The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on February 19, 1927 · Page 27
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 27

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 19, 1927
Page 27
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4 JATTODAY, TZBiUARY 1, 1827. ' MoneuBuu That Used Car Now-Special ReMions-'-See Classification 23 save II ANNOUNCEMENTS Kirth. f 1117. to th wlf of It 0. a on. - Marriage LI8K.-BKRQER 0 Wdnday. Out, by tho Rv. VoM.Annto Ber. 4 gV, e.ughter of Mr W. M, Hf ' iE of fcgle. Ont, to Fero i Llek. on of Mr. and Mra. Jo.epl i T,tk, of wuoriorc. Death CHAKLEBOIS At a local "epil 0 on Wednesday. Fbrary 1. IS". , Arthur, aon of Mr. and Mr. W. A. 1 tharlebola. It St. Joseph Blvd., Hull. Puoeral Saturday February ? it .t nVliwk. from ebov ad- (o SL Joph' Church, Hull, and th.nca to Notre Pamo cemetery. Ottawa. . t)ALT Oa Friday, February la, a." - i.-i , .. - - I Ualalnb I 1 at I V in nil 1X1 OHM I fcT. lit. I ? U Kln Kdward Av., Saturday, j: at . p.m. 1 - - RANT Huddaaly at Haaaldaan, Z on., on Friday, Fabruary 1..1MJ. f Sarah M. Oourlay, wlf of Hon. R. H. Grant.' la bar flat yaar. .Fun-i aral at 1 n.m.. Monday, to Mapl 1 tirava p.m.t.ry. Haaeldcan. J ronto, Winnlp.r and Vancouver pa par, plaaaa copy). HEWITT Suddenly, at bar late real denco, 70 Albert .treat, on Friday, i February II. 197, Adeline Hewitt, f beloved wife of Thoma Hwltt Funeral notlc later. j HYLAND Entered Into reel on Feb-; ruary IX, 17, at the realdenco of 1 hie daughter, Mra. W. 0. Ho woo. Ill Llagar 8t David Hyland. Funeral from above addree on Saturday. February It. HIT. it III m to Baechwood cemetry.K:io.d- I it omit nowera. i MacOUATT Suddenly, at Dunrobtn, , Ont.. on February 17. IM7. Martha J. Rngera, beloved wlf of Thoma ; R MacOuatt Funeral Sunday, at 1 o'clock, to Kllmaur. Preabyterlan ; Church, tbeneo to MacLarea'a cam- etery. harazin On Friday. ' February II, i et hla lata reeldenoa. 141 F-lro tret. WUfrld Barasln. la hla flat - year. . Funeral .Monday, February tl, at I a.m.. to, SU Jean Baptlate ' Church, thence to Notre Oame : oemetery. Card a of Thank : UAUDET Mr. and Mrs. & Klggln and Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Blake wish to thank their many friend and relativea for their klndneaa. aym-pathy, floral and spiritual offerings received la .their recent aad bereavement. " Funeral Dtrmorr BURNEY. GEO. & ft SON Funeral Directors. Ill Somerset St, between Bank gad O'Connor St. , Prtvat chapel. Invalid oar. Tel. ESTABLISHED 111 BRADY HARRIS. FUNERAL DIRECTORS. 171 Llagar St. (D. I. Harrla, Preeideot: D. Roy Harrla. Man- agar). Ambulance rvlc. Q. 187. HITLSE BROS. Funeral Homo, III MoLood a treat, betweaa Baak aad O'Connor. . Private aabalaaoo. C 11. GEO. H. ROGERS CO, LTD.. Ill Elgin 8L Funeral aervlce. PrlvaU Chapel. Invalid oar, q Ittt. VEITCH. A. ' . BON. Director. Fuaaral aervlce. Invalid coach. Funeral apt., 411 Parkdala. 8. tOl WHEN DEATH OCCURS CALL . - Mtv. MeEVOY BROS, Funarai Director. 471 MaeLarea St. Invalid oar. O. MO. Mora Sad motor equipment. WHELAJ r BON. It! " Cooper' St. Funeral Director. Invalid oar. Private parlora. Tet Q. 1171. WOODBURN FUNERAL HOME Somerset and Lroa. Q. t. Ambo-lance aervtee. - ' - Flortata b-w -ALLEN'S. Bank an Mac La ran. Freeh I cut flowers siwiya m. " IT WOULD' BE greaUy appreciated If yoav would menuon -n " when answering advortUementa. Thank. Monomju sad Cemetery Ioto I ARTISTIC MEMORlALSInapect oar monument before purchasing lo-where.' R. 111. J one Staveaa. ; t77 Rldeao. - , AUTISTIC INDIVIDUALITY 1 1 tb la all. memorial work exe cuted by u. R. Brown and Boa, 171 8parka. O. 1113. Eat. 1I7T. - AMUSEMENTS COLUMBIA Thrill) Laugh! Snnl Alberta Vaughan In "Th Adorabie Deceiver." "Bar C Mytry" ear. I.I. Comedy. "News." Ir'ERN "The Rainmaker, with Er nest Torrance, William Collier, Jr, and Georgia Hale.: "Tho Lone Prairie," a l-reel wastsrn, and comedy. :" VII A NO AISl Wanted, amateur. Tuesday ' nigh tat valuabl prise, rrancal Theatre. -nv-v rest action westerner. Jack . Hoxl In -"BustiB' Tkrough. "Strlnga of Steel" aerial. Comedies Matinee Saturday1i: Tr LOST AND FOUND '2 CASK Mlnto ta, lost, from Bryson-Oraham' to Albert, Bank Copper, Bay. Slater. R. 474L Reward. KimiES V; lot rtpUN r waiting ad-; vortlaoni Hl. KL Kll, KIT. r Kit. mt, MY4V v-. Bat raanlta ara obtalaad by calling for bos repllea proanptly. JTJINDEES WANTED Bulk, and Separat Tender. 