player. With the entry of the United States into World War I navy men will read this with trepidation Evans enlisted as a boatswain's mate. He served in the World War II as a Marine Corps officer in the South Pacific theater. Prior to his war service in the second conflict, Evans spent twenty five years gathering a reputation as one of the finest high school and colleeiate football offi cials in' the East. He officiated in connection with the sporting goods business. But the Droudest moments of his life have come from his son, Bob Evans, the brilliant speedster and Dasser who is a shining light in the University of Pennsylvania backfield. (Evans will bring with him moy ing pictures of a leading collegiate or professional football game. Tickets may be secured from any member of the uooters t,iuo. NASE . KRAFT Post Na 255, SelleravlIIa Muhlenberg Prepares For Tough Cage Schedule With the Muhlenberg College football team roaring to Bowl recognition for the second straight year, the Mule cagemen are priming for the basketball opener which is but three weeks away. The 'Berg basketmen were invited to iMadison .Square Garden last year for the Nationals. This year with the two Donovans, Eddie and Harry back again, roach Bud Barker has high hopes for another successful campaign. WEEK-END GAMES Our home clubs made us look foolish over the weekend with two welcome victories. After wondering for two months why Tuesday, November 11 was marked as a holiday, we woke that morning to nnd out. tor on me previous nigni both Sell-Perk wniads won their first game. But here we go again. Bux-Mont Ambler 34; Sell-Perk 0. We are with them in spirit and fully realise the kidi will do their best. W hat is in the heart to not necessarily in the wood. Souderton 7: Doylrotown 0. Our upset of the week. iDoylestown has not Deen vne same since inc injury to their captain Bob Smith. Springfield 3; )ukertown 0. The outcome of this game and the SP-Ambler fray will to a large extent decide the Thanksgiving Day fray. Lansdale 20; Hatboro 0. The Hatters are facing an improved Maroon club. JeaklnlowR U: Upper Moreland T. This may to the other way with no surprise. The Gulden Bears are coming along. ilif Kit Conference SelMNrfc 14; Perkiomen 7. Wnat they did once, they can do again and this appears to be it. His Nibs (Souderton 14; Ijuis-dale Hawks 7. We've been wrong o many times with the Flock and perhapn here we go again. But the fact remains this is Inr the regular season crown and it will be 11 re works. ftnyleatown 120; tJkrlow 14. The Quakers are hurt bsdly. The Vet recalled Don Biwklemyer and Cause Dirt Marks A temperature difference of but one degree between the walls of a room and the warmer air In the room will cause dust and dirt to settle on the walls., Kill heads and lalh. presenting cold surface, attract dirt readily. Comrades: ' .The officers that you elected for the year of 1948 were installed in office on November 7th by your Ninth District Commander, H. R. Walker. The Post staff of officers that were installed were as follows Commander, B. F. Weidemoyer; 1st Vice Commander. H. Weiss: 2nd View Commander- E Stull. Ad- yutant, John ahepley: finance urn-licer. Paul Frazier; Chaplain, Rev. Weidemoyer; Sergeant-at-Arms, Stewart Wenhold; Publicity, Yours truly, J. J. Hackett. ;We have just completed a very successful year. Many thanks to the retiring staff of officers and those who grave their all out efforts to make it possible. There have been tremendous improvements made and there are many more to imake, which falls on the shoulders of your staff of officers for the year of 1948. They cannot accomplish the task alone. They need the support of every member of the post, for as they and we go forward, let us strive to make '48 a better year than '47. Although it means work for all to make the activities planned, a success, makej it a point in your iuuliub lv hiiciiu the meeting of your post. There you can voice your Hket and dislikes and assist the officers in arranging the activities for the com-imr vear. . Most of all, get your dues paid, for the rehabilitation program depends on you for support. The ones who benefit from tne rehabilita tion, the men in the hospitals, for most of them the war will never end. They didnt let you down show your appreciation and get your dues paid and show them you a rent letting them down now that they need your assistance. Here's hoping to see you at the meeting, the st. LANSDALE HAWKS PICE BIG 6 TO FINAL WEEK While their younger community brethren: were rolling up a first wictory of the 1947. campaign on the Consolidated gridiron, the Sell- ereville-iPerkasie Greenjackets e- leased their latent offensive might to upset the quakertown. Hurricanes 14-13 in a whizbang exhibition at the Flatland manicured pastures on Monday night. Coach lies Zetty derived a