Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 22, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 22, 1896
Page 8
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WONDERFUL Remnant Clearing Sale Now in Full Blast. Do Not Fail to Attend THE GOLDEN RUSE To The Ladies "This is the season of the year when ••'•ilie unpleasant but necessary work of houso-cleaulng claims the attention of tho housekeeper and not a little depends ou the appearance of your lace curtains as poorly doue-upcurtaluispol! •the effect of a well-furnished home -quicker lh;iu anything else. We have experienced help In this Class of work •who do nothing else and we Know we ^can glvo you perfect satisfaction. We are also making a specialty this year ••of laundering shirt waists, being tbe • only firm In the city using machinery • delusively for tbe purpose. We will '•"ipprcclate your patronage. Campbell Bros. 429 Market St. 1 Stolen Bicycle Cleans a great deal to the one Lhat is-a loser. Why run an/ risk when you con fcave your wheel insured against theft •at a very nominal figure aud get its wil- , *•[•.' •uc wlieu stolen? Insure at once and bs •on the safe side. Pnnctnred Tires Repaired iTFrom this date on for 25 <cents at the • iBurgman Cycle Co 'Are You Out of Employment. Have you a horse, buggy or other personal property, or vacant lots you would like to exchange for a business thatwlllsiY* big returns? 9nll at 703 nichigan Avenue. KROEGER& STRAIN, Undertakers ^ &Embalmers. 610 BROADWAY. Greatest Discovery or tne 19th Century. Dr. TeiiKiio'it NEW HEJIZDY Medlciitcil Air jfor the Cure ol Catarrh, Asthum anil Jill Pnlmonury Diseases, It bii» no eijiml tor Sick and Nervous Headache, 1,000.000 people ale annually from tlis above ninneil diseases, Woy under aivl die. when Medicated Air is nuuwnteed to tare »ou. ••rtlcated Air t»nd DruK Co., HIchinonJ, Ind., u. S. A. ^t !• the best remedy on earth for La e. It will give Immediate, relief will t'ffect a cure where all other omdles fall. Hold by B. F. Keesllng. , QUICK SERVICE. ,; ."Durlnj; omr clearance sale every artl- '•clo is marked .so low auil just as hdver- 4-cteed, that, it requires but Uctlo time •-Ho writ upon you. We arc used to "crowds mid have, plenity of tinie mul litlp to i>lfa*e everybody. Tiy U -Trade Tnlaee. •Subscribe for'The Journal, 40 cents.a anboth., • •,.-:• .'.'''• •'•' ." TAKEN AT LAST. Frank Neff Evades the Law for Tlany Weeks. I-'.i-Miik Nel'f was urn*ted yesterday inorniiii; at lilii' lioiue of hi.-i uncle on Sixth street Mini was tiM-ned over to the Koltoino oilieers who Imve been seajx-h- in;; for liini for several weel«. He is wam-ed (hcru for .-il'-i.-jred eoii'.plieity i" 10 theft of brass jlouraaw from a l're'«lil ear. 1-1 e ar.d nvo oilier young men wore slispec-ted of iho crlinc. The otliejB were arrcslvd and i-ouvicied, one oiviiiir a year in I he Stale prison, wJiile Hie olln.T M'.-IS ;,'ivi-n a fi'rl.V days' lail seuteiice. hi case Nell' is unable to irovc his iunm-eiu-e lie also will be S iv - eu st sentence. He Is WJiiliilent of so- curing liirf freedom. TO LAY A CORNER STONE. BRYAN'S CltOSS. Asked if hi- would support: vlie ac-tiou of the Democratic uattoual ton. . ventiou if it should fail- ro put free silver in the platform, WHUftui '.T. Bryau uuswercd: : : : 'SO HELP ME GOD, I WILL DIE IX MY TRACKS BEl'OKE I WILL SUPPORT IT," This was in. u speech at Jackson, MLss., June 11, 1SD5, and was -lu reply to ib direct question by .liulgi! Braa-Die. Mr. Bryau made a similar declaration at oilier places. As his . f i-1 e H d s say they will make a cross h i s campaign dt- vice. the Courier-Journal offers 'them this one -Louisville Courier-Journal [Dem.] TWO RUNAWAYS. A pony hitched lo Frank Kienley's delivery wagon r.m away yesterday morning on the Westsldo. The horse was driven, by Mr. Kienley's father, when it became uumauageable and ran into the gutter, throwing the driver out and bruishiK h'iin severely. He sus- taiued anious