News Herald from Perkasie, Pennsylvania on October 23, 1947 · 11
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News Herald from Perkasie, Pennsylvania · 11

Perkasie, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1947
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PA., OCT. 3, 1S7 ; Section Two Fa,'; e : Basketball Loses; SP Tie; CiN i il AI.j IS TWIN TOWN SPORTS By JIM HACKETT Many fans are easting furtive j0-6 pasting meted out to Jenkintown. The score itself does not evoke any comment but the extenuating peachabie source informs us that'the romp is excusable in the light of developments. ... For in the first quarter EARL MUNDELL, the Black Knight of fhe Bux-Mont Conference was batted ruefully to the ground, immobilized. . . '. A crescendo of cheers shook the Jenkintown Tooting section, they had "Got Mundell". . . Why were they after him, because he is great, no other reason. . . . And that provoked Johnny Meyers to Unleash the horses.' In fact Mundell tallied four times to continue his schoolboy lead not only in the Bux-Mont but throughout , the state. '. . . In the final half Meyers plugged the fleet footer into the contest when the Trojans had penetrated' Drake territory.' , Gockley has been rolling up Bcores at Springfield, at the same time fattening the scoring columns of his ace back Rob Robertson. . . . As long as Gockley persists in rolling the. count to "boxcar proportions, as kn)g as other teams insist on beating down a boy because he is great or horrors, because he is Negro Johnny Meyers will run up the markers for he has a right to do so. . t If one of our Sell-Perk boys were in the conference scoring race and another team was out to selfishly draw Some semblance of power from the season by running one of their boys to a scoring title, our coach should and would see that his boy received 11 the glories possible rightfully so. '; - . ' ; , Older football fans talk of the football teams to Sell-Perk, thus to the Greenjackets. . . . That was acceptable ten years ago, before sport took on the mechanical machinations prevalent today, before football players were manufactured like rubber tires; before the Golden Goose ran across the gridirons in the country from college through schools into the eandlots. , . . The "cycle" willnever come again unless the school' board, the athletic council of our body manufactures it Today the football players are hot only born, they are made. A boy may be born with the fleetness Of foot which admittedly is the greatest attribute otjL breakaway runner, but the blocks which shake him loose are not innate to a youngster,' they must be ingrained through practice. . . . Our "cycle" will come yhen we as a community demand it, until then, it will be as extinct as a dinasour. . ' v , . ' ' ' Our Greenjackets are in a dismal season,, in fact never in Jacket history has the football fortunes sunk to the depths of the 33-0 loss on Saturday night. . . . Certainly would be a great time to ride herd on the bfficials in the league, the officials of the Wave, the coach, the boys. . But the herd rider can play Lonesome Polecat well stick with every fne of the aforementioned groups to the end, regardless how bitter it may be. . . . Not to coin a phrase, when it rains it pours, but the Jackets have suffered' more injury and misfortune than the other five clubs of the league combined. The omnipresent and hovering catastrophe .which struck down Moose Barndt will never leave the ball club this year, but in spite of this, injuries have riddled the backfield . . . Tues day right the Big Six met in special session at Lansdale to offen player help to the Greenjackets. This meeting WAS NUTV called at tne insistence pt the Wave. Here is the consensus of opinion among the other clubs in the circuit. ; . i "Russ Shelly and the entire Jacket organi sation are sportsmen with nary an equal They will never cry 'Uncle and yelp for help.' Instead they will bravely take their lickings, never once cringing or crawling. Because of their sportsmanship we must help Jhem." ... All the gloom, the laok-lusljre performance goes to the boards, smothered in the knowledge that the respect of your own league' is with 700 when-times are-darkentr-...'