Calgary Herald from Calgary, Alberta, Canada on November 3, 1927 · 22
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Calgary Herald from Calgary, Alberta, Canada · 22

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 3, 1927
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THE CALGARY DAILY HERALD, THURSDAY, NOV. 3, 1927 JlJailllllUMIM IHlMarlllT .. MJJi She7 skew you) tJietown Norma Shearer shows you the gayety and the tragedy of Broadway in a picture of sheer thrill and adventure. On tha Stage I"" "Snub" U Pollard 1 IN PERSON J Assisted by L THELMA jTv DANIELS y;v J , In a Laughter i V4 Provoking Vaude- vine s-kii, "OUT OF GAS", and CECIL B. KAPPEY conducting THE CAPI-TOLIANS TODAY EMPRESS THEATRE On tha Stags 9 p.m. Saturday 7:20, 9:30 Mat. "3 p.tri. JOE EVANS and His Players in 'HAREM SCAREM' A screaming musical comedy. On the Screen . BUCK JONES in ''HILLS OF PERIL" Great thriller of the Western Hills- Also Serial ......... , "Whispering Smith Rides" and Comedy "Hello Lafayette" Adults Matinee . 25Inc-Tax Evenings. 35 lnc- Tax Children IOC lnc Tax ' 1 ' ; I T m Special Holiday Attraction -at K. P. Hall, Above Ingraham's Shoe Store, Corner Third Street and Eighth Avenue W. DAY PRESENTS Harvey and His RED TUX BOYS Broadcasting Artists for C.K.L.C. " The Canadian Band with the American Rhythm.' IN TWO SPECIAL Armistice DANCE Programmes SATURDAY, NOV. BTH Dancing 9-12. Admission: Gents 75 Tonight! Four of the world's greatest Bridge players will broadcast the opening game from CFAC-9:00-9:30P.M. Don't miss it, if you want to discover the experts tactics on original bids, on distinguishing an improving bid from a denial, and on card "reading". First, deal out these hands and play them your way; then be ready to tune in with the Radio Game: Milton C Work, N. Y., dealer, South. Spades...... 10, 2 Hearu Q, 6, S, 4 Diamonds...,..., ...A, Q aube........-A, 10, 7, 3, 2 Com. WmneU Liggett, Jr., Harrisonburg, Va., WcC. Spades. 7 Hearts K. J. 9. 3, 2 Diamonds.-....... 10, 7, 4 Clubs. ......J, 9, 5, 4 Added Special Feature! A summary of the gamt a broadcast will appear in ihh nentpaper. Clip it and save it for future use. 'I I 1 Tonight at 9:30 Moving Pictures Will Be Taken of the Audience In Conjunction With "MOVIES n the MAKING" All the Action of a Movie Studio TODAY CHAPMAN CAMP NEWS ? (Specwt to Tha Herald) CHAPMAN CAMP. B.C. Nov. 3 A large" number of men attended the first-aid class held in the Chapman Camp school house on Monday evening:, -October 31. Dr. Ilannington save an interesting lecture. J. Sar-geant, instructor, cave a practical demonstration. This la one of a eerie? of classes which are to be held weekly during the winter. COOTTSNEWS . (Special to The Herald) - COCTTS, Alta, Nov. 3. Pegs and Jones," sheepmen of the Sweet Grass Hills country, delivered to the Van Meer Sheep Co. 800 lambs on Satur day at til per head.' In spite of the lateness of the sea son many cars are still checking in at uus port. Grade for grade wheat has ruled ilconsiderably higher here all season than It has in the U. J. side, MONDAY, NOV. 7TH Dancing 9-1. Ladies SOeV and tax Wilbur C Whitehead, N. YM North. Spades A, Q, , 6, 3 Heart .4 7 Diamonds. K, 6, 2 Clubs .. K, Q, 8 Sidney S. Lena. N. Y., East. Spade. .....X, J.9. 5,4 Hearts A, JO Diamond.:,,....!, 9, S, 5, 3 Club........-..,,. .6 memaits ON THE STAGE GRAND Gordinier Players in "Whit Collars." ON THE SCREEN PALACE Palaca Symphony Or-chMtra on the stag; Thomas Maighan in "We're All Gamblers. CAPITOL "Snub" Pollard and Canitolians on the atags; Norma Sfrwarer in "After Midnight" EMPRESS Buck Jonas in "Hilla of Peril." Jos Evans in -.ha musical corrwdy "Harsm Searem." STRAND Rin Tin Tin in "Jaws of Steel." 