The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on January 30, 1924 · Page 1
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 1

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Wednesday, January 30, 1924
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n O'Cl cte and Sport 3Mtloiri WEDNESDAY 30 JANUAKV VOL. XXXIX No. 43. ONTALNLNU ALL THE CABLES RECEIVED UI TO 4.30. I -ATE NEWS ON I'MiE 14 TODAY PRICE TWO CENTS. PREMIER BIDS FOR PEACE WITH FRANCE City Police Report oTiJ Olympic Hockey Canada 33 Swiss 0 U. S. 22- France 0 U. S. Steel Extra Dividend it STATISTICS OF OTTAWA CRIME DISCLOSE NOT MUCH CHANGE IN SITUATION SINCE AYEAR AGO More Single Men Than Married Get Into Trouble. MURDER CHARGE AGAINST ONE MAN ".he annual report of Chief A'ex-V Ross of the Ottawa. Pol'ce Department shews no sinking increase op decrease over last year's crime figures. The number ft p;ry thefts aJ burg' reported i greater, but thtrre were fewer forgeries, breathe of the Ontario Tempersnee A ft. and other offences than in 19:?. The Ottawa police U la recalled, were responsible for the arrtt of WV.lianl Swimmings for a nmM brutal attack on a young girl, ami A'o for the arrest of Frank Ttlmboll. who 1 chsrgid w!tii the murder of F:reman Joseph Ma'one. . A fa Me of arrears In 1923 and 1133 snd the number of the various offence follow ; airei:-193. 1.102. 1132, Drunk arrested 1 3-3. 310; tn 3::, Drunk tn charge of an autonio-tiie 13S. 31. 15::. not reported. Thelts 1923. 150: in 1923. 15. Breaches ot the O. T. A 1923, 51; tn 1922. 173. Of those arrested last ear. 990 were mates, and 113 females. Resident of Ottawa taken into custody were 871 while t&l Itved outside the city. There were 13 offenders over the ax of 71 yars, while there were under 16 arrested. Single Men Offend. The majority of thoea arrested were between the ages or 21 and 30 year. These tola J led 139. Single men ware the chief law breakers last year as 55 e ware taken into custody. Single prom en arrctd gumbapod. st. whtl . OS married hieo committed offences; 41 married women were law break are: ST widowers and nine widow com plete tha number of those srrwsled. The nationalities of offenders of the law were of nearly all the countries under the sun. Canadians led with 405. English born were si whils Irtish burn wers next with 48, while Scottish born numbered 33. The rest were distributed among every known nationality. The occupations of the offenders varied though laborers led with 436 arrested. The number arrested for driving automobiles at a high epeed was 349. Of these 148 were men. The snher offender was a married Woman. Thirty-four chauffeurs were brought before the court for breaches of the Motor Vehicle Act during the year. Breaches of the Ontario Temperance Act during the year numbered 301. There were 90 convictions. Of the offenders 58 were males and 11 were fenmles. I. SI Cases In Court, There were 199 allowed their freedom on suspended senlencs dur-lac the year. Of these 141 were convicted for indictable offences and 6S were convicted for non-iu-4ic table offences. During last year there were 1.819 cases, or approximstely five cases a day. beard In Police Court. There were 1,20s convictions registered: 14 committals for trial and 3sS dismissed or withdrawn. There wars l,i men arraigned and Its women The ti nan eta I report showed that the ezpenaiturea for the department during the year totalled 3211.099 78. or which 1178. 404.33 was for salaries. 