The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 16, 1952
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVII.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TTODNESDAT, APRIL 1«, 1981 Vicious Convicts Continue Riot In N. J. Prison Handsome Thug And Followers Defy Their Keepers By KUSSKI.I, MUU.EN TRENTON, N. J.—A handsome but vicious life-trim ronvicl and 57 followers continurd t*>riay to defy their keepers In the third riol inside New Jersey's slate prison within the past month. August Bernard Pnnk. described by the judRe who sentenced him to life imprisonment fnr kidnaping as H "menace to society," led tlie revolt which broke out nt 10 a. m. yesterday in the prison's prim shop. The 58 convicts barricaded themselves within the print shop, holding four prison employes hostages. They had not smashed, any of the shop's equipment, a pattern , c el by some 50 convicts who rwted for 45 hours three weeks ago in a segregation building But, like their predecessors, the Donk gang went without foort or light through the night while guards manned machine guns and riot rifles in the yard outside. Drtiscoll Takes Hand Gov. Alfred E. Driscoll look a personal hand in this rirtt. calling a conference of prison officials for 0 a, m, Drlscoll said:: "Mutinies, especially (hose sponsored by men who have proved a menace to society, are hardly calculated to arouse my sympathy," The rioters had demanded nn investigation of the prison by an im- parlial organisation—the same demand made by the previous rioters —and the immediate dismissal of Warden William H. Curly. During the night, the Rang received encouragement, from other prisoners locked in one of the prison's main wings. The prisoners yelled and screamed, rattled cups on bars, but eventually quieted down. Officials KcmnnslraEe Prison officials remonstrated with the Doak gnng yesterday, but took no positive notion to remove the men from the prlnf shop, fearing injury to the four hostages. Doak, who escaped in 19-15 from Michigan State Prison, where be was serving 10 to 20 years for armed robbery, was arrested In Hew Jersey in 1946. The convict, who married n 16- jf<mr-old girl and was honeymoon- frig in R car wiih Tennessee plates. WELL, ANYWAY, IT WAS A THREE-CENT STAMP - "I don't know how it ever got through the mmls," sni<\ Merle T.tJixwcll. above, of Liberal, Katis. He livts m Columbus, Ohio, where he's ,i student at Ohio State University, It ::ccms he has a «irl friend out m Tulsa.'Okla.. nnmed Ailcen. He's not j>ivinf> out with her l.-ist nrmit. They rntH when boti> were studying at John Brown University, at Siloain Springs, Ark, Ailcr.-n went back to Tutsa and Merle went lo OSU. They met ;igain in Tulrn al Christrnns lime ;iml Ailccn snid Mtrle nweti her a letter. He churned -she owed him one. Silic- compromired th«- ar^imenl by snyiriK .she would writu him first if he sent her ;i stamp. "1 agreed—bul I didn't say what kind of H stamp," =ays Merle. He sent her a Ihrcc-ceni Ohio sales lax receipt. Allccn, not to be outdone, slapped s*jmc pfisle on the back and user! it for iitj.slafio. It came all the w;iy 'crnss-cnmitry and w;is dchveicd, properly cancelled nnd postmarked Uncle Sain and all his liltle helpers between Tulsa <*nd Columbus cat) never b* accused of halting the progress of romance. Sen. Russell Denies 'Change In Attitude on Civ/7 Rights WASHINGTON W — Srn. Rich- nrri B. Rtis.sfll of Gfwcia nruu^lv rienirti lodny that nr linrl chniLirrd or ivoiild c-linnjTO his position on civil rlL'hts because lie Is pcekinc thf DrrnocrrctLc president In 1 nomination. "T have never chanqrrt my position one lota." thn OeorgLa ncinn- crat tnlrt a repotrnr. At thp sfima time m^scll .'•nld hn IP hnpefnl that- the Dnmoc.raMc National Convention in Chlcnuo can write a civil rights plnnk "on which Democrats could stand." wns slopped near Trenton for spending Aug. 1, 104fi. Dnak kid-" naprd thn nrrt'Sllnc sl.Tte trooper at pun point, but Ihn officer cs- rnpcri H few hours Inter. It may not Iw 'po^-ible to \vrilc "fin extreme plank" thni will be accept ft to If? to nit vio'A'pnints ol the pnrty, Ru^srll 5«id, nddinc:; "There must be clve am! takr." For ycnrs Rus^ol! has been the ftnor leader of fie hi a acninst nu- ninrons cftorts to jinr-s iinti-lynch, fair rrnplo.vrnnnt, ami simitar' civil rjpjih lottislatlrm. ""njronch thn yrars I have always offered comprmnlses upon tiirse mcasnre.T," Ru'scl! .