dual pleasure from the victory for other than being the first triumph, the win. was registered over his home town cohorts and in sport defeating a friend carries' a satisfying quality. Paradoxically the loss was doubly bitter to Clyde iSmolf and his once supercharged eleven, until they entered the Greenjacket service station for a winterization. (For other than losing to a home town product in Zetty, the loss dropped the Hurricane into a precariously dangerous position in regards to attaining a playoff berth. In the nin and tack tussle the Wave struck first and maintained the advantage. In the second fex-iod after a. scoreless fifteen min utes, the Greenies struck; Stymied i . . i tt .i n on a marcn io irre xiurncwie yard Vine, where a fumble gave the oval to tne vjuaicers, tne ureenies took possession after the kick to the 34. On two running plays the Green had marched to the 24 and a first down. Then in a dazzling display of running and marvelous downfield blocking, Bobby Gehman went the route, ihe Ursinus Uol-lege student scored standing up amid the bawling eruptions from the touchdown hungry IWave adherents. Clarence Parks converted. Quakertown retaliated with pass play that carried 60 yards for a touchdown. Don Shelly tossed to Brother Bert who went for tnirt; yards on too of the 20 yard aeria! John' iSmoli kicked wide and the Jackets enjoyed a 7-6 halftime bulge. ' In the third period the alert and what this writer terma one of the finest forward walls in the Big Six, Conference-rfully realizing the record really tore the : Quaker , Seven Men of Serve asunder and made them just that, a porous defense. Billy Simons started Xhe ., touchdown march. He intercepted an aerial on the Quaker 31. Kour plays ' later Clarence Parks attempted a field 'goal but the ball was partiauy oiocKeo anu mo Quakers took over. On first down John Smoll tried to kick but omnipresent t Jimmy. Shelly barreled through to block the second kick and Clarence .rams piayeu tne part of the opportunist in the dra-ma, first scene. Parks scooped up the ball and ambled 30 yards for a TD. Scene Two in "The Dewinding. nf the Hurricane" saw Clever Clar- : ence ram the ball squarely through the uprights and run the total to 14-. Following the kkkoir in-, the third period the Quakers were not to Be denied ana again uon oneny took to the ozone, this time Johnny Marzec tucking in the pigskin for a touchdown on 29 yard pass play. John Smoll converted. Neither team tallied in the final period and the Jackets won what was a sweet injection to loyal fans and even more loyal players, coaches and organizational, men.-. ' The lineup: Sell-Perk Quakertown F. Wuerstle LE ....... Foulke C.Tarks ..... LT Navarre J. Shelly .... LG Jett, R, Stull C Gombert B. Simons RG Weitzel. J. MacDonald RT .. Richter RE Neufcert . QB J. Smoll HB ...... Marzee HB J. rlok FB Elovski . K. Bishop F. Homer . W. Senior R. Jones . . O. Wall .. Score by periods': Sell-Perk '0 Quakertown ..... 0 ? 014 7 013 SELL-PERK FANS OFFERED IWO CONSECUTIVE NIGHTS OF FOOTBALL Blue & Gray Plays Terrific Trojans Tomorrow Night. Greenles In Season Finale Aga'mst Perkiomen neas, and the kindness of a great coach in Johnny Meyers. Visibly thrilled with their first victory of the season, the gridiron mammoths of Sellersville-J'erkasle high school await the invasion of the AmMer Trojans tomorrow night The fact that the1 game will be played in front of a friendly home throng gives the kids the needed push. It wnuld be foolish to tell the boys they can't win, a competitor, such as our kids are. never give up until the final whistle. They fully realise the handicap they labor under and are intent on committing themselves in worthwhile style. As roach Hen Gutekunst told them this week at pracUce, "You give your best, I or no one else can ask for more. For Ambler sports the proudest record ever fxmiiesaed by a Bux-Mont squad. Thia marks the second straight year the Trojans have not laicted defeat or a tic. In Frl Mundell, the Black Knight of the Bux-Mont Conference, the Shingle-townert hav on of the greatest runners In conference history. In the last two game the AmWer Antelnpa, as he in tabbed by Ted Wiiliama nf lnsdale, tiaa tallied ten touchdowns. A phenomenal Definitely elated over the Quakertown Hurricane win, the Sell-Perk Greenjackets await the appearance of the Perkiomen Indians on Saturday night with eagerness. For the Jackets are convinced they can win to finish off an otherwise dismal season in a blaze of glory. : Having won on foreign fields, the Wava wearers are jabbering about the rift they will receive from a friendly nomefolk. After a winleaa season the Les Zetty trainees sprung the trap on Monday. They feel if they can bet down Hurricane, they can certainly blow over the wigwam where Dave Prttchard siU huddled with his Redskins. This is the final