News Herald from Perkasie, Pennsylvania on October 9, 1947 · 7
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News Herald from Perkasie, Pennsylvania · 7

Perkasie, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1947
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TWIN TOWN SPORTS By JIM HACKETT This corner took a lick at the high school football situation last week from all indications most evteryone in the two town area feels as we do, something must be done to curb the football debacle which has tenacled our high school. . Not everyone feels we should take our (boys to camp. . But here is the word from JOHN 0. BARTH, director of athletics at Quakertown High school. It will not be quote for for quote, but the gist of his thoughts are there. ; , . This is his statement on the help derived from taking their kids to football camp. . . . ,lWe will do it again, undoubtedly. ; Nothing has ever happened in our school after years and years of trying and you know we are trying which can compare with the benefits from our camping trip. Our schedule was something like this, . . .Oat of the sack at 6 A. Mi, then two hours of calisthenics. Breakfast from eight to nine, then into the moleskins. Practice sessions with contact were run until 11. . . . Dinner was over by one. . Then in the heat of the day, occasionally the centers and kickers came out to limber up. But after supper, we again went into two more hours of hard work. Lights out at 9:30. . . . This is the conditioning program.. But we got more than that." ' - Barth still talking. "Normally under pressing business and hustle of school opening, the coach does not have much time to get fully ac quainted with the boys. . They assume he is some cold character assigned to drum football .technique into their heads, never once thinking even a football coach is human. But at camp we had leisure moments when we played, fooled, and were real pals to the kids. ... Now the spirit is high. NEVER IN OUR HISTORY HAS THE SPIRIT' ON ANY FOOTBALL TEAM MATCHED OURS OF 1947. . . . Furthermore we took 42 boys to camp and not ene man dropped from the squad since the return in fact we picked up twelve more boys. , . . Now you can judge for yourself our benefits." . . . Well, we know John Barth, we know he is one of the finest men who ever attempted to teach young boys, the euologies spoken from his pupils will verify this. . . . Knowing this we take Barth's word. - . ' ' ' v But on occasion, statements from a non-member of the sporting 'gentry rings with derision and a do-nothingness. . . . They like to say '"Well, it is only a game." . . . This is an easy way out. Do they happen . to realise that in this only a game business, boys are physically beaten by 'boys who are not making a game out of it but by an organization whq is making a business Out of it? . Sport today is a business, if one does not want te be in business,- let them say so and get out But there is little doubt as to what a poll of graduates of the Sell-Perk high school would reveal.; These are the citizens who will make our community in the future. They are for getting into this sport whirl wind and reaping the harvest in strong young men, fully cognizant of the ruthlessness by which the game of life is played by many. . . . And if it is only a game is it a coincidence that when pur country was en-. dangered, when there was a dangerous job to do, football captains and collegiate stars were given preference. We. mean on the patrol torpedo, the famed PT, boats of the Pacific war. On the boats where inerenuity. lightening-like strikes, crew sometimes as low as four and Where leadership learned only on field was the prime quality which safety of the men who rode through ; ber SLADE CUTTER, the Nval commander who was given three Navy Crosses simultaneously. . Cutter, the