8J4.4tS.46 was for maintenance, and $1S.17&.0 for repairs to the Police IStation. The expenditure of the department last year Was $18,448.18 Kreater than the previous year. Tha fact that the magistrate's salary and expenses or the Police Court are charged to the Pollc Department and repairs to the station sccount for the Increase ss in former yeara the expanses of the court were not charged to the police. The local police hava a splendid record for recovering stolen aulo-niobilee. Dast year 41 automobile Were stolen snd al wtrw recovered but one. The total tbIus of property stolen In Ottawa last year was Coatlawcd on Pag Two. Lost and Found Within a Few Hours lst articles In thl dy snd generation nearly always come back to their rightful owners, when the losa Is made known throoKh the lA-t and Foend column In h Journal Newspapers. QOLP KAB RI NO Long chsl n. gold ball attached, lost Saturday afternoon. Bank or Somerset csr. Please return JowroaL Reward. The above s-oall advertisement Inserted In ear iosl and Found column was the roeaaa of the gold earring being returned to Ita rightful owner wltkle a few hoars after tta first laeartfon under Lost snd round tn Tea Journal. Journal Want Ads demonstrate their usefulness dally. Write yoer requirements In a Journal Win Ad today and by tomorrow yon will probably have tha desired results. Call Queen 00 a competent staff at yonr service. S - -' I Chief of Police Boss fmy j mmm,mJ.I j j Mr. Alexander Rosa, rhlW n- stabto of the Ottawa Paltre Drpart- nent, hdow report today snowt a tendmrr to unprovvnrnt In the ob- erraaoQ of law and maintenance of LEAVES PICTURE TO HER HUSBAND WHO ENDED LIFE Mrs. Agnes Fullerton McFarlane West Bequeath $124261 Estate To Children. ADOPTED DAUGHTER AND SON TO BENEFIT The will of Mrs. Agnes Fuller McFarlane Wast. S4 3 Somerset street, who died on December 4. 1939. has been filed for prob:e in the Surrogate Court and ahow an estate of 8124.281.81. made u; of personalty to the amount of 113,-0(183. and reai:y. all In Ottawa, amounting to 1111.200. The beneficiaries are Miss Agnes Winntfred McFarlane. an adopted daughter, student at Ottawa Ladies ColleRe. and a aon, Charles Stanley McFarlane. residing at Apt. I, 404A Queen street east. Toronto. Anotntr bencllciary Is Joseph K. West, husband of deceased woman. Mr. West was remembered in the will In following paragraph: "Unto my husband. Joseph E. West. I will the picture of myself In the living rom and the parlor clock." Mr. Wcjt who was chief train des pate her or the C. P. R.. In Ottawa, died of sejf-)nfl:cied wounds from a re-voivf-r. in St. Lukes Hospital, a rew days after his wife's death. He hot himself in the abdomen at his homQ the day following Mrs. West's funeral. Guide DeagmVr. Another extraordinary feature of the will In addition to the exclusion of the ;ate Mr. West from any participation in the monetary value of the estate, is a clause defining under whit conditions Ajnes Winntfred McFarlane Is to participate In the estate. i The will specifira::y states that the adopted daughter ceaass to benefit In the estate should she marry a Roman Catholic or return to her natural parent a The clause reads: ' Atl the above bequests to Agnes Wiflnifred McFarlane. are hereby devised to her until such time as Continued on Page Two, MR. JUSTICE MALOUIN FOR SUPREME COURT Official announcement of the appointment of Mr. Justice Malouin. of the Superior Court of Quebec, to tha Supreme Court of Canada, tn succession to the late Hon. L. P. Brodeur. was made early this afternoon. The vacancy created on the Superior Court bench has been filled by the appointment ot Ernest Roy. K.C., of Quebec. PREP ABE GROUND FOR SOCIALISM tiONDOX. J.n. t John Hodg. (ho lborlt. who w MlnfaKer of Labor and P.naion. In th. Coalition Government. u!d a fatharlnr ot Iron and ateel manala la.t Tallin!' that thej were tha men who wera preparing