. The men who know are iot Sniping, the boys 'who play the Greenjackets are sympathetic. There is 110. blame on. officials, on all. and sundry connected with the league. Instead there H a grim realisation of respect in every one's Sporting mind. . ; . It is truly s pleasure to be associated witn men the fcaliber of those who operate the I- . !r. The odorous aroma which is bf the metropolitan papers on KocKy uraziano, as wen as nnuni publications, link boxing men with the scum of the country, the after dark sinisters who go sround robbing widowed mothers with eight utiij - : ju. t..t. . jli'chirmrnitltt A':urh artrp. But on the Other hand a heralded champion fceady to leavte the country. He got j: v n,.f ,am mr th tmrl U 1 1 vy ..... cause of the glamour connected with the business of busting beaks ' . .. . 1 1 .1 Yl ... : ! (k. avnof and stealing irora wiaowea mouiera. . . ou utu w "f--lt remains to be seen if he gets cleaned. 5 f .., ' . . . Si- Jf this drought continues-hunters can look for postponement of the opening date. This is not Game Commission warning, but the season was postponed m New York state because of similar conditions. , . . Back In 1925 Gifford Pinchot, then governor of the commonwealth ordered postponement of the opening day because 01 ary weaincr, furthermore the season was not extended to meet the time of postponement, ... But there is little doubt to the hazardous condition fit the woods, forests and fields should rain fall to fall before November 1st This piece is written on a Monday mumlng and should the Great Rainmaker see fit to make this piece obsolete, w would feel grateful. Not .-i- ,.(.. .nnniiiu irttinr low at manv daces, but the ants in our vih mtv " - "ui r o - - - ;,.(.. .r. mttina- mora restless it will be pleasure to get Into the woods and see if the game is as scarce as they ssy, as plentiful as others say, or Just -plain so-so. . . . . . .... uEi j .uun. eVfwilnr th Ant Aslv. others Uur Del is uiai some win um ..-....-B .... . . poor sighting for there will be nothing to crack at . . November 1st is almost upon us and If It does not rain by Thursday, let's Join in asking for some drops of liquid. It It has rained, let's pnuss a few minutes with thankfulness to the One who can make It dry or wet - ' Team Scoring 'i Bus-Mont Conference 1 Seli-Prrk ' 12 Souderton 0 Springfield '0 I)oylctown ., ! 12 Upper Morelsnd ,4 Hatboro 6 67 14 , 12 6 96 SO ' x LsdmIiIs )1 Berwyn fi Ouakertnwn ...... J2 Upper Morelsnd . . 12 Jenkintown 28 Souderton 11 Quakertown rl Ctwnville .... lAnvdale Jenkintown ........ lUtborn ........... Upper Morelsnd . . . . 13 14 ri U u .. P 12 .. 12 .. 19 '.. S ti Jrnklnlowa 12 FoiioVrtnn VI (JiUkPrtown it Lvwiale .......... 7 Ambfer .. 1 n 1 ii 82 Springflrld 1; glances at this corner after Ambler's circumstances do. An unim- "cycle" which will again bring great Big Six. " . emanating from the sporting pages, jumped the boat as his .outfit was a -neurone", or unni ior cwiiiwt whlz-h are seldom mentioned be- - - - - - - , . with each day. ... For one thing Ambler , v-31 Upper Merlon 4 Hatbom 12 Springfield 2ft Doylevtnwn vO Jenkintown 13 Rlf Six Conference . . lnndale Hsvks 7 Kell-Terk 13 Perklomrn It rkiylcMowri 13 Quakertown 0 kSoudcrtnn 33 SciN'erk ,. 80 - Sosderlon Nibs 19 PoyV-irtflwn 14 Qunkrrtown ". 14 Sell-l'erk 7 I'erkinmen 7 'Iniwiale ... 0 Doylcstown' Quakertown 12 Perkionisa ........... 7 SotirierUm ........... 0 I Jinniale . 3 Dnybvtmm .t 22 l'erk 2(1 IVrkiomen . .... 0 14 ...... 