guy who kicked a field goal in the mud to beat Army 3-0, the aame guy who .riddled Jap shipping from the torpedo sights of a submarine, the same swabbie-boss who watched the horse races in Tokyo with binoculars. Here is what-Cutter cays, -..''NgjLCCe footfhall game means a thing Jd.menpw Winning thiswarl . is of tantamount importance. But the men who are playing on the gridirons of the nation must apply that training to the life and greatness of America." . ; Not all the boys who play will be a Slada Cutter, not all of the boys will be a PT commander, but they will be men. : . - Humorous Moments. Do you know what one cow said to the other, when they saw the milkmaid approaching? . DODGER, or youH get "the YANKS! . . . Thanks to MRS. WAITER SNYDER . . . Then the two "Sports authorities" whs were vision. Joe DiMag bounced i high one to Pee Wee Reese at shortstop, and the Short One adroityly chucked Gulssepe out at first when Jackie Robinson glommed the sphere. Jackie started to whip the ball around the infield, throwing it towards catcher Bruce Edwards. .. The one fan said to the other (you could only see Robbie in the televised photo), "where is Robinson throwing the "He's throwing it into the stands so silence. Belief. , ' ' 1 ! Last night at the banquet for the DON MOYER were given certificates for outstanding courage In the face of that 67-0 licking administered by Springfield. These two lads played their hearts out in spite of the overwhelming odds. Its only a piece of paper but It carries the admiration of the Sell-Pesk fandom. . . . An effort was also made to whip up the town fever necessary to fielding a winning ball club- in football, or at least on which will put in. mmmmrfabla ahowinr asainst tell what the results will be. If you think this comer is the only one concerned with this licking Scll-I'erk absorbed from Springfield, glance at RUSS THOMAS' . observations in the Doylestown. paper, would prove otherwise. . . . Russ goes as far to predict the end of the Bux-Mont Conference as it exists todnv (we airree too) and belittles "Point Hungry" Gockley as he terms ? the Springer mentor. . . . Another school football has he seen a boy ' dolt absorbed from Springfield on Saturday. Fists were flying into the lithe Trojan's face on every" play. His lips were swollen, his nose was gashed, his eyes were pinpoints when the game was over. ... But the kid showed Cocklev his ability, his sheer guts, that all the rough tactics employed by a coach who has little plan winning could not stop him. Me must nave naa ouiwni his stomach as he romped feaUierfooted for a 60 yard and again for 49 yard touchdowns. . . . Furthermore, the hardened observer says he found himself leaping Into the air as Mundell went on to score not because Ambler won, but because this run was In direct repudiation of unsports manlike, rough footfcall. SpecHti Blank Lutx -In Amalgamated SpochU came charging Into the Amalgamated bowling picture on Friday night at the Menlo alleys with a four point sweep over Luts. Meanwhile the previously redhot Crouthamel five bowed to Regent for four markers. Beidiers and Cerans, which Incidentally Is the mnt Improved club In the league, split.- , . Jlamld Weldemoyer peff1 Krvrhu to the win with a 618 triple. In the neidler4gM fra nul Srhoelkopf, Joe Taylor and Karl Hendricks cracked W but John Wagner went ptn tnsd for Ogans to splstter .67 over the score book. . The cores: ' Ifeidlsr 3)-J. Tsylor, I. Wwr. 4?'; C. .!. 3 J- 1M,t-rn, 44": E. liwifir.