Calgary Herald from Calgary, Alberta, Canada on May 19, 1942 · 3
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Calgary Herald from Calgary, Alberta, Canada · 3

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 19, 1942
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THE CALGARY HERALD, TUESDAY. MAY 19. 1542 Malik New Soviet Envoy to Tokyo MOSCOW. , May 19 (AP) Y. A. Malik has been appointed Russian ambassador to Japan, to lucceed Constantin Smetanin, who returned to Moscow three months ' ago. Massif . wear undies two davs on end let alone more! In fact, a girl's not very bright if the endanger, her popularity this way! You tee, things worn next to your skin must absorb perspiration which toon leads to unpleasant undie odor. Flay safe dip your undies in Lux every night, as soon as you take them off. Lux whisks away odor, keeps undiei fresh and new-looking keeps your daintiness safe. So start your daily dipping tonight! unfits in-. a LEVER raooucT Help The is ether . " . ".fohowstn",".; be to 1 ,,.oa X are iroAetdenu,,. .r.'te.poa"" luidl si vmk w(3 An PPM"!' St ... , ; ;. Cavalry Charge Is Spearhead Of Soviet Gains Many Nazi Tanks Left Burning On Fierce Front MOSCOW. May 10 (AP) Red army cavalry, charging wildly across a pontoon bridge they themselves built under Nazi artillery fire, have recaptured a "larg inhabited locality" on the Kharkov front in a spectacular phase of the continuing Russian advance, the army paper Red Star reported today. Combining one of the most ancient military forms, cavalry, with the most modern, the Russians covered their daring riders with an umbrella of warplanes and followed them up with a rumbling stream of tanks. The Germans sent planes speed ing to the defence, but lost 17 in this single heavy combat, Red Star said. PURSUIT CONTINUES The cavalrymen now are pur suing the Germans, who abandoned large quantities of equipment as they fell back, the dispatch stated. The Russian radio quoted a brigadier commissar of the Soviet forces who says that in the battle of Kharkov and on other sectors of the front Jthe enemy forces are being encircled and "surely and methodically annihilated." German parachutists, once used for the offensive, but now turned to defence, were reported being dropped, particularly in an effort to relieve encircled detachments. One descent of more than 100 parachutists was reported to have fallen squarely into a Red army Guard unit, which killed them all. Other squads of parachute troops were reported shot to death in the air or cut to bits by Cossack sabres on the ground. UNTRAINED YOUTHS "A considerable part of the enemy infantry consists of untrained infantrymen brought' from France or mobilized in Germany, and the latter include many soldiers only 18 or 19 years of age," Red Star said. Every slightest vantage point east of one main road is a knot of German resistance, but the determined Russians are pushing ahead and already have cracked defences in one of the most important sectors. "Destruction of the last remnants of the enemy on the Kerch peninsula is about to be completed," declared a German communique. ' (A Reuters dispatch datelined "at the German frontier" and quoting an Axis dispatch declared Russian resistance on the Kerch peninsula had stiffened with arrival of fresh reserves at Yenikale from the Caucasus.) Red Cross Guard against "Pink Tooth Brush"; help keep your gums firmer your teeth brighter with I PAN A AND MASSAGE yOUR smile is too precious to be dulled by tender gums, dingy teeth. Gums, too, need special care the exercise and stimulation denied them by today's soft, well-cooked foods. - Otherwise, gums become flabby, susceptible to "pink tooth brush". ' If you see "pink" on your tooth brush, tee your dentist. It may not serious, but your dentist is the one decide. He may tell you your gums lazy need more work. And he " a A Product of Brhtol-M yenMode in From Page 1 Mastery of Air Conference Aim which may achieve more than any others. The deduction is not very involved. It is the meeting of those of the United Nations which have the greatest present and potential air power. Anything they achieve in the way of closer partnership will be a decisive factor in victory. It has been suggested that one result may be that United States may wish to train some of its great numbers of air crew personnel in schools of the Commonwealth Air Training Plan. CAN BE ENLARGED Air Minister Power has made it quite clear that Canada now has a plant which can be enlarged. He won't say in what proportion it can be enlarged but he has gone so far as to say that a considerable extension is possible from the present basic organization. The minister has already stated that Canada has produced a temporary surplus of pilots and that some of these are being plowed back into the training plan organization as instructors.