13 .... T .... 4'! PASSING PACES BLUE 8 GRAY TO SKIS! UG 6-6 TIE AT Steve SmiffiOn End Of Scoring Pass. Consolidate! Threaten Later. Jenkintown At Sell-Perk Friday Night. . , . ' , '.Sellersville - Perkasde's surprising and improving eleven., meets the Jenkintown Brakes tomorrow night under the lamps at the Twin Town school. After dropping two straight . games to Springfield (67-0) and to Doylestown- (14-0), the Gutekunst eleven- has shown up remarkably well. . Upper Morelsnd was tied 12-12 then an in and out Hatboro club was knotted 6. This hits led the kids to believe in themselves and many are hoping for the entry into the win column against Jenkintown Friday. - ' Jim Hoseood has resoonded to the rest and his pitching arm is ready. With this lethal weapon at command, Hen Gutekunst is ready to shoot the aerial works and grab the first win. With Lansdale and Ambler, coming on in quick order, the Blue and Gray must win from Jenkintown to get the lift for the two powerful machines.. A win for the Blue and Gray will vault them into the ton of the second division, oddly enough. For the record 01 the Consolidate rs is lack-lustre but the other second division clubs in an unbalanced league are little better. - . . iRallying over a touchdown in the third period and coming within inches of winning the game, the surprising: Sellersville - Perkasie football machine continued its rise from the depth to tie Hatboro 6-8. When all hands are pointing ' toward the Thankseiving Day arame with Quakertowit, the game supplies the needed fire for an upset win over the Quakers. For it was one week earlier Hatboro smashed the Quakers into a 19-12 defeat on a devastating passing attack. In Saturday's game Hatboro took a 4-0 lead in the second period when Ernie Gero crashed over from the four yard line to cul 3 Lansdale ... 3 Quakertown 7 Souderton .; 14 3 0 42 Sell-Perk .. " .'. 0 Lansdale '. . . . . . . .-. . . ..'..;. ' 7 6 Doylestown 6 0 Souderton ................ 14 0 Perkiomen ..... . ,' 8 7 Quakertown 22 0 Lansdale ................. 33 1 BOWLING - Asualgamated - ' Crouthamel's snapped out of their lethargy on Friday night and scored three points over lieidler. This fray, in the Amalgamated league was one of three over, the ilenlo alleys. In the other two matches, Regent continued their hepped up pin toppling with a 3 point margin over Spechts while Luts and pe-gan split the total. . . '. The scores: Gegan (2)B. Kramer, 484; J. Cressman, 461; H. Crouthsmel, 371; R. Crouthamel, 681; J. Warner, 616. Game totals: 704, 887, 822. Total, 2411. Luts (2) JL Michener, 449; N. Hafler, 620; M. Michener, 426; F. Kchwager, 464; C. Yerk, 470; A. Mitman, fi26. Gsme scores: 879, 780, 71)8. ToUl, 2467. Resmt (3) I Colodonato, 476; R. Repsher, 478: 'R. Benner, 616; P. Huber, 468; T. Colodonato, 499. Came scores: 783, 836, 818. Total, 24OT. Spechts (1) M. Mover, 445; P. Griffo, 444; B. Carl, 431; J. Balco, 460; C. Siwnninger, 416; H. Weide-moyer, 498. Game scores: 801, 730, 794. Total, 2325. Crouthamel (2) T). Fitzgerald, 4.T6; IL Kehs, 40;); R Moyer, 474: R. Glassmeyer, 68; W. Glassmey-er, 461: J. Orr, 472. Gsme scores: 8(4. 767, 796. ToUl. 2:t57. " Bldler (1)-J. Taylor, 372; C. Steoley, 377; iL. Helvemon, 464; T. Rusdygnn, WO; J. (Flplds, 614. Giime scores: 761, 810, 76. Total, 2327. Owl's Lesfus - The Rnbins shaded the Owls for thrre points to rrginter the only clean sweep in the Owl bowlins Icbrus last week. The middle game was by a margin of two pins, the fins) fracas by five maples. The Vultures dropiwt the Eagles for two counters while the Sparrows were taking the song out of the Orioles and the TarroU out- tslkod the Hawks. The wore: - Robins (3) O. Kelly, 62; R Graver. 617; N. Schuster, 612; II Hendricks. 39: K. Beck. 38: J, Mchtfum, 6)6. Gam Kores; 801, 81fl. SH5, ToUl. K02. Owl. (0)-J. Jieiff 2), 39; T. Murkley, 46: G. Weidmyr (1), li, f. aiinkle (2). 