The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on August 8, 1974 · Page 16
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 16

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 8, 1974
Page 16
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The Ottawa Journal Dave Brown is on vacation. His column will resume' next week. people in the news) Charity collection regulations urged 1 7 1 v..-. 16 - Thursday, August 8, 1974 ; ; 'MAYO: MY Ft HEW I 11 1 BUT I AM nilOW- I I 1 ""'i'!,. Y L?!,tJ8SIhO M igg-SySSr-l I LSpbosWi- iAswiDTr4ocwi4riTiOrl wftcxwfRY e. high Rein-1 r H SJIJi? , 'lSOuS??: T-551-- I - I WUJ. MY YOU VIRY -PUT WO BU5MCS4 kMM, I S -B8.VSS The use of professionals to collect funds for charitable organizations is beginning to be a source of resentment for business people and other in-dividuals. ' "It's a multi-million dollar racket in the .United States, and there's no reason why it .isn't happening in' Canada also," said Edith Huggins, manager of the Ottawa-Hull better business bureau. In its August bulletin, the - better business bureau-calls for action by city hall. f'We're not saying organize--tions should not use profes-" sional promoters,"- says Mr. H u g gi n s , "but we believe there should be regulations." ; The bureau " is "asking for - -public disclosure of finances' by the promoters. What the' promoters dorshe said, is guarantee the organ Goren on bridge BY CHARLES H. GOREN Both vulnerable. North deals. NORTH . . . AK4 : . 9 653 2-A K 4 : ilVEST AQ1093 " VS3 -.. QJ10 Q1082 . EAST 87 J762 ' AK874 97 SOUTH . 7 '." - J852 AK Q 10 4 . . Void . . " J 6 5 3 .. : -Tha bidding: . ' North Eaat South Wert 1 Paw 1 V Pus INT Paaa 3 Pan 4V Pasa Paaa Pmb Opening lead: Queen of ' When this deal waa played In a national championship, most pairs reached a contract of three no trump, though - there were qulta a few in four hearta. For the most Dart. ." lndkher contract waa auoceaa- JL -TuL However, after tha lead of "Ijhe queen of diamonds, four . hearta waa virtually a aura-trick contract Cover up the East-West banda if you like, or treat the hand aa a double dummy problem and see if you can take ten tricks at a heart contract. You have seven tricks going in, and tha total rises to nine if THE PICK "ButlfiMlyoutvrdo - Family "Mommy! Dolly's zation a certain sum $2,000 or $5,000 and then they are free to pocket the rest. "It's going to be difficult to raise funds for legitimate charities," Mrs. Huggins said. The better business bureau says it wants action out of. City Hall now, and has volun-teered to sit on a board to help in screening. Told knee-cursed TORONTO (CP) Milica SkupnJak,.18, and Helen 4 Stoxes, 49, both of Toronto, Iwere charged with fraud and telling fortunes Tuesday after "." a Niagara Falls, Ont., man ' complained he had paid $5,600 to get a cure for a sore knee. -pauT Yerich told police he - took the money from his bank account after being told the ." 