tha around for 80-elaJWn, or which aaoat of Mam war. afri1. Tha great combine which mt halnr formed In this and other countries" ha aald. "are almDljr aa aTolatlonare pioteaa. and aa aooa aa tha at eel. iron and tin plat are all In one combine It wtll 1 to aocialixe It. Latest News, Sporting, and Market Close Today on Page 14. ISFNT PFRSflNAI I r Lhl ItK 10 IHt FRENCH LEADER British Prune Minister Lx presses Desire For Settlement of Points At Issue. COMPLETE ANGLO-FRENCH UNDERSTANDING URGED afeaSiaa rim aVIr. I.'iNUON. Jan. 30 Pr :in Minister Mac Donald recently an: a persi nI lettr to Premier IV. n-care :n which he expressed a desire j I for a settlement of the diffieuH'es j between Urrat Britain and France ana lor a Ang.o-tTenca understanding, and M. Polncsre replied ympthe:ica::y, according to statements printed this morning by the Dally Telegraph ar.j the Daily Kiprcr.. lj' this acticn the new hti the Britisli tlovernment picked the thread of Franco-British relations at the poJn: where ft was broken after the Interview between Mr. Baldwin snd Wemler Polncare In Pans last autumn, says the Dally Telegraph. It adds that the leUrr wts despatched tn accordance with the British ststeaman's sversion .o the traditional methoda of diplomacy and h j prr fere nee for more direct means f negotiations, letter IVwnk One. The lettrr, written as Mon as Mr. Maclkmald was insta4led in Down-ing btreet. wa delivered throug'i Lord Crfwf. the British smbssas-dor at Pane. It tnfrrmej M. Potn care that the nw Government had been organised. Raj s the newspapers, and remsrksa with perfe t Candor tht relat.ons between .h two countries, for several well understood reasons, had ceased to ha as friendly as formerly aod tht public opinion tn Orcat Britain viewed the Frencb policy with a certain dears of suspicion. beinz v w na t nervous adput what mi(n( nappen in e. a rope. WUUnsr to Go Half Way. The Prlm Minister then, accor:-ing to ths Daily Tetearraph. espre-ed a wlllingneas to meet IVtncmre half way tn an attempt to achieve a fins!, complet and dear settlement." He also voiced tha hope that the French Government. In the same con-iriatory Jpfrit. would be ready to discuea all outstanding Questions. M. Pomcare s answer, aswerts the newspaper, was awaited wah onif anxiety, lest the approach shou d not have been well received. Rut It seema that the answer wax sympathetic, givlnjt rise to a hope f. a better atmosphere for a discussion of troublesome iue between the two nations. The Dally Tegraph learns that the letters are likely to be published soon. CONSIDER BUILDING ON PROPERTY OWNED Government May Utilize Wel lington Street Land Bought. Having abandoned the pan of purchajttng the propertT at Sussei street and the Rideau River, owned by the Catineau Company and for-msriy owned bv tha W. C Edwsrda Company, the Dominion Govern ment., it ! stated, will shortly con-elder the erection of a departmental building on the property M owns along the Ottawa Hirer west. f Bank street. It la understood. ln fact, that it was in favor of the utilisation cf the property it already owns that the Government dropped the projected purchase of the Edwards property after its officials hadsp-nt aoms weeks estimating the valie and usefulness of the latter. Strong representations were mad? to the Government from tnflueatiai local sources to the effect that before large new properties were purchased, use should be made of the splendid site along; the Ottawa River owned by the Crown n -re lilt. It was vigorously sugges.ed to Premier King's: misusteni that if additional departmental bailens wsre to be erected there could be n Or-mors suitable location than that of the