26 H. Warn, pole (2), 32(1; 11. Shelly (2), 248; K. Widomnver. 677? M. Vnnv. purker, h2S. (im scores: 794, 814, H70. Total, 21,8. Vultn minate an, uninterrupted eighty yard scoring march. But the 6ell-Perk eleven became infuriated in the third period and almost sent the Hatters into a tail-' spin. With- the ball on the Hatter forty five, Jim Hosgood took the ball directly from center, Eric Far- fo on a lateral was to toss to Dfck usco in the fiat, but Eric was rushed eluding four would-be tack-lere. ' ' - : - -. Then he spotted Steve Smith oa tjhe - thirty. Steve glommed the sphere and came directly across the field, picked up four blockers and when Jim Hosgood, the guy who started the play, removed the safety man with a spiffy block, Smith went all the way. The all-important point was missed and the score stood 6-6. : - . - 'But within three . minutes ' the Blue and. Gray was back on the Hatboro six, first and ten. The crowd surged onto the field, coach Gutekunat sent a manager down to see the yard marker and he erroneously-reported -the. 12 yard line. On fourth, down. Hosgood sent S pass intended for Jack Wuerstle but Ernie Gero intercepted at the one foot line.' When Wuerstle bounced him to the grass; his body was inches from ,the goal line, a aaiety and victory. Hatboro. r . , " Sell-Perk Worthington ... J. Smith Yeakel Rittenhouse Spoerl Reed Taylor . . . Richards , Barcley .-. Transue LE LT (LG C Edminston' . .' S HG' Haines ....... RT Wishwanick .'. JtE Wuerstle Spiecker . . . . . QB Fargo Sutton i . . . . LHB , ; . . . ... Shock Jones RHB .'..; S. Smith Gero .'. . . . . .'. . FB I s .'. . Hosgood Hatboro . ;. . 0 0 . Ot- Sell-Perk .'.;'. 0 0 0 6 Hatboro . scoring; touchdown, Gero? Sell-Perk scoring, S. Smith. Eagles (1) H. Detweller, 603; B. Vargo, 422; W. Myers, 426; S Weirbach, 404: J. Radics. 675: B Cordero, '608.. Game scores: 858, H24j 831. . Total, 513. , . Sparrows (2) H. Nungesser, 422; IF. Hager, .481; C. Graver (2), 270; Parissi (1), 181 K. Lewis Sr, 434; B.rGerhart, 474;. C. Petrie, 517.- Game scores: 800, 737, 844. Total, K481. - v.-.. Orioles (1) J. MilKr, 335; R. Spoerl, 491; F.. Barnes, 442; H. Souderf"' 464;" C- Kauffman,- 440; Larlick 186; Horn (2), Til. Game scores: 729, 654, 760. Total, 5 Hawks ( R. Weidemoyer (1) 123; J. Borrell (2), 299; Russ Mill er, 4o; 'K. -weiaemoyer uii w; W. Kramer (2). 296: L. Sterner, 480; H. Kramer, 447; W. B. Miller, 5S4. Irtme scores; 840, 762, 765. Total, 2367. ;, i -t ; -i . Parrots (2) Dunlsp, 456; Taylor. 469: RoBenbenrer. 483; Zeig- ler, 487rF. Weidemoyeri 425; Wis-ler, 435. Game. scores:. 762, 830, r s s ;. u.s."GMge-;r': -v Hydraulic" and ' Temperature swept two points In .the-U.,S. Irfuige league on iiesoy as ITes-sure and Vacuum felt the charge. Harry Shelly and George Sesehrist posted 207 for tingle games while the three fray aggregate" went to Seachrist with 619.: PresMire (2) Bsdford, 450; II. Shelly, 497; V. Wornian, 387; H. Alderfer. 417; R. Hilmer. 607. Game scores; 780, 794, 684. Total, Petku, 442; Hendricks, 413; Anght-moyer, 465. Game totals: 6'J mi. vol. lovai, ziuo. Temperature (2) TKufehall, 420 Putcha. 604: Frets. 396: Treffins- er, 497; Weeks, 4716; Seachritit 519. Game scores; 790, 830, 802. '10Vl, SM'iK. Yacousi (1) W. Detweiler, 481; .R. Detweiler. 889: H. Krb. 4ft: Metsler, 436; AlifT, 419; Fox, 514. Game scores: 799, 799, 766. ToUl, SuD4, '. . American Lejicn HARTiELL CROUTHAMEL POST NO. m PERKASIS Dear Comrades,. ' Well, this is Itl Yes, sir. The carnival gets under wsy tomorrow night. fJAe're: looking forward to seeing all of you 'Legion memo s, and your families and friends there. There's going to be some good entertainment every night with the parade winding up things on November 1st. ... In conjunction with the carnival and parade, the Tout is sponnoring a Legion Membership Week. On this wa need the help of every Legionnaire. So, let's sll ret in touch with the veterans who r not membora and really Ulk this thing up. There, will be a booth at the carnival for ths purpnas of fiving veterans information on egicm work snd ir prosram for the renting yenr. 