The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 2, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 2, 1931
Page 5
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BIATMKVH-LE. (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS W RUTH DEWEY GROVES Two cents a word lor first tertlon and one cent • word (or each subsequent Insertion, No udveriiKment taken for lea than 60s. Count the- wordj and send the cash. Phone 30G t'GU HUNT FOR RENT—1 rooms and batli, 1222 Ho!ly. Seven rooms and ball), ll'ii W. Ash. Phone 100, E. D. l-Wt;iisoii. 25C-KD FOR RENT—South bedroom. Phone •104. 27C-K3 TOR RENT—Furnisluxt house. Mrs. Sisk, Phuiie 072. 20C-K-1 FOR RENT -Furnished light housekeeping roams. 811 West Walnut. C-K--1 FOR RENT—Nice large bedroom, convenient to bath. -Mrs. ,N'o!cn. 310 W. Walnut. ' SOU-IT FOlt RENT—5 room l-.mise, t:ath, near high school. Reasonable. SOO lira™ si. IP-K-l WANTED POULTKY WANTED—Market pri. ces, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 21D S. Fourth St. 9C-TF WANTED — Family washings or general housework. Mrs. Dora VJiiell. 2207 18th St. TP HELP WANTED--MALE — There is an opportunity In one of th: city's largest organizations for 1930 or 1931 high school graduate who is sober and industrious. Must be in good luallli and furnish reference:;. Duties will consist al keeping operating records and statistics. Submit all pertinent information including photograph. Apply "K", c ,i Courier News, b; letter. • 1C-K4 WANTED—Two sho3 salesmen^ I salary of 5125. and bonus appeals tu you, call from 11 to 12 A. M. or 4 to 6 P. M.. Room 134 Glcncoc Hotel, Wednesday a Thursday- 2P-K' WANTED—Salesmen or saleslad; to sell Lux Electric Hot Wate Hrater. For appointment, call ruo:i 134, Ulencoe Hotel. 2P-K PERSONAL CASH PAID for second hand fur niwre, A. L. Piuwers, corner Main & Laic Els. CC-T; STOCKHOLDERS MEETING o! The Blytheville Cotton Oil Company The Annual Meeting oJ the d : rectors and stockholders of th above company will be held Thurs day, June.GtU at 10:30 A. M. i the offices of W. A. Gage & Co Falls Bldg.. Memphis, Tenn. 4C-KG- IIIKJIX III-:IIK TODAY IIEliVl, HOKlli:.\. icrrrtly IB loo nllb TOMMY WILSON, <r- ln)-« hi* rlnptMtHt with her fcnTf- .l.lrr, IIIUXE i;Vi:ilKTT, bill full, to cmvlnrt htm that II l> kl< duly lo rinlih colU'Kt, Irrac l« J?:iluu« \ihta fthe fnlU In a vuU-e (I'll ami llcrjrl til** n rnillu cuntnict, Jlrrjl'i 'Ji'lml ivlnft ni'l'lnuir [mil nrw frk'iidt but kite r:in[tul dirge! Ucr bi>i>i-!r*l luvc llmuRli tile Kor* lu Lmrltt-H \\ltt* i\f:i!iii) rui:.vms VVUrn Ircnr Irani* 1'rrnlUM nmiLi-j klji- lrEr« lu win him t llrrjl. 1'iiiiuri>'M nutil dlci and He- l money nnil hli fob. >Yhtn he 1C.-II" Irene nf hi* Imii luek, ike .break* tlirlr rii[;:ir;eiiient. 1'luiilljr I'rfn- tUi» [isLk Irene to innrry him »nA Hb>- linlf n^rccM. MLe li'llx t,'r*-u- IU, Ih.H T.nmnj |, |« |,, ie <vllh lli-ryl \\Ufti tbr-y arcUe our. iilfcLt fttii] «r« Tiiium f \\n\\\nn un ihr luirrh. .rene »MJK In Ihp enr unlll Tiimni r leiivc* iniLf Ilim u-lla her faiiill> »l,r Ix eii, ; aK,.a („ rri'iil!.