other (hurts a fracture to his arm. The pony stopped in front of Us'ow-ncr's place of business oaThird street. A horse drivoiv by Fred Boecklcmau rna away on tho Sontlisido yesterday, tiirowiiifr the driver to tho ground and severely in.ludnp: his head. His Injuries required the attention of a physician. UNION SERVICES. Rev. Dr. D. J. Sattcrfleld, of Srotia SemlaniT, Concord, North Carolina, will give an address at tbe first Presbyterian cluii'di on tomorrow, Thursday oven-tug. The prayer meetings of the Broadway, and First Presbyterian churelies will bo adjourned for this union service'of the two clnii-ehc.s. Dr. Satterfiold is a northern man wuo has been connected with the work for the V.reedmen Ju tlic soivth for some ten or twelve years and Is now visiting Mends iu the city. The public generally will be interested In this address. SEWER IS TOO SMALL. Cotrvplai-nts are made by residents .that 'the sower put in by the Y.iudalla railroad''.company, is no.t largo enough to carry ".way the flood that follows each rain. Tlie neighborhood of the Vnjidalia hotel on Sycamore street is constantly under water, and dwellers and passers-by are every'day annoyed. T.he condition is said .to be'damaging .to property along Sycamore street. flasons From Here Will Visit North Judson. It. U. Wliilse;t. Isaac Sliidlor and a party of M.-i,<(ins go to North .Hideou to- mi'i-row io>u]ierinti'nil the Inying of the i.-ornersUiiLiMtf a iu-\v High-sehol biiild- 'mig now in oonrse of erection, rhure. The ce."i'.iiioiiu-s attj-iiding ibcsocvcnt.-i a.re very ain-ien;, and Hie language u.<Al li.v lhe ritual is very l,>ean.tM'uI. Tlie i.ii-aiiil Army and Knfelit,- of. Pyt'.iias onh-rs will take pan in the affair, and a.s tills is the liivt. ceremony of that ciiiiraciw :lial: Iwis oc-'-iirod in :h;it place, jhe-i-nvira-tiiiu eo-:n-.iu'it!ee is receiving rc- s])<>u.ses from all pans of that-section, of the shite, and it .is expected that quite ;in a.sseinblaye of people will be present. Any dti/.i.Mi. .ami osiiecia.lly the members of the frnrernity, are invited -to ac- campany liiio party from liere. W. B. S'iuda.ir, prouiiuont Cor Superintendent of Public Instruction, will give Urn educational address, and Hon. H. G. .Thayer that for the fraternities. HABEAS CORPUS. Proceedings to be Opened Today For Lon Saxon. McComieli &• . JiMikines yesterday moraiug entered 'habeas corpus proceedings in behaK of Lou Saxon who was bound over until the September term of count in the sum of $2,000. Saxon is charged witli robbery- !>nrt rape, pre- ; ferrcd by MJSS Florence E. Moreton. Tho case will be heard by Judge Lairy at 0 o'clock tilts morning. It is alleged aTiiong otlhcr things, by the counsel for tbe defense, that there is no proof that Saxon is guilty, as charged, aud an effort will be made to have the bond reduced. Bond, was .'fixed by Mayor McKee at $2,000. I't.is the hope tha-l: the acc-iused. may be• vcleasicd pending the trial, - • ' THE MAYOR'S COURT. Yesterday' in Mayor JI-eKee's court Bert Maiiley was discharged on. a promise to leave the city. He was arrested upon nlie charge of vagrancy. Claude Jcssup, .carrying com.-aled weapons, wa.s discharged on a. promise to leave the oily. John McIIiigh was fined §10 and costs it'or intoxication. He settled: The ease nga.'mst George Snyder for violating the Nlcuolso.il law. was brought up a-uil tlie defendant was fined S10 and costs. He aippealcd. : John Wilts, the Fifth street liquor dealer, was .also arraigned on the same charge.- He-alno appealed to the circuit court. DEATH OF ECHARDT KE-ISER. Eelnmlt Keiser died at tlio home of his .son a few miles: north of Walton .reslwday' morning at the nge of SO years. He came from Germany and .scbtlod i'ta the "wilderness near wheuu Wul ton stands today. He was-honest nnd upright and Avas respected by all. The i'uneral w-Hl be held 'from tho Union Presbyterian church in Washington township 'this afternoon at-2 o'clock. 