'hn you mr to the cA!nivnI, bring a v(trrsr, Sports Calendar ; BIG "SIX CONFERENCE Saturday's Result Lansdale 33, Sell-Perk 0 Sunday's Results .-Doylestown 7, Souderton 0 Quakertown 20, Perkiomen 6 . This Week's Schedule Fridsy His Nib at Quakertown Saturday . Perkiomen at Lansdale i ', Sunday ; , , Sell-Perk at Doylestown , - Standing of the Teams W. L. T. Pts. Unsdate 4 i- 1 9 Souderton ..... 4 2 0 8 Suakertown ... 8 2 1 .7 oylestown .... 2 2 2 ' 6 Perkiowien .... 2 3 16 Sell-Perk . . . ... . 0 6 1 1 BUX-MONT CONFERENCE Friday's Results Lansdale 28, Souderton 0 Ambler 50, Jenkintown 7 Saturday's Results Springfield 19, Doylestown 12 Quakertown 18. U. Moreland 2 Hatboro 6, Sell-Perk 6 ',. - This Week's Schedule Fridsy Jenkintown at Sell-Perk : Lansdale at Ambler - Saturday - f uakertown at Souderton pringfield at U. Moreland Standing of the Teams W.. L. T. P.C. Ambler ....... 4 0 0 1.000 Lansdale . .310 .750 Springfield .... 3 10 ' ,760 Suakertown .. 3 1 0 .760 atboro 1 X 2 00 U. Moreland ..1 2 1 .333 Jenkintown ... 12 1 .250 Doylestown ...130. .260 Sell-Perk ..... 0 2 2 .000 Soudertorr ....;0 3 1 .000 HIS KIBS BEATEN 7-0 LOSE BIG 6 LEAD : His Nibs Souderton received a Jolting 7-0 setback by the Doyles town Vets on Sunday - and the shock bounced the Nibs out of first place in the Big iSix Conference. In the other frame Sunday afternoon Quakertown Hurricanes ran for three touchdowns to scalp the Perkiomen Indians 0-7 at East Green ville. The win vaults the Quakers into third position and serious contention for the crown. At Souderton neither team was able to score for three periods in a weird ball game. But the bizarre was yet to come and in the fourth period more shennani?ans were pulled than is imbibed by kids out for Hallowe'en fun. The only face made was by the wincing iNibbers. I Neal Budcmart, who was wilder than the stormy wind all afternoon, Anally threw the touchdown pass with 4 minutes and forty seconds remaining: in the ball srame. The VeU had advanced to the Nib three on two long passes from Buckman to Everett Frets. Then when three line plays netted them a two yard loss from' scrimmage, tha VeU paradoxically ' enough used the Hm thunder, the sleeper play. Ron Meininger was sighted by the 'Nib defenders but two late as buckman nit him with the one rood oass he threw all afternoon Bob Moser converted to make thA, final cotfnt 7-0. Doylestown's winning pushes the 1946 champs Into serious contention snd makes the race a topsy turvy affair. For only four points separates the fifth and, first plact Club, with the final first four assured of a playoff berth. EIGHT FIVES 0RI5AHIZEO TO TAKE Tfi HARDWOODS; LIE IH HEEDED Loop Will Play Two Nights 'A Week. - ' :. Jay Gee To Sponsor One New Team. Teams Tentatively Assigned At the second meeting of the Community Basketball League on Monday night in the Perkasie Legion home, William H. Hunskker, long time associated with local sports in a player, organization, and fan capacity, was elevated to the presidency of the new league. Maynard Hendricks drew the sec-reUry's assignment while Norman Peterman was elected to treasurer. Eight teams will comprise the Community league setup with the securing of the high school gymnasium for two nighU a week of play tha only contingency for the opening ofplay on Monday, December 1. The loop plans to operate every Monday and Wednesday evening. Mors Players Needed Officials of the league are emphatic in sUting that more players art needvd to staff the clubs who1 have already filed , intention . to plsy, As In 1946 a draw for player trenrth will be Jnadt to innure a balance