5.00 money was -cursed and -' was causing his knee trouble. M0 - the jack of hearta is guarded no more than twice. Most declarers ruffed-the openingT" lead, - drew three rounds of trumps, discovering that they -had a loser in the suit, and . then tried either to endplay or . squeeze West in the black L . suits. But all their efforts were - doomed to iaiL-- Z The key to the play is taking a trick with the nine-eight of trumps in dummy. Together, - - ..they are equal to the Jack and . represent a aura trick if they -can be utilized. To accomplish : this, declarer must play a -dummy reversal, - using his trumps " for ruffing - and . dummy's to draw trumps. His aim is to take fiva ruffs in his hand, ace-king in both spades , . and clubs, and a trump trick in dummy. . .' ..... . If you have worked that out, move to tha top of the class. You ruff the opening lead and ' enter dummy twice with tha ace and king of spades, and ruff two more diamonds. Next, use the ace and king of dubs as entries to ruff dummy's last two diamonds. You have accomplished your purpose. You have won the first nine , tricks and used all your -trumps for ruffing. ' Now you can exit with any card you choose. Dummy still has intact the nine-eight ' of trumps, and since these cards represent a sura trick, you have fulfilled your contract OF Punch 1.00 I JO 1.50 1M . 7 JO MS IJO pnctiMLIInginSmttr Circus 11 JO using p oITt' Retold." TV programs and highlights O CBFT Montreal O (0) Ottawa Cablevision Q (S) Skyline Cablevision O CBOT" Ottawa' O CHOV Pambroka TV MOVIES ARE RATEOi Excellent O Summer Round Up (S) O Birthday Club (0) (bw) O O O Zoo World ; j Tattietaie$-:r:r:rrrrr!:: O S Tarzm '( '.'.. 03 (B Truth or Consequences Qp The Mod Squid Kicks, Incorporated. The squad --investigates -a-unique -nuisance. ' racket headed by a man who ' turns out to be a close friend of - ..Captain Greir O Business, Notes, Sport (0) (bw) O The Way We See It (S) O O O That Girl -, O(G) Four tor Adventure - ' O Truth or Consequences : 03 Bearthe Clock - 5.45 O See and Do (0) (bw) - -6.00 O Public Archives (0) (bw) O All About Toronto ' O Newsworld (bw) Q Q La Porteuse de pain . G3 Pierre, Jean jalent ; --- -r ID Pierre Barton Show '1 , .. ' 09 fD Q(G) O 03 Newt -(.15 O Art In the Community (0) (bw) 8.30 O RA Softball (0) (bw) , : -".T: a Recital (S) . J ,!: OOQd O fO Newt :" -7 " O Movie (bw) ----- "Mantish" (1956). A fishing car . i7 tain finds half of a code map. Ha teams up rith a professor and-i-they go treasure hunting. Stars j " Lon Chaney and Victor Mature ' (C). . - - - 09 Top Dough ; . .7.00 Q Children"! Program (S) O Sun Spots Host Nelson Davis takes viewers . on a ski tour of Austria. 7". ' r (X) Mission: Impossible .: '; - O(G) Beware Lynne Gordon . reports . on the the dangers of over - the - counter drugs. She also discusses the question of "no-fault" car Insur-' ance., Dr Morton Shulman gives his views on the conflict between doctors and chiropractors concerning the treatment of back- aches. , -O Adam-12 ' If the Shoe Fits. Officers Malloy and Reed answer a burglary report ano find a man breaking up the furniture. O O Nanny 03 News tTJ Brian Keith Show , 03 Owl and tha Pussycat A comedy about a couple of losers, but together a hilarious pair of madcap nomads in search of success. Buck Henry and Bar-nadette Peters star. . Q) Quebec in Transition -Tonight's program deals with the hopes arid fears of Quebec's non-French speaking citizens. 