4-dreaaed to Geo. U Hill, Secretary-Treasurer Public School Board, B. ft No! I? Nepeaa, Box 2t. Westborc, Ontario., will bo received until Friday. February IStb, at I o'clock, for all trade for th Broadway Avenue . Publio School. Highland Park, On- ' Tendra-mut b sobmltted on regular .forma upplld by Arohltoct Plan and 8peiflcatlon may J obtained at tho. off Ice of the Architect. Richarda aad Abra, 88 Met- ' calf Street. Ottawa. Ontario. . Th lowest or any , Under, aot neceaaartly aepted. .. ..- tJEOtUMTLI . Seoretary-Treurr. MORTGAGE SALE Ttniter and br Tlrtu Of tb powr eontslnedlB certain mortgage which will b produced at the time of le there will be offered for Bale, subject to a reserved diu. y TUH WK. A. COLM CO, Auelteaeeee, . . i .. rt . TH nr.. on ne , - - - - day, the- 10th day of Mrch, A.D, 1 917. at tb hour et 1.10 o'clock in th afternoon, the following property, " , All'!Tn " alaguUrV -t eortala parcel or tract of land and premleee, vltuate, lying, and baing la the City of Ottawa, la the County of Carlo-ton, la tho Province of Ontario, and int. number On ea th North ; ,id of St. Andrew Street, la aald City.' V is laid down apon m prnn prwpar . VI j s. Stoughton Dennis, P.L.S, dated ... . .,h, fwttobar. lit, and OB an amend ed plan approved by the Commissioner of Crews land on the lth : Mar.A.D., IIH, and on Record In th n.:.,m.,i at the Interior." Tk. nrnnertV 1 aald to b OB Hundred feet n Suaaex Street by a T depth of Sixty-four feet. . .. n. , and aondltlen of sal apply tet i AV7 - DANI8. Royal Rank Chambers, - . X'nraw.U. Ontario, maib HHP WANTEDJ- 31 Mechanical drtvlag. Petrol! Mot or. 41 uimhw BOY WANTED Immediately. BkmMl UoholalerlBg. 41 Union st. DISTRICT MAMAOIR r rU- I roof eoaUnr l Caaadaj today w bav ay satisfied easterners! wa I M Mtr uaoocu- pled territory, capable of sllf territory and Hrln elemn; thl 1 on xcptional opportunity. Writ &SStti'4g Th America OH n rwai v o-l.l.aai AklA IT at. A. I US. A. ELKCTRICAL ENOINEKR . i . vMnatL and a m a . .,.K.tntil aaoarlaneo In thai .n.,.nn ..d maintonaaco of " duatrlak and bydro-oloctrld power plant, alactrlcal oqulpmant. .Apply, ivinr full Information aa to adu- .tlaa avnaVIMM. RlaVrriN w - ,T:"V lirV rioalrad to Bo . ..-an Q-8. Journai-vnica. WANTED. MEN AND WOMBJf to n to U weakly In .par. tlm at borne; no caaTaaalngi re ..i.r niv rh.ouaa. Write Auto- Knitter Hoelery Co, t FEMALE HELP WANTED 4 vimi iitai nr wa.k. atato accred it a acnooi. wnia iw y ""ri VT Wa.hlnton Park HoepltaL fT L. 0th St.. Chicago. III. ' ARN l WBEKLY, Pr time, wrltlna- for aawapaper. : .1.... ..l.nM tmnaeaaaary: da- talla'lr.. Pre. Syadleate, 171. HI. Loula. Mo. - LADIES. XARN 1 WEEKLT, .pare tlma at Borne; no aainn, vVV,-tunltr for bea-lnnarat addroaaod n- vrlopa for partlculara. P'echarjt.0, jiw wr.t nw - LADIES wanted to do plain and light sew lag at home, whole or ... nnl uv: work aent 7 any distance, charge stamp for particular. aiiwu. Mfg. Co.. Montreal. MAID-GENERAL wanted. Mr. Plckthorne. S lltW. SMART hoalery saleslady, must b ,1,.! .Mid monev: Stat full partlculara. Box O-le, Journal Office. AGENTS WANTED 7 A SELLING SENSATION There la no appeal Ilk th price appeal; that'a why our tailored-to-meaure ...i,. . itt tl eell a. Blent:: they are real $ valuae; eaperieacad tailoring salesmen admit w bv th best oelllng line In the country; even If you have ao celling experl- ence, our