-'U, 614; and competetive daring among a five was the order of the day. the hard ruggedness of a football paid off in sunken Jap ships and the hell with the skipper. . . . Kemem watching the World Series via tele ballt" ... The informer quipped, the fans can have a souvenir." Then - A , , Softball teams, ERIC FARGO and any league member, lime win buddy reports that never in high take the pounding Earl "Jinks Mun respect for decency In sport other .V CUriski (1), 124; B. Kramer, 405; J. Crewman, 4C6: It. Crouthsmel 461; R. Crouthamel, 471 J. Wsg ner, 687. Game scores: 84S, &I6, 793. Total, 2472. Crmilhamel (0) D. Fitrgr-rald 423; E. Mover, 640; J. Orr, 4!7j R. Kehs, 421; "W. Glawmeyer, 440; F. IVIikat. 626. Came scores: W3, 809, 836. Total, 2448. Recent (4)-dt Benner. 4"; 0 Beck, 46; U Tolndonato, 627; R. Repsher. 3i8; V. Mutter, WW; n Rom, 666. Came scores: 827, 826 844. Total, 2497. Lull (0) R. Michencr, 412: "S. Hafler, 474; A. StuUmon, 448; G Roman (1), VV: r. prhwsger ( SlWjC. Yerk, 4S: A. Mitmn, 4'.W Came score: 770, 7M, 778. Total 2332. ... PprM (4) M. Mnyor, 4-t; It S)wniiiirr, 4V; 4. l.Hfr.-t. t-i I'r.--, il, ". . Mi'nrr, Hi; SB Loses 14'0;adio Program Sports Calendar " BIG SIX CONFERENCE . Friday's Result A Lansdale 14, (Doylestown 3 Saturday a- s -, Quakertown at Sell-Perk, postponed. Sunday Perkiomen 12, Souderton 7 Standing of the Teams W. ,-L.'. T. Pts. Lansdale . . . Souderton ., Doylestown . Perkiomen . Quakertown 3 3 1 1 1' 0 1 2 2 2 2 Sell-iPerk 0 This Week's Schedule Saturday night Doylestown at Quakertown ' Sunday Sell-Perk at Perkiomen Lansdale at IHis Nibs - , -. BUX-MONT SCHOLASTIC CONFERENCE Friday's Result Quakertown 13,' Jenkintown 12 Saturday's Results Lansdale 12, U. Moreland 0 Ambler 12, Springfield 0' Doylestown 14, Sell-iPerk 0 Souderton 6, tHatboro 6 Standing of the Teams . , W. L- T. P.C, Ambler ....... 2 0 0 1.000 Quakertown ..2 0 0 1.000 Lansdale ..... 1 1.0 .500 Springfield .... 1- 1 0 .500 U. Moreland . , 1 1 0 &O0 Jenkintown- ...1.1 0 00 Doylestown ..." 1 1 0 00 Souderton .... 0 1 0 .000 Hatboro ....... 0 11 .000 Sell-Perk 0 2 0 : .000 This Week's Schedule Friday night .' Upper Moreland at Sell-Perk GREENJACKETS AT HOME Officials of the Sellersville-Per- kasie Greenjackets announce that the postponed game between the lireen Wave and the Quakertown IHurncanee will be playea on Wed nesday. October 15 at the Sell-rein high school neld. As was the case last week, the two skippers, Les Zetty of the Greemes and Clyde Smoll. Hurricane mentor, are in serting community pride into the tray, tsoth men are irom uuaxer- town and an intra-community as well as an inter-community angle m attached to the game. Greenies Vs. Indians ' Les Zetty takes his Sell-Perk Greenjacket team to Perkiomen on Sunday where the Wave hopes to jump into the win column for the first time this year. Stymied by bad breaks in the first outimrs. the Jackets have high hopes of spring ing a surprlaa- oa.tne surprising Indians who spilled his moe iz-i on Sunday. - . ' All the lireemes are ready 10 move against this rejuvenated foe and if spirit is a deciding 1 actor, the Jackets will furnish a paradox for the observers by scalping the Indians. lAmid all the fanfare loyal Soud erton rooters could muster and the impressario machinations of shirt msnufacturer lien tr'reed, pint-sited Bobby Shantx bested New York Giant Killer Curt Simmons 4-1 In a benefit came at Egypt on Sun day. Simmons .received special per mission from the Phillies to chuck snd aid in raising funds to erect s grandstand on the Egypt layout. the same dismond where Curt rocketed to fame, culminating in his signing a Blue Jay pact for a cool 40 thousand dollars. But on Sunday it wss all ShanU. The midget 11 11 Nib chucker clear ly bested the Golden Boy. In heart as well ss score. For when Bobby reported for the game at 11 A. M. his left arm and wrist were swollen twice normal aixe due to a football injury. Tony Parisse went to work on his protege. Begging, rubbing, and going through all the bone crushing twenty years in baseball imparted, Pane brought ShanU around. In the warm up ShanU waa in misery for the first ten