which was prevalent last year. The tenUUve teams have already been selected for play but With mors men reporting, the smiads will b shuffled for the good of the wheel. Six teams which msde up the loop last year have definitely sought a franchise. Sellersville Legion, the 1946 champion Perks-eie legion, Sellersville Mooee, United Steles Gsuge, Perkaiie Owls ahd rUoomlng ;len are the repeat members of the league. Jav- jGe Manufacturing Company will uponeor a team comprised of re cent high school grads while th eighth team has not ss yet secured a sponeor. No chsnr fnf artflriMinn will be di't lhl year for the two (rame a fxM '"-'l iic. l.t.-l vwir the SELL-PEEK GfiS TIE: LOSE . Coach Ethel Stout's Blue and Gray hockeyists continued on their way to a successful season on Thursday. Doylestown was tied 1-1 in a game at the Sell-Perk field. The local lassies have dropped but one contest in the six played. - Both teams battled to a 0-0 deadlock in the first twenty minutes. Then the Blue and Gray countered when Miss Fox shot the rubber sphere into the net.. Ann Toor retaliated for Doylestown to snot the game. ..... . ' In the second team game. Anne Beister countered to give the Seat- era a i-v victory. The lineups: . Doylestown Sell-Perk Nicholson .. ,. LW Detweiler Sandemar .... LI ...... Jackson Toor C . Alderfer Bowers RJ ... Rosenberger Lear EW Weber Reeser LH , Kramer' Martin ...... CH .....w Frank Douglas ..... RH ....... Mayes riobensack ... LH ...... searles Porks KB Weigner Hathaway .... G . . .. Crouthamel Score by halves: . - i ; Doy le8town ........... 0 1-V1 SellPerk 0 .; I--4, lUoylestown scoring: Goal, Miss Arm Toor; SellPerk scoring: goal. miss if ox. selliferk- substitutions: Fox, Jackson, Magargal; Doylestown substitutions, none. Coach Ethel BtOuf s girls' recervl ea a rude jolt in their stepped up campaign to win thel Bux-Mont hockey crown.. Tuesday Upper Moreland surprised the Blue and Gray lassies 1-0 at the Moreland meadows. '.r i AMBLER COraiES Borai row : Ambler continued '. to pace the Bux-Mont scholastic football conference and seemed destined to make it two consecutive champion' ships in a row, in fact they had a third 01 the title in 1945. Johnny Meyers and his Terrific Trojans defeathered.the Drakes of Jenkintown on Friday night under the lamps st Jenkintown. The Shingletown Express- rolled with engineer tarl "Jinks" Mundell throwing the scoring throttle wide open and scampering to four touchdowns, to maintain his Bux-Mont scoring supremacy and sUte-wide recognition. Meyers used 42 men in the romp. The Trojans had two touchdowns called back via Densities while the Ambterites wore-fenalised 90 yards for 1 varied alleged offenses for which the Men of Troy were con victed the 90 yards. It was Ambler's 22nd straight victory without a loss or tie. .-Lansdale stamped themselves as a coming eleven by routing Souderton 28-0 at Lansdale on Friday. But Frank Ford's Redskins dis played a rare determination which must eventually pay off. Steve Moyer, Lansdale, and John Haney, Souderton, hooked up in ons of the greatest punting duels seen on a Dux-Mont gridiron in msny years. Dick Davis paced the Maroon at tack on devasUting end runs from n short punt formations ' Quakertown, after yieldiing a jafety to Upper . Moreland in the first period, charged back to score in the last three cantos snd Uke home an 18-2 victory, theirthird On November 17. the final le gue meeting prior to the opening of the league wilt be held at the Perkasie Legion. Any man desiring to play, please put in your appearance or file your intent with anyone of the following managers: Sellersville. Legion, Ksnntth Weidemoyer; Sellersville Moose, Arthur Witwer: United SUtes Gauge, Walter Anwilar; Perkasie 'Legion, Clay Stover; Perkasie Owls, Bill Loewen; Blooming Glen, Don Long; Jay-Gee Mfg., Mormsn Schuster. ' TenUtive tesm