complete isstrucuess win . make you a success; Our spring , line Is better than over. Write t once for full particulars, aad tell u about yourself. Free aample aud unlimited aaalstanc given to - sincere men. The Barton Tailoring Compaay, Dept. lit, P.O. Bo 141. Montreal. Que. A TA1LORINO LINE THAT IS DIF-FBRENT Th man we are looking for I at present handling a Una of low priced suits aud topcoats; be la losing aalo because nia una naa no appeal to tho well-dressed man who is used to paying big prices for bis. clothes; why not tafce on th Wright line In addition to your ' present one? Thla company manufacture only quality clothe that appeal to men of quality. Such men will appreciate the aaving In buying their rlothee direct. By taking on tho Wright line -you are In a position to sell to all classes. There la a profit to you of from !.. up oa ovary auit you sell. Write telling your experience. We . will aend you free our new aprlng 'line for inspection.1 If It doe not appeal -to you send It back. It piacea you under no obligation ' whatever. Do not delay write at once. R. 8. Wright and Co., LnpL ItF. P.O. Box 1211. Montreal, Muo. SITUATIONS VACANT 9 BRITISH KNITTING MILLS i after splendid opportunity for men and woman celling mill to consumer, dresses, lina-erle. underwear, chll- dren'a toggery. Bo O-tt. Journal. EARN $10 to 140 weakly: lea-a harsher trade; only few week required: earn while you learn; special coursofiS; diploma issued. Writ for catalogue. Hemphill Trad School. Ltd,.tt7 St. Lawrence St, Montreal. UAKB MONEY AT HOME TOU can earn a substantial Income in your spar tlmo writing how carda; ao canvassing or soliciting; Wo Instruct you and - supply you with .work: writ today. The Meahenltt Co., Ltd., 'Dominion Bldg, Toronto; Mi :N. boy, learn barber trade I ur employment, good wage) (aught In- fw. weak; percentage paid while learning. For particulars. Molar Barber College. II St. Law-renc Blvd., Montreal.. PERSONALS 10 A SCIENTIFIC MASSAGE, Very cn- traL For appolntmBt Tel. Q. 1012. A SCIENTIFIC MASSAGE by quali fied masse ua. For appointment VI- - i.o. . . - ' A NEW YORK MASSEUSE offer a thorough maaaa.e; saower bath; ears In attendance. Ill Queen St, Capital Hotel. Room 24. Q. 47. BATS RE BLOCKED . AND DYED. Wilson's, T Bank Bt. VI. 1181. HANS LOCKEBERO. kl repairing. M. K. fl ttlnga, racing kl polae. Q. I - !;-- i-Aioert '"' IHIOH FREQUENCY elMtrtcity. massage; rheumatlam., aeurltla. lomhsgo. leeplesenese. Q. till. ' I IF YOU are haying roof trouble, tel. 8. Ilia, J. D. sandaraoa Co.. strof-Ing and encet metal work. ' LANG, MADAM, calebrated alalr- voyast. waoa uieoourageoj ooneuit bar. Eigtn anq rrana. . LIBERAL ALLOWANCE old aew- Ing machinee taken la on portabr lctrlc Hoey Shop, lit Rldeau. MADAME E8TELLB advtaao all Ira-portent -bweie-BBtteB, Appolat- ment, Q. MIL MADAME DALE, profesartoaal elalr- . vo rant palmti 1st. TIT Ulaeston Ave. MDB. JONES, palmist. Appointment only, I.I to . after t. R. 8I41J. PALMIST Advle buslnss Invest . menta, All Important natter. Consultations, tb Albert. ROSE, PAWNBROKER Dlasaoad, watoheo, gK allvor, rldea, gaaa, ti oeorsre. - BEAUTY PARLORS 10a LA MODE BEAUTY PARLOR Refined attention, lit SparkBv Q, I 782. FURRIERS 1 0b SPECIAL RATES ON fur repairing for Fbrary: xprt . worKman-ehlp. 101 Metcalfe. Tet Q. till. ARTICLES FOR SALE II AOtJAN Coaeol modal phonograph. was ail, ror , resere ire. Orme's. 171 Spark St - BADMINTON SHUTTLECOCKS, only IBo earn, flaunt riarewgre co. , BEAUTIFUL VICTROLA. 