- Proportionately, Canada may have available a larger supply of instructors than any other of the United Nations. In this connection it is believed that tentative plans have been laid for one, possibly two, additional instructor schools in Canada. Development of these plans may depend on the decisions reached first, at the United Nations conference and, second, at the subsequent "family conference" of Em pire partners in the Commonwealth plan. MANY PROBLEMS This is one of the major problems which will be threshed out among the delegates. There are many other problems, some of them small and easily ironed out, some large and difficult. Sacrifice and con cession may be necessary in order to reach a workable basis in somethings. , Away from the purely formal business gatherings of the dele gates, perhaps more important is the very fact that these men who are responsible for training the men to beat the Axis in the skies will meet each other, chat, ex change views. Perhaps in some room in the Chateau Laurier, when tunics are loosed and pipes are loaded the men of the United Nations may solve as many of their problems as they do in the more formal atmos' phere of the committee rooms. KNOW THE ANSWERS For the' most part these men have fought in the skies. They have more information about the enemy and his tactics than any body else. They know the an swer to those tactics are surprises for the enemy. ine adaptability to new air tactics, which change now even faster than they did in the infancy of aviation during the last war, is a prime essential in training. Airmen of the United Nations must, at least to a degree, be able to understand and be able to in tegrate their own tactics with those of their allies. FINEST MATERIAL' These boss war birds know that the task of the men they train is more than a test of courage. They know that it is a test of ingenuity, initiative and adaptability. They know that if the men at the draughting boards and in the factories give them better ma chines they have to man those ma chines with better, men. They have the finest raw material in the world men with the spirit to fight that's why training may mean the difference between vic tory and defeat. Your smile grows dim when gums ore soft and tender may suggest the helpful stimulation of Ipana and massage. Ipana is designed not only to clean teeth but, with massage, to help make gums firmer, healthier. Each time you brush your teeth massage a little extra Ipana onto your gums. Circulation quickens, gums grow healthier teeth become brighter your smile radiant and attractive; Get a tube a long-lasting Ipana from your druggist today. ana TOOTH PASTE Canada. From Page 1 Awards Listed At University Gold Medal William Richardson Miles Mason. The Scholarship of the Senate and Board of Governors of the University in First Year Arts and Science Victor Ernest Graham. The Scholarship of the Edmon ton Section of the Council of Jewish Women Victor Gra ham. The Edmonton B'nai B'rith Scholarship Harry Gifford Vaux Evans. CHEMISTRY The Lehmann Prize in Chemis tryJohn Wooster Kenwood. The Paul Edward Macleod Memorial Prize in Chemistry Jean Templeton HugilL CLASSICS The Monica Jones Aamodt Prize in Classics in English 50 Sheila Ruth Toshach. COMMERCE . The T. Eaton Company's Gold Medal in Commerce Laurence Edward Neil Carr. The Hudson's Bay Company Gold Medal in Commerce Not awarded. The T. Eaton Company's Prizes in Commerce 5econd year, George Clement Berge; first year, William John Astle. DENTISTRY The Alberta Dental Association Scholarships Fifth year, Clif ford Ames; third year, Maxwell John Lipkind. Prize for General Proficiency in Second Year Dentistry Offered by Dr. Bulyea Norris John West EDUCATION The Faculty of Education Alumni Gold Medal in Education Bessie Gertrude Sidorsky. ENGLISH The Rutherford Memorial Gold Medal in