minutes. Then he ssid he was loose and howl. . . , Ecvpt had Imported stars from the North Atlantic loop, the Phil- lie Utlra farm club, as well as Simmons. But they all looked alike to Bobby. He whiffed fourteen hit ters, Simmons struck out nine, and Itnb doled out Ave hits with the Nibs combing the Isnky snd lesn Simmons for eight bingles, Tony Parisae being chief offender to the Golden One's dignity with three blows. . But the fanfare from the Smid erton fans was another thing. Two bus loads of fans made the trip as well as innumerso e cars. Hen (Freed had the Nib bus decked with huge banners, "Eastern rennnyl vsnia Tmnhv Chamoions of 1947.' Jake Frederick had gathered his bosom rooters into another bus and this one was happily singing to a six liisce band. The band really whooped it up after the second inning. For In that frame Shantt had two men on base but proceeded to retire the side on strikes. This ia- him the heeded confidence and h wss Invincible th remain der of the game. BOBBY SHANTZ OUTSHINES CUR SI1I1S. Ill ill DUEL , His Nlha Herror, 3b .. Karbman, fb Yiira, If . ... , Sllb-r. cf . . . iH'iirv, ff ah 6 Big Radio Show To - ji' Honor Harold Barndt ; Tomorrow, on the ' reguljtr 1 weekly Big Six Football Con- ' ference broadcast over radio' station WNAR, Nerruitown, 1110 on your dial, the league' will conduct a memorial broad- i cast for Harold "Moose" f Barndt, former Setl-Perk.higk i school and Greenjacket ath- -lete. Barndt was killed in ai automobile accident last Sat- urday 'morning. . Joseph ? K. f' Weaver, president of the, Kg Six Conference, Charles B-'j, Witmer, Sellersville, treasurer i of the league, William Sieeley, sponsor of the Fleet wing base-, ball team, B. Earl Druekea- f miller, his high school coach, -and a representative of. the j; Sell-Perk Greenjackets to be ;. named by the group, will take part in the program. . v j "! ' " - r :n "Moose" ;f 1 One of our competitorsand - a great one at that has gone. It is easy to say good things ' about a guy after he has left us, especially so unexpectedly as did Harold Barndt, "Moo set to most of us. ; -j , There is no point in recount! ing the athletic exploits of theT "Moose", for on these pages, his name has appeared a bun-., dred times. It is due to our reporting of his activity in life that we feel capable of writ-, -ing about him in death.' He! was not only a community-! grown and loved athlete net was a good guy. - ( .Now that Is a common term, applicable te many. But for the Moose it carries a kroad- ; er, deeper meaning. His ready smile, boisterous laughter, one-of-the-boys attitude en-f deared him to alL The Sell-Perk Greenjackets, Fleetwing, Sellersville Moose - baseball team, Sellersville Moose- Big ' Nine basketball team, Sellers- . ville Legion basketball team 1 will miss Barndt. We are . truthfully sorry. One thing is - - certain all our remembrances of the gangling lovable guy , will be pleasant ones. Our i sympathies to his family from the sporting gentry of the Sell-Perk area and the North ' ' Penn Valley. Well miss those long SpiraU big punts, the bruising tackles, the bull-sessions, the youthful brashness, the irrepressible will to win, the ready smile' which reflected his basic good-, ness. ; . : :' I It must be mentioned that every team in the Big $ix ' Conference responded, in 'a sportsmanlike gesture 'seldom derton, the same team (hat . bounced him to the turf in a football game one week earlier, was present at the viewing enmasse, one common action on the part of his sporting adversaries, ' , Sports Editor T Eiscnhart, lb bhantz, p ... iaisner, If .. Totals . . 35 4 8 27 8 Egypt V. Koncir. If . ab ,. 4 . 4 8 . 4 . 3 . 3 . 1 . 2 . 3 . 2 Howells, ss . . Rush, cf v . . . Pado, c Gutman, lb ., Hrincinak, Zb Krsycack, If . G. Koncir, 3b Simmons, p .. Yoo, If Totals' ...... 