7J0 O On the Line (S) . O Music With a Difference (0) O Q) Maude Maude's Revolt Maude's birthday party turns into a full-scale war when she goes on the rampage - agiinst sexist segregation. She is tired of talking with the women .while Walter has his own party, with the men. Q(G) Doctor In the House A Situation ' Full of Promise. Dick's application for the posi-t i o n o f Senior House Surgeon starts off a chain reaction of ' mishaps and misunderstandings. O Left Make a Deal 03 University (D Hercules (bw) B University (D Town and Country 3) n Today Show 03 03 Cansda AM Q Today Show n WWNY News n TodV Shew O ffl Rompsr Koom iM (s) Phil Donahue Show O Captain Kangaroo O (B Karaen's Yoga-IJO CD Bonjour fa The Community " Q Pay Cards 10.00 O O O O Mon Ami Cs) Name That Tuna 03 Eye Bet t ' Qj) The AM Show 10.15 OOfJO Friendly Giant O O En mouvement 10.30 O n O O Mr. DrsMup (s) Winning Streak O Gambit O O La Seurls verts (bw) 1 , CD Few ou masdames CO The Art of Cooking 10 45 O O Tepino 11M O O O (D Sesame Street High Rollers n Now Vou See It O O Panonnalite feminine 03 Hercules (bw) ' Qj) Secrets from the Kitchen QS) Hollywood Squares ' fl Love of Life O O Us Sslnres Cherim- MiiHHtriMiiiiiiiiiiiiniinmHuiiinUiiiniiiHHiiiNiiinimHiiitiiiHuiHiiiiuMii OD " WPTZ t Pittsburgh O CBMT , Montreal 0(G) GLOBAL Ttltvlilon O WWNY Watertown . Q - CBOFT Ottawa (A). Good (B). Fair fC). Poor (0). Uiirated THURSDAY, AUGUST 8, 1974 . . Q Q Lh Grands Films "L'Homme perdu" (1969). Political - drama. Stars Sidney Poitier and -1 " Joanna Shimkus (B). .J,S; CD Cinema .. "Sans Issue' (1966). Psychological ' . drama. Stars. Herschel Bernard) and Stephanie Powers (C). 09 0? Sanford and Son . Mama's Baby, Papa's- Maybe.-A -v question i . arises as to whether Fred is really lamon'ts father. -8.00 O O DJ This- land From out of the Wilderness. Host Laurie lennings visits Camp Dare, a small part of the Ontario correctional system for juveniles. (X) Mae Davis Show - , MacVguestsre Raymond-Burrr1 Olivia Newton - John, : Jerry Van -- Dyke and Gabe Kaplan. O(G) Goodtlma Country Host Ray Griff welcomes singer Dick Damron as his guest tonight- '7i O The Waltons - The Air-Mail Man. A mail plane, flying at night develops engine V. trouble but, with the aid of Ian- : " terns from the-'Waltonfamily, . makes -ah emergency landing on - - their property. . , - . 03 03 Ironside lrL. . . A Taste . of . Ashes. A - wealthy widow discovers' that her son is." - dead and that the daughter: she thought was dead is alive. 130 Q The Scene S CTl Tniit nrnlr lti lhw - O O CD Ceilidh - - -..-s-: .-.""Host Alisdair Gillies welcomes singers Brendan O'Dowda, Margaret Bennet-Knight end dancer ' ' ' . Nancy Hayes to tha: show. L . O(G) Global Movie : "The Udies' Man" (1961). A man - jilted by his sweetheart, loses himself in his work. His new Job, however, happens to be as han dyman in a hotel .for women. Stars ' Jerry Lewis and Helen' Traubel (C). 1.57 O Bicentennial Minutes IJM Q All About Animals (S) (0) Q Tha Irish Rovers Guests tonight are Scottish singer comedian Andy Stewart and . Nancy Hayes' Scottish dancers. O Movie (bw) "Under the Yum Yum Tree" ' (1963). Two people In love agree to determine their character compatibility by living together pla-tonically. Stars Jack Lemmon and Carol Lynley (B). . . ' . O Ironside (See Ch CO at S p.m.) ff CBS Thursday Movie . "The Looking Glass War (1969). A Western security chief discovers that the Russians are Installing rockets in East Germany. He sends a young Polish defector to investigate, which sets off a deadly game of world espionage. Stars Christopher Jones (B). CD Decouvertes du II - CT "Thursday Night Movie ' "See The Mart Run" (1971).