The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 14, 1952
Page 6
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3KWN BLYTHEVILLP; (ARK.) COURIER NEWS I X f fcM« / Itfnl CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION r«t* jur Hn» For Itfnlmum chare* We 1 tlm« per line lie I tiroes per Linn per day .....•*... 12c ] tlm*a per Una prr day .,,,.,,,.- *c * times per lino per d*y Jc 12 ilmt* ped Una pet day Ic Month per llns Me Count HT* AieriiRe word! to the line JLd ordered for three or sii time* B.nd •tupped before expiration will he cluri- id for tha number of times the ful ipptkrtd cud adjustment, of bill muds All etn*lflfrt advertising copy submit -..,• eliy must be accompanied by jLkl*s m*,jr cs-Lly fc* computed froci kh* alxjr* table Adterililng ordered lor IrreKiilat Iti- •*rtions tafc« lh« one lime Uble No responsibility will hn taken for niorr Ih«n one Incorrect Insertion of any clftiilMed Bd. AH ads are rr*tt!ct«l to their proper claE>lflc,ii!on, style and tyjie. The Courier News rc-smcs the right to edit or reject any *rt. /or Rent Sare Money When You Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARHISON & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 W. Ash Ph. 2552 8-2 ck tf TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. Ill W Wiliut Pkong MM Plenty of Parking Space Fill Dirt Ph 63fi3 3;15 jik 4 15 TELEVISION RCA VICTOR Expert Institution tier vice. Day Amusement Co. Ph. 4170, Highway 6] .','orrb 3 rin. Turn, apt, 606 N. 5th. O.-iH Kill a between 5 and 9 p.m. 4 k U pk 21 3 room furnished npt., electric, private bath. Nice location. . rtf Ph. 36$5. . 4.12 ck 16 _ _'_ D. ft P.I. No. 15 tons, dc'llntcd, urnicd. RT ilnailon fit to KK per r<;nt , ton. J R. GATHlNns. tli 2 rm. iurn. «pt., 119 __ - m. ] 3 loom apt,, private bath, iipslnlrs, furnished. 119 W. Ash. V8 pV. 15 2 room Turn. apt,, tifjt K'ftter. rrlpl- dEiIre. Reasonable. Couple only 1001 Wish St., ph. 2919. 4:a pk 4 15 and 3 room npts. xinfurn. Wired tor electric st Light housekeeping room. Ph. 2020. ^HO pX IS \iri7ur. opt, Fh. 2350 or 60Rfi. Unlur. apt., p%t. h. 3348 or 2787 bath. TOO Cherrj*. -J;3-pfc 17 2 room fnrnljshort apt-, private, hath. 816 Lnfce. Ph. 2-106. 4 ; D pk 4,16 3 rooin *t < room npts. lor rent. Call M12. C Abraham. 6 ck tl Modern 4365. 2 room lur apt Ph. 2535 or 2il4 CK II Uodern apt. 3 roomi «nd bulh. new- tr dicoTMed, gond (utnlt\iri. gas equip- •ami. Ph. 3373. F Simon. 8]2l ck tf Small Apartments, furnish- Mixed New nntl U.icrL n,^- KAIt.MKR.S SOmKAN CORP N DrfiartwRy. niytlipvlllo. I'll- fllll 3 20 r* 4 2( Seed • soybeans, Dorlclisoy No. 2. Only 1 year from Breeder's slock. Subject to certification. Only a limited supply. Ph. 2M2. (U Implo- meiit Co. 3'3t c k tf w&. '47 STUDIO USED CARS $3951 '51 FORI) S15D5! fiave money now 6n this 1^47 SturttbakM- IM-Ton Trurlc. ira« i flnt fad. Barjralii praced at Phillips. M8 FORD A beautiful running 8-ryllnclrr rlrkup. It'll fljye you lots nf dependable service. Radio, heater. '•)(• P'OUI) S5<)',! A