English Not awarded. The Aikins Scholarship in Eng- lish Language and Literature- Not awarded. The Priscilla Hammond Me morial Scholarship in Honors EnglishNot awarded. The Samuel Richard Hosford Memorial Prize . in English Charles Scott Henry Campbell. The Priscilla Hammond Me morial Prize in English 2 Victor Ernest Graham. FRENCH Le 'Ministere des Affaires Etrangeres Bronze Medal in French Erma Alberta McCoy. The Prize in French Offered by the French Consul for Western Canada Evelyn Drysdale Brown. The Aristide Blais Prize in French Helen Elizabeth Hardy and Erma Alberta McCoy (equal). GEOLOGY The Dowling Memorial Prize in Geology Not awarded. The Stutchbury Prize Not awarded. HISTORY The Gordon Stanley Fife Memorial Prize in History John Clemence Gordon Brown and John Douglas Park (equal). The John Henry Stanley Memorial Prize in History John Ogwen Parry. The History Club Prize Not awarded. The A. L. Burt Prize in History Carleton Wilson Leviston. GREEK The Ahepa Scholarship in Greek Not awarded. HOUSEHOLD ECONOMICS The Prevey Gold Medal in Household Economics Florence Mae Edwards. The Edmonton Home Economics Association Scholarship Sheila Jean Murray. The Gretta Shaw Simpson Memorial Scholarship in Household Economics Marion Jean Staples. The McLaren-Cook Memorial Prize in Household Economics Florence Mae Edwards. The D. M. Duggan Prize in. First Year Household Economics Margaret Irene Warren. The Maria Isabel O'Connor Prize in Household Economics 55 Sheila Jean Murray. LAW The Chief Justice's Gold Medal in Law Raymond Royd Mahaffey. The Judge Greene Silver Medal in Law John Harper Corbett. The Scholarship of the Senate and Board of Governors of the University in First Year Law Carle-ton Wilson Leviston. The Carswell Prizes in the Faculty of Law Third year, John Harper Corbett; second year, Francis Eugene La Brie; first year, Carleton Wilson Leviston. The National Trust Prize in Law John Harper Corbett. The Raymond James Memorial Prize in Law Not awarded. The Sydney Woods Memorial Prize in Constitutional Law Raymond Royd Mahaffey. The B'nai B'rith Prize in Second Year Law Francis Eugene La Brie. MEDICINE Scholarships in the Faculty of Medicine Offered by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of the Province of Alberta Third ana Fourth Years Physiology, Robert Cameron Harrison; second and third years Anatomy, Joseph P. Moreau; second year Proficiency, Peter EdwanJ Kozak. Prize in the History of Medicine Joseph P. Moreau. MINING The Northern Alberta Branch of the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Prize Not awarded. NURSING The President's Gold Medal in Nursing Margaret May Redmond. Prizes of the Board of Governors of the University for Nursing General Proficiency in Senior year, Margaret Beryl Saul and Alma Mabel Weeks (equal). Highest standing in examinations in Senior year. Margaret Bery l SauL Highest standing in practical work in Senior year. Edna Marie Louise Cammaert and Janet Gold-ney May (equal). Prize in Otwtetrical Nursing-Nina Frances Sage. The Women's Auxiliary of the University Hospital Prize in First Year Nursing Grace Helen Catherine Hoppe. Prize for General Proficiency in Intermediate Year Nursing Jacqueline Hcnen de Paezieux. PHARMACY The Alberta Pharmaceutical As sociation Gold Medals in Pharmacy In the degree course: Richard Henry Appleyard; ln the licen tiate course: Stanley Ira Niddrie. The Scholarships of the Alberta Pharmaceutical Association In the degree course: Bernard Edward Riedel; in the licentiate course: John Kenneth Penley. PHILOSOPHY The Gold Medal in Philosophy Presented by Dr. J. M. MacEach-ran Not awarded. , PHILOSOPHY AND EDUCATION Henry Marshall Tory Bursary Not awarded. POLITICAL ECONOMY The Duncan Alexander Mac- Gibbon Gold Medal in Political Economy Not awarded. The Men's Economics Club Prize William John Astle. I PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY J PRIZES FOR ESSAY j COMPETITION First, George Noel Cormack; second, John Douglas Park; third, Lloyd Barner Graham. OTHER AWARDS Rhodes Scholarship Withdrawn. Daughters of the Empire Post-Graduate Overseas Scholarship i Withdrawn. j The Robert Tegler Research! Scholarship Robert Holladay Betts. The University of Alberta Research Scholarship William Bredo; Sybil Bernice Fratkin. FIRST CLASS GENERAL" STANDING In Agriculture Fourth year: Allister