=;a1d. He made It he doo.s not Intend to niter his Im^lr opposition! to whnt lie cnllfd extrrmc civi] | riehis itiensures nr platform planks, f luuv that, IIP is an active prcsfclen- ' tlnl r.inriirinU'. j Little Rock Man Files for Office LITTLE ROCK 'ipt—s. Rodney I'arhjim. veteran Little Rock attorney, filed yesterday as a cnndi date for chancellor of the Firs Division. First Chancery District. Long-lime Jlldpe Frank Dodgj has announced he will not seek re election to the position. The district includes Pulaski, Lo noke. Prairie and White Counties. Ready (or Fishing GRAVELBOUHG, Sask. <.fi—Th( thiof who raided a harrhvare stori hern should he all ready for the summer's fishing. Misstns were two hooks and a volume entitled "How to Fish." STARR GAZING By Bellye Nelle Starr Time marches on! The column enjoying its first birthday. Hope everybody has had as much fun out of It as I have. Cak« J>e BoueMay Ice Cream de la Creme N'uti la Kau Mlntr de Dimesfo If that didn't take originality, I'll eat my Knstcr bonnet. Bottye The price of killing a man In B ," ms "°" ''"J^ P rlM 1n hcr '»»•or goes up with every war. It •> e " "'?<* ' al le . £ult - s ." e ™! e ? cost about 75 cents to kill In Cae.sar's time. The price jumped to $3,000 during the Napoleanlc wars, $5.000 In mani black picture hat and long black globes. She was Momma. Emilv miniature of hej T ..... , , , Merrie Carol, (who was born on '.S^^ e ^^ P :l^^! Christmas day. and isn't that" the OSCEOLA NEWS By Bellye Nelle Stan- Guest Is F'eted Mrs. J. Mitchell Coc-krill of Little Rock, formerly Miss Rebecca Driver of Osceola was feted with a scries of f>rri«M Hist wwk while a houseguest of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Shippen. Tuesday. Mrs. Jop While entertained with a luncheon at the "SO Club." Wednesday, Mrs, Shippen entertained with a luncheon followed were served. Friday Mrs. Bob Gillespie hon, , . . ,. , .. \jul l.lllJKi.l mlj , rtllu IAJ] I, LJlat [He - -".".T inu. uiru uillcosflx: null- M 1 ^ 17 prettier than April | culMt , name?| mn Mcond , ored Mrs. Cockrill wilh a lu.ich. In Mississippi County and you don t 1T| „„ ( th £ em Bt tne ,. 50 c] , .. Af h , , "^. " P ?. Mp .°' t , '°r f °L i «*r,l, and I had a hard time de- .»» group went to the hostesses' There Is a Jewish cemetery In i r j,ij nc . SSWS^f? 5 !! ™--- - - Zh*r, £r?S k irS52 JHI?^ ""™"" Oolrtcnrotl is the national flwer -nouracr. of the United States. It would be crying shame (o have to tell you ; '," ''.'.,,'' that the apple blossom Is Arkansas'' Inprlub flower. The little boys should have been there to pick out their future girl i The eule things, they kept hob- home for canasta. The honorec was presented costume jewelry by the hostess. Personals Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Glass and Mrs. Bishop Glass of Covinsjton, Tenn., were Easter guests of Mr. For those of yon who have always wanted to BO to Kennedy Hospital but never have, Sunday is your chan bling to the tea table for refills. What won't they think of next? Men have died from time to time _ _ and worms have eaten them . . . After last year, n lot of peoplp ', !n " not for Iove around these parts were glad to "• s no Disgrace to be poor but help out this year. ! a lot of folk s think it is. Come oul and shake hands with! Definition of a tecn-n?er: Too youriB to ignore and too old to lake to the woodshed. Don't farming look peaceful and this time of vear . . . i able. The droll young man replied, "You mean T gotta choice?" Why do people resent tourists calling them natives? They all do. Long drawers sure would have felt good Raster Sunday. I neve: remember Easter as being anything but cold. the boys, that Is. If they've got F. hand to shake. Pick up a magazine or a packacre of cigarettes on your way out for somebody's son. For a different stuffed egg filling try this: Shred one can of shrimp: mix In one package of cream cheese and the yolks of the hard boiled eggs. Taste before you add salt. Fill the ege cavity and garnish with parsley. from a car window? I always stay shy of a restaurant that has "Tables for Ladies" printed in small letters on Iheir windows. Just a funny notion of mine. A big old hill-billy man asked a young "Li'l Abner" type what his intentions were toward Ihe former's daughter — honorable or dishonor. About ihe cutest, most original j birthday party I ever attended was I the "Fashion Show and Tea" for! young ladies, 10 to 13, Saturday i afternoon when Mr. and Mrs. Louis ! George complimented their dauch- i tcr, Shirley, on her 