nlre truck—a nice value, Tlih !i-Ton Fnrcl Pfrkiip Is an all-round Quality (ruck. New pnlTit, heater. A car you'll h* proud io own. ShlnitncrlnR Alpine blue Tudor 'Sedan- Rartio, heater *- cjllndor deluxe. '50 FORD $1295! Hero's a lot of cur for the mom.y. This nice performing I'nnl Tudor Scrlan Is our custom model. Riiillo, hcnCcr. '50 S'rUDK ... Im:iRlMP—only 10,001) miles: t\n atlrnrllve navy Itliie color, this Kdulrhrtkcr riiampirm has heater anil seal covers. 300 Broadway Phone 4453 1 Vlklnc rcRptntiir t >° 31 1 V2 HP Cninprrsr.or 1 14-font nir.Ti rn.Ti 1 2 3/1 HP romprcsjors 1 n-foot KID *clf-scrvlce ra.i a 2 mrsu hlnrk.i 1 llf>h(\rt filiror 1 rnc-ai crlndrr .1 rcr-Krlsp vn-rtubla rtvcka 1 Bfruk mnlffr 1 Bvfi wnlk-ln rnoler 1 snip 1 19M> rnotlp) ; l o ton OMO truck Contnct Moivin Hilsell M HalsMl /; White Fiirnllure Co.. Or Phone- f>096, 3;22 tf FPFCIAT, PAT NT BALE , "" ' . ' ™ «nllon». nssorlrn rotors. CO. J8 H'l per Week. BcdrOOniS Olom« ,t OnrUm Colors ror 1551) tx i.« «;«™l n 11,1 \\fn~t AM* WA te r tlllnnccl .Intrrlor MM pilnt. M $4 up single. 114 u est Asn,lrn!or K ™<- <*„, „,,„,* .-» — , ~~n«,. Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf Auto Supplies and Services s lonR n.s jirrspnl supply lasts MARTIN TRENKr.E. INC., Air RRSff, tclft- hone 3B53. niytllCvlllc, AT*. 45 c)c ^5 Doa't with in^er your rnmlly Hy tires— BUT L8K TIHJ55. CHAPMAN SEIWJC1 STATION Main »nd Dillon Phonp 25S3 n;i3 ck tl Service* LAWNMOWERS W« sharpen and repair nil type mowers. Also new & used power mowers. AH kinds mower parts. Also pow. er mower* for rent. Westbrook Afachinc Shop Across from Kroger Store -T4 rt ir _ _ N>ed your rntllo rcpRlrrcl? Call lied Walton. DLsjiblrvt TCtcrnn rppnlrs radio Rt home. Reasonable prlrei Ph 8318. 41 k 51 For movlns find local hauling, call 6529. W. W. BrcXhnrr.. 117 Rose. 320 pk C39 (Irrcd Re.isonnhlp. H05 3 25 pk 4 25 Curlnln W. Ash. Curtains liumrtrrrrt nml Mretchrd. Mrs. J E. t,awrenre. Ph, 6250. 325 pk 425 TELEVISION REPAIR All maVes A: models at rensonable prices. Day Amusement Co. Ph. 4410. Highway 65 North 3,21 cV 421 T repair any msKe Or model washing machine 2 blocks west of Dixie p[g, on 8th St.. bv new xrhrwil Herbert Grnhnm. Ph 6738. 3 7 pk 57 20 MTNUTB PHOTOSTATFC SKBV- IC3K. O'STEEN'S STUDIO-US W MAIN 12;4 Ck tf Watch and Jewelry Repair done aj ^trrlct- on JfTcrJry— 7 rt^tr* on os unrt clorks Giinrnnteod work bj expert repairmen Lowest AT o ; BRYANT Main & Second For patntlnc nnd papering ry \Vhc5l and Koy Frcrinau r.^ll Har- Wr mprc- For 5o/e, 27 hojirt or prcFf 1 for sttlp F ( Potts. Stpple. Mo., ph, 2MR. 4 12 pk 13 Small store, poorf lors-ttcr, Ph 4^07 4 12"p',t 19 Torlle sftTrmlS], a fs-jTs. Quick • $450. O-3- HolHson. ph, 3303 49 ph Good mil! wood at all tlmrs. South enrt 21st St 49 nfe ; GOSLINGS FOR SAT7E~ R^IEC your cwn rotton rhnnppr,-. II £0 each In lots or 50 or more !l 60 each, less th^n £0 IMMEDIATE DELIVERY HUGH \V. AI.LEX OJ.