30 1 5 27 8 His Nibs ..00010201 04 Egypt .... 001 0 0000 01 E Cooney. Shantz. Rush. How- els. RBI Hullo, Psrisae 2. Sac Cooney. 2HH Simmons, Parisse. Left ypt 9: Kouderton 7. SB Rush, llricinak, V. Koncir, Silher, Rullo, Yurs. HBP By (Hririnsk) Shsntzj by (Yoo Shants. So B Simmons t: by Shants 14. BonB Off Simmons 8: off ShanU 1. U Cat hers, Green, Hoffman. TOG 1 :60. . Parrots Win 4 More In Owl Loop Without uing their talking Ul enU, but definitely relying on their bowling power, the ParroU swept four more points to continue their fine keg smaahing.. Again Pete Zeiglert Art 4unlap, and Hen Weidemoyer led the attack. Leak Horn clicked off fi-'W for the losing Vnole. ,i j The Sparrows won throe diglu irom the ttlawks, the Owls ad vanred three counters at the ex Pense of the Vulture, and the Eagles and Robins split the four muni, .. , , . John Liohlfusa rod herd on f pins for a 6 W in the Robin tie. Bill wsmpole whanged 6& for the Ow, Jtollie Imif ported 636, Charlie I'etrie bZQ for the Sparrows,' while Warren Miller hit two hundred in the first game.- the same in the third, but slippod to 116 in the middle frarss. The score: llak (1) R Miller, 60S: H. Krwmer, 472; W. Kramer (2), 2S2; P. firiffo (2). t'i; L Sterner (2), W. duller, h9: J. UorrHI. 4:. (.ap wmre: )74, 770, HO, r iT.ff How Many Can You Identify? Believe it or not, this photograph is - nearly 25 years old. It shows the Portuondo Cigar Factory team of Perka-sie. In the good old day.s, nearly every cigar factory in the North Penn area had a baseball team and for many years there was a Cigar Factory League. In the group are: front row, left to right, William Keese, Preston Hartman and Preston Middle row, John Hendricks, George Jacoby, John Baikel, who was the factory foreman and team manager ; Edward Moyer and Norman Crouthamel. Back row, Stewart Kramer, Walsh. The only survivors of Jaccby,.Phillips, Crouthamel and Walsh. . AVIBLER ROMPS PAST SPRIa'GFIELO for title Johnny Meyers, the pint-sized Ambler skipper, took a giant stride in the direction of his second consecutive Bux-Mont football title on Saturday as the Trojans trampled over Springfield 12-0 at Erdenheim before 6000 football fantastic. . One week earlier the Spartans had run roughshod over Sell-Pexk 67-0 as tbeir gargantuan stature proved superior. 'Evidently the Shingletowners forgot to glimmer the writeups and their, slingshot was enough in the form of competitive spirit. Midgets in comparison to the Springers, the Trojans were, coming fast m the closing minutes while Springfield saw the championship flying through the ozone on Earl Mundell 's tootsies. For the festherfooted breakaway runner scampered to a 60 yard score in the final period then four minutes later raced 49 more yards. He accomplished this in the face of a terrific physical beating. Mundell .lugged the leather 31. times for a gain of 243 yards, or three-fourths of the ground gained by the victors, In other games Souderton knotted a favored Hatboro eleven 6-6 to" break the non-victory skein which reached back to 1944. Both teams scored in the first half. Souderton- dug into pay dirt first then watched in chagrin as the Hatters tied the score in the sec ond canto. Neither team was able to mount a serious thrust in the last half. Quakertown Panthers continued to remain unbeaten with a thrilling 13-12 victory over Jenkintown in the Irake home meadows. Joe Fatchet scored the first time on a thirty yard pass from Joe Bonofiro in the second period. Near the end of the half Paul Thomas high kneed it fourteen yards for the score. Jenkintown came back with two tallies in the second half but George 'McNair's extra point conversion after the second score war the margin of victory, . the same feat he performed against Lans dale one week earlier. ' Sell-Perk Plays Upper Moreland Friday Friday night