0NN0VEMBER5 Marks Anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot in London In 1688 Saturday, November 6. will mark the anniversary of anlmporiant event in British history and discovery and prevention of the gunpowder plot and the inauguration of the revolution of 1688 by the landing of William IT The day has since become known a Guy Fawkes' day but the originator of the gunpowder plot was Kobert Cateshy, a gentleman of ancient family, who resolved, for religious reasons, to destroy the kins, the lords and the commons by one blow. Guy Kawkes and others became associated with him and after much labor at mining beneath the parliament buildings a cellar was secured wherein 36 barrels or gunpowder were stored in the form of a mine. Plot Discovered Parliament was called to meet on November 5 and consequently that was the day set for the explosion. Just before the time for the plot, some of the conspirators began to consider that there were among the doomed members of the various bodies of par- l'ament some of their friends. It is understood that an anonymous letter was sent to one of the members and that from that letter the plot was dis covered. Some of the conspirators fled and were pursued. In the fighting which ensued some of them were slain but Guy Fawkes and the others were taken to Liondon where they were tried and sentenced to death. Guy Fawkes, because he had accepted the task of setting fire to the mine, was considered to be the leader of the conspirators and that reason the day retains his name. Until 1859, a special service for November S was incorporated in the ritual of the English Book of Common Prayer, but now it is merely a festival among the younger generations who usually celebrate by parading the streets in masks and costumes. COLEMAN NEWS (Special to The Herald) COLEMAN. Nov. 3. The Coleman Tennis Club held lis annual hall on Friday evening in the K. of P. hall, which was most tastefully decorated for the occasion. A large number were present, testifying to the popularity of this annual dance. The Rev. A. I). Currle Is now improving following a serious illness which caused great anxiety to his many mends. Mr. Currle has just been appointed rural dean by the Bishop. Another of Coleman's old-timers pawned away on Monday when lrs. W. Jenkins, who had been ill for some considerable time died in the hospital here. Mm Jenkins with her husband had lived here for over 20 vears and M universally retmected. he leaves a husband and grown un frimllv. COMMENCING TODAY THOMAS EIGH AN Something Different ! THE PRIZEFIGHTER WHO LEAVES THE RING FOR BROADWAY'S BRIGHT LIGHTS! GUY FAWKES DAY illlBtiti 1 A' . E l&snWcfS -I , ADDED 11 Comedy ; 1 ' Aesop's Fables I Fox Fast News ptl ON THE l 8:20 STAGE 8:20 Ll CREGORI GARBOVITSKY 1 with s PALACE SYMPHONY ( ORCHESTRA U and l JEAN DE RIM ANOCZY I " I M5& II II I ON THE STAGE HI -' MOVIES IN THE ' III H MAKING II ! AND J J COUNTRY STORE j LUPINO LANE COMEDY Mil SI GOOD RECORD FOR YEARSERVICE District Convention Opens Wednesday Night at Crescent Heights THREE UNTiTsHOW QUOTA ATTENDANCE Society Banner Presented to Hillhurst Officers for Year Elected Three of th Tlaotlst Church Young Pnnle' nocfetiea showed 100 Per cent. attendance for the past year, when marks were totalled up at the first session of the Calgary Baptist dis trict convention, held In the Cres-een". Heights Baptist church at 7:4a Wed nesday evening. The banner which is competed for annually on the basis of attendance, originality, renditions, and suitability. was won by tne .numum xoung People's society. Orchestral Numbers Tha fit- ectnlon nf thA convention o,-.. Q oi.