-TOU, Ark Pll. 455 t 471 45 pX 5 5 C E R TIFI EDlDORTCf5~No72 Blue TUB crf.r ,e f tl hfani. Plant Bo^rct approved. C. L. \VYLI?: Promtffd Lanfl FArm Or Phone 2625. Blythevlllf SEKD fiEANS— Dortrh No. 2. 37% erntlnntion J4 hvisbc] ORtlen's. 93 r ' 0 ermln^tlon. 13.15 bushel. U.S. lUink- nshlp. Dell, ph. 2492. 3:27 p* 4,27 Tomnto Plnnta, 3 vftiletJcs. Cold FYiune plnnt-ii 15c flo?,-, 5100 hundred W. P. Simrp. Lone Oak Ro.ttl Vt nil IS lliwny wc.u. r* pk si 10 ft, meat dLipJny ess*. Ph 21!)J 'dl- 320 ck tr Perfection Tnhle Top rook store. Perfect condition. 140,00. Ph. 631D. 4.4 ph 5;4 Steel prodiiclion in the first /our months of 1951 in tre United States WRS 3-4.5 million tons, a new record- Modern 5-room nnrl hath on North 6th St.. i nlrvcic rrnrn Central Ward School LHrge fencer! In bacX- nrd. outdoor atorapp Jl.^00 cash, bal- nee 4% Joan Rt 110 per month. In- lading InAtxrnncfl nnd tnxci. Modern 3-hfdroom with 2 baths. Jn 1000 block on Ash Street. Larf*e Jot. 2- gfiTRR*. Immediate poBses.slnn. Price J.14.000. 3-bcftroom bomo in Country Club Drive Addition. It's yncnnt—you'll like It. Good condition. H.OOO to 11,850 cash will hnnrtlo, .Bnlnnco $S1.50 per month. See or call JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. 2nd. Phone 4111 Residence Phone 25flfl 1950 "A" John Derro with equlprnpat 19-17 "A" John Deere \vllh en.uLpm-.-nt. F. L. Regan Gin Co., Ph. 2fi3l or-Jls,l. 8 pk 15 Dortch No. 2 seed Irolhpis, ph. 6564. * cln?;ip. J L. Arttim Schnff npilglit ptjvno. nln. |125. M K 25G0. j; bnr- pX 15 VERY CHEAP, all mate rial in house at ;ilO \V. \VaIunt is yours fur Hie taUiiiK. Tvvu- story brick home. Must be toni down n n tl everything hauled away. Satisfactory bond will lie required for completion of contract. Sullivan- Nelson Chevrolet Co., Ph. 'J578. JI13 ck 15 lyrtrnns. Rpr) Tae Dortrhsoy No. 2 — ... -. Bhl? Tne Osilrn R5 1 ", ecrmlnd- tlon. M. J. Osborne. ph. 2656 4;il pk 25 iJirgc row, six shoiits. V.'. W, ShRver. 5. Hlphwny 6\. Ph. 2153. 4'11 ck 4!15 FOR SALE D & PL 15 COTTONSEED MACH1NIC DKUNTKD I'K'KKSAN TKKA'l'KD IN NKW 100 LH BAGS WHY housp t)y repainting, 'haa- walk pr.ppr and- things done? nm down nerds rfed floors, flirty ds iv loi o! little $350.00 DOWN vlll buy one of severs) 2-bp<lroorn loitii-.s \ve Imve tlint ImvB brcn pnlntod ami rleancil hislde nnd out Rml cnm- plrtoli' rrcottflltlonrfl. Monthlv payments, Inrhminjc tn^cs ftnd In^'irnncc .-III run between 4-10,00 and M2.00 with °E.'"M. TERRY Terry Abstract .t HcRHy Co rhono 2381-2134 t S ck 19 Reoi"lSTATE~ •Farms—City Property LOANS If inirrrv^.l in nnjinr or KeUIng BC«" Noble Gill Agency INSURANCE Glcncoe Blrlg. Ph. GS68 Insurance SEE OUR NEW 4-ROW LIFT-TYPE PLANTER Jack Robinson Implement Co. Arkansas — Phone 2371 Private Rooms Bedroom, ronvnlenl to hath, steam heat, 611 W, Main. 1'h, 3325. 4;iO ck s;iO Two Iarj*o double hrdrnoms, K14 Hunni. formerly 3)0 W. Wft)n»l. ATrs. Nelnon 47 pk 4.15 Bedroom wllh prlvAte hath, ph 0671 5r 2933. < i pic 5-1 Large, comfortable bedroom, newly cterornted. kitehpij privileges. Business women. Ph. 251*. 