The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1952 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 16, 1952
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BI.YTHEVIU.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1«, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION per Lint for conitcmiT interiion: Minimum charga 1 lime ptr Line , 2 limes per htit per day » lime* per Una per (lay A times jier line j>?r dAj 13 time* ped Una per d&r Womh p?r line Jf M1NUTB PJIOTOSTAT1O 61HV- [CB, OSTIKN'S STDD1O-11A W MAIN 174 Ck tf JOc ISc 12r Count Iir» Ad ordered (ur thr worrfi to the JJne or si. Watch and Jewelry Repair l-n*F (*<r»Lcr on Jrwelry — 3 day* on wiichr-K and dorks aunrnntoed work done by tipcrt repairmen Lowe* I 'PAT o' BRYANT Main & Second 113.1 ck tt Mopped bcfnra fxplrnllon wllJ he charg- u'l' «d lor HIP number of tlniM ihe ad ! ^,,.,V 1 ' epportct it net adjustment of bill made All t]ii»lficd BdrcTtULnt cojiy *<lb- mU\«cl hy per*ons rr.'ldlng outside nf th« cliy mint he afromp.inlrrt by cash Bites m*y easily b» computed fj-otn 111! »hOTP ItiblB Ad rr rlltlng orderrrt for, (rreeul^ In- ecrilon.i late lb« one time table No responsibility will be talc en for mor» than one Iticotrcct Insertion nf snj c]»islfird ad All ids Arc reslrlclrrt to their propel elesiKLrMloji. «y!e and type. Tin Courier News rttent** th D/ rtjrcl any ad. Fnr palntlnR and papering, c.ill Hiu- 'fll jind Roy Fr^r-rnnn. W*» fipce- n KheelrocX finishing Fh. fiOfiS or 'J83S. 3 26 pfc 4 26 Spring i-s RUG CLEANING TIME (. thorough rnj; r I en nine For frvlrc rail on i Of [ n t .., K .... - flghl to «d1l j l7Pfi f "' M Ire JUM. Apartment for Rent 3 apartments for cut. 112 E. ChPrry. •1 16 pk :10 3 room fxirnishrri ajifirimrnt. rlrnrlc kitchen, hoi water Call ?2R9 nr 1?.f>?> iperipiirr In this CP pt'-kup nnd deliver,* •all 411fl HLVTHKVII.LK I.AUNDKY CI.KAXKRR 4 Irt rk A Ifi For , Misc. 3 room t urritMied npi.. *>loriTlr kitchen, private bath. Nice location. Ph. 3(65. 4 12 C'A 16 2 rm. furn. apt., 119 Lake. Ph f*T3I or 3102. -1 12 pk 16 3 rm. furn. npt.;'-3 im. unfurn. apt. Close In. Ph. B81P. 4 15 pk L'2 J25 per :i5 pk 16 Jshfvj earn re ftr>l. NJre /or J or . Th. 8fi78 at 1512 W. Ash 15 pk IB 2-3 room apts. with bn'.li month. Water fvirn. Ph. 32£C. ^ 5 rm. 11 nf. apt., bath, hot water, garden. £0) N. Fmnitliii. ph. ^fifl4 •1 IS pk 22 3 rra. unfiir. apt. Ph 2S50 or 60Rfi. Unfur. apt., pvt. bath. 100 Clirrrj- h. 3310 nr 27S7 4;3-pk 17 ipt. r private hnth. 4 9 pic 4 16 3 room ,t 4 room apis lar rnnt. Call »Cia. C- Abrnhnm. 6 clt tf 2 room furnished 516 Lake. Ph, 2406. Modern 1 room Tur apt Ph. 250i or 4S65. 2;14 ck tf Modern. Apt.. 3 room* ami bath, new- 1; dtcnrfttcil. good furniture, gnu eqiHp- «n«nt Ph 3373. P Simon. 9 L 21 ck U hond of £flp;,<- /or sale Rfe Vln^on tF. Stfcl*-. Mo,, ph. 2.MR. 4-12 pk 10 good lor.itton Ph 4207 4 J2 pk 19 Corllp F,a-wmll1. 