the Sell-Perk high school football team, sporting a record of one win and two louses, engages -the Upper Moreland schoolboy football team under the lighu pn the Consolidated athletic field. Stan Ravtinakl, in his first year at - the Moreland school, . bat brought a spirited club into confer ence play. The Morelanders -upset Doylestown 12-7, then dropped a 12-0 game to Lansdale after outplaying the Maroon sUtistically., Lewis Sr., 446: B. Gerhart, 448 Petrie, 620. Game scores: 811, 837, 824. lotal, Z47Z. Vultures (1) Alexander (2), ;nxj; muss U), 307; Benner (Z), 283; Gredicek (2), 289; Blackwell, t; senior m. aw; - Uttel (2) 310; 1. Weidemoyer, 472. Gsmo scores: 7.17, 702, 841. Total, 2340. Owls S) "D. Reiff, 469: Mark ley, 470; Wampole, 606; G. Weide moyer (1), Hi; Zimmerman (2), 269; Jlmkle, 414; K. Weidemoyer, 484. Game scores: 706, 792, 806. Total 2J64. . Robins (I)-O. 'Kelly, 477:' K. Beck. 469; Wenhotd (2), 317; B. Hmdrirk 2), 279; N, Schuster (2), 286; R. Crraver (2), 264; P. Snyder (1), 134; J. Ltchtfuss, 668. Game scores: 813, 828, 768. 23!9. Eagle (2) H. Detweiler, 481; I Stover, 465; S. Boasard (2), 246; B. Vargo (1), 117; Z. Meyers, 44:1; S. Weirbach, 476; J. Radics, 498.. Game scores;, 737, 838, 78(1. ToUl, 2361. Parrots (4) A. Dunlap. 682: J Taylor, 496; E. Koaenberger, 449; P. 7-iogler, 676; iF. Weidemoyer, 490; T. il. Weidemoyer, 624. Gams cores: 84.1. 9J4, 849. Total, 8tl ' (Moles (0) F. lUrnea (I), S4; 1. Miller (2), 314; R, po.rl,-472; G, lrlirk, W2; So,W (2). 5KU: Ml! I Hillpot. Elmer Phillips and Thomas the eleven-man team are S-P Hockeyists Knot 1 946 Champs 2-2 Coach Ethel Stout continued her hebDed -un nerformance with her unbeaten Sellersville-Perkasie high School team on Thursday when the Consolidaters tied Lansdale 2-2. Considering that Lansdale. has won the crown for three consecutive years, and Sell-Perk was in the basement in 1946, the win takes on added importance. Lansdale scored 'first to take a 1-0 half time lead but with the halfbacks displaying superb defen--sive ability, the Maroon could only dent the neU once in the final twenty minutes. But with the impetus of great defensive play, the Blue and Gray forwards netted two scores to knot the count. Glen- na Jackson split the cords first and then Bonita Frank rammed home a counter for the Twin Towners. Tn a preliminary game the Sell- Perk junior varsity lost 4-1. The lineups: , Varsity .. tLW .. ... ILl ., .:. CP.,'. ... PJ Lansdale Rossell . . ' Sell-Perk . . Detweiler Rosenberger T."Weinger , .. ... Benner Weber . . . . Kramer ..... Frank .. .. . Mayes . ... Searles Parker Magargal Cok ..... Barboni' Vozel ; .. Swartzlander RW .. Mininger ... LHB .. P. iRittenhouse CHB , Conver , RHB . Clayton (LHB . Hunsberger . . iKr a . A. Kittenhouse goal Lansdale Sellersville-Perkasie . 1 2 2 2 Lansdale scoring Cox, Barboni; SelNPerk scoring Jackson, Frank: Lansdale substitutions Ryan, Jenkinson; Sell-Perk substi tutionsJackson, way, nener; scorekeepers Smith, Weirback; timekeeper Hedrick; umpire Bcltz. Junior Varsity Ludwig ...... LW Umstead ..... iLI . llemmerle . . . CF . .. N.-Weder . . fHeimbach Seltzer Fretz RI Leathermait Weand .. . BW . . 'LHB CHB , , RHB . LFB , RFB . goal . . M. Weder Holt . . . . Pearson . Buckwaltei Buffy Dickson Hsger .. Hager .. Simpson Scholl .. ...... Jones Way . ... Kramer Lansdale , Sellersville-Perkasie 34 01 Lansdale scoring Umstead 2, Ludwiir. Hemmerle: Sellersville- il'erkasie scoring Helmbach. Bill Whaland Wins Weekly Pigeon Race The North Penn Homing Club new its second 200 mile race from Orange, Va,. on October 4. 1947. There we're 133 birds from 12 lofts liberated at 7 A. M. Winning bird was clocked by William Whaland who also got second witn jonn Sigmans' coming in third. Time Yds. Pe Name Clocked Min. W. Whaland .. 11.47.00 1286.1', W. Whaland .. 