4'5 pit 19 Female Hefp Wanted Women In Blytheville and snrrounctJni: co nun unities wlio 'A-atH jjArt tl'ne T-ork If you have vise of « car am) R tele-phone find ran wor>: Rt, Icnsl to'ir afternoons or even lues a wrck. C\H K17 or write P O. Bos 704. 48 pX 15 WmnttJ Lost ond found $250 reward for finding my diamond ring. F. G. Gipson. Call 32G2, 3423 or 4464, Glencoe Hotel. n ck tf Buiin»t( OjijMrf unitief S-l-O monthly epare lime, \Ve \viU fttuiwi n reliable person from thU an-a io rrrni and colleci -noney lro;n a new.- nu'rchandlslng rnnjtuai- No soiling, to qtiatlfy Rpphcant most haw car and £600 worklniE c.^plt.H. EJsthl hoiirs weekly will n«i iW.1 monthly u-lth possibility »f tftklnx ov-r fvill for fnlervtpv,- writ*; ;;witi;; f.ill ulrtrs, nfijne. a( n«e ninJ number. United Distributors, Thorv's plenty ol money In Pnrturfth, Kv. and the towns nparhy. O\ir iiirn Rvrrn^e $00.00 pr*r week. Would you JIXe io wof^ f» thai s^ctJon? Trnns- portniloii fnrntshoil If you ran qualify. Write Paul Staples. 501 Altinnn, Joneshoro, Ark. Give telephone number. 4'12 c n 18 Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 124 W Ash St. OUMCOI HOTSL BUILDING ' Notice LEAVING FOR WEST COAST 14 ft van trunk leaving for Wc*t Const In tivo weeks. Will take toad, Krmab]& con tnci 8223 or 3.1(57 us n RS possible. 49 plt !6 TELEVISION REPAIR rU:e* mflXe ' S ^ mndcls - «* reasonable Day Amusement Co. Ph. 4470, Highway 61 North S 21 cfc ('21 Wonted itua] Ins. Co. will spject nn !I th<>1r finto nnrt oihcr ca?- ^nrp in the niythpvin e ter- nory. Must ho responsible, honest iv rqtmlntrrl with are^ For Lntrrvlf-w Tl/e, S, P. Enrfnsen, 201 S. 7th Columbia, Mo. 4,m pfc Ia For Rent room hath Lar^e ^crrf back porch. GnTnge. 1H IjiKe. Ph. ^ Apply 5ia Ij*ke -IS ph; »i30 ck NLre home, stock nnd all rmrjiojuc f^Trn. ^20 acres fenced., cross fencrd One nir<- 6-roorn hnnftp. nne 7-rooni hmiae, larce hnrn. other hiillcllriRS. Flf-nty wnti-r. electricity, school, mall. bn^ route Nrar r?)rai{onld on Rood rc.nrt Prlrf |^2 per nrrc for quick cMe. Ocvorl 6-tooin hnnv nncl 10 Hcrc.i eo<"t lutirl in ParaKooJrt. One t^-o strcrts Price i(!.5(X) J. C. CHATIN M^nlln, Arlt room furnished home and hat^ N. 6th St.. ph. 43^9. 4 ! 1I ck 4 15 5 room fur. hmise. Q room »11 fur. iiRp, Ph. 3331, Lontile Boyclston. _ room house, furnished. Klrctrie Kitchen, bath. Ph, 42,'i5. 4'11 cX: 416 Concrete Hlock Bulldln?. snltAble for \rape or store *nd «djolnlng 5 room mis* with hath [.oratrti In CUTTB on filfrhwny ft]. xmilh aids o( Holland, Mo Call -H(V| nr -wrSta Paul By rum fmjilc- ^t Cn IJ22 ck tf NOTICE OF SALE OF OHSOLKTK PR HY THK STATE OF ARKANSAS The Arkfuusns State Hfghwny Commission will receive sealed tricls for. the sale or obsolete property consisting of (he following. Mfcts will be received at the Office of the Purchasing A?cnt, New Highway Building. Little Rock. Ark"«- sas. until 10:C<J A.M.. April 21. 