2 «AIVS. Quirk fnlr 5*50. O-S. nolllson. ph 3-1V 40 pk 2:t Hood mill wnnd RL nil timr*. Smith end ?lst fit. 4 9 pk 5:1 GOSI.INGS FOR SAI.K R^lsf ynur own coiton rlioppc ..W <*.trh in tot* of 50 nr more. (160 . IMMKDIATE DEUVRRY HUGH W. ALLKN 43 [»Jc 52 CKUTIKfED DOHTCH No. 2 I!li ir TftR Rrarte seed he^ns, Plant Honn] approved. C. L. WYI.IR Pronil.srd I.nn'l Farm Or Phntie 2625 niyibffvlll* 42 pX 16 Domestic runhll.t. Fryers, dressed, ready to cook. A!&o breeding stork Ph. ~ -pjsoii. 30G1 3 20 rk 420 Juhn Verm f'lr\nlci with [iinrk- iw Jnlin IJrcrp roliuy hoe it ml hihn Heere h; Farms. Tlimlrite. I'll Small Apartments, furnish- T ' ' onino [ian.^ .in io/.. |i ed. ?a up per week. litcilrnnrns )vi»nu 200 am., an A»h si. i-h. IOV ?<1 up single. 114 \Vest Ash, Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf Auto Supplies and Services Don't endKnirfr your framlly wi f«ttHy llres HUT [.EH Ttnrs CIIAPMAH Bsnvio.: STATION Ka1n and DiTlslon Phonp 25ft^ I.A\VJ\MO\VERS Wti Bhnrprn nnrt rrpnlr all tvp? tnn^-crs. Also nra 1 A: UFOtI power mowers. A]) kinds mrwcr parts. pnw- er mowers for rent. Westbrook Jlachine Shop Across from Krog<r Store 4 < c)< it Need your ri\r!to rnpfilred? Ca» Rpd Walton, nisnhlrtl velernn rer'nUs" ra- rtlr» Rt linme. neasonnhlo prlres Ph E31a - 4'1 pk .VI For moclnt: wnn local hrtxiHnr: call BMB. W. W. Rcckham. 117 Rose. _ 3 2<> pk t 29 laundered Re, sonable. 1 3,25 p* Curtains laimtlerort and stretrhed. Atrs. J. t. Iflwrcnrr. Ph 6279 _ _ _ _ 325 ,ik 125 TELEVISION REPAIR All makc.s A: models, al reasonable Day Amusement Co. Ph. 4470. Hlgha-ay 61 North . _ _ (21 I repair nny mnke or model washlne nmcrilrie 2 blocks »-m or Dlile Pig on Bth St.. br nrw school Herbert Onihnm. p n B7M 37 k J' 7 Save Money When You Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GLIN HARRISON & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 W. Asli Ph. 2552 8-2 ck tt TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. lit w Plenty of Parking Space TELEVISION RCA VICTOR Ejpfrt InstnllRtlon Rrrvlcn. Day AnniRpmciit Co. Ph 4470. Hlchway 61 Norlh 3|21 rk 421 D. &P.L. No. 15 10 ions, rtrllntpd, irrMcd, Racked. Oprmlnatlan 84 to 86 per c*-nt Saved Irnm SO nrrrs produrlni; 97 brvlrA Price $160 ion. J R. GATHIfJGS. Lniorn. A'V 3119 pX <;19 Good Soybcnn Bred. Fdnk'.i nybrtrt -Serd Corn. Soyhrtin Inoculntton. Mixed Frrtl!!/rr. Nra- nn d Used Dags FAHMFHS SOYHEAN COUP N Broadly. OlytlicvLlle. Pli. BI91 mn rk 4 20 USED CARS M7 ST"J)K $395! Save money jmw on (h3.« JSJ7 Rtuilplmkrr Pi-Ton Tnuk. Has a fliif licit, n^rgain prarfrl >l Phillips. M8 FORD $7151 A hfaiillrul running X-r-i llnilrr rirkup. It'll glvt yon Mi of flepe ndnlilp srrvJrr. Hntlia, healer. '•Hi FOKI) $5<IS! A nlcr: trurk—a jitcc value, Till* |i-Toi) I'onl I'Jrkuri \c. ^n Htl-rnnnil r|inlilj trurk. New '51 FOK1) M595! A car you'll bo proud (o own. Shimmering Alpine Miir Tu- ilur Sfilan. lUclio, heater 8- cvlhitler deluxe. 