roster: Perkasie Legion t Clay Stover. Rob Benner, Koiie Graver, Jim Wimmer, glen Gutekunst, Jos Harr, Hugh Niles, Perkaais OwU: Bill Loewea, Jack Hunsicker, Oasis Wall, Jerry Souder, Jim Bowen, Luks George. Snap Wenhold, Mike Bilner. Blooming Cieni Bob Umite4, Ed Umstesd, IJoyd Gross, Don Long, lamar Mover, Jia Moyer, Hal Rohr. Ernie Moyer. Jay Gee Mfg.t John Went, Clen Werst, Eddie Schuster, Normsn Schuster, Lloyd Ruxh, Spike Nasa, Richard SelUer, Eddie AJthouw, Norman Leathermsn, Don Trsug-r. Sellersville Legions James Shelly, Wally Staffers, Bob Stof-fers, Walt Konetcsny, HocVer Kline, lrojf Schuster, Snooks Souder, Ed Moyer, Ken Weidemoyer. V. S. Games David P,b Hannelman, Joe liorrell, Leon Pennypacker, Allen Hilmer, Dav Oltman, Dn Mulloy, ITiet Graver. ' KWIersTille Miej yd Bibic, Of I'nderknffler, Hill Hoenenhnfef. Jfhn IWoenhnfer, Dick 1-YeU, Nevln ltKiler, Ken Whitmnn, l.oh wi.Mir,ver. LAUSDALE LASHES JACKETS 33-D FOR RECORD ROUT III BIG 6 Worst Greenie Loss In 20 Years Of Play. League Gives Wave Four New Men ' ; For Doylestown Game At a special meeting of the Big Six Football Conference In Lansdale on Tuesday jiight, ' tha league voted plsyer help for the Sell-Perk Greenjackets. According to league rules, a -sssa whs has not participated In two of the first five gsmes is not eligible for the Isst five a law designed to stymie "ringer" singing. ; ; Immediately tha Jackets went out and signed Bobby Gehman, Earl Fargo, , Paul Oreiser and Al Homer. All four are' hacks and will bolster , a sagging ball toting depart- ment. The Green Ware will ' meet Doylestown on Sunday at the Memorial Field, : Doyles town ana the tour new . will be in the lineup. Misdirected aerials and constant fumbles paved the way for a Lansdale Hawk 33-0 win over the Sell-ersville-Perkasie Greenjackets at Memorial Park, Lansdale on' Saturday evening. Bruised and battered through . injury,' the valiant Jackets battled furiously "to the w4re with the determination, given only to amateur erformers. This loss was the most severe; pasting ever aosoroea ty a ureenjacket team in more than twenty years of campaigning ana also established a record rout for the Bisr Six Con ference. Prior to Saturday's game, the Lansdale Hawk ; suffered the worst defeat of any club in the loop, a 27-0 walloping meted out by the Doylestown -VeU last year. . -In spite of the score the Green never gave up and consUnt fumbling never gave the opportunity to get moving offensively. For the nawKS scored tnree times in the first half, forcing coach Les Zettv to UBe linemen in the backfield throughout the second half ii an effort to save a depleted backfield sun. When the gama was less than seven mi mites old, Stew Scheetz recovered Leroy Ritchie a fumble on the Green 24. In six nlsvs the Hawks moved to a first down at the 8. On fourth down after 'two wild . aerials and one line play had moved the ball to the six, Baldy Krout pierced the defense with a TD heave to Pete Leo. Norm Nelson converted and the Birds were fiying.. , ", In their second oeriod Chauncev Krout scampered ight yards for a loucnoowri rot lowing a recovered fumble on the SP 22. The referee blew the ball dead as Krout faked a handoff to Atwood and the Sell-Perk boys stopped dead. This pre-cipiated a balmy discussion but the TI was allowed. Five plays later uw iura im vera uireaten mg. norm, iNeison glommed a Ritchie toss on the SP 45 and gaselle-limbed it to the 6 where he Pigskiri Pickin's ' j Another week, another jab in the dark. Hold your seaU, especially the ones for tha Penn-Navy game, or some scalper win have them. iters we go. -. . ' Big Six Doylestown 7: Sell-Perk With added strength the -JackeU will never resemble the team which was walloped on Saturday. That is gone irony tneir systemsv Lansdale 14; Perkiomen It. It will be closs and that one field goal allotted ts the (Indians may be