1(0. with ' record; tl caah, II weakly. Orme'a, 171 Spark. ... BKLTINO. MILL SUPPLIES Spe-' clal aale on aew aad eeoeneVbaad leather, rubber, canva beltlag. p to I0" la wldtht blanket, hern, nllara. babbit, chain a aad . boom ' chain alwara on head! very reas onable price. M. Zagermaa 111 Wellington, a. si. Phone your waat ada to Quaes : - ARTICLES FOR SALE IUIINO OU) CARS for wrecking purpose emii - ' car I nd automoono pair, n. u. CHICK-KINO PIANO, araall sis pari act cobiiuvhi vpeaui yrice, i Willi Bad Co, Ltd., Javkion ' DICTAPHONE, complata, with ahsv- an aroall omoe aaia, typewriting I desk, oak tiling ceeiati, crimp, Q. HQl. EDISON PHONOGRAPH and io , lections, only 170: aaay term. jha Rapar Piano Co., Ltd.. 17 Spark. rOONTAIN PENa W 5 I -.T aVi7. T- 1 W WlieJ, AUV I nana or ovary nu raoairea. atrument. Ltd., tlO Spark, tjt. OERHARO HEINTZUAN, allsbtly uaed; bargain; writ or call for partlculara, Web.trBoltoa Piano Co, loi monceater. NEW COMBE PIANO. Inrgo. UDut caae, splendid condition; thorough ly guaranteed: J00 ca.h, or term . to ault. Willi and Co., Ltd.. Jack- aon Bldg. . OFP1CB FURNITURE. uid. ham Co, It Queen. Q. Jo. Pop- PHONOGRAPH BARGAINS: Kdlaon, 7il Columbia. 7i; Vlctrola, !S;So-. nora, 12S; eaay - terms, c, W. Llndaay, Ltd.. 181 Bparka, PIANO, -upright tyle,: only fltil . eaay terma. jonn iiapcr 1'ianu uo. Ltd., 17 eparna t. - - SECRETARY, : cheat of : drawer, I clothe cupboard, high kitchen cup board, ana otner noueeDom furni-tnre. C. HIT. . 8TEINWAY PRACTICE PIANO. S good ton; eaay terma; bargain. C I W. Llndaay, Ltd., 189 Spark-. ' SEVERAL LARGE coal and wood range Wltn or without reaervolra, guaranteed In let condition. Will ell cheap. Living. too and Bon. i: BanK. q. t463. SOLID BLACK walnut dining room aet.allgbuy used. 3U0 (or 15ft, . 114SW. SPECIAL PRJCB for 1 weeks only. I Bis Bird eleotrlo washing machines. lllt.00 cash. W a. But-ler Hardware Co.. tS B.nit St USED UPRIGHT PIANOo wanted fori . cash. Tet u. 6iz. c. vt. Llndaay, Ltd., 110 Sparks. VICTOR VICTROLA. Console model. only (IS, with 10 selections: eaay - term. John Raper Piano Co, Ltd, 17 Spark St. WADE SAW Cut wood or Ice: first elaae condition. ' Apply 414 Huron Ave. Tel. C. 1030. It BAKER'S HORUEH, 2 pur Clyde mares. 444 Bronson. bred 7S, good qur plan; splendid for practice; stool and delivery free. Orme's. 17 Spar. lit. SHOE REPAIRING 1U LATEST English takl-M method: atlafaotory results. Bsokett. Ill Bank. ' OOLOSHE8 r-oled and re-beeled. I (ruaranteod waterproof, wo coi-ect and deliver. Capital Shoe a pair Co, not Bn at. w. sssa. RADIO 13 ATWATER KENT, model , complete, 138.00. 104 Vlttorla. Q. 304W. FRANCE battery1 chargers. 1I.00; - five tub sets, I34.UW; rsdlotrons, Z01A, 12.00. llaroo Radio, t44 Slater. - t . TYPEWRITERS 13a J. M. HILL. Q. III. Typewriter aolo. ranted, exchanged, repairsa NEW ROYAL PORTABLE on th I market.' 191 Bparka. Q. 178. OTTAWA TYPEWRITER CO, 111 Queen. TeL O. 4121 or 4111. , WANTED TO BUY 14 ALL KINDS FURNITURE, clothing boaghtt highest prices paid. K- ALL KINDS CLOTHING sad furnl- tore; highest price psia. w. eusi. BUY AND SELL cond-had furnl. ture, tool, belting. R. ALL SECOND HAND merobandla bougbt. elotniag, larniiar. "- thai. R. life. . HIGHEST prloss paid and clothing. Toiler. on turnltgr R. HOUSES TO LET 17 BRIGHTON AVE., $3S; 7 rooms, plarea. unroom. C. 10""; COMFORTABLE HOMES, apt., rent reasonable: George Howlth. K. 1617. RUSSELL AVE, 174 and 171, dou-ble. ach containing living room with fireplace, dining room, kitchen. I bedrooms and bath. For Immediate sal'' will cc-pt t,800 0. Capital Trust Corporation, 10 Mt-calfe St.. Ottawa. vAiinntN t IJS.ffo: ureignton, 128.0: other romloriaoie noma. , Howltb. R. 17. ' - - ' " WILTON CRESCENT, I room, modern beating. C. 554. C. I7L ' t APARTMENTS TO LET 19 CARLINO AVE,. 8 rooms, unfurnish ed, h.w. besting, gamne. v, e-v. HIGH CLASS apt... Commodore, Syd enham COUrt.