-oti io the annual rallv of young people and began with a ren . . . ?, . .. rtitinn of Roveral selections by in Crescent Heights svven-piece Bihle hnni orchestra, and was followed by a hvmn aim tnen an invocation conducted hy Rev. P. E- Mundy, pas-f rrmt T-ipiE-hts church. Responses irom me ianuu juuui people s societies were men nwuu. The societies represented Wednes- ,frwt Crescent Heights. Heath and Hiunursx wpnaicaunji ti,a twintr officers wejr then .lt.H fnr the term 1327-28: Fred Hargreaves, ol Hiunursi cnurun. president; Fred Langston, oftCres cent Heights, vice-president: mis; Gray, of First, secretary; nw w- Heights, save a recitation, illustra i.. n,..rinr after which H. 8- nf Htath. read from th Scripture. Banner Presented vsn Kennedy, of Crescent o onln at the conclu Li r -h,..K the marks made Di th different societies were read by Rev. J V. Litch. P.U. Miunurai was "' i.u oi Fleath was second thir nia- witn a per ceni. - ,1 k., narf,i. attendance marks. The banner was presented to tho nun . ertr.)Aiv hv Tr. Twitch. WilO uiiiiiuiai. ... - - ' addressed a lew remajKB oi ilation. Th. .Htrsa nf the evening was uc nx.rei hv Kev. W. P. Freeman, who his text a piece from St. Tnhn'B crnsnei i am come uii j m cht nave me ana nave it anUy." . . . . . ' Power of Strvice iv..t, nonnia of tooav me reach u, in .i.n nhaM nf life, in UUtii ness and in church life," Mr. Freeman A,r.rc 'Mpkike fume to give ini abundant lift that young people need He alorw can aualify them for the en- ii,. Gnhnro When .Tesus comes Into one's life He gives the power i control mat me tor me rogncr kv- "Jmm came to give the life that .. nAAni. i..,- . Ua Aonctantlv I.yuuna I'cvi'io u,ivj. s.w..ww showed his interest in them and as a parting message pomtea tne way a- ntaAl WtlAtl lid was about to ascend He said, Go ye to tne uttermost pans or tn earm. What an abundant service that opened for us," the speaker continued. In closing; Mr. Freeman urged that cai-u vile piwu. i.; .in. . nle,K . r-wti nn. I,. tHn Khnmh tllt 11a might open up an abundant life of service ror each. A few words were then spoken by and were followed by the singing of a hymn, after which the benediction was pronounred by Vr. Litch. and the convention adjourned until 10 o'clock i nursaay morning. fasiors cor.ier-ence and meeting of the ministerial assnriarton will orrtinv tha second session of the convention. PARKLAND NEWS (Special Dispatch to The Herald) PARKLAND, Nov. 3. It is estimated that fifty .per cent of the threshing has been completed in this districts A light fall of snow Sun day night and again on Monday has suspended operations somewhat, but on Tuesday several outfits were again working. The grades are very disappointing and in several cases the yields as well. No. 4 grade is the prevailing one although there is some No. 3. In the same fields there will be No. 2 and No. 5 and its impossible to separate the grades while threshing, so the result has been a No.. 4 in many cases. More trucks are In evidence than ever before for hauling grain-and the farmers who have invested will have all their gruln drawn Into the eie valors, which formerly they have been all winter hauling into town. With the past two weeks ot excellent weather and the addition of the tiucks the work has been expedited. Leaves for cast Rev. Finiay left Monday for To ronto where he represents the min. Isters of Alberta on the Superanu ated Ministers' Board. He will be absent two weeks. Rev. H.. D. Marr, of Calgary, oc eupied the pulpit here Sunday in tht absence of Rev. r inlay and gave a very instructive taik on the British and Foreign Bible Society. The Rev. Locke, of Nanton, will have ehiirge of the services on Sunday, Nov. "fi, and there will be no service in the evening. . ' HIGH RIVER NEWS (Special Dispatch to The Herald) HIGH RIVER, Nov. 3. T, D. Coj cord of Minot, South . Dakota, pro prietor ' of the newspaper "The Independent," spent some time this fall with his brother-in-law, Mr. Jack Evana of Biackle. He was much in terested in this country and since his return to Minot has devoted sev eral columns in his newspaper to records or his trip, extolling the vlr- tues of Southern Alberta and giving very complete statistics on the achievements or this country. - Hallowe'en came and went 'and was observed most circttmspeatly in town, wttnout tne usual depredations The greatest activity was manifested by the vary young, who wandered in droves rrom aoor to door, heavllv disguised and demanding "trick or treat. 