'RUNAWAY AND ACCIDENT. A team oTixmies hutched to the Polton butcher wagon ran away yesterday on Front street. ' A'-batt in the tongue became loose/find the team became frightened. The team -wns -driven.' by Milton Beshoar wlio was tlirown io.tbe ground and tbe wagon -passed over his body. He 'was carried 'to his ho-me and Dr. Downcy'was summoned. The lad suffered sevcrarbrnlses but no Donos were broken. The team was stopped after t'hc-waigon was partially demolished. T,HE WALLACE The Great Wallace S-lio'ws will exhibit at Logan-sport Monday, Aug. 24. Mr. R.. M. Harvey, advance agent, wns.in tho city yesterday making contracts, . New potatbesilTc bii.—Trout. .. ; IS HERE AT LAST Waterloo Sheriff Arrives On the Ground. Now We'll See What the Preacher . -' Will Do. To Appear Before Judge Lairy This Morning. Sheriff Law of Waterloo, Iowa, is hero al -last. He arrived last night at 11:20 from ludiaiiapolis ami went to his room al the Burnett wiihout seiiiug the people- he has come to take back to Iowa with him. When seen by a reporter fur The Journal at the Mnrdoc-k hui.cl last night shortly before midnight, he said that he would not disturb the Rev. Mr. ScOlt and' his sweetheart at that hour, and did -not care for them to kuow tliar he had arrived, for lie thought they might, r'twl better it! ihi-y did jiot know of his presence; in town. .Sheriff J.-J,\v is a pleasant looking gentleman, with a look in his face lh;U tells of pe'.-seveix-nee. He talked of the case which is iiiterosidng so many people in his town nf Waterloo, without' reserve and liU' statement of the facts In ihe case shows a Inost remarkable stare of affairs. Tho Ri.-v. Mr. Scott was, the pastor of Hie leading church in Waterloo, a city'nf ten thousand ur inure. He w:is respected by all who k-:iCw :i.im. and so Tar as known, there was no blot on his cluiraci'T p'.'ior to Ihi.s nnl'orumale •occurrence. When the minister and his girl sweetheart first began to feel the stirrings o!' the divi-ne passion of love the'Sheriff could no; say, but llieir fuiid- «ss I'm- u:icli ollier's society had l)een a matter of remark for some I Line prior to their li-m-riird Ilighf. It was firsi noticed by,members of Scott's congregation, ami cani'C lo the ears of a younger sister of the unfortunate girt who is in- trouble. This sister reported tlic mnr- ter a ml it resulted in the ptu-ents of Miss Daisy trying 16 break off the friendship beweou the minister and their daughter. A* is usual i" such eases, love laughed at locksmiths and the elopement followed. "Thtrpn rent's of the Airfare.very rt- ^pectable (people." said Slier:IT Law. "Her father, who is a veteran soldier, I think is retired from biwtmiss and is .not actively engaged iu any sort of oc- cii.pation. They are not rich; in fact, the money to prosecute the search for his missing daughter was raised by sub- tvi-.ilition a-inoiw the people of Scott's clRH't-h. The charge against Scott will .he seduction a.nd abduction for immoral purposes. I do not kuow much about Hie- sentiment at Waterloo as regards tlit'M'ctm-u of Scott, but 1C the father oC tho •«!i-l -could do so, lie would probably do something desperate. Tlie wife of tlie preacher sticks to him and asserts that he is mentally unbalanced, aud that this -is.tlie cause of his Infatuation and UiKht: with tho girl." • "You. do wot apprehend any violence from the people*" was asked by the reporter. "6h, no: As I said, if her father could, he would probably do the preacbcr violence.. But the sentiment generally..is not of that character." "What will you do if the prisoners should ,be released on a writ of habeas corpus'.'" "I do not apprehend that this will be done. I have tine requisition papers, made out by tlw Governor o: Iowa and honored by the Governor of Indiana. It will only be necessary to snow to tho Judge of the Circuit court here that the prisoner is die same who is named In the rciinisMon papers, aud this proved, lie must be turned over to me. The courts