11.48.15 1280.60 J. Sigmana ....12.04.14 1221.81 Ho. Weidem'er 12.17.62 1169.8( H. Naae 12.20.10 1149.7! Ha. Weidem'er 12.25.14 1141.71 W. Harris .... 12.19.17 1122.41 R, Espenship . . 12.20.17 1114.31 H. Bardsley ... 12.34.26 1091.81 F. Distel 12.37.29 K8I.W J. Wsldo 1.39.21 869.8 Stull Bros 1.20.14 68.4t J. Pedsno .... 2.30.66 821.47 Diploma Winners. There were 12 lofts, 133 blrdi liberated at 7 A. M. from Orange Va. Weather at start, clear S West, at home iame. Flying timi for winning bird, 4 hrs. 47 min. Dog Fanciers To Form . New Kennel Club Breeders and fanciers of thor 'rt-rhbred. registered dogs of all breeds will meet st the Col mar Fire House tonight when a Kennel Club will be organised. The new rnran;sat)on will he known as th Perkiomen Valley ihennel Club hut rnemhei-hlp will be drawn fr(hn DOYLESTOWN SCORES TWICE BUT BLUE AliD GRAY In spite of the physical whallop-ing meted out by Springfield, Sellersville-Perkasie high school football team rebounded on Saturday before 2500 homecoming fans in Doylestown 4o lose 14-0. The play was entirely ainerent irom a time and Gray angle and in suite of los ing coach Hen ' Gutekunst demonstrated good taste one week earlier by lifting his regulars when the eating oecame eminent. Looking great : in the opening quarter as they battled the Hornets on even terms, the visitors faltered in the waning minutes of the first half. With two minutes left In the second canto, Jim H Osgood booted to the Doylestown forty. Unleashing a perfect air game, the beaters marched un hindered to the Sell-Perk five, largely on the efforts of big Don 'Mccarty e pass catching ability. Then after Sell-Perk held for three downs, the Hornets called time. In came a player with instructions from the coach and on the final try, Ronny Johnson, the right end took a shovel pass to score stand ing up while the clue and dray line had apparently downed the man who shoveled op the oval. A'gain in the third period, Doy lestown took to the air, again it was Wodock end McCarty. Finally the rangy . Mccarty came on an end around with fourth and nine to go, and the score stood. 13-0 Captain Bob Smith proceeded to split the uprights and send the Hornets into a 14-0 bulge, the hnal score. The lineups: Sell-Perk Worthington . J. Smith Veakel ....... Rittenhouse . . Doylestown LE McCarty LT Funk LG Tenley C '. Mills LANSDALE HAWKS TAKE OVER BIG ( LEAD Lansdale Hawks took over sole possession of first place in the Big Six Football Conference over the weekend. The Feathered Flock, pigskin edition, routed a Doylestown team in the final half to win 14-8. This win coupled with the surprising Perkiomen Indian 12-7 triumDh unset over His Nibs Soud erton Sunday altered the standings to today s positioning. . . ' Neal Buckman booted a sensational 50 yard drop kick for three points to give the 1946 champ Vets a 3-0 edge going into the final half of 'the ilawk,game. At this juncture the Lansdale eleven became enraged and played the finest two periods of ball seen in the Big Six offensive maneuvers this year. ' Joe Wisniewski, who came from the brink of death after an injury in the Doylestown encounter last year, was the sparkplug. Thei North Wales whammer tore the Vet line to r .'boons in a murderous running display. Stan Cope finally scored the first touchdown in the third period on a quarterback sneak from the one. Norm Nelson converted. In the final period omnipresent Cope tossed to Junie Fell for the second score. Nelson again bullseyed the pigskin between the uprights. ' At Souderton His Nibs jumped to sn early 7-0 lead per expectations but the Perkiomen Indians came back with play not in the pre-game script. Taking advantage of two His 'Nib fumbles the Indians went into high gear. On the first recovery the Pritchard machine mounted s 38 yard drive in which Doc Miller