-. lli-L-jl 1 * hr:irl ui-ln-x fur 'rid.iiit)-, Ml:., ;!r!,l, lu .lespulr mid ilrhil,. hmvllr. Slir trio. In f'l Klin lu hrm-L. u|i. .Mcan\thLlr Errnr rt;- ri-lvci n (clrcraiu fruin 1'rL'iillki. M1W «O OX Wllli ,'HK iTOHY CllAI'TEIl XXX «T 1ST Mrs. Everett and Irene pave her the telegram. It was fioin Prcsnllss. Informing Irene Uiat lip'd bo oul early that day lo ask licr parents to let her marry him Immediately. His father, lie said, liad wired him lo cut short Ills vacation and rclurn home at once. He wouldn't go without her. When Mrs. Everett tinislied reading it she looked al Irene willi n litlil ol childisli excitement in her usually vapid bhio eye". "What arc you going to do?" she cried. Ireno put up her arms and stretched lazily before she answered. Then, "I don't know." slio said as lliuii^h the matter were not really Important. A faint frown creased her ino'.h er's forehead. Slie was thinking of Beryl—ot her older daughter's implied threat to niako trouldo between Irene aud Prentlss. "I think you ouglit to do as lie says." she said solemnly. "Ills father's a big man." Irene- pouted. "I'm not going to havo anyone arrangiiii; my affairs for me," sbo declared relulautly. "Especially an ill-law." "But honey," her motlier went on, "you liavc to consider what's best all around." "I do not," Irene denied. "A girl lias a right to make the plans Jor her own wedding. And I was thinking ot something moro elegant than a liurried-uu affair. His father can juit wait Prc-nliss Is entitled to r. Tacatton." Her mother sighed. "lie's had quite n nl™ olio now, It feeins to me," she said weakly. "You'll hoili get along much better it you don't Elart by turnlns his fatlier asahist you." rnllKY understood coch other per-*• fcclly. Tliere liai! been no mention of Irene's tovu for I'l-L-ndsi. To neither of them was U uoce^arr to II10 firl'a liniii.incsi that flic should love Ijlm. What ilia. Everett really meant to say. ami Ireno knew II, v\.n tbnt Irene should take him while she liad the chance, if she wanted him. "I'll tlitnk It over," irtno prom Ised wltii fclGncd Indifference. Then slie added na her mother moved to go. "Will you press my flowered ballstn for me?" "It's tot nil Ink P|iot on It," hct mother (old her, "Init I'll do up Ib little pink swisa for you." "U>i, that old lhh::, r ." Iron, r-al d!?KU5lcdly. "I haven't a i;eccn du>«s fur inoriitnt; woar!" She had no intention of wearing the dress if coaxiuf; I' :yl rould prevent It. When her mother had gone hack downstairs she hastened to Deryl's room. Ireno entered with a sweet smile and a softly spoken, "How's your nud if tbo i>oor nitwit thinks ho'3 got to linvc you to bo happy, why, nylon) and Uehavo ns you ought ) with Tommy," sho said holly. I cool, turning away, 'lle'a sacrificed everything for you! until 1 tell Mainn." You'll |iny for IhlB." slio (hrcst- Just you wall lie's going (o. It'll bo Uko u dose of | long." castor oil— hard to Inko but K<Mil for tho system. But lio'll novor bo "I'll wait until you Id! I'rcutlss," replied, "but 1 won't wait lit for anything until ho a cur Irono Ibred . "Ice up suggesting— a trial marrlauoT' or bo, QIIB went on wllli her Imuso ed ol !»<.„..,„„„. „,„, ,„„„ noll1iccil 011 , ,, - n ' "10 vouiu lo to (I own uml loll way to Inlk.' ! ,,,, r „,„„,,,. w|lat |mi , „„,,,,,,,„,,,. "\\liat ,iro you,j, r5 _ ,, v(!rcU ,,,. 