-A0-wr-e.v, 140.00, 144.00. A. McMillan, It Sparke 8L " .' "' ' , : - ROOMS TO LET .21 BED SITTINO ROOM. hirg. In apt. Q. 1201 for appointment. FRONT BEDROOM. Koq locality. private family: genin-men. y. ie. UNFURNISHED South, til. C. rooms 6S8'. (!). Ottawa T.M-C.A rocma. howr. poU eafe- terta eurrtnl masin. AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE 23 ruev mnra rood condition. An ply 118 O'Connor .11 Q. SH07.. - eold at one. 8, , THEM WERE - 1 I I I I SWT X KUP GtMM AFTER. c In h ninth round of hi fight with Sharkey, at Cehey Island. bk In llt, J.ffrles seemed to grow v.ry weak snd Sharkey waded Into him , and had U th better of the going a he had In the two prevloua round. , Between th ninth and tenth rounds th champion' handlers war rubbing I'W over hi - face la aa attempt to rliv bin) et the latent heat, ,f - Co, I ies Hurrying '? ' To Secure One of the Home Bargains Offered Today Oh THis Page If you are thinking about buying a house this- spring-- . Don't miss today's offerings: They're really exceptional. , See Classified Display Ads. also Classification 52. AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE 23 tvinn" TI'nOR. .192S model, rith many accessories; flr.t cUss condition; must be sold: make me an bffer. Phone B. tDOZ. . sTiinKRAKER touring car, 1924, . balloon tires, guarantees, in phiki . condition, 1115 cash payment, balance eaaj- terms. Legars Automobile Supply Co, tit Queen. 0. 7101. CAMPBELL MOTOR SALES. 130 Albert. Q- Used Car Special, i . FORD TUDOR. 1121 model. Ilk new; - many accessories; real oaremu 1190.00 cash.'.balunce monthly. FORD TON THfUCK, late model, overhauled, brand new stake body; a genuine bargain; $148.00 cash, balance monthly. FORD LIGHT DELIVERY, with brand new closed cab, canopf; body; extra good condition. Let us show you this one at (124.00 cash, bat' ance monthly. . FORD TOURING, run on season; real good condition. See thla one at 1119.00 cash, balance monthly. AC(U5S0raES--REPAIRS 24 CAPITAL RADIATOR CO. Expert work: reasonanie. 4J Moagrov. n. 711. DOMINION AUTO RADIATOR EX PF.RT3 Radiator repaired. Ill Albert. Q. Hi. nfi.iiRi.n RADIATOR CO. nsdl ..ten manufactured, repaired; . workmanship guaranteed. 114 Lyon. ' FRISBY THE VULCANIZER -lr real aaUefacUoa gsaraateed II Lyoa. a mi. TAXI SERVICES 25 OIBSON-S TAXI Day. 7-paasner aodaaa. night rvlco: w. sa LEGAL 26 BEAUCHAUP. . J. Noel Barrlater . Ill Mala St, HuIL S. 1187. m.ivfHFT. r. i. L , Barrister, Solicitor. Carleton Chambers. 74 ' Spark, : ...,-..-' . DICK. RUSSELL M.' Barrltr. tc. Carleton Chamber. . VI. i. EWART. SCOTT. KELLBY LET, 14 Metcalfe St. . EEL- GREENE. HILL AND HILL. Lawyers. . 110 WslllngtQB Bt, vrttawn. narxMU and JOHNSTON. Barrt tars aad SaUeltor. II Spark, ft 4SSt. -. . ' - i HacCRAKEN, FLEMING AND KfTH ROEDE K. irUSt BIOS- se Spark. - Q. Tl. ' MCCORMICK 4k Spark. H. D. Mt levle. DUNLEVIE. 41 rmlck, F; Dun McILRAITH. DUNCAN A... Succeasor John Us Borne, siueen. vi- mi. vn im THOMPSON' ELLIS. Bar riatatw. Solicitor. a ll l00 "'" Bparka. ' ' . ' ,: PATENT, AnORNEYS 2.6a VKTURRaTONHAUGH CO, Pa i.nt . Sollcltora I O'Connor Bt. .Ottawa. UAHKETT. W. IRWIN Solicitor patent. Uadmark. II Elgin. 4374. MEDICAL 27 BONFIELD. DR, tLondon. Eng 8urgry and urinary orgi 1810. - DR. J. R" 0BRIEN-lae of women, surgery. 71 LanrlT E. DR. CONRAD O. RANGER.: Specisl-1st Heart. ' Ltng. Stomach. 110 Stewart. ' DR. WILLIAMS, 141 LauM.r W - ternlty. uenerai prwuv. DeHAITRB Surgery, worn, orlB. ary organs, blood. III Stewart. " R. II. ' " ' PRIVATE HOSPITAL Maternity. r urglcl-T. Cavea. 101 Cooper. Q. 141. ' - Tv1tTn - I Bldg Q. i. RlaMrvatheraor BBd CUBIC. I 1 : - . . ., KsnnlBtOB, 1W Bilgin. Q. HI. '. - '" AcL- ' THE DAYS. ( UiM .WFF JUST A VLiS QtV XnV -- PUT . Y v... 2 MEDICAL 27 scut-ciA i. 1st rn OMAR WILSON, lis Matcalfa St. Boeoiajty, a- dlaeasea ' ' FOOT SPECIAUSTS 29 DR. KNAPP All root troubiaa. tt Jackson Bid. Q. 1TTT. DR. LADELPH i,uq7' foot troubles. 100 DR. MaoMAHON All foot troaoiso. 