snared a twenty yard heave to go all the way. In the third fifteen minutes again it was an aerial which sent the Nihs into defeat. Charley Schwendt rocketed a pass to Herm Weiss from the Nib forty to the twenty two. Weiss crawled, bullied, and battered his way over to score which proved to be the margin of victory. WEEK-END GAMES Upsets again tend to make this prognostication as difficult as serving on that Overell-Gollum jury, only there's no chance of breaking up a romance. Here we go again! Rig Six Conference His Mhs T: Lansdale 7. In a brutal battering ball game. That great Lansdale line bashing: against the deep His Nib forwards. Lansdale put en one of the great- m onensive displays on rndv night ever seen In the Big Six. His ,im renouncing. fwU-Ker 14; erkiomen 7. Im spite of the Perkiomen surprise I triumph over H's Nibs, the Jackets! can turn the tide. Quakkrlown 14 1 Doylmlown 7, Strictly on the pass defense of the' Quakers ho are sore at this June-' tore. They'll be out to batter thei Vets. 1 Bui-Moot Conference , Anbler 27; Doylestown 0. Ho hum, as the power runs rampant. I nere s little any cluo can d$ with the Shingletowners this year lgain. Wait. Sprlnafirld 30; Souderton 7. It's tgais an Issue of unbalance. Soud-rton is improving but not enough for the power laden Springers. I'pper Moreland 14; Srll Perk 7. ThoM Consolidated kids are In their claw again. Heads up ball with more fight can turn the tide, ordinary play will not. Quakertown 14; Hatboro f. The Quakers are rid ng high after their second win and should continue the jaunt. But two anftening tips by Ambler and Springfield will make them less potent for Thanksgiving. Reed RG Rumer Spoerl RT Wilson Wuerstle ..... RE Johnson Fargo QB ...... S. Smith ... LHB Ciliberto Schock RHB ....... Smith i Hosgood (PB ...... Furloi ! SellPerk High ..... 0 0 0 0 0-r 7 o4; Doylestown High ,.,-'0 7 Doylestown scoriffg1: - Tone, downs, Johnson-, Smith; points s ter touchdown, Bob Smith, Doylestown substitutions: Rui er, Kentopp, (McDevitt, Tho.:i Kiker, Sheaffer, Evans, Hight. Bradish, Duncan, Berry, Chamh rain, Godownv Johnson, Brad Keck; Sell-Perk substitute Troutman, Hockman, Pekar, Bit Knipe, Blotter, Pritchard, Snr Moyer, Loux, Boyer. Officials: i feree, Derk; umpire, Erb; h linesman, Clark. i American Legb( H ABTZELL CROUTH k POST NO. 280 PERK Dear Comrades As a reminder, our nv start at 8:00 sharp, every day. There's always ' rooi; more, so come around and t.. gang. Wow, the World Series w thriller wasn't it! I guess L: Old New York will never be ; same a Legion Convention an World Series within a mom time. Carnival-time is only a f weeks away ; now. The carniv committee says they are compiling their plans for one of the bu: gest and best events we've eve had. So come on out and join i the fun. - - ' " ' 0,uite a few of the boys have p their heads together and came with the idea that the Post shdu have a Senior Bugle and Dni; Corps. They are sending out a m:i to all you fellows who would lir.f to help in this venture, the moio the merrier. . .." We are always looking for m j-ideas and suggestions at the ihpi ; ings, so come on out tonight a brin a comrade with you. I'r ceedings get under way, at ? M. jiopa we'll be seeiirf5. P. Enis II FOOTBALL ROUND Every Friday 5:15-3:30 Ilia On Your CONFERENCE . "C T-mM CmmV CjlkU, , en Radio Station WNAR, NorrUto SHOOT SHOOT THREE SATURDAYS OCTOBER II-IS-2 at OLD MILl 3 mi So. of Sellersville 50c per shot , 3 for U Turkeyi . Chickens Ducki 0 M G 6 f 6 NASE-KRAFT Post 255 I -ssnV-n i frit'sr Un.d.ile Ti Jenkintown 9. The P";-t Hub can do It hut tby muti X' iiprp' a volp h gpt IT. !. 24"t. r. Mme Ul. . ; .. Kau'riai. p,e iNvwh ( enn .vrtor an wbII a w (11 I- 1-. l'.n. i .a'le i 1 s' j t h l:ki-'nmn Vaiiev. All Ivdfr-s

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