- An actor is caueht squarely In the , middle of a bizarre kidnap operation. Stars Robert Culp and Angia Dickinson (C). CO CO Streets of San Francisco Act of Duty. A policewoman acts as bait for a rapist-murderer and almost becomes his next victim. Brenda Vaccaro guest stars. IJO 0 Motersperts. (S) Q Sports en Tap (0) (bw) O Myma L orris Show Myrna's guest Is country singer Johnny Overstreet - O O Les Jouours CD Tout la villa en parte FRIDAY, AUGUST 9, 1974 CO Magic Tom's Road Shew CO Eye Bat 1135 O News 12.00 O O O 03 Luncheon Date GO Jackpot O The Young and Restless O O Mint-fee CD Lea Tannanta ' CO Dick Van Dyke Show (bw) JO fintaniea 1U0 Cs) Celebrity Sweepstakes O Search for Tomorrow O O Tom Sawyer CO Doctor In the House Q3 Rocket Robin Hood 12.55 (jl News - 1.00 O Food for Thought O 0.E.CJL (bw) ' Cs) Truth or Consequences J -O Generation , Q All My Children O O Oht lalal CD Personnalites CO Kingston Calendar " CO Summer Theatre "Tha Perils of Pauline" (1967). . Film biography of silent screen ' star Pearl White. Stars Pat Boone an. I Pamela Austin (CL "" 03 Merv Griffin Shew 1 JO O O O CO Family Court (sT Jeepardy n As the World Turns O O News CD Au Jour le Jour 1-15 O O Reseau-seleil 100 O O O CD Juliette . . is) Days of Our Lives -j- CFTM .!: Montreal ; OD ' CKWS . Kingston (Q CFCF ' Montreal 09 " .' CJOH : Ottawa O JD" CJSS Cornwall 00. bw) danotea black and whita 10.00 O Stock Market Forum (S) -. O Access - i.-. . CjD Dean Martin Comedy World . . . ' Hosts Jackie Cooper, Barbara Fel-'-- don and Nipsey Russell introduce comedians at work in the United l . States and Great Britain. The, program includes film. footage of classic comedy , routines. Sche-. ' duted performers Include Rodney . :" Dangerf ield, Mary Batten and Jud Strunk. - - - O O Cltoyens avartis O 03 Ian Tyson Show Host Ian . Tyson welcomes Mel Tillis, John Stewart and Sylvia to.. -J - the show. 10.15 CD Loto-Perfecta 10J0 O "Encounter """"' T . O O O(G) CD News J CD Father, Dear Father CQ CO Target: The Impouible Mans attempts to prevent aging and the replacement of deceased "" organs with artificial devices are the subjects of tonight's show. 10.50 a a sports 11.00 o co a cs) a cd co Ntws O O Reseau-soleil - CD La Coulaur eu tamps - -11.15 CD Cinema . : J 1 r ' "Sodome et Gomorrhe" (1962). Pseudo-biblical drama. " S t a r s - . . Stewart Granger and Pier Angell : (C). - - - " 110 Q Viewpoint- O O Night Report 7 - 7 CO Pulse . - ' " CO Sportsllne - - ; 1140 O Night Flnal and' Sports ' "" ; CsD Tonight Show , Joey Bishop Is substitute host to- - -night ( - -. :. . ' O Montreal Tonight T O(G) About Sex . . Topici Sex and high school stu- -dents. Part Five. O WWNY Movie " "Kiss of Evil" 0963). Honeymooning couple is ensnared by the owner of a chateau, who turns ouMo be a vampire. Stars .Clifford Evans and Noel Williams (C). ' . GO Simply Charlotte .-, 11.45 O Cms-Si. (bw) - "' - "Gaslighr (1944). A diabolic husband uses ruthless methods to drive his wife Insane. Stars Charles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman (C). 