'an S1295I Hrri-'s a lot of for the money. This nke jKTforininsr Ford Tuilor Snrl^n is nur custom model. Itadlo, heater. '50 STUDK $1215! Inirijjlne—cjnly Ifl.OflO miles! An afirnrtifo navy blue color, Ihls .Slmleliakrr Champion lias heater and scat covers. 300 Broadway Phone 4453 Seed soybeans, Dortclisoy No. 2. Only L ycfir from BrcQflcr'a stock. Snh.jptt to ccrtificalinn. Only n limiled supply. Ph. 2M2. (il Implo- Co. 3 : 31 rk if For Sale. Real f state I 1/2 IIP C.'oinprr^or 1 M-foot rnrnt rn«<j 2 ^'-1 l[p roniprr^«oij I R-foot mil *p|r-!errvlce I Hxfi wnlk-lti coole; 1 F"fp 20ft acre [arm 7 miles northwest of Jonesboro, Modern residence, good oiitbui1dl[iRs. On mnll revile. Bchool bus. Rlectrlctty. Two artificial lakes. An Idea) stock farm Oil 6182. Rlyihr- ville * 4 II pic la WEST KRN'TUCKY STOCK FARMS With Irnprovenienls ft Permanent I'fts- »re II. G RnliEering. nenltor, 1'ndii- CIi ^. Ky. 3; n pic 6 ; 17 1^50 moilfl 1 1 2 ton OMC tmc): ont^nt Mclvln llnli^ll nt Hnlsoll A- Slrhlle FurnHure Co,, nr I'honp cofln. 322 tf BPECIAL PAINT SALE 400 KnllonR. Aborted Bprlnp colors House ^ Oardrn Colors for I OS I) •T.tor thinned .Interior tint pMnt 31 colors. Me per quart. 52 ptr Rallon A. 1 : lont: ns present supply Jasts M \R- TlN TRENKLE. INC.. Air Bnsp if-!r- phone H853. IllythcvlLIp, Ark. 4YrV: 5S KnD BEANS-Dortch No. i~~97", Rprmlnatlon *4 bu.ihpj Osffrn's Sfl^i cc-rniJnaUon. 1375 hnshn!. U.S. [JlAtifc- •nitilp, Dell, ph. 2-192. 3,27 pk -137 DIRT FOR SALE rj- Phonr pk 1010 "A" =lohn ncrre wllh rquLpnipnt 1947 "A" .Torin Drerc Wllh pqulpnvnt F. L, Rpflnn Gin Co.. Pli. 2531 or 41^', B pk 15 Sr>yb*»iuis, !?fd Tnp Dnrtch.^oy No. 2— 8t>%. Rlnp TUB; Opdm &^^ ^eTmlna- tlon. M. J. OKbnrnr, ph, 2fi5(5 •3;tl pK 25 On Rlrrh 81. new 2 hrrirnom, batti. nnd hnrchvnrul floors, [ilrnty rnhhiPts md closets. Prtrp S7.XOO no. "c^Rh II,100 no. 7 room and ? bMlis on Davis St Prlfe 57.50TIOO. rash «1.500 00. lit K. Davis. Ph. Rafi.S 41-; rfc 21 Modern 5-room tioitsc and b.Mh on North Bth St.. 1 rroin CcntrM V.'artl Srhnol l-nr^e li-nrwl In back- ynrd. onldoor stotn^c S3.300 c^fili, balance 4% lonn Rt 140 per month. In- j chiding Insiirnncp nnd taxes, Mudcrn 3-ljpdrofJin with 2 bntli.s. in 1000 blnrk on Ash fitrent. Lar-e lot. 2- C!\r garage. Immediate po^csalon. Price 3-DRdtoom home In Country Club Drive Addition. It's racunt—you'll like It. Good condition. 11.000 to $1.650 cash wilt tinmUe. Balance $51.50 pet month. See or call JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. 2nd. Phone 4111 Residence Phone 2i>Dfi 3.23 ck Cf SEE OUR NEW 4-ROW LIFT-TYPE PLANTER Jack Robinson Implement Co. Hlythevillc, Arkansas — Phone 2371 Wanted to Buy BusiniM CHrl's >)1ry<-]p, 25" mnpk-tr. Ph. 6283. twin b<-ds ; 4 16 pie IS ' Crood inrd ptaim. Call 3274, I{o!lnri'», : Mn , hfforr 7 a.ui A 15 pk '^! 