10 treat was to be umricked, and the youthful hold-up men soon returned i home bowed do o with treats. f rrrrrrr. I- . a. - : I i (-v-' . w-i-' . PROTECTS BRUISES Cover bumps, bruises and otrief broken akin with "Vaseline" Jelly. Quickly soothes and heals. Takes awaj the hurt. 6eoi for the Tndt Hark "Vijttlin" ll j irous protection Chesebrough Mfg. Co., ConsM 5520 Cbabot Avenue MONTREAL Vaseline TWDC MARK PETROLEUM JELLY FIELD NEWS (Eoeeial to The Herald) FIELD, B.C.. Nov. 3. A meeting of the Field Curing Club was held on October 81. when the. following officers were elected for the coming sea son: President, K. D. McMahon; vice-president, J. Giddie: secretary. lr. O. A. Cheeseman. .Skips were ap pointed as follows: L, Xorman. A. Honrs-. E. N. Russell. J. Giddae, W, Sadler, and E. 1). .Mc.Mahon. At the monthly meeting of the Field Women's Institute. Mrs. G. A. Cheeseman read a paper on "Legis lation of British Columbia as per taining to Women and Children." and Mrs. E. . Russell gave a demonstration on "Candle Iccorating." Mrs, G. Rosa occupied the chair. DANCE AT CANMORE (Special Dispatch to The Herald) CANMORE, Nov. 3.- The Women's Auxiliary held an enjoyable Hard Times dance in the Social Hall on Monday evening. There was a large variety of costumes and the judges had a hard time finally awarding the prizes to Miss Leona Coolen and David "Williams. Mutsic was furn ished by the Canmore orchestra. Qirethejustify New Otihophomc "Victfola for Christmas The new Orthgrfionic Victrola may now be obtained with an electric motor which elimitates winding. You simply relax and enjoy, PRINCE FIGURES IN .AMUSING INCIDENT; , a c , . . u ln'tA Prcl - ' LuNLHiX. Ktig.. Nov. 3. The" Prince of Wales figured recently! in an amusing incident at F-olksOnel hnrivr nhii. waitinr for the evenina' boat from Boulogne to arrive. He hsJ been slaying at panuwtcn,: ... n,Atnrl r,vf to lilkstnne with: two little girls, whom ht had brought j witn nan tu meei meir ji-jinrj, wae ou the boat. . . Tha KriroA after driving iiis ear: some distance up the quay stepped, out and strolled along to me spm; where the incoming steamer nviiu berth. ' ' ' j He was approached hy a home 6f-j fic official, who failed to recognize ; him in hU grey overcoat and cap. j The official ,skd the Trince if he: was a visitor, an I wtien ne repueu, "Yes" without disclosing his identity.j the official asked him to move behind the barrier, as he "ai standing in a,: reserve part of tt? quay where the n.uwnorts of the iisombarking pas sengers are examined. The Prince, with a smile, saia tes. officer," and moved off to the public part of the quay. Another official, unconneotea wun the Home office, heard that the r. ;.,,. ,h. H-isiior." He ap proached the Prince, and after explanations had been made, invited him within the control again. The Prince stood at the bottom of ,i ann.Av An interested eoectator. but the disembarking passengers failed to recognise him. It was a rough night, ana tne -nnce wearing his cap well down to prevent it being blown off. AUSTRALIAN SINGER GIVES WHAT TO EAT HINTS TO STUDENTS (By British United Press) STDXEy, Australia. Oct. 27. What do singers eat? Dame Nellie Melba. the most famous, singer Australia ba produced, answered the question in a talk to Melbourne Binglnff students by detailing her own food regime. "I begin my day," she said, "with a dessert spoonful of lemon Juke (orange Juice Is Just as good if vou like sweet things; I don't) in boiling water. Half an hour later I have a raw tomato, or a olt of celery, oreome watercress, or a bit of lettuce, -wlti) one tiny little hit of bread and hut-ter and two cups of weak tea. That is all the tea I drink in the day.' ' I have done that every morning of my singing life, and it has done me an enormous amount of good. More Vegetables "Perhaps for lunch I may have .