11 . ( ,, u , d ,,„,,., , 0 ' "It \vou't even bo tlmt," Beryl returned dryly. "You'll Icavo Him when you're ready. A fair trial tlvob cveryono a clmnce.'' "And I suppose," Irene retorted, "when I'm through wllli him you'll get him. Is that tbo big Idea!" Beryl stared at her wllli Rinlilen dlsilaln. "Mo," Bho tald quietly, "li Isn't a big Idea; It's ]usl your idea." Clvo Ucryl n lecturing. After n tirade during which Dcryl did answer ulio ended Fiiddcnly ivlili, "Iciiii't see why you Inlcrfore when it's so plain that you Ihlnlc Ireuo would mnko Tommy unhappy," "That a rensonoble." llcryl ro- luuicd. ns her molhcr obviously malted for a reply. "It's hcvause. bad as U will bo for Tommy to marry Irene, I'm afraid he'd net • Into serious trouldo wlihoiil her. "1 won't slay (o bo Insulted any I And It won't last long anyway." further." Irene cried nnd stalled to "Anil then whal?" sivc tlio room. Hevyj looked dreamily tulo spaco ISeryl stnpiieil her. "I'm golns to lover tlie biusb mop she wns Itan- ell 1'renllss that you promised loilng on. "Tommy will grow," eho larry Tommy." slio said ovonly. I paid nulelly, "There's noincllilni; Ireno wheeled. "You let moj In him that'H good nnd eirons. ll'n Inuc!" she stormed. "You're al-| down pretty deep, but It'a there." old eroucli tills morning?" - Beryl eyed, her tlic-nghilully. "Sit down," she said shortly. "I want lo lalk willi yon." Ircuo ceased to simper. Slio dlt not like Beryl's lone. "1 havcn'l much lime," sbo said doubtfully "I just came lu to see . . ." "If you could borrow something," Beryl finished for her. "I guessed that much. Well, maybe you'll get it, but first you've got to bear wba I liavo lo say." "Dear me! I)o you havo lo look as I hough you'ro lost your bcs frlimd?" Ireno complained. "Vou'd be serious too fc-r once In your life, iKirliaps, if you'd seei Tommy Wilson as I saw him (hi mornliif." IJeryl snapped at lier "This morning?" Irene rcpealet "Has he been here?" "No." "Oh, another 0110 ot your tramps I really dnn't gee why mother lows you to sneak out of Hie lious at all hours—" "Didn't you Iniow you were drh ing Tommy to desperation'.'" tlerj cried. "How could yon sit (here las night with Prentifs and liear bii whistling for you?" "So you were spying! \Vliat swott character to be ceusurln T)EHYJj ignored tho words and Hi •*-* insulting tone. "You're going t slop this nonschso with 1'rcnlL rays causing mo Irouble! I don'lj ee why you can't mlud your ownj luslness. I'm uot always meddling vllli you!" "Will yo'.i tell I'rentisar 1 Pcryl iskcd her. "I'll gis'o you tlmt op- lortunlly lo save your face. You're clever enough to get out ot U wllh credit to yourself." Irene's rage vas mounting rapidly, but It liad not yet gained com- pleto control ot her. In Beryl's offer she saw a way out of her dlfll cully. She'd just need to stall about telling Premiss initll they were safely married. Then Beryl could do nothing. "I think you're horrid!" sho crleil wllli temper enough to mislead Uoryl. "What good would it do you for I'rcutisa lo know liiat I was engaged to Tommy?" "That's not the point," Beryl returned coolly. "Will you tell Iitm?" "You can givo me u liltlc tlmo lo think it over, can't you? "No." "Haven't you any heart at all?" Ireno whined, appearing to glvo In. "No." "All right then. I'll tell him— for 1 know you would. You're thai mean, but you needn't bo so sure" —slip paused, thinking it was Jus as well not lo say to lleryl that sbo "Well," her mother remarked, "you Eecui lo thlnU a sight of hlnr.'' llcryl nodded. t "And it's nothing to you that your sister's happiness Is at staVo?'' her mother pressed. "You wouldn't mind seeing her make a mutch that was hound to end that way—In divorce, maybe? Just to glvo a boy a chance to grow up?" lleryl looked at her wllh Inmost, fearless eyes- "I'm moro concerned wllh Tommy." Eho said frankly, "llo's worlh moro than Ireno. miltllng under the, but If ho can lohl her now ho may bo willing to ct her go when lie's grown up." You'ro perfectly heartless," her nothcr told her bitlc-rly, and went o join Irene. Slio found her putting on tho ^hlflon dress lhat had llrst Iwen intended for her wedding gowu. "You poor child." 