191 feparks St. VI. sue. OSTEOPATHY 30 BACll, path. a H. SPARLING. Oeteo-Al J.ckenn Bldg. Q. Ult BISHOP. Dr. J. Clifford. II Mo-. i, rcn st. q. ssa. I'ETTV PIECE. MILTON H Special ist in nervoua njna aiae olnal origin. Consultation. Ap pointments. Itt Nepaan St. KEITH. GEO. A ttt Ollmour 8U Q. 171. CHIROPRACTORS 3 BULLIS-SPENCER PaJmer grad lea. 19 Spark Bt. u. . IDA M. R0WLE8, Chiropractor, 171 Piepean. VI. 41 is. DR. C. H. 8TRATTON. Il Q-Conaor. Q. tltit Palmer graduate. r m a NHtrii.n Palmer a-raduale. Nurooalomtr aervio., - a mmv calf. Q. 1011. ORAHah. GEO. A. 141 Ollmour. palmer graduate. , vonauiiatioB. Q. 114. " HANSEN MaoMILLAN Palmar graouaie. Ar ...see sw ;i. 1018. , ' . OALBRAITH. W. J. 440 Somonet Q. 1071. Free literature, - HOLDAWAY YATES, Standard Daak Bldg Chiropractor, q. itim BUSINESS SERVICE 32 CHIMNEY8 AND BRICK WORK r. paired; plaaunac. eemeat waika R. I414W. ELECTRICAL MOTOR Installation, repairs, w. unaraoers. i tvoee- mer. C 41. - i.; - ' OJ-G-DYEING 32 EXPERT dyeing. alaaner. Fancy . tot Somerset. dresse apecialty. 8. 8011. - v PRINTING 33 BOOK, SOCIETY, eatalogue print lag progressive rnaiere. ii aioert. Q. I70t. . - -; . EVANS 48 KERT, LTD. For Oom- merclal and eociai printing. t: Queen. Q. tl. - - r-. - 1 .-. UADSON-MERRILL PRESS' ' "Mak ers of line printing.' Q. 0i9. Quality.' eervte guaranteed. . 4 Spark. - ' - ' ' vi MALMBERO All . Ing,. reasonable, tt4t. kind 111 ' , tob prlnt-Arthur. 1 PRINTING SERVICE Mutual Press. L,ta. Thoa v. Minor, vi. til ' PATTISON PRINTERS Ouaranteed 'work; prto reaaoaable. 41 Flora. Kj. eve. ..- i TUITION 35 SPECIAL SPEED Clara (tartlng at once. Mrs. K. Rowlea. Q. 174. INSURANCE 37 ALL RISKS, tourists' baggage poll- ciea. j. tyrant sngw, . yj. i. CHAMBERS ' AND OILL. Q, 141. Bpeciai an tsr policy. INSURANCE, Real Eatat. Tat Realty t-o, is wan a. tj. m. IHV1N, ance. T. .DIXON, 110 Booth B Oeneral Inior- ildjA M. 1144. . UNION AS8URANCE SOCIETf C H. Carrlero A Son. Q. t7L SIGNS LEVEI 8ION Co. Everythla Igna til Slater. Q. lift. " DECORATORS , s 39 HARDWOOD FLOORS eandad. rHn ag. -P.tsr Jeffrie, Sinb . . ia . f . yv ' Jeffrie md to be bothered by thla amr than tbs sailor, but as th fight wore n th champion gradually got etrongor. The terrldo ' body blow he had ha raining imtn the eH"r" riba had rraeked l f them. In the :' round, 8hrky tml" glove off Jeg'a nl. but o Uer- u-i 'W-p thnt the w ft whaling away vm .hi leUhtr glove nip'ng ! loose. - ' - - - DECORATORS 39 m'J?,?- pupar auppllad- UPHOLSTERING 40 "ikSXJHOLBTERINU. POL. Jl.ii.. . - Plr. cha.tar. fin: tarma ifp.....i n icn MACHINISTS 41 IMUCH. j. H Machine, transmla-S:i Catherine. C 4780. awn work. Um'U.KN. PEIiKlNS. LTD..U1. n4 nRlnr! automotl JJlacmant prta. Johbara. 411 PATTBIUS MADK. band saving tc "vr. John Law. Q. 761. liiUKVl'O.N It TRUMAN. LTD. wssrauns, machinists: ekatee ah.rptned !J4 Wellington. PLUMBERS 42 BAND COLE Plumblna. healing. repairs 1 S4. EK8KINE-SM1TH CO. Plumber "'ng. tinsmiths. R. 4771. n- i.isw. TRUCKING STORAGE 45 CAPITAL STOUAHE CO.. 80 Drlv- vi- siv. r ireproor i plans and rug room. Crating g. shlnplim, EsMir.stee fi "j. vi. 170. rireproor storsce, ig. i-acK- free. CLEAN STOHAiiK Klreproot cpar. bis compartments; lowest lusur-ancs rates; shipping, crating, uart ng. Therlen Co.. Ltd. R. 014. STORAGE! AND TRUCK PORT ATION, LTU, Jackson Bldg. U. 1744. Fir- Proof storag w. rehouse. Re mo v. I ls, crating, parkin, shipping. DRESSMAKING 46 MRS. A. RIKKLT. dressmaking; rea sonable prices. O. 1771. WOOD FOR SALE 47 ALL KINDS dry. hard, o(t wood. coal and coke. Polar 1c Co, O.6. v. 1(19. 4LLAN RKAUMK. C. 1580 Dry Wood hard, soft, cut, uncut. ALL DRY hard and soft wood, cut or uncut. C. 1187. W. g. Beaton. I HA8TEY. W. E, ooaL wood aad coka R. 1171. DOGS AND PETS FOR SALE 49 SLUE CIIOSS 1108PITAL Bruce I Kannedv m.eaaea of .All animals I treated. Doss bathed, boarded. ellpped. C. SlS. BUSINESS CHANCES 50 MKUK'INE -BUSINESS FOR SALE, Including formulas, sol right for eastern Ontsrlo and Quebec; sold bv airents and mail order for 20; excellent .