1 WAMTKll \Vc pay (f>p prices ( O r .soyix-ans. Fdyhi-nri spills. shcHrd rorn. oits, 'A'ht-ai nnd barley Gel our price belorp yon F^ 11 i FARMERS SOYI3KAN CORP ! H, Brnad-A\iy. Blytliei-llle 1'h 8191 3 20 .:k 4 2\> no.spfmsLhie party with fl hours »-cok s|>;trp l Li no in service routn nf new type vrncnitK niiichltici; for a percentage of the rollertlonv No selling or soiLrltlnK Inrom* vip to j;<00 monthly 1 1' penning on number of units party si'ivir,-. with very Root! ll tlri of We will pa? CASFl foi your :t\i\ \ O'STKEN'S b'l'UDIO, 115 WEST iTaln 11A c* H HIGHEST PRICES;^ PAID ed Jo!) hO|<p, prompt Intc^vli'M- H ppltCRtlon. Box C-fi. rcunl- pnifil,- pnriv . [ihone In utIU-r NCWB. -J'15 pk 17 J200 monthly spare limp. We wl'l \ o tit act a if>l);\ble person front ihU iron, to refill nrul roll.'.-t -nnney r 01' tin, WirC aild all killds OIl A Mtnew nwhftndLslns m*-rnn". No spin til?, to finalt/y applicant muu h*vp car nnd |600 working c.iplMl. Klsrit hours weekly will nei «201 monthly ' with pos.slhlllty of (ftkln-^ ov*?r full j time. For interview tvrltf ;;irin: Tulj phone number. LTniied DlAttlb<itors. P.O. Box 511. Carthage. Mo. (11 pX 16 scrap niftal. Blytheville Iron & Metal Co. N. Bclway & Moultvie Drivo Phone 89G2 <1!15 ck tf There's plenty of money In PartucRh. Ky. nnd the towns nearby. Our men ^ j average 190.00 per week. Would you 2 rm. nnf. house. Ph. 6213 4 ; 16 pk 25 i "Ke to work In thin portion? Trims-----• - - - [ portatioii furnished If you can qual- .1 rm iu\f. houKp with hath. Hear 421 ! Ify. W/lte Pnnl Strtplfs. 501 Altinnn Ash. Ph. 4G67 or 3317. 4 iG rk 23 i Jonesboro, Ark. Give telephone number. - -- • Furnished 2 bedroom bath, electric kitchen. -J12 N. Fifth, crh. 2-154. ^ XlS Pk !8 1 Six-room house 2305 Carolyn St. 1 Threr-ronm npt. 2301 Cnrolvn Bt. | 4 12 ck 16 YOUNG MEN "& WOMENM Arc Job? you satisfied with your present room Curnl^hciS apartment Hoi j ler rnrnKliofl, private hntti. -104 K | M , . ;la. I'll. :H8:i. 4 14 pX 21 ' MIISL be Tf not. , K M,. Glbron . Hul( , „„, 10 a.m.—12:30 p.m.. Saturday only. 2 room house, lutnishod. Electric kltctirn. tiAtti. Ph. 4255. 411 uk 4'10 •J room house, bath, l.ame screened K'tcfc rio/rh. t;nr^(;e. ;i-l Lnkf Pli. .-40S. Apply Aid Lake. •!<} pk 4 16 WHY TornntO Plnnts. ^ ynrletles f:old Frame plnnls: tin. $100 hundred 1 W r. Sharp, l^ine Oak Road J; nil 18 Hlway Wrst. * 44 pk's 4 We Set The Standard Of Used Car Value Shop fierc firs! and find out lunv much quality you can pet for your dollar of used car price. Somebody' niusl recondition a used car before il will give lasting sn |is- faclion. YOU won't have Io do it if you Inn your car here. 'SI Slude. Commander, fl Automatic trans. i '•in Stmle. Ch. S-Pas. 1105 '!!) Stude. Ch. .(-tir.. 115,5 '49 I'ontiac l-dr. ... 13<jr> '19 Ford V-S 4-tir. .. 1195 '•19 Chevrolet 2-dr. . . II 15 'SO Plymouth l-dr. . 1315 'IS Chevrolet 2-dr. . 995 Two to choose from 'oO Si Mile. 4-T. 1'kp. . <>9r> '111 Sludc. ' 2 -'!\ Pkt>. . 80S MS Chev. i i-T. !»kp. . . 7!)5 Mr. Chev. fz - r l\ |'k|i. . «!):> '17 Chev. 1 !'2-Tnn . . . l»9."> "47 Dorljro --Ton 7!)5 MS RMC I 12-Tim IMS '47 Chev. 2-T. stk. .. fi?n" 'Ifi lldjr. II,-T, Slk. . 5ft5 •40 Sturte. ',-T. I'kp. . 