8bo said. "I can't do a thing with your sister." "She's a brute." Irene usacnod. Theu abo added in a whisper, "hut she's not ns smart as'she thinks. Listen, Mama, bore's what I'm go- Ing to Go." She put a finger to her llpa and liptood over to closo tho door which Jlra. Everett had left slightly ajar. I'll fool her." Eho adilcil. coining back lo Ihc drcjser v.-hero Iho tclc- Ihonght I'rcntiss would.marry her in spite of any revelations concern ing Tommy. Tieryl would want t« mako certain that Prcntiss was toll all Ihcrc was to tell. Sho mlgh ttll him Ji.erse-lf, al once, in her own Mississippi County, Arkansas, Chickasawba District, within thirty days to answer the complaint of WAHXIXO OltDER " lc Prudential Insurance Company CHANCERY COURT, CHTCKA-| or America, a corporation, in the SAWBA DISTRICT, MiSSISSIP- ^° m c au^- Vitness my hand as the clerk of said court nnd the seal thereof on thij 18t]i day of May, 1031. Seal) R. I.-. OATNES, Clerk, By Harvey Morris, U. C. PI COUNTY. ARKANSAS Walter E. Taylor, as State Bank Commissioner, Plaintill, Mo. 43C7 vs. Myrtle Colbert Ellis and R. A. Ellis, Defendant. The defendants, Myrtle Colbert Ellis and R. A. Ellis are waineil to appoar within thirty days in the court named in the cap'jon hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Walter E. Taylor, ns State Rank ComniLssioiii:". Dated G-l-1931. R. L. OAINES, Clerk. Marcus Evrard, Ally. Ad Lilcm. 2-D-1C-2S JN THE CHANCERY COURT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AR- KAN'SAS, CHICKASAWGA DISTRICT. The Prudential Tusurancc Company of America, a corporation, 1'lainlill, vs Marvin II. Robinson ami Elizabeth W. Robinson, li!s wife, Edna Perdue, and Henry Perdue, her husband, International Bank of St Louis, a corporation, Gcorye A. Mcyw, Charles M. Rice. Gua Rei;-mcj\'r. Jr., Edward Herman and Henry Rreinier. Trustees of liitcrnational Bank of St. Louis Company, a corporation. The Federal Intermediate Credit Hank of St. Louis, a corporation, LoFay- cttc South Side Bank and Trus Company, a cori»ration, Bankers' Mortgage Company, a corporation, C. C. Campbell, Admin istrator uf the Estate of W. M McRea, deceased. Mis. Mary E Glenn, n. B. Nolcn, Trustee, p A. "Robinson, doing business a Robinson Packing Compam Clyde T. Dentou. Trtistce, am Guaranty Bank, and Trust Com pany, a corporation, S. J. Me Dcarmon, Trustee, and P. A Robinson, Defendants. WAltNIXO ORDKK T!ie drfeinlant^, Edna Pcrriuo onrt Henry Perdu?, her husbam Intenutional Bank of St. Louis a cori»vation, George A. Meyer Charles M. Rice, Gils Rclsmoyrr, Jr., Edward Ilorman and Henry Brcuncr, Trustees for Intcrniiilnnal I Bank of St. Louis, The Electric Paint and Varnish Company, a corporation. Federal Intermediate Credit Bank of Sir Louis, a corporation, Lafayette South Side Bank ar.d Trust Company, a coipova- tiou. Bankers' Mortgage Company, n corporation, C. C. Campbell, Aci- iiiiiiWra'icr of the estate of W. M. McRca. deceased, Clyde T. Denton. T/uslcc, R, B. N'olen, and Guaranty Dank nnd Trust Company, a corporation, arc warned to appear in the Chancery Court of >eo. W. Barnaul, Atty. ad Liteni. 13-26-2-D. llos'uif) Stock Prices A. T. & T 158 1-1 Anaconda Copper 19 3-8 Auburn 138 Catcrpiller Tractor 21 3-0 Chrysler 13 5-B Cities Service 10 1-8 Coca Cola IM \-'i Coi.'