Clark Blackwood, William George Corns, Albert William Jackson, Donald Robert Macpher- son. Third year: William Everett Brown. Second year: Merton Alan Brown, Thomas Ralph Davidson, William Charles Gordon, Marshal Nelson Grant, Alexander Robinson Robblee, Leslie Robert Wetter. First year: Alfred Edwin Harper, John Wooster Kenwood. In Applied Science Fourth year: John Constantine Charyk, Elio D'Appolonia. George Ford, Albert Henry Hall, William Bruce Wholey. Third year: James Thomas Fiynn, James G. Knudsen. Second year: James Harry Alexander Donald, Donald Lyon Mac- Donald, Donald Quon, Robert Hugh Teskey. First year: Duncan Thomas Bath, Jack Longworth, Donald Murray Roberts, Anatol Roshko. package you buy! YOU GET THIS FREE!.. """JjgjL ,', Butyl . nTiwtR'-rf1 ''Mm& YA4AAtol N" A . yiwMilw, 1 l Jx 1 DON'T MISS THIS big extra value! : : Buy a regular size package of Royal Yeast and get from your grocer absolutely yrMa Bonus Package containing 2 additional Royal Yeast Cakes ! Royal's individual air-tight wrapper keeps every cake full-strength and pure. Royal always gives you wholesome, delicious bread bakings. Free , from hard, half-cooked doughy spots sweet-tasting, fine-textured, easy to digest. Make your bread a treat ! And treat yourself to this FREE 2-cake Bonus Package! Ask your grocer for reliable Royal Yeast today ! IMPORTANT: This special offer is good for a limited timt only order a supply of Royal Yeast Cakes today. In Arts and Science Founh year: William Bredo, Robert Holladay Betts, Sybil Bernice Fratkin, Gordon Clements Gainer. Helen Elizabeth Hardy, Samuel Kirkwood. Audrey Elain? Ladlor, Moira Catherine Law, Norman Reginald Leg-e. Third year: Robert Karl Brow n, David Grant Embree, Sophia Go-gek. Reginald Charles Jacka. Erma Alberta McCoy, William Richardson Miles Mason. Gordon Hart Se-gall. Richard Carey Standorwick. Arthur Walter Stjnton George Denis Thorn. Second year: John Lawrence Carr, Margaret Nancy Davis, Harry Gilford Vaux Evans. Norman Robert Stanley Hollies, William Brewster McCormack. Walter Raymond Trost. First year: Victor Ernest Graham, Rudolf Richard Grunert, Marguerite Irene Hayes. Mary Johnson, Donald C Mortimer, Alan Caughey Shaw. In Medicine Fifth year: Rob ert Pow, R. George Wolff. Fourth year: Joseph Lloyd Weatherilt. THE CITY OF NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA invites you to Spend Your Holidays in Nelson and the Kootenays, Where the Lake and Mountain Scenery Is Unsurpassed IS :. BnA ;,s pw tW' . 1SSlJ -r. 1 tet For NELSON wfoh every Third year: Joseph P. Moreau. George Noel Corrr.aek. In Dentistry Fifth year: Clifford Ames, Raymond Evered Dickson. Fourth year: Thomas Nikiforuk. In Pharmacy Second year licentiate course: Aaron Williamson Mann. William Leonard Moss, Stanley Ira Niddrie. Second year degree course: Bernard Ed ?rd Riedel. In Law Third year: John Harper Corbett, Raymond Royd Mahaffey. Second year: Stanley Ewart Edwards, Frncis Eugene LaBrie, Arnold Eraser Moir. First year: Carleton Wilson Leviston, Melville Wesley Howey. In Nursing Third year: Doris Isabel Bradley, Edna Marie Louise Cammaert, Dorothy Helen Cro-zier. Kathleen Alice Herman. Helen Elizabeth Jamison, Janet Goldney May, Margaret May Red-! mond, Margaret Beryl Saul, Erma i May Underdahl, Alma Mabel Weeks. First year: Glendora Elaine Ros-borough. 09en .AC rvou ; tW to now" ONLY ONE DAY'S I "ta" i i ' V I A i aL r"iler rf fu'ly n, MOTORING from SOUTHERN Further Information, Write the Secretary BOARD OF TRADE Nelson, B.C. onus pack LL Ifeast Cakes regular tffttfMww In Commerce Second year: George Clement Berge. In Household Economics Third year: Florence Mae Edwards. Second ypar: Sheila Jean Murray. . The following students in honors have obtained first class standing: Margaret Nancy Davis. David Grant Embree, Harry Gifford Vaux Evans, Sophia Gogek. Norman Robert Stanley Hollies. Reginald Charles Jacka. William Brewster McCormack. Erma Alberta McCoy, Edwin George Pul-leyblank, Gordon Hart Segall, Arthur Walter Stmton, George Denis Thorn, Walter Raymond Trost. THEFT Prot-t your Victory bonds, war savings certificates and insurance policies against fire and ibeft. A safe deposit box costs $1 a year. IH TORONTO GENERAL TRUSTS coaroaAiiea 815 Eightb Avi. W. CauusT ALBERTA size JMttetM iatMJ&' wrt&te&.Yrfm QGQ

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