- a ' '!! tllK rll'ii'R l SMii II' 0? ' Gwthewu i wm hi is: mm. .LJectrically With the new Victor induction disc motor smooth, silent, constant in speed; playing the Orthophonic Victrola is made more enjoyable than ever before. An electric motor never "runs down". You simply plug in at the nearest electric outlet. The instrument is always ready to play and stops playing; at the end of each record. Electricity does the work for you. Electrical equipment at slight additional cost, is an optional feature of every one of dkojplm True Inyf Sound Victrola Victor Talking Machine Company of -VttV ffAlii I tt-rl dflllllFi rp2Tiy2 GORDINIER PLAYERS Presenting SPFCIAI SCENERY OrtWirtLi ORCHESTRA Starts Next Mon. Matinee TWO SHOWS DAILY MATS. 2:30. EVES. 8;15 Special Symphony Orchestra SEAT SALE NOW PRICES: eves . . 50. 75. 31.00 MATS. Adults 50. Child. 25? some fish or chicken with plenty of! vegetables, and perhaps some stewed, fruit. Do not mix your fiods. If you have hot fish, have iiot vegetables, and if you have salad, do not havei hot vegetables and so on. You will get your ..blood stream running" so beautifully clear that you will never get a cold. "I never eat meat. Three times a week I have no dinner at all. and three times a week I have a wonderful vegetable soup which has been simmering for three hours. Believe me, the less you eat the better you are. and if you take my advice you will eat less and less meat, and more and more vegetables and fruit." Then Melba recommended certain things boiled onions, which she loved, raw carrots grated and made Into sandwiches, anything that had been grown in the earth. On Singing Day "Would you like to know what I eat on a day that I am to sing? ahe -m? .i:s; SFi- faWil . i'iIK In' Alvara if?. $190 '!') or with , )' electric til $230. Rd. nven iiilifej; m the beautiful Orthophonic Victrola models, evea those of lowest price. It is not an attachment. The electric motor is built-in just as spring motors are. It is difficult to imagine anything more entertaining in the home; than a new Orthophonic Victrola. The principle of "Matched Impedance" or "smooth flow of sound" brings you real music, by real artists, a treasure house of exquisite treats, at your leisure. An unequalled repertoire. On convenient payments at all His Master's Voice dealers. Models from 1790 down to as low as $115. Inspect them to-day. Jt aO ' Canada, Limited, Moatri Trade Mark Rej'd & J:?K2'J N0W PLAYING EVES- AT ,:1s- MAT8- 2:3C ' Minee Saturday , " Anne Nichols Comedy-Drama 'White Collars' BARGAIN Evea.. . -50. 75 PRICES Mate. ........ 35 1 o -. C t n asked the students. 'The day 1 atasseBBBjEMML! fsatmm m m i KING VIPERS I "ietf y leaf. I have mv raw tomato and tnv in the morning. At one o'clock I have I a chicken in casserole, with vegetables and perhaps a bak-sd apple. At five o'clock I have scrambled eggs without salt, because you must never run the risk of getting thirsty when you are singing." "That reminds me of a funny story" she went on. "I was staying at a country hotel, and asked for scrambled eggs without salt, wfoen the cook remarked: '1 know now why I can't sing; I love salt." Another invaluablo hint wiilch Melba said was given to her by an eminent throat specialist In Xew York, was: "If any ot you get that terrible, nervous dry feeling when your tongue seems to cleave to the roof of your mouth, press your tongue between your teeth. This helps the saliva to come, and It means such a lot. . " motor Orth($hoific-ony if it bears this Trademark I o v ;'fk .fif

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