19r>2. at which time they ivlU be publicly opened and read: 1—Frame Building, size 12" x 24', formerly used as a Weight Station I—Toilet 1—Lavatory 1—Shallow-Well Pump i—3 x 10 Fairbanks-Morse scale In place 1—3 x 10 Fairbanks-Morse scale with .some part.s missing. All this property will be sold as Is, where is, with the bnyer Ing to remove frcm Highway Department property within ten (10> clays after date of confirmation sale and to also derm up and remove all rubbish and debris left by such removal. The obsolete property Is locate.* on U.S. Highway No. 61 north o: Blytheville. Ark n lisas, n^ar the Ar- ^ansa.s-Missouri State Line and adjacent to the new Weight Station Inspection may be made at time. Full payment of bid price is ro he made t« the Arkansas State Highway Commission. New High way Building, Little Rock. Arkansas, before the property Is removed. The Arkansas State Hlchway Com miss ion reserves the right t reject any or nil biti.s. ARKANSAS STATE HIGHWAY COMMISSION James H. Grain. Vice-Chairmat E. s. Dudley, Purchasing nd apnrtment. Ph 3118 p* f IR Ilrnt n Shptlnm Oy thp dny, u-ffk Dowrll. ph 3706. pony lor your child r»r month John Mc•13 pk 53 •5453 before 6 p.m lols for rfnt on 45 s 130 fppl. . 4 9 p*t IF (lew 4-rwim hoii^ps (or rent- Enc has haih nn<j .-itv water. W. M. ntirn RltOT. rih 3-fiI. -4 n C'K 1 room hou A*h. ph. A room hoi trr hr-atcr nd bnth. Inquire IP- 4 13 pk ' SVEST RI<UE TAGr Wllh Ini JIKKTS ALL KKQL'iKKMKNTS KXCKPT 2 to 5 PKK CENT BELOW or; KM i NATION. $125.00 per ton f.o.b, Ely the- j ville Warehouse. CONTACT F. P, JACOBS, JR. OSCEOT.A — PHONE 822M-1 •112 ck 10 KENTUCKY STO^K prnvrmpntji Vt rertnanf c Rnttgerlng. RCA! tor 3 n r»b. . \1 room notur, «rK>d locution ncio.*." from hL;b schon] nivldcd into 3 npAtl- niDilA. r,ir!t wish electric kltchrn Two • room txpartmentP. one 6-room n[>.-\rt- nit fully furnished Fo Help Wanted, Male satisfied with ymir 19M onrnluv;o' j( not. M\(! IT you have tnrm or s.^ir.« biM-kiacumd. am! would b*- Mlllntr to work romrs In Ark^tis^^ «:(•- I.ii;her Plrr^-r, 11? E^t V1i:c> BJvth"- vlllr. AvX . tor further rtrtaU<s. Mift luivc » pnivfrf-.*blc cur. Knlarv romsnl.s- one uho qMAltticv 4H pX 17 FAUM LOANS YOU Can Pay ^NY AMOUNT V% T «» ^-ANYTIME from form incoma wilhouf penalty 71tit Printout FARM INCOME PRIVILEGE f* writ ten into your note wften > p nn hnrc. rr./oon/rofn TERRY Abstract & Realty Co. 2i:{ Walnut Phone 23S1 Loans of All Kinds '.O. Bo« 511. 16 Wanted to Buy WAITED; We pay top lirt^TTo r i oyneans, soybean splits, shelled corn ! oats, wheat and barley Get our prlc hefore you • Kell FARMERS SOYBEAN C?ORP M. Broadway, BlythevllJe. Ph. 81Q1 3.20 Ck 4 20 i W« will pi T CASH for your olri Kodaks, camera* and Jen*» for parts . O'STEKNS STUDIO. 