1140 CO Loto-Perfecta 1145 O Festival Four (bw) "Johnny O'clock" (1947). A gambler works with a crooked policeman to shakedown gambling casinos. The officer disappears, a girl is found poisoned, and the gambler is suspected of both mur-. ders. Stars Dick Powell and Evelyn Keyes (B). . M 12JM O O Cinema CD Nightshirt Movie "Forty Pounds of Trouble" 0963). A gambling casino manager finds himself the custodian of a six-year-old orphaned girl. Stars Tony Curtis and Suzanne Pleshette (C). -CO Thursday Feature Film (bw) "Dark Victory" (1939). A fun loving heiress learns that she has a . brain tumor and only has 10 months to live. Stars Bette Davis and George Brent (C). CO Night Owl Movie "The "Night of the Great Attack" ' (1964). The powerful Cesare Borgia, in his conquest of dukedoms, schemes to claim another independent country. Stars Agnes -Laurent and Fausto Tozzl (CL 240 O Phil Silvers Show (bw) Bilko's War Against Culture. A beaut'ful blonde WAC lieutenant is assigned to Fort Baxter to divert the men's minds from gambling. . O Panorama (bw) (jD The Doctors fl Tha Lucy Shew . . n Ths Fries of Night n O Cinema QD Cina-vendradl D Hollywood Squares ID IB Somerset 151 O Billboard XMOOOO Thirty From a Gsneral Hospital. r (Q D O Another World W0 O O O 09 Edge of Night (s) How to Survive a Marriage ' n Match Game 74 ffl (B What's ths Coed Word LOO O O O O Forest Rsngars CsD Somarset . O S1IL0O0 Pyramid cv-O O Alio annouillaJ O PatofVilla ffl 03 Anything You Carvta 4JI Fl Ukrainian Program (S) QOOO Bsgatslla (s) Msnr Biffin Show Mena guests are Dick Haymes, Rosemary Clooney and Margaret Whiting. 1 13 The New Price Is Right O O Major Plum-Pouding 03 Aventures , 05 Pay Cards ' GJ.Bsst tha Clock if 1: ' , ' T' 1 i . .' Mr. Beaver, escorted by aides- The eager beaver hitohe big time . The Honorable B.C Beaver, Esquire, dubbed affectionate-. ly chairman of the board of - : Vancouver's Stanley Park -ZocvJa in JSew York to ore- mote tourism in his native ." British Couimbia.. and he's "" doing very nicely, thank you; -- Five Vancouver tourist execu- - 7 tlves lugged the 20-pQund Ca- nadiaa : beaver- to - a -town where - closest the average - ; native ever comes to such wildlife is the Bronx Zoo. - " r Oliver McBryan, 27, and bis wife Ann," 28, of Toronto, say - they - returned .from L Europe last week -to find that- their - car had been towed away and sold by Metropolitan Toronto " -police. Mr. McBryan," a 'i former professor at the -Uni-, versity of Toronto, said Tuesday be went to a conference ;-7 in Paris in May and left his -- car parked on a street in thej. city's west end... Police, as- ' " suming it was abandoned, . towed it away June 4 and it was sold July 10 vhen it wasn't claimed w ithin 30 days. , The British government . went to court Wednesday to get the Walliea of Wessex out of their-wigwams at Stone-' henge, the country's famous Stone-Age monument. Round one went to the Wailies and further court action was postponed until Monday. The Wailies of Wessex are a religious group led by Wally Hope, 26, who wears a Cypriot soldier's uniforrri and says the ancient stone circle "is as holy to us as Jerusalem or Mecca." ' - Ignoring his warnings of diplomatic retaliation, French police Wednesday reported the arrest on bad check charges of the self-styled Count Othmar Di Schmieder Rocca-Forozata, his highness the grand duke of the Principality of Freedomland, and his ambassador to France Jean-Pol Gall. National security agents also seized the imaginary country's blue-and-white