12th birthday, j This was really done up In style, Just like the grown ups. Printed Invitations were mailed ? out, .to the little girls requesting, them to come as a model wearing i their mother's clothes and high heels. i The menu read: T>* dp Trlf 'orse D'oet.vres Erzat?, For Sale • Soybean Seed • Funk's Hybrid Corn • Soybean Inoculation • Fertilizer Farmers Soybean Corp. No. Broadway, lilytheville Phone 8191 and Mrs. Sam Coats. Donald Watson, student >t Tulane spent the Easter holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Watson. Dr. nnd Mrs. J. H. Hampson and daughter, Mrs. Dixie Woods, of Nodena were holidays guests o* Mrs. Mary Louise Melody, in Lt*tie Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Charley Haynea Sullenger and children, Karen and Charles, Jr., spent the week end with Mr. Sullenger's mother, Mr». C. E. Eullenger. '() Mrs. R. D. Mears left Sunday for Greenboro, N. C., to attend the wedding of her sister, Jane, which will take place Saturday. Mrs. Mears will be a br'desmaid ir. tile wedding. Before returning home she will visit another sister, Mrs. L. o. Todd, Jr., In Klnston, N. C. Mrs. Todd is the former Miss Jeggy Silliman of Luxora. Mrs. E. A. Hook and son of Memphis, Mr. and Mrs. Horace Moore of Corona Lake, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hook were dinner guests Easter of Mrs. J. H. Hook.' Mrs. S. L. Oladish is a patient j in Memphis Baptist Hospital. Her ; condition is satisfactory. Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Chiles, Jr., of Joiner entertained 100 guests Saturday night wilh a housewarm- ini; in their new country home. Guests attended from Osceola, I Wilson. Memphis and Blylhevllle. e all over B UICK engineers have n habit of getting at the bottom of tilings. So they're not content to stop with putting beneath you cushions that are luxuriously soft and deep. They also put big, soft, deep coil springs between you and all four wheels-anil big, soft tii ~s between the wheels nnd the road. .Out real riding comfort calls for more than cushioning up-and-down jolts and jurs. There's end-sway nnd side-roll and "wander" to he controlled. There's sure-footed balance on curves. Not lo mention the importance of having a frame stout and husky enough to make the whole car feel safely solid. ' So Buick engineers have gone through the list -come up with a ride that cost a cool million dollars and more for special engineering, tooling and components. I Joes that cover Buick's comfort story? It certainly docs not. There's the comfort of driving a car that instinctively holds the road — the comfort of ample room nnd a wide-open view of the world around you —the comfort of fabric colors that please the eye and fabric textures that please the touch —and the effortless smoothness of Dynaflow Drive.* Their there's the mental comfort of bossing power mighty enough to meet any demand yon make upon it in emergency—S-cylindcr power — high-compression power — valve-in-head power-Fireball power, that makes you proud of the miles you get from a gallon of gas. /Vnd maybe you'll also find comfort in knowing that this great automobile can be yours at a price that is still just a small step above what's known as "the low-priced three." On top of all this, driving a Buick's a barrel ol fun. Why not drop in tomorrow and ask us to prove it? \nr,l C""- ••.-rj^r.l „„ KtUDXA! TVVi.i r .-.->., r.'''t<'rlinr [If opfxon/ij a( nlra cvtt on other Sfrui 1 1:K. optic-veil at 'lira tf.fl nn of ictttn available.*Standard on Rot Sure is true for'52 When better oufomobiles ore built BUICK will build them "^v^MT^ 4 I-"* ^'*t il% ^k4;. ; M to? "»<• ft , N?/' . ,' ^-/ , ^/ \C^ ^V^Qfi Smortly Styled Wallpapers NEW SELECTION-ALL WASHABLE Priced Low O / C to / 5 C Single Roll Beautiful patterns for any home— including exclusive new print -and -plain combinations for adjoining roomi. All easy-lo-hong, won't wrinkle on walls, won't fade. All priced extra low, at Wards — heavy stock, decorator styling and coloring compare with that of nationally-known quality papers selling for '/3 to Vi more. BETTER WALLPAPER FOR LESS AT WARDS, ALWAYS J i LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK Co., Walnut & Broadway, Phone 4555 Foods that are Different at the RAZORBACK Cherry Cobbler Blackberry Hor Biscuits Cobbler D , D> , Baked Beans Barbecue Choice Chicken Home Made Vegetable Soup .Home Made Hot Rolls "Eat Out More Often"

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