of Iowa will -say whether or not he has violated the laws or mat state. Yes, the csise will come -up before the Judge of. your court in tne morniug. i : hope to be started home tomorrow af- .ternoou.'' The reverend prisoner passed a. fretful day yesterday. Ho remarked that 'if ho 'bad not .given bis word to Sheriff Adams to not serve a writ of habeas corpus on him before the-Sheriff from Waterloo arrived, he would have had his liberty before now. Tne girl was suffering from a severe sick headache •last night, and her condition, though uot at' all -serious, seemed to give her elderly .lover a great .deal of uneasiness. They have grown somewhat used to the starts of the curious, and •were again at the Barnctt yesterday for their will be brought into court this morning, before' Judge Lairy In chambers, and the legal fight will be. on. for- no one wiio knows anything oC the preacher, doubts that he will resist to the last his return to Iowa, and the disgrace of ifftci-ng the people who once trnsted h^m. • • - - TR-IED?FOR ASSAULT. Thomas'Canston, the Italian quarry man who assaulted Charles Gallagher, was' arraigned before Mayor McKee ;rday morning and fined $10 and i, and in default of payment was seut to 'jail for twenty days. OF ALL THE PANTS DOWN SALES that Harry Frank has ever originated and carried out, this one will surpass and will positively be our Farewell Pants Down Sale. To give you an idea how extremely low we will sell them we quote a few of the many lots Our $6 and 6.50 Worsteds now $3.25 Our $6 and 6.50 Fine Cassimeres 3.25 Our $5 and 5.5O Doeskin 2.75 Our $4 and 4.50 Fancy Cheviots-;-- 2.25 Our $3 and 3.50 Fancy Cassimeres 1.75 Our$l and 1.25 Cotton Worsteds! 75 Our$l Cotton Worsteds 68 Boy's Long Pants 43c Childrens Pants 14c In fact every pair in the house goes at 60c on the Dollar to give every citizen in the country an opportunity to help themselves. HARRY FRANK 313 Fourth Street.; ANOTHER BIG SEINE Captured Last Night at the Taber Dam. One more big seine fell fu;o tin 1 dutches o.'.' the Deputy l":sli Warden hist night. Tbit ollieer. who was appointed by State Fish Commissioner 1\ IT. Kirsch some weeks ago, bas bo.. 1 :: doing some detective work aud yesterday had in forma lion that a par- ly from near Deacon would seiue tbc Wa-bash below the Tabor dam iu the evening. The Deputy Warden therefore bad a force of men at hand watching for the seiners, and wbcn they appeared, the seiue was confiscated aud the parly roiurnca to De.v coi) wiihout fish. The seine was one hundred feet Ions and ten 1'eet high, and is worth about flO. It was brought to lue city and stored at the jail until it can either be shipped to the Stare Fish Commissioner or he orders it burned. The grand jury will have plenty to do this fall in looking after seiners. The ijOgansport i'Mshi'Ug club is determined to bring the violators of the law to book, and evidence is being collected daily which will be given to the grand jury. HIS LAST MESSAGE. Here are the last published words of the late Gov. Russell of Massachusetts: "We arc in, the midst of a-u. earnest agifJittou over our monetary standard, lit involves the welfare of our country and demands explicit and courageous itiroatmont To Jefferson i,t could never be an iissne between Colorado and Wall street or between a debtor ami a. creditor class. His broad Democracy abhorred geographical and class division For one! 1 believe that our country demands scrupulous fidelity -to her plighted .