property west of Bank street. Following theaw representaUons. the Ed wards property deal was abandoned. WAS PROMINENT MINING CIRCLES COBALT. Jan. 10 f Special). R, B- Wstson. general manarer of tha Nlplaslns Mining Company and a prominent ftrure In mining circle since the early days of thin camp, died at his home here early tain morning. He had suffered from chronic rheumatism for some time past, and the and wj not unexpected. The late Mr. Watson, who was shoot ( years of age, was a aatlva of Ohio, snd tha body will be sent to his nstive stata tomorrow. His wtdow and a davrbter. Patricia, swrvtva. a brother. Coarlea. was drowned in the) wrack of tha Princess on the Jretfie coast sosne years ago. CANADIAN HOCKEY TEAM MAKE CLEAN SWEEPS IN THREE GAMES SWITZERLAND DEFEATED 33 TOO Two Contestants Hurt In Accident HAMnNIX. ,!;,. O'unt l,- la Krop.ilii-ri-, the Krenrh vhniinn. nd r.i! t;iin ,.f trie French entry m t fi . l mpic bobsled contests. l,r..k- an arm whUe pmctieiu this morning on 3 lightning fat chute, and a member of hi crew suffered a fractured skull. The aled sh"t over the ede at a turn, spilling tlie crew while at high speeil. COUNT IS ACOIillTED ! OF BIGAMY CHARGE! Judge Said He Was Guilty But! Jury Thought Different. rifALOV SIR PAONIJr France. Jan. 30. The Af5.ze i"urt has ac-quttre t Omint Frd:nand de Jouf-frry Oahas. former attache at the French embassy !n Rer'in. of s charge of bigamy. Count Oahbans a membsr of one of the most artocratio faroU-:es of France. He is a descendant "f M arqut? Jouff roy Dab bans, who first art'lid Cfam to ravigatlon. At the trial it was brought out thw: he bad mamd an English woman ritnf.l harlotte (iretiin, F't.'kejitone. England, m 1914. In 1919 he wedded s French heiress, Marte de Saint Innocent, although the first marrlasre was not dissolved by the court at D.jii until 1S33. The count contended that the first ilPf was only a lake .aweVthst no one ever considered tt vaild since the banns were not published .n PVance. The Judge sternly rebuked the defendant, asserting that he had played with the and was trebly guilty, on account of birth, education snd his association with the diplomatic service. HoWever. the jury was more hn-dnlsrent snd acquitted Count lb bans after five minutes' del: be ration. NORWEGIAN WINNER SKI MARATHON RACE CHAMON1X. Jan. J Thorlief ffaug. the Korwerlan skiing etsr. won the ski fhaxathon race in the Olympic winter sports todsy. Thirty-four ski marathon-, representing France. Latvia. Finland. Norway. Sweden, Jugo-Slavia. Italy. Switzerland. Cxer ho-Slovakia. Poland and Hungary, started at o'clock this morning on their Jaunt of fifty k lomeires. across the mountain psases snd valleys. The final curltnr match of the tourasment was sdvanced tn today's programme. Great Britain meeting France thie morning, in order to make the ainaller rink available for ekatlng. Tn weather continues Meal for winter sports, Tt was clear and cold . today. with ths temperature st 1 about aero fahrenhelt, st sunr.e i There waa virtually no wind .n tha skeltered valley, although rhe clouds of enow which were swept on from the surrounding peaks testify to the gsles blowing- above. Hani's time for the to kilometres was three hours. 