the marginal telly. For Irv Raymond tries the field goal trick for Perkiomen often. ."'' RU Nibs 14 i Ouskertosra T. Un- fortunstely the Quakers catch the Nibs on the rebound again. For after the loss to Perkiomen, the Nibs tore the Hawka apart. If they are roarins, Quakertown geU the same doss. ' . : r Box-Mont Conference Amaler tt; Lansdala 7. The Tro jans are lookins; better, especially whan the heat is on- and If anyone who totes their win streak csn look any better than they have in th past Jrrkintown U; Seil-Psrk 11 If the 'Bins and Gray continue to plsy th brand of ball exhibited In re cent weeks, th Drakes ar far rrom a sheoin. These Bux-Mont game ar rivaling collegiate games ss mental aptitudes play an important part in the final out-coma. , Quakartow IS; Souderton T. Rut . . . th Indians could win. They re a better club thsn their record Indicates. Plsysd a great gam against Lansdale until a break demoralited them. Uane.y is on Of th finest kickers in th conference, Springfield 4 Upper Moreland Th Worslandera will feel the wrath of a Walled Springfield club la last week's game. Ho hum. Doylestswa f i Halbor a. This Is a pig la a pok for the Hatter sr up on week. In another, out th nest this week out Final Report On No, Penn Pigeon Races a - .. North Penn Homing Club srer-age speed for young bird, 1947; 100 160 200 300 Mile Tim Yds. Per Name ' Consumed Win. K. Klintlhoffer 1.30.I4 low, Ml W. Whaland ... 20 30.11 1067.2S F. Dtstr-1 J0 SS 44 104 1 44 J. Sirman tt.02M ia-Jt.07 R. tpennhip .. BO.0b.2fl ('i8i H. New ?!, 4s) jn .-, f, H. f ttt!ey .... ','"4?, 1) 1 l 77 .. ''n ...... Vi o- 7 'j., , was forced out of bounds. Baldy Krout threw to end Bob Keyser for the telly. , In the final period the Hawka scored two more times. With the ball on their own eight, the Jackets fumbled and Junie Fell pounced on the loose ball for a Hawk scoro. The final count came m the waning seconds of the fray. Harry Armstrong ran eleven yards to culminate a Hawk drive after the Wave had relinquished the ball on their own 34. '. ' : ' .' Lansdale : , Sell-Perk Bednar X.E ....... Hilmet S. Frets ..... LT C Parks Poust LG Shell? Mininger ,... C ......... Stull Shaner ...... 'RG ...... Simons Cooper ...... RT ...... J. Pari 3 iKeyser ...... BH , ... K. Bishop Armstrong... QB Ritchie Wisniewski . . LHB '.:'..... Jom.s Reimers . . . , B.HB . . Van Houteii Nelson ...... FB Wa!! Lansdale 7 14 0 ,12.,;; Sell-Perk .'.VCi 0 0 0 0 0 ' Lansdale scoring: touchdowns-Leo, C. Krout, Keyser, Fell, Ann-strong; extra v points INelson 3 (placements); Lansdale substitutes ends, . Leo," Fell, Hall, Vincent; tackles, Scheetz, Fehr, Gill, i'l-Lauro; guards, G. Grant, Schneider, Law; centers, Joseph, W arn -bold; backs, C. Krout, Reimers, ii. Grant, Atwood, 1. Krout, Cox. Sell-Perk substitutes ends. Shannon, Allison, Fryday; teckles, Hu ;'-nagle, Kline, .MacDonald; guani , E. Bishop, Allison; center, Balsa ; backs, D. Frets, Senior, Gerharl, C. Keller. Befere,:.Troxe. Lmmro, Derk. Head linesman. Toner. Time of periods, 15 minute. - - H. S-P. First downs . , By rushing"..., By passing . i .' 8 . 7 ..3 . 2 2 61. SI 20 . 14 4 2 0 By penalties .; Yards gained rushing :134 22 112 . 11 6 xsrds tost rushing . ... Net gain rushing ...... Passes attempted ...... Passes completed Yards gained passing Passes intercepted by . . Yds. interceptions ret'd. PunU .....: Average yards, punts . . PunU blocked by Yards punU ret'd. .. . . . Fumbles 63 . 46 4 71 6 35 3! 1 0 47 7' 42 Z Opp. fumbles recovered Ti i l: . xaras Kst peruu lies FOOTBALL ROUNDUP Every Friday 5tl5 : 5i30 IIIO On Your Dial CONFEHEMCE 3Uii efw ciu en Radi Station WN AR, Nemitowr, SHOOT SHOOT THREE SATURDAYS OCTOBER 11-18-13 . a ' OLD MILL 3 mi. So. of ScUersxille ': .' ' 50c per shot 3 for Turkcyi Chickens Duck I Pest D ( ;VD ' g; ; o 4. i 1:

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