895 "Ifi Knnl ^-d(H>r <>i>;"i Mnsl nf thrsp rars harp a r .idin and hcairr. Many nlhrr makr.s ami moHpU availnhlr. SPRAY GLAZED GUARANTEED • 2 Big Lots at Railroad & Ash Streets. • CHAMBLIN SALES CO. * Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer * Railroad & Ash Call RSS8 \Vrll en n struct rd 3 be rl room house, vlnp room with flrrplare, dlnlnn room .larsp kHrhrn, built In cablnrt.t. connections for rnnpe »nd v,-ashine machine. 2 hi\lhs. hvitane (tn*. 2 In rye pr>rrht*5. Prlre Is tlRhl tor quirk K ^le. :nll 2V34. -115 pk 1R IP.SO Osishnmn nioior srfHiler. f'.ood .-rrtullUon. See at 1K59 Wnlnut. I 4 Ifi pk 23 'FORSALE I) & IM, 15 COTTONSEED MACHINK OKLINTK1) I'lOKKSAN TRKATKU IN NK\V l»0 I.H liACS .MKKTS Al.l. KIA'K T A C KKOVIUK.MKNTS IvXCKI'T 2 to r, IM-:R ci'-..\T BI-;I.O\V I;KI\.ML\ATION. SlL'o.dl) per ton I'.o.b. Ulylh,' ville \Varclioiisc. CONTACT F. P. JACOBS, OSCKOI.A — IMIONK Ri^L'M 1 hnv a hou.'e that's run rtown, ncMs rrpalntlnK. hns sctiflcd floors, rtiny n-Rll paper anrl nerds n lot of Itttlfi things done? iu $350.00 DOWN hoinrs WP have that have hrrn p-ilntrd ! and rlr.incd Lnsid<> nnd out nnd com plrfjy rcroiKMlloncd. Alonthlv pay- nirnts, InrludlriK taxes nnd Insur^nre, a-lll niti hctwcrn 110 CO and 5^^.00 with t 4% lonn. E. M, TERRY Trrry AtiAtrnrt A- .RrfiHy Co. 45 c* 19 Concrete Bloc* Bulldm?. aultRble for urnge or store a.nd ndJolninR 5 room nusf: with bath Ixjcated In cur re on l^hwft? 61 unuth side of KoUsnd, Mo Call 440-4 or writs Paul Byrum Implement Co \'11 c\ it mOO 3; 18 pk 4 18 Rt-nt f\ Shftland pony lor your child oy the day. we**k ur month John Mc- Dou-rll. ph 3706. 4,3 pfc 5 3 Thrre narden lots for rent on Mn?- tHilJa Street. Kn<-h 55 x 130 fret. Cull 4453 hefore 6 p.m. 4.9 p* 16 2 now 4-rooni houses lor r^nt. EInrh IFXR bath nnd city water. W. M. to travel. Youns; mar- , ilKlhlc. 4'IS pk 19 l Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Aoency Planned Protection 124 W Ash 3t. OLBXCOS HOTEL BUILDING Help Wanted, Male Wanted: 3 or 4 experlrnred tree trimmers, -vnry. In nnd r.roiirul Blythp- villc. ArK. Contact C. L. Aclklsoti." Bnx :t(JJ, Jonpshoro. Aik.. 4"13 4 ID r. ph. 3:161. . . . 4;i2'ck 19 3 room house nnd hnth. Intpilre 1601 \V. Ash. ph. -1156 4.12 pk 16 4 room house ,S^ huth, fleetrlc h waier hoater. Ph. 9665. 4,14 v'< Wonted e Is a splendid opportunity [or a]irird mi\n. You must have n enjoy merlin? people. between anes 2f>-45. Were 7011 Hh your parnmgs? If i [ hot. and If you have farm or snips ] backs round, nnd tvould be w 11 ling to ! work rural routf-. 1 ; In^-a.s. wrltr ! Luther PJecrp. 113 Vine. Blytheville. Ark . for further details. "MUSI have n serviceable car. Salary roimnls- | slon «nrt tr^ititnR exponses paid foi i one who qunllfles. 4 11 pk 17 | Job Wanted :non labor hut ,...,,-., ;, [>f>j(in;, vi-in'iK »i in R. in i vine or common jaoor nut around In healthful work. You'll be = not on farm, 51fi Lake St.. W, D Dlrk- :lth profitable hiifil- j ?ns, 4 IS pk 22 j ness, security In ctenresslon or layoff, j 1 R'ilU! youTsrlf a. future In B business I ivhrre ace Is no h:tndlrap. Wrlle Raw} letch F>rpt. Frceport, 111 . or SfP W. O. 1 Bvirhanan. 