4 minutes. Si sec-1 onqs. wnicn is consiaerea remara- able in view or the great encountered In the mountains. NEW TRAFFIC RULE FOR AUDITORIUM In the one-way traffic rule to he Inaugurated by the police in 'he vicinity of ths Anditorium tonight and on alT nights of big hockey matches. Deputy Chief Joseph G;'-hooly has made the following alterations: automobiles going to the rink mutt go In Argyle avenue end McLeSod street oy way of Bank street. Cars must be parked on the south aide of Argyl avenue and Catherine street from O'Connor o Elgin streets, and also on the west side of O'Connor street from Arjry svenue to Mcleod street, snd on tve sooth side of McLeod street from O'Connor to Bank treats. Automobile leaving parking areas will go out by way of Elgin street. Tat s bringing- passengers to the Au-1'-tori am snd not parklnji. will leave by way of Cathr1n street either by Bank or Elgin si roe is. CHICAGO GOLFERS SNOW BANKS ARE Players Were On Skates aod It Control His Stroke Very Well. CHICAGO. Jan 1. Jn.t aa Chic-1 Nina hole, vera chapped in lh .go golfer thought they had 4:e-j;ce coweied a near rartalr of tha Scotch came by plajrtflc roll on the Ice hlle ahod with akatea. ararin'rrrr well while atandlut on akataa. aather haa atopped the .port, While the lea waa available. Bob MaeiPonaJd. metropolitan open I champion, and Cnlck Erana. fa-tion moaa mmitemr. aided a jiunibcr ofrrcular folf-hock7 and rnmnf a plajera la trytna Arctic tolt. Team From Canada To Play Group One In Semi-Finals. ! OPPONENTS DID NOT SCORE GOAL Caslr. HA3JON1X. France. Jan. 30 di-fi-i . Switzerland In an hocke- match here today 'a-ds n.A-e.:mlniit.i- he dra i . when tht' h .s wun all three of matches. Her half U he idle until rrl-t.' inad'.ans w :11 nieet the arn finishing eecond in the h:r led by the t'nited States team :ii probably Great Britain. : -t Britain defeated Belgium, f -0 :o 3. in the second hockey game j tt-daj. .;:. Urtiatn s team Includes four ' former stars. 1 Th United State team defeat I France hy a scora of 13 tu 0. j I A ffrsiswllosisl Bwearp. I 1 v. 11 aui a awau uiruuin soup tWo has been sensations L the scores in each of the three games testifying to the overwhelming superiority of the ptsyers from the Dominion. lti three games n as many days the Canad ans have amassed a total of Sfr goals and have yet to allow the puck to pass the Canadian goal line. The games and scores to date follow : Monday Canada. Zn . Csecho-31ovkia. 0. Tuesday Canada. 23, Sweden. 0. Wednesday Canada. 13: Switzerland. 0. Break Kormcr Record. The Canadians are breaking the record they made tn the 1910 Olympic games. In these games Canada eWested Cscbo-aiovakia 11 to t In the Brat at the elimination Wriea In tha semi-finals the Canadians won from the I'nited Slates to s, snd In theirtnals defeated Sweden for the championship. 11 to 1. It waa Jual a case of going through the motions for the Canadians- The score might hava been a hundred to nothing, it seemed. hsd the victor devoted their energise to scoring Instead of bending all their efforts towsrd putting the finishing touches on their combination work, experimenting with fancy methods of stick handling. ami triAAiln frnm itlmeiill anarlwa ! Canada scored goals in the first period: eleven in the second, and fourteen in the third. The Csnadisn wings, Watson and McCasTery. were the most prolific scorers, bat every member of the leant with the exception of Cameron dented the Swiss net. Cameron, nearly froten from h i enforced Idleness between the Canadian posts, took short excursions down the Ice to get his blood ln circulation. Sa vole, the Swiss goal keeper, was peppered with bullt-tike shots throughout the three periods today. On coming off the Ice be said with e grim emit h would about as soon face a machine gun as a hot one off Watson. Munro or McCaffery. Uae-ti of Team. The Canadians Un-un at the tart of today s game we: Jack Cameron. Ottawa, goal: Beat tie Ramsay. Toronto, defence: Duncan Munro. Toronto, defence (captain): A. J. M cCs ft er". Toron to. r Ig h t win;: Harry E. Watson. Toronto, left wing; Re. ("Hooley") Smith. Toronto, centre. Having defeated