115 WSST Main ! NOTICE Notice fe hereby given that tho .inriersigned has filed with the Department, 'of. Alcoholic Beverage Control 0! the State of Arknn.sfl.s for a permit to sell nnd beer it retail en the premises described as: 208 E. Hale, Osceola, Mississippi County, The undersigned states that she Ls a citizen of Arkansas, of ^ood moral character, that she has never been convicted of a folotiy or other crime involving mural turpitude; that, no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within live yeans past; and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, or any other state, relative to the sate of alcoholic liquors. Application J,s for permit, to be issued for operation be/rinning on the 1st day of July, 1952, and to expire en the 30th day of Jhne, 1953. Bettye Nelle Starr Subsiribf-rl and .sworn to before me this 12 day of April, 1952. Elizabeth .\fason, Notary Public My Commission expires; •4-26-54. NOTICE IX THE PROBATE COURT. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, CHK.:KASA\VBA DISTRICT, ARKANSA Estate of A. J. Abernathy, deceased. Last known address; 701 South Ijike St., Blytheville. Arkansas. Dal« of death: March 28. 1952. The unr!(>r<;ipned has been ap- pointtd Administrator of the above named decedent. An Instrument dated April 22. Guaranteed Watch Repair o':;, $3.50 Tour watch In dK«M«mbIfd, 1 rleincd, pirols poll.shed and | I hair spring* adj««ted. 3 Day Service Thompson Credit Jeweler I Next door t» Wade Farnltmre I IriHrnMlonal bus. oq,il r rrt for hunt- In J fz flshlnn. Will make year utoiiurt p. Cnntact E. n. DlcKon. Fh. "- 4 ' 4 P" 17 Domestic raT]blt<:. Fryers. dr<?s*e<5, rraciy to rooX. Also breedlnq- FtocX Ph Jim ROiCMm. 2CC4 3 20 cK 4'20 •1 row John Dfcre Planter with rn frs; 4 row John Deere rotary hoe John Deere disc hnrrow HnJe firpd FarniR. tiiirdetlo, Ph 4702, 37 clc If and TomnTo p>.in^^ :^c do?. pepper plants 20c doz. 6Ci Ash St. Ph. 4G76. 4,1 pk V srll !>lirctlon of ll] hcnltri Apply 713 Chlc 2 liou<.r.<;, 2-hcdrcxims. 3-hedrooni<. i niorlrrn If yon ("7.1.. only small nninvmt rr\«,h. O S, 'RoUlpon. ph, 3J09. 4 9 pX 23 ; Found ton, l>:n:r!r rioc t»tid xa= ta>:. I'h. -)6^9. rcRV Hous-1 '\1 pX 16 For So/c, Real Estate 200 ncr" "~ .. An Irteal i nrm 7 mile-.* norlhwost or Modern icsldencc. pood on n-Ml route, crhool rity TWO nrtlflrinl InfcM. ck tann. CM1 6182. nivtrir- ' 1) Si, new 2 bedroom, litt 1 iv nod floors, plenty cnljlvr MK! rlo-.r;-;. Price 41.50000. Cnsh fl ICO 00. ": roorn and 1 bathn on DAT** t I'tlce $7..Wi Oft. C.Ash 11,50000. I.fwls neally (To Ul C Dnrl5. Ph. 88f>5 4 ! 1 r'K Cows which pflt wild onions often PLVP milk which has an onion flavor. Price f-rl :^n Wlnci.. c. r in co\inirj OWNKR LEAVING TOWN , KEMP 1VHISFNHI-NT. Thou a 3409 vncr I PAY in i2 to^'n. sflrs cut price 1 nu'p *.\7f* hrtJrooniR with \vfllMn 'pMMoiis Jin It \vlth Hutitpr auto- I'l plcnu- or attic sptiff for future r niuinSnum windows nnrt ^crepn^; t Tnxuso ft. Wcftl tocftUon on rnran -rd. Estato fU ck 17 SPECIAL SERVICE For all Motorists No matter nlirtl kind or car or (r\ick vo\i oirn. T. T. Sr;>.v Motor ("o. can offrr you the 5prciali»r<l srr\tcc of s|iredomrtiT repair. To hr safe — In S el tictlrr service fr^im vinir nr ... be sure your iltredmneler is eorrecl. i-l).iy Service. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. fhrvslcr-rivmonth De.ilrr 12V K. Main Phone 2122 ARKANSAS BLUf TAG CERTIFIED COTTONSEED 80-85-91% |ttrmlr>»flon. dcllnlcrt treated ARKANSAS CERTIFIED BLUE TAG OGDEN SOY BEANS 30-85% icprmlnation CORN ANT) HAY FOR SALE EARL MAGERS, Phone 2811, Dell, Ark. Notice to Farmers: 1 n-proscnt the ROBERT I,. DORTCH SKKT) FARMS, »' Srou Arkansas. In this territory. At prtsent I have abonl 300 rtushrh of nnRTCII SOY No. 2 RRKF.DKRS BRANS. AIM » tfv of (he ,\EIV 67 VARIETV. MRS. HOWARD BOWEN l).iy Phone fi218 Niglil Plione 8061 Localcd 300 yds. So. of city limils, Hiway Rl Keep jrour Ctue Coed *nd This Should Bf* Done,NoyfJ f . COOI.ING SYSTEM Drain »nd ni! coollnj system Tighten hose connection!) Adjust fan bcl( tension Tighten cylinder head bolts IGNITION Clean «nd adjust distributor points Scientifically time engine Clean and eap spark, plugs MATTERY & GENERATOR Ciean termluaJs Test hiitlery. add water Check generator charring ra(e Oil generator bearings STEERING Fil'l steering gear housing Inspect brake lining Kepark, adjust front wheel bearings. All For Only 4 .95 Fnr All Labor Paris Extra SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO 301 West Walnut Phone 4578 1950. hns been filed for probate as the last will and testament of above named decedent, and a hearing is set for April 28. 1952. at the courthouse, Blytheville, Arkansas. A contest of the probate of the will can lie effected only by filing a petition within the time provided by law. All persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them, duly authenticated, to the undersigned within six months from the date of the first publication of this notice, or they shall bo forever barred and precluded from any benefit in the estate. This notice first published April 7, 1952. Prank C. Douglas. Administrator 215 West Walnut St.. : Blj-theville, Arkansas f P FEEDS Wholesale or Retail FULL-0-PEP j STAF-0-LIFE | Aoore Bros Store hnne 6866 Hlwaj 18 West TRUCKS TRUCKS 1951 STUDEBAKER l!/2-Ton long wheelbase (ruck with very low mileage. A truly fine truck at a nice price! Only • $1295 • J951 CMC short wheelbase 2-Ton Truck with new tires, cab lights, signal lights . . . now offered at a real bargain 1 • SAVE • 1950 Chevrolet 2-Ton short wheelbase Truck with perfect tires, motor just overhauled. New paint. Now only • $1295 • 19 IS CMC 2-Ton long wheelbase truck with 2- spced axle, new paint AND 't new rear tires! At Homer-Wilson TRUCKS •TRUCKS 1948 Kord I'/j-Ton long wheelbase Truck with good rubber, new paint and good motor. It's a heckuva fine buy — • $745 • $895 DODGE 1^-Ton long wheelbase Truck with a brand new motor! Has jjood tires, foo. See this [ruck today! • $775 • 1016 CMC 1'A-Ton long wheelbase Truck with a practically new motor, new paint and good tires. A real value — • $495 • 1815 CMC li/ 2 -Ton long wheelbase Truck with good motor and tires. Ueautiful new paint job. Come in and save. • $375 • See Horner-Wilson's nice pickups & used cars HORNER-WlLSON Rocket Oldsmobile — CMC Trucks Phone 2056 Used Car Lot — Phone 61 SI

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