-opportunity to control your own buslneaa; amall MBh navmenl. balance monthly; nwn.r iia nilier Interests. Write for n.rtlculare. Henderson Herb Co., 145 Hpadlna Ave.. Toronlo. . RKbTAURAN f Complete, oppoalte I Keith s, lor sal. & 89JIW, morn- I inga. . ..I i iMiTlrr HOUSES FOR SALE 52 j DltlCK and atucco Jioine. Orow Ave, I contains 10 rooms, snd unroom, ...i. in rwintlnn hall, hardwood floors. Owner leaving; will sell! cheap, or on easy terms. C. 1724. tuii'in v. RHH'K. Cambrtdu. cor. CI. mow; I rooiffs each; 14,100.00. Q. 464. Q. 804. ' f KAME UOUBH 'In Bellevu Park, -Mertvale Kd, City-View wll finished Inside; on Jot 80 S 100: small amount will handle,- a owner muat aell. and I prepared to aaorlflc. Apply Box Q-14, journal. mr mofr T. Brfck. t room; for. closure sale; 4.60. L Laderoute, 194 Queen. Q. 7417. GLEBE AND OTTAWA. SOUTH R..utlful homes. 14.81)0 up; splen did constructions.. Tel. us atone. I J. J. virovea. Bank. Q. Oil. ' ON COLI M3E, SweetUMld, jumbor- i.nri Harer. tloulbourn. AUgui- . ... 1'k.n.i hi. Patrick. Hair ft. Wav- er'lev. Irving. Fenllman, Montreal im Du.a. ll Rd.. Overbrook, Robl- , son, Carruthera. For quick reauita I list your property with w. rinaru, 429 llldesu. K. 1114. t:,t00, CORNER PROPERTY. Tyn-Sta.. loOxlOOi dalSr.' rorwaru roomed fram ments. R. !) hous. Improve-1 3fl.0 CAHII and 131.0 per molilh I floors downstairs: price 4.0o.00. I. fl. Lsdc route. 194 Vfueen. mi. .n.N, 7 -roomed orica. nara- ..., v. ,. - -- ... , ! I vrma "t tours mm - I .i,h. linint.' S Queen St, or Q. l:i. . ' - ' ' " - : L 12..0 t'AHH. ' and l8 monthly,- buy I tosy i-roomeo muw Apply R- W. tirsnt. 39 Queen Bt. ii .a ii iiTTtiB-s-T- s rinTiTfrrrii -a - I I 1 ..- M, SUMMER RESORTS 53 nfii'Tlvl'l. summer cOttBBC. Nor- ' .. .. u.. , nn ih beach: lot and I half; krr verandah, aquar pil-lsr.i Uelco lights: aepllc tank; -'fireplace; finished Inald with Hritixh Columbia fir; large garage; H.nim. t;. ,;',, i i ' PROPERTY FOR SALE 54 KXtiPTIONAL PPORTUNIT will sell cheap or cJhng forJ oroperty In the west nd, of Mont- properijr front- : ... iiamnimint Driveway. " T- ...t and. 10 ft. bouUvard la front. 8U. 110 a 110 ,.,"' scnshle price. Call C. II44W. CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS 58 A CO, lit Bparka St. 38 ACCOUNTING & AUDITING 59 t n AecouniinK. " rlnVnclal Report.; both langu.g.a tl College Ave. T:CHNIE. ALEX. L. A, Audit- Kparict suite lot. Q- ' Sharkey's Hopes ... . ,.i.a in ston the men front conlinulng . "l lyX with th T looonid glov. but b.for flRfi IT,.. r fire, the bell rang ending the 'XxHitoERM -' J:?r.;."u,l tiattie. th Wnnr. Hhise and hout "J"..".f . ?hl decl.len. M-py thouaht ",' t Pim ioJl the ilor .hould have gott-n J draw! Mi h0f w.r eom w thought bdtservtd tb decl.lon. , . : r : CLASSnTEDDlSPLAY Real Eatat To tl .. CORNER SHOP ' To Let fn Keith .Th.atre Building. On of the best retail spots In Ottawa. Wludow on Bank and Queen atreete: contain upper torey, and ha large torg basement. Heated. Immediate possession. . APPLY MANAGER B. F. KEITH'S THEATRE Male Help Wanted. Murphy-Gamble f Limited . Need two aggressive tale representative for tbelr Electric Wanning Machine Department. Apply Mr. Pagan, Queen St. Floor. business Chalices. DEALER WANTED A very prominent American mfg, co. 1 desirous of securing .the services of a high class dsaler to aell and Install the most up-to-date oil burner on the market, must be financially responsible; this I a chance to get In on th ground floor, when replying give telephone number. Address Box 0:4. Journal. Electro-Plating Automobile Owners, Attention! While having your car overhauled, send nlckel-plsted part to ua to be re-flnlshed. Satisfaction guaranteed. . Tlie Eclipse Plating and Sales Co., Ltd. . ' Electro-Plater -181 Slater St. Q. 731 fpholatcry. TO THE DISCRIMINATING .HOUSEWIFE A chair ta not comfortable unless It la also attractive. It ' must be pleasant to look at aa well to alt In. We re- ; Juvenate old chain. From Oltt To Seto. . E. W. Marshall 3G0 Catherine St. C.1001 Insaranre, -- . Fidelity Bonds Bond your employee To-day. Protect your lntereet