all their op ponents In SecUon A." the Caai- dlan tea wMl meet th winner of Cotutaaed oa Pag 14. BRITAIN WINS IN CURLING FINALS CHAMONIX. Jan. 10 Britain der-ated Franc today. t to 4, in the fins Is of the curling competition, thereby winning the Olympic championship Sweden was second and France third. MEIGHEN BEGINS SPEECH IN FRENCH QUEBEC. Jan. Jo Hon. Arthur Meighen. former Premier of the Do minion, yesterda visited the city of Quebsc for the Hret time since the Conservative party went out of power ln Ottawa and spent a busy lay. paying calls on various dlgn.tar-! and officials In the evening he addressed an sudienc of nearfy four thousand at the drill hall, prefacing hi address in French, which netted him a loud burst of applause. PLAY GAME ON ICE USED AS HAZARDS Was Found That Golfer Could ot a pond and mow baaka areru uae4 aa haaarda It araa found that tne soUer eoald control hie atroka land tha trip after te ball waa a j akatlnc aprtnt. With tha return of fng-.d condl. U la planned to work out a tournameai. Capt. W. Haney, M.L.A. I i 1 iVVi.'wSB t Capt. Wlirn-ti Haney, nwrnrM-r fori ttfaj lanihum. ulm will setYmd tlie arldrf rrmi the throne at I he iweilna of tlie lntarti leirtaUiturc, wlil'fi upens mi 1 Vbruary 6. GIRL RECOVERS SIGHT AFTER THREE YEARS Hearing Also Restored To Chip-pawa Falls Student. TolfiNTO. Ja'i 3" Th an-! I.::ip:re h..?i ihe f"llv : pa t'h fr-tm Milwaukee: Ma : da.- I W: ie:t. H old t'h i'pn fghtren rtu.Wnl a! the Mind, iv li j h.. 1 darknetin and ne .'f hearing. as learn d to- etafe rli .. fn live J ihre 5 e f our h nut Her 1 an sr - a i.t hei r da 1 h.s g..-:. who puzzlei r h- soien re: ed w nrld-w her !.;. ty to fingerg ani "sec" ot smell, lias a method of the u of 1 f --r t ij yeat - has I!c world and re-1e fame through 'har ' with her thruah her aense these un- w 1 1 h the recovery hei faculties, the lows of which csufltnl their substitution. The girl gives 1 redlt for her re stored s.ght and hearing to tht work of a Christian Science prat'-t tioner at Cluppawa Kalis WILL HAVE A DOUBLE FINANCIAL INTERESTS NKW YORK. Jan. 3'. Luis Klrpo will have a douh ftnanriai, interest in nia nxjnt nn tiarry Wills next July, itesldes his f0.-090 futrttnteti with a prUilege of 25 p-r cent, of Che net receipts, he also will have an interest In thj special sunken stadium which Is to b constructed by a newly formed syndicate with which the Argentine ha cast his 'ot. A Rrouo f wealthy men, whose identiCe hsve not been revealed, are back of the syndicate. Options already are held on hslf a dosen sites ln New York. New Jersey, snd Connecticut, the niot favorable to be decided upon later. Construct! of rom-rete. the stadium will havo a seating cspacity of 12&.000. nan already have been drawn snd spproved The cost Is expected to be less thau would be equlred to construct s s!ntilsr structure of wood above the ground. In addition, dinger from collspse or fire wllj be eliminated. The "Despised." To th Editor of The Journal. 8ir: I do feel that 1 must write, thanking you for your admirable, defence of the Civil tServi. e In tonight's Johrnat. f am a Civil Servant of twenty years utand.'r.K I have worked hard and conwlen-tioualy my hours, diy In and day out. have been much longer than ths official soheduli. I have had Some promotion end some recognition from my chiefs, but I am quite sure if I had worked aa hard snd conscientiously ii any commercial or professional po-'Mon my present business Income wauid be much larger than my presvnt Civil Service a!rv. snd I would have had recognition, financial and otherwise, heald which the recognition I have received In the Civil Service looka Mfc. A Oovern en: position was attractive to n e at the outset like the winning of a novlra cam bier, and when I reailse. that I would he better off "outside." I hsd a wife snd a young family snd I wa afraid to !et go of a whe anchor. Would to heaven I had be fired from the Service then. I don't know w he 'her you fully appreciate how welcome is The Journal's art!