.tinental Baking .... 10 General Electric. 30 5-8 Genera! Motcii Montoomcrf Ward . New York Central . Packard Itadio Corp 13 3-8 Simmons 103-1 Standard of N. J 30 5-3 Texas Corp 18 1-1 U. a. Steel 83 3-8 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, June 2 [UP)— Cotton closed steady, open h'ijli 810 July Oc;- D:c Jan Marcii May- 800 8DD3 319 D;O 8-JJ B77 Bull SOJ 02i) arj low 827 3iU 831 8GO 910 03G 897 019 030 E;»ls steady a; 807, oil' 20. Grandma at 37 May Be Great-grandma at 50 HORNING, Pa. (UP)—Mn. Nea 31 1-2 1G 1-4 71 3-4 5 1-2 New York Cotton NEW YORK. '1 (UP)—Cotton clo-sod barely steady. vada Marshall, 37. who grandmother when sbe was old. may be a yreat-grandmother at M. arried when mother at 14. S.irah Ann, a granddaughter. 15 almost 5. "If sbe marries as y< rurnvi~Ls as her mother nnd grandmother, I may be n Breat-yraiidmolhcr before I'm 50," Mrs, Marshall said. Sarah Ann is the daughter of George Marshall jr., who married at 16. Mrs. Marshall, although married, she ccuici not purchase tobacco for her husband because of a law prohibiting sale to minors. Boys Take Up Cooking Must Eat Own Food STEVENS POINT. Wis. Sixteen boys enrolled in a (UP)— cooking at Stevens Point high school !0 years [have two importnal reasons for pre- Mrs. Marshall was inarrle: the was 12 and bccamu u paring good food—they must eat the mcnls they cook and if they stimvc they will automatically b2 given a satisfactory grade In the course. The boys are progressing in their July Ocl Dec Jan • March May OiK'll t>:(0 iifiG S87 001 Q21 033 high Mi! sir, I;D:I on 020 916 spots n'iici at 833. 01 ;o. ^C6T TOlbRISIS DRWE AS meY aoMEO VJUCM I WMlt TUB RUBY \WAS STOt- OLD MAM HE LETS US DOES K f ^Jziri^ ::-'->:i^^ OUK J30ARDING HOUSE PRlMClPLE OF MV MEPICAI. s-ranew-r; i< HCRS, H/^S -TM 1 V& BuMCrt or us our A SPLIT LIMB ! MISPLACED A SMALL GT GERM CULlLlRe He SAVS we ALL A cHA^ice OF . . _. , ' Bo-r-tLe \s _....•"•: '"*" ' ' PQ is KAcep A WITH A , COME To OF IT, I TASSrtP UP SECOND AT THE COIiTRHJArJCE MEA.TLV FLAPS TriE TbfilcarlT! WoUt>ER IF T,UT"S BOGTS AM) HER BUDDIES SWEET UTTL10 WILLIK! By Martini BOTH SUCH AUt KTTEtWf-P BY OOCTOR. ,SO,M CAbt ••- Iti W\SH 6O THROO6H By HtoMti EXTI?A. r EXTRA! \>JH6PE'S ROBV? GOT <JJITU IT.... FWDS TV£ HGCT05Z. ROBV" H!S KEM SEHS6 OF WEMOftY io£NTiFia> THIS WAM AS A WAfJ FARBAS SAWSED UP \MTV1 W-Y VWASWT i \MMO STSLE IT-'.' TWiCE 1'J 0?J£ >,V.V HE C.HESTV SHN^IERS. V-Ui.1, MiV.'O-E VOL) / POT OUT, f\NP TrtE LOCMS HNl THt UNJSUCCESSFLll. WTEMVT To BUM? UADEOS « PI BIG VICTORY, Rto.u78.p»T.O?r. I«A KUVBt IKC.. i gram lay under a soiled powder puu'. She smiled as sho took up tbo sheet of yellow paper. "Talk about your lucky breaks!" And then sbo told her mother bow slio was going to outwit (To work and arc especially iiHcrcslc in the chemistry of foods, Miss Marie Zinmiirli, their Instructor, re ported. "THey don't accept. facL as giris do, but instead they havi to knoiiw th cwhys arid wherefores, she said. Cakes, pies and cookies hav< been successfully prepared by Ih young coolts and I hey are now bus making compete luncheons and din ncrs every day. DEAD JIEN'S SHOES PORTLAND, Ore. —(UP)—Oil hundred pairs of shoes taken b the coroner's office from the fee of dead men were given to nnem ployed and nre walking the strce of Portland. Many men came the coroner's office and left wcarin shoes of men who met violei deaths. Courier ;;ews

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