\\wil. honest payment of her obligations, and t,bait, tlio'people's Interest us bost served by, (Strictly upholding here the gold standard of Hie civili/ed world. Free coinage of silver or its com-pulsary purdiase. or any compromise legLsla.tion by iw in that direction, in my judgment 1 . Us distinctly class legislation', which would unsettle business, impair credit, reduce all savings and the value of all wages, and whose injurious result* no man can measure." MORE EVIDENCE OF SENSE. A spcciitl says: General Harrison was In the midst of prepfiKifcioas for Ms .start east today. "This matter of silver" DC said, "is one that cannot be properly ccscwscd in an Interview. I should want to prepare such a report with flic greatest care and deliberation aud it is proper to discuss a question only after such preparation and th-en la a speech and not In an interview. I take. oC course, the same great Interest in the question that a. private ejti/en ought to taKe. nn« wsen I speak I desire to treat the subject fully. I have no doubt that I shall give some time to the campaign, but It Is not probable I stall bo able <to do so before the totter part of September." To the members of Miuuisee Council. No. GC, D. of P-: A full attendance Is sired at the wigwam Wednesday evening, July 22. .10 make arrangements for going to Kokomo in a body. -Tuly 20. By order of Mrs. Gco. Aytcs, Poeahontas. A plate glass morning iu- the Market street a Umet probably flied from an ,un j boy.. WHAT. NEVER! NEVER permit your clothes lo become .seedy and sour, you arc not companionable. NEVER wear high heels: they are unnatural and produce many nervous disorders. • NEVER buy shoes from any one other than Pilling; he has the best. NEVER try 10 peep at the engine whoa it i.s in motion; it may be your l;ist peep. NEVER miss Pilling's special sales; lie will save you money. NEVER use too much: perfumery; you may be - mistaken for a cologne factory. NEVER pay five and six dollars for tan shoes when Pilling bas them for ?2.0S. NEVER sacrifice health, propriety, and comfort for any siJly faslilon. NEVER fail to remember the fore- goiug facts and do not be so foolish as lo believe that you are the exception; that you can buy shoes just as cbeap (?omcwliere else, for Pilling has (he best and cheapest. 412 Broadway, Logansport, Indiana. ^-—-=•*-=—•— ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Soutliside U. B. diurch's official meeting Wednesday evening at the church. Just received a. car load of new potatoes, must be sold this week, 17c per bu.—Tr:iut. Your choice today of 150 light colored wrappers wortit from ?1.50 to $2.23 for OSc.—Trade Palace, The. college year aud the summer normal at the university will conclude with 1 a general field day. Albert Farmer, a. young man who resided near Georgetown, was arrested yesterday by Patrolman Houghtoti for violating tbc fish law. The charge was preferred by Willie Potfmeyer and William Karuey. The ease was called yesterday before Justice Fender but was continued until Monday .afternoon. The Military baud concert will be given Wednesday evening at the home of Prof. Giffe for the benefit of the Home for tbe Friendless. The Sunday-school convention announced for the. Southside yesterday, was rained out. The same program will hold over for Hie same place August 2nd. The East-cud Mission Sunuaysschool 'will entertain their friends and pupils with an ice cream and cafcc social tills evening at Wieir rooms. Every body. invited. If yon mingle with the crowd ar.d drop in at the Bee Hive today, it will do your heart good to witness the multitude of eager buyers getting summer goods at their own prices. Monday a court of inquiry ends composed of Justices Fender and Walters aud Drr. Hallanon declared Mrs. Alllie Fairrar to be a person of unsound mind, and she will be removed to Loug Cliff. The ladies, as usual, with the knowledge that they can rely upon tlie promises of the Bee Hive advertisement, ore visiting in a constant stream, to secure die many real bargains offered all through tbc ffliiin house as well as the annex. How are your kidneys? Don't forget if you have rheumatism that it is all owing to the excess of uric acid in your blood. Dr. Hobbs Sparagus Kidney Pills will cure you by expelling tbe uric and purifying the blood. For sale ^i^i^MiM^^. i, druggist.". ••<; ;"''. '. • ;$*• i - ,-.•/ ,.-' -• • -.• .-- ••

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