-'e to men situated Ilka myself, to men who have been sub Jected to the mieMeM of malicious and careless calumny by the envious and the Ignorant. In the twenty yearA of my iervlce I have seen million literally wasted for pollaVaL purple: there is not a Civil Servant of standing today who has not under insirtictions at om time been party l not only rank ejtravairace but also to what he knew to be almost criminal squandering of pub Mi moneys. Yon will no.!' I do not acquit or condemn one set of politicians more than another. I can give you my name only tn confidence for obvlou reasons, but X am sure 1 voice the feelings of every C vtl Servant in what I have I said snd when I thank The Journal! for Ita prompt defence and for Its correct understanding of the Civil , Sarvlc ONE r THE DKSPISCXJ. Ottawa. Jan. 21, 124, Prince Viggo of Denmark To Attend Wedding of His Brother In Ottawa He Reached New York Today and Will Be lendcred a Reception by the Young Lady He Was Reported Engaged To In That Cif. aerial to The Jetirnal. NLW Voitk. Ja:i. 30 Prlnct Vigg-.i. of I-f inn.' : k. who :s coming to attei d tha niarrlago at Ottawa on Feb; .try II, of Mitn Lo;- Uooth. daughivr f Mr. and Mrs J. Fred Bouih. to - s brother. Prince Erik, is a pa-" on the White Star liner Maje?.:, wh:th arrived today. Miss H . nd her royal nance were in Nt.v York three weeks ago while she vn -electing her '.roua-seau. At th.i: n.e M'.m llooth was much in the t-im;-sny of Miss Eleanor M. Green, dtusr-er ot Dr. James RUSSIA IN FULL Prediction Is Made Hut It Will Deckrttion By U. S. Steel Cor-Take Place In Ten Days. ' poration Came As a Com 4 asatlaa rras r Direr Wire. I-ON'DON'. Jan. 30. Full liplomatic recognition of Soviet Hussia by the British Govenj- ment in expected within ten jdaya, according to political ob- servers convemant with the j Labor Government aiotentiong. rhesr oh.srere say Premier MacDonuld i anxious to have recognition an accomplished fact beforu Parliament meets on Febrnarv Y2. NORWAY TAKES LEAD IN WINTER SPORTS Finland In Points Olympic Games. At (HAMONIX. Jan. I. Norway today displaced Finland for th lead In the Olympic winter sports competition here. Taking the Orel four pise in th ski marathon of 50 kilometres the Norwegians gained 23 points and brought their total to 71 1-2. while Finland remained st CT I--. The I'nited fltstea retains third place with 19 points. Great Britain moves to fourth place with 14 points, her total being swelled by her victory in the curling1 competition, which carried with It ! points. I France la fifth with 11; Switzerland and Austria are tied for sixth. with lo points each; Sweden le seventh, with : Czech o-81ovak la eixhth. with 3. and Canada, ninth. with 1. The grand total of points for ths nine events la Sit instead of 22(. since three war cancelled In the militsry skiing and six in the cur ling. MILLION HOMES NOT IN FIT SHAPE l.ONr0'. Jan. . Hcr I.SOO.OM boiawa tn KncUnd an not At to lire tn. Tnia la tna ronrtuaion o tton National Hona- Inc OtanrlL which haa Inqaiied Into the nattier. The eonmal cXImatra that S.SOO.M honera oarht to ha bwllt In tbc neat M jrmrm In ICn(laad and that nrrr aoo.ooe new hovaea are irqmlrrd In Si-otUnl. HOW THE PARTIES WILL BE SEATED TO K ONTO. Jan. 10 Accordini' to tentative seating arrangements for the coming session of the leegta-:ature. the U. F. O. group, which Premier Ferguson ba announced is not to be recognised as the "official- Opposition, will occupy the central section of the benches to the ft of the tipetker. The Libers.