flag bearing the gnnd duke's -coat of arms a yellow crown and a winging ai-batros and impounded his stock of passports and credential letters printed in Manila, police said. . A 33-year-old Cleveland, Ohio man travelled about SO miles across Lake Erie Wednesday on a. water-ski kite. Charles Sonsarczyk took off from Cleveland in mid- morning and an hour end 35 minutes later arrived near Chatham. A professional water ski-kite flyer, he dan- gled from a 42-pound stain- less steel ski-kite attached to Marmaduke e w w.w. w g. You're supposed to ; raster's; feet, not 1 IX I 1 - a 4. a friend's motorboat by a 300. foot towllne. , ---.-rr--r. A 62-year-old fisherman was picked up py-a-tanker- Wednesday after seven davs adrift in the Sea of -Japan without water and food, the Japanese Maritime Safety Agency reportedrlt said TaK soke Izaki was suffering from7 exhaustion but was in fairly. good shape. His - boat was; found about 25 miles ofi the Japanese coast ; . z Lr. CHESS "By D. M. UDAIH Black IS PKcra - f 11 a m Whlt-10 PlKtt -ProbUm by Z. Tonle - -' Whltt molM in two movts (Solution ntxt WMk) ' Solution Is - lost wtri ' Clr (Birnttt vu Jocobi): 1, 0B J. P0, N Bfchj 1 K RI, RxRchi 4. NxR, RxNchj S. QxR, NxQ ondj wins, -Ronre antry hi Odm Tht Hth ConoOtan Opto at Ploc, aonavtnturt, Montreal, hot otlract. d SM conlntontt, with 411 In Soc-i tlon "A- one in In "B". Anyont. on compttt In "A" H thoy prtttr, but "B" It llmlttd to thoM with rating undtr 1400, or unrotid. Grondmattert Btnt Larttn, Denmark Lvbomlr Lubolvic Vugo--ttovla, ond Dvncon Suttlot, Conodo. art kodlng tho ttartvdatd tkld with 4 pt., utt holt t eolnt, hood of CM Vlottlmll Hort, Cncho-tlovkla. ond CM MlauX Oulntorat' Argentina. . . Tht Swltt tytttm ot pairing In' thlt II round ovtnt octt n 4 tort of' crtam Mporoior with tho most two, cotstul ptcytrt rising to tho top nd Dtlng polrtd Nl tho closing rounds.J This proaucot on Inform otmosphtro ot cumurativo oidtmtnt that pMosot the numorout tooctotort, and which. It not aiwayt found Mi tht mora to-, date rounoobin toumoy whara tha ba.t piayart may mtat qultt oarly ki tha Mind draw. DIrector-genaral Goorgo Koltan. owski, afttr Introducing ino OMs 10, tha ouaienca, opptoM to tha p.ay-rt tor full coparotton m running. to huga on avtm. Ha told tha story , of o gama In onothor tournay whicn -ha aiiowtd to continua past tha stl pulond stopping ptrloa, at ont' pioyar wot onaad tavaral places' thould hovt won quickly. Instaod it kutad until S a.m., with tha winner' phoning him tha result, whan Kot-tonowsKl osked him why ha did not. wait until 10 o m., he replied "How can l, I'll do sleeping then. From the llth Canodion Open, , Montreal, 1974: White: L. LIUOMTiC (Yugotiavioj Black: ' I- Ooy (Canada) White Black Whin Black. P-K4 P-KN1 30. N-B4 K-N1 J. P-Q4 J. HOB1 4. K-t4 i. N-BJ a. B-Ol 7. P-OB4 I. N-K2 a. p-bi B-N2 Jl. U-QS P-RI P-cj ,9. NvMnh Sxre P- JX N-K4 K-NJ P-ON4 24.B-KB4 O-Kt B-NJ is. R.Ki P R 4 P-N5 J4, p.R OR-Bl ' N-QJ 37. r.icj OR-QI PP it. R-NSch K-Bl P-OB4 jo. NB OxN -NI 90. B-NS 0-N P-K' Jl. B-K7ch KxB . P-K4 j. R,Q p.RS NPxP J3. 0-OS K-Bl -BJ J4. RxPchl NxR Ra 15. 0-KJch K-N! NxP J4. p.Bch K Ml K-Bl )7. Q-N4ch Rtlions N-KB1 10. PxP ii.k - qni u.kpbp u - p - b: lllP wIpxkp ! sprawl at your oa-J-fcp'11 yaw yCi

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