game of the 1947 campaign for both teams in regular season play. Should the Indiana- lose, they will In all orob-ability finish in a tie for fourth place and riec"sjtte a playoff for the fourth playoff berth. Should they win, they will b In the final round. Ihu a torno name is in 4U P JVtku, 4W. Genie soef: I sVmld m one to stay la the play- W.l but he i a j n'f.Ut'. iiJ(k hrktt ' ijbibited v.JH i the offlne. The Jorkets to finish in phenomenal hT, the pot Tight of vktory or the In- peed, deceptive- u l t t'vrr !" j'Jayoni. After a hectic weekend the schedulemaker's dream has materialized. For the Lansdale Hawks, victors over Doylestown 7-0. and His Nibs Souderton, 12-6 winners over Perkiomen. are one two in the conference standings with the final regular season game pitting these two rivals against one another iFriday night under the lights at Lansdale. In the first encounter Souderton won 7-0 to hanor the only defeat of the cam paign on the Hawks. It is naturally rivulrv at its heitrht. But in the Dast week-end, the two front runners had anything but an easy time of the wins. At Doylestown, the Hawks scored in the third period as Jim Wisniewski crashed over from the six yard line to finish off the only scoring drive of the day. Doylestown, bolstered i . . . m r T ' 1. 1 . oy tne return oi -uon ui kmciiittjci. threw thirty passes ana compienm but ten in a desperate effort to knot the game. Neal uucitman, tne other Vet chucker, was as wild asl the conline wind. ' ' At Perkiomen tne Indians lumped to a first quarter 6-0 lead on a bit of help from the roaring gale that swept the open F-ast Greenville High School field. Then that sama wind did an about lace ana sat on the His Nib bench and aided the Nibs. In the first period Doc Miller rolled a long boot out on the Nib one yard line. After one running . t in.-: 1 piay, uon ajottic, oiuuiiiiiik gift to the Big Six, went into kicking position. Left footed Don raised a hic-h slant into the wind. The oval bounded on the goal line1 alert (Bill Nestor pouncing on the hall for an Indian score. Souderton retaliated in spade in the second canto. Dick Ziegler, lumberins- fullback, and John Faw thorne. iarrini lihe plunger, ripped the Indian forward wall for suc cessive scores after breaks gave the Nibs the ball within the Indian twenty on two occasions. Warriors Open BBA Title Defense Tonight Next Thursday November 20 the Philsdelnhia Warriors ' entertain the Boston Celtics at the Arena. The BBAA champs of 1946 are startinr to move with Jumnin' Joe' Fulka, their prolific point maker nacinsr the attack as last year. Chink Crossin, former Penn cap tain, and Jack Toomnr. are basket maker from the Pacific coast, will iret a chance to show their wares, Toomay bucketed forty points in ne game last year. Summoned In Stream Pollution Hearing Borough officials of Bangor and Pottsville nave been ordered to ap pear at Harrisburg on Nov. 20 and 21 for hearings to explain what the Sta4e Sanitary Water board said was failure to comply with orders in the clean stream program. Both towns are among 44 Penn sylvania municipalities cited as having failed to comply with the boards, order to relieve state streams of pollution. Also ordered for hearings are 38 Industries. Representatives of industry have been asked to appear before the Sanitary board on Nov. 21. Among them are Tarentum IVodurU Co., Tarentum, Springfield township, Pucks county; Cedars Psrkwg Co. Worcester township; F.sM Green ville Dairy, Fast Crnvlil; Wood in Jiry, Rl ! I'erki'wiet I -lun.lry. F- ' ' v.';, all o! American Legion HaSTZELL .CROUTHAMEL POST NO. 288 PERKASIE Dear Comrades: Attention: Charter Members. Next Thursday, No. 20th, the meeting is going to be dedicated to all you fellows who were instrumental in the organizing of this .post. Plans for something special are under way. At this time we know that Past Department Com-maitder, Frank Gwynn, will be a guest speaker. We'd like to see all you Charter Members com-out that night. It would be as good a time as any to renew acquaintances with some of your buddies, and to ' get a look at 'we young up-starts" who are trying to keep things, moving along here at the post. Don't forget the date, November 20th. . , When you members received ; your dues notices for the comihg year, you also received a return addressed postal card, on which you were asked to submit your suggestions, ideas, and criticisms for improving our post and home. If you have anything on your mind, please write it on the card and send it in. Every answer will receive full consideration. See you tonight. All our meetings start at 8:00 P. M. P. F-nis II Pullman rasseniers , The average Pullman pastenfe) travels 789 miles on each trip. ' ! "' t , . ''A ' I XA-afWf--Jf j .1 Wf T. DISTRII OTOK KICK STADLER

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