-, nnder W. C, N. Sinclair. K. C-. :i: retsln their old place In ofnV!: Opposition, sod the t.ers of es: fn :he section farthest from the Speuker. on the Opr-nitlon side, will be taken by the Conservative overflow. SHIP MOVEMENTS. Arr.ved Majestic. New Tor. January 10. from Cherbourg; Cam-eroma. New York, January 10. Glasgow failed Asia. Naple. January ? V from Piraeus for Halifax and New York MELBOURNE. Jan. 2. Arrived: Canadian cruiser, Montreal. SYDNEY. N 8 W. Jan. 27. Arrived: Trefusi. Montreal, via Newport News. YOKOHAMA. Jan. 1. Arrived: British Monarch, Victoria, B C. Melwu M.iru. Vancouver for Kobe. CEKNSTOWN. Jan. J. Arrived: Benvorlych. Vancouver. EAST IiNDON, Jsn. 1. Arrived: Cochrane. St. John, N B. C VRMVAL ItlfSHT l the Auditorium Friday. February 1. l ift p m. baxrai of Xasa , ' , whoss en-c -Kai'j was re u; : i sane tic pe:. h-icen last De- ai',irnt royal t,nr:a:'.an. Th sff: i3 evident of K.r-s Authority, t:rphi: ca'-.y denied hy Mlns G.-eer s t An irLteres'.tr.j ft Vltjo'i via: !- N has a:ouel :n:.. mg out t.-ay hy her re of Prtnca York, which :s the send- Green of Invitation a ';";on to tn prln-e on r r: of h-r avenue. v af:e-njon at th ht-r. 1 i Islington EXTRA DIVIDEND OF FIFTY CENTS CAUSED FLURRY plete Surprise. WILD SOJCsInTHE NEW YORK EXCHANGE Ca41aN Fi i sr NEW YORIC Jam. 1. One of tne wildest stock market sessions in recent years took tolao thl morsJsf when thousand of buying order poured onto the ftoor of the x chsnge as a result of th declaration of aa extra dividend of ( eotm on h common tOGjc of th United State Steel Corteora&ion. ls Ittal galna of active ranglnc from on to sis points. Tut first sale of U it. 8rt oons-mon. which was not rimrflal far several aalMte boan of sva oumMlatton of orders, waa snare at iev. or I i- soove day s close Caswe si Wall street was taken completSQf ' by surpns by the declaration of the) extra dividend and th substantial Increase in th arning of tta Steel Corporation for the last quarter of 192S. Professional beer trdr wh hsd been selling stocks fraary oo the ejfpectsssoo of purchasing rhean substantially lower in th expectad Februsry reaction, hastened to recover their conmumentj. FosurM to Get Sttare. When the opening gong sounded th tl poet eras surrounded by scores of wildly shouting and ges ticulatJnr brokers. It was nearly 19 minute after trading began be for an open Ins; price oonld b decided upon. Th first block of stel st lo waa followed by a block of l.S0 at lot S-4. Upwards of ll.Nl shares of steel changed hand ln the first half hour. THE WEATHER MrNM -THE ueATHCC BOReajJ SAYS Yfeo. AeeeVBco-r- tN"to fir Dominion XetMrolocU 8r- vio, Toronto, Jazl 30. Westerly winds, cloudy and rnild. ThtxisdAy Northwest winds. fair with a utile lower tempera ture. Pressure remains h g over the United States and re'stifiy low in Canada. The west her is mild and for the nw: part cloudy through out the lMtn:n:on. Light rain has fallen in Sou? he n Ontario. Teaspci-wtwrv. Lowest H'g 't Daring f s m Teed y. Nix tit Prince Itiipar. ..... 49 Victoria 44 is Kairloopi 4 14 Calgary . I Jt Kdmsaton -4 4- is Trlaca Albert .. .. .- S IS Wlaalivg : 3 " Stult S'. Wane . . 2 U 22 Toronto is li 24 Kin-tn ... .. .. 7 Ottawa ......... m ia 1 Montreal ....... Ji - xe Quebec - " St. Joh. Jf-B. tt Mallfaa SI t 9V 8t. Joha-a. Sfla. ... 2 ZS 14 . Detreft ew . New York 4 The otinil xuntiard t he rmto suet er at aooa ttaitar4 41 deaiesa O. ti trai aa m

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