716 Clark St. Phnne 2597. ! 4 16 pk 4,17 M F.A, Mutual Ins. Co will <=e!ecl nn aiTi-tir to srll their auto nntl other casualty Iniurance In the HlythovlLle trr- iltorv. Mnst he responsible, honnst A: ar(]nninied with i\rrn For Sntrrvlrw wnie S P Sorensetu 201 S. 7th, Columbia. Mo. 4 11 pk 18 Found Reel ESTATE Farms— City Properly LOANS I IntrrratfD )n or *rlltn.i . t Noble Gill Agency INSURANCE Gloncoe Bt<Ty. Ph. 930 rfc tr Lost and Found Tied UilUnld, hi the virluHy of Bly- Rlark [finale do^ nnd pupgy. Hoi is- Ion, Texas !.t ? . ph, -1659. 4.12 pk 16 , !Ii>:-pLtAl. Reward offered Bt . j Female Help Wanted \ Settled lady experienced as; tjookkcepcr and typist. Short-i hnn<j m»t necessary. Please write givitiK ajro, refcronco,s. olt'., to Itox !")-(>,, c'o Courior: -- ------------ - — j ov .flioO reward for finding | Jo my diamond ring. F. G. Gip-j~ son. Call r j .2G2 t 3423 or *MG4. j Clcncoe Hotel. 11 ck tf| ___ 'Rt HO i' lpLll( ' j Tbc ^'^I^ntc School of Jmirn- •1 is ph 19 : nlisin :\t Colunibia tTniversity \vns — j foviiKlrd and endowed by the laic Private Rooms 12 rooru ftou.-e. itoort lorn f Ion nrri.^? .from h!.;h jn-!u«M Dlvirtecl Inro 3 apnrt* nirnlA carh wllh elrctrlr kttrhrn Tun -loom np.imurin? one ti-rootn apsrt- mr-nt. AM fully fiitnlAltrtl Forrrd <o .tell hprausr nf 111 lienltTi Op.-n Inr In- iM'fCLlon Apply 713 Cli:ckn.«:iwlH 2X1 CH tt 2-br om nrrs, rnnvri'rnt to hnth. sfe.-im •' il \V Mrttn. Pli. ^335. -1 10 rk 3 11 ; KMii with private h^th, Th. P<-;i L 4 1 pk 5-1 ! . romfnrlahle brrlroom. nrsdy I rd. klt<-nr*n prlvllcirrs. Knsinc 1 ^^ ' I'll. MM. 4 S pk 1!> j For Sale Cars & Trucks < mo ,_,;,,;,, r^vrolrt." $2.^" S^' M Not fee I.KAVJXC FOR WKST t'OAST 1 \ ft ran trurk leaMns Cor 4 lis'pV 2.1 r "^ c "n^blr Omi.icl R22S or .l^fi? i f- f. T'-frtsirr.itOT. rxrpllpnt roiutlUnn l ; l N.ntli .121 ok (21 OWXKU I.KAV'fN(TTO\VN ; " i'r;,-P r-'di,f»d tn.rn Sl.l ,'ii?n (o «n.F;i!n O'.vnor Ira vine town 5.a.v,<: nn p'l> "• nrt^.ii^jo sr,l* Thf.«; I« tiuly ., lurnon .1 uu-r sl.T liedroo'mV'with wnl\l -••;-:'.-1 -. i ,T n nir^vw ay Rnd Siira^p. itas Pirinsri al ;:nlrnnn V'1n< J owsi nnd «rrr^iv y-'^inn hlln^- c. * hratln^ ^ystfin I.arc^ lot ™\150 Ir Irte^l location oil Tcri -• ^' in Couutrj* Club Addition. MIA rijiancrtl. location on l c. A KEMT WHISFSHTNT Rr^l C.tttfl I'h^ne j-409 ., |_M Ck SPECIAL SERVICE nil No m:\ltrr ivhnt kind of car or truck >IHJ own. T, 'T. Spay Molor Co. can offer ,\DII Uic siicc!:ill7ctl ^i-rvirr [>f snriMlonirter repair. To lir s.ifr — to gr 1 brllrr service f ruin your c,*r ... bo sure your M>re<1omolrr is correct. 1-Ilay Service. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. ClirjsUr-Plymouth V)«.ilcr VJl K. .M.iln Phone 2122 FEEDS Wholesale nr Retail FULL-O-PEP STAF-O-LIFE Moore Bros Store Phnnc 6S60 Hiiv.iv IS Wcsl FARM LOANS . vYa'u Can Pay ANY AMOUNT at " ANYTIM1 from farm in com* without penally T/iij /•'rmirHii FARM INCOME PRIVILEGE i* irrfffwi into your note wljpn >-np/ hurr ft Irmn from TERRY Abstract & Realty Co. 21.'i Walnut 1'lionc 23S1 Mortgage Loans of All Kinds BEST BUYS IN TOWN! 1!)5I CHEVKOU'IT Sfylemaslcr -l-Duor Scchfn. Kresh air heater, plasfic seat covers. A beautiful car driven only 12,000 miles, it's priced right at Sullivan-Nelson. 1918 CHKVROI.KT Flcetline 2-door Sedan. Large radio, heater, defroster, sent covers, ^ wliife tires , 1918 FOIU) V-8 5-1'asscr.Ker Coupe. Radio, ^ spo( liRhl, scat covers, heater and def. Only.. . UltO OI.OSMOHII.lM-door Sedan. .Molor in A-l S cond, tires like new, ;;<md radio. (Jood cheap car 19-19 CHKVKOLKT (/,-T»n Pk-Uup Truck. A dandy truck at Sullivan-Nelson it's ?OftC priced at only ' OS J IfltS) FOR!) V-8 '/,-Ton Pickup Truck. Here's SQftC an excellent buy in a B«o<l used pickup. Now only 090 1947 CHKVROLET !/ 2 -T. 1'ickup 'IVuck. This S city-driven trk will give you lols of good service I!)50 STIIDKBAKKR 'i-T Pickup Truck. Driv- ? en only 8,000 miles! It's clean as a pin and only 1950 GMC !/j-T. Pickup Truck. Come (o the big $fl«C used car lot on Walnut St. It's yours for just . 853 Many More (o Choose From Easy GMAC Payment Plan Remcmher, you can always j;et a good deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. "The Big Used Car Lot on Walnut Street" 301 West Walnut Phone 4578 The U.S. R«l Cross conducted re- | In 1951, U.S. railroads were Mid s " crder! in a bnmm ^ c ° r iS Guaranteed Watch Repair o% 53.50 Your watch Is disassembled, I cleaned, pivots polished and | hair springs adjusted. 3 Day Service Thompson Credit Jeweler l door to Wade Fnrnitire I A Lesson* In Saving H-flLTCBS IUR1.ITY SHOE-SHOP 'III W. MHtN ST. TRUCKS TRUCKS 1951 STUDKRAKER 1 12-Ton long \vheelb;ise truck with vcrj- low mile»!, r c. A truly fine truck ;i( a nice price! Only • $1295 • 1 !>.•>] (JMC slmrt whcpl- bsise 2-Ton Truck with now I ires, cab lights, sif;- n:i] lights . . . now offered at a rcnl bargain! • SAVE • I !).=>() Chevrolet 2-Ton short wheelhase Truck with perfect tires, motor just overhauled. N e w iiaint. Now only • $1295 • in IS G.MC 2-Ton lonsr wheclbase truck with 2- .speerl axle, n c w paint AND I new roar tires! At Homer-Wilson • $895 • TRUCKS TRUCKS* 1318 Ford l'/ 2 -Ton long " Truck with K<»xi rubber, new painl and good motor. It's s heckuva fine buy — 9 $745 • I!MS nonfiK I'/i-Ton lont; wheclbase Truck with a brand new motor!, Has good lirc.s, loo. See tills truck today! $775 in IB CJ.MC 1!i-Ton long whcclhase Truck with a practically new motor, new paint and good tiics. A real value— $495 !!>!.T (i.MC I'/z-Tun long «liec.|I);isc Truck with s-'«»[l mnl or antl firc.s. I|p;iuliful new painl job. Come in ami save. $375 See HorneMYilson's nice pickups & used cars HORNER-WlLSON Hockei Oldsmobile _ (;,M C Trucks Tlione 2056 Used Car l.ot _ |»|,onc B151

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