against probability of loss wlth truited employee. .i.FuU protection st reasonably low t. ratea. ' - ' ' ; ; Michael E. Conway, Limitetl Phone Q. 79S5, C. Hi . v rlartkt Caulking -.' Save Coal! : v Have jreur home or build- .,' Ing caulked endUdraught- v -proofed. Eatlmateg fTeef;i Plastic Caulking i, Service Article" Vor Bale. 1 Rotary Xeostyle Duplicator, Xo 0 1 Shoiriialiner Mahi-.. folder 1 Set of-Metal Shelving with Roller Shelves 3 "Cupboards (various sixes), -fluitablc for garajrc to stock parts, or hardware store. The above are iu firtt- '.'Ta8S"'".couditioii, -and ruuht be sold imme- t. ; diately. Any reanonablc; ; offer will be considered. " w. .' APJPLY JOURNAL BUSINESS OFFICE ArrmiNT,Nr. & AUDTTING 59 reiulta. 3 i'.i F WoodUwan w ' Vo-mw?. Jcet( : . ft fir A7JVLiAK uc Jvw?LV" AS Th wspapT and kn i cvttlo . eeme K. tka decision waa luaL Sharkey was . . . .1 . . .k. aI.Ia. tost. I Din K i a badly batterea man. sw- - -"iii. jar Mrtt'&zrt&fc pall tb. refer, , . CLASSI1TEIWDISPUY Botueg For Bala. Somerset Street East of Elgin 2 tory brick horn on lot 81x101 ft., containing living room 14x11 ft., dining room 12x19 ft, kitchen wired for elec-triu stove: 1 bedroom llxlt ft, 4 other bedrooms;, hardwood floors. Prtc 17,100.00 100 BANK ST. Q. 84S ltealtors and Insurance Broksrs. Double House " Specials Friday noon I had listed with V ms for sale, by an out-ot-towa . owner. ! brick double houses that are exceptionally good value at the prices asked. Hare are th particulars: " Flora Sr.1 Corner lot: each house contain 7 good-slsed rooms, fuel fire- , places, stone foundation and good deep cellar, with Peaae "Economy" hot air furnace., "Present renlala 130.0 each, but With some repslrs could be increased to 135. on to 140.00 each. Specially priced at 14,100. , Fifth Ave. Neat S-atorey house. In good . atate of repair, I room and bath In each aide, furnaces, doubt balconies. Present rentals 110.00 lor each house. Situated In da- . slrabla section. Special price 14,109. At the above prlcea thea houses should both sell In a few days' time. Telephone at one If interested. C W. ROSS Realtor and Insurance Q. 7020 49 Metcalfe SV ' 'Convert Your Homo Into a ' producer by 1 changing It on a central duplex, prlo tO.OOO. rent 11,11. Upper 'apt. haa I bedroom be.lde d.n. Hot water beat, new oil burner. Ic. rang. Also gas, fuel grate -fireproof furnac room, brick cold storag. Nice neighborhood, elos to schools, church. Call Q. T7I for apoplntmant. . TOM FOLEY, Realtor JS0. Bank Street GLEBE " Wast of Bank. Brick. Stone foundation, hot water, heating. J (round floor baa reeeptloa hail. Ivlng room with fireplace, dining room aad kitchen. Plrt floor, large bedroom with fireplace, . other good room and un room, t room In attic. Doubl bal-oonle la front and alngl balooay In rear. Hardwood en tw floor- Laundry tub and xtr heavy -, wiring. Oarage. 11.800. PRANK MOORE 111 Baak St. Q. lit Superior Summer Cottag . Lot ! z 10 BrlUnnts Highland!; 7 rooms. . screened snd glased verandah, ' sleeping perch, hardwood floor down- . stair, garage. Price only . !!,I00. M00 eaih. bal-ance easy terms. J GOFFIN&CO. Trafalgar Building Q. 407T GLEBE Uodsra MUton . brick home. Third Av room and sun- -room with fireplace. 17.100. . L. H. DAVIS Real Estate aad Insurance 420 Bank Street Queen 01 ; 2 Bargains Good l-door brick trrr . la central locaMon. near Bynk St, I wind up an eatat; and a choice apartment house on MacLaren bt. to wind up aa esUts. A aap. Apply to I i A-. ACTON 401 Bank Street Evenings, C. till.-.; Q."H, Apartment For Bale . FOR SALE : . trlpUa la inches! district ef Sandy Hill! "t Tooma'aftd bath la :ech flat. il.TOt cask, bala f 1 arranged. - W. E. Scrivens 4ltV4 Bank Bt, v Pboae C. 1714 . Weal Eataf.To Let. HOUSES TO LET Room 107 13 SPARXS STREET , iw. mkeK 'S!? w I! i :, Vadrg SeUcltora. ) ' '. - ' ;.

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